i hate your face

Anonymous wanted me to post a photo of me for some reason I’ll never understand so here you go. Sorry it’s got a filter over it but it’s the only one I’ve taken in months for some reason hehe


Literally my favorite way to take pictures because there’s so many filters that ONE has to look decent

hey  here’s  a  crazy  cooky  idea  haha  lmao  let’s  keep  hate  out  of  the  character  tags  ?  and  confined  to  the  anti  tags  ?  doesn’t  that  sound  like  a  fun  game  ??

what theoretically charming and attractive celebrity makes you, for no apparent reason, want to crawl inside your skin and die?

mine is armie hammer

I can’t just run away or die because I have my sister and my furbabies to look after still. I really want to leave. So bad. 


forgot about snapchat stickers kinda went overboard 

but woo for having days off 

 "so ellie how you spent your day" 

ohoho i’ll show you! I spent it with this handsome man! no day is wasted when i get to stay in bed all day with my husbone~ ( ˘ ³˘)❤ (i can feel my mother’s judgmental gaze, woman let me be happy)