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secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

well, that’s fine, i suppose, but can’t you see how much easier it is to put theirs on first? i can see what i’m doing when i reach for the person next to me and put their mask on for them. i can see where it’s all supposed to go, how to hook the bands around their ears and hold the yellow plastic shell over their mouth until they start to breathe. i can see how to help them.

i put on one person’s mask. i help one person. maybe i save their life. then i turn to the person across the aisle and slip their mask on, too. i can’t breathe, now; the plane is shaking around me and people are screaming; somewhere, a baby crying, someone’s tiny dog barking from under a seat. i stand up and stumble down the aisle, following the glowing emergency strips on the floor, putting on mask after mask, barely even looking at the people behind them anymore.

i collapse into an empty seat when my vision turns into a collage of multicolored spots. a mask dangles in front of me, or maybe not. is it there?

i reach for it, my clumsy fingers skating over the plastic and fumbling with the ties. the person beside me sits quietly, their mask on, their eyes forward. someone has put their mask on. maybe it was someone else. maybe they did it themselves. i find myself wishing they hadn’t, wishing i could do it for them, because maybe if i saved them, they would save me back.

if i help enough people, surely someone will help me.

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runaan’s goodbye to rayla is “if we’re not back by sunrise, go home” and then later they fight so

harrow’s goodbye to callum is “this isn’t easy. so the most important things I’ve written down. take care of your brother.”

viren’s goodbye to claudia is literally just “goodbye claudia”

viren’s goodbye to soren is “I’m prepared to do anything to protect the king, I hope you will understand.”

ezran doesn’t even get a goodbye from harrow

why can no one on this show get an actual, decent, closure-level-worthy goodbye

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whats your pet peeve? because honestly at this point I ignore a lot of canon stuff

Well since you’re asking… It’s half-tieflings. I think I’ve talked about it before but it’s a while ago. I interpret tieflings as a human (or possibly other humanoid mortal) who carries some fiendish essence and exhibits some fiendish traits as a result of that. Which means that anything that could be considered a half-tiefling fills the criteria for being a “full” tiefling. Also tiefling and non-tiefling parents make tiefling children. Therefore I don’t see half-tieflings as being a thing at all or making any sense.

a week ago a woman who was some shifting combination on and off friend, girl enemy, mutual obsession, study partner and competitor, mutual blaming source of queerness resulting in our mothers not letting us see each other, prom fuck, drinking buddy and wingman, mutual skin to shed, source of many hours in therapy, person who was on the “to reconnect, eventually” mental to-do list died, or committed suicide, depending on your line of personal philosophy vis-à-vis untreatable problems. her memorial is on sunday and i can’t make it. i don’t really have any feelings about it? but this person was such a huge thing in my life, almost the equivalent of a childhood sweetheart, i guess, and twice was a glaring emptiness in my life (once when her parents sent her away and once when she walked out on me and i decided that was unforgivable), and i became a different person and so did she, and now???

I love you Harry thinks, stroking Hedwig's feathers down the back. He is eleven years old and though Hedwig is not a person, he loves her more than he can recall ever loving anyone. He knows he had parents, thinks he must’ve loved them, but they are gone and Hedwig is here. for the first time he is not alone.

I love you, Harry thinks, water in his mouth but air in his lungs as he scrambles to swim towards Ron. The lake is dark and mirky and though he’s not a very good swimmer, he knows he can be good enough to save Ron. He has to be. He is fourteen and though he can not say the words to Ron, You are my family, I love you, they are true just the same.

I loved you, Harry thinks, clutching the broken shards of the mirror that will not bring Sirius back. The tears blur his vision, droplets of blood sliding down his hand as he grips the sharp edges too tight. Harry is fifteen and the weight of his grief feels bigger than his heart. Dumbledore says love saved him, but it feels like it will break him.

I love you, Harry thinks, staring at his mother and father, at everyone he once cared about surrounding him. He doesn’t know how long the resurrection stone will work, how long they can stay with him, but he thinks if he is going to die at least it will not be alone. Love cannot save him, butat least it can comfort him.

I love you Harry thinks, heart clenching painfully as he looks at Malfoy sitting beside him in the Great Hall. Malfoy’s teacup is halfway to his mouth, a genuine laugh falling from his lips. Harry doesn’t quite understand it, doesn’t know how it happened, only knows its the truth.

“I love you,” Harry says two weeks later on their way to Transfiguration. The corridors are deserted and Harry’s voice cracks with the weight of the words he has never spoken out loud. Malfoy falters, his eyes flashing with surprise before he drops his books and fists his hands in the front of Harry’s school robes, pulling him in for a desperate kiss. 

I love you, Harry thinks again as Malfoy kisses him, I love you and I am not afraid.

For all the retconning that had to happen for TAZ to be a cohesive story, the fact that John (and the Hunger) didn’t appear as actual villains until The Stolen Century continually astounds me, because his influence and the fight against him is felt in every breath of TAZ.

I see his despairing influence in Isaak’s labored confession of Jack’s murder. I see it in Lucas’s desperation to save his mother, no matter the cost. I see it in Hurley begging Sloane to remember she’s not a killer. I see it in the glassy, mirrored surface of the remains of Phandolin.

On the other hand, I see the bulwark against the nihilism John represents as well. I see it in every “horseshit!” one of the boys yells when they’re confronted with what seems like a hopeless situation. I see it in the words of comfort they hand out - telling Roswell they made Refuge safe, letting Lucretia know she has faith in herself, promising Sloane they won’t let this happen again. It’s shown in the smaller moments, too; every time they lift each other up or laugh at a joke or work together. Their support of Noelle, Magnus making a ring for Carey to give to Killian, Taako teaching Angus magic, Merle deciding to go back to his family.

The power of how TAZ works as a story lies in the fact that the premise is about life and hope, and every word spoken that adds to that, every act that denies despair and suggests that all is not lost, every smile, every spell cast with the intention to help, every bond created, works against the villain before we even know his name.

We don’t see John and the Hunger themselves until almost the end of the story, but it doesn’t matter. We know our heroes have been fighting him every step of the way, whether we (and they) knew it or not.

We already know how the story ends, because how could it end any other way than with hope, after everything we’ve seen?

How could it end with anything other than the complete dismantling of destructive despair, the affirmation of joy, the promise of future days of happiness?

How could it not end with the triumph of love?

guys gerard way is one of the best examples of “it gets better”

he didn’t think he was gonna live past 25, he was almost certain he was going to die alone, he was an addict who packed light because he thought he wasn’t coming back

but then he makes it to 25, and past it, and then he hits 30 and falls in love out of nowhere and gets married and has a kid with the love of his life, and now he’s living his happily ever after surrounded by people he loves who love him back

things got better for him and they can get better for you too. it might take a little while and it might happen out of nowhere, but it’s worth sticking around for

Everyone’s interpreting “Nfwmb” as Hozier being protective of his baby like she’s delicate, but maybe the intent is different. Nothing fucks with her because she’s tough, scary, even, like a goddess ushering in the apocalypse. The end slouching toward Bethlehem stops when it gets a good look at her. The sound of corpses rolling in their graves excites her, she is warmed by the world burning, she cremates her dead enemies. Listen to the uncertainty in his voice when he sings, “Ain’t you my baby?” Nothing fucks with his baby, but he doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Whenever there is a thunderstorm, Ravenclaws are entranced by it. They find something calming and peaceful about them and have been known to call out of work or school just so they can spend the time listening to the storm and watching the rain fall.

i love the friendships between terry and charles and jake and i feel like their interactions highlight the fact that jake legit crushes on dudes because how he responds to them is different


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is different

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the second to last gif is Jake looking at Amy. there is a lot of softness and awe when Jake is looking at someone he Like likes

With his male friends, Jake is affectionate and emotional and doesn’t shy away from physical contact. I love how them men on this show deconstruct toxic masculinity. 

But this isn’t how Jake responds to all his male friends. He doesn’t have crushes on Charles and Terry. (maybe a little bit on Terry, but it’s small enough it doesn’t interfere with anything. Terry is just so STRONG). It’s in the small stuff, it’s how he looks at guys and responds to guys. One of my favorite scenes is when Pimento is describing the guy who is following him as “classically good looking…is that a weird thing to notice about a guy?”. The expressions on Terry and Charles’ faces clearly says “yeah, a little,” but Jake is all in with “no, I don’t think so? Nah. That’s normal.” (which, incidentally, is the internal monologue of some people who don’t realize they’re bi–sometimes you just assume that’s how everyone feels about their gender! and then later you realize that isn’t how straight people feel at all. )

anyway. what I’m getting at is the show, in giving us healthy, loving, nontoxic male friendships, also inadvertently showed us what the difference is in male friendships vs. male attraction/crushes looks like, particularly on screen, and you can show both and you can have such great bi guy representation and i just

i know that Jake isn’t canonically bi (yet) but I just really appreciate this show for showing us such great queer characters that have so much depth and warmth and goodness and it doesn’t hypersexualize them or make them a joke. (Jake’s attraction to men is never treated as a punch line; or if it is, I think the humor comes more from the fact that he just thinks everyone is like that, and his friends are kind of sitting there going “wait what”) and this isn’t coherent but i just. wanted to point out the differences there