i have missed you my darling

@princessinpink: My rock, my partner in crime (and business), my best friend, my true love, my fiance; it’s been a week and I already miss you so so so much. Shame you couldn’t have come with me, but I know you’re busy. Three weeks and I’ll be back home in your arms in London. Until then, save a chocolate milkshake for me darling. @jasonryandean 

another song about my love affair with the night. this is just the second verse. —late night lover ✨🌌

you leave me in the morning. i miss you i hope you’re missing me too. i crave you like i crave strawberry lemonade. you’ll be mine at the end of the day. setting fire to the cigarette on my mouth. oh darling, im falling, falling. you are my closest friend, you have always been. mm, late night lover.  ♡

“I write and write and write until I can’t anymore. Until all my words turns into echoes in the wind. Until I have no blood left to spill. I write until I can’t breathe anymore. When my tears stopped to fall and I lay awake until nightfall.
I write so I would still remember all the memories that you threw away. I write because I miss you and you are nowhere to be found. I write because I still love you and still hopelessly waiting for another chance.
You must be happy right now. I hope you are. Because all that ever mattered to me was your happiness. So darling I will write on, until I have the courage to move on.”

- Writing on and on….

I never could have imagined that I am capable of forgetting all of my feelings I had for you. You were deep within me, I carried you around locked in the charm around my neck - but I managed to let you go, to empty the charm without feeling like something was missing. I think I refilled it with nothing but love for myself. Thank you for all the good times, Darling, but the time to move on has come.

Hello, my darling followers! I have been missing in action for some time, I know. I’m sorry. Real life has been rather difficult lately.

I lost my job and only source of income some months back. Things have gotten extremely difficult as a result and I haven’t found a job, not for lack of desperate trying. I’d like to open myself for commission and try and make it through this rough time. For that I turn to you.

I’d like to set up a Patreon. Would anybody be interested? It would be for early release of fic and chapters (such as Pain-Bearer and Inside-Out), access to my original work, and other things like Q&As about my stories and writing. You could also commission stories from me.

What do you think?

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munday meme // accepting

an existing character you’ve played in the past that you miss?

            oh gosh, i have so many. namely my mary darling, sarah hawkins, and phryne fisher blogs. if i get my act together and get my multimuse up and running, all three of those characters will be there. 

greatest challenge to writing your character?

            she’s so different from me, i think and mary poppins is much wittier than i am. or at least, sometimes i feel that way. i’m always working really hard to make sure i’m capturing her voice / tone.

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So, two hamburgers and fries, and one milkshake with two straws because we're that couple. God, you're so beautiful, even with that little bit of whipped cream on the tip of your nose. Don't worry, I'll get it for you. Okay, I promise not to do something as cheesy as that again. My lips will stay far away from your nose. FUCK… brain freeze. I'll never get used to that. So how have you been doll? What did I miss whilst away? - Buck

Of course we’re that couple! We’re the same couple who asks for one spoon when we order dessert- no matter what it is- but who will order more than one dessert at a time. Nothing’s as sweet as you though, pumpkin. Now I feel self-conscious, even though you think whipped cream on my nose is cute. You softie. Darling, I love it when you’re romantic and cheesy, I promise. God, we could spend hours in this diner. I’m pretty sure they know us by our first names now. I’m OK, Doll. I’m a little tired. I’m glad you’re taking me out, even if it’s just for burgers. My stomach’s been growling for a while. 


the fab @banshee-cheekbones tagged me in the 10 phone photos as your aesthetic, and i had to do nine for layout purposes X)

& i’m tagging if you haven’t played/want to: @bimylene, @jacessimon, @claryisgay, @softjace, & @solvola

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I MISSED SWEET ANA-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY OMG. MY DARLING, I HOPE YOU HAD A FANTASTIC DAY. I also want you to have a wonderful year and continue to smile :D You're a gift to us all! CHEERS, LOVE!

OMG IT’S TOTALLY FINE RHIAN BBY!!! IT’s no problem at all, no worries heheh :D *hugs you* You remembered still, it made me very happy!! heheh *smooches you* I really had hehe :D It was so much fun hehe thankies!! AWWW! Thank you Rhian!! ; U ; I wish you the same darling!! ALL THE BEST FOR YA HON! ILY!! ❤

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i died this week and i didn't even have internet for the whole week and finally had for like two days and wanna say i still think of you my darling and i hope you still think of me too huhu, ily. flower anon

flower anon!!! i missed you!!! of course i think about you, you mean so much to me ;; i was starting to worry about you…i’m glad you message me!

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I miss writing with you. I've thought about trying to talk to you, to make conversation and such, but the handful of times I've let myself I felt as if I'd nothing useful to say to you or nothing that truly added to the conversation. :/

[ Darling, darling, dear. Who ever you are. I’m going to place this here. ♥ - See that, that is a heart. That is love. I adore all who I have rped with, who I currently rp with, and who will be in my future writing. I don’t hold grudges, not often. I’m open to so much more than people understand. Don’t be afraid to come to me. I’m always looking for more contacts, even if I’m slow or seem inactive. I try! ]

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It’s late and I’m here. Thinking about you, about us. I really miss you… I feel incomplete when you’re not here. Deep inside of me I always find you, but that’s different, you’re still far away. With you my love, I feel like I am someone beautiful and capable because that’s what you declare you see in me. Your voice can make all the bad things disappear. There’s nothing else in my mind when I have you close to me. Time seems to stop, my thoughts centered only in that perfection I perceive in you my darling. Come home, come and rest in my arms while I play with your hair and sing you to sleep. Let me show you that my love is powerful and unending. Give me the permission to take care of all that you are. You will never have to feel alone or unimportant. No matter what, just know, that I love you infinitely.

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Me again! Thank you for the list! I'd hate to ask but can you link me to the virgin bedchambers? The one with Claire as the virgin? I either missed it in the other link or may not have been there? I'll be busy reading so I won't bother you anymore after this lol

Hello darling anon! Of course I can get you the Virgin Bedchamber! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I was out doing things with some friends and just got home. I recently was informed of some issues with my links, so hopefully the master list is updated and with correct links. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Happy Birthday Mr. Fitzgerald

“ – Scott, darling, I miss you so much. Today’s your birthday and you’ve not even home to enjoy my homemade cake. Devil’s food, as you like it.” 

“And I miss you even more, my dearest Zelda. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it back to New York to have your special cake – you see, the business here I’m handling in Japan has me extremely tied up.” 

“You’ve been in Yokohama for an awfully long time … is everything alright?” 

“Why, of course! Why wouldn’t it be? You know I always get my way in the end, it just happens to be taking bit longer this time. But I’m fine. Everything is fine. Don’t you worry,  sweetheart.” 

“That daughter of ours – she’s called you to wish you a happy birthday as well, right? She must be having so much fun studying in London, that beautiful, little fool. I just hope she hasn’t forgotten her poor, lonely parents. We should visit her. As soon as you come back. I would like that very much. I’m beginning to feel rather trapped in New York. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Let’s stay in London throughout Christmas and New Year’s. Let’s make it a plan.” 

“ … Our daughter. Yes, of course, I’ve received a call from her. She was in very high spirits. Happy. I could hear her smiling. She said she – misses us very much too. She would delighted by visit. I’ll set the plans in motion. We’ll go to London and we can even make an extended vacation of the trip – to Paris, Rome and all of those other grand, romantic European cities.” 

“Are you sure you’re alright Scott? You sounded a little … choked up just now. Are you coming down with a cold?”

“That must have been the phone service muffling me up. Undependable this damn island country is, you know. I’m as healthy as a horse.” 

“Mmm. Even so, you’ll bring me back souvenirs, won’t you darling? I would love an authentic silk kimono. Perhaps some of their anti-aging beauty products too.” 

“I would bring you back the entire island if you asked me to Zelda – and nonsense, you don’t need any products. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world and you always will be. Nothing else can ever compare.” 

“Oh Scott, you do spoil me. I love you. I truly do.” 

“And I love you even more, Zelda. More than you can ever know.” 

“Before I let you go, I’d like to give you your temporary birthday gift. Do you remember when Marylin Monroe sang for the president? I’ll sing for you too, just like that. Bear with me now, won’t you?

… Happy birthday, Mr. Fitzgerald, happy birthday to you … 

( And so, he’d burn down the world if he had to, for the book. 

For Zelda. 

And for their “beautiful, little fool.” )