i hate nash grier


Yes, Nash reached 2 million, he now has more subscribers than the lovely Troye. Come on guys, let’s get Troye AND Phil to 2 million, we can do this!!

https://www.youtube.com/user/TroyeSivan18 ~ Troye Sivan

https://www.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil ~ AmazingPhil

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OK i just wanted to bring attention to something that i found recently and made me super mad idk how many people know the youtuber Bart Baker, but he makes parodies of popular songs (recently been featuring a special Nash Grier and other members of Magcon), but something about him separates him from other parody artist, there is a fine line between funny and offensive, and he crosses it:

1) Bart Baker has done black face in multiple videos 

2) he uses transphobic slurs and makes fun of trans people

4) he uses retarded as a condescending term

3) he likes to joke about domestic abuse and spousal abuse

4) fat shaming :-)

and his best work

5) uses oppressive terms against women and slut shames!!

I know there are more examples of all this stuff but this is what I have on me

alot of the screencaps don’t completely capture how offensive he is so to just go in a little deeper:

-he parodies women based off of themselves but men off of the actual song, he portrays the women as stupid, and somehow finds a way to oppress female singers in a way he would never do to a fellow male 

-shames people for insignificant things like weight, IQ, physical attractiveness, and “amount of talent” refusing to acknowledge a stars actual problems and focusing on things that they have no reason to be criticized

- likes to collab with trash like the literal rapist curt lepore and prime time sexist racist homophobe nash grier, and though that proves little to nothing about his personal opinions it says alot that he’s okay with that association

- he makes fun of mental illnesses and suicide and self harm

- he literally does black face???????????? why would u need anything else to be mad??????????????

He is just too offensive and it’s not ok for him to be so publicly oppressive, I want to bring attention to this because a majority of comments are positive and bring no attention to how awful his videos are, please report him, or help bring attention to how awful he is

lastly if you don’t believe me here are some of my favorite videos oh his:

Born this way parody

wiggle parody

blank space parody

Anaconda parody

royals parody

stupid hoe parody

a list of things i dont understand
  • why school is a thing
  • why band merch is expensive
  • why people insist on posting their shitty covers on facebook
  • why people like nash grier
  • why white boys only wear cargo shorts
  • why victorias secrets bras are overly priced

“Expressing my opinions is not a terrorist action”-Kat Stratford

nash grier’s eyebrows disgust me. he should tweeze them to appease me, a superior female, who has absolute control over boy’s bodies. nobody will like him with those caterpillars on his face, but he should be himself and not be fake because nobody will like him if he’s fake. :)

No girl is gonna wax her arms

Dear Nash fucking Grier,

No girl is gonna wax and shave her arms so she can ‘please’ your incredibly stupid demands.

You aren’t gonna shave your arms, legs, armpit and when you get stubble it BURNS when you make out with a girl.

So stop your stupid fucking idiotic ass demands that a girl be completely hairless.