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@ anon thanks very much anon! I’m planning to post them in actual photosets but that’s not going to happen till all the merms are done so you might be stuck waiting a while haha : ‘ D

@velira I use a bamboo wacom tablet : v 

shucks thanks anon ^    ^ I didn’t improve as much till I started taking a bunch of art classes in community college and started to focus a lot more.


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Hey uh. Dis… dis for u. Like i promised.. I looked through a lot of your art to get that “kazy feel” and idk if I nailed or failed… plus I’m like super sick rn oof

But like your art style was super calming to draw??

a teaser for my new fic

“I’m glad my possible death is so amusing to you…” Dan narrowed his eyes, but he couldn’t keep it up for long, not when Phil was laughing and smiling like he was.

“You know what I mean!” Phil nudged his arm. “Anyway we’re like twenty minutes into the seminar now anyway so… want to just bunk?”

Dan choked on air. “I’m sorry, what?”

Phil stopped and turned to face him. “Bunk off. You know, skip the seminar. As in not go. Because we’d be late.”

Dan felt the heat rush to his cheeks, and he knew if he attempted to speak he would only tumble over his words, so he settled on a nod.

Phil smiled and began heading off somewhere, Dan following. His head was still wrapping around the words ‘want to just bunk’ coming out of Phil’s mouth.

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hey hinata. ive been having a lot of anxiety lately because im going to have my first major surgery in a couple months. i know it’s for the better and will make me happier in the future, but i’m very very easily freaked out by medical things, and ive had frequent panic attacks thinking about it, even though i know ill be asleep while it’s actually happening. i’m scared, and i keep trying to detach myself from the reality of this and it’s not helping. i don’t know what i should do.

Surgery is scary. I couldn’t try and tell you otherwise. I mean, me, of all people… I understand that. It’s perfectly normal to be so scared, but I wish it didn’t have to be. Usually, I spout something about the future, but I know that doesn’t change the way you feel in the present. It’s not fair for me to do that to you, and I’m sorry if the way I speak has made you uncomfortable in that regard.

..What to do… That’s a very hard question to answer. It sounds like you’re trying your very best already. And when you’re afraid of medical things, too…

..Maybe it won’t help for sure, but I think it could do you some good to try and understand the procedure you’re going to undergo. You’re frightened because of the surgery itself, right? In that case… I’m always less scared of things when I feel more in control of the situation. Medical procedures are in the hands of the professionals, but you have the power to educate yourself in advance so that you can thoroughly grasp what you’re undergoing. Knowing what to expect, even if you’re not conscious… It helps. Knowing what’s going on while you’re out of commission allows you to build a better trust with that procedure, since you’re aware of what it entails.

I know you’re confident in the outcome, but that doesn’t mean getting there will be any less stressful. That’s why trying to learn about your surgery… might help decrease the anxiety you have about the journey you’re taking to that healthier future. If you’re able to talk openly with your hospital, too, it could do some good to confide in the doctors who recommended the therapy, or even the surgeons themselves. That’s, uh… Probably more than you’re comfortable doing, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Tsumiki told me that it’s also not uncommon for hospitals to have pre-surgical debriefings to try and ease the hearts of anxious patients. Is that available to you..? If so, you should consider it. Unless, of course, the environment of the hospital itself is stifling enough… Hmm. Even so, just talking about it… is likely to help. Whether it’s with a friend, a therapist, or even someone like me, expressing your feelings through words is how your mind starts to make sense of them for easier sorting out. It doesn’t always work to fight off anxiety, but it certainly has never harmed anything.

I’m so sorry you’re so scared. You have a lot of time left to be scared, too, but suffering that whole span of time… It just isn’t fair. If nothing I said means anything tonight, then at the very least, you should continue to practice grounding techniques and handle the attacks as they come. If you can’t minimize your panic… then the only angle left is to forego the specific source of that panic and instead focus on building effective ways to quickly recover from bouts of anxiety. Maybe that’s even just the kind of distraction you need, in spite of its irony.

Efficiently handling our fear is hard, but not impossible, and the more time you spend finding what better helps you bounce back, the less grief your attacks will give you. There’s lots of information out there to help in that respect, and putting your energy into maintaining your mental health may very well be the best way to bide your time.

..You have a lot of time to work on your feelings. Remember that, too. If there are months between point A and B, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing better later on down the line. I believe in that. So don’t give up trying. Even if you already know it logically, continue to reassure yourself that the doctors know what they’re doing, and that nobody means you harm. That it will be okay. Even just repeating that… might help. 

Try to avoid counting the days and concentrate instead on tending to your panic. Take the world moment for moment, day by day. If you can’t detach from the reality that pains you, take steps towards it instead. Embrace truths within information available to you, because connecting to that reality might be the only way for your heart to come to terms with your head.

I’m sorry… if I can’t help you. But if I can say anything, I just want you to know that I get where you’re coming from. You’re not alone, and you have time to work on this. You have time, so please don’t give up. One way or another… I know there’s got to be some method to help you feel better. And even if I’m not much of a help in finding that method, I deeply believe in your ability to find it.

So please… Continue to breathe deeply, care for yourself, and communicate your feelings. Your mind is your own, so devote time to unraveling what sets it off versus what calms you down. And know… that you have my support.

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was it just me or was the ending of vengeful kinda disappointing :/// idk if its bc i loved vicious so much that i had unreasonably high hopes but it really didnt satisfy me at all,,, i hope theres another book bc i dont want it to end this way lmao

yes and no tbh. like I had the highest hopes for vengeful and I think the book itself did not disappoint in any way (I loved the plot and June and Marcella and I think Victorias writing is just amazing and I just missed Sydney and victor and Eli so much). 
the ending was a bit anticlimactic but. there will be a third book and I’m still hyped. 

so yea I’m not the biggest fan of the ending but that doesn’t make me love the books any less than I did before vengeful was released.