i have no idea

I had a vivid dream that Bart canonically got a boyfriend on The Simpsons and it was a big deal all over social media… but the thing was that in the show Bart’s boyfriend was a kid in a full-body opossum fursuit and not even Bart knew his real identity. Finally at the end of the season it turned out to be Milhouse, who dramatically unzipped the suit and said “Bart… I’m your opossum boyfriend”

And then they just kept dating but Milhouse STILL kept the opossum fursuit on

I’ve never even watched The Simpsons

Ravenclaw: I had a really cool idea for a project.

Gryffindor: Awesome, what was it?

Ravenclaw: I don’t know. This note I wrote down just says “phoenix dragon” and I have no idea what that means.