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blonde roast [yumikuri & eruri]

21.“You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.” 

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This wasn’t really where I saw this going… At all. Equal parts yumikuri and eruri, accidentally. Coffeeshop cliché. I hope you like this one Kitty. I call her Krista in this… They’re college age. Levi is late-twenties. Erwin is a lot less old than Ymir says. Poor babe.

[~2.4k of Levi & Ymir somehow being friends, awkward flirting, coffeeshop au]

It was five o’clock.  

Ymir knew it was five o’clock because Levi always got antsy.  He wiped the espresso machine down twice, refilled the grinders, and then cleaned off each of the tables with mechanic, jerky swipes.  He did this every day, like a tiny angry wind-up toy, and had since she started three weeks ago.

“What, you think he’s gonna stick around today?” Ymir watched Levi out of the corner of her eye while she made a latte.

Levi didn’t answer, just ducked his head very slightly and wiped down the register.  Ymir wondered if he knew the tips of his ears flushed pink.  She shrugged and put the latte on the end of the bar.

“Y’know,” she said, leaning on the bar next to Levi not particularly caring if the customer got their drink.  “If you smiled at the guy, you’d probably have his number already.  Amongst other things.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Levi grumbled, glancing at the door, and then turning to find something else to wipe down.

“I’m talking about his dick,” Ymir said.  It was enormously satisfying to watch Levi sputter.  “Although, do you know how to smile?”

Levi whirled on her wielding the dishrag and his snarl like weapons at the same time the front door jingled.  His eyes widened.  

A rush of sympathetic adrenalin fizzled in Ymir’s stomach.  “Go get him, shorty,” she bent down to mutter in Levi’s ear, clapping him on the shoulder and taking the rag.

“Shut the fuck up,” he snarled under his breath.  He gripped the countertop too tight as he braced himself.

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Ymir and Historia

Their relationship is a puzzle I need to solve. Why did 12 year old Ymir, hiding in a church decide to seek Historia out? What did she want? Did the story of the bastard princess elicit sympathy in Ymir? I doubt it. It wasn’t love, it wasn’t pity. Ymir was bent on living for herself at the time.  All Ymir would admit is that it was because they are similar. 

Whatever the initial reason, it clearly developed into something more. I mean, Ymir threw herself off a tower and into a hoard of titans in an attempt to protect Historia. More importantly, Ymir gifted Historia with a future by showing Historia how to live for herself. Without Ymir’s strong words, Historia would surely be the First King incarnate by now.

(And let me toss this out - why was Historia so accepting and unfazed by Ymir in her grotesque titan form? Did her Reiss blood come into play? Did she subconsciously recognize Titan Ymir from her childhood storybook?)

While the relationship has been presented to me without the details I need to find it truly believable, I still find is fascinating. I’m certain answers will come when the Queen of the Walls and the Queen of the Titans are finally reunited.

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