i hate them. i hate them a lot

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Lisa Lisa and Suzi Q?

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Lisa Lisa

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: A good wine glass

general opinions: She didn’t get to show off how badass she was. I wanted to see her kick a lot of butts and I’m sure they could’ve pulled it off if they just let Joseph chill for a second. That Kars fight was extremely underwhelming, though I do understand he was playing dirty. Lisa Lisa is my mom,, I also like how it’s plainly obvious where Jotaro gets most of his personality from. 

Suzi Q

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Joseph, Joseph/Caesar to a certain extent (personally I think there’s a lot more thought to be put into polyamory relationships and I think Joseph would be a little bit of a brat about attention.) 

general opinions: She is way too cute for Joseph she should be dating me instead. It felt really off hearing about how Joseph cheated on her, it seemed kinda out of the blue as an excuse for Josuke to exist. I’ve been wanting to draw her since forever but I don’t think I can do her justice. 


stiles & lydia ± ‘anchors’

“stiles, where are you going? […] let’s just go back to sleep. […] don’t worry about it. […] just go back to sleep stiles. what if who gets in? stiles, just leave it please… come back to bed! stiles, please! don’t stiles! don’t! don’t go in there, please, stiles!”

Conductor // Commander // King

The argument in the car had obviously slipped from his thoughts, and instead he lifted his arms above his head and swept them in time with the music like a conductor, reaching for falling autumn leaves when they drifted close. Each dead curl that he managed to brush with his fingertips transmuted into a golden fish that swam through the air.

Richard Campbell Gansey III 


youre my sugar sugar honey honey

im not allowed to listen to music ever

this is dedicated to that anon who mentioned shirt this is your fault

also idk why but i imagine them referring to glynda here maybeqrowsisforsm1elsecoughs

and theyre not even wearing shirts this was a horrible idea


an embarrassed chanyeollie (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

To some Fairy Tail fans:

  • Natsu is seen as unintelligent and stupid
  • Lucy is seen as not useful and only used for fanservice
  • Gray is seen as heartless and only cares about himself
  • Erza is seen as over powered and never in pain
  • Wendy is seen as weak and can never help
  • Juvia is seen as a “stalker” and doesn’t care about anyone besides Gray
  • Jellal is seen as he is proud of what he did and he loves his sins
  • Cana is seen as a drunkard and doesn’t love anything else but alcohol
  • Mirajane is seen as held back by her siblings and isn’t as powerful as she is
  • Lisanna is seen as a burden to ships and should of stayed “dead”
  • Elfman is seen as a wimp and only cares about what’s manly or not
  • Evergreen is seen as a jerk and never apologizes
  • Freed is seen as a “hyper fanboy” and only cares about Laxus
  • Laxus is seen as a monster who tried hurting his guild and has no feelings
  • Bixlow is seen as a creep and he is nuts
  • Romeo is seen as a “Natsu ripoff” and annoying
  • Gildarts is seen as a terrible father and only cares about hooking up w/ woman
  • Gajeel is seen as a terrible abuser and only cares about himself
  • Levy is seen as a “nerd” and only likes Gajeel to be beaten
  • Yukino is seen as a undercover asshole and is not a nice girl
  • Rogue is seen as a heartless man who murdered his best friend
  • Sting is seen as an obsessed Natsu fanboy and doesn’t care about anyone
  • Lyon is seen as a heartless asshole and only loves himself
  • Doranbolt is seen as a pedophile, people ship him with under aged girls
  • Kagura is seen as a vain woman and only wants to kill Jellal
  • Millianna is seen as a obsessed cat lady and only cares about cats
  • Meredy is seen as a girl who hasn’t been hurt
  • Ultear is seen as a woman who kills for fun and deserved her “death”
  • Minerva is seen as self-centered and deserves to be hurt even more
  • Hibiki, Ren, and Eve are seen as men who only care about pretty woman
  • And there are so many more characters who have been seen in these ways

These are all mischaracterizations, these are all not true, these are views people have on these characters that are not correct

They are not right, all of these characters have flaws, beauty, strength, feelings, and their own personality

All of these characters are true and pure, and in their own way, they are all special to me and everyone of us because they are themselves and that how we love them

Don’t believe these assumptions or mischaracterizations, your favorite character or the characters you hold close to you are special, you love them for their flaws and beauty

All of these characters and even more are beautiful, and these mischaracterizations hurt their names and who they really are

Here are the true facts:

Natsu is one of the most intelligent characters in this series
Lucy is beautiful and is such a strong wizard
Gray is a sweetheart who cares for everyone
Erza is has been through hell and back, and she still stands with all her might
Wendy is one of the strongest mages in this series
Juvia is a caring woman who loves her guild
Jellal can never forgive himself when he had no control over himself as well
Cana loves her guild and has been prepared to fight to the death for them
Mirajane is strong because of her siblings and guild, has never been stronger
Lisanna is a beauty, her love life is the last thing she cares about
Elfman is a strong, well developed character that loves his family
Evergreen is a woman who cares so much and apologizes for everything
Freed is an amazing man who loves Laxus but he loves his guild first
Laxus is a caring mage who has feelings that have been broken over again
Bixlow is a smart and brilliant character, he puts his family before himself
Romeo stood up to be the rolemodel when his family disappeared
Gildarts risked his life so many times and has loved Cana ever since she came
Gajeel is a loving character that has learned to open up and love his guild
Levy is a intelligent girl who has a caring heart to forgive her pain
Yukino is a sweet and kind girl who has always felt like a burden
Rogue changed his guild and has saved his family so many times
Sting loves his family and sees Natsu as his inspiration
Lyon is a teddy bear with a heart as huge as deliora (no pun intended hehe)
Doranbolt is a caring gentleman that will never be a pedophile
Kagura is a sweet person who has risked her life to save the ones she loves
Millianna loves Erza, Sho, Wally, Simon, and her family more than cats
Meredy is a girl who has been through too much pain but still moves forward looking for a brighter future
Ultear is a girl who had been tricked but forgave and gave away her time
Minerva is a girl who had been abused and loves everyone close to her
Hibiki, Ren, and Eve are loving men who care about friends more than girls
They are all wonderful in my eyes, they have all been through so much pain, they are all warriors who have fought for their strength and each otherI left out many more characters and much more detail about how each of these characters are amazing, but we all know they are amazing, important, and loving like they truly are

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

List of Town Tunes

If you have any requests for a specific tune send it my way and I’ll see what I can do for you!


time moved too fast

you play it back

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