i have missed you my darling

Generation 1.0 | Eloise

My name is Eloise Tackett, and I am a vampire.

I live at Fledermaus Bend in Forgotten Hollow with my daughter and my sanguine. The house is small, but we make it livable. The first floor is our entertaining and living area, while the second holds Aurora and Aticus’s bedrooms, as well as my “bedroom,” whose bed I rarely use nowadays. My home has a basement, but it is reserved for my actual bedroom.

This is Aurora, my darling daughter. Before you ask, yes, she is also a vampire. Luckily her powers have not shown up yet and she is able to be out with the sun, which is important for her schooling. I wish I could keep her home and allow her to sleep the day away, but it simply wouldn’t do to have her miss an education. (I am still trying to get into contact with the League about creating an all-Kindred school, but my requests always seem to go unanswered.)

Someone who always answers my requests, though, would be Aticus, my sanguine. He cares for Aurora, cleans the house, waters the outside garden, turns away unwanted visitors during the day, and ensures that I am always fed. He is quite faithful…then again, I was sure to make him that way when I brought him into my home. After all, why allow memories of the past get in the way of the present?

Things haven’t always been this way - but I suppose that’s what life does. It changes. It destroys the path you were going to take and forces you onto a new one. The things we do, the people we meet… It all affects how our future will unfold.

Author’s Note: Finally got the first part started! Just a quick introduction of the family. I have some plot thought out, so I’ll be posting as I can when I get free time from homework and am able to play for more than a half-hour at a time, haha. I may try out a few different styles and lengths for posts, but I just wanted to get this out before I decided to stop the legacy before it even started! Anywho, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy! <3

Alive ✨

don’t forget how we first said hello,
in a room filled with dancing shadows

how we exchanged the unknowns from each other,
upon meeting a newly found stranger

how we secretly wished this moment won’t end,
hoping our bond never twist nor bend

how much our eyes smiled before parting ways,
because we know we still have lots of every day.

how you said that night wouldn’t be the last, but darling you left me just as fast.

but I hope you’ll never forget how I wanted you back in my life. how badly i missed being alive.

i could fall in love with you
let the oxytocin crawl through my body
to wrench this soul that does not know where it belongs
to fill every inch and cell of mine with warmness that it has been missing for so long

i could let you hold my hand
let my fingers run through your golden hair
let you sleep on my shoulder or lap
as i try to lessen this gap
as i find contentment in your humming breath

i could show you the skeletons i have been hiding in my closet
let you gaze my soul
at the depths of its roots
let you peek in the ocean of my thoughts
in it to get lost

but darling are you sure you really want this too

beacause these hands I could let you hold
they shake, they tremble

because these skeletons I would show you
are so rotten
and you might get sick
of how they reek of losses

I miss you

It really sucks ya know?
Regretting everything you didn’t do. For two weeks, there hasn’t been a minute you’ve not been on my mind. You were my best friend. Now you’re gone. I had to make myself take a week off work, so I could cope and try to be okay. You may have been my step grandpa..but that’s not how I saw you, I saw you has a humble man. Someone who loved life unconditionally and didn’t take no for an answer. You were and are grandpa..there’s no “step” about it. You always got what you wanted and it was great. Those conversations we had are moments I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, because I told you things I haven’t told anyone else. The way you loved grandma, makes me believe that there’s someone out there for everyone. You’re my anchor, you’re my rock. I know you’re up there watching over me. I can feel it. At your funeral, I was saying goodbye to grandma, I told her I loved her and her response was something along the lines of “I love you more than you know, and so did he. He loved you so very much. We’re going to make it through this and it’s going to be hard, but we’ve got each other. Please come see me soon. I love you” this filled my heart and broke it at the same time. I have so much love for the both of you. More than you’ll ever know. I miss you so much

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Hey Miss Fangs it's me again :D can I be an annoying butt and ask if you're doing a takeover at some point soon (they are so fun) also do you have any Klaus coming? <3 you're my fav To/ TVD writer in case you didn't know :P

My darling Miss Bonniebird, you are, nor will you ever be a bother!

As for the takeover, yes I do want to do one at some point, and I will definitely do one in August for the Blog Anniversary, but if you and the others want I could ask one(or more) of our lovely characters if they have a few minutes to share.
Now for my favorite murdering hybrid, I currently do not have any Klaus in my drafts, however, there are a few request left to do, so we´ll see ;)
Also, thank you so so much! I am beyond flattered that I am someone´s, let alone your favorite tvd/to writer. I am always so surprised if someone says that because I don´t understand why :D 

Anyway, thank you, love, and I hope you have a wonderful night! <3

Darling, I wake up every morning searching for the warmth of your body next to mine. Instead, I have to settle for words- hoping you can feel how heavy the weight of your absence weighs on my chest. I can’t explain it, but my soul aches to be with yours. I crave you so deeply my insides hurt, you are the flame setting fire to my insides. I hope that never goes away.

Girl, you’re my angel, you’re my darlin angel Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
Shorty, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel
Girl, you’re my friend when I’m in need, lady
Sometimes ya just gotta go w shaggy🤷🏻‍♀️
I love and appreciate you a lot. I never imagined how close we’d actually become but I’m glad we did. I can’t remember what it was like before i sent you weird posts on here, being in constant communication w you, & eating all the osaka & noodles. I’m gonna miss you a crap ton next year. But you’re gonna do great and be bffs w your cluster and have a fantastic time there. Ik it’ll be different and a lil nerve wracking at first, but you’re gonna love it there & that’s all i could want for ya. I for sure could not have done this year without you though. Thank you so much for bein you.

A Passenger in My Womb

It’s not that I have missed the train,

The train never passed this station;

It’s barren, gloomy, broken down.

But, darling, you are a wandering passenger,

Lonely, lost, loathing the laughing lust

That dwells in your body.

I have no idea how you tracked me.

There is no map, no guidance to me.

I cannot do a single thing.

Once again, I’m broken down, I don’t function well.

Choose what suits your journey.

You can take a ride with me,

Or, if you prefer, you can desert me.

Be careful to choose before it’s too late.

It’s not that someone might fix me up,

Perhaps I might shut down entirely.

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(Maladaptive daydreaming anon) I'm 17 yikes

No, boo, no yikes. I was just asking, because I went through the same thing for a very, very long time and it had a very bad effect on my personal relationships, my happiness and my academic life. You’re young, my darling, and if the daydreaming is negatively effecting you, maybe you need to create some space between you and BTS for just a little bit. Just enough to maybe make a little room for other things. Try going out with family or friends even just once a week, or like I said, trying out little hobbies here and there, and seeing if anything tickles your fancy. There’s nothing wrong with having fantasies, but they shouldn’t come between you and real life, boo. Take it from me, you don’t wanna miss out on the good things around you. <3

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I wish to ask if it is normal for fallen to often experience flashbacks of our fall? and even when they are over i still feel the pain like my flesh had been stripped raw and charcoaled. Is this normal?

Yes. Yes, it’s normal. Fuck, I can’t begin to explain how much it hurts and how much I wish I could take my siblings’ pain from falling because none of you deserve that. It’s agony, and I wish we didn’t have to remember. I wish we didn’t have to feel even a fraction of that pain anymore.

I wake up in a cold sweat, trying not to scream, because I can still feel myself decaying and crumbling. I can still feel my missing limbs–my missing wings. I can still feel the pain from the fall.

It’s normal, but I wish it wasn’t. I’m so sorry, my darling. I wish I could take your pain away.

What to do with life… I already had several break downs today involving my future, I dun goofed… badly…

I wish you were here darling, I miss you, I want to forget about the world while being held in your warm embrace.

Hey everyone it’s me Miss Nikki Baby from VH1′s Love and Hip Hop LA and here to spill some tea from last night’s third episode of This is Real 92.3. So if you weren’t tuned into the third episode “STRIP OR NOT TO STRIP” You shockingly missed a lot, but I’ll catch you up darlings. I have my singles ready let’s begin. 

  • After Alani dropping a huge bomb and leaving the station in shambles. Sin and Domogainz are left to pick up the pieces in what seems to be a huge scandal. With the station now in shambles, some of the cast members have taken a few days off to catch their breaths, before potential going under with lawsuits and interview withdrawals. 
  • During Paloma’s day off, she agrees to head out with her ex-boo Saint-Ave to accompany him to a photo shoot after the two of them ran into each other at the club last night. During the car ride, things seemed to be heated and we slowly started to see a side of Saint we haven’t seen quite yet. Upon their arrival at the photo shoot location, Its seems they got into but we couldn’t recover much from that scene due to editing. But towards the end of this scene, we did see Paloma vow to protect Saint as much has she could from the press.
  • These two can’t seem to get along after their personal relationship became about business. The business relationship went sour after Ailani failed to get Saint into the club the first episode, and after that everything, it all just seemed to go downhill. But things escalated even more after Saint and Ailani meet in her office after Ailani’s live stream. Can the two re-build their friend? Stay tuned to find out.
  • Singer Amira decided to stay out the drama and do something, no one else on the show as yet to accomplish. Complete her album and actually be about the music, we’re proud of her we know her album release party is going to be LIT.
  • It seems like the cast favorite couple might not be what they try to make themselves appear to be. Let’s start off with Nasir first arriving at the club, He and Paloma seem to get into after she came at him for taking a bottle of Henny from the bar and drinking from it. With Paloma claiming not to know who he is and Nasir accusing her of playing dumb, the conversation kept going left. The conversation ended with Paloma telling the rapper to send her a few tracks and they went their separate ways. The camera then follows Nasir over to Ailani section and after their hello’s Nasir begins to rant to Lani about Paloma’s behavior joking around saying he wanted to throw her. Sin and Nasir have seemed to have a lover spat when Sin was next seen at club elite popping her pussy for some singles, after disappearing for the day. After seeing the mother of his child on the pole, Nasir got and ran up on the stage in a total rage and began to yell at Sin and the episode ends with the club’s security giving Nasir an option to either get off stage or to be kicked out the club.

That’s it for the episode 3 recap, see you next time !! If we missed anything please feel free to send in scenes we might have missed. 

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Racquel!!!!! Happy birthday, darling!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day, and that this year is amazing for you. <3 P.S. I miss my partner in crime! P.P.S. I may or may not be working on a little something for you (the backstory on it will probably be more impressive than the actual thing tbh), but it might not be posted until tomorrow because of my darn sleep schedule. ;)

Devin, my dearest partner in crime, thank you SO (so so so so and so on) much, you are too kind and I appreciate it very much!! 

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" things don't change, we change. "


Gaze is soft upon the Elvenking, and Alice nods softly; golden waves swaying ever so with the motion.       ‘  I agree with you.  ‘  -She says, although eyes return to him once again, a sort of playful light to their reflection, and a smile curls up just at the edges of her lips.

          ‘  ALTHOUGH, — I think things can change from time to time.  I assume it isn’t custom for you to take strangers into your kingdom so kindly, my lord.  ‘


Red faced and tired
Wondering begging
You Can’t see
Incomprehensible beauty and scent
I know you’ve smelled it too
Thick sex scents and waves
Pleasure dark neon sensation

You remember when I briefly loved you as do I
I almost had forgotten frankly.
Apegie darling
We miss the tension know it had.
Lost nothing but life reminds us
We are a thing still
You are need favor
When you beg and give return
I almost let my guard all down
I almost tear my heart out and crush
Don’t give me those eyes don’t give me that face
Don’t make me feel like you do care
Im in something I care too much
“Can I have a ride”
Always Apegie
Youll always have a place my car

Baby Love

I thought if you today Kareena. You crept in when my soft insides become mud and slowly spilled from my being into and abyss of some feeling I can’t seem to identify. You’re so little and how I have missed your feet and the smell of Shea butter in your hair. The smell of Shea butter in your hair has become the strand of peace as I toss in this storm of delirium and ulterior unawareness. And it pains me to be away from you. And yet it is not you that I want… And yet I must abide in all of these which consume my mind and captivates my senses. Leaving me with none but the knowledge that I should want to be with you. And help you grow. And wipe every worry from your darling brow. And be there for you as the Smell of Shea butter in your hair has done for me this day. That our blood mixes in the same way and the best parts of me made you. But couldn’t give way to the waterfall my sullenness you eventually dammed. And with you and for you, I want naught but peace. For you are a child of the universe and deserve no less than your share of this blissful agony. I end with a fond recollection of this day when you were but a few months old. And will begin from when your age intertwines with the trees and your eyes and bones and hair feed the earth. But that I could save you from whence the the waters even drag me forcefully. I must go now. And in your sweet innocent mind to which both love and pain are still blind, I just wanted you to know, my thoughts on this day were of you.


|Helena says as she Happily walks to the kitchen|

Helena-“Good morning Fam!”

Kaitlyn-“Well you’re in a good mood all of the sudden! What’s going on?”

Helena-“I don’t know, I’m just feeling good today, I’ve finally gotten somewhere with my Dance routine for the contest if that explains a bit”

Kaitlyn-“Well I’m glad you’re happy sweetie. Want some breakfast before you go?”

Helena-“No thanks I need to leave like right now if I don’t want to miss that test, Plus Artemis says she “Invented” a new breakfast dish and is making my friends and I try it today. See ya later!“

Kaitlyn-"Alright Have a good day darling”

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Do you have any juicy gossip for us tonight, qq? We miss seeing you every night!

Don’t make me get all teary-eyed, oh my god… I missed you all too. But if you want gossip then you need to start supplying me stuff, then, darling! I can’t always run on my lonesome, sometimes I need you guys to get this rumor mill going too!

Anyways, the only juicy bits I have for you right now is Komaeda Nagito’s current car accident located in the Diamond District! It’s like, 4th of July in America up there! I heard a few people are on their way to the hospital right now, someone told me that Gaara Suno was flying out of his apartment when he heard the news! I hope he locked his door…

But while we’re here, let’s play a game, okay? What do you think caused our favorite Idol’s car crash?

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How about a Diego fluff letter c:

it’s about fucking time i did a diego.

this is a dino boy lives au alright don’t get angsty on me

also i haven’t actually read Steel Ball Run but i’m assuming that they can like, check in at an inn for a night or something i mean that kind of makes sense

this is also an au where diego wins everything because i said fuck it 

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