i finally got a chance to see this in person!

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Did you see the new From Dusk Till Dawn S3 spoilers? Except they're not really spoilers since they were released officially by El Rey Network.

I just read them and I’m very excited!! First of all I knew Madison wasn’t really playing Kate this season I mean it was obvious from the start with the serious fight-training, then the fact that her character steals souls apparently judging by thoes clips of her at the hospital however there is a chance that Kate is still trapped inside her mind and might be saved. Guess we’ll have to see how it turns out. But what really got me excited was Richie’s arc for S3 facing his personal demons this year YES!! That might mean finally dealing with the following: killing his father, becoming a culebra, leaving Seth behind, Kate’s death and resurrection; it was bound to all come to a head at some point and I can’t wait for the emotional explosion! This is definitely gonna be the season where Zane and Madison really shine acting-wise I can’t wait! ^_^

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