i have no idea what she believes in

Dear all the hawks fans or hockey fans with Toews now on their shit list,

Yes, he is defending a friend and teammate. Yes, for all we know he could have raped this woman. Do we know the actual truth of the situation? No. We have no fucking idea what is going on with the investigation. There is a reason anyone who is accused of a crime is ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty". I’m going to go out on a limb and say MISTAKES ARE MADE WHEN CATCHING CRIMINALS. For all we know she could be lying. Who really knows? NOT US. NOT THE PUBLIC. There is a chance that Kane could have told Toews that he didn’t do it. There is also a chance Toews believes him. There is also this thing I mentioned called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. There is still a possiblity that he committed no crime. I am technically defending him right now because there is no solid proof that he actually raped anyone. If he had been convicted and Toews said what he did… then I wouldn’t blame anyone for having him on their shit lists. I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize we have no solid truths to the situation, and we probably won’t be getting any soon. Go ahead and be disgusted by Kane, because in a way I am. The thought of him raping a woman is gross. I am 100% NOT saying that he isn’t a shit head or a fucking idiot because obviously he is to have gotten fucked up in this shit. I will not support him a hockey player or person ever if he is convicted, but as it stands there is no conviction. There is no arrests. There is no real information released to the public. I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT HE IS TECHNICALLY 'INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY’.

Used to Be

What the fuck was all that even for? Just to have our hearts sore? What exactly did those beautiful words mean? Should I intervene? What do I even mean to all of you? You all have no idea how much I’m drowning in blue It’s like watching your parents divorce as a child If you even dare take a side they go wild You guys don’t know how much she’s fucking hurting How much she has givin up on you all You made her believe you’d let her fall TALK ABOUT IT Is she suddenly fucking trash for not talking to you? There is a reason, there always was She still loves you all but she’s too insecure to reach out Are you too afraid to ask? I’m the only one who meant those promises I’m the only one who meant when I said I won’t give up Now I’m the only one left it seems when I step in that room I don’t even know if you all even trust me I don’t even know what I mean to you guys at this point I’m just the girl pathetically hanging on But I’ve been thinking about letting go I don’t regret us Not one bit You guys gave me heaven in a hellish year Been there for me through every tear Now I’m feeling like I must go I want you all to know It’s been a great show…..

I need to vent for a minute.

The stereotype of Christians and believers in God is very, very real, and it’s not so nice. But ultimately it makes me stronger. 

Someone tried to tell me that my opinions and views on certain matters were “wrong”. There’s several incorrect statements made in that sentence. 
1. I’ve never vocalized my political/social views on twitter. So this person had no idea what my opinions are on those matters. 
2. I didn’t know that an opinion could be “wrong” even when I hadn’t said a single thing!

Next, this person said that because I have “The Lord is my strength” in my bio, that I could possibly hold views that were racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Again, I have never stated ANYTHING on any social media accounts about any of these topics, and quite frankly she had no right to assume. She said that whatever opinions that I hold are most likely offensive and attacking people, because I believe in God. 

How utterly repulsive is it to read that kind of stuff? She came at me out of nowhere trying to start something, and was extremely offensive to me.

I know that with being a Christian comes persecution, and as I stated before, it only makes me stronger. 
Jeremiah 20:11 But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.

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[meta anon] If your character were a musical, what musical would they be. Give a detailed description and explanation as to why.

See now, this is something that I want to give a lot of thought to, because I love musicals almost as much as Lauren does. A lot of the reason why I made Lauren has to do with my love of musicals. And what’s so great about musicals and Lauren and musicals is that she loves them so much and is so passionate about them and the ideas behind them and what they stand for that it’s really hard to pinpoint one specific musical to choose from.

But if I have to.

It’d for sure be a toss up. It’s more about who Lauren is as a person versus what she believes in. If it was about something she believed in, it would have to be Newsies. Because Newsies is really about fighting back against “the man” for something that you’re passionate about. I could also argue that Lauren’s beliefs reflect Legally Blonde, since Elle was able to fight against the people who looked down on her and overcome obstacles and etc.

However, if we’re going strictly on the basis on Lauren’s personality and Lauren’s particular lifestyle and path, meaning someone who was raised from a very young age passionate in the things that she is and striving for excellence always and to absolutely be the best in whatever she does it would definitely be Hello Dolly. it’s an obscure choice, absolutely, but Lauren resonates in the character of Dolly Levi, and of Cornelius Hackl as well. Dolly is always so self assured in her position of a matchmaker and she’s good at what she does and she knows she’s good at what she does, and I feel that is Lauren down to a tee, to be quite honest. Cornelius, meanwhile, is also very self assured that he can be more than what he is, which is extremely evident in the beginning of the song Sunday Clothes. “Out there. There’s a world outside of Yonkers.” He is so confident in wanting to be better than who he is even to the point of lying, and it’s something I feel like Lauren would do.

Summary: “After losing a bet to Belle and Eli, Rush must streak naked round Destiny as a forfeit.”

Rated NC-17, natch


Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Rush makes a mental note never, ever, to say the fateful words “Dr French, if your idea works, I will run a circuit of Destiny stark naked” ever, ever again.

Because that inevitably means that Dr French’s idea will work perfectly and beautifully on the first try.

Which inevitably means that Dr French is now looking at him with her arms folded and that little smirk in the corner of her mouth.

“I believe you have something to do, Dr Rush,” she says mildly. “A very important task that I don’t believe we can continue our work without you completing.”

“Dr French, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he replies, trying to feign ignorance. Perhaps he can convince her that she had been imagining things when she had heard him make that promise.

“I think you do, Nick.”

“Rush, the sooner you do it, the easier your life’s going to be,” Eli points out. Eli, who had been on Dr French’s side the entire time and is trying very hard not to look smug at Rush’s misfortune. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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So, being an entirely independent champion for the most part, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Nami. I’ll do my best to clear that up, at least for my portrayal of this character. Since she doesn’t exactly belong to one particular city or group, her lore is pretty undeveloped. So, here’s just a few ideas I’ve come up with(and yes, there will be more later).

So, first off, the moonstone. Just what is it? It’s ridiculous to believe that one stone alone would provide enough light to ward away the terrors beneath the sea, just think of how bright it would have to be. One could potentially blind themselves just looking at it…surely that wouldn’t be good for the Marai. What I imagine is that the moonstone is an orb of extremely condensed mana(think Tear of the Goddess, only much more powerful. Remember, this thing has to last for a century). The Marai rely on its power to essentially fuel their civilization. So, instead of a blinding light in the middle of their civilization, think of it as more of a generator of sorts. I think this way, it leads to more options on why the moonstone could be missing. Let’s face it, nobody is going to steal something in which it’s only purpose is to blind you.

So, let’s move onto Nami herself. However kind Nami may be, she is still an independent, and with one goal above any other. Finding the moonstone. She has no time for human politics or squabbles, unless she sees some sort of benefit in it. Despite this, there are of course some groups of people she enjoys more than others(particularly Ionian’s, and a few from Bilgewater and Demacia). Though, to ensure the survival of her people, she would be willing to work with others, albeit reluctantly. After years of searching with no success though, she’s torn between saving her people, or starting a life for herself on the surface.

Anatomy…honestly, I have no idea where to begin with this. This isn’t exactly my strong point, so any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

As for her friends, allies, and so on, it doesn’t say much on that either. Other than Fizz, in which I really wouldn’t see him as much of a friend(his personality just annoys me). I can see the two reminiscing about the ocean together, but that’s about the extent of it. As for Nautilus…well, I really can’t see why Nami would consider him an enemy, so for my portrayal I’ll consider him neutral until proven otherwise. Other characters and such, I hope to develop through roleplaying!

And there you go, just a few of my ideas for Nami. I’ll likely have more later on, in which I’ll be sure to post them.

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You're the most important person in my life, and I never thought I'd tell anyone that. You deserve better. You deserve better than anyone else. I want you to know that and believe it; don't settle for lesser. I'm terrified that includes me, it probably does, so be it. Becky, you've been through too much to allow yourself to be pulled down. I love you and every moment with you, and I hope I haven't been a burden or hurt you. I think it's unquestionable that I have. I'm so, so sorry.

Confess your muse’s feelings about mine on anon.

It takes a few minutes to process all this, and then to form an idea of what she needs to say back. And then she finds him and flicks the sticky-note right on his face.

“ – Listen, dumb-ass, and listen good. You are everything to me. You think I deserve better? You are my better. You’re not a burden, you’re what makes everything else bearable, you’re the complete opposite of a burden. Things get– we fight sometimes, yeah, but that’s life. That’s what people do when they live with each other. That’s how we grow and get to know each other better and learn about the world. I’m not going to pretend there aren’t things I think you need to apologize for. I’m not going to pretend there aren’t things I think you’ve gone about doing in the wrong way. But this? Us? As a whole? We’re not one of them.”

I want you in my life. And there are precious few people I can say that about.”

I'm only gonna talk about this one more time and I'm done talking about it.

The other day I found out my friend with benefits ended up having a girlfriend. And I was LIVID because he’s done this before but I just dropped him before but I had enough of it. This time I decided to tell his girlfriend. I went out of my way to let her know what we’ve been up to while they’ve been together bc I had no idea and I would’ve never done anything if I knew they were together. BELIEVE ME. NO ONE DESERVES THAT. So I hit her up onTwitter first but I couldn’t DM her bc she didn’t follow me so I sent her everything on Facebook and added her on snapchat let her know or whatever. And shE DIDN’T BELIEVE ME. I SENT HER SCREENSHOTS AND SHE STILL DIDN’T BELIEVE ME. I’m so upset that I wasted my time trying to warn her and let her know that he’s a piece of shit lying to BOTH of us. I don’t want anyone to go through that. The fucking disrespect he has towards me is insane; especially to his girlfriend. I’m just so pissed that I ended up looking stupid. Especially that I looked stupid trying to help her out and she still didn’t believe me. She accused me of photoshopping the messages?????? If I knew how to Photoshop my pictures would you think my pictures would be better looking don’t ya think? Idk I’m just pissed about everything and I’m tying to get over it and I think that I can’t until I let everything out. So fuck Arturo; he’ll get what’s coming to him. And I feel sad that his gf is so blinded by love she didn’t appreciate me coming to her. God be with both of them.

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Emerald, Radical Red, Smashed Pumpkin :)

Emerald:Favorite thing about yourself?

I like that I know who I am/what I believe in and that I’m not easily influenced by others

Radical Red:Aesthetic?

i honestly have no idea? how do you describe an aesthetic?

Smashed Pumpkin:Why you like the person you do?

because she is amazing and wonderful and beautiful and adorable. she cares so much and she always knows how to cheer me up or make me smile. I’m comfortable with her so we can just like be ourselves and chill and we’re not afraid to tell each other what we’re thinking. everything feels easy with her :)

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:i hate the tumblr comment update it's so hideous and we can never rp on tumblr again i hate this site maybe i'll just delete my blog why did tumblr update again we signed a petition to stop this why would they ignore that what was the point? i can't believe they thought this was a good idea what a terrible design they have ruined rp blogs they ruined everything and no one will rescue us because a bunch of assholes were jerks to xkit guy there is no hope now

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You are an incredibly sweet mun and a wonderful writer. You write Harmony so well and true I always feel like I'm missing something when I realize she's not actually a part of the franchise.

Go on anon and tell me what you think about me. I’m curious.

[ ….I’m speechless. Like, you have no idea. You’re making me grin like a loon over this. I still can’t believe that there’s a few people who think Harmony could fit in the franchise.  I just want to hug you. Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much, dear ! ]

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Rizzles Prompt: There are 2 homicides in one day, forcing Jane and Maura to head to each scene separately. Jane is informed that Maura was in an accident (idk maybe a beam fell from construction or something) and Jane gets all protective

So fair warning, I have no idea what I just wrote. LOL. It was fun, though. Hopefully, it fits your specifications to your liking, anon! If you want me to write something, send me a prompt! I’m in a giving mood. FYI - this is Rizzles if you squint.

“Hey, you headed to the body on Hyde Street?” Jane’s voiced boomed into the BPD lobby when she saw Maura marching from the elevator to the heavy glass of the front doors.

“Hi,” Maura greeted back, still a firm believer in manners despite her friendship with the most boisterous, least-mannered detective in homicide. “No. There was a shootout at a meth lab near the bay today. Martinez has recruited me. I guess they found a body that seems unrelated to that shoot out.”

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@ Rachel


I’m still having trouble believing it myself!  Yes!  I already have the perfect dress in mind!  I’m just not sure it’s actually in existence. Any chance we can borrow a dress from the Vogue vault?  I also have a crazy idea for the wedding venue!

You’ll have to share your vision with me tomorrow before class- I’ll try to sketch it out.   the Vogue Vault doesn’t have many wedding dresses- maybe one or two, but  I’ll have to talk to Isabelle to see if she has any connections- she loves weddings. What’s the idea? You know I love a good venue.

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Do you know what the url is to bxguilings revamped account yet? I miss reading your interactions together. you two were so good and created so much depth between those psychopaths.


        tbh honest with you, dear anon, I have absolutely no idea.
       Not even sure if she’s coming back; after she deleted her
       Ramsay blog ( about a month ago) I didn’t reach her
       on kik or skype anymore. No idea what’s going on but
       i really, really miss it too. believe me; I’m really sad tbh
       maybe she’s coming back, maybe not. If she did; I’d be
       very very happy to let these two psychopath interact again!
       & thank you !


like we all obviously trust taylor so we must trust that she makes good decisions and allows only good people into her life

she’s not some sheltered bambi that has no idea what’s going on, she knows the people she surrounds herself with and if she loves and respects someone then you have to believe that she’s right and she certainly knows more than any of us about these people

if you’re saying ‘i love taylor but calvin is trash’ then you obviously think taylor doesn’t know who /YOU THINK/ her boyfriend is which is highly unlikely and if you love taylor you have to know that she wouldn’t surround herself with people who aren’t GOOD and KIND like herself

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OH MY GOSH so the most embarrassing thing happened today. There's been some talk about somnophilia on your blog since people were asking for it. Anyways, my sister took my out for lunch today and asked me if I heard her talking in her sleep, and I said "Yeah !!! You do that every night! I think it's called somnophilia?" And she got this really odd look on her face before telling me what it really meant 😂 it was so embarrassing ! I have no idea why I thought it was the same as sleep talking...

Oops. ;) Somniloquy is what talking in your sleep is called, I believe. There was some talk about both on my blog, so that’s maybe the reason why you mixed it up somehow. I hope it wasn’t too bad! ;)

[I can’t believe I got so many of these. Ya’ll are either insanely eager, have a weird sense of humor, or just enjoy making Gauche’s life hard. Also, since Gauche wouldn’t survive that many, I put a different place that could be kissed into a random name generator and let it pick just one. But damn, what a won it picked. sniperexecutable.]

It had all happened too quickly for Gauche to register. The enemy had fallen, shattering into a wave of pixels that dispersed into the air, but she couldn’t have cared. Her sabre lay forgotten several feet away as she knelt beside the much-too-still body of Searchman, her shoulders heaving with the effort of catching air she didn’t truly need. 

“Searchman.” Her voice cracked as she spoke, making her wince at how weak it sounded. “Searchman, wake up!” Nothing. Her core felt heavy as she raised a trembling hand to push her visor out of the way, stubbornly refusing to admit to the blurring of her vision as she grabbed his hand and squeezed, hoping to gain one of his ever comical reactions from a gesture that could be taken as too ‘informal.’

“I said wake up!” Gauche squeezed it again, harder this time as the panic she’d been struggling to control started to bubble out. The arm supporting her as she hovered over him began to tremble, her grip on his hand growing weak as the network around them felt as if it were collapsing under her. “Wake up, you damn… damn…!” Her statement faltered and died out as she curled into herself, hovering over Searchman’s body. 

He had yet to fade away, but some fates were far worse than deletion. Each possibility that shot through Gauche’s mind only added the imaginary weight crushing her chest. “Wake up…” Her voice was barely more than a hoarse whisper as she took up his hand again. “Scold me for rushing in; for being careless. I don’t care. Just… wake up, damn you…!!!”

She choked as her vision blurred more still. This never should have happened. He was her captain: Strong, foolishly stubborn and brave, and incredibly talented. If anyone was to fall, it should have been one of the grunts; not him. “Don’t you dare…” she murmured, fingers curling tightly around his palm as she lowered herself further down. “Don’t you dare. Captain Laika needs you; your subordinates need you. Even Matvei needs you. And I…” She swallowed and shut her eyes, quickly closing the small space between them as she pressed her lips to his.‘I need you too…’

“I’m not who you think I am” he said. She had no idea what he was talking about, and in all reality, neither did he. He was hurt, broken. She broke his heart and he just couldn’t shake her off of him. He believed every word she had said, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. “i’ve finally lost it” he would sit and think to himself. And maybe he had… He was in a bad place in his life, that was for sure.

When he met her he thought it was too good to be true, and soon he would find out it was. They fell for each other quick, and despite her warnings he let it happen. They would talk nonstop almost every day for over 3 weeks, and he grew very attached to her. There was a period of fearfulness and hesitation, but he overcame that and things were amazing while it lasted. She was beautiful, even when she said she looked awful he still saw her as nothing but gorgeous. Sure she had her flaws and wasn’t perfect but he had no problem looking past that, because they clicked and he really liked her.

Then it all came crashing down.


So awhile back i made this woman on IMVU and i had no idea what really inspired me to make her look this way , then the more i stared at her the more i realized she looks like she lives in Desert Bluffs XD who is this woman ? Why is her shirt so weird? Dose she work for strex ? Dose she believe in a smiling god? (of course she dose we all do , we all MUST) What have i created . 

Was Raina brainwashed? The phrasing here is weird to me, considering…all of season 2. Raina said the machine worked on her, but what does that mean? She believed in the Clairvoyant because she thought he would lead her to find out what she was, what does the machine have to do with that? 

What’ the timeline with Raina? She was working under the Clairvoyant (Garrett trying to make super soldiers,) I assume he had no idea she was Inhuman. He didn’t know Skye was special until later, when Raina tells him about Skye’s parents. But Raina knew Skye’s dad when she was younger, so did she meet Cal first? Then go get a job with the Clairvoyant/look for Skye?

Maybe the machine got those memories back for her? I’m not sure where that’s supposed to come into play I guess. Somewhere I hope there’s a long interesting Word doc detailing Raina’s history, because I’m having trouble putting the pieces together.