i had to share lmao

I just had a nightmare where there was a magical zombie invasion and everyone was scared shitless screaming “what are we going to do??” at me like I was supposed to fix it, and I just looked at the girl next to me and said “idk about you guys but imma just wake up, bye” and just. ditched them there and woke up laughing, I fucking love lucid dreaming

comedyisme  asked:

imagine princess bubblegum as a crystal gem omg (sorry I had 2 share this thought w someone lmao)

Oh my god. She and pearl would probably hash it out. There’s only room for ONE genius babe in the crystal gems!

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ohhh that explains how that one time you heard her listen to a video and it said something about "shove it up me daddy" or whatever, its cause you share a room. This makes so much sense now. But also, if you share a room you basically cant ever sin

i sin when I can ):  But yeah, I’ve never had my own bedroom lmao.  I’m 21 sharing a room with my 20 y/o sister.

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i read the phrase 'shut your fucking quiznak' in a fanfic and it's literally my favorite phrase right now i'm sorry i just had to share this with you

‘shut your fucking fuck’

lmao did lance say that bless him

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hey, vicky! do you mind sharing your sharpening for gifs or your settings? it looks so on point. :)

hey! first of all, thank you so much! when it comes to sharpening settings I’m really a perfectionist. I’ve had my fair share of horrible gifsets lmao I don’t have a particular action and I change my settings depending on the quality of the gifs. If it’s a 720p video I use the regular Smart Sharpen set to 0.3% radius and 500% amount. If it’s a 1080p video I use it with the radius set to 0.4% + Gaussian blur (radius 1,0 pixels) and I play with the opacity settings unti I like it. If I’m not happy with the results I go back to regular Smart Sharpen 0.3% 😊 SORRY if this is confusing but my laptop sucks and I can’t screenshot because the keyboard keys are broken. If you didn’t understand something please tell me so I can explain myself better ❤️