i forgot to put up one of the pictures


I made a skunk! Thanks to all the people who gave me suggestions of animals to make, I have a whole whiteboard covered in my favorite ideas so I can get around to them. And special thanks to @reckless-stitches for suggesting a skunk! She is also slightly inspired by Flower, the skunk from Bambi (who I know is canonly a boy, but I always thought was a girl when I was a kid).

Also, I realize now that I forgot to take a picture of her back and her cute fluffy tail! I might take one later and add it here, but it’s too dark for good pictures right now.

I’m planning to bring this lovely lady and my other animals to a craft fair this December, and then whatever doesn’t sell will be put up on Etsy.

September 27 // This weeks spread! I didn’t really want to share this one, since I forgot to take pictures before I wrote my classes down lol. I tried to do some nice quote on the right page but messed up so badly, that I just glued a picture over it. Now it looks somewhat decent :’) Also, this is the first time that I actually put a picture in my bullet journal and I really like it! I also put some pictures on the page behind this one, because I had to cover up the quote showing through the pages

Okay so it was spirit week at my school. The upperclassmen (me) were one thing, while the underclassmen were another. This was my outfit for Villain Day (Monday), I was the Riddler. I actually wrote down some riddles (yes I’m that lame), and I also had purple gloves, but I took them off during class so I forgot to put them on for the picture.

I did dress up for the others days, but I didn’t really take pictures. (My friend did take a picture of us as Salt N’ Pepa for Rapper Day, but she puts me to shame.)

Anyway, tonight is Homecoming and I’m not going to the dance. The football game was fun though, even if I left early. I filmed the half-time event and took some pictures of the game itself. I ran into my exboyfriend, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. (We didn’t really talk I just poked him and waved when I walked by).

All in all, it was an okay week, and I felt like sharing it. So, yeah. I hope your week was okay too, and that your weekend is even better!

–Roe -they/them-

Jill Ellis you never cease to amaze me….this is not going to be praising her fyi….first of all why in Gods name do you have backup keepers if you NEVER EVER PLAY THEM?!?!? Ashlyn and Alyssa deserve time on the field, let’s not forget Ms. Solo still has a court date coming up soooo don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Second Ali Krieger is the best right back in the world, yet she’s not playing?!? Please do explain and third you know number 6 Whitney Engen yea she does exist if you forgot here’s her picture (just to help you remember I made sure Ash was in the pic too) rant over!!!!

*Uses galaxy picture because my url is related to galaxy fanfan*

I didn’t think I’d end up making another one of these so quickly since my last one was just over a month ago, but another 1K of you have flocked to this blog so quickly!

Thank you to the people who follow me for putting up with my shitposts and indecisive url changes and thank you for clicking the like/reblog button because I love seeing all of you in my notifications~

Thank you to the people I follow for making my dash a place to escape from reality and enjoy my time on Tumblr~

And last but not least thank you to my mutuals who decided to follow this terrible excuse for a blog. I’ve talked to most of you and you’re all great people. I know a lot of you from networks like kaisoothirst and jonginstrash but I’ve made a lot of friends on this website and they’re mostly you guys~

I’m going to forget a lot of people so please forgive me and tell me if I have forgotten you. (I’m not going to include the fyeahs/imagines/thetypes or blogs I’m admin of)

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So, I went out to get coffee with a friend yesterday and I decided it would be a great time to play a prank on said person. I had brought a few of those like small salt packages from McDonalds and I offered to go put sugar in her coffee, since I was going anyway. Only, I put the salt in her coffee instead. Yanno, just like a ha ha joke. Obviously, I’d just buy her a new coffee after. Only, after I had done this, someone came up and talked to me for a brief moment just to get a picture, which was fine. Only I forgot which cup was my friend’s, aka which one had the salt… and long story short, that’s how I ended up accidentally pranking myself on April Fools Day.


I fixed up my Alvida pants! And did another make up thing :D I forgot to put her belt on the first thousand pictures after I had already removed my make up and changed clothes….lol but I put it back on and snapped the two I put on here. What do you guys think??? Does it look okay??

also ignore the messy room XD;; I made a mess and the cat knocked over his food. **))

You got up and dressed quickly, as you saw that you were already running late. Calum spent the night and you totally forgot to set the alarm. You put on some make-up, looked into the mirror and picked up your phone, hoping there was still time to write a note to Calum, apologizing for having to go to school.
Just as you unlocked your phone, long, muscular arms wrapped around your body from behind and soft, puffy lips kissed you tenderly underneath your ear. 
“Take a picture,” he murmured into your ear, his voice still hoarse from sleep, making you shiver with pleasure.
“I have to go,” you answered even though you wanted to stay in his arms forever. 
“Just one pic, please,” he begged you and you obliged. After several pictures of goofy faces you finally managed to escape his embrace.
He pouted his lips and outstretched his arms to pull you back against his chest.
You shook your head and took a step back.
“If I let you do that, I’m never going to leave.”
“Then don’t.”
His voice was so sad and pleading, you automatically let him pull you into his arms and you ended up having the cuddliest “sick” day you could imagine. Your mum freaked out when she found out you skipped school, but as soon as Calum’s lips were back on yours, you forgot all about it. 

Well ONE of us is going to have to change

Basically ages ago linddzz and I had a random exchange about Jack and Pitch ending up in the same lingerie at a party (and jvalentyne drew this AMAZING picture :D :D :D). I started to write something about how that might come about but decided that I should probably finish one of the gazillion things I have already started. So here’s what’s been written. Unfortunately it doesn’t even get to the Koz/Pitch in lingerie bit, but if anyone wants to write any more, have at it :)

Click below for Jack going into a fetish club for the first time, wearing lingerie under his jeans. 


It doesn’t look like a sex club. Or a fetish club, or – or whatever. It doesn’t look like anything special or interesting. It just looks like an office, or-

A couple in skintight latex walk past and step through the door.

Well. Looks like Jack’s in the right place.


Now he just needs to go inside.

Taking in a deep breath, he slots a grin into place and pushes open the door.

The latex couple are at a desk, handing over their payment and joking with the cashier guy. He’s cute, Jack thinks – brown hair and green eyes and an adorable smattering of freckles. Maybe later-

Maybe Jack needs to get ahold of his hormones.

The latex couple receive a ticket each and then push through a curtain into who knows what, and Jack approaches the cashier, who looks him up and down.

“We’ve got a dress code,” he says, and Jack nods. He pushes up his hoodie and-

Come on, come on, you didn’t come all this way to freak out now, this is the whole reason you wanted to come here.

He tugs at the waistband of his jeans, just enough to show a peek of the lacey panties he wears beneath. The cashier grins and nods appreciatively.

“Looks good. There’s a place to change inside. You got ID?”

Jack hands over his fake ID and hopes to hell it passes muster. A second passes, then another, and Jack thinks fuck fuck fuck but then it’s handed back to him.

“Thanks. That’s $10.”

Jack hands over his crumpled ten and turns to the curtain.

On the other side is-

He doesn’t know, really. It’s somewhere he can wear lingerie and nothing else and that’s what brought him here. Running on hormones and nothing else, common sense a distant memory, he drove ten miles to this place and fuck, what’s he got himself into?

Fuck it, he thinks. He’s paid his money, he might as well see what’s on the other side.

He pushes through the curtain-

And sees a bar. People drinking, and talking, and laughing. Admittedly they’re wearing latex and lingerie, corsets, leather pouches, collars with leashes and outfits made from nothing but rope. But other than that, it could be any old bar.

“You looking for the dressing room?” A woman with brightly-coloured hair, wearing a corset to match and thigh-high boots. She smiles at him, and the man whose leash she’s holding – a man wearing bunny ears, with tribal tattoos on his arms and chest. He glares at Jack.

“Uh. Yeah.”

“It’s just over there,” she points. “I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing! My favourite part of this place is seeing what everyone’s wearing.”

“Sure,” he says, and dashes away to the dressing rooms, which turn out to be curtained cubicles with ceiling-to-floor mirrors. He strips quickly, figuring that if he’s mostly naked it’ll be harder for him to wimp out. Stuffing his clothes into a lockbox under the bench, he examines himself. Satiny panties with a lace trim, matching suspender belt and sheer stockings with lace tops. He-

He looks pretty fucking hot, actually, he thinks, and grins.

He can do this. He can rock this.

He pulls aside the curtain and steps back out into the bar area.


As requested by an anon, I have recorded my color meme process. Please note that:

  • before I started recording this,  I already chose my pictures and textures. 
  • I’ve sped up the video because I doubt you’d want to watch an hour and a half long video, lol.
  • I forgot about putting some kind of music in the background so you can still watch this with your own music. ^^
  • Screenrecording was making things all weird and glitchy so I apologize for that. 
  • If you have any questions regarding something I did in this video, feel free to message me.
  • ♥ Ruby