i guess not really super huge spoilers but

careful with that edge kid, you might get cut.



Super quick doodles! Sorry they took so long to post! Ended up having a few things to do before I could start drawing. I think I’ll do a few more of these later to make up for it.

i was very tempted to just draw joey for all of them but i decided i should try some characters i don’t usually draw so here u go

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What do you think about Kuroto Dan? He seems to be quite popular among many people.

Dan Kuroto = a little too obviously evil but an okay first-arc villain. got a bit weird near the end but, you know, in a fun way! a satisfying experience overall.

⭐✨Neo Ultra Hyper Dan Kuroto “YOLO99″ the Ultimate God Man✨⭐ = 10000000/10 the best thing to ever happen to this show and I will fight anyone who says otherwise

honestly Dan Sr. and Dan Jr. both being cartoonishly evil, scenery-chomping christmas hams made them legit two of the best characters imo. they were both so unapologetically bugfuck that it was delightful and, let’s be real, they let the show get away with a lot of ridiculous shit that it absolutely should not have. the ultimate invincibility power is gone and we’ve written ourselves into a corner? don’t worry, Kuroto will just literally die eight times while gamejamming up a new one, this time with quicksave! need to bs a cure for Gamedeus? Kuroto will get run over repeatedly by a bike until it pops right out of him for some reason! decide to bring back a dead character at the last minute during the epilogue? Kuroto screams “I AM GOD!!” and suddenly his virtual mother-daughter is alive again! but like….it all actually kind of worked somehow, just because he’s Dan the Literal Deus Ex Machina Man, and he will not be questioned.

I do wish there’d been more development with him and Poppy though…I really would’ve liked to have seen more of her relationship with Kuruto, and at least some kind of acknowledgement of her from Dan Sr. (to a point anyway, I love him but he’s still a huge creepazoid and she deserves better). I was super interested in that aspect of their characters and it just felt completely wasted after the, like, 30 seconds they gave us. :( but that’s why we have fanfiction I guess?