i hate kissing you goodbye

let’s not say goodbye this time: its finally happened, the culmination of this entire season of angst & sadness. this mix recounts (in songs) the journey oliver & felicity went through this season up till 3x20. so its got a bit of angst & sadness but ends with lots of happiness and hope.

01-03. oliver regretting, feeling sad & jealous (3.01-3.07)
04-05. oliver’s “death” (3.09-3.12)
06-08. felicity trying to moving on, oliver trying to let go but both failing miserably (3.13-3.18)
09-10. oliver & felicity finally choosing each other (3.20)
11-12. sexy times (3.20)
13-14. the promise (3.20-)

{listen here}

Drumming Ashton imagine

Could you make one that you are a famous singer and you are dating ashton then you surprise him on stage

Sure! Here ya go! xx



Your tour was done and Ashton’s was starting. He left the same day you got back. You couldn’t say goodbye to him, he already left. 

“Hate how I didn’t get to say goodbye, kiss you, and hug you before you left :(" you texted Ashton.

"I miss you and yeah! I hate u forever" He texted back. You laughed at his text message.

"Luv u too bby :)”

“;) Text you later okay? I gotta do sound check <3" 

"Okay good luck Ash<3”

You knew where he was exactly. He was in the Netherlands. Amsterdam. Its a good thing he thought you were at home. You were where he was. Even though you were Ashton’s girlfriend and a celebrity, you had to pay tickets still. You were a famous singer.

You got tickets which were really expensive. Front row. 

*AT CONCERT* You arrived and a lot of fans approached you. They asked for autographs and pictures. A security helped you and grabbed you. He walked backstage. “You are Ashtons girlfriend right?” he asked. You nodded. He knew who you were anyway. You bought a ticket for nothing? “Hey um.. is it alright if I come out and then come back?” you asked him. “Yeah I’ll stay by your side if fans start getting to mob you,” he said and you nodded.

You walked out and then saw a fan literally screaming. She didn’t have anything in her hand. Looks like she didn’t get a ticket. You tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and screamed in your face. “Hi whats your name?” you asked. Some fans were looking at you two. “F/N,” she squealed. You gave her the ticket.

“Here’s front row ticket to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert,” you smiled. “A-Are you serious?” she asked. You nodded. She hugged you instantly. You smiled and hugged her back. Some people were taking pictures of you and her. She was super happy and she cried. “Its okay,” you laughed. You rubbed her back. “Thank you so so much,” she sniffed. “No problem,” you giggled. 

A bunch of notifications came up. 

“Y/N gave a fan a ticket! OMG LUCKY!”

“Y/N is so nice she gave her expensive ticket to a fan :)”

There was so many of those. A trend, #Y/Ngaveafana5sosticket, was worldwide. Shoot you couldn’t let Ashton see that. “Guys shhh! I don’t want you know who knowing you know where!” you tweeted. “@Y/T/N I have a twitter you know?" Ashton tweeted you. You laughed. You went backstage again. Ashton wasn’t out yet. Only the boys were. You ran to them. "Hey Luke, Mikey, and Calum,” you said. They looked at you and widened their eyes.

“Y/N we missed you!” they pouted. They hugged you tightly. “I missed you guys too, but I’m gonna surprise Ashton!” you said. You 4 went out to the stage and the crowd cheered loudly. “Shhh be wuiet so Ashton won’t hear!” Michael said. “I’m going to play his drums while the boys are playing. I think Ashtons gonna freak out I’m the new best drummer,” you said and everyone laughed. You sat on the seat and the boys started to play their guitars. You played the drums really really well. You knew how to play them anyway.

“Hey what’s that noise?” Ashton asked himself. He stood up and walked to the stage. He saw the boys playing and you drumming. You looked at Ashton and winked at him. He crossed his arms. “Okay okay!” you said in the mic. “I see Ashton getting mad at me because he isn’t playing the drums,” you said. You stood up. Ashton walked out to the stage hearing the fans cheering and screaming.

You smiled. He walked to you. “You surprised me on tour?” he asked. You nodded. “And I’m going on tour with you,” you said. His face lit up and kissed your lips. The crowd aww’d while the boys were disgusted. “EWW GROSS DO THAT LATER!” Michael yelled. You and Ashton broke the kiss and laughed. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too do a good show okay?” you said and he nodded.

-Kelly :) xx