i hate that i love you two so much

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Why do you always make me fall in love with Naruto's villains? Is there a bad guy in Naruto that I can safely hate so I stop questioning myself?

Danzou’s pretty safe to hate. I have no plans to redeem him any time soon, and he doesn’t do much of a job by himself.

And Kaguya. I honestly don’t find her all that sympathetic. So there’s two! :D

As someone who was rooting for Lucas and Maya I get what the writers were trying to convey w. GMSL and I’m okay with it. *SPOILER WARNINGS*

Okay So I have Disney’s WATCH App and was able to watch Part 2 tonight after Part 1 aired. I feel the need to speak up because I see the writers getting so much hate on their twitters. I have to say that as much as I love Lucas and Maya together I totally 110% get where the writers are coming from and I don’t think a lot of you get it so I’m going to explain this to you and whether you want to agree or not is totally up to you.  All I am going to say is the writers have had this in mind since the pilot and it was clear of that in these two Ski Lodge episodes. Also I want to put this first the dream sequences in Ski Lodge Part 1 was NOT the girls perception of love. It was describing each girl: Riley the romantic and Maya the adventurous. Now onto what this is all about…

First off all ever since the pilot episode aired we have always known that Maya was the rebellious one, in fact this character has been compared to that of the Shawn character on Boy Meets World.  There is no doubt she’s the Shawn of the show.  Maya even the pilot she started the homework rebellion where she didn’t wan to do her homework and she got Riley to even join in on it. So Maya since we were introduced to her has always been the one to break rules.

Lets talk about Lucas for a minute. When we were introduced to Lucas we knew he was sensitive and a nice guy and it wasn’t until we met Zay that we learned Lucas was actually trying to change himself for the better. We learned in Secret of Life that Lucas was actually a lot like Maya at one time. He was getting in trouble back in Texas and that’s why he was now in NYC. We learned in that episode that “People Change People” which is the biggest lesson of this show so far. Zay even points this out in Ski Lodge Part 2 when Maya says something to Lucas asking him why he doesn’t want to break the rules. Zay tells Maya that Lucas use to be like that once and that he wanted to change which is why he came to NYC.

Now onto Riley in the pilot we have always known that she was a nice girl and always saw the good in people no matter what. She would lend a helping hand to her friends if they needed help or just help a random person on the street if they needed it

Last but not least lets talk about Josh shall we? This is something that really did not dawn on me until part two about this character. If you think back (or better yet go back and watch if you forget it) to Girl Meets Home for the Holidays and Girl Meets Game night you will see that Maya and Josh are somewhat very similar. You can kind tell that Josh might have this spontaneous and rebellious side to him just like Maya does.  You really get to see a glimpse of that in Girl Meets First Date and AGAIN in Girl Meets The Tell Tale Tot.

As much as I hate to admit it when you get right down to it Riley and Lucas are more alike in a lot of ways. Lucas and Maya aren’t but Maya and Josh are. Maya and Josh have a bit of the rebellion to them. In Girl Meets First date we see Josh flirting with College Tour guide, and in Tell Tale Tot we see Josh in the dorm room with like three girls. Riley would never do any of that. Riley is to sweet and innocent and neither would Lucas because like Riley he’s caring, he’s to nice to people, and he doesn’t’ at all come off that way. Lucas is more of a gentleman. However don’t you think Maya would? In fact she’s already flirted with Josh who is older than him, and she wanted to be involved in the college parties that were going on that night. It was Maya’s idea to sneak out that night to follow Josh to you guessed it a PARTY. Josh and Maya are so similar and I can’t believe I didn’t realize this until now.  

Maya and Lucas are polar opposites.  In fact he doesn’t like the rebellious side of her and we saw that in Ski Lodge part one and somewhat of part two. In Part one he got very annoyed with Maya for breaking the rules and he got annoyed with her again in Ski Lodge part two when she mentioned being adventurous and breaking the rules. Lucas doesn’t like that, he likes to go against the rules now because he’s trying change. 

This is explains why Lucas was always so concerned for Maya and why he’d try to get her to better herself. He wanted to see her change and believe in her but has come to realize now that Maya is not going to change. He thought maybe he could like her once she started acting more like Riley because that is the type of girl that Lucas is looking ot be in a relationship with. This is why Lucas almost kissed Maya in Texas Part 2, it was because he got conflicted with his feelings and started thinking he might like Maya. Once she started changing and being more like Riley he saw her differently and more like his type- the type of girl who doesn’t break rules. However once Lucas found out Maya reverted back to her old self (the rebellious girl who was breaking the rules) that is when it really sunk in for him the breaking rules, adventurous, rebellious type is not the kind of girl he wants to be with because again Lucas is trying to change. He realized the type of girl he is looking for is like Riley and that’s when he realized he actually didn’t have feelings for Maya.  

Also it was shown to us back in Texas Part 3 that Lucas and Maya just weren’t going to work but no one ever caught onto it. But if you go back and re-watch it is obvious. It is explained right to us in Ski Lodge 2 that Maya and Lucas went on the date and couldn’t talk. Maya admits that he was just too nice and all she wanted to do was dump a smoothie on his head and she wanted to do the same when they were having their heart to heart there. But with Riley - as Lucas said when they talked in the library in the second episodes of the first season they connected. This didn’t happen with him and Maya because there was no connection there but it did with Josh because they are so much a like and Josh realized this two after talking more with Maya that he liked her.

In my opinion it is made abundantly clear in Ski Lodge Part 1 and Ski Lodge Part 2 that Lucas and Maya each have a “type” and their type is not each other. Maya is looking for someone who is more like Josh that is adventurous and willing to break the rules (re: Girl Meets Tell Tale Tot when Josh goes the college party and when Maya sneaks out to follow him) and that’s what she wants in a guy. Sadly Lucas is not that type of guy because he doesn’t want to break rules or rebellious. Lucas is looking more for the romantic type - one that will go to movies with him, go on dates, and do more romantic thing - like Riley. We all know Riley is a hopeless romantic.  

All in all I think what the writers were trying to convey here is that Lucas and Maya are polar opposites and because they are looking for a certain type of person to be in a relationship and have come to realize they are looking for two completely different types that they would never work out.  

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I just wanted to tell you (again, bc I've said this before): thank you SO MUCH for keeping this blog safe. I love this fandom but it also makes me sick, when some things get out of hand. I get anxiety with online hate (not only towards me, but all online anonymous bullshit). Your blog is always my safe place, my way to feel better with good things about these two married dorks. Don't answer this if you don't want to, I don't want anyone to shade you because of this. I just wanted you to know.

I’m actually going to answer this, because you reminded me why it’s better not to post the trolls and haters, even if it’s really tempting to shut them up sometimes. Thank you so much for your words. It means a lot to me. I love you, anon!! ❤️

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please tell me more about the red/blue betting pool and the attempts to rig it thank you

gladly ✨

  • so, honestly, everyone knows lance hates keith.
    • it’s pretty obvious.
  • but then they all kind of realize™ that lance talks about keith, like a lot, too much in fact.
    • like it comes down to every other sentence out of his mouth is about keith.
    • so everyone just kind of like observes.
    • and they also notice, like, little things from keith.
    • like, cradling??? as a bonding moment??? what kind of gay subtext…
  • and they all just kind of converge one night because keith was tired and lance went to bed early to get his beauty sleep. they all just kind of sit there, silent at first, and then pidge goes, “so, they like each other, don’t they?” and then everyone just expresses the secondhand embarrassment they feel being around them sometimes??? like??? and pidge just has, like, war stories and sits there, drinking their tea and everyone else is just in awe.
  • pidge is just like fed up and they want to get something out of having to suffer. and what better way to do that than a bet??? it takes some convincing at first, out of the others, who have never gambled in their life but pidge is determined and if there’s a will, there’s a way.
  • if gabriella got into stanford, then pidge could convince their teammates and new space family to participate in a bet.
  • pidge does it. success. everyone throws in space money and picks when they think lance and keith are gonna get together and date. hunk says 84 years, shiro thinks maybe two, coran says three, but allura wants them together asap, says one week. but pidge, they want their suffering to end; pidge says two weeks, because it’s more realistic than one week, and if they need to intervene, they can because those two are denser than lead. it’s incredible.
  • and so the games begin.
  • allura tries to be sneaky and asks lance if he likes keith and he just violently denies it and pidge walks by and goes, “sure, jan.” and both lance and allura just watch pidge walk away. there they go.
    • she also asks keith if he likes lance, who just kind of looks at her like she’s crazy, and resumes training. (but her sneakiness does help because now the two of them can’t stop thinking about what allura asked them like???)
  • also, allura sends them off together, like at even the smallest opportunities, to hasten the getting together process. in that time, they do everything together; they eat together (as if they always haven’t sat next to each other like what), train together, fly together to go get things, and she almost, almost uses the handcuffs to really enforce she wants to win but pidge disables them and so they just, like, fall apart. rip.
  • and so a week passes and allura is out and pidge is just liking kicking back, letting their awkward shit they pull go for like four more days before trying to do serious interfering like:
    • “hey, you two, help me with this (blank)” and then like tripping one to fall onto the other and like the robots really help out. those robots are later mentioned in pidge’s bet acceptance speech. bless.
    • as much as they trip up keith and lance (badum tsh) with their feelings, they’re still like??? so??? stubborn??? like what the hell??? but pidge perseveres and eventually the sexual tension just is like at a blowing point and it pushes them away from each other and pidge just kind of loses it and sends like 420 pics of troy bolton looking distressed at one point to the entire group chat. pidge is so close to winning but two idiots are just like, well, screwing everything up.
  • so pidge just kind of gives up and hopes that a couple days before will bring them something fruitful and it does like??? thank you hunk.
  • hunk is cooking and he’s singing high school musical because of the group chat and pidge’s heart is elated, it’s soaring, flying but then lance comes in to taste dinner and just is like??? talking complete trash about high school musical™ and pidge just goes through a whole montage of angry troy bolton songs in their head layered over one another and they’re ready to bring to lance down. he can bet on it that pidge will find something to use against his entire “jan” being.
  • so, of course, pidge finds a way of making lance preoccupied with keith, as much as they rub each other the wrong way even more, and pidge finds the holy grail known as lance’s diary and is just like, *hacker voice* i’m in and i’m ready.
    • b ut they aren’t like??? it’s straight up a kate beaton series of comics occupying the first several pages about like rivalry™ and lance talks about girls and then keith’s stupid hair and clothes and stupid face he later admits to liking 69 pages into the thing and pidge is just like, speechless, because it’s so ridiculous. pidge cries in the name of science.
  • and then, pidge is like scarred for the rest of their life after reading lance’s diary. like, they can’t look at lance for a week but pidge is just so ready to win and then they lay on the whole “he likes your butt and fancy hair” and keith just kind of like gets the message and pidge also thanks him in their bet acceptance speech.
  • resulting after that, they do get together, and pidge gags when they see them together but a single tear rolls down their cheek. they did it. time to narrow down the list of names for their new robot they were getting.
  • pidge’s bet acceptance speech is a work of art. the bet collective decides to invite lance and keith to the acceptance ceremony and lance is crying from pure embarrassment and keith is red. and to let lance suffer extra, pidge includes as many high school musical references as they can.
  • and concludes with, “lance, keith, welcome to joining the rest of us in being embarrassed at you. after all, we’re all in this together.” pidge just smiles and hunk applauds and shiro just laughs with allura and coran gives a small smile and keith sighs and lance is dead.
  • he doesn’t come back to life until keith kisses him a few days later.
  • and pidge is happy, far away, with a new robot he names BOI (short for bet on it)
  • lance finds out about dat BOI and pidge just lets it be (it is, after all, better than witnessing pda)

Apology, 2016; Eva Fischer-Rech.

Text reads: I am sorry that I turned you into a demon in my head. It was easier to hate you than to recognize the love that was torn from us. That being said I have grown so much since you knew me and I don’t think that the two of us have anything in common any more.

Please do not remove caption or source.

Just The Two Of Us ~S.W.~

Summary: you like Sammy but he’s dating Stassie

Requested: yes

I hated going out. Well it wasn’t going out as much as it was the people I was with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bestfriends, I live with 2 of them. But there’s one, that I may love too much.

Sammy has always been there for me, so of course I’m going to be there for him. We made a promise we would support eachother no matter our dreams. I want nothing more for Sammy to be happy.

The last couple years though, I’ve started falling for Sammy. They way his eyes almost closed when he laughed, and that smirk he pulled for no reason. I fell in love the way he loved music more than just about anything. I was gonna tell him I like him, in hopes he liked me back. But when I went over to his house with the boys that day, there was someone he wanted us to meet.

Stassie. Anastsia was her full name. I recognized her from Kylie Jenner. So the first thing out of my mouth to her was

“The one that hangs out with Kylie Jenner?!”

Stassie obviously thought I was a fan of the both of them.

“Yeah, that’s me. Kylie’s my best friend, you should chill with us.” Little did she know I was annoyed by Kylie and all her friends.

“Yeah, I’ll pass. Thanks though” I didn’t want to tell her I already didn’t like her so I just decided to respect Sammys decision to date her.

After that Sammy started hanging out with stassie ALOT. I get that they’re dating but he was starting to blow me off for Kylie. He even missed our Best Friend Monthly Night to go to Khloes Birthday Party. He didn’t even tell me. I had to find out via snapchat.

Now I just keep my feelings hidden but I think stassie knows how I feel because she had started acting coldly towards me.

Stassie had moved in with Sammy.
Usually i don’t care who moves in with who seeing as we’re always at eachothers house. But I live with Sammy. Me and Sammy and Skeez had a house but once Stassie moved in, I moved out.

I went to stay with Nate and Swazz. Now when Sam brings stass I go to my room. Like now. I could hear her laughing from my room. Along with the random shrieks of Sams name.

I walk downstairs to grab a water and my lighter.

“Hey Ma, what ya looking for?” Swazz says lighting his blunt with my lighter. When he finishes I snatch it from him.

“This you theif.” I say laughing at him and heading back to my room.

“Why don’t you just smoke down here” Nate says focusing on the video game.

“I don’t want the smoke to be too strong in here.” I say shrugging my shoulders

“Oh yeah. That’s a good idea, I hate the smell of weed anyway” Stassie says cuddled up to Sam.

“You never care about to the smell you’re the one who hot boxes all the time.” Swazz says ignoring Stassie.

I thought about what Stassie said and agreed to Swazz.

“You’re not gonna smoke Sam? I love it when you do smoke tricks for me” I say smiling at him. That’s true. I loved watching his mouth and his concentration as he blew out the smoke in cool shapes.

“Um no. Im not a big smoker now”

“Wow Samuel Wilkinson isn’t a big smoker? That’s something I never thought I’d hear.”

“Yeah. I made him stop cause I don’t like the way it tastes either” Stassie says as she moves and kisses Sam. They’re in a serious make out session so I stand up. I grab my phone off the coffee table and walk out the front door, slamming it shut.

Sams POV

I really did miss smoking but stass didn’t like it. I miss y/n too but I’ve been busy with stass.

When Stassie pulled our lips together I heard Y/N get up and then the door slammed shaking the whole house. Stassie jumped and I stood up to follow y/n.

“Sammy. Where are you going?”

“To make sure she’s okay” I said grabbing my jacket.

“I’m sure she’s fine. She always over reacts.” Stassie says rolling her eyes.

“Stass what the hell is wrong with you. I’ve given up everything for you. I’m not trying to lose my friends. Y/n was here before you and she’ll be there after you. You know what I’m done. All you do is flaunt me in front of everyone but alone you’re too busy with Kylie and your dumb make up. Get the fuck out.” I say angry at her.

“Wait Sammy no. I love you. You were my ride here and you mean so much to me.” She says trying to cling onto my arm.

“Can you just get the fuck out of my house. You’re getting on my nerves.” Nate says not looking up from his video game.

“Fine. But you’ll regret it Samuel”

“You don’t get to call me that.”

She walks out with a pout on her face. Now back to y/n.

“Go to the lake.” Swazz says rolling another blunt.

“What?” I say confused.

“The lake. That’s where y/n goes now. When she’s upset or angry or she just needs to think”

I run out the door shouting a thank you. I run down the street and into a path. I see y/n sitting on the dock staring out at the sky. She’s always loved the night. I walk up behind her and sit down next to her.

“You know, I thought me and you were going to rule the world. Just the two of us. I knew we were only friends but the thought of you getting a girlfriend never occurred to me. I haven’t dated anyone since Swazz. I was to caught up in you” she says looking at me.

“What do you mean” I say furrowing my brow.

“I like you Sammy. No I love you. I started falling for you a couple years ago and honestly it sucks. The day you told me stass and you were a thing was he day I was gonna tell you I’m in love. You don’t know how hard it was to see the person you’re in love with kissing someone else. I can’t do it Sam. I can’t.” She says tears forming in her eyes.

I look into her eyes and all my feelings come flooding back. The ones I’ve been working so hard to suppress.

I take her head in my hands and kiss her. She kisses back before she pulls away.

“What about Stassie?” She says looking down.

“She gone. She’s done.” I say pulling y/n into my chest.

“I do know how hard it is, to watch the person you love kiss someone else. Every time Swazz kissed you or held you a piece of my heart broke. I tried forever to forget about you. But your unforgettable. When I got with stass I thought it would help get over you but it didn’t. She just reminded me of you with how hard she tried to separate us. I love you so much y/n”

“GET IT SAM. GO HEAD. TOLD YALL” Swazz and Nate were screaming from the top of the dock.

I help y/n up and we walk back to the house my arm around her shoulder. We spent the rest of the night smoking and making fun of people.

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ok so what are your thoughts on insecure!stiles? i love it. i feel like a lot of that stems from me being horribly insecure about not only my appearance but also my personality as well and i really love insecure!stiles fics because its all just derek reassuring him how great he is and its such a great concept to me lol BUT also on the flip side, insecure!derek is great too. bc no one expects a guy who looks like that to be insecure but he is and idk i just love it okay bye

*wraps both of them in blankets tbh* i love my insecure boys so much. they just need someone to love them for exactly who they are. and that someone is each other, of course.

like you said, what i love about fics touching on both of these two’s insecurities is all the reassuring that they give each other and the whole journey of accepting themselves because slowly, over time, they learn to love (or maybe not love but not hate either) themselves and all the little things they’re insecure about.

not to say that they’re not still insecure, because insecurities don’t go away just like that, but it just becomes easier and they become happier - which is what they deserve, my poor boys.

for stiles, it’s the constant reassurance that he’s beautiful and gorgeous and handsome just the way he is. long and lean body, moles, pale skin, full body flush and long eyelashes, all included. it’s derek wrapping his arms around his middle, kissing his neck and saying “hello, beautiful” whenever they come across each other.

it’s derek looking at him like he’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and it’s derek listening so intently to whatever he has to say even if all the words coming stumbling out of his mouth don’t even make sense. it’s derek laughing at his bad jokes and challenging him. it’s derek grabbing his face, looking him in the eyes, and telling him he’s perfect just the way he is, flaws and everything.

for derek, it’s the constant reassurance that stiles wants him. not just his body, not just his werewolf status, but him. it’s not that he doesn’t trust stiles, he does. but it’s that derek’s been used in the past, with kate and jennifer and others, and he’s just scared.

it’s the blindingly happy smile and genuine interest stiles shows whenever derek talks about something that he likes and the way stiles will join in the conversation and not just listen. it’s the way stiles isn’t afraid to start arguments and show he’s not afraid of telling derek he’s wrong. it’s the way stiles will kiss him just because, the way he’ll touch him absently just because, the way he’ll look at him and help him get through rough days. it’s the way, being with stiles, makes derek feel loved and wanted for the first time since the fire… or maybe even since paige.

i just love these two helping each other heal and become better and happier with themselves, together.

10 Things I Hate About You [Part 3] - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: I’m having so much fun writing this! Show me some love, guys! At the end of the day, everything I write it for all of you. :) Part four should be out tomorrow night. I hope you guys are enjoying this, too!


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“So,” Stiles concluded, clapping his hands together in an act of finalization, “that’s the plan, plain and simple. What do you think?”

His eyes scanned over the half-awake expressions of his friends. No one had slept in the past twenty-four hours. Everyone had been devoting all of their time and energy to figuring out how exactly to stop Theo and, subsequently, the dread doctors.

Growing impatient, he raised his voice a bit, throwing his long arms up into the air, and asked, “Well?”

“Well,” you spoke up, arms crossed in annoyance, “your plan sucks.”

This admittance seemed to sober your friends, and Stiles narrowed his eyes at you.

“Wow, okay,” he commented, his voice snarky as ever. “Thanks for that. If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly, then, would you suggest? Huh?”

Looking to everyone for some support, you suggested, “How about a plan where I’m actually allowed to participate?”

Scott made eye contact, and you took this as your chance to plead with the alpha.

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Those hater crybabies who keep sobbing over AliMor and spreading their stupid hatred:

It’s a bliss to see you desparate. I’m excluding those who just say”Well, my OTP was something else, so I’m sad about this.” since they are being respectful and just stating their opinions rightfully. But ALL others are just freaking morons who are only capable of hatred and spreading their negativity to the universe. The world is much better off without people who can just insult, hate and rage around.

Guess what? AliMor is canon. I think they were on their way of becoming canon since Chapter 203 anyway. Morgiana never saw Hakuryuu in that light, Alibaba never saw Kougyoku in that light either. And here is this fact: “You need two people in love to form a relationship.”. NOW, we have two people in love, and there is that. 

Keep drowning in your hatred. <3

It always made me curious WHY is it if a character hates another character for a particular reason - be it different beliefs, completely varied life positions, or simple animosity, the fandom, ANY fandom really ALWAYS takes it as an expression of secret love and desire to fuck them senseless. 

You know people can genuinely dislike other people, people can hate other people, and people can want to kill other people for being asses, for having varied beliefs, or doing things that another person finds annoying/idiotic/stupid/ridiculous/superficial etc.

If someone hates you 99% chance they actually genuinely hate you and 99% they’d want to kill you instead of drag you to bed.

And thats the beauty of it. Interactions between people are a wonderful thing because they are so diverse. A genuine hate (without going into sex category) between two characters is as much interesting to observe as love between two characters. 

Now I understand that hate-sex most people find incredibly hot. What I don’t understand is why, if you like a character so much, you want to completely discard their internal struggles, their beliefs and their life position, the very things that make them interesting and appealing as characters, because you think its hot. Don’t you, you know, like the character for being a good, well-written character, for being themselves? Why would you want to change them? And if you want to change them so much by discarding their entire identity, do you actually like the character? Or do you like your own vision of them? Maybe you don’t like the character at all. Its something to think about anyways…

I’ve seen a lot of people say its fiction so anything goes. I do it too. I do think - its a video game so who cares. And of course I don’t blame people for coming up with these, because different strokes for different folks.
But I’ve been seeing this disturbingly frequently, and it looks like a projection on real life. Maybe I’m wrong. But real life certainly doesn’t work that way. If its hate its hate, its not likely to turn into love irl no matter what you fantasize it to be. And by accepting it we learn to accept and appreciate other things too. We learn to appreciate love and respect. Because its much easier to find hate or to feel hate, but much harder to find love and respect, and much harder to feel respect to someone as they are.

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Hi. Sorry if you're not taking prompts, biut I had this AU idea of Nina knowing about the death fights at Hellgate. She goes and sits and watches every week. And Matthias knows she's there. And it's all tension filled and he hates her SO much but he LOVES her ten times more. And it's all agnsty and junk.

cw violence, canon typical matthias/nina hatelove


There’s nothing that Nina can do.

At least, there’s nothing she can do by being here. She’s a Heartrender - a good Heartrender - but Kaz Brekker hadn’t been wrong about it being more difficult to get out of Hellmouth than in. What’s she going to do if he spins the wrong animal, if he fights too hard and too fast, if he ends up cut and bleeding on the floor of the arena?

Jump over the side and defend him? Use what talent she has to heal instead of hurt? He wouldn’t thank her. He would spit on her before he’d take her help, die with a smile on his face for it, and they would both still be in Hellgate.

He sees her the first time. She hadn’t planned on that, had begged any listening saints and his own gods to keep him out of the arena entirely. But the chill of his gaze scrapes right over her, into her despite the veil she’s wearing, and they just about kill him for trying to scale the walls to get to her.

It takes four men to put him down again. His roar of fury rings in her ears for weeks afterwards, the look of naked hatred twisting his features stamped into her visions. More animal than man, one of the revellers had mused, and it had taken all of her willpower not to stop his heart. To twist through his veins and bend him to her will, to take her own rage and helplessness out on someone who deserved it. Who watched men die, and considered it sport.

More man than you, she thinks savagely, nails drawing blood from her palms. You’re all beasts.

She tells herself she won’t return. For his sake, if nothing else. They’d nearly killed him to bring him down, and it’s only due to some quick talking on Inej’s part that Brekker is able to get her the information that he survived the night. It’s not her job to contain his rage for him, but - doesn’t she owe him that much? If her presence provokes him, shouldn’t she make herself absent?

In the end, Nina’s selfishness doesn’t surprise either of them. It’s weeks later when she returns, but she does return. His head, shaved, still beautiful, scans the crowd restlessly, a motion so practiced that she knows he’s been doing it since the last time. And this time his anger is all ice, and Nina is breathless in the wake of his stare like countless victims have been in the wake of hers.

He spins the wheel, lips peeled back from his teeth. Neither of them pay attention to what animal it lands on. He tears his eyes from her only when the lion charges out of the mouth of the tunnel.

Nina doesn’t breathe until it’s dead.


The witch is here again.

A perverse part of him is grateful for it. Her presence is the icy shock of the north sea, all consuming. Hatred runs pure through his veins, and he fights without thought, without panic or fear. Each neck he snaps is hers, each head he caves in–

But the fight ends. The fight always ends, and she always remains, sitting there with those demon eyes glittering darkly above her veil, hair caught away from the face he cannot see.

He remembers her mouth. He remembers all of her. He wants to scrub her from his mind, to reach in and tear out the parts of him she has touched, but every week he fights, and every week she is there.

He should have dropped her when the ice gave way. He should have left her to wander lost and alone in Fjerda, until a better drüskelle than him could kill her.

He should have let them both drown in the sea, and been done with it. A less miserable existence than this, with both his conscience and his convictions clear.

But I do not wish to die. The voice is soft in his ears, sounds suspiciously, awfully like hers when he isn’t focusing.

It is hatred pushing him on. A single-minded desire for revenge infusing him. He will leave this place, and when he does she will die like every animal he has been forced to end under her shadowed gaze.

But that voice remains. And when the ice clears from his mind and he is left alone in his cell with his winnings and his hatred, so does she.

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Any fics where Klaus and Caroline are having a relationship while in the tvdverse? Like,her friends know and all? Kind of like Timeless/Changeless,Our Dark Soul,Two Lost Souls or something like that? Thank you so so much!!!

The Thing Between Love And Hate by She-Loved-Too-Easily

Chosen by sheraasp

With Or Without You by Gottabeelove

Selective Memory by gwrageddnc

Those are a few I could think of now. Sorry if I remembered wrong but I’m pretty sure in these ones they don’t actively try to hide their relationship.


LOL. Seriously! Why am I so weak with crackships that involves Washuu men? x’DD Here it is, the photo that Ui loves and hates with all his heart… owww, my dear Ui xD how could you fall for this sneaky,-sexy-evil-wealthy man? cvc Mmm~

Oh well, I have sinned with these two like… oh, guys, if MatsuFuru bought me a place in hell, this ship got me a front-row seat in there.

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Honestly I'm so conflicted when it comes to camren cause one day I'm like: there's no way that they aren't a thing wtf and another day I'm like: well what if they weren't ever a thing? Like they do contradicting things and it makes me have anxiety, so I hate them... I love them so much, but I hate them.... Am I the only one? lol guess I'm too heavily invested in these two hoes

No, yesterday I was like “you’re the dumbest bitch alive Phoebe they’re just friends” and today I’m like “they’re too perfect together, marry each other please” it’s a roller coaster

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Thank you for keeping your blog so lovely and positive. I only got into Kaylor recently but there's so much ugliness and pettiness in the fandom right now, and it's wearing me down. I don't think Taylor is an angel who can do no wrong, and I'm not wild about the bearding. But I got into this to support two beautiful (sadly closeted) girls in love. And lately it feels like the biggest voices in the fandom actually hate Taylor. This is not what I signed up for. So thanks for keeping me sane.

There are times that I would create stupid posts and edits (like the one I made for Tom H. using the White Horse reference) but I’ll end up deleting it right away. I’m just not great at dealing with strong emotions, so I avoid conflict at all costs and distance myself from any means of voicing my opinions. However, I have nothing against people who aren’t afraid to speak up and I admire how they don’t shy away from defending their points regardless of the consequences. 

So, here I am, just procaffeinating while shipping kaylor.  

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Thank you for your message.  

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Ha! I agree with the tea-shop Levi thing. I saw that in smartpass interview thing i think? He was so adamant about not answering the question then he gives this thought-out cute response lol. I think it's important to remember also that Mikasa just wants to go live on a nice farm somewhere with her two besties. These ackermans have such nice, simple dreams and then theres Kenny lol.

That’s so cute omg. Tbh I really love it when the Ackerman’s get along and are tight and bros, like why make Mikasa this awful Levi-hating person cause he loves Eren? Like that’s grounds for some quality broship if nothing else, they have so much in common and I want to see them happy together. You make me want to write an AU where Levi and Mikasa live happily on a quiet little farm together maybe own a tea plantation Ackerbros Inc™  and then Eren crash-lands into their life and they’re like omg he’s adorable maybe Mikasa brings him home like a lost puppy and Levi’s like ‘where did you find it I want one’ and idk Armin’s there too I just want them happy.

And then there’s Kenny.