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Stupid Headcanon

Oh man, I totally can’t help but think that Korra falls asleep in some of the most random places throughout Asami’s mansion. Being the Avatar is a demanding job that requires a lot of attention, dedication and practice. Sometimes a nice nap is warranted.

Maybe it’s in the garage in a satomobile that Asami is working on. Maybe it’s being squished up on a chair inside of an office den, or upside down on a couch in the living room. Perhaps it’s right on a stool at a kitchen bar or inside that one room that is seldom used.

Asami can’t help but think about how ridiculous her snoozing Avatar is, but it gives her the excuse to wrap her arms around her girl and either join her with sleep or carry her off to their comfy bed <3

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Tumblr sent me to your post about the noncanon couple that is Zatara. Zuko did the do with Mai, not Katara. Katara did the do with Aang, 3 times at least, unless if you're willing to write off 2/3rds of what happened in the Legend of Korra. Makorra is also extremely unhealthy as Mako is not only unfaithful, but he's also abusive (à la Book II and part of III). In short, all of what you like is problematic at best.

How is any of this problematic?

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Zuko literally sacrificed his entire life to save Katara’s. If he hadn’t of jumped in front of Azula’s lightnight, and it had hit Katara, she could have easily died. She wouldn’t have been conscious, nor able to heal herself. Therefore, she would have probably ended up dead. Then, she healed him, effectively saving his life and seeing him off to lead a very successful Fire Nation. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

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He took Katara to find her mothers killer. He didn’t have to, but he chose to in order to gain not only her trust, but her respect as a human being. He spent his time and his energy on a mission he couldn’t have been sure he would return from. And in the end, she was able to forgive him— helping only only himself, but her as well. By forgiving him, she was able to move on from all the hatred and anger she had stored for him deep down inside.He didn’t take her on that journey for himself. He did it for her. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

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Whoops, there he is saving her life. AGAIN.

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L’est not forget about her offering to heal his scar even WHEN HE WAS STILL HER ENEMY. Katara had too much heart for her own good. She was literally the epitome of an angel, okay? Zuko, who at the time was most definitely still an enemy, let Katara touch his scar. Who, throughout the entire series, didn’t let ANYBODY touch his scar. And here he is letting her touch it. Here she is offering to heal it.


Also, by your lack of grammar skills and not coming out and just saying the words “they had sex”, or, something to that degree, basically proves that you lack the intelligence of anyone who knows anything about a good relationship. (just because they “did the do” doesn’t mean anything”. This is coming from me, who is going on her 5th year of being in a healthy, loving relationship. I know a thing or two about healthy relationships.

Plus, Maiko isn’t canon, either.


Goodbye, troll.

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I think I'll be ok with any ship that becomes canon as long as they do it well?? If Klance happens I predict it might be like Korrasami where they just look at each other fondly in the end and maybe hold hands or something and that's what we have and then they expand on it in the comics or a potential sequel. You think that could happen? Either way, I'll always love fanon Klance. Fanon Klance will always be near and dear to my heart and I'll always love it regardless if it's canon or not


it’s been years and i still can’t BELIEVE korrasami actually happened. like ik it was infuriatingly subtle in the show but still idk if anyone really expected one of the most iconic children’s media franchises of that generation to have an endgame f/f relationship for the protagonist, it really seems like something that would happen in a better timeline than ours and i’m so tripped up whenever i remember that it was real


Asami: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
Korra: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
Asami: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
Korra: Sounds perfect.

Happy One Year Anniversary, Korrasami fandom! (Dec 19th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

1 yr ago Korea and Salami were united as gal pals.
Seriously tho the fact I can state korrasami is canon is fantastic.

Happy (Late) 1 Yr Anniversary guys!

headcanon: first Korrasami kiss is Korra rambling adorkably and Asami shutting her up/unable to stop herself bc Korra’s too cute. 

beginners chapter 7

[korra and asami at university, or: asami is a little bit of a lonely genius and korra is a bad ass soccer player, and sometimes terrible things happen, but they’re really very in love with each other.

chapter 7, or: everyone has really bad days sometimes. // ao3.]


holding hands (while the walls come tumbling down)
when they do i’ll be right behind you/ so glad we almost made it/ so sad they had to fade it/ everybody wants to rule the world
—tears for fears, ‘everybody wants to rule the world’


You think your heart is seriously beating at a dangerously high rate at the moment, and you’re sick to your stomach. The rational part of your brain is going through Korra’s alive; Korra’s okay; it’s just her knee; she’s here she’s not going anywhere, but—you’re in love, and, really, Korra had been crying; Korra was in obvious pain; Korra—your Korra—is hurt.

You walk down to the edge of the bleachers and the game has started up again, so you kind of stand awkwardly—Korra’s coaches know that you’re dating, and obviously Korra’s parents aren’t here right now, and you know Tenzin is supportive of your relationship, at least, but you don’t really know the protocol in a situation like this.

Jinora comes to stand beside you and she waits for a few seconds and then says, “My dad texted me and he says you can go inside.”

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I just gotta talk to you guys about Korrasami for a minute.

Does it ever just hit you?  Like you remember that it happened?  It’s canon.  It has been for like a year and a half.  That’s crazy, guys.

I jumped on the Korrasami bus like mid-season 3 and let me tell you, before the finale our most realistic hope was for Korra to not be paired off with anyone.  Like we were just praying for ambiguity, right?  Just don’t have her obviously end up with Mako and then we can take it from there.

But then?  It happened.  It was so clear to all of us, and then Bryan made that post for the people it wasn’t clear to.  It’s canon.  Korra and Asami fell in love.

That’s a real thing that happened.  And every so often I remember that and I’m just like “wow.”

I’m going to type up some thoughts on Fareeha and Angela right now and they’re just going to be a personal account of why I rocket angel is so important to me. This isn’t meant to cause discourse™. I’ve just been thinking a lot about them and Pharmercy and why I made this blog and why I shouldn’t delete it.

I’m a 23 year old who never ever in my life have had an otp, or even allowed myself to ship anything outside of a passing “wouldn’t it be nice.” Even when Korrasami looked like it might happen, I didn’t let myself feel anything or look at art or anything because I knew it wouldn’t happen and that the creators would do what they wanted and it wasn’t my place. I have never allowed myself to feel anything for queer relationships in media because it hurts entirely too much when we’re baited or killed or ignored. This is through years of media and internet and games, heck I was there when people were still trying to figure out what the best ship name was for Destiel…. And then… while I was playing the open beta I fell in love.
I loved how Mercy and Pharah worked together, I liked how they seemed to having coordinating voice lines, I liked that they were interracial and non American. I liked them as individuals And I started having ideas of them as a couple, especially as me and my friends pled them together every day for a week.
I started looking for art, to see if anyone agreed and wow, it was small but there was some. And so I reblogged them and shared them all in my discord. I realized after a couple of days it was all I had reblogged so I made this blog. And the response was great, we were between beta and release and everyone was realizing what a wonderful pairing they were and then with some horror I realized that I had an otp. And then I almost deleted because I knew I would get hurt. I’ve put so much effort into these two, my own doodles and thoughts, my gameplay, this blog, and I really really care about these two fictional women and think they deserve to be together.

I love Fareeha because she is beautiful and strong and has put so much into her military career and come out stoic and kind and just instead of fiercely angry, in spite of personal tragedies and struggles.

I love Angela because she didn’t give up after losing her own family, instead she is viciously smart and unstoppable, even defeating death and age.

Angela needs Fareeha to keep her good and away from playing god, and Fareeha needs Angela to support her and keep her together even when she wakes up seeing bombings and the people she’s killed. They keep each other together through this beautiful soft thing that’s between them, outside of all of the violence and tragedy of the wars. And it brings them joy even in the battles as they banter with each other.

And they look beautiful together! Their wings and suits and everything melds together blue and white and gold and yellow and it’s stunning. They play together well, Pharah able to save her Mercy and Mercy able to reach Pharah with heals. Like… wow?

It’s just so good? And it hurt last night to think that something I think is so good was being ripped out of my fingers… and maybe it will again? But for now I’m just very happy that so many beautiful people agree with me and we have so many amazing artists generating content every single day. It’s just wow!!