i got really emotional making this!!!

does it even matter anymore? 

she is too “busy”

well for me 

im alone now 

but it doesnt matter

because I always have been

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Do you believe you deserve your wife or children? You lied, and Yuugi hurt.

Atem was silent for a moment as he stood there. That hurt. Those words were something he honestly felt about himself. Did he deserve them? He hurt the one woman who meant the most to him and yet he still did what he did but, he only did it because he wanted to raise Yuugi up.

To him, her happiness and success was important. She deserved the spotlight and not him. 

“Sometimes…I don’t really know the answer to that…maybe I don’t but, she’s still with me. I..don’t regret what I did. I lied to her because I wanted to see her chase her dreams without limits. I don’t want debt or money problems to get in the way of what she wants to do. I’ve already held her back because she has a family with me. It’s my fault..but, I know we both love our lives with the twins..” Here, Atem smiled warmly at the thought of their children.

“Yuugi and our little ones give me the joy in life I never experienced as a Pharaoh…they are what keeps me together. I love them and would do anything for them. Even if that meant causing myself pain and suffering. I would make sure they’re happy and taken care of.”


things to expand on: this—–

croc is really bad with feelings. like. really bad. and it’s definitely because he could never show his because his aunt would be mad, and he could never help his aunt with hers or approach her like a child would when she was feeling depressed anytime someone dumped her because she would get mad as well. not to mention his skin condition and the treatment people outside his house would give him. he just never had a chance to deal with feelings, neither his nor other’s, in a healthy way.

which leads me to thinking he avoids opportunities to actually healthy relationships on purpose because he doesn’t feel worthy of them and is in some part afraid of feeling something other than anger, which is what was taught to him until he hit like 16 years.

which is why his friendship choices are always people who have committed really serious crimes. he has always been treated like someone (something) without feelings just by his appearance. he’s been treated like a monster, which is what society also calls the people he tends to befriend (j-oker, harley, crane, sionis, etc). point is, he doesn’t see his friends as capable of having something as emotions, which makes it easy for him to get along with them.

I keep meaning to make a compilation of random headcanons about different Dirk Gently characters but I’m really braindead today and I can’t remember all of them so here’s what I can remember:

  • Estevez’s favorite season is winter
  • Estevez secretly still thinks ragecomics are hilarious

That’s it that’s the post