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Day Nine

Know how my lesson was awesome yesterday? It was not as awesome today. 

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I mean, it was totally fine during Block 2, but this Block 4 class I have on B days is something else… There are a handful of boys who are just not used to being held to expectations, so they keep acting out, and it is taking all of my effort to respond patiently and calmly- and to hold the line! So we clash, but five minutes later it’s all good and we’re chatting about basketball (ball is life!) as I show them how to do an MLA citation or something. 

It’s going to exhaust me, but I’m going to work it out.

What else? I had a really fun advisory block. We spent it fiddling with the adaptive scheduler program in preparation for us starting to do flex time, and that sparked a conversation about future goals. And why everyone ought to take personal finance. It was good stuff.

I went to see my mentee, Ms. J, during Block 5 to plan some observations and talk about how things are going so far.  Then I convinced Mr. I that he should let me tag along for payday drinks with him and his mentee, Mr. T, which was good fun. I like their company a lot.

Day Thirteen

Today started with a PLC meeting, as all Thursdays do. Mr. T and I discussed World Cultures-y things, and talked about open house- which is next week- since he’s new. We had some time before the first bell, so I went and found Ms. N, the case manager for all my ninth graders with IEPs (sidenote: having one case manager attached to a team is a big benefit of teaming). I wanted to talk to her about a student, but we decided we need a bigger meeting with Mrs. T and The SpEd Director, so that’s going to happen tomorrow.

I spent Block 1 editing current events essays so I could give them back to my World students for revision. And, cue the music of triumph, everything went as well today as it did yesterday, even in Block 4. I still had to redirect kids, but they responded so much more quickly, and without any back talk. The one boy I was having trouble with? Was all good. 

I have no idea what I did.

Maybe it was our chat after last class, maybe it was that I replied to a Remind text he sent to ask about an assignment. Maybe it wasn’t me at all. 

But I’ll take it.

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I forgot my lunch, so I dashed down to the awesome bagel shop and deli about a mile from the school so I could get a sandwich. They had fresh chocolate chip cookies, so I grabbed three. I ate one, gave one to Mr. F because we’re buddies, and gave the other to Mr. T because he hadn’t had one of this place’s cookies yet. So good.

I spent Block 5 prepping all my stuff for next class, so I stayed after for a bit to do my grading. It was about 4 when I left, and I decided I needed an afternoon coffee. The baristas call me “Coach” or “Teach.’ 

Yes, I am!