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Hey, Hotshot (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

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A/N: Omg it’s my first A.Ham one so I really hope you all like it! Sorry for being so MIA but now I’m back in the game more regularly (at least until school starts again)

Word Count: 1,831


You sighed deeply to yourself as you heard the noise of your upstairs neighbour talking very loudly.

At two in the morning.


It was the third time this week, although similar incidents had happened twice the week before.

Frankly, you had had enough.

You put on slippers as you made your way out of your bed, wearing your favourite pair of sweatpants and t-shirt, as was the norm when you had a big test the next morning. You always did your best to get a good night’s rest before a big exam, but your upstairs neighbour who had moved in a month ago was making that difficult as of late. This made you absolutely furious. How dare they constantly be taking away your precious sleeping time? You barely slept as it is with university and your job constantly kicking your ass. Some jerk-face who clearly couldn’t shut up did not have the right to take away the little amount of sleep you could get.

You knocked on the door rather loudly due to your rage, so you took a deep breath to calm yourself down. Yes you were angry, but you were also going to be civil about this. However, as the door was opened you came face to face with the most gorgeous eyes you had ever seen, and your breath got caught in your throat. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, maybe it was the fact that this man was unfairly handsome, but your mind went blank.

“Um… Can I help you?” The man inquired.

You remembered your original intention of coming up there and you cleared your throat.

“Yeah, you can pipe the fuck down, asshole.”

Smooth, Y/N. Very smooth.

“Excuse me?” The man looked affronted, which, granted, he had a right to be, but you also had reason for your anger.

“It is two in the morning and I have an exam first thing and I can’t sleep because literally all I hear is you talking about who knows what to who knows who and it is not the first time this week  or even this month and I am sick of it!”

You let out a breath and chanced a glance at the man. He looked very shocked at your outburst, but then his expression grew apologetic.

“Oh god I am so sorry I didn’t realize how well sound travels through here.”

“Yeah well now you know. And I would greatly appreciate it if you kept it down.”

The man ran a hand through his long hair.

“Yeah yeah, of course. Sorry again. I- shit have I seriously been keeping you awake all this time?”

You sighed, feeling very resigned, suddenly regretting your decision to come up here since now both you and your upstairs neighbour seemed to feel like shit.

“Uh huh.”

“Shit, I really didn’t mean to I-… is there any way I can make it up to you?”

You smiled softly at his sincerity.

“Unless you can somehow help me magically pass this psychology exam, then I think I’ll just have to remain helpless.”

The man’s eyes lit up and his smile grew. You furrowed your brows in response.

“Introductory psychology?”


“Well it just so happens that I am currently acing that class right now, and would love to help you out for your exam tomorrow.”

Your smile grew to match his.

“Wait, seriously?”

“Yeah I mean if you don’t mind-”

“This exam is at 8am and I need all the help I can get,” you quickly cut him off, causing him to chuckle.

“My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N L/N,” you replied.

“I can’t promise you snacks while we study though,” he admitted. You smiled at his consideration and let out a small laugh.

“I have leftover pasta and some cookies at my place,” you offered.

Alex grinned at you.

“Well then let’s get started.”

Months later, you were sitting in your room, wishing that the incessant typing noise was coming from your laptop, but unfortunately, you haven’t gotten an idea about what to write in over five minutes. You looked up from your screen to see your now best friend, Alexander Hamilton, writing his essay like a madman.

“You know, I think we should take a break now.”

“Can’t. I’m on a roll. I have to get this essay done.”

He didn’t even look up from his laptop, and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“How close to the word count are you?”

“Um… about three hundred…”

He trailed off and you sighed.

“Over or under?”

“Is that really even a question, Y/N?”

He grinned at you and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jesus Christ Alex! You’re making the rest of us look bad!”

“Nah, you never look bad, babe.”

You couldn’t help but giggle and blush, though you rolled your eyes at him. About twenty minutes after you first met he had begun calling you babe as a term of endearment, and had also taken to flirting with you a lot. Not that you minded of course, considering that you were harbouring feelings for him. You were first drawn to those incredible eyes of his, but once you began studying with him, his intelligence and ability to phrase things so eloquently had captured your heart.

You spent copious amounts of time together now. Your study sessions had turned into coffee runs, had turned into grabbing lunch when you were both on campus, had turned into spending time at each other’s apartments whenever you were both home. He had quickly become your confidant, your shoulder to cry on, your main support. He was your best friend.

But oh, how you wished you could be more.

“Pfff you haven’t seen my bedhead,” you replied to him.

“Ooo is this your not-so-subtle way of inviting me to spend the night? That’s very forward of you, babe. At least buy me dinner first,” he said as he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

You snorted and rolled your eyes.

“You wish, hotshot. If anything, you’re buying me dinner since you’ve been eating all my food today.”

“Deal. How about we order in pizza, my treat? We can watch a movie while we eat.”

Your smile slowly grew and you willed your heartbeat to slow down.

“Don’t forget the breadsticks.”

You had settled on watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with Alex, both of you sitting side by side as it played on your laptop while you ate your pizza and breadsticks. Once you had finished eating you let yourself cuddle up to Alexander more as he put his arm around you. You smiled to yourself. It had not taken the two of you much time to become very comfortable with each other. Alexander was a lot more affectionate than you had expected when you first met, and it thrilled you when he would put his arm around you, hug you, or sometimes kiss your head. You knew that having feelings for your friend was a bad thing, since you knew he couldn’t possibly feel the same, but the feelings just wouldn’t go away. You sighed softly.

“Penny for your thoughts, babe?”

You looked at him.

“It’s not important,” you said quietly.

“Hey none of that. Everything you say is important,” he assured you.

His eyes locked with yours as he spoke, his voice firm but gentle. You bit your lip.

“Alex… I… what would you do if there was someone you liked, but you couldn’t tell them?”

He hesitated before responding. There was a strange look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite place.

“Is this about that Aaron Burr guy you were talking to when I came to pick you up from your sociology class today?”

“No, but I’m worried about ruining the relationship I already have with this person if I tell them I have feelings for them-”

“Oh god, it’s Angelica, isn’t it?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed impatiently. Part of you wanted to scream at him, the other part was sort of entertained by him trying to guess.

“It doesn’t matter who it’s about! Please, Alex… I just really need some advice. I like this person— a lot— and since they probably don’t like me back anyway I…. is it worth it to risk my friendship with them to tell them how I feel?”

You couldn’t look into his eyes anymore and stared at your lap. He took a few moments to respond.

“Y/N… you are the most incredible woman I have ever met. You’re gorgeous and intelligent and you can make me laugh like no one else can. Anyone would be so incredibly lucky to have you, and they would be an absolute idiot not to like you back. I would tell them. If they’re really your friend, they’ll stick with you no matter what.”

You swallowed hard.

“I- even if that’s true, I wouldn’t know how to tell them! Alex, you’re the one that’s so good with words. You always know what to say and I’m already going to make a fool out of myself if I admit my feelings to them, but it’s gonna be even worse because I’ll trip and stumble over my words-”

“Shhhh. It’s okay.”

He tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear and smiled encouragingly at you, although there was something else behind it that you couldn’t quite read.

“Y/N, it’s alright. I know you’re afraid that they won’t like you back, that you’ll make a fool of yourself… but you have to take that chance. It could end in something great. And hey, no matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you.”

Your stomach felt as though it was in knots.

“Alex-” you whispered.

“I’m serious. You’re not going to lose me no matter what. And hey, if you’re scared of stuttering or not saying the right thing, actions speak louder than words, you know.”

He was right.

So you kissed him.

When he remained still for a few seconds your heart sank and you began to pull away, but you were stopped by Alexander cupping your face and responding with his lips gently. You felt your heart grow lighter as you placed your hands on his chest, kissing him back with more passion, which he reciprocated eagerly.

Eventually you both pulled away so you could catch your breath. Alex was grinning and looked positively dazed.

“I-it- me? You were talking about me? You were asking me for advice about me?”

You couldn’t help but laugh and peck his lips. He responded by pulling you closer, which made you grin.

“Yeah. I think the advice worked.”

“Of course it did. I’m a genius,” he replied cheekily.

“Whatever you say, hotshot,” you replied while rolling your eyes.

“Your hotshot,” he grinned.

“And don’t you forget it.”

You smiled and he kissed you gently, mumbling against your lips.

“How could I forget the best day of my life?”

[1D] If you ever want to be in love

Title: If you ever want to be in love
Ship: Ziall (Zayn Malik x Niall Horan)
Genre: AU, non-famous, University AU, Radio Host Niall, fluff, with a hint of moping
Rating: Teen and Up (i guess there’s some swearing?)
Word count: ~5k
A/N: Biggest hugs and kisses and endless profs of my undying love for my wonderful @lepetitcomte for being my beta  💚💚
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“Hello, everyone! My name’s Niall Horan and it’s that time of the night again! The time when I’ll try to entertain you with some good music and you’ll try to stand my babbling.”
Niall is the host of a late-night music programme on the local radio and one day, he receive a call from a guy with the most angelic voice, Niall has ever heard.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering, why do you ship Wanda/Steve? I don't mean this to be rude, or anything, I'm actually just really curious. Thanks, and have a great day! :)

This is kind of a big question. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think you sound rude at all and I completely get people asking because it’s a ship that’s only been touched on a couple times in some “recent” runs (Avengers Disassembled, Uncanny, Captain America and the Falcon which is older but nonetheless) and then hinted at in some of the old comics. I’ve touched on this topic here, here, here… I think those are my tiny rants. But I’ll expand here a bit, now including some MCU things we know. Minor Age of Ultron spoilers and speculation below.

So in the comics, I think I covered that fairly well in my links. Wanda, always a bit all over the place, has canonically since early early comics, admired Steve and his abilities as a leader and his ability to be so…pulled together? I also remember reading somewhere a while back, I’ll look for it but honestly I don’t have the source right now, but that during one of the original old Avengers runs, Steve and Wanda were meant to end up together, but the run ended prematurely so it didn’t happen. So this didn’t come from thin air. They’ve always had this mutual respect and admiration for one another and their abilities. And, the biggest thing I addressed above, was that Steve has always been good and kind to this character who has made so many mistakes and honestly fucked up a lot. Even in a story like AvX, where they weren’t a couple, he was ready and willing to bring her back into the team after what she’d done when she came back to the mansion looking for forgiveness. Really, everyone was, but Steve was team leader. The reason she didn’t end up back with them? Because they left the final choice to that fucking asshole the Vision, who told her to go away (this is not a place for my Vision feelings and I sincerely hope to like him in the films because I do want to like him it’s just tough for me with how he’s treated Wanda). Honestly, so many people close to Wanda have screwed her over at one time or another, but not Steve. The only time really was in that book they did of basically AUs, and there was a high school AU and Steve and Wanda had been a couple but broke up. But like, of all the couples, guys. They paired them. Anyway. They’ve always acknowledged what their relationship is and had a great dynamic between them, teasing one another–and at one point, when Steve tries to push Wanda away romantically because of how much older he is, she first starts telling him how she isn’t a child like he might think, and says–and I quote–”Well, Captain, everyone is nearly 50 years younger than you, you will need to come to terms with that. And with this. Love is not convenient. Love is not orderly or logical. Love is where you find it.” Then they kiss. If that’s not reason enough man like that’s BEAUTIFUL. You can find a section of those panels here.

Now, comes the newer question. The MCU. Of course, I was shipping it in the MCU before there was much logic, because I had the comic ship under my belt with a dash of hope. Then they sat Chris and Lizzie next to each other at the San Diego Comic Con poster signings and I was an absolute disaster. My laptop wallpaper is still a photo of the two of them from that. But the more we learned about the twins and their new story, the more I kept thinking, hey. Maybe at least they’ll talk. Have a chat in the film. I thought that would be enough. But as we learn more, the more I think this is entirely possible. Wanda is from a torn up country in middle of nowhere Eastern Europe, called Sokovia (spelling is unsure, but that’s what Maria Hill called it). She was orphaned at ten and only had her best friend, her brother, as they likely lived poor and on the streets. They worked together to survive. They had each other, no matter what else. And they fought. You can see, they fought, they spoke up about the causes that meant something to them. And then, this man, a German scientist, gives them an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. To do more. To help their country and fight the people who wanted, as far as they were aware, to take everything they knew away from them. Does that sound like a familiar story to you? Steve Rogers, sickly, orphaned young, only had Bucky, survived because of each other, met with a German scientist to potentially do something more–Steve Rogers said it himself. And if that’s not “shared life experience”, man, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, because of her upbringing, there’s so much Wanda doesn’t know in MCU, about this world, about pop culture, silly things like that. Steve’s been there. He knows that. He can help her in so many ways. But she’s not useless, either. We’ve seen Wanda has a fight in her, a bit of sass, something that is so Steve, so like him. They’d just understand each other and get each other. And now, the more footage and stuff I see that has them talking (it looks like in terms of leadership and the twins they’re pitting Tony and Pietro and Steve and Wanda) and fighting side by side and talking to each other, the more I think that there’s a chance this could be real. 

And that, dear anon, is why I ship Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff. 

WIP excerpt in honor of writing 1500+ words of it this morning, mostly inspired by the tweetflirting and essouffle’s art of them on the couch, which I’m totally headcanoning. 2700 words.

This is an older scene I really like, and I’m posting it because @whydisignuponthisgodforsakensite asked me if I ever post any meta about their relationship, and I don’t think I do (I mostly just wait for @fannishtalk‘s meta because she always states my thoughts with infinitely more clarity and elegance than I could ever manage). I think that my meta–in the sense of analysis of them and their relationship–is encapsulated in my fic. Probably ‘still into you’ more than the other longfics (I mean, I wrote the regency and Walls in 12-13, which is a long time ago now), but the current WIP has a lot, probably the most of all of them, as a canon(ish) fic, without any otters, hedgehogs, vampires, wolves, puppies, cravats, or temporary vaginas.

Anyway, here’s a scene. The lead in is that Jon smoked up alone (never a good idea, for him, anyway) so warnings I guess for drug use. Jonny’s referring to the ‘14-’15 season, since this is sometime in late summer 2015. At this stage of the fic, Jonny and Kaner aren’t involved yet, but for various spoilery reasons they’re spending a lot of time together.

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