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I was wondering if you would be abke to share your settings for how you sharpen your gifs (it's fine if you don't want to!!) It's just that when I sharpen my gufs they come out over sharpened and idk how to fix that Thank you and I love your blog ❤❤

uhhhhhhhh hi i don’t really sharpen things anymore but i’ll be glad to show you how i used to sharpen stuff? it’s kinda complicated but it dealt with the oversharpening thing for me haha.. n also thanks!!! it means so much

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Love At First Sight Tag 

Tagged by @eternalsquee thank you for tagging♥ this tag is cute haha~ yours was fun reading too lol 

rules: list 5 or 10 of your favorite kpop groups. put your very first bias of each group and the name of the m/v that you first saw the member in.


  • Very first bias: Myungsoo all thanks to Shut Up! Flower Boyband (currently still Myungsoo it’ll always be him and also Woohyun and the rest of infinite lol)
  • First MV: Back -they had just had this comeback when i decided i needed more myungsoo in my life after a month or two of having finished his drama (also my first kdrama) and that’s when i fell into a kpop hole rip.. thanks @ infinite 


  • Very first bias: the forbidden bias Zelo i fell for this boy when they finally came back from their hiatus with Young, Wild & Free he just looked so good T^T but he was my friends bias so i had to chill.. i didnt officially pick a bias until later tho and that was Daehyun♥♥♥ (it is currently still Daehyun and if i must… also Jongup and Yongguk lol) sometime before making Daehyun my official bias tho i was falling for Yongguk because of Feel So Good MV but alas he was also a forbidden bias …i fell later anyways tho lmao
  • First MV: Stop It - the first mv my friend showed me so we could laugh at Yongguks dramatic intro …this song is super cute and i fell in love but didn’t get into the group because they were going through the lawsuit and my friend was suffering so i didn’t want to suffer :/ this mv was where i would have biased daehyun tho ..i remember seeing him in the silvery hoodie (you guys know the one) and saying he’s cute! but then my friend gave me these eyes <.< 


  • Very first bias: Yoongi bUT if it wasn’t for my friend i would have probably fallen for another forbidden bias ..the enemy aka Jungkook askjdhflsdf this was all because of the mv she showed me but officially speaking Yoongi was (and still is) the one i choose as a bias♥♥♥ and low key Jimin because yoonmin trash 
  • First MV: Just One Day -man i had asked my friend to show me her bias group so she shows me a safe song she knows i’ll love and it became this one (she was right i fell in love and have the softest spot for it and this mv) i remember watching and once Jungkook started singing i was smitten …yikes (this friend even told me.. ‘back off from the guys with red hair, orange hair and the one with black hair that does the back flip’ i fell for Jimin tho) lol in the end i showed her a screen shot of yoongi and asked if he was okay to bias and she allowed lmao i also told her to share jimin and she agreed so i’d back off the enemy lol ..when i choose Yoongi i didn’t know i would become this whipped though..
  • this was the screenshot i showed her and also my downfall 

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Ai Ai Gasa

 An umbrella with the names of the couple as a symbol of love  (´▽`)♡

(tysm @vashtijoy for your help ;-;)

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did you and soottea get the idea for on thin ice because of yuri on ice?

SO IT BEGINS!!! i had a feeling that YOI would come up in regards to OTI just before it aired. 

Alas, anon, OTI was born back in july while @soottea and I rambled on about klance (as we do). actually we have screenshots of the moment, i think. gotta hunt them down hold up

here is the exact moment that OTI was born:

our child