i had the chance

Misha on Thursday: Attends exhibit at Vancouver art museum; posts a photo taken by someone else.

Jensen on Thursday: Photographed at the Vancouver art museum while DC crossover is filming. Stephen Amell posts to say it’s in his neighborhood.


Misha on Friday: Is photographed in the evening near the Vancouver art museum, “Jensen’s neighborhood” looking spiffy. Reports say he wasn’t visiting the set just “walking by.”

Jensen on Friday: Is out with friends and his very own hipster hat, probably in his neighborhood, around the time Misha is photographed.


Misha on Saturday: Cannot stop bringing up Jensen in his panel, smiling like a loon, giggling helplessly.


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i didn't want to spam you during diejoni week but the way you draw diego's mom is so pretty i would die for her we stan a queen (her headscarf asfhjkl)

I LOVE HER SO MUCH snjsnjsnjsnsj please.. best jojo character

the live was so beautiful T_T

“You feel a pulling at something inside of you, and you don’t know what it is. In a way, it’s intangible, but at the same time, it’s real - because you can feel it. The moment you eat this meal, a bond is created.

When people talk about destiny, this is the kind of thing they talk about. You feel it now because there’s so much power in it, Taako, and whatevers on the other end - whoever - they feel it, too.”

alexander kazooton
alexander kazooton

i’m going to tell you in advance that whenever you ask yourself “oh wow but did she do that one part of the vocals tho?” the answer is always yes. yes i did.

this took an hour. broke out that vocal score and zooted all the way through. please enjoy it.

happy birthday phichit!

tomorrow is the start of mermay, but I won’t have time to participate ;v;;; hopefully merman phichit makes up for it! i love @crimson-chains ‘s design so much asdfjk; <3 (from their siren au!)

Vault Dweller: I was cast out of my Vault and had to fight against a super mutant army

The Chosen One: I had to find a G.E.C.K. Or else my village would’ve died out

Lone Wanderer: my father left me alone in a vault that tried to kill which forced me out into a wasteland that also tries to kill me

Sole Survivor: everyone I knew previously is dead and my son has been kidnapped

Courier: That is so sad…Alexa play despacito

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Merlin in chain mail... neither Arthur nor I can handle it.

My weakness
Good lord, please have mercy! Hands up, who else can’t handle Merlin in chainmail? We are lucky we haven’t seen him wear chainmail in season 5. It would have cost many good fangirl-lifes.