i finally got a chance to see this in person!

Friday - the day for unnumbered ramble-y updates

I finally got to sit down with my boss and two others to go through the training I’ve been building in Articulate. This was the part that was missing – collaboration. I made some wrong decisions about methodology because I’ve been working in a vacuum for months, and their input helped me to see how much more useful the training will be if I set it up so quizzes have unlimited chances, and if the feedback given after an incorrect choice is made reinforces the correct information. Try again. That and four other major structural changes have me scrambling to finish it by Tuesday’s client presentation, but this is good, the whole thing will be so much more effective. I’ll have to bring my laptop home over the weekend for the first time in a while. 

This is shitty timing, as I really need to finish the garden beds and plant everything and get my office emptied out for Ty. Oh, hey, wait. He can do both of those things for me in exchange for food and lodging, right? Right. He and Lila can wrestle the futon and the file cabinets down to the basement. Hoo boy, do I have some things I need to share about this whole situation, but I’ll just continue to process internally. Suffice it to say: BEER ME. 

I also need to process the sour cherries still – thinking bourbon cherry jam. I keep forgetting to buy a pitter, so that’s a good two hours I’ll be doing them with a chopstick. I finished up the garlic scapes a few minutes ago. Five pints of pickled with a white vinegar brine, coriander seed, mustard seed, peppercorn, my hot red pepper flake mix, and bay. I also have a giant bowl of them sitting on the counter in a salt water bath to soften and begin the fermentation process. On Sunday they’ll move over to the crock with kimchi seasoning. I’m sort of managing to squeeze little domestic things in between work/commute insanity. It’s amazing how quickly it becomes time for bed when I get home. 

I’m trying to not beat myself up for not making it to the gym enough, or even taking neighborhood walks. Dina got me in for a surprise massage last night because she had a cancellation, and oh my goodness, the lactic acid release pain was so intense I think I tried to leave my body. Oh, how I needed that. I should have cleaned the tub and soaked in mineral water, but that would have required so much physical effort. Instead, I prepared leftovers for us and went over my credit report to make sure my ducks are in a row for buying a new car. I have some work to do over the next few weeks before I can pull the trigger on that. 

I need to find the mental space and time to help Ty with school applications, and some medical stuff, too. And fly Lila to MA in a few weeks. Maybe I can convince Ty to go instead. Holy shit guys, any ideas on how to clone me? 

Oh, and maybe make time for a date here and there. That would be nice. 

My last week at Active was very nostalgic but also amazing at the same time. We wrapped up our time there by creating invoices for the finance team as a way to practice some of the work they do on a daily basis. We had a great lunch with the marketing manager Pauline who both Raisah and myself have become very friendly with and we hope to stay in touch with after leaving London. We have had a great time discussing both US politics as well as UK politics with everyone in the office. Getting a foreigners opinion on our political environment in the US has been really interesting to learn. We have shared lots of laughs and jokes with the Active team and had fun every step of the way. Besides finishing up a wonderful last two days at Active International the brief time that we got to spend at the British Museum gave me the chance to finally see the Magna Carta in person which is something that was on my personal to do list for this trip. I wish we could have had more time to wander the amazing place that is the British Museum but at least I have a great opportunity to do so whenever I return to London in the future. We sort of made up for it when we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum on Thursday as a class and I had the opportunity to explore some Monarchy history and see a lot of cool artifacts.  I really enjoyed the sculptures and the marble rooms. It amazes me how extravagant how many things are here, I always knew that many aspects of British culture were like this but seeing it up close and personal was really impressive.

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Any thoughts on why Max got her powers?

I don’t think there’s any “science” to why it happened to her. Personally, I think it was just destiny that she ran into Chloe that day. It was a chance for them to see each other again and reconnect. As if they were meant to be friends and life was giving Max one final chance to see her. After saving her in the bathroom and hanging out at home, however, I think Max was defying Chloe’s fate and time itself by continuing to push back the inevitable. Thus fucking up time and creating alternate realities & overall chaos.

So in short, I believe she was given those powers for a reason, but she ended up abusing them–though for selfless reasons, to keep her friend alive.


“once you see results, it becomes addiction”

Last Wednesday, i tried Zumba for the first time. my friends been pestering me to try this fitness so finally i got the chance to try Zumba at a nearby studio. i use to run or jog as my fit routine, and this year i tried calisthenics too but i never really into the “dancing part” such as Zumba because i’m a bit tone deaf and i fall out of rhythm easily. anyways, there’s this new workout studio near my house and it got ramadan’s promo so i finally decided to try it out. Zumba is pretty tiring, but not as tired as running i think. i enjoy this even though at first i’m a bit embarrassed because of my body shape (i have an excess fat here and there). but this is a fun workout! this is a cardio workout because of all that jumping, you get to burn lots of calories and all of your body moves so it’s good for toning your muscles too.

After a workout, usually i have pain somewhere (depending on what i’m working on) because of the long hiatus, but this time i don’t really feel that. i just feel a bit tense on my upper extremities because i rarely do the upper body workout but i’m fine. i’m totally going to come back again sometime for a change of pace in my workout routine.


I just want to take a moment to thank Yoon Jisung for being the most amazing person on earth. Literally half of his video was him comforting trainees who were eliminated even though he won. Just look at the way he comforts Samuel who is literally sobbing and clinging onto Jisung. I know a lot of people see him as just comedy relief but in all honesty he is a trainee who went through a lot. Especially as an older trainee (He’s 26/27). I’m also really upset with the result of P101 but if there is one person that I will support from Wanna One, it’s Jisung. Because even though he’s hilarious, he is talented and he’s easily the most caring individual in the show. If one thing went right yesterday it’s that Yoon Jisung finally got his chance to shine.

Also I feel like Jisung would make a great leader. I never expected Jonghyun not being the leader  but since he can’t be one, I want Jisung to lead Wanna One. He really has a fatherly aura around him when he isn’t being a meme. I truly think that he would do a great job. © ©

Produce 101 thoughts

So here it is…. we finally got our Top 11. 

I don’t know what to feel about the results though. I haven;t talked about it here but I’m personally a Jisung stan and I’m very proud of him for finally being about to debut. Like this was literally his last chance? Given his age, I think it’s very likely that he will enter the military after WANNA-ONE disbands maybe? 

Ha Sungwoon too…. such a miracle I still can’t believe it?! My reaction was totally like Notae’s ugly sobbing when sungwoon was announced as 11th :(

It pains me to see Minhyun though… really, it breaks my heart to see minhyun so dejected and so so lonely. Can’t we just debut all 20? Or at least have Jonghyun in? At the same time I’m worried about the fate of the other NUEST and HOTSHOT members…. does this mean no comeback? 

According to YMC who will be managing WANNA-ONE, the members will be solely focusing on their activities with the group during their contract period. This is unlike I.O.I members who could still participate in their own other activities. 

LOL seriously why is watching a survival show so painful? I thought that after 3 rounds of eliminations I’d be used to it but no…. It’s such a rollercoaster ride man. Nevertheless I’m still super duper proud of the Top 11. Everyone worked hard, and it is not anyone’s fault for getting into or not getting into Top 11. 

After all, the whole point of the show was for national producers to cast their votes and even if people say the voting was rigged or what, it is still the influence that Mnet has on the national producers. Even when they showed the tentative 11th to 14th rank of Sewoon, Jisung, Daehwi and Jinyoung, in the end you see… they all made it to Top 11 except for Sewoon who was 12th in the final ranking. 

Sigh…  sewoon, jonghyun, dongho, minki, seonho, youngmin, hyungseob, samuel, haknyeon…. you’ve done well~

On a happier note, WANNA-ONE debut set to be around August… Yuehua boys gonna debut and Samuel will have his solo! And I am very amused that the members in the fan-edit about JBJ took photos together hehe ;) 

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(saw your tags and I'm curious about your words for matthew perry? I won't get the chance to see the play and I'd love to hear your opinions)

Hi there, friend! So, as you can see, it’s been a few days since I got this message from you. Then again, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend. 

Now that I’m finally on a computer, I can answer this for you! Here are my thoughts on a certain person in the show, and I’ll put it under a cut in case others go to see it…

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Request: I’m halfway through Paterson and it is beautiful. I’m tempted to ask if you could write a fic where Kylo Ren goes undercover as Matt because he has a crush on reader and tries to write poetry about her, and eventually he (and his poem) gets found out by her. But idk if that comes off as a stupid idea/selfish request, and don’t know if requests are open in general. Don’t want to step on any toes. D: This movie is breathtaking.

A/N: I had this saved in my drafts bc I had responded a while back and I finally got the chance to write it. Thank you so much for this request, I loved the idea and I hope you enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.3K+

There was something about you, something about your aura that caught the commanders attention. The way you carried yourself: a gentle smile on your face, a perfect posture and a sense of contentment reflecting off of you. It was rather odd, at least in the mans eyes to see someone so…lively. In the Order, there had never been a person who made the dull ship seem as if a sun had been shining through it–yet, somehow you did.

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The Pain of Death [1000 Followers Special]

A/N: This was due LONG ago, but I never got around to it. I’m really sorry it sucks guys. I just have no motivation today and it’s been one bad news after the other

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1660



It was difficult to feel alive in the world today.

The world was a cold, desolated place where dreamers simply couldn’t exist. It was really a cemetery, a graveyard filled with unfulfilled dreams of the young and old. It wasn’t a place for any friends either, only acquaintances, nothing more.

There was no we or us, there was only I and me, for in this world, there were only survivors and they didn’t crawl their way to the top of the food chain together with others. In the end, the only person that mattered was them and they would throw anyone off the ladder if necessary.

It didn’t come as a surprise. Humanity was doomed from the start, it was inevitable. The human race was bound to topple their own grand empire that they had built. All the cruelest, most despicable things in this world derived from humanity. There’s no place for this dying species in this universe. We had sinned too far to ever redeem ourselves.

Now everyone’s simply trying to find their own happiness, a temporary bliss they could indulge in until they get sick of it and move onto their next interest.

You had seen it in action, experienced first hand. There was no such thing as happiness in this place, not true happiness. Something always happened, as if the universe was designed to fuck with you. It was a consequence of being born and adding to this plague called humanity. But like everyone else, you tried your best to survive. Only survive. You had given up trying to find any lasting happiness in this sick world. What was the point? When it was torn from you, the only person that get the burn would be you.

You admit you never used to be like this. You had been happy, joyful… but innocent. And you were so in love. You were blinded by the driving force of nature and oh how it had ruined you to the point of no return. Your heart was a desolate wasteland where nothing thrived. You gave it no rain, you barricaded it, all because of him.

There used to be someone. Used to be, for he was long gone. He was reckless, impulsive, perhaps a little too daring at times, but bravery and determination ran through his veins. He was a hero, not just your hero but also the hero of others.

He was the second Robin, Jason Peter Todd.

When he came into your life, he instantly swept you off your feet. At first that was a quite bad term for you saw him as a hurricane that tore everything apart. Since you two were on opposite sides most times–you being Catwoman’s ‘apprentice’ and all–you two faced each other regularly, but those fights turned to bickers, and bickers turned into banters and it formed the strangest friendship.

Most of the time, you would play around with him while your mentor had her way with Batman. Sometimes you would sneak out to meet him on the roof. There were times when you even sneaked into the manor to spend time with him, and since you were good friends with Alfred, of course he had let you in.

You allowed yourself to fall. You allowed your heart to feel and love, because it gave you such happiness.

You should’ve known it was too good to be true.

There was no pain greater than what you felt when your mentor informed you of his death.

At first there was that numbness in your chest. You weren’t in denial, you were in shock and couldn’t comprehend anything. And then when you were left alone, that was when you finally realized what the news meant. Then the tears came, and it wouldn’t stop.

It was on that night that you had stopped loving, for what was the use of such emotion when everything would end?

Yet even when you tell yourself that, here you were, standing in front of the grave of the second Robin years later.

“Hey there boy wonder,” you whispered, crouching in front of the grave and placing the bouquet of flowers you bought him, “yeah it’s me again. Got bored of me yet?” You had been visiting him at least once a week, making sure that, if he was ever watching, he knew he was remembered.

You fully sat down, crossing your legs and closed your eyes, remaining silent. When you first visited him, you used to always cry, and then try to talk to him about your day. Now though, while the pain lingered, you didn’t break down. You refused to, you couldn’t show such weakness. Usually you would sit there, thinking. It was peaceful and those who do come by knew not to disturb you.

Your trained ears picked up footsteps behind you after several minutes of silence but you made no attempts to turn around or look back. You knew whoever it was, they would leave–unless of course, it was one of the Waynes or Selina.

“Red roses? Classy.”

Your eyes shot open at that voice. There was something…. Frighteningly familiar about it, and deep down you could identify the person but your heart didn’t want to believe it. You weren’t going to give yourself that benefit.

Still, you began to shake as you slowly stood up and turned around.

And there he was, looking very much alive.

Jason Peter Todd had changed a lot. His young features matured greatly and his blue eyes were colder, haunted. He definitely grew taller, much taller, not to mention he was a lot more muscular. There was a streak of white in his hair. However, despite the change, all you could see was the boy you sat on the rooftop talking to for hours and hours on end.

“No… no, this can’t be right.” you shook your head, feeling tears in your eyes despite how much you tried to fight them back.

“Hey, [F/N],” he began, noticing your mood, “ it’s me. It’s Jason.” he insisted, stepping closer, only for you to recoil.

“NO!” you shouted, raising your hand to keep distance. “Get out of my sight, right now.” You tried to sound firm but you couldn’t disguise the crack in your voice.

Jason’s brows furrowed in confusion but his eyes showed a hint of anger. “What?

“You heard me.” you said coldly, though your voice wavered. “Whoever you are, whatever sick joke you’re playing, leave, before I do something that I will very much regret.”

“[F/N], you think I’m some trick?!” Jason demanded, “hey, I’m real. It’s really me, somehow! Look, I can explain later but–”

“No! You are not…” you closed your eyes and began to pace, “you are not allowed to just magically come back to life! No, no this is some fucked up prank. It has to be. This can’t be happening right now.”

Growing frustrated and agitated by how stubborn you were being, Jason grabbed you by the shoulders. “Look! Look at me! Do I look like an illusion or some impostor?”

“You have to be because there is no other explanation!”


“No, you can’t!” You pushed him away, causing him to stumble back. “You can’t… you can’t…” You sounded so defeated, so torn and broken. It was as if the adrenaline had left you and you were struggling for breath.

“Can’t what?” Jason urged, wanting to know why you were pushing him away like this. The person he was seeing here was a great contrast from the girl he used to know, and that broke his heart.

“You can’t just come back to life and act like nothing happened! You’re not allowed to do that!” Your emotions were all jumbled up inside you and you didn’t know what to feel. Everything you had kept buried inside you was bursting out and it was a storm of emotions that you couldn’t control. It was suffocating you and controlling your actions. Seeing him in front of you reopened closed wounds that barely healed in the first place.

“Shouldn’t you be happy?!” Jason demanded, shocked and confused by your reaction.

“How?!” you retorted, throwing your arms up in the air. “How can I be happy?! This isn’t happiness, happiness isn’t so fucking painful!”

“Painful?” Jason repeated, “do I have to remind you that I was the one who died, not you?”

Hearing this, hearing him say it so easily, you lost it. You lost every ounce of control you had and everything that came out of your mouth was nothing but the absolute truth.

“And do I have to remind you that you haven’t truly died until you have someone you loved taken away from you?!” you yelled back at him, rendering him speechless. Before he could respond, you continued with tears streaming down your face, “for you it may’ve ended in death, but for me? Death was just the beginning,” your voice wasn’t raised, nor was it a whisper, it was a deadly calm that expressed your full emotions, as if the tears falling down your face wasn’t enough already, “because then you remember, you remember all the good times and mourn for them. You remember all the bad times and you regret. And when you wake up every day for one blissful second you forget and then it all comes back to you and it’s like hearing about it the very first time all over again. So don’t you dare tell me that I hadn’t died because believe me, I hadn’t felt alive since the day that clown killed you.”

By the end of it, you were crying so hard you could barely see, but you did feel strong arms wrapping around you. You did feel him pulling you close to his chest, letting you cry, but that only made you cry harder.

Because, after years of being alone, you finally got the chance to embrace the one person you loved most again.

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hc for the guys going to the mall??


- Darry is not having it
- Soda and Steve are honestly running around and being little shits the first 20 to 30 minutes they are there
- the they go into store and Soda just HAS to model ALL the clothes
- Ponyboy goes to hot topic
- Ponyboy lives in hot topic
- Johnny kinda just follows him but ends up getting sidetracked when walking by hot dog on a stick
- Pony goes to like coffee bean and orders a complicated drink
- Darry makes him get decaf
- Two is just making friends with everybody
- hangs out with the little kids at the kid playing area
- he eats like ten pretzels
- the girls at the mall are all literally following Soda and Steve EVERYWHERE
- one even made it into the men’s bathroom
- Pony sees Cherry
- she still doesn’t wave
- Darry finally gives up and is like oh whale and goes looking around the ‘dad’ stores like Brookstone and things like that (brookstone is the shit)
- Darry gets like hundreds of magnets
- He really likes magnets
- Dallas is kinda just hangin with Pony and Johnny until he sees someone he had some beef with
- then he is dangling that person over the escalator rail
- Dallas lowkey like hot topic but don’t tell anyone
- he also tried to flirt with girls
- ends up with ice cream on his head
- finally while Johnny was getting his cheese on a stick Dallas was talkin to a worker there and she was actually giving him a chance
- up until he said ‘Hey I saw this really nice set of lingerie over in that store how bout you get in there and model it for me?’
- he got cheese on his head too
- Steve and Soda shop at Abercrombie and they look like the models on the walls
- Pony walks around the hallmark store and laughing and crying at all the cards
- the elder birthday ones really get to him
- Darry finally comes across them again and he is like oh shit
- make no eye contact
- then Soda yells
- ’…god damnit’
- Soda is wearing a flower crown that matches Steves
- Dallas is covered in food
- Pony is now #EMOtional
- Two but has a visor on and a Hawaiian shirt
- TBH Johnny is just enjoying his third cheese on a stick
- Darry would be mortified

abunaday replied to your post: oh damn it all it’s that time again when I want to…

The spoiler alert was an excellent spoiler

you know what no I’m just gonna go ahead and do the Avengers!Steve rant anyway because let’s be honest what else am I doing with my life

Steve Rogers from the 2012 Avengers movie was an absolutely brilliant representation of Steve Rogers when we consider that the Battle of New York happened TWELVE DAYS AFTER HE WOKE UP IN THE FUTURE, and I swear every single last complaint about his characterization comes from not taking into account that it has been LESS THAN TWO WEEKS SINCE HE LOST EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE HE LOVED

“Steve would never say ‘we should follow orders!’” Yeah he damn well would when the only thing he has left in the world is this organization his now senile girlfriend helped to found and he’s desperately trying to trust S.H.I.E.L.D. for her sake, not to mention he goes snooping on his own five seconds later

“STEVE WOULD SWEAR” Yeah first of all why does this complaint act as though Steve is the only one not cursing in Avengers, I can’t remember off the top of my head anyone swearing except for Loki’s “mewling quim” comment, secondly I don’t remember a bunch of swearing from him in TFA or TWS or CW so why are we treating it as though it’s out of character for Steve not to curse like a sailor, isn’t Bucky the foul-mouthed one in the comics anyway?  Like yeah it’s fine and good to write Steve cussing up a blue streak or headcanon him as making obscenity into an art form since he was a soldier and all, but how does it detract from his character to have him say “son of a gun”

“Steve wouldn’t say ‘there’s only one God, ma’am’” First of all again with the desperately clinging to what he knows to keep from drowning in his own depression, including the faith he was raised in, secondly Cap has been religious for pretty much his entire existence so it’s not like Whedon shoehorned in religion for the character out of nowhere so he could make Steve some bright-eyed “gee golly jeepers” incentive for the Pure Flix crowd to see the movie

“Why is Steve such a dick” and “Why is Steve such a stick in the mud” BECAUSE IT’S BEEN TWELVE DAYS SINCE HE LEARNED EVERYONE IS DEAD EXCEPT PEGGY WHO DOESN’T REMEMBER HIM HALF THE TIME and he’s probably been sadly wandering around New York for the whole of those twelve days when he isn’t breaking punching bags, seeing that everything’s changed, and he keeps catching himself thinking “well I can go back home now that I’m in New York again” except he can’t because his HOME IS GONE, AND SO ARE ALL HIS SKETCHBOOKS, AND THE DISHES THAT USED TO BELONG TO HIS MOM AND EVERYTHING GOOD AND PURE also he was being affected by Loki’s staff just like everyone else




Yeah take all that and then add in S.H.I.E.L.D. lying about building weapons with the Tessaract, the exact sort of weaponry that blasted the hole in the train that your best friend fell out of (LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AGO FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE), and an alien invasion, and some guy who’s the son of one of your old friends but is being a total dick and giving you nicknames that mock all you’ve lost the very first time you meet him, AND the war that was your life’s purpose for the past several years has ended and you’ve got nothing left, AND you’ve spent pretty much your whole life trying to commit altruistic suicide for the right cause and when you FINALLY had the chance you failed at that too, and see what a good mood you’re in.

There are a lot of issues I have with Joss Whedon’s MCU work.  Steve’s characterization in Avengers is not, has never been, and will never be one of them

(Also as a completely random side note if you’re going to say everything Joss Whedon gave us is crap then keep in mind that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk personality and mannerisms are pretty much whole cloth from Whedon’s movie because I’ve seen The Incredible Hulk and very little carried over from it, and I guess you could say that was all Ruffalo but Whedon still cast him)

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How was the concert last night and what happened? I went a few weeks ago and it was so good!

if you asked me this in person, i probably couldn’t even form coherent sentences. i have not stopped talking and raving about this concert since it ended.

the whole concert was fucking phenomenal. i love saint motel and misterwives was lit, but i cannot piece together words in a sentence to describe how i felt when i saw panic! for the first time. i have waited so fucking long to see them and i finally got my chance and it was something i will never forget. for four hours last night i forgot about all of the stress and negativity in my life and focused on the music and i have never felt so happy and at peace

overall, here’s how the panic! concert went: brendon’s a god and even more beautiful in person and i got to touch him and he acknowledged me and fucking hell i will never get over it. and his fucking high notes??? i got chills about seventeen times and yelled “fuck me up!” more times than i can count. kenneth was amazing and dallon is so fucking tall and talented and dAN THE DRUM MAN KILLED IT. i cried during girls/girls/boys when i seen the hearts light up the entire arena and at the end of the song beebo gave a speech and ended it with “aND DONALD TRUMP CAN SUCK MY DICK.” LIKE BRENDON URIE, AMERICAN HERO AND ICON. and then THIS IS GOSPEL AND THE COVER OF BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY IS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER FORGET holy fuck i cried many many times. also brendon drumming is 100% hotter live than i imagined. but the whole show?? everything!! was!! perfect!! it was so worth the yEARS of waiting. also i got a shit ton of confetti but ended up giving most of it away to people who weren’t in/around the pit with the exception of a couple pieces. we got to meet Zack after the show and he was hella cool, he’s so intimidating when you look at him but he’s so fucking nice oml we cracked jokes and shared puns and it was really nice omg i love him. and then we rolled out windows down and blasted a fever you can’t sweat out and vices & virtues the entire drive back.

so basically.. it was a very successful night and one of the best nights of my life. my throat still hurts and i can barely hear anything but i will never forget last night.

Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

A/N: Yes, got this finished before I head out for the day. Thank God the time zones mess with my sleep schedule, right? 😂 This is a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I hope you like it, love. I did, it’s honestly so cute. ❤️ And I love Mckenna, she’s really a doll. I can’t wait to watch ‘Gifted’, I’m going to sob like a baby.

Chris’ head titled as he watched you with a smile on his lips; he still couldn’t believe that he finally got to meet you in person. You’d both been in attendance of the same award shows and parties before, but he’d never gotten to chance to cross paths with you. It wasn’t until the 89th annual Oscars, at the Vanity Fair after party, that he finally caught you. You were talking to Octavia Spencer, who was a dear enough friend to Chris for him to butt into the conversation and introduce himself to you. The second your hands touch, Octavia excused herself. The look of adoration in Chris’ eyes did not go unnoticed, by you or Octavia. You were a fan of Chris’ so you’d heard him talk about how much he liked you on his interviews which was incredibly flattering, and as for Octavia- Chris had told her numerous time that he’d kill for a chance to speak with you; she wanted to get out of there before he killed her.

“You’re staring again,” you said and chuckled when Chris darted his gaze away. “I’m teasing,” you laughed and placed a hand on Chris’. “You’re fine. I like it when you stare, it’s very flattering.” He smiled and turned his hand palm up, entwining his fingers with yours. “So this is Chris Evans flirting, huh?”

“Actually,” he chuckled. “This is Chris Evans trying very hard not to freak out.” You smiled, brushing your thumb over his hand. “I’m so honored to be in your company, like you have no idea how happy I am right now.” You felt yourself blush. “You’re just such an amazing person, Y/N. This is the first time I’ve officially met you and I can say without a doubt that I’m in-love with you already.”

“Okay,” you chuckled, “I’m not that amazing.”

“I’d beg to differ,” he smiled. “You are that amazing.”

“You just met me, Chris. Are you seriously that sure about me already?” You quizzed and he nodded, smiling. “Oh please,” you giggled. “You think you know me, but you just know the person I portray when I’m in public. When you take me out on that date, you’re going to realize that I’m not all that and you’re going to get over this little crush you have on me.”

“That’s not going to happen,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Because sweetheart,” he pulled your hand to his lips and mumbled into your skin, “I’m going to marry you one day.” You laughed and nodded mockingly. “Just you wait and see,” he winked.
• • • • • • • •
You sat backstage with Lisa and Mckenna’s mom at the Ellen show where Chris and McKenna were being interviewed for their upcoming movie, ‘Gifted’. You smiled as you watched your husband through the TV, enjoying his interaction with Mckenna as you subconsciously smoothed your hand over your small baby bump. He was just going to be the greatest father when your child came along and you couldn’t wait until your little one arrived.

“Was it fun working with this guy here?”

“Yes,” Mckenna looked over at Chris, smiling. “We were always singing and dancing and he’s so nice. He has such a kind heart. He’s always doing charity and…” She trailed off, giving Chris time to respond to her sweetness.

“I pay her,” Chris chuckled, waving it off though he thought it was a huge deal that Mckenna liked him so much. It gave him a glimpse of the life he was about to have with you, hoping his own child would adore him as much as his on screen one did. “It’s not a big deal.”

“You know what’s a big deal though,” Ellen began, smiling because she too was incredibly happy for you and Chris. “You’re going to be a dad soon,” she said. Immediately Chris smiled and Mckenna clapped, bouncing excitedly in her seat. “Your lovely wife, Y/N, who is someone I absolutely adore.” Chris nodded, his smile growing wider with each second. “She’s how many weeks now?”

“She’s about fourteen weeks, so um- we’ve still got a while to go before the baby comes,” Chris answered. “We’re very excited, yeah. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.”

“Yeah,” Ellen chuckled. “I think she said the last time she was on the show- I believe it was your second wedding anniversary?” She quizzed and Chris nodded. “She said that you actually told her you were going to marry her the night you met her.”

“Uh…” Chris chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did.” He nodded and the audience clapped. “Um- She’s just one of those amazing people that you have a small window of opportunity with, y'know? I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak with her for so long that when I finally got it, I knew I wasn’t going to let it get away. She’s the one,” he shrugged, smiling. “Um-” He glanced over his shoulder when the audience clapped; Ellen had put photos of the two of you up on the screen. “Yeah, she’s beautiful and perfect and- I’m just the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Awwww,” Mckenna cooed, making Chris laugh. “That’s so sweet! You see what I mean? He has such a kind heart! He’s such a nice person, Ellen,” she told Ellen who nodded in agreement. “I just think he’s going to be the best dad and Y/N is going to be the best mom. They’re so lovely and I really like them together.”

“Aw,” Chris laughed, wrapping an arm around Mckenna, “you’re such a sweetheart. Y/N and I love her, we’ve told her parents numerous times that we’d gladly take her in if ever something happened to them.” Everyone laughed; you looked over at Mckenna’s mom, smiling, and she chuckled. “I just hope that my child loves me as much as this one.”

“Oh, of course!” Mckenna looked shocked that Chris would even say that. “Chris, you’re going to be so amazing as a dad and your baby is going to love you so much.” Chris smiled. “Trust me, you’re so much fun. There’s no way that your baby is going to love you any less than I do.”

“I agree,” Ellen nodded. “Both you and Y/N are going to be amazing parents. I wish you all the best and I urge everyone to watch ‘Gifted’ which comes out on 12th of April! The movie is absolutely amazing, the two leads are just so incredibly talented.” Chris and Mckenna smiled at each other before turning to the audience. “Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, everyone!”
• • • • • • • •
“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris when he entered the green room with Mckenna by his side; she ran over to her mom to talk about how well she did. Chris, on the other hand, smiled and walked over to you, pulling you to your feet to hug you. “You did so good, baby. The tap dancing was top-notch,” you teased and he chuckled.

“Thank you for marrying me,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a kiss to your head. “I don’t know where my life would be if you didn’t say yes. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, and-” he pulled away to place his hand on your bump. “I wouldn’t be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father,” you smiled and placed your hand over his. “And I believe I’m the one who should say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, Chris. So thank you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands landed on your waist. “Thank you for fulfilling your promise to marry me one day.”

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The reason why Mon-el is a great charachter

I think it’s important to state, that I’ve seen many tv shows and I know many tv charachters. All of them have their journey; they might go through only little changes or learn how to better and others go way lower than where they started and become a worse version of themeselves.

But I got to say, and I’m totally honest here, Mon-el has one of the best charachter development I have ever seen.
He started his story on Daxam, before we even met him, but as we know, he was spoiled, useless, bad person, who never cares about anyone but himself. Later, when he got on Earth, he was still pretty selfish. He got himself fired from the job Kara got him, he beat up others, he ran away when a bigger problem happened.

Since then many things changes. First, he realized that he wanna be better. As I see it, it’s on of the most important moments in everyone’s lives: to decide who you want to be. At this point I need to mention, that back on Daxam he never seen anything else but the way his parents lived, the way they taught them how to live. And when you’re a kid and your parents tell you something you believe them, because that seems the only way. Why would you doubt that when they are your parents? Mon-el was brought up by their parents’ views of life. And if we consider that, him deciding he wants to be better is even a bigger thing.

After that, he started his journey on becoming this new person he wants to be: of course he made mistakes, like not listening to Kara, but since his a (mostly) human, that’s ok. Because we all make mistakes all the time. But he also learned a lot: he’s much for selfless, caring and thoughtful. He can finally see what a good person is, how a good person acts. He is becoming the man he always wanted to be, but never had the chance. On Daxam he didn’t have a choice who to be, but on Earth he got one: and he chose well.

You could hate him because who he used to be, I get it. But in my opinion, that’s pointless and a simply bad decision. Because everybody should get a second chance. Everybody should get to decide how to live their lives. And if you can’t look over someone’s past and see how hard they work to become who they actually wanna be, maybe the problem is with you.

Chapter 91 Thoughts.


The moment I clicked the new chapter was the moment I had the very same thoughts. I even double checked the titles. Then the penny dropped to my mind.

So Isayama decided to make another time-skip and also a change of character views as well.

It has been almost 80 years after this:

Almost 40 years after this:

Almost 30 years after this:

Almost 20 years after this:

9 years after this:

4 years after this and other events from the first chapter of manga:

And 3 years after this:

And we are at the year 854 now.


Continue under the cut!

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so i’ve just finished rewatching the episode after sleeping for like maybe 3 hours
i still have very mixed feelings about this episode because it was full of amazing moments that i loved a lot, it was also horrible in very moments and i am still bitter about this but i tried to limit my complaining at this point… i’ve been ranting for like 3 or 4 hours on tumblr with people and i’m just so tired about this

- alec complaining about the name of the sushi was so adorable
i love matt and harry for including this little interaction between alec and magnus. malec is so domestic

- magnus looked so surprised when alec bought him a present. it actually broke my heart. i’ve been suspecting nobody really cared enough to buy him anything for too long. magnus deserves everything that is good in this world and i am so happy that he found alec who is making effort and fighting for their relationship

- ‘you continue to surprise me’ is such a lovely parallel to the scene from 01x12. magnus is genuinly surprised that someone is doing so much just for him (oh is that my heart in pieces again)

- magnus casually name dropping casanova gave me life. alec’s reaction was adorable ‘seriously magnus… i’m trying here don’t be like this let me live’ haha

- malec’s makeout session on the balcony was just so casual and so soft and i am in love with this (and i am not gonna complain again about the fact that they cut out SO MUCH from this scene ugh)
and when alec gets a message, magnus is touching his lips… again. it’s like he can still taste alec’s lips on his own. it’s like he just wants to remind himself that yes, it is actually happening
and when alec is leaving, magnus looks so smitten? he’s already falling so hard for alec. it’s beautiful

- magnus and maia interacting together were the highlight of this episode. i didn’t know much i wanted to see them together. they were absolutely perfect
magnus telling her that he got a gift and that yes, it was from someone special
this scene was just so pure

  - magnus was such a badass when he was throwing out that rufus guy. we finally got a chance to see him actually being a high warlock of brooklyn and it was amazing

- i loved magnus speaking spanish to izzy

- magnus was trying to save isabelle, to help her and warn her. and she just used him like that… this is so not izzy?

- the scene where alec is talking about sex with izzy was one of the best scenes. she was so excited for him. and i love that alec finally felt sure enough to discuss his personal life with someone

- also… a fake girlfriend only proves how gay alec actually is. i love my gay son

- alec is so thirsty af, just going for it, grabbing magnus’ face to kiss him. he’s finally going for what he’s always wanted and it was beautiful

- magnus feeling so vulnerable and trying to stop alec
magnus’ feelings are important and he should’ve got a chance to talk about them. to say that he was okay with this because he was really worried about this
alec means so much to him and he’s scared to rush things, losing alec would be too heart-breaking for him
and i absolutely hate that he didn’t get a chance to say 'yes’ out loud. if alec being ready made him change his mind, it’d be absolutely okay. but they didn’t allow him to say this. kissing back doesn’t always means 'yes’. i’m still very bitter about this
and alec would never do anything against magnus’ will. their relationship is based on trust and communication. they deserved better than this

- and yes, i am still very bitter that they showed us literally nothing
magnus and alec decided to take a very important step in their relationship and it should’ve been shown with respect
but no, showing two men together is just too gay, isn’t it
because clearly they don’t have problems with showing up scenes before or after sex (like jace’s random hook-up or izzy with meliorn in s1)

- jace seriously needs to stop cockblocking alec, this is getting ridiculous

- the amount of unnecessary heterostraight drama in this episode was just… wow
why did we need that makeout session with some random girl that lasted for SO LONG when the only canon couple was barely shown? what was the point again?
yes, we needed to see the scene where alec is talking to jace (and the girl could be leaving at that moment) but everything else was literally taking screentime and adding more heterostraight bullshit that we have enough of
yes, we totally we needed to see her boobs more than an actual couple that decided to take a very important step in their relationship

- please don’t make jace this cocky dude again… cause i literally couldn’t care less about that version of jace in s1. he’s so much better than this

- jace loves clary so much… as soon as he thinks she’s in trouble, he leaves everything. caring jace is why i liked him later, this is the real jace. not that cocky idiot who pretends he doesn’t care about anything

- also, jimon was on a date. yes, fight me on this bye

- simon trying to show jace how he flirts… simon is the most precious bean and he needs to be protected

- simon is such a good guy. he’s always ready to give up on his plans for clary. but it’s good that he was trying to finally move on, even if that didn’t exactly work out

- simon and maia were so cute and adorable. i really love their interactions together
when she helped him clean the blood, this was such a lovely moment between them

- ‘i spit in one’ the sass master. her whole interaction with jace was just the best. she doesn’t let him feel superior to her. good.

- maia is the smartest woman ever and i love her with all my heart. i’m glad she let simon know that he was acting like an idiot and that she didn’t deserve to be treated like this
but she handled the situation with him in such a great way. she wasn’t angry, she always knew anyway. maia is an amazing friend and she gives the best advice to people who actually deserve any of her time

- i’m so worried about izzy. her scenes are breaking my heart, she doesn’t deserve this plot line. it’s just so hard to look at her shaking because she didn’t have yin fen for a while

- and the way she got angry with clary… sure, maybe clary should’ve told her. but this is all because of yin fen. izzy would never act like this before

- and going through victor’s office just to find more of it… this is really bad

- izzy trying to score… seriously, this plot line… izzy deserves better. i’m gonna keep repeating it until someone finally realises this and stops doing this to her

- and while i’m at it…
when he listed all the names he was called by his own sister… and then she just came to him, trying to betray him yet again? i can’t even imagine how he must’ve felt

- when valentine called luke parabatai… i was actually in tears. the pain on luke’s face… he really loved valentine in the past, considered him his brother and valentine betrayed him in the most horrible way. and now he’s using that word just to hurt him more… i hate valentine so much

- valentines pretends he wants to 'help the world to be safe again’. but really… it’s all about power for him, nothing else

- clary’s reaction to simon’s abs… yep, i feel ya girl same
although it kinda sucks that she finally saw him as a guy and not her best friend only after this… oh well

- i like that clary and alec are slooowly becoming friends, they could work really great as buddies

- i was actually very impressed that clary didn’t let cleophas manipulate her. and luke was also so impressed. he is such a proud father and i love him

- i can’t believe clary tased luke just to get her way… this is seriously clary from s1 and i wasn’t a big fan of that clary
yeah, it might’ve all worked out but she shouldn’t always do what she wants just because she thinks it’s right

- but i did love badass clary on the roof. she is really becoming a great shadowhunter and in that moment, i was very proud of her

- the plot with an angel was VERY intersting. i was waiting for it to happen. it broke my heart when valentine kept him captive
but him helping clary and actually stopping the whole thing was played out really great

- the way he communicated with clary and he just knew clary would do everything to help him. that’s why he showed her that vision. even if neither she nor jace understood it yet

- seeing and hearing the angel cry for help… this was so sad and moving. a real angel, treated so horribly by a person who was supposed to love him. valentine is such an evil person


Intro: So this fic was requested by none other than the lovely @outside-the-government​ (go follow her btw). 

-REQUEST: A fic with Bones and reader with the line “You blossom under kindness, don’t you? Like a rose.” where Bones is being his usual gruff self but he realizes it’s scaring reader, and he instantly changes, outwardly becoming the kind, loving, compassionate person we know he is under the prickly exterior.

So to preface this: I am not sure how I feel about this piece, and it was actually very difficult to write, for some reason.  Maybe it is because I am not used to writing stories where the reader is just meeting Bones, but I felt that I needed to write it that way because of the request. I hemmed and hawed around what I had written and actually rewrote it before I was generally happy with the idea.  It came out a lot more angst-y and deep, and much longer than I had anticipated so I hope it is okay!  Enjoy!

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 3084 (longer than I had anticipated haha)

Triggers: description of wound, blood, description of sexual assault (no details though)

Summary: See above for request. 


Every time you had a physical in the medbay, you had an anxiety attack.  You consistently dreaded going there because of said reason, so when you cut your arm while digging through a box of old parts in the engineering room, Scotty had to force you to go.  

“Lassie, you need to go get that checked out by Dr. McCoy.” Scotty drawled, gesturing to your dripping, red arm that you had wrapped a dirty cloth around and now held to your chest.  

“Nah, it’s just a scratch, Scott.” You reassured, but you knew you were a terrible liar.  

“I’m no doctor but that looks like more than just a scratch, now get going.” Scotty directed and you wondered quietly if you would get kicked off the Enterprise for knocking your boss out and running back to your quarters to hide. 

“Fine.” You muttered and headed towards the door, silently swearing when you heard Scotty following you. 

“And I am going to walk you, to make sure there you get there.” Scotty assured, grabbing your elbow to make you change directions and head down the hallway towards the medbay. 

You groaned and felt your chest tighten with anxiety as you strode quickly down the hall, Scotty’s hand never leaving your elbow. 

When you reached the medbay, you surveyed the chaotic room, your throat dry, and your mouth tasting like chalk.  

“Scotty, I really don’t like the medbay.” You squeaked and this time you were the one grasping his elbow. 

“And I really don’t like it when my engineers die of blood loss.” Scotty badgered and when you didn’t move, he gave you a little shove. 
“Get goin’, lass, and I expect you back at work in the morning.” Scotty saluted and strode out the doors, leaving you completely alone in the busy medbay. 

You forced yourself to step forward, but jumped back when you were almost run over with a bio-bed someone was pushing.  Adrenaline coursed through you and you heard your heart beating in your ears.  You considered making a run for it, but someone’s voice stopped you.

“Another injured engineer?  What did you do this time? Slice yourself on a keyboard? Lacerate yourself reconnecting a motherboard?” As you followed the sarcastic voice to its source, you saw it belonged to Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer. 

He looked down at you, his arms crossed, and his brown eyes sparkling with amusement.  Seeing his face reminded you of the scheduled physicals that he performed, and you felt your anxiety grow.  

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Puppy Love (12 Days of Christmas, Day 5)

AO3 link here!

12 Days of Christmas/Destiel Masterlist here!

12 Days of Christmas | @waywardlullabies | Day 5

Prompt: Snowman and Reindeer

Summary: Dean goes to the animal shelter to adopt a puppy for his brother and he meets there someone who he didn’t expect to see.

Word Count: 1132

Characters: Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean Winchester & Castiel Novak (platonic!Destiel)

Warnings/Tags: fluff, animal shelter!AU, puppies!

Beta: @oceanblue-and-forestgreen (thank you so much, love <3)

Idea provided by @hideyourdemoneyes, thanks very much, Dee!

Big thanks to @hideyourdemoneyes​ as well for listening to my whining about lots of things, constantly cheering me on and helping me incorporate the prompts into this fic. You’re the best!

A/N: It’s the fifth out of 12 Destiel pieces I’ll be publishing daily, from December 14th to 25th, as a Christmas Celebration. Every day is a separate story.

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post, those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

“Is anybody there?” Dean wondered as he entered the animal shelter, the hot air from the inside making his fingertips burn as they thawed.

The weather was terrible that day, the blizzard outside making it almost impossible to see anything, but Dean was determined to get Sam, his little brother, a perfect present for Christmas. Sam had been asking their parents for a puppy since he was a toddler, to the point they were beyond annoyed with it. Still, they secretly agreed when Dean asked them and gave him permission to choose the puppy.

That’s how he found himself in an animal shelter, as he didn’t want to just buy a dog. He preferred to choose a puppy that nobody wanted. His goal was to give this puppy a present as well, the present being the sweetest owner it would ever see.

“Hello?” Dean repeated, taking off his jacket and hanging it near the door.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!! (I love u <3) Could you maybe write a sequel to The letters on our skin? When Amami finds out that he killed his soulmate and yeahhhh

Ahahahahahahah eat your heart out :pp (also unoriginal name is unoriginal XD) (Also, is sad, like, sad ending sad ;m; )

Part 1 here

The Letters On Our Skin - Part 2

‘Hey… are you there?

… I guess not. You might be busy, but that’s fine. I actually wanted to talk to you about… something I did. Something I’m not too proud of. But… you said to me, that, you’d hurt someone to see me, right?

I… I hurt someone. Really bad. But, it was for you. I… I haven’t been honest, I’ve also done bad things… And I’m scared. I’m scared to meet you. I’m disgusted with what I’ve done just to see you. But… It’s already done with and in the past, right? There’s no point in dwelling… I just hope that they can forgive me, for hurting them. I don’t deserve their forgiveness, I know, I shouldn’t even hope that… I… I don’t know. I… I really don’t know. I want to see you so badly… I just…

I’m going to fight. I’m almost done clearing this obstacle between us. By tomorrow, I’ll be free and… I’ll tell you everything. I want to tell you everything. It’s been too long and… I want to get this off my chest. I’m about to hurt a lot of people, just to see you…

But… I’ve already made up my mind. I just want you to know, everything I did today, it was for you.

Sorry for taking up space on your arms. Hope it’s of no inconvenience to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.’

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