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OK BENDY REALLY!!!!! OK FINE BUT LOOK ON THE INTERNET OK????!!!!!! Now don't come crawling to me when you see the pics and the vids every were. And fine you don't need me but watch when your show dies out and I get one of my very own. Oh and hello Boris! Tell Henry and Joey I said hello. *gives Boris a chew toy (his favorite kind)*

“Fuck..You know how to put a demon in their place..guess you win this one Alice, don’t get your hopes up though.”

I almost forgot the bonus Boris picture! Isn’t he just a sweetheart.

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14, 19, 50, 31

14). Piercings i want: Well I want my seconds on my ears, and then another one up higher (like, a cartilage or something). I think nose piercings are hella cool but I don’t think I could pull it off aha.

19).Middle name: Joyce :)

50). Have you ever seen someone die?: Jesus asking the deep questions I see…aha. But no, I haven’t. 

31). Have you ever taken a picture naked?: Okay, well technically yes but it’s just bc I wanted to show my new necklace and I forgot until I was half way getting undressed and I just couldn’t be bothered to put a bra/shirt back on so…I mean, you couldn’t see anything in the pic so…aha

A conversation had come up regarding a genderbent Mustard cookie this morning. I forgot exactly how it happened but one detail led to another and a few hours later I decided to put a pencil to paper and draw him.

Holy woah I’m bad at putting things into text


Pearl, the worlds most spoiled mouse


Pearls cage is the bottom half of a critter nation giving her 36 x 25 x 25 inches of space.

She’s got tubes for climbing that lead up to her space pod, but she still enjoys climbing up the sides and trying to get me to come give her cuddles.

She’s got two food bowls, one for her blocks and one for treats and veggies. A pile of Timothy hay that has a mixture of millet seeds, and other grains and seeds for natural foraging.

A large wheel to ensure her spine doesn’t bend unnaturally and leave her hurting

A hammock up top that she likes storing things in and a mini pocket one on the side of her cage that she likes sitting in.

3 huts and several tubes, a lovely platform near her large hammock.

Several chew toys (not pictured I forgot to put them all back before taking photos.)

She’s estimated to be between 6-9 months when I adopted her about a month ago.

She’s a single lady, who had not gotten along with any female they had tried to introduce so unless I find the perfect match she’s a single lady who’s spoiled rotten.

Who I Was (MarkxReader) Pt.6

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Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5 , Pt.7 

“Sora’s here.” I said, when I got back into mine and Harper’s room. 

“What?” Harper jumped off the bed, surprised. I ran to the door, and looked in the hallway, seeing Mark and Sora walking down it. “What’re you going to do?” Harper asked, looking as well. 

“Definitely not continuing whatever this is.” I say, closing the door, and sitting on the bed.

“You can’t really take anything back.” Harper said, sitting next to me.

“Don’t you think I know that?” 

“I swear, you better not drag me into this.” Harper sighed, falling back on the bed.

There was knocking on our door, so I went up to get it. Jackson busted into the room as soon as the door opened.

“Sora’s here, so you need to be extra careful.” He said, running his fingers through his hair.

“What did you say?” Harper asked, looking at Jackson.

“Huh? Oh. Nothing, I just, uh nothing, it’s nothing.” Jackson said, trying to play it off like it was nothing. I guess they don’t know that they both know about what’s going on.

There was an awkward silence for a second, before Jackson quickly turned around, and tried to leave the room. By doing so, he ran into Mark, who was just about to knock on the door. 

“I thought you were going on a walk.” I said, eyeing him.

“Yeah, I told Sora to meet me in the lobby. Can I talk to you for a second?” Mark asked, ignoring the other two in the room.

I looked at Harper, then back at Mark. “Uh, sure.” I said, trying to act nonchalant. He pulled me into his room, and let out a big sigh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was coming on tour.” He said, talking really low.

“It’s fine, we shouldn’t have done anything anyways. I shouldn’t have let it go this far. It’s my fault.” I said, looking at the ground.

“It’s not your fault, we can still-” Mark started, but I cut him off. 

“Mark, she’s your girlfriend, whatever this thing is between us, it needs to stop.” I say, pointing between me and him. “I’ve been cheated on before, and it sucks. I don’t want her to go through that.” At this point, tears were stinging my eyes. He tried to reach out to me, but I pulled away. “You still love her, I can tell, so be with her.” I say, a tear escaping my eye. I wiped it away angrily, and crossed my arms. I knew this would happen, so there’s no reason to cry about it, but I can’t stop.

“Don’t cry, please.” Mark said, holding my shoulders. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have even gotten attached like this.” I said, looking away from him. “I’m just going to go.” I pushed him out of the way, and left the room quickly. 

I immediately go and find Jackson, him usually being the person I go to when I’m feeling down like this. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, already waiting for me out in the hall. He pushed himself off the wall, and made his way over to me, pulling me into a hug. “What did Mark talk to you about? Sora didn’t find out did she?” He asked, quietly.

“No, but can we just go get some ice cream or something? I need to get out of here.” I asked, pulling away from him, and sniffling a bit.

He nodded, understandingly, and we both walked out of the hotel towards the nearest ice cream place. Jackson bought the ice cream for me, and we sat at a table inside.

“So, you wanna tell me what happened now?” Jackson spoke from the silence.

I let out a long sigh, and looked at my ice cream. “I told him to be with Sora.” I said, sadly.

“Oh.. I’m sorry.” Jackson moved his chair so he could sit beside me, rather than across from me. He put his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me.

“It’s stupid. I shouldn’t be this upset, but I am. I’m the one who put this on myself.” I said, hanging my head down low. 

“It’s not stupid. You did put it on yourself though, but it’s not stupid to feel hurt about it.” There was a short pause, before he stood up. “Let’s head back. I’ve got a concert tomorrow. We should both get some rest.” Jackson said, putting his arm around my shoulders. 

We both walked back to the hotel in silence. Since Sora was here, she slept in Mark and Jackson’s room, and I had to stay in my actual room for the night. Harper was already in the bed when we walked into the room. 

“Hey, you okay?” Harper asked, peeking her head from the covers.

“Fine.” I answered simply, before throwing myself on the bed. “I just wanna go home.” I say into my pillow. 

I felt Jackson pat my head. “It’ll be okay. It’ll all work out.” He said, before leaving the room. 


The next morning, the boys had rehearsals before the concert today, and we all decided to tag along, since it was either that or stay in the hotel all day. I avoided Mark the whole time. Anytime he would come up to talk to me, I’d either walk away, or pretend to be busy with something and ignore him. I could tell Sora noticed his efforts in trying to talk to me, she didn’t look too happy. I went over, and sat next to Harper, to avoid anymore awkwardness. 

“So, what happened last night?” She asked, as soon as I sat down.

“Nothing, I just told him to be with Sora. It was the right thing to do.” I mumble, barely audible for her to hear. Mark and I made eye contact, but I quickly looked away. 

“Hey. Don’t the boys dance really well?” Sora said, sitting next to us, and admiring the boys on the stage. 

“Oh, yeah. I wish I could dance like that.” Harper said, laughing a little. How can she act like nothings going on so well? 

Sora was about to say something else, but she got a phone call, and excused herself from the room, walking outside and answering the call. 

When she came back, she had a fallen face. She sat back down, and let out a long sigh. 

“What’s wrong?” Harper asked, watching her, concerned. 

“I have to go back to Korea tomorrow morning. Twice has a music bank to go to, and I have to be there.” She said, sounding sad. 

I couldn’t help but feel a little happy about this. I had to remind myself that nothing between me and Mark can happen. 

“I have to call my manager, and ask him to book me a flight home.” Sora sighed, looking at her phone. “Damn, my phone just died, I forgot to put it on the charger last night. Can I borrow yours?” She asked, looking up at me.

“O-oh, yeah, sure.” I said, handing her my phone from my pocket. She unlocked it, and looked at the screen for a second. 

“Why is your lockscreen and home screen both pictures of Mark?” She asked, looking at me, confused. I must’ve forgotten to change it back. Harper stared at me with wide eyes. 

“Oh, he took a bunch of pictures on my phone one night, and changed all of my backgrounds and stuff to his pictures. I haven’t gotten around to changing them yet…” I recovered, looking away from her like it was no big deal. I prayed that she didn’t go throw my texts, if she did, then we’d definitely be in some big trouble.

“Hm, okay…” She said, eyeing me suspiciously. She dialed a number, and got up to talk to her manager. 

“Really, (Y/N)? Why didn’t you change it?” Harper whispered/yelled at me.

“Look, I wasn’t thinking about it, and the pictures are just really cute.” I pouted.

“Look, you say nothing can happen between you guys, so you need to start making some changes, and that would be one of them . The other would be being friends, and not trying to avoid him, because that makes it obvious.” Harper said, looking at Mark, and then back at me. 

“I know.” I say in a small voice, looking at the ground.

“Thanks for letting me use your phone.” Sora said, plopping next to us, and handing back my phone, leaving everything silent and awkward again.

   Practice ended, and we all had to go backstage for the boys to get ready for the concert. Sora sat down beside Mark, and sighed.

“So, I have to leave tomorrow morning.” She informed Mark, as he got his hair done.

“What? You just got here though.” He said, not able to look at her, since his hair stylist would hit him for moving. 

“Yeah, but Twice has another thing to do, so… Yeah.” She said, looking sad. Mark looked at me through the mirror for a split second, before he went back to focus on Sora. 

“I’m pretty sure we’ll have a lot of time together when I get back home, don’t worry.” Mark said, trying to make her feel better. 

After the boys got finished getting ready, it was time for them to go out to perform. The three of us watched the concert from the wings of the stage. I hadn’t realized I was staring at Mark, until Harper nudged me.

“You’re staring.” She said, simply.

“Sorry, you’re right.” I say, quickly looking away. 

“Jeez, pull yourself together, okay? He’s not worth it.” She whispered to me.

Throughout the concert, I noticed Mark stealing quick glances at me. He would smile every time our eyes connected, but I tried to ignore it. Once the boys got off the stage, and the concert was over, I went to Jackson to congratulate him on doing a good job. I looked over at Mark as Jackson was talking, to see him spinning Sora around in a hug, smiling and laughing. 

“Can we go back to the hotel now, please? I’m exhausted.” BamBam whined, already getting out of his concert clothes. 

“We should go before he gets naked.” JB laughed, leading us out of the building, and into the van. 

When we got back to the hotel, Mark and Sora had pushed passed everyone, making their way to his room quickly, hand in hand. 

“Well, I guess Sora is finally going to say yes to Mark tonight.” Jackson sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at him curiously.

“Mark has always asked Sora to have sex with him, but she wouldn’t do it, because she’s never done it before.” Yugyeom chimed in.

“Oh, I see.” I say, looking down at the ground, again. It pisses me off how he can just do these things so easily, even after everything that’s happened.

“We should all hurry and get packed, we’ll be moving to a new state tomorrow.” JB said, getting into the elevator, with us following behind, and pressing the button to our floor. 

“Since my room is being ‘used’, I’m gonna head down to the gym, and work out for a bit.” Jackson looked at the door to his and Mark’s room, and sighed.

Harper and I went into our room, and started packing in silence. That silence didn’t last long however, as we could hear literally everything that was happening in Mark’s room beside ours. 

“Oh my god, were we that loud?” I asked, making a disgusted face. 

Harper nodded, making the same face as me. She quickly took out her speakers, and played music, drowning out the noises. “Normally, I’d hang out with Jackson, but since he’s working out, and we have to pack, we just have to bare with it.” She sighed.

~~~ I’m bad at transitions~~~

“Bye everyone, I’ll see you in a few weeks.” Sora waved goodbye to us, as her taxi showed up to take her to the airport. Mark kissed her for the millionth time today, before she got in the car. 

“Bye babe.” He smiled at her, and waved as the car drove off. Everyone went back inside, and as I turned to go in as well, Mark stopped me, and made me face him. “Look, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have moved on you like that last week and stuff…” He paused for a second. 

I couldn’t bare to look him in the eyes, so I looked anywhere but him. “Yeah, no, it’s okay… It’s not like it meant anything or whatever.” I said, crossing my arms.

“Yeah, it’s just, like now that me and Sora have gotten out of that weird awkward stage, it’s like I’ve found my soul mate.” He said.

I raised my eyebrows in shock, and slouched a little. he did not just say that to me. I must be hearing things. 

“For someone with a soulmate, you sure did have sex with me.” I said, almost too loudly.

“Yeah, I know, but like… I didn’t mean to say that.” He said.

I turned away from him, and started walking in the opposite direction from the hotel, angrily. 

“Wait, where are you going?” He asked, curious.

“On a walk.” I said, angrily.

~Harper’s P.O.V~

(Y/N) had been gone for a while, I was starting to get worried. After about two hours, I got up to tell Jackson that she hadn’t come back to the room at all, but as soon as I opened the door, she was standing there, about to put her key card in. 

“There you are. I was getting really worried. We’re leaving for the airport soon.” I said, opening the door fully so she could come in. 

She walked in without a word, and gathered the rest of her things that she hasn’t packed yet. She was silent all the way to the airport, and even on the plane. Jackson noticed how quiet she was being as well, and tried to talk to her a few times, but couldn’t get even one word out of her. 

When we made it to our new hotel, (Y/N) basically locked herself in our room. She wouldn’t come out for literally anything. It was depressing, and I felt extremely bad for her. Thinking of a possible solution for this mess, I quickly went over to Mark’s room, and knocked on his door.

“Oh, do you want Jackson?” Mark asked when he opened the door, seeing it was me. 

“No, I need to talk to you.” I said, pulling him out in the hallway. “You need to talk to (Y/N), she’s been moping around this whole trip, and it’s just sad. She’s a mess, all because of you, and you need to fix it.” I said, sternly. 

“Alright, I’ll talk to her, but what am I supposed to say without making her mad?” Mark asked, a little hesitant. “Oh, hey, yeah, I know we had sex and all, but can you just act like we didn’t? We can still be friends.” He acted as though he was talking to (Y/N).

“Look, you don’t have to be rude about it, just try to talk to her. She’s really hurting, Mark.” I say, practically begging him to talk to her.

“Ok, ok, I’ll try, but I might just make it worse.” Mark said, walking past me, making his way to my shared room with her, 

~~Your P.O.V~~

There was a knock on the door, but my energy was too drained to get up and answer it. But when I didn’t, there were only more knocks to come. I sighed, and went to the door to open it. When I saw Mark standing there, I turned around, and let the door close in his face. He caught the door before it closed, however, and let himself in. 

“Go away.” I say, laying back down in the bed.

“No. We need to talk.” He made his way over to the bed, and sat next to me.

“What else could you possibly want from me?” I asked, scooting away from him. 

“I just want to talk.” He says, scooting closer to me.

“Fine. Make it quick, I’m busy.” I say, sitting up.

“I feel like you’ve been avoiding me lately.” He started. To that, I laughed. It was quite the understatement of the year. “Can we just put the whole thing behind us, and go back to being friends?” He asked, looking at me hopefully. 

“Friends? I don’t think so.” I said, shaking my head.

“Why?” He asked, confused.

“Why? Why he asks. Maybe you haven’t considered this, but I actually cared Mark, you actually meant something. And yes, sure, I knew you were taken, but that’s beside the point. It’s hard to be friends when the person you love is in love with someone else.” I said, not really thinking about the words coming out of my mouth. 

Mark stared at me, surprised by my outburst. 

“What did you just say?” I asked, pointing at him. 

“I didn’t say anything, you said-” He started, but I cut him off by quickly standing up from the bed. 

“No, that’s not, no. I didn’t mean that, that was nothing, just forget it. No, nope. No. No.” I said, leaving the room quickly.

I ran out of the hotel as quickly as I could. Mark caught up with me half way down the street. He’s much quicker than I am. 

He grabbed my wrist to make me stop, and face him. “I didn’t know you felt that way.” He said, trailing off his sentence. 

“Felt what way?” I asked, pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about. 

“Can you stop that?” He said, giving me a look.

“It’s not like you care anyways, I was just some toy to you, that you could just easily throw away. Besides, you have your soulmate now.” I said, shaking my arm away from him. 

“If I didn’t care about you, then I wouldn’t have done any of that stuff with you.” He said, almost angrily. “You think I meant that soulmate bullshit? I said that to convince myself, because I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Oh really?” I crossed my arms, unable to believe him.

“Really.” He nodded.

“Because, it seems that way to me.” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks by now. I tried to walk away again, but he pulled me back, hugging me, and I let him. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. He lifted my chin so I would look at him. “I really am.” He said, before he leaned in, and kissed me as passionately as he could. 

We both heard a click of a camera, and pulled away from each other, seeing some photographer smiling at us, evilly.

“So, who’s this? Someone’s a cheater.” The paparazzi said, amused at the situation. 

“Delete that now.” Mark said, angrily.

The paparazzi shook his head, and laughed. “No way kid, this is gonna get me paid.” He said, before jogging away to a black car, and driving off quickly. 

“This is not gonna end well at all.” I said, holding the bridge of my nose. Why do I keep letting these things happen?

“Come on, let’s just go back to the hotel. We’ll figure something out.” Mark says, leading me back to the hotel. By the time we got back to the room, I was on the verge of a panic attack. As soon as I saw Jackson, I ran to hug him, and burst out in tears. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked, holding onto me tightly.

“Me and Mark kissed, and this guy took our picture, and now it’s going to go everywhere and Sora’s gonna find out.” I said all at once, while sobbing into Jackson’s shoulder. 

Mark tried to come up to me, and comfort me, but Jackson held his hand up to him. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough trouble tonight?” Jackson says, a little too harshly.

“This is America, it’s not like the photo will be published in Korea right away.” Harper says, getting her phone out, and looking through the internet. “Oh my god.” She says in a panic.

“What?” I look up at her, tears still streaming down my face.

“Nothing, everything’s fine, it’s, what? Nothing. Like Mark who? Am I right?” She said, throwing her phone behind her. Her phone started ringing, but she wasn’t even attempting to answer it. 

“Your phones ringing.” I pointed out through sobs. 

“I don’t think it is.” She said, scratching the back of her head.

“Yes it is. Answer it.” I sniffed.

“…No.” Harper said, shaking her head.

“It’s stressing me out more, just answer it.”

“I don’t think I wanna.”

“I’ll answer it.” Jackson said, letting go of me, and picking the phone up. “Hello…..? Oh, hey, Sor- Man.” He said into the phone. “Woops, can’t talk now, bye.” Jackson said really fast, before hanging up, and throwing the phone back down. “It was that guy, that was like… Just come here.” He gave up on trying to explain, and pulled me into a hug again, trying to calm me down. 

“Mark, you gotta fix this.” Harper said, running her fingers through her hair. Mark’s phone started to ring nonstop. Sora was blowing his phone up with texts, and calls, but he refused to answer.

The boys barged into our room, bombarding us with questions, which was only making my panic attack worse. 

“Everyone, outside, now. Harper, you and (Y/N) stay in here. Feed her something, and get her some water.” Jackson ordered, before pushing all the boys out into the hall. 

~~Third person P.O.V~~

“How’d you let this situation get so out of hand, Mark. I’m so disappointed in you.” JB says, crossing his arms, staring Mark down.  

“I don’t… I don’t know.” Mark hung his head low, avoiding the eyes of all the boys.

“I swear to god, you need to fix this.” Jackson said, crossing his arms.

“How!?” Mark yelled. “She’s seen it, I imagine she’s super pissed, and never wants to have anything to do with me. There’s no way to possibly fix this.” He said, thinking about what to do, and letting out a long sigh. 

“You need to talk to her, or something. Make up some story about how (Y/N) wa having a panic attack, and you didn’t know what to do, and freaked out.” Yugyeom suggested, not wanting Sora’s heart to be completely broken.

“I say, let her break up with his dumb ass.” Jackson said, rolling his eyes at Mark. 

“Just call her, and tell her the truth, there’s no need in hiding anything.” JB said, handing Mark his phone. 

Mark took the phone, and called Sora. She picked up on the third ring, making Mark even more anxious once he heard her voice.

“Sora…” Mark sighed, looking at the boys. JB ushered everyone out of the room, to give Mark privacy. Sora didn’t say anything, but Mark could hear her sniffling.

“Sora, I’m so sorry-” Before he could continue, Sora butted in. 

“You should be sorry, Mark. Is that why you were acting weird when I showed up to surprise you?” Sora was almost yelling through the phone.

“No, that was the first time.” Mark lied.

“You know lying isn’t going to make this any better. Tell me right now what you guys have been doing.” Sora said sternly.


“If you lie to me, we’re done.” She said, cutting him off again. Mark was silent, hesitant to say anything. “Okay, whatever, why don’t I just end this, and you go do whatever the fuck you want with (Y/N).” Sora was crying now, and Mark could tell. It broke his heart to hear her suffer like this, but he knew what he did was wrong, and now he’s paying for it. 

“If I tell you, then you’re going to break up with me.” Mark said, quietly.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m going to break up with you anyways, so.” 

It got quiet for a few seconds, before Mark took a deep breath. “We had sex, okay? Is that what you want to hear?” Mark said, his voice shaking. 

“How many times?” Sora asked, not really wanting to hear the answer.

“The whole first week… Everyday before you showed up. I was desperate, we hadn’t done it at all, and we’ve been dating for so long. I needed it.” Mark tried to make an excuse, but Sora wasn’t listening. Mark could hear the sound of Sora’s phone hit the floor. 

“Sora will have to call you back later.” Sana said, after picking her phone up. She hung up the phone, before Mark could say anything. 

Mark let his arms go limp by his side, while the boys filed back into the room. “Well?” Jackson asked, crossing his arms. Mark shook his head, and left the room quickly. 

“I guess it didn’t go well.” Youngjae says, looking at the door. 

“Whatever, we’ll deal with this later. Remember, we’re still on tour, so we have to focus on that.” JB said. “I’ll call the manager, and see if he can do anything about it. In the meantime, get ready for practice.” He pulled out his phone, and left the room as he called their manager.

“I’ll go talk to Mark.” Jackson said, starting to leave the room as well.

“Don’t be too rough on him, okay?” BamBam spoke, before Jackson could fully leave the room.

“Don’t be too rough? He used my best friend as a sex toy for a whole week, threw her away like she was nothing, now he does this? I’m going to be rough.” Jackson said, leaving the room angrily. 

So that was episode 43! I don’t have a picture up above because I forgot to take one of the credits and I’m too lazy to go reopen the video. Deal with it.

This episode was incredible! The entire scene with Envy had such gorgeous and fluid animation, if I didn’t know better I would think I was watching a film, not just a standard ol’ TV episode! And then there was Doctor Marcoh, the clear MVP of the episode. He finally put his money where his mouth is and fought against the forces that controlled his life, and boy did he fight.

As far as the cast goes, Marcoh is particularly subdued and subtle. But even still, his personal arc has been very engaging up to this point, and it was fantastic to see him get a sort of redemption for the things he has done. I never would have guessed that he’d be the one to take down Envy.

It was absolutely cathartic to see what happened to Envy this episode. It was also very, very slimy and gross. Seriously, yuck.

From there, man! So many things happened! More Yoki shaming, touching farewells, a haunting ending, and a very exciting post-credits scene. I just… Man, this episode was great!

Keeping in mind that I rate episodes not by objective quality, but by my personal level of enjoyment… I rate episode 43 an 11/10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s third to date.

See you with more FMA:B later!

Final Farewells


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III ; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok x Original Character

Summary: You ran away from him when you found out his secret in the gang, but you didn’t think you’d miss him this much

Word Count: 2333

Credit to gif owner


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Evak’s First Vacation

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Can’t stop thinking about what their first trip somewhere would look like (inspired by Henrik’s trip w/ his friends and Lea)

  • Arguing about what to pack and what stays (“Isak, you’re not allowed to take textbooks with you. Like, I’m actually offended that you thought this was an option.” “Fine, but you need to put at least four hoodies back. It’s going to be so hot there.” “But my aesthetic”)

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The Proposal Part 7

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The Proposal Masterlist


Contains: Angst

(only 2 more parts- technically 1 if you don’t count the epilogue)



Anonymous: Holy heck! Spencer no!!!! Gosh we need part 7 of the proposal asap!


Awkward was one way to put your relationship with Spencer. Other words to fill that category was weird, lonely and depressing. You longed for him to just talked to you or…something.

Spencer was barely acknowledging your presence, and you were lucky that he was even sticking around. Why? You weren’t really sure. Maybe he was still guilty about your father.

It seemed his presence was hurting you more then helping you. Your heart ached every time he walked past you, heart still fluttering whenever he accidentally touched you. At least at work he was behind the doors and you could serve without worrying that you were going to bump into him.

Your lovesick disease only seemed to get worse when Spencer announced he was going to be spending nights with /her/ and sneaking in early in case your mother came back around. Apparently you repulsed him to the core so much that he couldn’t even sleep in the same area as you.

At the moment, you were staring out the window of the living room, hating yourself. More so for the fact that you looked like Bella Swan from the second twilight movie. Well, it was a close second.

“Why are you moping about? Haven’t you heard I’m back?” A familiar voice made you jump, wrapping your arms around your sister’s frame. “That’s more like it Y/n!” She laughed, her arms sliding around to meet your back.

“I totally forgot that you were coming back this week!  I’ve just had so much on my mind lately!” You tried explaining.

“I bet! Wedding aren’t easy to plan you know! Take it from me, I just had one… So, how are you and your fiancée?” She made her way through the house, seeming to inspect it for something.

“Uh, yeah, about that…” You started, trying to figure out how to tell her about everything without seeming like a jerk that was lying to your father and stealing your sisters spotlight.

“Let’s not talk about this in here, c'mon, let’s do something fun….like shopping, or drinking.” She waggled her brows, shooing you to grab your purse. You forgot how eccentric your sister was. You weren’t sure how much you missed that certain feature.

After what your sister like to call “Treat yourself- bride edition”, she made you wear one of the outfits out of the store and wear it out. You had no idea what game she was trying to play, but you knew she was up to something. Especially when she brought you to a bar. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of wine every now and then but had said multiple times that he was not an avid enthusiast for bars. More so now then ever because she was married and guys would be trying to hit on her all night.

“Alright, answer some of my questions. How is Spencer? How are you?” She asked when the both of you were situated with your drinks. You spun your stirrer straw slowly, stumbling around on trying to form a sentence.

“Do you remember Mattie Noel?” You asked, and she nodded, eyes squinting with suspicion. “She's…tried latching her hooks onto him.” You put it out there as best as you could, watching as she moved her hand in a dismissive way. “Spencer only has eyes for you, trust me. Don’t worry about that bitch.” You almost laughed at how ironic that sentence was, taking a large gulp of your drink. After some more minutes of conversation, someone’s phone started to ring loudly.

“Oh shoot, I think that’s me.” Your sister set her drink down, digging through her purse, stopping and wincing. “Y/n, I think I left my phone at your house when I came to pick you up!” Your sister slapped her face, zipping back up her purse. “What if it’s (h/h/n)? It’s it okay if we head back to the guest house?”

“Oh yeah, of course.” You placed done your drink, standing up and pretending to dust yourself off. You weren’t really feeling the scene anyways, bars never really being your thing.

The drive was filled with your sister filling you in on her honeymoon, literally, /everything// about her honeymoon, talking about future plans and trying to ask about you and Spencer. You tried avoiding most of the questions, and it seemed to work.

“Alright, let’s go.” You stated once you pulled up to the driveway in front of the guest house. You thought you saw a light turn off and you shook your head, thinking you must be finally losing it.

“Um. I’m not exactly sure where you left it but feel free to- AH!” You fell back into the wall as you opened the door and flipped the light switch only to be met with about 15 pairs of eyes. “What the- W-what the…” Your own orbs were wide and brows furrowed. Your sister laughed, patting your shoulder reassuringly.

“Surprise! It’s your bridal shower!” She bounced excitedly, leading you over to a chair. You started to recognize your friends from back home, your mother, your sister and a few friends from the restaurant.

“This really wasn’t necessary…” You mumbled, stumbling a bit. “Really. I don’t deserve your gifts.” You waved your friends off, cheeks pinking. If they only knew how much you really didn’t deserve this.

“Here, open mine first!” Your sister thrusted a bright pink box into your lap, and you almost rolled your eyes at the obnoxious color but opened it nonetheless. Through the hours, you opened all the gifts (some more appropriate then others), drank some wine, and failed to notice your mother’s quietness.

“There’s still one more gift! It’s from mom!” Your sister cried, bringing out the last wrapped box. Your mother’s face seemed to pale and she opened her mouth to say something when your sister interrupted her. “I saw it hidden in the closet and figured you must have forgot about where you put it. It was no problem really. Now, c'mon y/n, open it up.”

After taking off the bright paper and the Macy’s box that your mother used for every holiday box, you were met with a book, a picture of Spencer on one knee at your sister’s wedding, when you forced him to propose to you on the top. “What’s this?” You softly asked, fingers rubbing Spencer’s frame over the plastic covering.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I was just digging through the basement and some old pictures came up. Add those with the ones I’ve been taking of the two of you and….” Her sentence faded out as you started flipping through the pages.

Pictures of you and Spencer as toddlers, chubby limbs wrapped up in each other. As little kids, reading or “cooking”. Spencer trying to teach you how to play chess when you were 12, always losing because you believed the pawns were more important then any other piece. Rare visits to Caltech when you were both 14, both awkward and gangly. Pictures of you at Spencer’s graduation and vice-versa. The pictures didn’t pick back up until the wedding, a few candid shots, pictures of you both working at the restaurant and sitting on the couch when you were watching Star Wars. Lastly, the proposal once more, zoomed in on both your faces. Even though you had just shoved him on the ground exactly 2 seconds earlier, Spencer looked focused, and your fake smile looked genuine.

“I cant do this anymore.” You whispered, shocking yourself when a tear landed on the scrapbook page. “I’m so sorry. You guys…” You got up, rushing out of the room, the cold air kissing your face once you escaped through the front door.

“Hon! Honey! Come back!” Your mother called after you, following you outside. “Y/n, baby, I know.” You looked up at her, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.

“You know? You know that this whole thing was fake?” You asked, throwing up your arms in the air. If your mother could see it, then everyone else probably knew too. God, this whole thing was so stupid. Why did the idea even pop into her head?

“I saw him making out with another girl while I was trying to book a wedding venue.” Your mom explained, hand coming up to cup your cheek. Your own hand came to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“No mom, I have to be honest with you, this whole marriage was a sham. I forced Spencer to propose to me.” She stepped back, head cocking to the side and brows raising. “Dad said he wished he could have two daughters married….” You explained, and your mother seemed to understand.

“Darling, he didn’t mean it in this way..” She engulfed you in a hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re still in love with him aren’t you? You have been since before you knew what love was.” She asked and you nodded, cries beginning, thankful that they were slightly muffled.

“It’s okay honey, let it all out.”


(3rd Person POV)

Overtime, your comments really started to bug Spencer. Your tone, your bitter words, kept repeating in his mind and for the millionth time he wished that he didn’t have an eidetic memory. He couldn’t believe you had spoken to him that way. You had never expressed that type of rage before.

He had known you for practically his entire life and you had never steered him wrong, always being the person to try and draw him out of his shell. Always his defender, his best friend until you two had started drifting apart after you graduated and he joined the FBI. Even then, you would try to call once every month, trying to keep updated with him, his life, job, mother, etc.

Spencer usually had a good intuition about people, and Mattie seemed lovely enough, so why would Y/n tell him all those awful things about the woman he had start to care for?

“You know, Y/n told me that you used to know each other in high school. What was that like? Were you guys friends?” He tried to subtly press the subject. Mattie laughed, taking a sip of her drink and leaning her head on her hand, eyes slightly glossing over in a nostalgic manner.

“Well, I used to pick on her.” She shrugged, taking a bite of her food like what she had just said was nothing. “I mean, she deserved right?” Spencer was in the middle of picking up his glass to take a sip when he stopped at her remark.

“What do you mean by that?” Mattie seemed confused that she was even asked a question like that but out of the corner of her mind, she remembered that someone like him didn’t attend their high school.

“She was like a blister, ugly to look at, you know. She always had to let everyone know how she was smarter then everyone else. She didn’t let me cheat or anything and… well, just annoying really. She hasn’t changed much since high school.” Spencer seemed to stare at her for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Mattie’s brows raised. “I mean, you’ve known her for a little while right? Isn’t she just…annoying? I mean, she asked you to marry her because she’s too pathetic to find herself an actual fiancé.” Spencer couldn’t believe the words he was hearing, and had to stop his jaw from dropping. It all made sense now, everything you said!

“Oh my- I actually defended you against her! I’m so stupid, I should have known Y/n would never lie to me! She never has before!” Spencer stood up, running his hands over his face angrily. “You…I can’t even come up with any words to describe a snake like you!” He stormed off, already trying to work on how to fix everything he did.

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?” She screeched, and Spencer ignored her, running outside to hail a cab. He quickly dialed your number and the call ended up going straight to voicemail. A second and third time, voicemail. Either something was wrong or you were still pissed off. Yo had every right to be. Oh god, why didn’t he listen to you?!

After yelling your address to the cab driver, he dialed Morgan, quickly explaining everything that had developed recently. Being Spencer’s friend, Morgan tried not to judge too harshly, but couldn’t help the exasperated sigh that escaped his mouth as he said, “Sounds like she’s in love with you, you idiot. You don’t even have to be a profiler to figure that one out buddy.”

“Well- I- I- Uh-” Spencer stumbled a bit, his brain fried. “Spencer,’ his friend scolded through the phone speaker. How do you feel about Y/n?” Morgan was met with silence and he sighed. “What I mean is…. can you be yourself around Y/n? Do you think about her when she isn’t in the room? How would you feel if she had asked someone else to be in your shoes hm?” Spencer stayed quiet for another moment.

If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with her then anyone, even you guys. I think about her a lot, although recent thoughts weren’t exactly….romantic. If she had asked someone else,’ Spencer whistled lowly. “I wouldn’t have…I… I don’t like that question. She asked me, that’s that.” He answered, brows furrowing when he heard his friends laughter on the other end of the line.

“Then she’s the one. Simple as that. ”

“I…have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up when he saw your house approaching in the window of the cab, exiting the vehicle and throwing a random wad of cash at the driver, bolting for the guest house. He fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door.

“Y/n! Y/n!” He yelled throughout the guest house, realizing you were gone. He ran over to the main house, which was locked, and looked through all the windows like a mad man. He dialed your number 2 more times and grunted loudly when your automated voice message met his ears instead of your voice. His phone rang just before he was able to dial your number again, and he immediately answered it. “Y/n?”

“Her mother.” An unamused voice greeted his ears. “Listen, before you say another word, Y/n’s father is at the hospital, not that you seem to care. Hopefully I haven’t interrupted your making out sessions hm? Anyways, just figured I’d let you know since you seemed so eager to be a part of this family…” Your mother snapped, hanging up.

The hospital?

“Oh no..” He mumbled dialing for a cab, only thinking of you.

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A/N- This was an ask from a while ago that the person forgot to put on anonymous so they asked me not to write it in the answer. Anyways the ask was “Could you wrote something where Joker wakes the reader up with sex or something? Like that? I don’t know why I’m asking lol” Sorry it took me so long to get to this one but I hope you enjoy it, thanks to @auntiemama1
For the inspiration with your recent Joker pictures 🖤💋

You’re eyes haven’t even opened but a moan has escaped from between your lips and all your senses have been woken up.
His capped teeth glide down your neck and you can feel the smile on his face, he reaches your collarbone with a light suck and kiss.
Your arms are by your side and you almost feel paralyzed, you keep your eyes closed and press your lips together trying to silence yourself.
One of his hands is holding himself over you while the other is making its way up your shirt, as he squeezes your breast he growls deeply and it takes everything in you to not reach for him.
His mouth covers a part of your neck again, he bites a little harder hoping for a reaction from you.
You hate that you can never tell him to stop and mean it, you try to mouth the word but as soon as your lips part a moan escapes again.
He takes advantage of the moment and works the spot on your neck till he knows a mark will be left, his hand under your shirt working your breast and nipple and you can’t help but writhe under him. You go to finally move your hands and his hand quickly left from under your shirt to around your throat.
Your eyes open to be met with the grin you love so much, his eyes are wide and blue above you as he cocks his head to side with a whispered “Tsk, tsk,tsk.”
His grip tightens around your throat and you try to hide your enjoyment but he knows, he knows every game you love to play and he knows just how much pain you can take.
“You know this game well doll, no touching. Me or yourself, understood?”
You nod and bite in your lower lip.
His hand leaves your throat and reaches between your legs, you can feel a wave surge through your body before he even touches you.
His fingers run over your clit and you inhale sharply as you feel like you’ve been waiting ages for his touch.
“I love when you’re soaked, my little slut.”
He positions himself between your legs and you bend your knees up letting him get closer.
He runs his tip over your slit and you moan again, you grip the sheets so you don’t reach up for him because all you want to do is dig your nails into his porcelain skin and leave your own marks on him.
He slides himself in your slowly, your body reacts to his length as your back arches and your can feel your nails hitting the palm of your hand through the sheets.
He doesn’t waste any time as he finds his rhythm, his hips slamming against yours and his hands holding onto both of your thighs as he’s kneeled between your legs.
You bounce against his movements and your moans grow with his grunts, his fingertips pressing harder into your skin and your moans quickly turning to screams of his name.
His thrusts get harder and your back arches deeper against him, he loves watching you lose control of yourself as you reach your climax.
His hand runs down your thigh and his thumb lands on your clit, he presses circles against it and your body wiggles against him. He growls in response and that drives you even more crazy, he feels you tighten around him and he groans as he picks up the pace.
Within seconds you feel the sensation in your lower stomach become to much to bare, you gasp for air as your high comes and as it ends your breathing is rigid.
His thrusts slowed down enough for you to enjoy your moment but he doesn’t give you a break as he thrust deeper in you, he places your legs in his shoulders and he bites into your calf. Your moaning comes back and he groans again, you knows he’s close.
You press yourself against his member and roll your hips on him, he watches you take control and he lets you.
He’s holding your hips against him letting him get deeper as you roll your hips harder, he growls loudly and throws his head back, you feel him twitch inside you and you cant help but moan in response.
He pulls out of you slowly and leans close to you, he plants one soft kiss against your lips.
“You’re always such a good slut aren’t you?”
He kisses your cheek before laying down next to you.
“Always for you daddy.”
You reply back wrapping your arm around his bare torso.

anonymous asked:

I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 
Leatherworking with gremble: the other Anders bag

How2Andersbag, part 2! This is for the square-ish bag he wears on his belt, which I think kinda looks like a granny purse, but it’s a useful size for carrying cellphone+wallet, and a useful technique to know because it’s so ubiquitous. I think everyone in the DA2 crew has at least one bag constructed this way, adjusting the colors/proportions as necessary.

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A Timeline for a Smear Campaign

The Potemkin one returns and kicks off 2017 with an intense smear campaign. What exactly has happened since Jan 9th?

Jan 8th - The Lying Detective aired.

Jan 9th - People started getting up to speed and most had watched it within a 24 hr timeframe. Results and reviews are extremely positive at this time. 

Jan 10th - Enty reveals a blind that Sophie was trying to adopt Ben’s last name. 

Jan 11th - Rumblings from various factions and corners of the Sherlock fandom warning of boycotting the shows writers and the show itself, begin. 

Jan 12th - Article in the DM as Andrew Lazar was hired to be the body double for Ben in the upcoming Infinity Wars (Avengers) 
Jan 12th - Warnings of boycotting Sherlock gain momentum. 

Jan 13th - Enty posts a new blind item about Ben’s body double for the upcoming Avengers movie. 
Jan 13th - The prospect of replacing Ben as Doctor Strange is stoked by trolls. (Sophie’s crew. We’ve seen this pattern before. It’s been in place for 3 years.) 

Jan 14th - The Final Problem is leaked online from Russia’s Channel One 

Jan 15th - The Final Problem aired 

Jan 16th - A new wave of backlash aimed at the producers of Sherlock, most unhappy with the ending. 

Jan 17th - Evidence of all corners of the fandom being stoked and trolled becomes clear. (Again, we’ve seen this pattern before.) 

Jan 18th - Enty posts a new blind about Martin and Ben, and Sherlock being doomed because of Ben. Essentially, blaming Ben. And dragging Martin into it again. 

Jan 19th - A new article in the DM about Martin and Amanda’s split with a ‘source’ providing a number of allegations. 

Jan 20th - A new wave of antis put in place to attack @Gatorfisch comes to the fore. 

What does this look like to you? 

This is what a smear campaign looks like. 

None of this is natural or fluid. None of this coincidence. None of this ‘just happened’. *gestures like Sherlock* 

This is a narcissist going berserk and she has taken it to a whole new level. The recipient of these attacks is clearly Ben. And Sherlock. The very thing that made him famous. The very show that he excels in. Another role he excelled in was as Doctor Strange. A role he owned and broke Marvel’s own internal box office records for the highest revenue earned on an opening weekend. It beat Iron Man. His performance was stellar. Why would Marvel even dream of replacing Ben? They wouldn’t. There’s only one person here who wants to see Ben ruined. Maybe two. The second one is another racist bigot and didn’t earn Ben’s interest, or the keys to his social media management. For good reasons. 

Both roles have been attacked to try and ruin Ben and this was done in the media. We can sieve the genuine criticism from the inflated attempts to overwhelm and subdue. Following Ben himself, she has gone after Martin and Amanda and Mofftiss. This is straight out of a narcissists playbook. They attack the people who support their target to once again isolate and ruin them. Where they cannot excel, they seek to demean the talented and hardworking. Where they cannot win, they destroy. 

Narcissists are excellent gossip mongers. Reason, rationality and facts are the sworn enemies of malignant narcissists, for that requires work and some dedication. One has to work hard to be good at what they do. And we have a fame hungry Potemkin on our hands. 

Look at the timeline again. Look at that onslaught in the media and put yourself in Ben’s place for 5 minutes and just imagine how toxic it is.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. On Jan 13th, a number of skeptics observed that pictures of Sophie’s baby and pram pics (that she photoshopped together from the DS set in NY) ’taken’ back in late March early April had started disappearing from their websites. A lot more has gone missing. Look at the timeline again. This one isn’t Ben cleaning up. 

Edit : The Potemkin one = Sophie Hunter

I’ll never do it again

can you guys please write a jaebum fluff/angst/smut? it’s your birthday and he forgets until someone reminds him and he buys you flowers. he makes it up to you with getting down on you

This is for you anon! Hope you like it! :)

Summary: Jaebum forgets your birthday so Jackson tries to make it better. Later on, Jaebum makes it up to you.

Members: Jaebum x Reader, appearances by Jackson

Type: Angst/ Fluff/ Smut

Length: 1682

~ Admin Rated M

Originally posted by sugaglos

    You woke up this morning with the biggest smile on your face. It was your birthday. Your boyfriend, Jaebum, always made this day special for you. He either took you out to your favorite restaurant or planned a surprise party with all of your closest friends. You were excited for what he had planned for this year. You turned towards him and saw that he was still sleeping. You looked at him lovingly, taking in his striking features. It always amazed you how he was so good looking even with his hair messed up from sleep, if anything, that made him even more attractive. You kissed his cheek and he woke up instantly. “Y/N, I’m trying to sleep,” he mumbled.

    You giggled, and hopped off the bed. You grabbed some clothes and jumped in the shower. When you got out, you noticed Jaebum wasn’t in bed. You thought maybe he was in the kitchen making you breakfast, so you finished getting ready for the day. You headed towards the kitchen once you were dressed, and noticed Jaebum in the dining room on his laptop eating cereal. You paused for a moment, and looked inside the kitchen. There was no food. Disappointed, you went ahead and poured yourself a bowl of cereal. You kissed his head as you sat down, and began eating. You looked at Jaebum. His expression was  quite vague. You couldn’t tell if he was pretending not to remember or if he actually forgot your birthday. When he finished his cereal, he kissed you and put his dishes away. He then went to your shared room to get ready. You quickly finished your cereal and headed towards your room.

    “Where are you going?” you asked.

    “I’ve got practice today, remember?”

    “I thought you would’ve taken today off.”

    “Why would I? Today’s no different from everyday I go to practice.”

    That was when it hit you. He actually forgot your birthday. You had taken off from work just to spend the entire day with him, and he completely forgot.

    “Why aren’t you dressed for work?” Jaebum questioned.

    “Oh. I took the day off.”

    “Why? Are you sick?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

    “No. I..uh…just thought i could use this day to myself. Like a relax day or something.”

    “Oh okay. Well, have fun,”he said as he kissed you and headed outside, “have a great day. I love you.”

    “Love you too,” you muttered.

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okay sorry this looks really simple and plain but i had made a really pretty picture with jungkook and i forgot to check my spelling lmfao so i quickly made this one really fast buy anyways!! i just hit another milestone ommgg!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHH!!! 

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September 27 // This weeks spread! I didn’t really want to share this one, since I forgot to take pictures before I wrote my classes down lol. I tried to do some nice quote on the right page but messed up so badly, that I just glued a picture over it. Now it looks somewhat decent :’) Also, this is the first time that I actually put a picture in my bullet journal and I really like it! I also put some pictures on the page behind this one, because I had to cover up the quote showing through the pages

The Saga of the Red Speedo

Also known as Rose Hits Chicago (face first) - A Memoir of Dignity Lost and Fuckery Gained.

Okay first things first - this is gonna be long so it’s going under a cut. Second of all it’s sweary so… yeah :p Third of all - I have so many pic of the meet up that I’m gonna do a separate post about everyone I met and how epic they were because they deserve that and otherwise this is going to end up biblical. So what follows is all my interactions with DD and GA (and Mitch) including the speedo happenings which can be summarised as “Rose discusses David Duchovny’s junk with both him and Gillian” if you’re really too lazy to read more.

But you should. I’m fucking hilarious (I joke) but… yeah - here we go!

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awfullythick  asked:

Charles and Erik and an mpreg baby pleeeeeeeeeeease? :D

Inspired by this, because we all know Erik is the type of dad that plans the baby outfits carefully (and buys baby capes!)

Erik has Raven with him when he arrives at Happy Baby Daycare to pick Lorna up. “It’ll just take a minute,” he tells her.

Raven shrugs, hanging back as Erik goes inside. He finds Lorna quickly enough – her bright hair always stands out – and smiles as she spots him. Lorna immediately starts babbling and crawling towards him. It’s not until he’s picked her up that he notices something off.

“Where did your clothes go?” he asks Lorna. She’s wearing a little pair of overalls, but no shirt. Maybe she’d spit up on it beyond repair, he thinks. Or pooped on it somehow, that wouldn’t surprise him either.

“Ga ba ba,” Lorna says. She reaches up to poke at Erik’s face with sticky fingers.

Erik waggles his fingers at her and she reaches for those instead. He looks around until he spots Kitty, one of the daycare workers, and makes his way towards her. After finding out that Lorna had been dropped off at daycare with no shirt to begin with, all Erik can do is sigh deeply. Normally he drops her off on his way to work, but he’d needed to go in early today so he’d left it to Charles

When he gets back to the car, Raven reaches out to take Lorna, cuddling her close even as she squirms. “Hello,” Raven sing-songs at her. “How is the cutest baby ever? Yes you are.”

Lorna grabs at Raven’s nose, then squeals in delight as Raven changes it to be long and pointy, then pink and turned-up.

“Why isn’t she wearing a shirt?” Raven asks, voice nasally because of the different nose.

Erik rolls his eyes. “Apparently Charles forgot to put one on her this morning.”

Raven’s face screws up a bit as she tries not to laugh, but then she gives in and starts cracking up. She hands Lorna back to Erik and pulls out her phone. “Hold on, I need a picture of this.”

Erik poses with Lorna dutifully as Raven snaps the picture, then pulls open the back door to put her in her car seat.

Raven’s still giggling a bit when Erik gets into the driver’s seat. She leans over, holding her phone out to him. “Your husband is an idiot,” she says.

Erik takes the phone to look. Raven’s sent the picture to Charles, along with a text saying, u sent ur kid to daycare half dressed.

Charles has already responded: what? she’s wearing that thing. Followed quickly by, with the ducks on it.

Raven’s replied with, she’s not wearing a shirt.

Erik’s phone starts ringing, and before he’s even said hello Charles is asking, “What is Raven on about?

“You sent Lorna to daycare without a shirt on,” Erik tells him.

No, I didn’t,” Charles argues. “She’s wearing that thing. With the ducks.”


Yeah, that.”

Erik tries not to laugh. “You’re supposed to wear a shirt under overalls.”

He wishes he could see the confused expression on Charles’ face. As it is, it comes through in his voice as he says, “But it has a top on it. Why would they make baby clothes with tops on them and then need a shirt too?

Erik can’t keep the laugh in anymore, holding the phone away a bit as he tries to get ahold of himself. Raven waves her phone at him again, showing him that she’s posted the picture and Charles’ response on Facebook. They both dissolve into a fresh set of giggles. Behind them, Lorna starts shrieking with laughter too, not wanting to be left out.

Over the phone, Charles’ voice is indignant as he says, “How was I supposed to know she needed a shirt too?”

“I’m not even mad,” Erik finally manages to say, taking a deep breath and waving Raven off so that she doesn’t make him laugh again. “It’s too hilarious.”


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Minato nodded and removed the map from his pocket. Unfolding it, he took out a marker and drew a circle around their location. Once that was done, the marker was put away and the map was rolled up and tossed to the stranger.

“I marked where we are now. Hopefully it will give you an idea as to how far you traveled, Tony-san.” The Elemental Nations were pictured along with their names, and the capitols of each country. The whereabouts of the ninja villages were not labeled but the symbol each carried was paired with their respective nation. A spiraling leaf that matched the one on Minato’s headband was in parenthesis beside the kanji for Hi-no-Kuni.