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bit random but.. the picture of your red dragon bath bomb... the white dice with gold dice in the picture.. do you by chance know where its from? I found one in a random bin pick and love it, looking for more.. thxs for your time!

This one?

I got them off of Amazon, and they were marketed as “Elf Dice” but I am pretty sure they’re fairly common? Maybe chessex or something? Anyway this is the link where I got them 

Sailor Melanin was actually born from an Instagram post on my personal account. I decided to wear two puffs in my hair to work, some glittery makeup and wood moon earrings. I took a picture and captioned it “Sailor Melanin”. My friend was like, “ooh. That would be a cute cosplay!” I agreed, but didn’t think about it until I was in Joanns and walked past some kente fabric.

I bought a body suit from capezios and made the skirt and collar from fabric I bought from Joanns. I actually struggled a bit because I tried to use a pattern I bought…and it was waaaaaay undersized. Numbers lie.

I was super surprised by the response at the con. It went over way better than I thought. I had never been stopped for so many pictures! People told me they were inspired by me, and I was shocked. I inspire people? That was a crazy thought to me. I just thought it would be great to present the idea that there are black girls who grow up with magical girl dreams too. 

I met my best friends through cosplay. I am relaxed and most at peace when sewing a cosplay. Cosplay brings my family together. I found confidence I didn’t know I had, pride that was dormant and a way to physically advocate the things that matter to me.

I don’t care who you are, cosplay is for everybody and EVERY BODY. Never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just to meet a standard. Cosplay the characters you love because you love them:) 

—– https://www.instagram.com/ladylocosplay/

Shopping on Amazon ? use my affilate link https://amzn.to/2NOzs6E

Undercover at Amazon warehouse - brutal reality of working for online giant
Alan Selby went undercover at the firm's Tilbury warehouse in Essex where ambulances are regularly called and where workers face the sack if they fail to pack at least two items per minute
By Alan Selby

‘I spent five weeks at the firm’s newest warehouse in Tilbury, Essex, armed with a secret camera bought from Amazon’s own website. I found staff asleep on their feet, exhausted from toiling for up to 55 hours a week. Those who could not keep up with the punishing targets faced the sack – and some who buckled under the strain had to be attended to by ambulance crews.

Timed toilet breaks, impossible targets and exhausting, “intolerable” working conditions are frequent complaints. Staff have been paid less than the living wage, and it even emerged drivers had faced fines for “early” deliveries.

As experts warn of workers facing an increased risk of mental and physical illness, Amazon repeatedly promised to clean up its act. But a whiteboard in the plant for staff comments suggests it has far to go.

There were complaints of filthy toilets and breaks still too short.

One asked: “Why are we not allowed to sit when it is quiet and not busy? We are human beings, not slaves and animals.”

I was told by one worker: “I expected it to be all modern and powered by robots in here, but my eyes are wide open now.”

My own story of how I became a human robot could not have been darker. Shifts began in the gloom at 7.30am and ended at 6pm, long after the sun had gone down…

Two half-hour breaks were the only time off my feet, but it was barely enough time to race to the canteen and wolf down some food to keep my energy up.

My body ached, and my fitness tracker showed I walked at least 10 miles most days.

Despite being a keen marathon runner, the physical effort left me feeling dizzy, and I worried I might keel over if I kept pushing myself as hard as I needed to meet my targets.

One colleague was taken to hospital by ambulance when they collapsed on the job, after struggling on despite feeling unwell.

Another ambulance was called after a girl suffered a panic attack when she was told compulsory overtime would mean her working up to 55 hours a week over Christmas.

One of my colleagues told me: “Everybody suffers here. I pulled my hamstring but I just had to carry on. My friend spent two days off after she damaged her knee ligaments.”

With my secret camera, I documented colleagues snatching a moment to rest their aching feet when supervisors could not see them. Less lucky ones were told off after being caught taking a breather. Some simply slept where they stood.

Since October Amazon has been racing to fill 1,500 roles at the warehouse, the size of 11 football pitches.

It is so vast that just walking to the toilet could take more than five minutes – almost a third of a mile from some of my workstations, and even longer when those on my floor were out of order, as they often were.

If I went, the system would know I had not been active, so the pressure was on to hold it in. To reach the site, named LCY2 after nearby London City airport, workers pay £4 a day from wages for a bus laid on from London…

By halfway through the day I felt drained. If I grumbled I was reminded my numbers would suffer if I stopped. In my final fortnight there were at least two safety incidents that could have seen somebody seriously hurt.

One colleague told me: “At my induction someone was asking why the staff turnover was so high here. It’s because they’re killing people. All my friends think I’m dead. I’m exhausted.”

…At every turn it felt like the human staff were reduced to livestock, existing only to service the machines. The repetitive, monotonous work at its ironically named “fulfilment centre” did me no favours mentally, either. In the early weeks I was depressed, until my brain switched off.

Amazon does not have to enforce a 10-hour day, it could stretch its 40-hour week over five days and add more staff. Extra staff may let it reduce personal targets to lessen the load. But it makes more money by treating its workers as expendable commodities.’

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Green oropendola (Psarocolius viridis)

The green oropendola is a species of bird in the family Icteridae. It is found in wooded habitats in the Amazon basin and Guianas of South America, and is generally common. Uniquely among the oropendolas, the green oropendola has a pale bill with an orange tip. The male green oropendola grows to a length of about 43 cm and the female about 37 cm.This bird usually moves through the forest canopy in mixed species flocks. It is an omnivore, foraging for fruits and insects among the leaves and branches. By consuming whole fruits, it acts as a seed disperser.

photo credits: Ingrid Torres de Macedo, Arjan Haverkamp

Help this kitten!

Thursday night my boyfriend brought home this little baby who is about 6 weeks old. The next morning we took her to the vet and they confirmed what we were already suspicious of. She has ringworm. It’s a highly contagious fungal infection. Because of it she’s already lost patches of fur around her mouth and on her front leg. The vet prescribed us topical drops to put on the areas, but because of how infectious it is we also need to constantly clean everything she comes in contact with. After asking around and doing some research I’ve found some things that would not only help us clean up faster, but also help her heal faster. I put them on an amazon wishlist, it isn’t much but what’s there would be greatly helpful for us!

Making A Sea Altar (For Those Landlocked)

An altar dedicated to the sea is a great way to connect and honor to it especially if you’re landlocked; but you might ask yourself: “How do I make one?” Well, you’d make it like you’d make any altar but you are going to need certain things to make it. Don’t worry, I’ll include where to find the items listed.

Originally posted by colourlessdreams

Must haves:

  • Seashells
    If you’re landlocked most craft stores sell seashells, especially around the summer season. (HOWEVER DO NOT BUY NAUTILUS SHELLS, THEY’RE ENDANGERED.)
  • Sea salt
    Can be found at your local supermarket.
  • Homemade salt water
    Mix sea salt and water together and bam, there ya go.
  • Full Moon water
    You can make full moon water from the comfort of your home.
  • Seaweed snacks
    If you have a Wegmans around your area I know most of them sell organic seaweed snacks.
  • Sand
    Can be found at craft stores or a local Home Depot.
  • Blue candles
    The blue color representing the big blue. 

Optional additions:

  • Aquamarine
    Can be found on Etsy but keep a close eye out for people selling fakes.
  • Ocean Jasper
    Again, can be found on Etsy but keep a close eye our for people selling fakes.
  • Pearls
    Can be found in any jewelry store.
  • Fish netting
    Most fishing and craft stores, especially around the summer season, will sell fish netting.
  • Framed pictures of sea animals
    You can get frames at any craft store and all you need is a printer to get the pictures themselves.
  • Shark teeth
    Shark teeth can be found on Amazon or Etsy. Be wary though when searching on those sites. Make sure the teeth are collected from being washed-up on beaches. Don’t support businesses that kill sharks, always background check a business and where they get their teeth before buying.
  • Nautical jewelry
    Can be found Amazon or Etsy.

What NOT to put on your altar

  • Endangered sea species, ex: dead seahorses, nautilus shells
    If I have to explain why you shouldn’t put endangered species on your altar then I have very little hope for you.

Hope you guys find this helpful! If I missed anything feel free to add on!

It’s here!

Running on Empty, a work of LGBT+ fiction, is available for purchase as a kindle e-book or as a paperback through the Amazon store.

“Ryan Wilson is a talented, bisexual chef with a troubled past. When Ryan was eleven years old, he made himself a promise: “I will never be like my father.” After his mother’s untimely death, Ryan had to learn to take care of himself - and his baby brother - while their father retreated into an absent, alcoholic stupor. But as Ryan grew up, struggling with the increasing burdens of an ambitious brother, an addict father, and his own burgeoning, closeted sexuality, he found that that promise grew increasingly hard to keep, falling prey to his own addictive, self-sabotaging habits.

In the shadow of his 30th birthday, at the bottom of a destructive tailspin, Ryan stumbles across an idyllic lakeside town in the mountains of Colorado. With no one to lean on and nowhere else to call home, Ryan decides to stay. He finds a job in the kitchen of the only restaurant in town, and there he meets Lee, a closed off, mysterious man with a haunted past of his own. And as Ryan settles into his new home, and begins to build real friendships and relationships for the first time in his life, he learns that sometimes the only thing that can help you overcome the demons of your past is love…of friends, of family, of lovers…and of ourselves.”

If you enjoy stories about personal growth, love, and being queer in the modern world, you’ll love Running on Empty! Support your local struggling author, and check it out! 

You can find the ebook or the paperback here!

And if you liked the book, do a gal a favor and leave me a review on Amazon! I’ll give a shoutout on my blog to every reviewer!


Scrying sea mist

This is summer in Florida and I wanted an alternative to fire scrying. So I built one. So I had to make a video to show everyone.

This is a super easy and inexpensive to create. The bowl is just a big bowl I picked up at Goodwill. Some of the shells (the big bleached conch shell and the sand dollar) are ones I found on the beach but the base shells come from a craft bag. And the mister runs about $10 on Amazon. You could also do this with a big glass bowl and lots of water-safe crystals like quartz, amethyst or rose quartz. Or, of course, put a mister in a cauldron for a cool witch vibe. 

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I am beyond excited to watch Good Omens, but lately I've found it difficult to justify the ethics of giving Amazon any of my money. What do you make of this conundrum? Do you know if Terry had any thoughts on the matter? Can you elaborate on why that was the platform you went with to deliver the TV version?

Well, the Television Company we went to and went with was the BBC. Who then, because they could not afford to make Good Omens as written in the scripts, joined forces with Amazon to make it, as a co-production. So about half a year after it’s aired on Amazon, you should be able to watch it on terrestrial networks: the BBC in the UK and and on other broadcast stations around the world.

I think it is fair to say that Terry’s attitude was that he wanted his books and adaptations in people’s hands and on their screens.

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how do u get ur skin so beautiful? also what type of foundation do u use? ur face is so BEAUTIFUL!

oh my goooooodddd kathleen (can I call you katie?? or do you prefer kathleen?) how are you always such a beautifully kind soul????

and not to sound too much like a feat. post on the instagram homepage, but i really do think it has everything to do with good skincare > expensive foundation! (considering I use drugstore FitMe liquid foundation for like $7 lol)

first up!! i use target’s rip off of neutrogena eyemakeup remover to get my eyeliner + brow gel off. otherwise I use marshall’s makeup remover wipes, before: 

Nourish Organic Facial Cleanser, $7.67 on Amazon

I picked it up on a whim in a Whole Foods a few years back, and have used it ever since! The slightly watery consistency lets a little soap go a loooong way, and I love the slightly tight feeling it leaves on my pores- bc I know it’s not due to any chemicals

this is usually when I use any variety of exfoliating/clay/moisturizing masks, some of my favorites you can see here! not pictured: the L’oreal Activated Charcoal mask I’ve been using lately! (find it in any target/walmart/ulta for around $12) After leaving a mask on & rinsing it, it’s time for:

Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Water Toner, $9.29 on Amazon

Okay, real talk: I honest to god had no idea that this toner would end up with a cultish following in the skincare community, as it’s 10,0000+ reviews on Amazon will attest. I bought this toner in it’s old, original bottle waaay back in 2012 when I found it in a local health food store. it’s ongoing popularity has been a pleasant surprise for me, because the brand damn well deserves it - this toner works brilliantly, and I highly recommend any thayers product!

finally, there’s:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, $27 at Sephora

Okay, bear with me here: this is the most expensive item on my skincare regimen, but for good reason. A. my grandmother used Clinique products religiously, and people were estimating her age at 20+ years younger than her actual age up until she died B. as with my facial soap, a little (just one pump!) goes a long way with this and C. the gel moisturizer, rather than their lotion texture, is great for moisturizing younger, oilier skin without weighing it down. And D, in case you need the added commentary: when I ran out of this in Slovenia in May, I literally walked into a drugstore, pumped their sample bottle into a little baggy a few times, and speedily left bc my skin felt that bad without it.


COSRX Acne Patches, $4.97 on Amazon for 24 pack

Just in case you’ve been living without internet access for the last year or so: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. WE HAVE MIRACLE ACNE TECH. These beautiful clear little circles of magic will naturally adhere to your skin and, MIRACLES OF MIRACLES, suck out all the gross pus & junk that naturally build in white heads and volcanic zits. I usually wash, tone, and moisturize my face, then slap these little stickers on any skin that feels like it’ll be a huge zit in a day or two. Lo and behold, without fail, I’ll wake up the next day to find the stickers puffy and white with now-contained gunk, and my skin beautifully flat & gunk free (if a little raw: nothing moisturizing and leaving it alone can’t fix.) These babies cut my usual timeline of developing a giant zit down from 1-2 weeks into 1 day. I cannot sing their praises highly enough

Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream, $11.91 on Amazon

Did you know about Noxzema? I sure as shit didn’t until a friend leant me some this spring. This is pretty much the granddaddy of all facial washes, everywhere - in addition to more or less being the original cold cream. I was always confused and wonderous as to what exactly “cold cream” was, but it’s apparently an emulsions of fats & lipids that, when applied to the face, melts into the skin overnight for incredibly soft skin. It’s also a brilliant makeup remover/cleanser combo, annnnnd (as my pale ass discovered) seems to be super healing and soothing on sunburns. I constantly reapplied Noxzema on my extreme upper arm burns (we’re talking bright red) and, though it could be placebo speaking, I’m p. confident my sunburn healed substantially sooner than it usually does. Bonus: the eucalyptus leaves facial skin feeling tingly fresh, and soothes sunburnt skin

sorry for the long post, but I hope that helped cherie!! <3