i have missed you my darling

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awww that is super sweet! you seem so nice and this place is so welcoming i might cry. but a question though, are there any blogs that i need to follow? like any top blogs at all? i have no idea who to follow to be honest xP

oh goodness that’s a very good question darling !! i wasn’t exactly sure how
to answer this, i was going to do it privately— but then thought maybe publicly
other people could chime in when i miss people ??
                             bc i will my memory is terrible om g.
original trilogy blogs: willnotfight & wontfailyou & xlastofthejedi & innerstella
& toshootfirst & thechosenxne
prequel trilogy blogs: paxjinn & ofnegotiations & legendsinthegalaxy
obiwanxkenobi & republici & amiiidala & nabxrrie & khagaan & mxsteryoda
rebels blogs: leadrebel & lothrat & explosiiveartist
various others: astrxdroid & liketemperedsteel & fineknight & aheroonce
& darkestkniight & proeliia & rxlek & inpatientia & scxvanger & emotiviism
& objectiviism

I get so nervous when I hear a knock at the door, thinking it could be you knocking, I get so bubbly thinking the next stranger to hop on the bus could be you. Each time I leave my house there is this excitement within me thinking that I just might have the slightest chance of seeing you. I just miss you I can’t help but look for you everywhere I go, even though I know you won’t be there. I’m tired of this town, I’m tired of wearing this frown, I’m tired of everything crashing down, I need to be with you now.
—  Nari, why can’t we just live in the same city, I know we will very soon but darling missing you this much hurts.

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( ✉ ` battie ) you could have just this once YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT WOULD BE THE ONLY REASON I'D EVER MISS THE CEREMONY AND /SMILE/ ABOUT IT ( ✉ ` battie ) dad charles would have cried otherwise :c i would have been sad ( ✉ ` battie ) ... i know what you said but it took forever okay i thought i wasn't going to make it ( ✉ ` battie ) ok look ( ✉ ` battie ) how many people looked at you funny after you recorded that voice message lmao


[ sms; cap’n ☆ ] DAD IS GONNA BE SO HAPPY


[ sms; cap’n ☆ ] i don’t care honestly i fell to my knees and recorded this

[ sms; cap’n ☆ ] nO SHAM E FOR U thIS IS ALL FOR U 

A Love Letter, to My Darling Friend

Darling, please know that you were always one of my best. No matter the space between us, or that we have grown distant. The fact that our lives, no matter how similar, are worlds apart. It’s killing me to see you like this. Darling, You brought a new kind of light to my life, a whole new world. I can live with your memory, but I’d rather live with you. You aren’t just my friend. You are my family. I’m in to deep to let go. I see your mistakes but, Darling, I can see a world of good inside of you.

-Your Darling Friend.

getcozywithtposey replied to your photosetNot the best-quality of selfies, but this is me…

Anna you’re so gorgeous!! ❤️❤️❤️

Why, thank you, Miss Krishnee-Who-Could-Be-a-Model! :D

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So pretty!!

Thank you, darling. ^^

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You're so dang precious to me, Jess. I know we live so very far apart and we never get to see each other, but y'know what? I feel like I could wander into the next room, flop on your bed and watch Merlin with you... or hear lovely Hindi songs drifting from your door. It's like that wild summer we had together was just yesterday, and yet here we are in our third summer away from each other... well, it's not summer YET, but you get the idea. You're a precious gift.

You are one of my dearest and darling eat friends! I miss you so much! I miss watching shitty movies and tv in my bunk bed cave. I miss midnight pancakes and Taco Bell runs. I miss you just wandering into my room while I do shit. I miss seeing you everyday and talking with you about life. You are such a bright light in my life. You have helped turn me into the woman I am today and I must thank you for everything you have done!

I think that my love for movies truly began after seeing Inception. 
Inception is a movie that touches a part inside of you that does not seem quiet real, but still manages to feel authentic. It is courageous, daring, emotional and above all brilliantly complicated. I still to this day remember being seated in the theatre with my eyes glued to the screen and thinking how can a person think of such a story and execute with such talent. If you have not yet seen Inception, you are missing out. 

“ You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

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Hey loves, so I'm gonna have to leave my characters cause getting my wifi fixed is turning out to be a big ball of crap. So apologies to anyone I have plots with, you're all wonderful but I can't be dealing with rp right now. Please unfollow, Dylan, Jake/Mer and Morrigan.

Nawww, we will miss you darling! Come back as soon as you are able <3 

Please don’t take this out on me 
Cause you’re the only thing that’s keeping me alive
And I don’t want to wait for the doves at day cause
I would rather end it all tonight
And if I mean anything to you 
I’m sorry but I’ve made up my mind🔫
Maybe we’re just having too much fun
maybe you can’t handle yourself 
staring at me with your lips and tongue
I’ve been having this dream that we can fly
So darling close your eyes
Cause you’re about to miss everything💔

Love this damn song<3

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honey, I miss you. Where are you?

Hey darling! Haha, I didn’t go anywhere. I just don’t post the training pictures because I don’t want to double post, like have more than one account post the same thing. So I just reblog. But I do have things in my queue like edits and such because I may or may not have time to post things. But I am on tumblr for sure everyday but fully on on friday, saturday and sunday to chat. 

Love you and thanks darling! xx

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Oooh, you are rating? Can I have a blog rate too? ^^;;

Of course, darling ^_^ Also, what did you mean with “nu” when you answered my band blog post? Did you mean “No, I won’t check out your blog” or am I completely missing something here?

URL: Blegh | Okay | Good | Great | Fantastic | Hella | Worthy of Lucifer himself

Theme: Blegh | Okay | Good | Great | Fantastic | Hella | Worthy of Lucifer himself

Icon: Blegh | Okay | Good | Great | Fantastic | Hella | Worthy of Lucifer himself

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Background: Blegh | Okay | Good | Great | Fantastic | Hella | Worthy of Lucifer himself

Overall: Blegh | Okay | Good | Great | Fantastic | Hella | Worthy of Lucifer himself

Compliments: I’m in love with your description. It’s beautiful ^_^ Also, your face is cute and I like your icon?? 

Suggestions: Maybe go for a slightly less minimalistic theme. The cleanliness is good, but it’s too simple for really good aesthetic.

Its been two month without my baby. God, I miss your handsome face. I think about you daily my love, and I hope you’re proud of where I am now and how much stronger I have become since you left us. It hurts every day. It hurts so fucking much not being able to tell you how much I love you. But I’ve realized you know that I do. And you’re not mad anymore. And you’re safe from everything that has and could ever hurt you. I wish I was still able to keep you safe from it. I love you so fucking much darling.


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((aaaaahhh im sorry)) Undertaker couldn't breathe for a minute. 'She's here, she's home, it's her, it is.' It had been so long. "You're as beautiful as the day I lost you," he managed to finally croak, drawing Grell into a hug. 'My cinnamon lover... I have you back, you're safe, my darling...' He held her tight, not wanting to let go, for fear of losing her again. ((*cries in a corner* IM SO CRUEL AAAHHH *hides from UT because he's pissed and sad now* on another note, yay our 6th thread y? n?))


My muse went missing 10+ years ago, and is presumed dead by everyone they used to know. Send ‘You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.’ for my muses reaction to yours saying that when they come to tell them they’re alive.

Grell barely reacted when the Undertaker hugged her. “Yes,” she said, voice quiet, almost mechanical, “I suppose it has been a while, hasn’t it? What did I miss while I was away?” 

She had gone missing over ten years ago, at a time when the reapers and the demons were at war. The shinigami had won, of course, but not without some sacrifices, for many lives were lost. Ronald, William, Eric, and Alan had all survived and made it home, but Grell had disappeared and was presumed dead - yet now, here she was.

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i hope you have a better day tomorrow my darling. make sure you take care of yourself, and just remember your gorgeous and I love you xx

I must have missed this the day I was down but thank you so much lovely! You were one of the reasons I made it through that night and I am forever grateful. If you ever want to come off anon I would love to talk to you 

xx -lydia

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I am so sorry darling that I had to unfollow you. I genuinely love your posts and your insight. But I have not read the books and I am trying to keep the series as unspoiled as possible. I am genuine in saying you are lovely and I will miss you.

Um okay. I mean Iiterally tagged them all
spoilers but alrighty. I’m sorry to see you go?

Edit: I’ve been informed blacklists don’t work anymore so that’s my bad. I’m sorry. But I’m also not going to stop liveblogging because that’s what I do but I am sorry if I’ve spoiled anything for you. That’s never my intention and I try to make sure there are warnings.

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Well hello there, darlings~! Have you missed me?” 

A giggle escaped from behind pointed teeth. Always with the grand entrances, this one. The moonlight shone behind the figure, who bore a ferocious looking chainsaw in one hand. 

That’s right, lovelies! The beautiful Grim Reaper, Grell Sutcliff has come to paint the town in startling red!