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ya  gal  hath  be  very  silent  lately  but  i  just  want  you  to  know  on  sunday  i  am  seeing  my  angel  d.odie  c.lark  live  and  i  am  completely  going  to  bawl  my  weak  eyes  out  because  she’s  helped  me  so  much  accepting  myself  as  bi  this  year  and  aaaaaaaaaa !!!!!    like  i  was  raised  in  a  family  that  despised  bisexuals  and  when  i  came  out  they  suddenly  acted  like  i  made  it  all  up  and  shit ,   when i still deal  with  so  much  internally because  being  raised  a  certain  way  for  eighteen  years  and  then  being  that  thing  isn’t ??????    easy ?????    i  always  feel  fake and that  i  am  not   ‘ bi enough ‘   to  prove  it  somehow  and  idk  listening  to  d.odie  be  so  unapologetically happy  and  bi  gives  me  this  boos t of   YES I LOV MANS AND WOMEN BOTH IM LOV ‘EM   and  it’s  just…………………………….. nice  tbh.

of course inigo will get the team to the 69 number

Fun fact: I’ve had a life-sized standup of Castiel from Supernatural in the corner of my closet for years.

Not because I like the show–I’ve never watched one episode, and I doubt I’ll ever get around to trying at this point–but because @savingerebor went to a convention, saw this standup of Castiel on sale for $20, purchased him, brought him home, had nowhere to put him, and to avoid the abyss that is the basement or scaring the fuck out of my dog who absolutely hates him, he’s resided in my closet ever since.

And most people at this point would grow tired of him after a few weeks, or even a few days, but nope, I just got used to the fact that every time I want to change clothes, I have to deal with Castiel’s pissy face and gently nudge him out of the way to reach for the sweater that’s on the rod right behind him.

( @warwidowed / continued )

        ❝ sure thing. ❞ does anyone ever feel successful? her photographs have been published in the biggest magazine in the country, and she still feels like a little girl playing with her uncle’s cameras, most of the time, like she’ll turn the corner and there her cousins will be, trying to get her in front of the camera instead of behind it. or perhaps it’s just that she’s been removed from it; there’s a stack of magazines on her desk, ‘cause she was in the middle of a war zone when they were published. mattie’s still trying to work out how to live here, again. it takes time to adjust to new circumstances.

        ❝ hm? oh! oh, yeah, i am. ❞ she feels a bit ridiculous for a moment, wondering how ms trojan knew while she’s carrying her damn camera, but that’s just life, isn’t it? feeling a bit ridiculous—mattie’s used to that.  ❝ you, uh, you have an interview tomorrow? that’s me. ❞ she raises a hand, like she’s got to point herself out.  ❝ not the interview, the pictures to go with it. but i’ve never been here before, so i figured…might as well take some photos while i’m at it. ❞ she likes to document places she’s been to; there’s a whole board in her kitchen for that.

10 Fandoms, 10 Characters

I was tagged by @denerim to list ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms
thank you!!!<3

1. star wars: kylo ren
2. asoiaf: tyrion lannister
3. the witcher: avallac’h
4. dragon age: solas
5. harry potter: draco malfoy
6. tes: sheogorath
7. lotr: legolas
8. the hobbit: thranduil
9. mystic messanger: jumin han
10. the 100: bellamy blake

i’ll tag @mchaelscfield <3

i just had a pretty awesome bonding-3am-conversation with my dad. i’ll be honest here, i was kind of nervous as fuck about moving out tomorrow, but i think i’m going to be okay. sleep is for the weak but at least my dad will stay up with me.