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husband highs — tom h.

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author’s note: GUYS IM SCREAMING because i hit 1k and wow i just wanted to thank you guys by posting something. i love YOU THANK YOU FOR READING MY STUFF and since i never leave a link to my masterlist i thought i should this time so here it is.  → masterlist

  • tom would be the most extra fiance ever like he wouldn’t ever not talk about how he’s engaged to the most beautiful girl ever
  • especially in interviews like he’d be on press tour to promote his movie and the interviewer would slip in a congratulatory and tom would be like
    • “thank you, thank you so much, really. i’m happy, my wife is amazing”
  • and the interviewer would be like tf i thought this kid was engaged
    • “it says here you announced your engagement yester-”
  • and you’d always tell tom that he couldn’t go around telling people you two were married when you two JUST GOT ENGAGED
  • it was sending mixed signals everywhere
  • especially since tom liked to wear a ring on his wedding finger
  • he’d just wanted everyone to know that he was taken because if you had a ring showing the entire world that you were his, why couldn’t he have one to show off he was yours???
  • it was the cutest thing ever and it never failed to make you smile whenever you saw his hand 
  • anyways since he had to finish filming a movie and do a press tour you guys decided that your wedding would be after he finished both
  • that’s probably one of the reasons he couldn’t shut up about you to everyone because he was SO EXCITED
  • while he was away he’d always facetime you
  • sometimes he’d be so hyper
    • “it’s the second-”

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*excited noises* NEW HOODIES ARE UP ON MY SHOP!!! Since I forgot one of the hoodies from the original game yesterday for the pictures (but my photographer will come bakc today thank you so much!) let’s start with a batch of AUs!

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Thanks to my awesome photographer Bahamut Night Photography, and to my friend Sophie who really wanted to help her sempai, even on this rainy day. XD I’ll show the Undertale models tonight, but they’re also up on my shop if you’re too curious! ;)

happy birthday, our blue boy

lance thinks no one remembers about his birthday. he doesn’t mention it because they have more important things like saving the universe. so lance sits quietly in his room, repeating the names of his parents, siblings, nephews. he tries to remember their faces and panics a little when he needs more than usually to remember his little niece’s laugh and the way her eyes would light up whenever she talked about something she loved. 

he used to have a picture of all of them from his mother’s birthday but he lost it on one of the missions, so now all he had was his imagination and he was scared that they look different in his mind than they really do. 

when the clock hits midnight, lance mutters a quiet “happy birthday to me”, but then the alarm roars through the castle. lance runs out of his room but he can’t find anyone else. suddenly he hears hunk’s scream, he was shouting lance’s name from one of the hangars. blue’s hangar.

it doesn’t take lance long to get there because despite what everyone else thinks, he’s quick to react when he knows that something is wrong. but when he enters the hangar, his lion is where it always was. it’s dark and suddenly very quiet. 

“what is it, girl? where’s hunk?” lance asks, putting one hand on blue, but there’s no answer. lately he got a lot better at communicating with her, so it’s weird that she doesn’t want to talk to him, especially on his birthday. it’s not like she knew, lance was sure even hunk was too busy to actually remember.

after few seconds, blue opens her mouth. a clear message for lance, get in here. so he does, still not sure what to make of all this. the inside of his lion doesn’t light up the way it usually does when lance walks inside but lance is sure he can hear something…

“surprise!” the loud scream is in a perfect sync with the lights that suddenly burst around lance. the boy is so shocked he almost falls on his ass when he sees his friends in front of him.

hunk, pidge, allura, shiro, coran. even keith, despite their loud argument that happened after yesterday’s mission. lance looks from one face to another, feeling the tears forming in his eyes. they remembered.

“you guys even have a cake!” lance squeals with excitement, blinking rapidly to make sure it’s not a dream. but no, there it is, in allura’s hands. a cake that looks almost like the ones he got for his previous birthdays.

“we didn’t really know much about the traditions on earth but the other paladins helped us a lot,” coran explains cheerfully. 

and lance lets the tears fall because they didn’t have to do anything. they were fighting zarkon and the galra could attack at any moment, but his friends remembered and did all this… for him. he wants to tell them he doesn’t deserve this, that he wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t remember. but he can’t utter a single word, he just stares at them and feels like the love and happiness will flood out of him any minute now.

hunk steps out first, holding something bright in his hands. “we know how much you miss the earth. we all do, but i’m pretty sure you want to go back the most,” he starts, looking at his best friend. “coran told me you miss the sunlight the most, so… it’s not really the same but me and pidge made this for you from the quintessence. it’s not as hot as the sun, but it’s always warm and the light looks very similar,” hunk explains. 

then he puts his gift in lance’s hands and lance shivers. it’s a small ball made of glass with quintessence inside. it’s bright, yellow and so warm. yes, it’s not like the sun, but it’s still more than lance could have asked for. he couldn’t remember when was the last time he actually saw the sunlight, but what he held in his hands right now was probably the closest he’ll get to it in a long time.

“thank you guys,” he sniffles, half-hugging hunk and ruffling pidge’s hair. he can’t stop looking at the yellow light shining through his fingers, he’s afraid that if he’ll turn his gaze away, it will burn out and lance will be in the darkness again.

but then keith comes closer, awkwardly clearing his throat and scratching his neck with his free hand. in another one he holds something small. at first keith’s not saying anything, he just pushes something into lance’s chest so the taller boy has to give hunk his small sun to take what keith gave him. he looks down and breath catches in his throat. 

it’s a picture of lance’s family, the one lance thought he had lost forever. it was put in a blue frame with little stars on it. the picture was worn out because lance always kept it folded in a pocket of his jeans or tucked under his uniform, but it was right there and lance couldn’t believe his eyes.

“how did you-”

“i found it,” keith cuts him off in a rush and when lance looks up he can see a blush on his cheeks. keith doesn’t quite meet his eyes. “one time when you got off your lion, you dropped this and i found it. i wanted to give it back but we were all tired after the mission, so i just left it in my room and kind of… forgot about it? yeah, and then we were in this space mall and i saw this frame, so i thought that if you put your picture in it, you wouldn’t lose it again, and then hunk mentioned your birthday and…” keith rambles, unable to stop. lance hears shiro’s chuckle from behind but all he can see is keith.

keith who usually fights with lance, keith who acts like he doesn’t care about anything, keith who actually notices more than anyone. keith who, in some ways, brought lance’s family back to him when lance thought they’re so far away. lance pulls keith into a hug, squeezing him so hard he’s sure a little more pressure would break keith’s ribs. it’s awkward at first because keith isn’t used to being hugged. but it’s not that keith doesn’t like hugs, lance knows that for a fact, he’s just touch-starved, so after a moment he returns the hug, relaxing a little.

“thank you so much,” lance chokes out, trying to get a hold of his own emotions because damn it, he’s not a crybaby.

keith pats his back. “don’t sniffle on my jacket.”

lance laughs and pushes keith away, and then shiro tells him to make a wish and blow the candles, so lance does. he closes his eyes and thinks “go back home with all of my friends after defeating zarkon”, then he blows all of the candles.

“happy birthday, our sharpshooter,” shiro says, hugging lance.

and when lance looks at their faces again, sees their smiles, hears their laugh, he thinks that it is. it is a happy day. he turns to thank them again, and that’s when he hears blue’s voice in his head, soft and caring. she says,

“happy birthday, our blue boy.”

lance thinks it sounds almost like his mamá. it’s almost like he’s… home.

Competitions and interviews // Dacre Montgomery x Reader

A/N: this made me realize that I would be a horrible talk show host… but I think this turned out alright. I hope you like t anon. Remember that feedback is greatly appreciated.

Note: (m/n) is magazine name. I couldn’t think of a magazine when I was writing this.

・☆✯ ゚  ゚・☆✯ ・ ☆✯ ゚  ゚・☆✯ ・ ☆✯ ゚  ゚・☆✯ ・

(Y/n)’s POV

“Hello everybody thank you all for joining me here and tonight we have a very special episode in store.” Ellen said facing the audience. “Tonight we have Hollywood’s hottest couple. Dacre Montgomery and (Y/n) (Y/l/n)!” Everyone started cheering. “Let’s bring out the lovely couple.” Once Ellen said that Dacre and I walked out onto the stage, holding hands and made our way towards the couches.

“Before we get started with our segment I just want to ask you guys one thing… how does it feel to be Hollywood’s hottest couple?” Dacre and I both laughed. “It feels good. It’s nice knowing that everyone sees us as their relationship goals.” Dacre said, looking at me with a smile on his face. I nodded my head in agreement, “yeah I agree. It’s nice knowing that people want a relationship like ours.” I said, putting my hand on Dacre’s. “I’ve seen some pictures of you two and from what I’ve seen I know why everyone sees you guys as their relationship goals. I mean look at you guys. You’re both so cute together.” The crowd started cheering and I felt my face heat up as she put a mini slide show from when Dacre and I started dating up until now. I covered my face from the embarrassing pictures that were taken years ago and I felt Dacre pull me closer to him. Ellen looked at the both of us and smiled.

“Now I have one more quick question and then I promise we will start are main segment after.” We both laughed. “How did you two meet?” I looked at Dacre and then back at Ellen, “well we first met at a photo shoot, I forgot for which magazine it was for though. I think it was (m/n)?, but anyways after that photo shoot we decided to stay in touch and eventually we started dating.” I said looking at Dacre to see if he wanted to add anything, he just nodded his head. “Now Dacre, did you know from the moment that you saw (Y/n) that you’d end up in a relationship with her?” Ellen said looking at him, curiosity filling her eyes. “When I first saw her I knew that there was something special about her. At the time I couldn’t tell what it was but whatever it was I didn’t want to let her go. So I guess you could say that yeah, I did know that I would have some sort of relationship with her, whether it be friendly or romantic I knew that I wanted her in my life in some form or another.” He said squeezing my hand. I smiled at the action, squeezing his hand back. The audience was filled with ‘aww’s.’ “That was very sweet Dacre. You are very lucky to have him (Y/n).” I looked at him and squeezed his hand, “yeah. I really am” he smiled at me and I felt my face heat up a little bit.

“Now… as I promised. Let’s get this segment started and I think it’ll be fun for the two of you.” Ellen said smiling. “Well now I’m excited” I look at Ellen with my excitement fully evident on my face and she chuckled. “Well our segment is going to be… who knows the most about the other!” The audience cheered. “Before we start who do you guys think will win?” She said. “I think I’ll win.” I said sounding confident. “Hate to break it to you sweetheart but I’m going to win.” The audience was filled with ‘ooooh’s’. “Well let’s not jinx ourselves and I’ll tell you the rules of this game.” I nodded leaning forward a bit and Dacre did the same. “The rules are simple. I’ll ask each of you some questions about the other and all you have to do is answer the questions correctly.” She said. “Sounds easy enough. Get ready to lose darling.” Dacre said with a competitive smirk adorning his face. “Ha! Well get ready to sleep on the couch tonight because the only one that will be losing is you” I said as I playfully poke his chest. “Ooh I like the competitiveness that’s going on over here.” Ellen said while laughing.

“Okay. The first question is going to be for Dacre… what is (Y/n)’s favorite color?” Dacre smirked, “that’s easy. It’s (f/c).” He leaned back onto the couch. “That’s correct! And now for this one Dacre can I ask you to cover your eyes for a minute?” He covered his eyes with his hands. “(Y/n)… what color are Dacre’s eyes?” I chuckled, “His eyes are blue.” “Thats correct. Dacre you can uncover your eyes now.” He uncovered them, the competitive look still on his face. “Okay now it’s the last set of questions for both of you. Dacre… what is (Y/n)’s favorite food?” She asked. “It’s (f/f).” He said and directed his smirk towards me. I just shook my head and smiled. “That’s correct and now (Y/n)… what did Dacre say his hidden talent was during a power rangers interview?” My eyes widened… ‘shit what was it again?’ I looked at him and he just smirked. ‘I got it!’ “He said it was interior decorating!” I said an anxious look making its way into my face as I waited for her response. “That’s… correct! Did you have some trouble thinking about that one (Y/n)?” I laughed, a wave of relief washing over me. “ yeah I actually had some trouble but then I remembered that his talent was pretty unusual.” I fiddled with my hands, embarrassed that I couldn’t answer the question right away. “It is pretty unusual but since you both got all the questions right it’s a tie. I didn’t prepare anything for a tie breaker so we’ll just leave it at that.” She laughed and Dacre and I laughed too, as well as the audience.

“Well that’s it for today’s show! It was really great to have the both of you here and I hope to have you both on here soon.” Ellen said as she made her way over to us to give us hugs. “It was great being on here and we hope you have us on the show again.” Dacre said as they hugged. “Yeah we had a really good time on here. It was fun.” I said with a smile. “Goodnight everybody! And thanks for watching tonight’s episode and make sure to tune in next week when we have…”

deh cell phone/social media headcanons (?)

ok so I like rarely post on this blog but I couldn’t stop thinking about like what they’d all be like using their phones and stuff?? idk im tired this is gonna be shitty but less go


  • ok but he would def have an ifunny and have like 1834384 followers (or whatever idk how it works but he’d be popular ya know)
  • and like brag about it  constantly
  • like “guys I’m like,,, ,, kind of famous not to brag”
  • (but he would be bragging)
  • (110%)
  • ok hear me out,, but he would SO be one of those people who have an android phone and believe that apple products are Spawned From Satan™
  • like if anyone would be like “haha lol why do u have that crappy phone” he would launch into a fULL ON RANT about how much apple sucks and all the cool stuff on his phone and how much better it is
  • he would probs have a meme account on insta too tbh
  • he would have a voicemail that goes “hello?” and trick the person to start talking ya know
  • and like ten seconds in he would be like “SiKe i’m not here rn hahAAA leave a message”
  • he would text in all lowercase for sURE
  • lots of crytyping and excessive commas obvi
  • uh he would have the highest snapscore (or whatever it’ ever it’s called)
  • his story would always be sooo long 
  • all just vids of his day and people doing funny things
  • he would have 23859320495803 snapchat memories ok
  • he would just be v funny idk i love him


  • connor frekaing murphy okay
  • just hear me out pls
  • ,he would probably have a tumblr that’s like surprisingly aesthetic?
  • (idk how to word that but you now what i’m trying to say)
  • but it would be a Major Secret™ like if someone asked him he would be like “lol tumblr who is that”
  • his screen on his phone would always be shattered
  • he wouldn’t really care tho tbh
  • his insta would probably be like empty except for one picture he posted when he was really young
  • but after he meets evan he posts a lot more
  • like really really random candids that most people would just delete
  • that would be his entire account okay
  • (also pictures of evan being Cute)
  • he would most likely always have the second newest iphone
  • like when everyone had an iphone 7 he would have a 6 know what i mean
  • ok but 
  • cmon
  • he would DEF take so many selfies
  • and like keep them in his my eyes only on snapchat
  • he would never post them anywhere but one day he decided to post one on insta and everyone was s h o o k 
  • and freaked out
  • im talking like 200 comments
  • anyway
  • I just don’t picture him using snapchat that much
  • i think he would like have a streak with evan and maybe like a 3 day one with jared every once in a while but other than that nothin
  • his voicemail would be like “u can leave a message but ill probably not listen to it so just text me instead bye”
  • yeah that’s connor


  • zoe i love her omg
  • ok 
  • so she would have an insta and it would have The Best Theme Ever™
  • it would be v pastel i feel
  • and there would be a lot of pictures of flowers
  • and of alana
  • obvi
  • she would also post vids of her like playing the guitar and other instruments and they would be so good and get like so many likes
  • her bio would be something really deep but in french?
  • like she would probably go on google translate and type in a cool quote and just copy and paste it into her bio tbh 
  • but it would be so cute and cool
  • she would have a rose gold iphone
  • no matter what
  • it would always be the newest kind
  • and she would like n e v e r wear a case on her phone 
  • (except for those clear ones, in which case she would like draw on them or put stickers on)
  • but her phone would never crack or get scratched
  • ever
  • and everyone would be like “????? how???”
  • she would DEF have a tumblr
  • she would have a personal blog and then an aesthetic one and like 39483 extra sideblogs
  • her voicemail would be the typical “hey, it’s zoe! can’t get to the phone right now, pls leave a message!”
  • she would have had it as one like jared’s before but it probably somehow screwed her over
  • so she changed it
  • she would text in all caps a lot i feel
  • i just love her?? ok??


  • guys.
  • GUYS
  • i have so many for this girl
  • she would have a tumblr too
  • and she would follow every single one of zoe’s blogs
  • she would SO have a studyblr okay
  • like she would for sure have a bullet journal 
  • and have such pretty and high quality pens and highlighters
  • it would be everyone’s goals
  • her insta probably doesn’t have a theme tho
  • I feel like she wouldn’t post often?? ?
  • but when she would it would either be a long political thing or just a cute pic of zoe
  • she would have like mostly perfect grammar when she texts
  • except she would just use like SO MANY question marks
  • not like?? this??
  • but it would be like Wow?????????
  • like that
  • that made no sense
  • ok moving on
  • her voicemail. her voicemail
  • would be so extra okay
  • like she would have definetly (that’s not how u spell that ok) have found a way to make it so u have to press the numbers when u call her
  • like “for work calls, press 1. for family calls, press 2. zoe murphy, press 3.” that type thing
  • and she would have SO MANY different categories for everyone
  • people would get annoyed with it and give passive agressive messages sometimes but she wouldn’t care reallu
  • she loves her organized voicemail
  • she would def save her own money to buy her phone
  • but she would like mostly buy the iphone 6
  • idk why
  • she just would
  • SHE WOULD HAVE A SNAPCHAT STREAK WITH EVERYONE. dont fight me on this i know it
  • i love alana too 


  • okay okay okay guys
  • i saved the best for last
  • i like,,,, love evan so much ok
  • what a little bean
  • anyways
  • so first of all 
  • he would probably have the iphone 5s
  • and it would run out of battery in about .2 seconds
  • he wouldn’t really care but he feels bad missing his mom’s calls so he’s always asking for a car charger 
  • his background would be of trees on his lock screen (obvi okay)
  • but his homescreen would be a pic of connor 
  • 4 sure
  • of course
  • and once they’re like “official” his lockscreen would be a pic of them
  • just bein cute
  • aw 
  • ok this is for a different time but id like to mention that i feel like he would have a dog?
  • moving on
  • his voicemail would probably be the standard “your call has been transfered to an automated voice messaging system. blah blah blah.”
  • but jared would be like “dude. u gotta change that.”
  • so after like 203857 tries he finally just goes
  • “hithisisevanimnothererightnowpleaseleaveamessage”
  • (connor would think it’s adorable btw)
  • his instagram would be adorable
  • he would probably post every two seconds
  • he would post a lot of pics of trees
  • but when becomes closer with alana and zoe and connor he starts posting pics of all them together and like cute blurry selfies
  • his bio would be like “HI, this is evan! Here are my pictures.”
  • he would have a snap but not post on it much
  • like maybe every once in a while
  • but he would of course have a streak with connor
  • (probably alana too tbh)
  • oh i forgot to mention this but he would be terrified to crack his phone
  • he would have a big clunky case 
  • (like an off brand otter box but worse)
  • he would text with perfect grammar
  • it would be so cute
  • like “Hello, how are you?”
  • aaaaa
  • but when he would get really anxious he would pull up like one of those soothing sounds apps
  • and put use the apple headphones that you get with the phone in
  • (he would still have those and never loose them btw)
  • and he’d just try to breathe and listen
  • i love this boy so much. so so much. yeah. 

wow this was longer than i expected lol hope u enjoyed that crappy headcanon!

(ps i ended up actually making the pets headcanon so if u wanna see it lmk and i can post it lol)

Summer Heat Part 8

Synopsis: A fic where you and Shawn are camp councilors and you hate his guts. Sexual tension ensues.

Part 1  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

You can see Shawn’s house at the end of the street as you pass your own. You look to see if anyone is home as the car passed your place and there isn’t. It’s a Monday so your mom would be at work and your brothers at school. It’s strange being so close to your house but not being able to go home. You suppose you could probably go in the backdoor, you had your keys, and you could get anything you might need while you’re at Shawn’s but you decide you probably shouldn’t in the event that your nosy neighbor Betty might see you. She would rat you out about everything in high school, you really hated her.

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ex-boyfriend! lai guanlin

我们的 swaggy rapper 终于到了!

ok but no joke this took me the whole day to write but it’s not even that long? i dont even understand how??

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.77k

ex-boyfriend! wanna one: 7/?

Originally posted by kim-biased

  • you were a year older than guanlin and worked at the innisfree near your school on the weekends and after school most days
  • the two of you didn’t meet each other until his sister dragged him into innisfree because he promised to buy her things for her birthday
  • when his sister saw you restocking lipsticks at the display next to the one she was standing at, she freaked out bc omg
  • the girl that was dubbed “innisfree taiwan’s goddess” is standing seven feet away from me
  • “excuse me, can i get a picture with you?” she asked excitedly
  • you turned around and saw the siblings together and smiled politely
  • “sure”
  • you had already gotten used to people asking for pictures after the one of you smiling as you helped a customer out blew up on the internet
  • she passed her phone over to guanlin and motioned for him to take the photo
  • when he saw you through the screen, he knew how you got your nickname
  • your smile was just so calming?? like guanlin forgot about the 634567 assignments due the next day when he saw you smile
  • and the way you carried yourself put him into a trance
  • “guanlin! take the photo!” his sister whispered
  • he composed himself quickly and took the picture
  • “thank you so much y/n!” 
  • you chuckled and smiled at the two again
  • “no problem. tell me if you guys need help with anything or if you have questions.”
  • for the rest of their time there, guanlin couldn’t stop staring at you
  • the way you smiled when you talked to customers was amazing bc all the workers he encountered before looked like they wanted to kill him for asking what the difference between the mists were
  • and also, he really liked how you smelled
  • you walked past him and his sister a couple times to get things for customers and that marked the day guanlin’s ideal type included someone that smells like fresh laundry
  • guanlin and his sister go to pay after browsing around for thirty minutes
  • she racked up a bill of around sixty dollars and guanlin groaned as he forked over his cash
  • you took a few sheet masks and a few deluxe sized samples and dropped it into their shopping bag
  • “happy birthday!” you said as you handed them the bag
  • their eyes widened bc how did you know it was her birthday??
  • yeah you didn’t 
  • you were just guessing bc guanlin was willing to pay for 60 bucks worth of products
  • you just found guanlin cute and that’s why they got all those samples whoops
  • k moving on
  • y’all actually didn’t see each other that often
  • which disappointed both you and guanlin bc you found each other cute and wanted to know more about each other
  • you’re busy with school and work
  • and guanlin doesn’t visit much bc he thinks it’ll be weird if he’s there by himself without his sister
  • she goes to innisfree sometimes to pick up masks or something and guanlin always tags along bc he wants to see you
  • but you’re not there one day and he’s disappointed to the max
  • turns out you were on your break, and you came back from the cafe you were at just at the two leave the store
  • “bye guys!” you said as you walked past the sibling duo and took your place near the cleansers
  • it took guanlin a month to work up the courage to go to innisfree alone and pretend he’s interested in the products
  • your coworkers all know that he has a crush on you
  • hell, even you knew guanlin couldn’t care less about the green tea serum he picked up
  • one of the newer employees nudged you in the side and jerked his head over to guanlin
  • “is that the boy who always comes here just to see you?” he asked with a smirk
  • you punched him in the arm and he rubbed it as he continued to smile
  • “why don’t you ask him out to lunch? your break is coming up, and i’m pretty sure you want to talk to him one on one too, right?”
  • and yeah
  • the two of you go to a nearby japanese curry restaurant and talked over a chicken katsu and beef and potatoes
  • you learn that guanlin’s a year younger than you and that kinda surprised you because he was so mature you thought he was the same age as you or maybe even older
  • and also he’s so freaking tall like how tf are you only 15
  • guanlin finds out that your school is actually really close to his, so now he’s going to walk you home and fite™ the older guys who also have a crush on you
  • like this boy will wait for you in front of your school’s gates, carry your backpack for you, and glare at the other boys who are glaring at him
  • which is a lot bc remember “innisfree taiwan’s goddess”?
  • the boys in your school and other schools nearby fight each other to walk behind you in the street or hallway
  • but now that guanlin is there, people are scared to fight this 181cm giant
  • ok so when guanlin asked you out, he was a nervous wreck
  • his friends had to keep telling him the day before not to chicken out
  • “the two of you have been going on dates for the past three weeks. if y/n-jie didn’t like you back, she would have stopped after the first one” -chen ruoxi, 2017
  • someone give this girl an award bc this knocked some sense into the boy
  • guanlin bought you a bouquet of roses and waited in the middle of your school’s courtyard for you to come out
  • his friends made it to your school just in time to see you run into guanlin’s arms and peck him on the lips
  • everyone at innisfree knows guanlin now bc he was “the cute boy who likes our younger sister y/n” at first, but now he’s “y/n’s boyfriend”
  • and let me tell you
  • all the attention you got as the youngest of the workers there shifts over to guanlin
  • you used to get snacks and drinks and things like that from the older girls and guys
  • but now that guanlin is there often he’s basically an unofficial innisfree employee at this point and the others get to know him, your co-workers don’t treat you to food anymore and give it to guanlin instead
  • and he rubs it in your face
  • he’ll inhale half a mooncake that your closest friend there gave him and laugh as you glare at him
  • but then he chokes on the yolk so who’s laughing now guanlin-ah
  • this boy gets slightly jealous and overprotective when people–especially guys–ask to take pictures with you
  • also, when he sees someone slide into yours dms
  • instant block
  • as it gets closer to graduation season, it gets busier and busier for you bc people are trying to buy gifts for the students or buy products so they can get ready for the big day
  • guanlin came by less because he’s at graduation practice quite often and he’s going to be giving a speech at the ceremony
  • or that’s what he told you at least
  • the truth is guanlin wasn’t going to his graduation
  • he was getting ready for the cube auditions that were on the same day
  • and on the day before his graduation ceremony, you and guanlin went on a date at night to the local ferris wheel
  • his hands were in his jacket pocket the whole time bc he was scared the box would fall out if he didn’t wasn’t keeping it in place with his hands
  • you and guanlin sat shoulder to shoulder on the ride and didn’t say a word as the two of you admired the city lights
  • when your car neared the top, guanlin took the ring out of the box and slipped the atlas ring casually onto your index finger
  • you looked down and expected a normal couple ring that cost maybe twenty or thirty dollars
  • but then you see the x’s and i’s on the ring and realize that holy shit
  • it’s a tiffany ring
  • “guanlin! where did you get the money to buy this?!” you asked with your eyes wide
  • he chuckled and interlaced his fingers with yours, revealing his own matching ring
  • “don’t worry, it’s from my red envelopes. and the one i’m wearing was given to me a long time ago.”
  • up to this point, you and guanlin had never had a “real” kiss on the lips
  • it was just small pecks here and there before
  • but the twinkling city lights outside combined with the dim light in the passenger car and the short distance between you two made it hard to not want to kiss him
  • and that’s exactly what happened
  • you and guanlin shared your first at the top of the ferris wheel with your hands intertwined
  • he walked you home after that, your hands still laced together, and gave you one last kiss before leaving
  • “bye y/n. sleep well”
  • you didn’t know that that was the last goodbye you’d hear from guanlin
  • for the next few days, you didn’t see guanlin around
  • you visited his school to ask his classmates what happened and they looked at you in shock when you asked
  • “he didn’t tell you?” ruoxi asked
  • you shook your head 
  • “guanlin was accepted into a korean entertainment company. he skipped graduation to audition and he made it. his flight was early in the morning today.”
  • for the rest of the day, your in a daze because now that guanlin is gone, it’s almost as if you dating him was just a dream
  • your coworkers knew something was up when guanlin didnt come into the store for a week straight, but they never brought it up bc they didn’t want to rub salt onto the wound
  • you never take off the ring he gave you because that’s the only way you’re sure you and guanlin were actually together for a short period of time
  • and it also keeps away guys that ask for your number after taking a picture with you
  • your smile is still bright when taking pictures with people, but there’s definitely a difference from the photos before
  • months pass and one day, your coworker that gave guanlin the mooncake he choked shoves her phone in your face
  • and you’re like wtf is produce 101?
  • but you take the phone
  • and your heart drops when you see guanlin dressed in the iconic produce 101 uniform

anonymous asked:

I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 
Evak’s First Vacation

Originally posted by softly-evak

Can’t stop thinking about what their first trip somewhere would look like (inspired by Henrik’s trip w/ his friends and Lea)

  • Arguing about what to pack and what stays (“Isak, you’re not allowed to take textbooks with you. Like, I’m actually offended that you thought this was an option.” “Fine, but you need to put at least four hoodies back. It’s going to be so hot there.” “But my aesthetic”)

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Pairing: It’s kinda up to you who you want this to be about

Notes: I made this at like 2am and I’m asking myself who hurt me this much because wow.

Word Count: 1.5k (roughly)

Prompt List: if you have any request then check out the list and message me which ones you want.

There’s always that weird sensation of pain wherever you go. Whether it’s for undeniable love or passionate hate, it’s there and sometimes the lines just seem to blur together. Not that you want them to but since when did we get a choice is what we received?

As much as people say it’s not true, our fates are constantly in the hands of another no matter what we do or say the majority of the time it’s out of our control. That’s the thing that haunts me, it what keeps me up at night knowing there’s nothing I could’ve done to at least try and prevent the torment I’m being forced to endure.

I just never realised that one day these stories that I heard one too many times would become my life.

Life was like a warm summer for me, everything was at a constant but you changed that. Meeting you meant my calm was now chaos and my life was flipped to an unpredictable autumn. At first, I was too naive to realise the difference and as soon as the opportunity arose I grabbed it with both hands vowing to never let go but didn’t question the same in return.

I wanted to believe that you cared for me, that the uncontrollability you brought was the essence I was missing and you were the piece that fit. The thought of this love consumed me and for so long I thought you felt the same. The little butterflies every time I saw your name pop up on my screen, every little nickname that was uttered from those dangerously beautiful lips, everytime you grabbed my hand letting me know everything would be okay. It was a lie.

And that’s where the pain starts to seep in and the damning thing about it is you never realise till it’s too late, till my heart was so deep in the love I had for you, that finding out it wasn’t true left me gasping for air. A love that you didn’t realise you couldn’t live without until you figure out it was never there to begin with.

If I’m being honest I don’t know what’s worse, letting myself believe the lies that I allowed to be engraved into my every being or that I was so desperate for that one person that I decided to remove all rationality and just accept that what this was would have to do because you would never ever dream of hurting me.

Because you never understood how a simple “it isn’t working out anymore” could shatter every single thing around me. Especially when I didn’t even notice the linings starting to crumble. The constant train of questions that left me awake at ungodly hours wondering what it was I did wrong and how delusional I could have possibly been. The night spent in my best friends lap, crying till there was nothing left, whilst she cooed that “ it’s gonna take time but he didn’t deserve you ”.

But what if it was the other way round? That I didn’t deserve you and you’d finally snapped and couldn’t take all this, us, anymore?

The process it all takes before it gradually started to get into my brain. The missed calls and late texts. The “ I’m so sorry I’m going to have to cancel our date tonight” ’s. The constant feeling that you’re purposefully avoiding me or that you’d found someone who could satisfy you in way I never could.

The harsh reality of this it’s unexpected. I never in a million years possibly expected it to happen to me. For me to slowly become second to last on your list of priorities and then poof, I’m gone altogether. I wondered how you got through this so easily and if you were with someone else as you broke it off. The unanswered questions leaving unvoiced doubts and insecurities that were never an issue before.

It’s when I’ve finally got over you and I’m rebuilding myself that you suddenly decide to reappear into my life, thinking it’s just as easy as it was when you left. Looking back to a year ago maybe it would’ve been but the tears, heartache and the pain, that god awful pain that made me spiral out of control. That made me think I was incapable of being loved is where the hatred sets in.

Not that I ever wanted to because after all you were my first love, my entire world and I’d have done anything to have kept it that way. But circumstances made me stronger, they made me realise I didn’t need you or anyone for that matter to give me purpose. I was the person that did that for myself. I needed to put myself above everyone else if things were ever going to get better and for the mistakes never to be repeated again.

I still remember the day I saw you with her. It couldn’t have been a few weeks after you’d decided to break my entire world down. It was the first time I’d been out in a while after Sam convinced me to get out saying “ the world didn’t revolve around him and this couldn’t be my life ” little did she know that you were still my world, it’s just that I wasn’t yours. I remember finally feeling like myself and managing to do minuscule things like buying coffee without thinking about you. I mean the thoughts were still there in the back of my mind but I felt good.

Until I saw you with her in the middle of our cafe, in the spot you told me you loved me for the first time. But now you were looking at her the way you looked at me and I couldn’t move. My body was paralysed, unable to take my eyes off how happy you were with her and it made me wonder if that was love? Because what we had, that wasn’t love. It took me until now to realise it but it wasn’t.

After that day I promised myself I had to try and move on because you’d done it so easily. I bet I never once crossed your mind when it happened and I wouldn’t blame you, she was gorgeous. I mean I should be thanking you because I bet I’d still be in that state of self-pity right now if it wasn’t for that day, that moment.

I’d been on a few dates since then and I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Maybe so you’ll feel something, anything. Anyway, nothing felt concrete until I met Ash and for once I didn’t feel the need to put extra work into feel loved because he loved me for me. Love wasn’t a competition anymore and I was happy, genuinely happy.

But I lost him too because of you. He said he’d never be able to get you out of my head, no matter how hard he tried and that he didn’t blame me for this. As much as it pained me to admit it, he was right. I wasn’t over you and maybe I’m not now and whatever this is is some type of closure for me.

If I ever decide to send this and you open it, I wonder what you’ll do. If you’ll toss it aside just like you did with me or if you’ll feel a tiny bit of the pain you put me through. Because when you thought it would be so easy for us to become friends again you must’ve been so clueless. Or maybe you liked the fact you had that control over me.

Even after all this I still believe you changed me, for the better? I’m not so sure but you did and for that I’m thankful. But I’m also thankful that you made me realise what love really feels like because without this I would’ve never met Asher.

I just need you to make me certain that I can forget you and move on with him because the hatred I have for you is almost as consuming as the love I once had. The magical illusion of senior year is far from the reality of the real world and that’s what this relationship was an illusion. Possibly to both of us and I have to accept that it could never be anything more.

So I’m gonna put you in an impossible position and it’s up to you to deal with it whatever way you deem fit. If I don’t hear back in a while I’ll assume I’ve got my answer and I’ll live my life without picturing you in it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not love,the girl you forgot


Pearl, the worlds most spoiled mouse


Pearls cage is the bottom half of a critter nation giving her 36 x 25 x 25 inches of space.

She’s got tubes for climbing that lead up to her space pod, but she still enjoys climbing up the sides and trying to get me to come give her cuddles.

She’s got two food bowls, one for her blocks and one for treats and veggies. A pile of Timothy hay that has a mixture of millet seeds, and other grains and seeds for natural foraging.

A large wheel to ensure her spine doesn’t bend unnaturally and leave her hurting

A hammock up top that she likes storing things in and a mini pocket one on the side of her cage that she likes sitting in.

3 huts and several tubes, a lovely platform near her large hammock.

Several chew toys (not pictured I forgot to put them all back before taking photos.)

She’s estimated to be between 6-9 months when I adopted her about a month ago.

She’s a single lady, who had not gotten along with any female they had tried to introduce so unless I find the perfect match she’s a single lady who’s spoiled rotten.

A/N- This was an ask from a while ago that the person forgot to put on anonymous so they asked me not to write it in the answer. Anyways the ask was “Could you wrote something where Joker wakes the reader up with sex or something? Like that? I don’t know why I’m asking lol” Sorry it took me so long to get to this one but I hope you enjoy it, thanks to @auntiemama1
For the inspiration with your recent Joker pictures 🖤💋

You’re eyes haven’t even opened but a moan has escaped from between your lips and all your senses have been woken up.
His capped teeth glide down your neck and you can feel the smile on his face, he reaches your collarbone with a light suck and kiss.
Your arms are by your side and you almost feel paralyzed, you keep your eyes closed and press your lips together trying to silence yourself.
One of his hands is holding himself over you while the other is making its way up your shirt, as he squeezes your breast he growls deeply and it takes everything in you to not reach for him.
His mouth covers a part of your neck again, he bites a little harder hoping for a reaction from you.
You hate that you can never tell him to stop and mean it, you try to mouth the word but as soon as your lips part a moan escapes again.
He takes advantage of the moment and works the spot on your neck till he knows a mark will be left, his hand under your shirt working your breast and nipple and you can’t help but writhe under him. You go to finally move your hands and his hand quickly left from under your shirt to around your throat.
Your eyes open to be met with the grin you love so much, his eyes are wide and blue above you as he cocks his head to side with a whispered “Tsk, tsk,tsk.”
His grip tightens around your throat and you try to hide your enjoyment but he knows, he knows every game you love to play and he knows just how much pain you can take.
“You know this game well doll, no touching. Me or yourself, understood?”
You nod and bite in your lower lip.
His hand leaves your throat and reaches between your legs, you can feel a wave surge through your body before he even touches you.
His fingers run over your clit and you inhale sharply as you feel like you’ve been waiting ages for his touch.
“I love when you’re soaked, my little slut.”
He positions himself between your legs and you bend your knees up letting him get closer.
He runs his tip over your slit and you moan again, you grip the sheets so you don’t reach up for him because all you want to do is dig your nails into his porcelain skin and leave your own marks on him.
He slides himself in your slowly, your body reacts to his length as your back arches and your can feel your nails hitting the palm of your hand through the sheets.
He doesn’t waste any time as he finds his rhythm, his hips slamming against yours and his hands holding onto both of your thighs as he’s kneeled between your legs.
You bounce against his movements and your moans grow with his grunts, his fingertips pressing harder into your skin and your moans quickly turning to screams of his name.
His thrusts get harder and your back arches deeper against him, he loves watching you lose control of yourself as you reach your climax.
His hand runs down your thigh and his thumb lands on your clit, he presses circles against it and your body wiggles against him. He growls in response and that drives you even more crazy, he feels you tighten around him and he groans as he picks up the pace.
Within seconds you feel the sensation in your lower stomach become to much to bare, you gasp for air as your high comes and as it ends your breathing is rigid.
His thrusts slowed down enough for you to enjoy your moment but he doesn’t give you a break as he thrust deeper in you, he places your legs in his shoulders and he bites into your calf. Your moaning comes back and he groans again, you knows he’s close.
You press yourself against his member and roll your hips on him, he watches you take control and he lets you.
He’s holding your hips against him letting him get deeper as you roll your hips harder, he growls loudly and throws his head back, you feel him twitch inside you and you cant help but moan in response.
He pulls out of you slowly and leans close to you, he plants one soft kiss against your lips.
“You’re always such a good slut aren’t you?”
He kisses your cheek before laying down next to you.
“Always for you daddy.”
You reply back wrapping your arm around his bare torso.

Final Farewells


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III ; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok x Original Character

Summary: You ran away from him when you found out his secret in the gang, but you didn’t think you’d miss him this much

Word Count: 2333

Credit to gif owner


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Little Things

Originally posted by cainternn

how about shoto spending time with a girl he’s best friends with- they’re sort of in an unspoken relationship, but haven’t progressed far in terms of kissing or anything like that. maybe just a cute cuddly thing? I don’t know haha, thanks !

I love cute cuddly stuff– but I’m planning on writing angst sooner or later >:)

“(Y/N), are you free this weekend?” Shouto asked. The both of you were organizing your stuff, both ready to go home. “Hmm, yeah. Where are we going to this time?” you asked with a small smile.

It was a tradition for the two of you to go on (friendly) dates almost every weekend. Lately, it was as if there was something developing between the two of you, but you both didn’t mind it too much.

“Let’s go to the Hamarikyu garden? My treat, then we bring light snacks?” he suggested. “Ooh, I have heard of that garden. Sounds nice!” you contemplated.

And so it was planned.

When Saturday did roll around, you were dressed in an oversized hoodie, and shorts paired with sneakers. You have your backpack filled with beverages, which sat beside you on the couch. You also had your camera with you. Having nothing to do, you resulted to scrolling on your phone, waiting for Shouto to arrive.

Ding dong–

You immediately stood up and opened the door to see Shouto wearing a simple black shirt with jeans and sneakers. He had his satchel bag, too. “That’s funny, you don’t seem to be wearing your flannel today,” you commented, locking the door behind you. “I wasn’t able to find it a while ago,” he reasoned.

“You forgot to put it in the washing machine, didn’t you?” you snickered. “How do you even know that?”

When the both of you arrived at the park, after paying the entrance fee, you both straight went to one of the tables and benches. “Wah, the temperature’s perfect today,” you said. 

“Wait a minute, I’ll go take some pictures,” you said, holding up your camera. Smiling, you took off to take pictures of birds that would be on a tree branch or just the beautiful trees itself. 

Whenever Shoto saw your smile recently, he’d heat up, literally. But this was the only moment his left side caught on fire. He tried to put out or control the flames, thanking that all his shirts were all made with fibers that could withstand heat.

But little did he know, you took a picture of him trying to control his flames, making you smile to yourself. “Shouto, come here! Let me take a picture of you.”

“Eh? Why me?” Shouto asked, slightly smiling. “Why not? You look great as always, anyway.” you smiled, blushing. “Fine, only if I get to take a picture of you after this, too.” 

Shouto awkwardly smiled for the picture, making you laugh. “Shouto! Come on, smile properly!” you laughed, making him laugh along. You took this as the chance to take the picture. “See? You look so great when you smile.”

“Your turn,” Shouto said as he took the camera. You gladly smiled for the picture, making him smile slightly. “You definitely look greater than me smiling,” he commented as he returned your camera.

“Hmm, I think we both look great. Don’t you think so?”

“I think so, too.”

When you guys returned to your table, you decided to eat the snacks you both brought. A lot of birds would fly in the garden, making the view prettier. You leaned on Shouto’s shoulder, making him lean on your head. 

“Thank you for going here with me, (Y/N),” he said out of the blue. “No problem, Shouto.”

Friends or maybe more, you both enjoyed each other’s company, like always. And you both knew nothing will ever change that.

Jikook Things We’ll Never Know

will we ever know what went through their minds at the concert in Nagoya?

what did jungkook get jimin for his birthday present?

how many pictures/videos of jimin does jungkook have saved?

what that video of them on the bed on jungkook’s camera in gfc was about?

what jimin thought when he went up and “kissed” jk on the neck in that fansign?

why jimin purposely puts paws after he tweets jungkook’s name/nicknames?

if jungkook has one yellow shirt just because it reminds him of jimin?

who really was in the room in that one vlive?


feel free too add anything i missed, which was a lot :)

Leatherworking with gremble: the other Anders bag

How2Andersbag, part 2! This is for the square-ish bag he wears on his belt, which I think kinda looks like a granny purse, but it’s a useful size for carrying cellphone+wallet, and a useful technique to know because it’s so ubiquitous. I think everyone in the DA2 crew has at least one bag constructed this way, adjusting the colors/proportions as necessary.

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Memories with the types

I saw someone else post one of these so I’m gonna too. (ENTP POV btw) 

ENTP: When we were playing a Western themed card game and talked about dressing up in cowboy gear from a nearby box, but he put on a princess veil instead. 

INTP: When two of them had a LOTR Marathon (over the course of a week) and invited me to come, but I was busy for the first one, forgot about the second, and then came to the third, made fun of the movie with them, and then fell asleep during the Big Battle halfway through.

ESTP: Getting ice cream and then looking at random things in a pawn shop and then taking pictures on an old railroad track (that’s actually still in use, I thought it wasn’t oops)

ISTP: Debating with him (and a grumpy INTP) everyday in art class. He was a bit of a jerk but it was still fun most of the time, and I guess he thought so too because he said we should hang out last time I saw him since then. 

ENFP: (Too many to name) When we told jokes at a talent show and then performed a silent musical act.

INFP: Going to a fancy ice cream shop after prom with two of them and and INTP because me and INTP are good friends and they were our dates and conversation was kinda quiet and awkward, but still nice. 

ESFP: Going to Six Flags with him (and an ESTJ) and goofing around and occasionally talking to random people. That kid was so friggin extraverted oh my gosh.

ISFP: When he needed help with his eagle project so I came but then I found out it was just me and his mom drove us to the hospital to drop off boxes and it was kinda awkward.

ENTJ: He was my counselor for camp and we all told him he was gonna get struck by lightning and sang him happy birthday every day. Super nice dude.

INTJ: Having my mind blown weekly bc he had incredible insights in class

ESTJ: Helping him and his dad fix up my family’s deck and listening to classic rock because he was really into that I guess.

ISTJ: Picking him up and taking him to my place of work so he could apply for a job and chillin as he filled out paperwork there.

ENFJ: Designing/drawing a poster for the school musical because she was in charge of publicity and wanted someone who could draw well.

INFJ: She graduated high school a year early and went off to college because why not?

ESFJ: When he climbed down a miniature cliff to get into my canoe and grab the turtle he caught and put in it, and then tipped it as he got out and gave me a big scar on my leg.

ISFJ: His emails about upcoming events are always full of clever jokes and then at our award show thing he always comes up with funny personalized awards.

The Proposal Part 7

Originally posted by emreturkmen

The Proposal Masterlist


Contains: Angst

(only 2 more parts- technically 1 if you don’t count the epilogue)



Anonymous: Holy heck! Spencer no!!!! Gosh we need part 7 of the proposal asap!


Awkward was one way to put your relationship with Spencer. Other words to fill that category was weird, lonely and depressing. You longed for him to just talked to you or…something.

Spencer was barely acknowledging your presence, and you were lucky that he was even sticking around. Why? You weren’t really sure. Maybe he was still guilty about your father.

It seemed his presence was hurting you more then helping you. Your heart ached every time he walked past you, heart still fluttering whenever he accidentally touched you. At least at work he was behind the doors and you could serve without worrying that you were going to bump into him.

Your lovesick disease only seemed to get worse when Spencer announced he was going to be spending nights with /her/ and sneaking in early in case your mother came back around. Apparently you repulsed him to the core so much that he couldn’t even sleep in the same area as you.

At the moment, you were staring out the window of the living room, hating yourself. More so for the fact that you looked like Bella Swan from the second twilight movie. Well, it was a close second.

“Why are you moping about? Haven’t you heard I’m back?” A familiar voice made you jump, wrapping your arms around your sister’s frame. “That’s more like it Y/n!” She laughed, her arms sliding around to meet your back.

“I totally forgot that you were coming back this week!  I’ve just had so much on my mind lately!” You tried explaining.

“I bet! Wedding aren’t easy to plan you know! Take it from me, I just had one… So, how are you and your fiancée?” She made her way through the house, seeming to inspect it for something.

“Uh, yeah, about that…” You started, trying to figure out how to tell her about everything without seeming like a jerk that was lying to your father and stealing your sisters spotlight.

“Let’s not talk about this in here, c'mon, let’s do something fun….like shopping, or drinking.” She waggled her brows, shooing you to grab your purse. You forgot how eccentric your sister was. You weren’t sure how much you missed that certain feature.

After what your sister like to call “Treat yourself- bride edition”, she made you wear one of the outfits out of the store and wear it out. You had no idea what game she was trying to play, but you knew she was up to something. Especially when she brought you to a bar. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of wine every now and then but had said multiple times that he was not an avid enthusiast for bars. More so now then ever because she was married and guys would be trying to hit on her all night.

“Alright, answer some of my questions. How is Spencer? How are you?” She asked when the both of you were situated with your drinks. You spun your stirrer straw slowly, stumbling around on trying to form a sentence.

“Do you remember Mattie Noel?” You asked, and she nodded, eyes squinting with suspicion. “She's…tried latching her hooks onto him.” You put it out there as best as you could, watching as she moved her hand in a dismissive way. “Spencer only has eyes for you, trust me. Don’t worry about that bitch.” You almost laughed at how ironic that sentence was, taking a large gulp of your drink. After some more minutes of conversation, someone’s phone started to ring loudly.

“Oh shoot, I think that’s me.” Your sister set her drink down, digging through her purse, stopping and wincing. “Y/n, I think I left my phone at your house when I came to pick you up!” Your sister slapped her face, zipping back up her purse. “What if it’s (h/h/n)? It’s it okay if we head back to the guest house?”

“Oh yeah, of course.” You placed done your drink, standing up and pretending to dust yourself off. You weren’t really feeling the scene anyways, bars never really being your thing.

The drive was filled with your sister filling you in on her honeymoon, literally, /everything// about her honeymoon, talking about future plans and trying to ask about you and Spencer. You tried avoiding most of the questions, and it seemed to work.

“Alright, let’s go.” You stated once you pulled up to the driveway in front of the guest house. You thought you saw a light turn off and you shook your head, thinking you must be finally losing it.

“Um. I’m not exactly sure where you left it but feel free to- AH!” You fell back into the wall as you opened the door and flipped the light switch only to be met with about 15 pairs of eyes. “What the- W-what the…” Your own orbs were wide and brows furrowed. Your sister laughed, patting your shoulder reassuringly.

“Surprise! It’s your bridal shower!” She bounced excitedly, leading you over to a chair. You started to recognize your friends from back home, your mother, your sister and a few friends from the restaurant.

“This really wasn’t necessary…” You mumbled, stumbling a bit. “Really. I don’t deserve your gifts.” You waved your friends off, cheeks pinking. If they only knew how much you really didn’t deserve this.

“Here, open mine first!” Your sister thrusted a bright pink box into your lap, and you almost rolled your eyes at the obnoxious color but opened it nonetheless. Through the hours, you opened all the gifts (some more appropriate then others), drank some wine, and failed to notice your mother’s quietness.

“There’s still one more gift! It’s from mom!” Your sister cried, bringing out the last wrapped box. Your mother’s face seemed to pale and she opened her mouth to say something when your sister interrupted her. “I saw it hidden in the closet and figured you must have forgot about where you put it. It was no problem really. Now, c'mon y/n, open it up.”

After taking off the bright paper and the Macy’s box that your mother used for every holiday box, you were met with a book, a picture of Spencer on one knee at your sister’s wedding, when you forced him to propose to you on the top. “What’s this?” You softly asked, fingers rubbing Spencer’s frame over the plastic covering.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I was just digging through the basement and some old pictures came up. Add those with the ones I’ve been taking of the two of you and….” Her sentence faded out as you started flipping through the pages.

Pictures of you and Spencer as toddlers, chubby limbs wrapped up in each other. As little kids, reading or “cooking”. Spencer trying to teach you how to play chess when you were 12, always losing because you believed the pawns were more important then any other piece. Rare visits to Caltech when you were both 14, both awkward and gangly. Pictures of you at Spencer’s graduation and vice-versa. The pictures didn’t pick back up until the wedding, a few candid shots, pictures of you both working at the restaurant and sitting on the couch when you were watching Star Wars. Lastly, the proposal once more, zoomed in on both your faces. Even though you had just shoved him on the ground exactly 2 seconds earlier, Spencer looked focused, and your fake smile looked genuine.

“I cant do this anymore.” You whispered, shocking yourself when a tear landed on the scrapbook page. “I’m so sorry. You guys…” You got up, rushing out of the room, the cold air kissing your face once you escaped through the front door.

“Hon! Honey! Come back!” Your mother called after you, following you outside. “Y/n, baby, I know.” You looked up at her, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.

“You know? You know that this whole thing was fake?” You asked, throwing up your arms in the air. If your mother could see it, then everyone else probably knew too. God, this whole thing was so stupid. Why did the idea even pop into her head?

“I saw him making out with another girl while I was trying to book a wedding venue.” Your mom explained, hand coming up to cup your cheek. Your own hand came to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“No mom, I have to be honest with you, this whole marriage was a sham. I forced Spencer to propose to me.” She stepped back, head cocking to the side and brows raising. “Dad said he wished he could have two daughters married….” You explained, and your mother seemed to understand.

“Darling, he didn’t mean it in this way..” She engulfed you in a hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re still in love with him aren’t you? You have been since before you knew what love was.” She asked and you nodded, cries beginning, thankful that they were slightly muffled.

“It’s okay honey, let it all out.”


(3rd Person POV)

Overtime, your comments really started to bug Spencer. Your tone, your bitter words, kept repeating in his mind and for the millionth time he wished that he didn’t have an eidetic memory. He couldn’t believe you had spoken to him that way. You had never expressed that type of rage before.

He had known you for practically his entire life and you had never steered him wrong, always being the person to try and draw him out of his shell. Always his defender, his best friend until you two had started drifting apart after you graduated and he joined the FBI. Even then, you would try to call once every month, trying to keep updated with him, his life, job, mother, etc.

Spencer usually had a good intuition about people, and Mattie seemed lovely enough, so why would Y/n tell him all those awful things about the woman he had start to care for?

“You know, Y/n told me that you used to know each other in high school. What was that like? Were you guys friends?” He tried to subtly press the subject. Mattie laughed, taking a sip of her drink and leaning her head on her hand, eyes slightly glossing over in a nostalgic manner.

“Well, I used to pick on her.” She shrugged, taking a bite of her food like what she had just said was nothing. “I mean, she deserved right?” Spencer was in the middle of picking up his glass to take a sip when he stopped at her remark.

“What do you mean by that?” Mattie seemed confused that she was even asked a question like that but out of the corner of her mind, she remembered that someone like him didn’t attend their high school.

“She was like a blister, ugly to look at, you know. She always had to let everyone know how she was smarter then everyone else. She didn’t let me cheat or anything and… well, just annoying really. She hasn’t changed much since high school.” Spencer seemed to stare at her for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Mattie’s brows raised. “I mean, you’ve known her for a little while right? Isn’t she just…annoying? I mean, she asked you to marry her because she’s too pathetic to find herself an actual fiancé.” Spencer couldn’t believe the words he was hearing, and had to stop his jaw from dropping. It all made sense now, everything you said!

“Oh my- I actually defended you against her! I’m so stupid, I should have known Y/n would never lie to me! She never has before!” Spencer stood up, running his hands over his face angrily. “You…I can’t even come up with any words to describe a snake like you!” He stormed off, already trying to work on how to fix everything he did.

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?” She screeched, and Spencer ignored her, running outside to hail a cab. He quickly dialed your number and the call ended up going straight to voicemail. A second and third time, voicemail. Either something was wrong or you were still pissed off. Yo had every right to be. Oh god, why didn’t he listen to you?!

After yelling your address to the cab driver, he dialed Morgan, quickly explaining everything that had developed recently. Being Spencer’s friend, Morgan tried not to judge too harshly, but couldn’t help the exasperated sigh that escaped his mouth as he said, “Sounds like she’s in love with you, you idiot. You don’t even have to be a profiler to figure that one out buddy.”

“Well- I- I- Uh-” Spencer stumbled a bit, his brain fried. “Spencer,’ his friend scolded through the phone speaker. How do you feel about Y/n?” Morgan was met with silence and he sighed. “What I mean is…. can you be yourself around Y/n? Do you think about her when she isn’t in the room? How would you feel if she had asked someone else to be in your shoes hm?” Spencer stayed quiet for another moment.

If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with her then anyone, even you guys. I think about her a lot, although recent thoughts weren’t exactly….romantic. If she had asked someone else,’ Spencer whistled lowly. “I wouldn’t have…I… I don’t like that question. She asked me, that’s that.” He answered, brows furrowing when he heard his friends laughter on the other end of the line.

“Then she’s the one. Simple as that. ”

“I…have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up when he saw your house approaching in the window of the cab, exiting the vehicle and throwing a random wad of cash at the driver, bolting for the guest house. He fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door.

“Y/n! Y/n!” He yelled throughout the guest house, realizing you were gone. He ran over to the main house, which was locked, and looked through all the windows like a mad man. He dialed your number 2 more times and grunted loudly when your automated voice message met his ears instead of your voice. His phone rang just before he was able to dial your number again, and he immediately answered it. “Y/n?”

“Her mother.” An unamused voice greeted his ears. “Listen, before you say another word, Y/n’s father is at the hospital, not that you seem to care. Hopefully I haven’t interrupted your making out sessions hm? Anyways, just figured I’d let you know since you seemed so eager to be a part of this family…” Your mother snapped, hanging up.

The hospital?

“Oh no..” He mumbled dialing for a cab, only thinking of you.

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I’ll never do it again

can you guys please write a jaebum fluff/angst/smut? it’s your birthday and he forgets until someone reminds him and he buys you flowers. he makes it up to you with getting down on you

This is for you anon! Hope you like it! :)

Summary: Jaebum forgets your birthday so Jackson tries to make it better. Later on, Jaebum makes it up to you.

Members: Jaebum x Reader, appearances by Jackson

Type: Angst/ Fluff/ Smut

Length: 1682

~ Admin Rated M

Originally posted by sugaglos

    You woke up this morning with the biggest smile on your face. It was your birthday. Your boyfriend, Jaebum, always made this day special for you. He either took you out to your favorite restaurant or planned a surprise party with all of your closest friends. You were excited for what he had planned for this year. You turned towards him and saw that he was still sleeping. You looked at him lovingly, taking in his striking features. It always amazed you how he was so good looking even with his hair messed up from sleep, if anything, that made him even more attractive. You kissed his cheek and he woke up instantly. “Y/N, I’m trying to sleep,” he mumbled.

    You giggled, and hopped off the bed. You grabbed some clothes and jumped in the shower. When you got out, you noticed Jaebum wasn’t in bed. You thought maybe he was in the kitchen making you breakfast, so you finished getting ready for the day. You headed towards the kitchen once you were dressed, and noticed Jaebum in the dining room on his laptop eating cereal. You paused for a moment, and looked inside the kitchen. There was no food. Disappointed, you went ahead and poured yourself a bowl of cereal. You kissed his head as you sat down, and began eating. You looked at Jaebum. His expression was  quite vague. You couldn’t tell if he was pretending not to remember or if he actually forgot your birthday. When he finished his cereal, he kissed you and put his dishes away. He then went to your shared room to get ready. You quickly finished your cereal and headed towards your room.

    “Where are you going?” you asked.

    “I’ve got practice today, remember?”

    “I thought you would’ve taken today off.”

    “Why would I? Today’s no different from everyday I go to practice.”

    That was when it hit you. He actually forgot your birthday. You had taken off from work just to spend the entire day with him, and he completely forgot.

    “Why aren’t you dressed for work?” Jaebum questioned.

    “Oh. I took the day off.”

    “Why? Are you sick?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

    “No. I..uh…just thought i could use this day to myself. Like a relax day or something.”

    “Oh okay. Well, have fun,”he said as he kissed you and headed outside, “have a great day. I love you.”

    “Love you too,” you muttered.

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What are some good wdw blogs?

Every blog is awesome in its own way and I recommend checking out everyone and seeing what you like best. I’m going to list some people but it’s important to keep in mind that this is just my opinion!!
Also a big sorry to anyone I forgot. I STILL LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Kay is the sweetest humam being on this planet and you need to follow her asap! *warning* Her writing WILL put you in your feels!

That’s quality content right there! She posts pictures of the boys so if you’re looking for something to bless your eyes, she’s the one for you.

Blog amazing. Writing on point. Wonderful person. Follow her.

New blog!! Don’t sleep on this babe, follow her before she blows up! Simply amazing content.

wRiTiNg!1!1 nuff said.

Angst Queen™. Her writing will fuck you up!

Also a newish blog but definitely worth a follow. Quality content and quality person.

Another writer! She has so much content so if you’re looking for something to binge read, she’s the one for you.

Okay, her writing is simply A+. There’s no other way to describe her.

Sadly, I don’t know her personally but she seems like a sweetheart! Absolutely amazing writing, recommend 10/10

The name says it all. If you need a quick laugh, definitely follow this blog.

Such a nice girl. Preferences will make you feel some type of way.

Her writing makes me feel every emotion humanly possible. I think that description is enough.

Just an amazing blog. You’ll find everything you want there.

She recently uploaded an imagine and it was so insanely good!! Look out for more from this girl!

Talked to her only a few times but it was always a pleasure! She writes and she’s very good at it.

Again, I am so so sorry if I forgot to mention you!! Most of the people listed I talk to on a daily basis and that’s why they’re some of my favourites. Next time you ask me, there will probably be so many more blogs!
I really hope this helped you and gave you a general idea but please don’t sleep on other blogs!! Definitely check everyone out and decide for yourself!! xx