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You know I kind of totally forgot about it but with Yangs character arc in v4 taking place entirely in patch I have to wonder: Is that House from her backstory ever going to matter?

She found what she thought was a clue on the back of her Mom’s picture (presumably the same one she keeps even to the Yellow trailer) that led her to some random house in the woods of patch that had some connection to her mother/team strq and then we got our Goldilocks reference, she almost died, qrow showed up, etc. 

But like what was the clue? I doubt qrow would have let her look around after nearly dying (wouldn’t be surprised if she panicked and forgot all about it) and the House hasn’t been addressed yet. I mean the end of v4 shows shes still pretty heavily focused on her mother and you’d think that having Yang return to the place with heavy ties to her mother where she probably felt incredibly vulnerable when she’s now a young adult who, after v3, feels incredibly vulnerable would make for some good parallels and maybe further her plot seeing as Yang’s had the least progress on her character arc than even Nora and Ren.

But maybe the whole set up was just so Yang could exposition about how shitty team strq is and Yang’s arc doesnt matter here (as usual)

kacymythom  asked:

A SMART white board is like normal white boards but you can put a projection on them. Like a picture of a crossword from your computer up on the white board and then you can draw on said projection. (It didn't transfer to the computer tho so when you turned it off then it'd just keep the weirdly shaped ovals)

OH YEAH I think my high school physics classroom had one

I forgot because most of what I remember about that class was projects like launching toy racecars across the classroom on a very long track, doodling on the desk, the teacher’s story about coming to work in like 8 inches of snow because he’s from the fucking arctic, and what the tree outside the window looked like


Hello everyone! I hope the week’s been good! <3

I didn’t put up a selfie last week because I forgot to take new pictures, and I didn’t feel like looking for older ones.

This is me^^ (obv lol) and my pride and glory, my life’s work. It’s getting real hard to put up something new every week, because my face basically stays the same all the time, SO HERE ARE ALL THE BOOKS AND CDS!! Which, they’re way more interesting.

Shout out to all my BI BELLARKES, you’re amazing and beautiful inside and out!! Keep on being badass!! 🔥🔥  From an only-out-on-tumblr pan. 😘

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sometimes i realize i forgot your voice and i cry because it was the softest and sweetest thing on the days when my heart was shattered in a million pieces on the floor
and sometimes i realize i forgot the way you smelled when you would hold me under the summer stars just before you would sing the song we wrote when we were five, one half English the other half a language only we knew
and sometimes i realize i forgot how your face looked when you smiled and it breaks my heart that no one will ever see it again because it used to be the only thing that would make my heart stop hurting so badly.

and sometimes i remember how you and i spent an entire day putting up glow-in-the-dark stars on your little sister’s ceiling, studying pictures of constellations to make sure they resembled the actual sky
and sometimes i remember how i got the scar on my middle finger and i smile because that was the moment that solidified our friendship
and sometimes i remember how you would always trace stars in the back of my hand after i had a nightmare, your other arm pulling me deeper into your chest.

i realize i’m forgetting pieces of you and that scares me,
until i remember that i’m always going to carry us in my heart.

—  i miss you and you’re gone now, but she’s here and she reminds me of you so much // {a|oea}

100 Days of Productivity: 73/100
I got so wrapped up in my reading today I forgot to take a picture! So here’s the pile of books that sit on my desk (featuring two separate planners lol, I keep one as a poetry journal now)
If you’re looking for an affordable and flexible planner I would recommend the Busy B diary - I have loved it this past year, it has a double page for each week so you can put work on one side and other obligations (clubs, fun arrangements, etc.) on the other!

okay sorry this looks really simple and plain but i had made a really pretty picture with jungkook and i forgot to check my spelling lmfao so i quickly made this one really fast buy anyways!! i just hit another milestone ommgg!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHH!!! 

I love everyone weather you guys talk to me or not but i love ya’ll

now its time to thank all these wonderful and amazing people for always putting up with my lameo blog


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Hey guys, I did something

Ok, not Stancest at all, but they’re characters from Coffee Stains and Cigarettes AU (The most stancest story(?)). I’m reeeeeally obssesed with that story and after I read Chapter 20 I started to draw, also, I had nothing better to do in class (I’m talking about Shandra and Susan).

About Susan, I fucked up with the shoes ‘cause she was wearing red heels and when I was drawing her, I saw a post of 'Lazy’ Susan Aesthetic from Cellard00rs, and a girl from the picture was wearing black shoes. I inked them before I decided to re-read the description. Also, I edited her hair digitally, I messed up with the colors 'cause I’m stupid(?) I mean, I have two markers with brown caps and I forgot one of them is not brown and then I painted a line, cursed loudly and proceeded to color it anyway. I put the wrong one two, just in case.

About Shandra, I reeeally loved drawing and painting her. She’s one of my favorite characters from the story and her fashion sense is gorgeous. I enjoyed inking her, even though my stylograph almost ran out of ink (it’s ok, it won’t do it soon). I gave her a Michael Kors purse 'cause it’s kind of a private joke I have with the co-autor of this blog. The only thing I’m mad about it’s her face, I mean, I didn’t like how the color ended up but I couldn’t do better 'cause I was like “paint a line, pretend to pay attention, paint another line, etc”, and then the professor sat next to me 'cause he realized I was goofing off instead of “being there”.

Now, about Preston… Dude, I fucking love him, it’s my favorite character so far (after Ford). I hate him in GF, but I love him here 'cause he’s a dork preppie and he’s so “I’m not gay but Ford it’s so handsome, but I’m not gay, but I feel something like butterflies on my stomach when I’m with Ford, but I’m not gay, but I like to sniff Ford’s stuff, but I’m not gay, but…” you get it. Maybe it’s because Stan and Ford weren’t together along the chapter, but I’m shipping Ford and Preston so hard I’m a shame for my blog’s name </3 (hahaha, kill me, please). I loved his POV with all my heart and I wonder if there would be another one, or if he and Ford would have a most intimate moment (I went wild like an ape with the whole beanie stuff. In a good way), but, you know, with Ford not knowing shit and Preston dying inside(?) 'cause one-sided relationship and sdsg [Fangirling intensifies]

Ahem, I think that’s all. I hope you like it and pass for @cellard00rs blog and embrace Coffee Stains and Cigarretes.

You can read it here too if you want.

Jill Ellis you never cease to amaze me….this is not going to be praising her fyi….first of all why in Gods name do you have backup keepers if you NEVER EVER PLAY THEM?!?!? Ashlyn and Alyssa deserve time on the field, let’s not forget Ms. Solo still has a court date coming up soooo don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Second Ali Krieger is the best right back in the world, yet she’s not playing?!? Please do explain and third you know number 6 Whitney Engen yea she does exist if you forgot here’s her picture (just to help you remember I made sure Ash was in the pic too) rant over!!!!


I forgot to put these up on here :D This is from my photoshoot with Vintique Foxtail :D 

I was Eustass Kidd and she was Trafalgar Law~ We got some super awesome pictures thanks to a wonderful photographer dan_the_director.

I can’t wait to do it again! It was just too much fun! 

I really gotta remake my arm though lol and my face was not the best it could be XD I wasn’t able to fix my eyebrows perfectly because the darn place I go to get my eyebrows waxed and trimmed was closed so they were hard to hide and my face was practically melting off despite it being a little chilly.

I’m just curious do you guys like my cosplays?? I don’t get much feedback on this one or my Alvida one lol I’d love to hear what you guys think! **)) 

Here are a few more cute shots~

*Uses galaxy picture because my url is related to galaxy fanfan*

I didn’t think I’d end up making another one of these so quickly since my last one was just over a month ago, but another 1K of you have flocked to this blog so quickly!

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Thank you to the people I follow for making my dash a place to escape from reality and enjoy my time on Tumblr~

And last but not least thank you to my mutuals who decided to follow this terrible excuse for a blog. I’ve talked to most of you and you’re all great people. I know a lot of you from networks like kaisoothirst and jonginstrash but I’ve made a lot of friends on this website and they’re mostly you guys~

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So, I went out to get coffee with a friend yesterday and I decided it would be a great time to play a prank on said person. I had brought a few of those like small salt packages from McDonalds and I offered to go put sugar in her coffee, since I was going anyway. Only, I put the salt in her coffee instead. Yanno, just like a ha ha joke. Obviously, I’d just buy her a new coffee after. Only, after I had done this, someone came up and talked to me for a brief moment just to get a picture, which was fine. Only I forgot which cup was my friend’s, aka which one had the salt… and long story short, that’s how I ended up accidentally pranking myself on April Fools Day.


Yay projects woo

Here’s the sum of my efforts from over the holidays; Mystery Skulls Animated patches! Hooray!

They need lots of tweaking and a bit more experimenting with embroidery, but it’s getting better.

And I cannot for the life of me decide how to do Lewis’ glow-y flame hair. So far the light pink with the bright stitching seems to work best but ??? idk, what do you guys think?

EDIT : Everything’s all hunky dory now yay, and I took proper pictures of them.
And, you can now buy them on my Etsy! : Characters , Hearts


Saying I’m obsessed with koujakuandthediamonds ’s style and all her DMMd art is an understatement.

Today I spent like four hours doing some make up inspired by the dreamy eyes this artist creates and when I was done it was dark and all pictures came out shitty… Congratulations to me.

This one is inspired by one of her fanarts which was inspired by Pulp Fiction and… That’s perfect.

(I parted my -wig- hair to put Morphine’s pin on that space and after I edited I noticed I forgot to flip the pic. Again, congratulations to me)

Check her art, seriously…