i have no idea who any of the people in these pictures are

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G, I, R and T :D


Straight, though I have be open to experimentation I think straight is the right answer to this.


I have been asked this by everyone who has sent me one so far, and I love it. The more people get me talking about tattoos the more excited I am to eventually getting them! I posted a few pictures of ideas I have but I also want to get a tattooed ankle bracelet with charms on it for things I love, like Harry Potter, Thor, One Piece and Inuyasha.


Take Me to Church by Hozier is my current fave.


I have been mistaken for 22-23 face to face and people online tend to think I am around 17 depending on what we have been talking about….I am not always the picture of maturity.

"My naked body is not sinful or immoral. It is not dirty or bad or wrong. My naked body is not pornographic, obscene, or “slutty.” My naked body is just a body. Any negative ideas you have about a naked body are due to sexualizing bodies, and the idea that sex is a dirty thing. Why are you offended by and afraid of your own anatomy? Get over it. My naked body is just a body." - Quote by tumblr user captainkittysticks

I may not be fully naked in this picture, but I can see messages in my askbox, insulting me as a slut for posting this already. I don’t think the picture shows anything else than what people can see in every swimmingpool, there’s just my upper body and a bra in it. Why do people have to overdramatise the fact that it’s basically just a female body part? I’ll probably never understand it, but at least I’m one of those girls who aren’t ashamed of their own body, and even proud of it. Stop sexualizing everything everybody please, and ladies, you can post as many nudes as you want to, it’s your body!


Got some pictures of the Daily Bugle offices when we went! That vehicle there is called “The Scoop,” and the entirety of Parker’s office was coated in blue to make it look like a comic book background. Really, all it did was make that croissant in the last picture look a couple of years old. 

There was so much in The Daily Bugle to take pictures of, this is only a small teensy tiny fraction of it!! This is by far one of my favourite rides in Universal Islands of Adventure, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunity to snap some more pictures next time we go! 

AU's because why not
  • I was about to propose to my bf/gf at this fancy restaurant but then they broke up with me out of the blue. You’re the cute waiter who decided to pay the bill and now I think I might take you on a date to make up for it.
  •  I got a flat tire and you are literally the only person who stopped to help me. 
  • You’re apparently a pretty famous singer but I honestly had no idea until pictures of us showed up in the tabloids the next day with “Secret Lovers” above our heads…
  • I got thrown into the pool at a frat party I didn’t even want to go to and my phone was in my pocket. Can I use yours?
  • I have literally never done anything against the rules in my life but somehow my friend convinced me to sneak out tonight and now we’re chain smoking on the roof of your apartment building  with some pretty odd people
  • It’s Black Friday and I swear I didn’t mean to elbow you in the head when I was lunging for that coffee machine
  • I just moved into this apartment building and can you please tell me what the trick is to using this washing machine because it’s making a very weird noise and I’m rather freaked out
  • My friends dragged me out to the ice skating rink and I just face planted in front of you

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you have unleashed a beast. Like I said I spend more time thinking of AU’s than actually doing them. 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean AU, where Naruto looks for his ship The Kurama with his first Mate Hinata. Basically picture it like Naruto was Jack Sparrow, Will was Sasuke, Kakashi Barbosa,and Elizabeth Sakura.
  • The Incredibles AU, Where Naruto dreams of becoming a superhero, after learning his parents were both famous superheros unable to figure out his ablities he still goes and tries to save People anyway, Cue Hinata who has her powers but is unable to control them in a family of lawyers who crank down on superheros CUE THEM WORKING TOGETHER
  • Mafia AU, In the city of Konoha where crime is so high the local cops paid off only opposing crime bosses and organizations run things.  Konoha 11 has been keeping the town order until a series of tradegies unfold, Alliances within the Konoha 11 start withering when the Heads of the Uzumaki households are assinated. The Uchiha wrongfully accused. Chaos insues in the city as the Hyuguas take a firm hand control to steady it.  Rival gangs, The Akatsuki, Orochimaru try to sieze control for themselves. Basically naruto’s plot line with guns  OR BASICALLY THE PLOT OF GOTHAM

 College AU’s

  • - April Fools Day - Prank week Boy VS Girls
  • -  Halloween Party, Naruto dresses up as undead supehero, drunk and confused he spends the party hanging out with catwoman. When he wakes up the next day, Memories hazy only one thing’s sure he has to figure out who she was. 
  • Naruto unable to swim and gets help from one of the girls on the swim team.
  • Supernatural AU.Sasuke as Sam and Naruto as Dean. Sakura as Cas. Hinata, the girl whose father sold her sold as a child to secure his wealth  her soul is doomed for hell.
  • ….I was going to say Bridge to Terabithia AU but aien’t no body ready for that
  • Percy Jackson AU- Naruto and Hinata demi-gods. As for who the godly parents are I’m gonna need like a month to sort that out but DEFO Hinata’s father is Hades.  Sakura’s is Athena’s and Sasuke’s godly parent is …… bruh i don’t know man.
  • Hunger Games AU .
  • Vampire Academy AU. Naruto Dhampir half vampire protector to Moroi vampire princess Hinata.  (If you never read Vampire academy, basically Dhampir’s protect Moroi which are vampires who are mortal, can go in the sun but it hurts them after a while, they have one elemental power and need to drink blood, they need protected from Stirgoi, which are undead vampires, super powerful, evil, kill all Moroi cant go in the sunlight type vampires)  Dhampirs are physically stronger and faster than normal humans, no magic though and Hinata could spirit magic would give her side effects like major depression, hallcinations, aniexty, but powers like healing, aura seeing, dream walking and telekinesis. It is so super rare it is thought to not exist.   Main elemental powers Moroi can have are Fire, Water, Air or Earth. Spirit is rare and in the book the main character’s best friend Lissa, had spirit but before it was thought she had no magic, which would be a pointer for why Hyugas are treated poorly. Lissa also had sucide attempts and had to take medication, alcohol and medication removes someone’s ablities.  Dhampirs + Dhampirs = Infertile.  Moroi + Dhampir = Dhampir. Human + Moroi = Dhampir.  Human + Dhampir = Infertile (I think)  There’s an entire school for training Dhampirs to be Guardians and training Moroi to use their magic. 

  • The 100 AU (Explaining this would take forever but the jist is 100 kids sent to Earth from a space ship to see if it’s inhabitable, the kids who they sent were criminals in some way or form and the ship is running out of oxygen. They lose communication with the ship and start amking their own rules…..in season 1 anyway)
  • Naruto as Jack Frost and Hinata being the only one who can see him

Those are all I can immediately think of for now. I seriously need to do the Vampire Academy one some day. 

hey so i'm gonna try something:

i’m doing a series of paintings that revolve around dissecting my physical insecurities. the problem i’m running into is that, by working with such a small scale, i’m in need of a much larger amount of subject matter than i initially planned, as i’m running out of ways to frame my own personal flaws.

so i’m testing the waters here and seeing who would be willing to let me use their insecurities in my paintings. the end game here is to have a gallery space filled with small renderings of disassembled body parts, and i basically need some people who are willing to share with me some pictures of themselves for reference.

i ask that you contact me privately before sending anything, but to give you some potential ideas for things you could send:
•stretch marks
•acne scarring
•fucked up teeth
•excess body hair…?
•varicose veins

idk just spitballing, but really anything that you would personally consider an insecurity (specifically in the form of a physical characteristic)

also, i would assume it goes without saying, but only contact me if you’re comfortable with me displaying these potential images in my body of work. (I wouldn’t show your personal/reference photos, just my artistic renditions of them)

sorry this is so wordy, but i’m really just interested in seeing if anyone would be willing to help me out!

By posting pictures of emaciated people to raise awareness, it is just reinforcing that stereotype so that the general public still have the idea that to be unwell the sufferer must be very thin and it makes sufferers feel that unless they look like …

Seriously, though, if you thought your friend had an eating disorder

For any reason and were concerned, I hope what you’d do is sit them down and talk to them face to face. Ask them if there’s a problem. Tell them you’re always there for them. Do NOT assume you know more about their life than they do. Offer a hug or a helping hand. Get them help if they want it.

If you thought your friend had an eating disorder, would you post her before and after pictures on Twitter? Would you start a social media trend filled with half concerned people and half insulting people? Would you try to tell the entire world your friend may need help? Would you subject them to constant analysis and harassment by anyone who has wifi?

Something to think about.

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hi cool guy are you ever going to post a selfie i am way too curious.

i’ve been getting this question a lot lately and i wanna explain this bc it’s really kinda personal so i want you all to know

honestly i don’t think so because even though im a guy and i have a male name and use he pronouns i still look like a lot like a girl and i wouldn’t want anyone who does not know that im trans to get the wrong idea about me and start calling me a girl  

so until i get my appearance to look more masculine (or at least androgynous) i will not be posting any pictures of me. i hope you all understand!!

this #transformationtuesday means a lot to me, more than any other one. I was picked on relentlessly throughout elementary and junior high school because I was quite obviously not the skinniest, most beautiful girl. I tried every day to make friends with people who constantly tore me down. The first picture is the year I learned self hate. I never knew it would snowball into something so much more than not wanting to look at myself in a mirror. I didn’t know it would have led to manic depression and self harming. I tore myself apart all throughout junior high and highschool because I was constantly fighting the idea that maybe, I wasn’t so bad after all. I am here, years later, and I am so in love with myself. I’ve learned that loving who I am as a person is more important than my image. I’ve learned that as long as I am as loving and kind as I was when I was 10, I will have everything i need in the world. I don’t harbor hate for the people that treated me the way they did (and yes, a lot of you follow me on here, now.) but I just want to remind people that even something you say as a joke can seriously affect the way a person sees themselves. be nice.

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I actually have no idea what IG pictures they are talking about that are dated a week ago with some guy? I've been following her for a year now (I don't even know Why or how) and I just checked her IG and I don't see any guys

Hm, this is a good point, thanks for bringing that up! Does anyone else know? I know larryenemies is following this better than I am, as she posted a link to where the ex-boyfriend supposedly commented “well said” on a post.

Honestly, at this point, I’m just waiting this out. This happens so often in the fandom where a new girl or guy is in the picture and everyone freaks out, believes fake accounts, and starts drama. I’m betting 80% of what’s being said isn’t true anyway.

And as a side note to everyone about this situation in general: I know it may come as a shock to you, but people do leave their partners for other people. It happens and it doesn’t make them bad people. If I meet someone who I like better than my current boyfriend, I shouldn’t be judged for leaving my boyfriend for him. Please stop acting like this is a Disney movie and that everyone finds their one true prince at 15.

Book Reviews

As you all (probably) know, I read a lot. But beyond my “currently reading” updates, I don’t often write about it here. I’m terrible at writing reviews, usually because my reviews turn into long summaries of the books instead of just my quick thoughts about them. I know some people when reviewing like to stick to a few set questions to get their initial thoughts down, and I like the idea of that. So I’m going to try it out here for a bit and see if I like it. So over the next few days I’ll be posting my thoughts on some of the books/series that I’ve read so far in 2015. The questions I’ll be using to keep it brief:

Did I enjoy it?
Would I read it again?
Who would I recommend it to?
Any other thoughts?
Find it on: (link to goodreads for those of you who want full reviews and summaries) 

Question Challenge *mop brow*

Rule #1: Always post the rules.

Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote, then write 11 new ones
Rule #3: Tag 11 people to answer your questions. Tag them and the person who tagged you so they all know what’s going down.

I was tagged by the talented celo-playing laundertoe

Her Questions:

1) How do you feel about Lee Pace? You’re not going to like this laundertoebut I only recently found out via Tumblr that he was the actor who played the LOTR elf king. I also saw a picture of him on Tumblr without elf make-up. He looked way better and a bit familiar but I have no idea if I’ve seen any of his other work. So I’d have to answer neutral. Feel free to enlighten me!

2) If you could watch any movie right now what would it be? Well, I missed Gone Girl and Interstellar so I wouldn’t mind catching up with them. Does anyone know if they’re any good? I really enjoyed the Gone Girl book even though I didn’t like the characters one bit. A sign of good writing to create totally unlikeable central characters yet craft an intriguing book.

3) What do you think about Jon Stewart retiring? OK  this is another  reference I’ve learned from Tumblr (his was a US show, not aired in Australia). From what I’ve seen from Tumblr gifs, he looked like he was a balanced and incisive media commentator so it would be a shame to see him go.

4) Favorite beverage (alcoholic or otherwise)? Many types of tea. I also love wine and ale but tea is my go-to drink after the necessary water.

5) Favorite meal? I adore food so choosing one favourite meal is a too hard! Plus breakfast or dinner? Every day or treat? It’s like asking who is my favourite child! OK. Breakfast - I can’t live without my soaked muesli, Greek yoghurt & seasonal fruit, but I love Eggs Florentine. Dinner - a favourite weekly staple is  coconut chicken curry but a drool-worthy treat would be crayfish with a mango-coconut seafood dressing, totally dominating one of those fresh designer salads, garnished with more fresh mango, with some seared scallops on the side.

6) Favorite live act? I’m really pissed off I didn’t get off my butt and book tickets to see Pink when she was here. I’ve seen countless live acts but right now I’m too tired to remember any so I’m just going with 'the one that got away' haha.

7) Do you have a pet? Our family shares a 10-year-old mini schauzer called Mitzy.

8) Where would you like to travel to? Back to the French & Italian countryside for more cycling. I’ve always dreamed of going to Venice and would still like to, despite reports of dirt, expense and commercialism. Oh and Japan! In Spring, Autumn & Winter! Oh for the Lotto Life!

9) When is the last time you visited the ocean? Was in it on Sunday but I cycled past it on Tuesday and Thursday.

10) Favorite place to shop? Lululemon store in Karrinyup or Wiggle on-line!

11) Favorite area of study? Clinical Exercise Physiology - exercise as medicine; human health.

Now I have to come up with questions and tag people. This is the brow-mopping part (I’m writing this at dawn’s crack after three hours sleep.)

1. What do you call yourself? (Boring question I know but some people don’t even have an ‘about me’ with their name! You can answer this laundertoe because I couldn’t find yours!)

2. Explain your URL.

3. Tell us about a book you loved enough to read more than once. 

4. Have you (or had you) a teacher, professor or mentor who changed your life? How?

5. Dare to dream - what is your secret aspiration?

6. What is your ideal holiday?

7. Describe your style.

8. Do you speak more than one language? What?

9. Have you ever performed live? Tell us.

10. What is your main occupation?

11. Can you drive a manual car?

Phew. Now for tags - apologies if you’ve done this before and I’ve missed it. themarzipanvolta piglet-lifts 4thebestversionofme squats-4-pinkcupcakes this-incredible-journey notjustlikethat h-co3 deartreadmill ripppedfuel multisportmom serenity-made-visible

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Tbh when I first started following you and I reblogged a picture you took of yourself I had know Idea what your gender was so I ended up putting "this face" instead of boy or girl and I hope I didn't offend you in anyway shape or form

no problem! personally, i don’t consider neutral terms to be misgendering, since they don’t apply any assumption of gender. like, i actually encourage people to start using neutral terms as the default instead and to not assume anyone’s gender. i mean, “defaults” are generally supposed to be neutral/blank/clean slates right? it always baffled me why most people don’t apply that to gender as well. anyways, no problem friend it was v nice of you to tell me this.

I follow someone on Tumblr who has some very nice BJD. and I appreciate seeing pictures of their pretty dolls. What I don’t appreciate is them bitching about their fans. They bitch about their fans wanting to create dolls like their dolls. they bitch about their fans wanting to dress up like their dolls. they bitch that people copy their face up, or ideas for their dolls. There is a very negative poster to fan relationship. I mean I can unfollow. but I like their pretty dolls, and occasionally have their stuff on my dash. But I don’t really understand their ungreatful attitude towards their fans that clearly adore them, but don’t adore the way they treat them, and then the blogger gets pissy when their fans call them up on it.
I remember when I did comics. And I loved every singel one of my fans. Because they inspired me to go on. I loved any art they made. I loved any comments they gave. They kept me going. And the fact there is someone out there who complains when people want to do this for them just boggels my mind.

please please be extra extra nice to flight attendants.  Like. Even nicer than you are to waiters.

Let me tell you about being a person who works on an airplane: it’s hard. They have to scrutinize bidsheets every month which 

I wanted to show you a picture, so I did a search. There aren’t any. I asked my mom if I could post a pic. Anonymously. One of the old ones, so it’s not longer relevant. Know what she said?

"That’s probably not a good idea."

Apparently that’s confidential information.

As in, aside from legality, there’s probably a good chance that publishing their schedule could jeapordize their safety.

I mean, I know it’s not exactly common to post schedules on the internet unless it’s for an event—but most people don’t have to worry about national security.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceburg. Mom can’t even tell me about all the things she learns in training—which, by the way, includes self-defense techniques in case someone tries to kill you. 

It also involves lifting heavy things, how to (hopefully) save a person’s life if they suddenly have a medical emergency (rare, but it happens sometimes) or everyone is forced to suddenly exit the plane (not fucking likely), and how to keep a smile on your face while catering to the passenger’s every whim while several thousand feet in the air.

Think of it this way: airline attendants are waitstaff who are trapped with their customers for several hours (at least) in a tin can up in the sky. You cannot make a disruptive customer leave. You can turn the plane around—if you’re close enough—but that’s the pilot’s call, and the pilot’s up front, removed from most of the action. You cannot call your manager in to handle the situation—they have an office job. They’re back on the ground, in your home town, and you won’t be able to speak with anyone actually in charge until the plane lands. Even then, you’re probably going to have a rough time—I don’t know as much about this so I won’t say much, but but it seems to be a lot like calling a customer service hotline. You’re going to be on the phone for a while. 

Back to the bids: they’re a list of dates, flights, and times that look like they’re written in code. There are stacks of these papers. Stacks. It’s easier now that things are more digital, but my mom prefers to print hers out. Regardless, you have to filter through a few thousand columns of numbers, choose the ones that look best to you, go to the airline’s employee website, input your choices…

and maybe you’ll get something close to what you actually want.

They’re called bids for a reason. Everyone wants the best trip. A lot of people are sympathetic, and there’s a lot of trading that goes on—you can put a trip you don’t want on the board, and hope someone else picks it up. Sometimes, if you really want to get rid of it, you offer them money. There are people who are really good and reliable, and people who are utter douchebags. The whole thing is a mixed bag with very little consistency—meaning you don’t know what your schedule’s going to even be like two months ahead of time. Unless you’re fortunate and/or have seniority—senior members are given special preference—your schedule will not be the same from week to week. You don’t know who your co-workers are. Maybe you’ve flown with them before; maybe you haven’t. Maybe they’re nice; maybe they’re going to make your very stressful or difficult. You’re going to be expected to show up and work effectively with whoever is there, even if they harass you. You’re expected to do this cheerfully, because it’s a customer service business. And you have very little control over your schedule.

In addendum: the fight attendants have little to no power over flight delays. The pilots only have a modicum of power over flight delays. Wanna know who does have the power? 

The people in the control power. And the ground crew. Both of whom, in case it wasn’t obvious, are on the ground. Not on the plane. They don’t have to deal with the actual customers. They don’t hear the complaints. They don’t catch the flak.

But they have the most control. 

It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, I think—there’s one group who handles crew member schedules, another group who works the ground, and another group who controls the control tower. The control tower has the most control over the schedule in practice—that is, they tell the pilots where to go. They handle plane delays, they tell the pilot when to go and when to stay, they figure out how to juggle hundreds of different aircrafts coming and going from the same airport so that no one crashes into each other. It’s probably a hard job, too, but although the pilot can speed up or slow down, they and the ground crew (who are in charge of things like making sure the plane has enough fuel) are most responsible for flight delays.

Not the flight attendants.

Don’t get mad at them.


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I'm 19 years old and have no idea how to talk to guys. Any advice? You seem like a cool girl :D

Via text - keep it short and sweet. Be yourself. Alternate between who sends the message first. Don’t keep texting them if they haven’t replied. The best tool you can have is knowing when to get the hint. If a guy wants to pursue you, he will. If he isn’t, let it go.

Via in person - ask them questions about something they are really into. People love to talk about what they love. It takes the pressure off you & you get a conversation going. Sit up straight, get your hair out your face and your fingernails out your mouth. Smile, you got this. The more you picture guys as friends, the easier it is to talk to them. And some guys are better off as friends!


[An Essay On Faith & The General Modern Misconception Of The Role Of Science]

Written by: @calelpryer

“Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: ‘Ye must have faith.’”

-       Max Planck, Noble Prize Winning Physicist

I have what I would call, appropriately, ‘an inkling’ that the reason basically every person ever has at some point in time felt utterly lost to the meaning of life is that what we as individuals know about the mechanics of the smallest things in even the room in which you are presently reading this sentence is so minuscule that of course we can’t understand the big picture of existence in this universe. Most people have no idea how a garbage bag is made, but of course we know what it is and what its intended use is, and of course we could learn how a garbage bag is made (and you should, i.e., it’s interesting). But confusion about personal existence may come from lack of given thought to the littlest subtleties that make up our life and make routine possible. Without devoting our life to study, we are generally given and come to accept a fractional view of virtually everything in our lives. I do not mean to say that discovering where the fabric from your shirt originated in its birth form, or that learning the process that decaffeinates the coffee you drink by the cups every day will give us answers to our existence or meaning to our lives, just that knowing so little about everything in general doesn’t help our pursuit for truth in the grandest context.

My point also is that, knowing so little, our day to day requires individually of everyone a lot of faith, i.e., a daily reliance on the unobserved or inconceivable. Faith lives because rationale has a death in every individual. Atheists (persons who deny or disbelieve the existence of a supreme being or beings) tend to look at this equation backwards, for the obvious sake of their arguments against religions and faiths (which, I would like to point out, are not the same thing: religion incorporates practices to a faith or set of faiths, whereas a faith is an intangible and purely metaphysical). Atheists say: Faith, therefor, End of Rationale. But really, the equation is properly set up as: End of Rationale, therefor, Faith. The reason it’s a wonderful argument for atheists is because clearly, it is the same equation either way you write it. But, in this case, it very crucially matters how the equation is set up, and it is important to acknowledge what exactly in the equation comes technically before what, even though they equal one another.

I think it’s too easy to allow ourselves to try to refute faith in a higher power (i.e., an intelligent designer) on an intellectual level, but intelligence doesn’t have final validity in the realm of faith, because, as I’ve noted above, the only reason the latter exists is BECAUSE the former has an end. I think it worthy to mention here that I’ve come to admire and respect an array of some of the most intelligent people to ever live, and here is an observation: in context to religion and spiritual faiths, most of them believe very different things. There are smart minds I admire whom when asked are atheists. There are smart minds I admire who are Christians. Some are Catholic. Buddhists. It leads me to conclude that these matters of belief are not solely matters of the mind. If they were, then I would think that the smartest men and women on the planet would agree on the same faiths or religions and therefor all belong to the same one; but they don’t. It is at least fair game to say that it is not a matter for only the bright minds of this inconceivable world.

Just as people of religions rely on a god or gods as superior, persons who deny or disbelieve the existence of a supreme being or beings (atheists) rely on their intelligence and their own mind as superior. Atheists refuse to acknowledge their strong faith in their brain as faith, but it is. Every religion, even if you are against any certain one, at least acknowledges this unavoidably fundamental human obligation that we abide, acknowledged or not, by faith. The rationalization of anything otherwise debates itself, which I consider to be the irony of atheism. The human mind is restricted to and within our environment. There has simply never been a human who can rationalize everything, i.e., has come to an absolute answer about every unknown, i.e., has known everything.

Even if someone was to learn what said someone might discern to be ‘everything,’ and therefore to know every truth, it is impossible to claim without a doubt that you are all knowing because if there is something out there about which you don’t know, then it is impossible for you to be aware that you are unaware of it. If then it is impossible for us to be truly perceptive about whether or not we are all-knowing, we can then never in fact be all-knowing, if only for that one uncertainty. Which means we are not equal to an omniscient intelligent designer or designers, and so therefor the boundaries of human philosophical argument do not even apply to what would be an omnipotent creator, or creators.

So why does the skeptical individual who denies the possibility of a higher power generally fail to see that his or her viewpoint too consists of faith? That we all believe senselessly without choosing to acknowledge a blatant trust in what we perceive to be real?

Everything in my own intermediate experience supports my biologically hardwired (i.e., innate to my senses’ perception) deep belief that I am the absolute center of the universe: the realist, most vivid person in existence. Think about it: there is no experience you have had in which you are not the center of it. The world in which you experience is right in front of you, or behind you, to the left or right of you, through your eyes and ears and your other senses. Our reality outside of our biological perspective is made up of other individuals’ claimed, rarely tangibly verified, knowledge or discernments. Everyone else’s thoughts and feelings must be conveyed or communicated to you somehow (which increases the likelihood of fictionalization in and of itself, as being outside of you), but your own thoughts and feelings are immediate, urgent, actual. So what we could easily allow ourselves to perceive, or begin to sense, through our naturally hardwired center-of-the-world perspectives, is that we are the absolute hierarchy. As Max Planck, the German, Noble Prize Awarded Physicist, once said: “Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.”

What I find interesting is that, if we have developed from a subpar species such as suggested via Darwinian evolution, which is the foremost scientific theory in the case against creation by intelligent design, then we are better off to indeed question our rational instead of herald it supreme. Charles Darwin himself, in a letter to William Graham on July 3, 1881, wrote, “Nevertheless you have expressed my inward conviction, though far more vividly and clearly than I could have done, that the Universe is not the result of chance. But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?”

I simply find an idea that proposes superior intelligence, and then challenges the probability of that assumption with its very own theorized beginning, erroneous. I argue against the credibility of the impossibility of intelligent design, if for no other reason than even the current foremost theory against intelligent design can be spun as an argument pro intelligent design, and that this makes the former theory’s rationality uncertain, if for no other reason than, as the purposed hierarchy, our rationality is uncertain.

Creationists and other critics of evolution are correct when they point out that evolution is “just a theory” and it is not “proven.” What they neglect to mention or perhaps realize is that everything in science is just a theory and is never proven. This is one of the most common misconceptions about science, no matter what side you’re on. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “scientific proof.” Proofs exist only in mathematics and logic, not in science. Mathematics and logic are both closed, self-contained systems of propositions, whereas science is empirical and deals with nature as it exists.

So what is a theory? A theory is a model of the universe, or a restricted part of it, and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to observations that we make. As Stephen Hawking put it: “(A theory) exists only in our minds and does not have any other reality, whatever that might mean.” A theory is a good theory if it satisfies two requirements. It must accurately describe a large class of observations on the basis of a model that contains only a few arbitrary elements, and it must make definite predictions about the results of future observations. Any physical theory is always conditional, in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: you can never prove it. No matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory. On the other hand, you can disprove a theory by finding even a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory.

Proofs have two features that do not exist in science: they are final, and they are binary. Once a theorem is proven, it will forever be true and there will be nothing in the future that will threaten its status as a proven theorem (unless a flaw is discovered in the proof). Apart from a discovery of an error, a proven theorem will forever and always be a proven theorem. Anyone who uses the words “proof,” “prove,” or “proven” in their scientific argument is not truly fluent in science.

This is why the beginning of the universe, whatever or if even it may have been, is scientifically not provable. We can only ever find evidences for or against what it may have been or if it may have been since humans exist secondarily to this environment, the universe; meaning, we innately assume the universe must have a beginning because birth puts that reasoning in our minds from birth. A universal beginning was firstly an inborn theory, assumed by the logical proof and geological evidence that we singularly- and most other things within our world- have a beginning. But it is in reality entirely impossible to have “scientific proof” of whatever may be, The Beginning.

Which is also why, indeed, it is not irredeemably ridiculous at all when any religion proposes a certain universal beginning within its faith, since all that a proposed beginning to something existing firstly before us is: belief in, i.e., faith in or reliance on, evidences for that proposed theory (which is only as far as science can take us)- and then also a faith in our ability to rationalize evidences in the first place.

Therefor, if I were to preach at any religious congregation, this is what I might say: Before you can point atheistic unbelievers to what truths in which you contest they should apply belief, you must first explain how and why it is okay and unavoidable to have faith in this advanced world where faith is misunderstood and currently looked down upon. It is not always so much any one religion itself that my generation finds issue with, but more so faith in general, largely due to the modern misconceptions of the purpose of science and the idea that science replaces the possibility for intelligent design rather than coexists with it. Why, in actuality, does science not stand at all in opposition of intelligent design? Because proofs do not exist within science and therefor science is not definitive, i.e., it lacks indisputable authority, and cannot therefor be substitute to anything omniscient, because evidences only arrive you as far as assured belief in any theory, and do not in fact arrive you at any undeniable proof. Science can bring us far, but ultimately, it leaves us at the feet of Faith, however much or little need of it the evidences leave to be applied. I’ll refer again here to Noble Physicist Max Planck, as he said: “Whence come I and whither go I? That is the great unfathomable question, the same for every one of us. Science has no answer to it.”

So when did modern society begin to try to replace the idea of intelligent design with science? In 1929, Edwin Hubble made the landmark observation that wherever you look, distant galaxies are moving rapidly away from us; i.e., the universe is expanding. This means that at earlier times objects would have been closer together. Actually, this observation made it seem that there was a time when they were all at exactly the same place and when, therefor, the density of the universe was infinite. This discovery finally brought the question of the beginning of the universe into the realm of science. Enter Big Bang Theory, et cetera. Somewhere along the way, people began to forget that science is theories conceived from mere observations. The necessity for faith was not diluted by the increasing relevance of science. Actually, as science is only making more and more observations, and, as science is unable to indefinitely prove any conclusions gathered from evidence, it is ultimately merely finding more possibilities for the application of faith.

Faith is a theory in the sense that the two have the same residency. Both faith and theory, ‘exist only in our minds and do not have any other reality,’ to put it in the words of Dr. Hawking. Every theory is not provable. Faith is not provable, yet it has to exist because theories are not provable. Therefore, faith is the only known that will be consistent forever, and in that way, the existence of faith is the only continual absolute truth.

The purely intellectual debate of what is absolute truth appears fruitless; the only truth that can be found matter of fact from our rationality of truth is that our ability to determine what is truth is disputable, but the only universally accepted component of what is necessary for truth to be true is in fact, consistency. Therefor, what is consistent about our rationale of truth is that it is inconsistent, which means that if absolute truth exists, it does not abide by our rationalization or regard of it (faith does not abide by these either… coincidence?).

We can perceive because of our biological perspective that we individually exist. But the human brain is finite and our rationale is limited simply because of our biologically limited, center-of-the-world perspective. So faith only exists because we, with our geologically limited perspective- secondary to our environment- and our mental limitations and intellectual boundaries, exist. Faith exists because we exist. Most certainly, faith exists because I exist. Since faith exists because of our inability to exist omnisciently in the world around us, this means that we all live with faith daily and in the grander context, this includes weather or not you hold superior a higher, more intelligent deity (or deities), or that you believe your own mental rationale sits upon that throne that created everything which your mental rationale cannot fathom.

I believe in faith as I believe in myself, and I refuse to give rational credibility to the impossibility of a higher power.  I wonder if the meaning of life might even be simply to have faith, if for no other reason than one must have faith that one’s own human life has rational relevance to the universe outside of itself. So let mankind forever theorize if we think we have not found the truth, but let it be in acknowledgement that our existence is, as of now at the very least thousands of years from mankind’s beginning within a pre-existing environment, and because of the restrictions of geological perception and our finite minds, unavoidably by un-provable or incomprehensible faiths, and therefore that faith does exist simply because we do.

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You're not being the person God thought you to be.

I was going through deleting all my anon messages, but I stopped to read this one. This is actually pretty true. But not because of any shit that just happened, but because I fall short everyday. And I know this is intended for my post that one person reblogged calling me racist when that was CLEARLY not my intentions. But you are absolutely right. I did not handle this the way God would have wanted me to. But then again, I don’t handle most things God would like me to lol I’m only human. I make mistakes whether I’m aware of it or not. People who have never followed me, reblogging that picture, believing what they will about what one girl posted on my picture, I can’t control how they feel about me. They can have a certain idea of me all they’d like, but the people who do follow me, who do know me or have even taken the time to get to know me, know that I love God and I only want to give unconditional love towards everyone. I mean, it’s written right on my blog that I just want to love people. So I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I apologizing for coming off as a “racist cunt” (which honestly, that was a tad unnecessary), I apologize for any harm I have done to the natural hair movement (but come on, I’m a cosmetologist…I admire hair. I admire all hair. Not just “white” hair…it’s my fucking job, shit). I can’t do anything about this because people already have an idea about me, I can’t apologize enough no matter how many people tell me to “just apologize and move the fuck on” because I already have apologized multiple times and people kept bitching at me. So I probably have put God to shame because I do things everyday that don’t please Him. I fall short, day after day. And I’m sorry.

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i'm really sorry for bothering you, but im going through a really tough time right now havent cut in a few weeks, but lately things have been getting so bad. i really dont want to cut and im trying to stay postive. i've been skipping meals because ive been called fat everyday for the past few months and ive been terrifed to go to school because of the things people say. i know i seem weak but ive been faking a smile for what seems forever and i cant anymore. any advice on how to stay strong. xo

yes, fighting urges, I have a picture for that with ideas to help. and I think you should tell someone at school that you are having a hard time, if you feel uncomfterble saying who, go to the school councillor. only tell them as much as you want them to know, but sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to,