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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

I realized it was almost the end of pride month and I hadn’t drawn anything for it yet ! So here’s some more Spirk fanart ^^

as an ethnic person I have way too much damn pride like I refuse to admit anything is spicy like the holy spirit could come down from heaven with a hedge of fire to put around my head bc what I ate was too hot n id still be like “na:)h fam…. im good…” if they offered me jesus tears to drink

Tfw you realise that Osomatsu may stay a shitty eldest because everyone expect him to be anyway and when he make a goddamn effort his bros think it’s weird and gross while they also berate him for not being responsible or it’s just not even noticed and Osomatsu will not even try to get compliment over it anyway

just rewatched anne with an e and the first time i was really lowkey about anne and gilbert, like obv they get together later, but i was like as of now, season one, they are kids and they don’t really know each other and the best part of their relationship arc is that it’s such a slow build so it would be ridiculous for there to be much this early, and gilbert really just wants to be her friend like he just wants her to not actively ignore him, and anne doesn’t really care about him at this point like he’s there and he’s annoying but then she does feel kind of bad over his dad’s death bc she gets it, but like overall their relationship is barely there at this point

this time i’m just like, i am actually in shock that gil doesn’t literally fall over every time he sees anne because he swoons so hard, and anne is such a mess with her emotions that she had a thought about a boy and immediately said i could never marry, boys are dumb, feelings aren’t  r e a l,,,

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Greylina? •w• Or any of your fav. Ships?

pwease excuse the messiness


so superserendipitously and babypumpkindean have a jw au where sams raptor dad so i drew his raptor squad (castiel and baby r my fave)

The moon signs when they’re emotional

Aries: I’M GOING TO PUNCH A WALL!!!!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE OUT TO GET ME???? CAN’T I LIVE??? I’M SO UPSET AND WHY DOES NO ONE CARE??? MY EMOTIONS ARE THE #1 PRIORITY RN!!!! *blames someone else for their problems* (5 minutes later is over it)

Taurus: why life wHY?????? I didn’t want to mOVE today let alone CRY *crawls into a hole full of blankets and sobs into a bag of chips*

Gemini: oh lol whatever idk why my eyes are wet but I’m just gonna ignore this and hope it’ll go away tomorrow

Cancer: I just love to fEeEeEeL things :(((((( I’m going to cry and think about the reasons why I’m crying and maybe look at old pictures and write a poem and cry more *eats an entire carton of ice cream*

Leo: I can’t cRy in fRonT of PEOPLE!!! I have too much pRiDe!!!!! *throws head back and struts their stuff* (10 minutes later they have a dramatic emotional show just for the benefit of everyone else)

Virgo: am I actually feeling this or am I just projecting my feelings into this moment so that I can get them out? what do these feelings mean? what does the fact that I’m questioning my feelings mean? is that another feeling? is life even real? I hate myself I’m so INCOMPETENT *hysterical crying*

Libra: nOOOOO this means cONFLICT!!!!!! I can’t have this in my life!!!!!! maybe if I hold this in nothing will happen. I definitely won’t bother anyone else about it because that would be tOO MUCH FOR ME I can’t put burden on others

Scorpio: *has straight face* this is just another case of the darkness inside my soul

Sagittarius: haha WHATEVER!!!!!! gonna go run away from this bc who needs this kind of drama in life?!?!?! not me!!!!!!!! I’m fiiiiiine those aren’t tears it’s just a piece of dust in my eye

Capricorn: I need…to pull…myself…together….must…look…like…everything…is…normal… *has mental breakdown alone*

Aquarius: emotions???? I don’t have emotions lol what are those??? I’m aBOVE that so I’m just going to focus on the fact that society is so corrupted or something!!! there are way more important issues that MY feelings

Pisces: I…just CAN’T deal with life anymore…I need to eScApE I’m drowning in my own tEARS *sobs*

The Noble House of Black

The ancient and most noble house of Black had three sisters.

The first sister was tall and beautiful.

She had long black hair and favoured her pureblood heritage above all else.

But having a dangerous temper and too much pride collided with reality, so she lost her mind.

The second sister was as fair as her sister was dark.

Like her two older sisters she was beautiful, and took great pride in her family heritage.

But her vanity made her lonely when she lost everything.

The third sister they did not speak of.

For though she resembled her sisters in looks, she did not in heart, so she betrayed her family’s pride.

But this didn’t make her lonely. It made her happy.


So Edmund is Just and Jill is Merciful and I feel like they probably made quite the pair. 


A/N: Alright so I got a little carried away with this.The reader is inhumanely strong but that’s all the abilities she has. Feedback is appreciated. This is shit and I’m sorry

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Bucky, Reader, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Wanda and mentions of other avengers

Description: You and Bucky don’t usually get along but being alone in the tower together for a day, may change things between you two 

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, shitty smut, unprotected sex, dom!bucky, oral (f receiving)

Word Count: 2610

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“He’s a fucking asshole” I yell out as I throw a punch so hard that the punching bag flies off the hook a few feet in front of me and sand begins to pour out of it

“But he’s a fucking asshole you like” Wanda says as she runs on the treadmill and I shot her a death glare before going to get another punching bag from the storage room

“Yeah I think he’s hot but his attitude is complete shit I don’t know what happened to him” I say to her as I carry the punching bag over my shoulder and place it back on the hook

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Tuition Woes

Another spark of inspiration!! Most of my stuff comes from random sparks of inspiration, so yah XD

Inspired by @tskazane and her really cute piece!

Jumin x MC


Word Count: 1142

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