i have more ideas but i take suggestions too

I was considering not posting this, especially since I dislike publicizing my personal messages, but it’s really a serious problem some creators have that I must address.
Although I haven’t uploaded any new videos as of late, I have not stopped trying to provide criticism and offering improvements to other channels.

One such Youtuber is “Moliminous” of the channel “Moliminous”.


In summary:
I told him his art was bad, because it’s not how male characters pose and look.
I offered examples and suggested he update his character to have more realistic poses.
-He had some…disrespectful things to say.

I’m more disappointed than mad though, creators like him are a huge problem.
They don’t open their minds for new ideas, and realize that they shouldn’t take criticism too harshly.
Yes I said his art sucked, but I still offered advice on how I think it could be better.
But he didn’t see that, he just wanted to argue and throw insults.

I hope others will learn something useful from this.

-Neros Q

The Beauty of Simplicity (M) ➳ 5


previous chapter

chapter summary: Tae takes your virginity. Both of you finally do something you’ve been longing for.

pairing: taehyung x chubby!reader (best friends to lovers higschool!au)

genre: smut, angst, attempt of comedy, little bit of fluff, romance

warnings: lengthy chapters, a LOT of swearing, dirty talk, weed use, alcohol use, detailed description of sexual acts.

word count: 10.6k

chapter 5: the beauty of sounds present all around us.

After years and years of friendship with Tae, you never experienced the feeling of awkwardness between the two of you. You saw him everyday and knew pretty much everything about him that could never switch into such nervousness. However, you were wrong. Things got very personal since you asked him to take your virginity that he, with a loudly beating heart, accepted.

He found himself getting so nervous, hoping he would find a way he could make it so special for you, just how you deserved it. He wanted to invite you to his place, but knew that he wouldn’t have an empty house for the two of you. Hell, he even tried to blackmail his younger siblings, but they somehow outsmarted him because they had much more to blackmail him for. They really had a bit too much material they could use. Then Tae tried to make his parents invested into a thought of going to opera or a play, picking out the longest ones. After they started to actually consider it, their idea of taking the whole family to it - which included him, made Taehyung sigh and disprove of the whole idea he suggested.

On the other side of things, you were so nervous that it made it harder to speak to him at times. You’d catch eye contact with him during class and quickly turn your head away, thankful he wasn’t sitting beside you on one of those lessons. During the other lessons when he was, slight skin contacts were making your mind wildly think about it and your heart clench over the mere nervousness you started carrying around because of him. You too tried to think of a way you could make it special, but not too special for him too notice because you still thought he wasn’t emotionally interested in you. Maybe you’d try to make dinner for the both of you, relaxing into the night before you’d do it. Thursday night seemed so beautifully fitting because of the way you only had a few classes in school that wouldn’t make you too tired to function when the night would arrive. The weather coast news also spoke about a starry night sky that would show up clearest than ever in your area. It made you think about how great it would be if you sneaked up onto the roof like you were when you were kids and just stare at the starry sky after he would have taken care of you so well.

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Title: Deflowered

Anonymous asked: Can I request a mean, manipulative, and creepy Jerome fic from his point of view where he gets a thrill from corrupting the innocent girl he fancys, and he takes her virginity and makes her do all the depraved things he can think of?

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Notes: Jerome’s POV

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Call Me Maybe

Because I’m obnoxious and still can’t stop listening to Carly Rae. I could have added more, more, more - but I pulled back a bit. You’re welcome?

Summary: Lily Evans keeps running into this fit, black-haired, spectacled bloke in the aisles at Tesco. Muggle AU, Modern AU

Read it on FF or AO3

She first noticed him in produce, digging through the courgette box like there was some hidden treasure at the bottom. She grabbed one from the top of the pile, and her hand entering his field of vision startled him, made him set down the half a dozen courgettes he had in his arms, and turn to look at her, cheeks flushed, as she dropped her vegetable into the basket on her arm.

‘Sorry,’ he said, running a now vegetable-free hand through his untidy black hair, 'my housemate is forcing me to be stupidly particular about my courgette selection.’

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Requested by evaesis

You had been craving ice cream, and might as well go big. Three scoops, chocolate syrup, nuts, whip cream, and a small spoonful of cherries later and your sundae was done. You picked it up and turned to take it out to the living room, though you nearly ran into someone even though you thought you were alone.

“GRAH!” your boyfriend, Clint, roared, lunging into your face to scare you.You let out a shriek and dropped the sundae in surprise. You watched in horror as the bowl flipped over, ruining your dessert as it splattered on the ground.

Clint, however, laughed. “I’m so sorry, but that was a better reaction than I was expecting,” he said.

You, however, were angry. Of course, you couldn’t do anything really mean, but some petty revenge sounded great. You grabbed the can of whip cream and sprayed it at Clint, getting him in the face and chest. “That’s for making me drop my sundae,” you stated. You gave a little smile, that already made you feel better.

“Okay, I deserved that,” Clint commented. He stuck a finger in the whip cream on his face and licked it off his finger. You gave a smirk and sprayed a little more on the top of his head. “Oh, you got the hair, now that’s going too far,” he stated with a playful glare as he grabbed the chocolate syrup.

You let out a shriek and tried to dodge as he squirted chocolate syrup at you, grabbing your arm to make sure you couldn’t get away. “Ah! Clint!” You tried to fend him off by blindly squirting more whip cream at him.

Eventually, he stopped, so you did too. You stepped away from each other, looking at each other’s states of mess. He was covered with whip cream, you with chocolate, both with a bit of the other on you, and both a sticky, gross mess.

“I call first shower,” you stated instantly before heading to the bathroom. However, Clint put his whip cream-covered arm around your shoulder to walk with you.

“I have a better idea. Shower together,” he suggested.

“I like the way you think, Barton,” you stated, taking a bit of whip cream off his face with your finger and eating it.

Clint was getting the shower going as you took your clothes off. “Ugh, the syrup got everywhere,” you complained, realizing that the chocolate seeped under your clothes. “You got the better end of the deal here.”

Clint got into the shower first and you stepped in after him. You watched him rinse off the whip cream, which came off easily.

“Missed a spot,” you commented, leaning in to kiss Clint’s cheek where a spot of whip cream remained. “My turn to rinse off.”

Clint, however, smirked. “No it isn’t,” he said. “I want some chocolate first.” He took a tiny step towards you and pulled you into a kiss, before trailing kisses down your jaw to the side of your neck. Once he got to your neck, he licked off some of the chocolate, then started sucking.

You let out a contented sigh. “Was this your plan all along?” you asked.

“Since I grabbed the chocolate syrup,” Clint replied, not fully taking his mouth off your neck. He trailed his mouth lower, alternating between kissing and licking up the chocolate. “Mm, that stuff  did get pretty far.” You let out a gasp when his tongue made it to your nipple. You knew the chocolate hadn’t gotten that far. Though, before you could make a snappy comment, Clint gently nibbled, cutting you off with a small moan.

Clint stood back up straight. “There’s so much chocolate, maybe I should just let you wash it off yourself,” he commented.

You knew that look. Clint liked to play dumb, but he was a lot smarter than he looked. And he knew just how he was playing you. But two can play that game.

“Gladly,” you replied with a smirk of your own. You traded places with Clint, letting the water rinse the chocolate off your body. But you couldn’t just leave it at that. You ran your hands slowly over your skin to help the chocolate along, bending over to make sure your legs were clean, doing what you could to taunt Clint with your form.

“Fine, you win,” Clint stated, interrupting your show by pulling you into his muscled chest and giving you a kiss.

You felt his erection pushing into you, and wrapped a leg around him to pull him even more into you. Clint brought one hand down to guide his member into you, and you let out a soft moan.

“Well, really I win too, because who wouldn’t want shower sex?” Clint commented.

“Just shut up and fuck me,” you whispered before pulling Clint back into a kiss. He started moving carefully in and out, getting a feel for the area before picking up his speed.

Last House on the Left - {24}

{23} | Master List

Originally posted by fyeahthe8

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep. You ended up sleeping longer than intended, the week catching up to you more than you thought. You woke up and your body was sore and your head was pounding.

You went across the hall to grab some medicine out of the vanity and drug yourself to the kitchen for some water.

“Good morning sunshine!” Minghao said as you came into the kitchen.

“Hey.” You said blandly.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Feeling rough. Got a headache.” You said.

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Okay, guys, let’s talk. Infinity War is coming out next month and I am planning yet again on staying away from Tumblr as soon as the first people get to see it to stay away from any kinds of spoilers. This time I’ll be taking it even further too because I won’t be watching any more trailers and/or scenes which they publish before the movie. Like, I want to enter the cinema completely unbeknownst of what is going to happen. Now I have no idea when to start avoiding my dashboard (and my ask box in case some moron dares sending me spoilers) to be safe. Anyone else trying to stay away from spoilers too? & Any suggestions when we should start?

holbycityfanfics  asked:

Please can you write a berena fanfic where they help Dom after all of his abuse? X

[In this the accident still happened as in canon but Ellie was checked over by someone more senior than Jasmine so couldn’t wriggle out of any tests, meaning her symptoms were picked up sooner and she therefore survived.]

Bernie visits Dom while he’s on Keller, a patient on his own ward, has to swallow down guilt and bile when she sees him.  She realises she’s been so caught up in supporting Serena while Ellie is in rehab and Jason is recovering, in running their ward alone and leaving exhausted only to go home to be met with Serena’s fury at Edward’s knowledge of their daughter’s drug habit and grief at not having known anything was wrong, that she didn’t realise how bad things were with Isaac.  But Dom’s eyes plead with her not to pity him so she says nothing, just asks him what his plans are for when he’s discharged.

‘Zosia’s offered me their sofa,’ he says with a slight shrug.  ‘Not sure I really want to enter the love shack though.’

A nurse comes to do his obs then, so Bernie just smiles tightly and tells him she’ll drop by again soon and goes back down to AAU to finish her shift, unable to stop thinking about how she’s failed her friend.

She’s still thinking about him at the end of the day when she goes to Serena’s (she still thinks of it as Serena’s and not yet theirs, for all that she spends almost all her nights and days off there).

Serena is doing better now, with time and therapy, with both Jason and Ellie improving and Bernie still beside her.  She watches as Bernie’s hands twist and makes herself ask what the matter is, even though despite all Bernie’s assurances that she’s not going anywhere she still fears the answer.

‘It’s Dom,’ Bernie says quietly.  ‘I want to help him.’

Serena feels filled with relief, feels her heart melt a little.  ‘Ok,’ she smiles.  ‘How?’

‘Um, well,’ Bernie hesitates.

Serena moves closer, touches Bernie’s arm and looks at her steadily until Bernie glances up from behind her fringe.

‘Do you think,’ Bernie says carefully,’ do you think maybe he could come and stay for a bit, once he’s discharged?  If Jason agrees too, of course.’

They talk about it together while dinner cooks, talk about it with Jason once they’ve eaten.  And the next morning Bernie slips up to Keller again, and the next evening when she and Serena leave Dom walks between them to the car.

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“quiet minds” impressions

So. ::looks at post title:: Impressions, huh?

Let me sum it up, then:

You may know that I like to deflect strong emotions with humour, but I have bad news, because humour has left the building and you’re stuck with bitter ol’ me, and I still have no idea what to write. So, strap in, this is going to be bumpy.

Oh, before we get into anything: yes, I’ll keep watching. Are you kidding me. I am way too invested in these idiot characters to bail now. Though I am painfully disappointed, and I plan to express that under the cut. So, if you’re not the type who likes to read angry ramblings about the OUaT writing room, I suggest you don’t klick the link below.

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Another 2 hour screenshot study for practice, because I haven’t got anything else finished yet. Still very rough and sketchy because I wanted to work as quick as possible and didn’t want to focus too much on the details. I think I need a little more practise drawing backgrounds though…

If you do have any ideas for other movie screenshot studies that I should draw feel free to send me some links! I’ll gladly consider your suggestions!~ :)

Thanks for taking a look!~


Behold!! My galaxy nails!!!! ♥

Or are they more like nebulae?? 

Regardless…I love them! 

Years ago I stumbled across a pic tutorial on Pinterest on how to do these and since then they’ve become hands-down one of my favorite nail art designs to do. Like, at least once a year I get in the mood to make these and this time around might just be my favorite version yet of them :)

So if you want to make these, just go under the cut vvvvv 

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anonymous asked:

Why do you like dabi so much?

Well, I think it’s because of the mystery behind the character of Dabi and the underlying context clues that are right in front of our eyes that everyone misses. Such as, Dabi’s quirk is incredibly identical to Shouto Todoroki and Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor. You better believe Dabi is a Todoroki.

And what do we know about Dabi? 

★ Dabi’s real name isn’t Dabi. He’s going by that name to hide his identity from the league until the time to unfold his true name/identity is right. I’ll touch more on that later.

★ Dabi committed a few crimes before joining the league but it was nothing incredibly major to get him in trouble. 

★ Dabi’s quirk is cremation. It allows him to use blue flames similar to Endeavor’s, which happen to be incredibly hot and could easily kill. And do.

He’s a huge Hero Killer Stain fanboy. Dabi (like most of the league) follow Hero Killer Stain’s ideals. (Ridding the world of fake hero’s and changing society.) 

And what could we possibly know from Dabi that’s laying right in front of us? With a little help with a user on amino..note: Japanese kanji have 2 readings, kun’yomi and on’yomi. Horikoshi normally uses names that fit with the quirks of the characters. You can find these clues with reading the manga.  

燎 = burn, bonfire

  • kun’yomi: kagaribi
  • on’yomi: ryou
  • this kanji has variants, which are alternative ways of writing the same word, just think of them as different spellings I guess:
  • variant 1: かがり火 (kagari-bi) where the word is separated into adjective (kagari) and noun (bi meaning fire)
  • kagari happens to be read the same way as 縢り= ‘sewing up’ i.e. repairing an open seam
  • variant 2: 尞 (kagaribi, ryou) = also means ‘fuel used for sacrifices’

Other meanings:

  • to set fire to a field to chase out animals for hunting
  • to burn wood in worship of god in the sky (in order to calm god’s anger, or make a wish)
  • this kanji is actually used more often in names. 

Conclusion: his name might be Ryou / start with Ryou. 

So could Dabi’s real name be known all along? Idk probably? 

But this is why I like Dabi. His backstory is completely unknown for now and his character design in my opinion is pretty complex. 

Like, how do his scars cover his body/cut off? When he takes his shirt off, how would the scarring be underneath the clothing? A lot of people suggest the scarring cuts off above his pectorals and maybe others have different ideas too? 

And another good question, how did he get the scarring in the first place? Self infliction, another person with a fire quirk, accidental over usage- pushing himself too hard and just..overdoing it? 

Who knows right? Thanks for asking! 

Fictober18 #9 - “You shouldn’t have come here.”

This is today’s entry for fictober. I’m going to try to post a short story every day during October based on a quote provided by the organizer of Fictober18. All stories will be from Arrow based on the Olicity Fandom.  

Today’s quote is “You shouldn’t have come here.” A bit of a retelling of 5x17 where Felicity and Diggle come to save Oliver from being tortured by Adrian Chase. It’s angsty! Also available on AO3.

Oliver was slumped against the wall barely conscious due to blood loss. He felt his cheek being cupped, he just knew. “You shouldn’t have come here.”

“Of course, I came. Oliver, we may not be together anymore but I love you. I’ll always come for you. I just wish I could have come sooner.” Felicity looks him over, see hands are shackled with chains attached to the floor. She shuttlers. “Is there anywhere that doesn’t hurt?”

“Adrian will be back. Felicity, you have to go. I can’t let him hurt you!” Oliver tried to sound forceful as he held Felicity’s hand to his cheek. He just couldn’t let go of her touch quite yet.

Felicity kissed Oliver’s forehead wanting to offer whatever comfort she could. “Oliver, John is on his way. I was supposed to wait but…well, it was you.”

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sheloveskook  asked:

could you please mention your fave yoonjin fics?? any rating is fine (makeout scenes is very suggested tho teehee)

hi! sorry for taking too long to respond your ask. so here’s my current favorites of yoonjin fics (current, because i’m sure the list will be longer than this lol)

f.r.i.e.n.d.s by princeruu (okay can you imagine bangtan in a band? you gotta read this. and yoonjin’s relationship is so asjfdhkfsjfl i can’t explain it. i love this!)

CODE  another yoongi-in-a-band fic from princeruu!!!  it has 3 fics so far, i have no idea if the author will make more fic for this series. it’s about jin who works at a comic book store and then there’s yoongi, a guitarist of an indie rock band and I’M SO WEAK FOR YOONGI BEING IN A BAND ALRIGHT so please read this as well (hint: kookie, a high school kid who have a cute crush with seokjin!)

From One Stage to the Next by pinkhope (underground rapper! yoongi with not-so-innocent-boyfriend!seokjin?? fuck yeah)

love to be in trouble with you by dollyeo (this is so cute but frustrating because yoonjin is so sneaky here istg)

Unexpected Lenses by byulbinnie (who’s up for photographer!yoongi and model-and-actor!jin?)

crying over steamed milk by orphan_account (experienced in sex!yoongi with jin…… i don’t want to spoil it just read it yourself you won’t regret this i promise)

Faking It by starborn (okay so jin needs a boyfriend to go to his brother’s wedding and yoongi happens to be there to help? a fake boyfriends always drives me nuts i tell you)

Temporary Bliss by crazyrihab (cheating!au, this is good but i need more…. and longer :”>)

The Prince And His Aide by jinjjasyuga (royalty!au is my thing with prince yoongi and jin as his aide)

but talking about yoonjin royalty!au, @keemcandy also has an ongoing fic for it!

Ain’t No Prince Charming by keemcandy (prince!yoongi and prince!seokjin and also vmin as their royal servants!)

Fake Boyfriends Squad by keemcandy (a jin harem fic, a must read :))))

Odd Eye by @resonae (hetero chromia!seokjin, this is so sweet i feel like having cavities after :”>)




Sweet as Peaches by resonae (/HIGH PITCHED SCREAMING/ ABO AU WITH ALPHA!YOONGI AND OMEGA!JIN I FEEL DEAD WHEN I FINISHED THIS IT’S SO HOT BUT CUTE AND FLUFFY AT THE SAME TIME HOW COULD IT BE POSSIBLE - to res, thank you for making my dreams come true with this fic :””””>)

Four Years by serenemelodies (this is probably doesn’t have the makeout scene you wanted but this is too cute to be ignored. please read and cry with me)

challenge the call and you make my heart beat (faster) by onyu

(i think it’s safe if i call both of them masterpiece(s). ctc has 100k and ymmhbf has 120k words gdi and tbh both onyu’s yoonjin fics are such a roller coaster ride. i literally took days to finish them because i read it very slowly because the fEELLLSSS is so real and i just didn’t want it to end too soon.. seriously)

i think that’s all for now? enjoy! i hope you’ll get the makeout thingy you wanted XD

anonymous asked:

I have a question--as a brand new DM, I introduced my players into a city that I have planned as having a very corrupt political center, while the rest of the city appears largely normal. I'm hoping for them to over time start to putting together the puzzle as they go on other adventures, which is going well so far. My main problem though is that I have guards everywhere in the city, and patrolling outside the city, and I don't know how to use them to instill fear without tipping my hand? /1

/2 My players keep interacting with the guards as if they have the power in the interaction, which, narratively, they don’t, or just passing them by completely in the open. I’m at a loss how to enforce the idea that these guards are scary and fully in the pocket of a corrupt king when they don’t even know the king is corrupt yet and the guards have no reason to attack or imprison them for existing. Help??

Oh boy do I have some ideas for you! Just think of how corrupt cops/guards might act!

  • Have the players have to solve a crime (missing daughter, theft, etc.) and the guards are super unhelpful or get aggressive during questioning and they might get a hint there’s something being hidden. That’s a possible encounter waiting to happen.
  • Have the local news or rumor mill start openly talking about possible guard corruption. Players can overhear it in the bar if they don’t get the hint. Some taverns might be strictly guard while others are free of guards.
  • Maybe there’s some sort of shady drug/weapon “bust” where the guards take everything from the players or NPCs but don’t actually report it and just keep all the loot for themselves.
  • Basic bully behavior where they also are in a position of authority should give the players a good hint that they’re not friendly in any way.
  • What kind of corruption are we talking about here since my bf just finished the sopranos and I feel like you could look to the mob for ideas too?
  • Bf/DM also suggested watching The Wire (HBO) for corrupt cop ideas. Staging crimes, taking money for bribes, having their own drug problems, and way more I can’t think of right now. Either the players could see some weird bribe going on, or possible weapons trading, or whatever this city is really corrupt about, and BOOM, another possible encounter. 
  • The guards straight up ask the players to do something shady or corrupt. They ask the PCs to take out some people or steal some loot and the people who they are supposed to victimize are really cool. 
  • Are they racist against elves or some other group? The players could witness their brutality firsthand or watch the carnage from afar.
  • Read up on some real life corruption from the past or even watch the news, sadly, for more ideas. 

I think maybe you’re worried about timing, where in that you don’t want the players figuring out the boss immediately, but there’s the also the point you want them to figure it out. Some of the above could turn into a full out battle too soon I guess for you, but do you really want them to wander somewhere else and miss this total corrupt town (although, the next town could be equally corrupt). Sometimes you can explain the entire plot to the party and they still won’t necessarily get it. Are the players new too? Welcome to DMing it sounds like you’re off to a great start!! I’m sure some of my followers can add way more to this - feel free to add/reblog! 

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm a freshman at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. After taking some architecture classes over the summer I was told by a professor that I think far too much and need to look at things in a more abstract way. Do you have any tips to conquer these issues or have a different perspective? Thanks in advance!

That is a very good question, because it can mean different things. It will depend on the context of the feedback as abstract basically means existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea. 

It is not a simple thing to change, how to approach a design from a different point of view or perspective. Each of us approaches design in a specific way, so first you have to understand how you approach a design. If you start from an internal point and imagine you standing inside a room or you start by looking at a form from a mile out: try then the opposite approach. If you start with a shape and carve at it or you create a form in an additive way: try the opposite approach. If you want to resolve all the challenges of a problem before you start designing or you design before considering the problem: try the different approach.

Take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself and expand how you create.

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

Commissions, I suppose.

I like to buy stuff and you like sin. Seems like a fair exchange, if you ask me. 

Here, you will find a master post of every fic I’ve ever made, and the word count, from the very beginning to a couple days ago:


What I am willing to write:

-NSFW/Smut, of course

-SFW, if you insist

-Most things, really.

-Incest. Yes, I’ll write incest.


-OCs as long as they are yours or you received permission from the creator

What I am NOT willing to write:

-Beastiality outside of the mythical


-Furry anything. No yiffin way.

-Excessively Gorey. Maybe. Depends.

-Watersports/Scat. Ever.


-Novels. No. I’m not writing 3k or more.

Don’t let this discourage you. Do not be scared to present your ideas. If I have something unlisted on either approved or unapproved writing material, do not assume I will write it. Present your idea and we can discuss it.

Something Else:

If you want an excessively long fic such as a novella, chapters, story line, plot thing, one of two things will happen:

1. I will graciously decline for fear that I will grow disinterested and not complete your request.


2. I will take it, but ask your patience as something of that weight takes time.

Either way, before the commission begins, please state how long you want your fic to be. I will charge you an extra amount for lengthy work. Refer to my master post as a reference if you wish. 


Yes, I am willing to write for different fandoms. I write primarily for Mystic Messenger, but if I know the fandom or you can adequately assist me in defining the characters involved, then I will write for different fandoms. Yes, this includes games, anime, manga, comics, musicals, movies, cartoons or whatever else people are into.

Pricing and Payment:

Each and every fic will be $1.00 per 100 words. This means 1000 words is $10.00, 1500 is $15.00, 2000 is $20.00. The minimum I will write is 250 words. 


  • $1 for every 100 words
  • $5 flat rate

Ficlets (250-500 words) $3 - $5

I WILL NOT WRITE MORE THAN 2K PROBABLY. Whether you request a ficlet or a full-length fic, you will always pay the flat rate. No exceptions. 

In the beginning, I will ask for the flat rate upfront. Have this ready. You are not obligated to pay anything more than that until the end creation of your fic. You are allowed 1 revision whilst I am creating your fic. This means:

  • Adding or removing characters
  • changing the scenery
  • any alteration to the scenario or plot

These are not related to the midway consultation during the process of making your fic. If you make revisions, do not be surprised if your fic takes a little longer.

Pricing is non-negotiable.


  • Please have your pairing(s), word count, and money ready at the door or prepare for me to show you the way out of it.
  • If you give me an OC pairing, prepare for many questions as I want things to go perfectly.
  • As the fic progresses, I will occasionally ask your opinion. Do not be shy to tell me it’s garbage; you are paying, not me.
  • Remember to have fun and be creative!! I will try to make whatever it is you ask of me.
  • You may ask to not be tagged. You can be anonymous when I post the fic.
  • All commissioned works will be tagged #mysticcommissions


If at any point during the creation of the fic you decide you want to cancel, I will refund you half of what you’ve paid. Nothing more and nothing less. If you are dissatisfied with the fic, I will apologize and not mention a tip. I will not refund you.

If there are disagreements or discrepancies of any kind, I will refund your money as you have given to me and show you the door OR keep the $5 you have already paid, depending on the progression of the work.

There are currently 2 slots available. 

1. Closed

2. Closed

These are my very first commissions so there won’t be too many slots until I am more comfortable with the workload. If you are interested, send me a message to get started!! I’m excited to work with you!

I reserve the right to deny anyone my service should I deem necessary. I would advise not rushing any requests made. Writing, as with most creative works, takes time; respect the creator.

I will still write on this blog, but it will be completing past requests, random ideas I have, and commissions. You can submit asks and suggest I write something, but you have a better chance of me writing it if you get a commission.

I should be ashamed of myself… 

Not sure if this still counts as flabbergasted Ganondorf or just plain horrified Ganondorf. I have a bad habit of taking things too damn far.

Loved all your suggestions! Thanks so much for jumping in with your thoughts! I think I might do a few more of your ideas. Also, I came up with a headcanon you guys might like that I’ll be drawing out soon. :)

Type of girls EXO hates

Originally posted by 3ouncesofwhoopass

infinite-forever7 said: What kind of girl do exo hate?

This one took a lot of thinking. This (of course) won’t probably be that accurate, but I think that all of them would have at least one or two opinions that they share.

P.S. Also, I’m not entirely sure if they would actually hate anyone, for that matter.


  • conceited
  • stuck-up

He just seems like that kind of person that doesn’t really like people who tend to think they’re better than everyone else.

  • girls that put other people down

Since Xiumin went through some kind of ‘transformation’, regarding the physical image, I think that these kind of girls would be the ones he’ll dislike the most.

  • i don’t think he’s too fond of liars either

Tbh, who is?

(when I say liars, I don’t mean the ones that tell white lies to protect someone’s feelins; rather, those people that lie so they can benefit from it)


  • liars, definitely
  • gold-diggers

I don’t know if he ever encountered those kind of girls (maybe), but I seriously doubt he would be okay w/ girls dating him for money.


  • self-centered
  • liars (?)

Lay is extremely nice so, I don’t really think he’ll hate anyone, but everyone’s got a type that they don’t particularly like.


  • the extreme pessimists

Even though this is more in a dislike category, I didn’t know what to put so. Baekhyun is an optimist and a hyperactive puppy, so girls that think there’s no point in doing anything time-consuming, will most likely bring him down.


  • liars
  • the extreme pessimists

Same reasons as Baekhyun.


  • the extreme pessimists

Same reasons as Baekhyun and Chen.


  • the ones that take jokes too far

Kyungsoo doesn’t like (we all know) being teased or joked on. He has a sense of humor, he knows a good joke or a prank when he sees it, but if someone hurts another person on a more personal, emotional level, he won’t be happy.


  • rude girls (?)

I honestly have no idea. I mean, there is probably the type he dislikes, but I don’t know if he would hate anyone.


Same w/ Sehun. I can’t figure them out so, yup.

Feel free to write down suggestions.