i hate them. i hate them a lot

Spending “quality time” with my birth parents and their family right now.
Please send happy Sonics because I am DONE WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and need to relax thank you


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OMZGAWD U DON'T KNOW HOW TO FKING VOTE WUT HOLY SHIT MAN WAIT billboardmusicawards. com/vote U CAN VOTE FROM THERE AND TO VOTE ON TWITTER U HAVE TO INCLUDE #BTSBBMAs and @BTS_twt omfg theres not that much time, but another 2 hundred votes can't hurt (u can vote a 100 times on website and 100 times on twitter) (the latest u can vote is 9 pm est)


just my opinion: i don’t think it’s okay for ppl to only stan loona after their debut because they think their setup is “messy” and “too much to keep up with”, and i’ll just admit it now that i’ll be shady @ u if u do that because loona needs our support and finding out who the new member is is a part of the fun. + loona is already making predebut songs as good as, or even better than most of ur faves so…… anyway stan loona 😄

Tfw your pride keeps you from going to your aunt for financial help but your cousin tells her you need help and then she texts you at work saying she’ll help

On the plus side I didn’t have to work up the nerve to ask, but on the other hand I need to get my damn pride in check

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☯ + Michael and Selene's first meeting (I have never seen any of the Underworld films, so I'm spitballing here, please don't hate me ;___;)

Meme (x) l Accepting 

The subway was overcrowded, people swarming around Michael as he made his way to the line to wait for the train. He was already running late for his shift at the hospital. The young intern had woken up later than expected and couldn’t find his medical ID, which left him scrambling around his apartment and meant he also forgot his umbrella. The hood of his jacket was the only thing that had stood between him and pounding rain that he had just escaped. 

He checked his watch to make sure he hadn’t missed the train, and when he looked up, his eyes landed on what he thought was the single most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her short brown hair framed her face, a dark contrast to the strange pale color of her skin. Her brown eyes were guarded, but for a moment, Michael swore he saw a bit of interest in her eyes before they became guarded. His eyes, for a moment, drifted downwards, and despite the heavy leather trench coat that covered her body, Michael could still see her slender form, covered with more black leather. 

She’s gorgeous. Michael thought to himself, moving to take a step forward before the screech of the train on the rails startled him and had him looking towards the subway car. 

By the time he want to look again for the woman, she was gone. 

A soft sigh escaped Michael and he shook his head. “Perhaps it’s for the best.” He said to himself, turning to wait for the doors to open so he could go on his day at work. 

And then the bullets started to fly. 

y'all lesbians hating straight people aren’t helping, just being shitty lol

I have a lot of drafts bc it’s all ouat I haven’t seen or embarrassing things or long posts I wanna read later or relatable doof pics that I need to tag ad also didn’t wanna post right away bc I spam those enough already or ugdfdsg idk, stupid shit that I’m debating posting in general


Don’t know if anyone cares but in my new video I talk about my allergies. Also I swear a lot. And sneeze even more 😲

I’d like to apologize first of all. I said I’d come back (again) and didn’t. The reason being I’m not all that interested in FE anymore and my muse for Gaius is totally gone. Maybe it will come back one day, but as for now, I will not be roleplaying on here any longer. I can be found on @markimemey if you want to keep in touch.

I’ve recently looked back to whom I was only a year ago and it’s safe to say im a completely different person and I’d say it’s for the better? Maybe? Probably…

I spent this entire morning cooking food and baking a cake for my mom, apparently it turned out well, i can rest

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how are you bean? i heard about history :( they were a true bop. i hope you're doing ok and you're feeling well <33

thanks for checking up on me anish !! tbh I really don’t know ? like I was a little shocked at first but it just doesn’t feel real ?? I’m sure when the reality hits me I’ll be crying again

regardless…I’m gonna miss those kings :”)

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