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What I Don’t Like About the Signs

*note: please do not take offense to this. I already posted a what I love about the signs and someone requested a post like this. These are based on my own personal experiences, so don’t take it too personally.

ARIES: can be huge dicks, prone to leading me, an especially sensitive sagittarius, on for months. Also please stop being ashamed about your emotions sometimes?? i will literally never make fun of you for that

TAURUS: so fricking stubborn sometimes I know what I am talking about sometimes please listen to me

GEMINI: quit talking shit yo I like you a lot and i didn’t even do anything

CANCER: likes to play the victim and act like they have never done anything wrong and everyone else feeds into it what the hECK

LEO: u get mad like really fast sometimes and I didn’t mean to do whatever I did so please stop yelling at me

VIRGO: really insensitive regarding other peoples’ feelings sometimes 

LIBRA: so extra. extra to a fault.

SCORPIO: plz let me breathe for a second 

SAGITTARIUS: okay but have you ever considered shutting up

CAPRICORN: wants me to take initiative but i need a break from taking initiative once in a while also stop telling me to clean my room (mom)

AQUARIUS: please stop acting like you hate me I need you to be open with me because emotional communication is important

PISCES: I’m there for you all the time but you’re only there for me like once a year so

For everyone calling Hank x Connor Paedophilia.

Adored and accepted Celebrity couples and their age differences:

Jeff Goldblum (65)

Emily Livingston (35)

Age difference: 30

Harrison Ford (76)

Calista Flockhart (53)

Age difference: 23

George Clooney (57)

Amal Clooney(40)

Age difference: 17

Bradley Cooper (43)

Suki Waterhouse(26)

Age difference: 17

Ellen DeGeneres (60)

Portia de Rossi(45)

Age differerence: 15

Sarah Paulson (43)

Holland Taylor(75)

Age difference: 32

David Hasselhoff (66)

Hayley Roberts(38)

Age difference: 28

Bruce Willis (62)

Emma Heming (39)

Age difference: 23


Connor (Bryan Dechants physical age:) (31)

Hank Anderson (53)

Age difference: 22

So tell me again that Hank x Connor is paedophilia?? I don’t care if you see Connor as younger. Connor is a machine but his likeness is based off a 31 year old adult man. Thus his physical attractiveness is based on an adult man.

Just because you don’t think Hank is handsome or attractive does not mean anyone else feel the same. And that still does not make it peadophilia.

They. Are. Both. Consending. Adults.

I respect that some people are not into age gaps. I would never ask anyone to like this ship like many other of us do.

That is fine. But stop the hate y'all!

Please. Let people ship what they want!

This is not peadophilia!

Lets all play nice and have a good time shipping yeah?

All of my fellow Hank x Connor shippers. Do NOT be ashamed for shipping them and adoring them <3 please!

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do how rfa+v+Saeran would react to seeing old self harm scars on MC or MC relapsing? I am almost 1 year clean from Self harming but today is one of those bad days I get urges to do it. If you don't feel comfortable doing this it's okay :) Hope you have a good day and keep working hard 💪🏼❤

i’m so proud of you for staying clean so long, i know how hard it is!! i have scars myself from 1-2 years ago, so this was comforting for me to write as well :) i hope it helped you feel a bit better, remember that you deserve being happy! ❤ i’m always here if you need someone to talk to 

Trigger warning: self harm

Zen (this turned out really long whoops)

  • A lot of his fans were jealous of you, so you got a lot of hate for being “to ugly and fat for Zen”
  • You were home alone as he was at rehearsal, so he couldn’t scold you for looked down at your thighs in disgust
  • They were faint, but the old scars on them gave you an idea. You hadn’t done it in a long time, but you remembered that it did feel calming to a certain degree
  • You went to the bathroom, popped out a blade from your razor, took a deep breath and let yourself feel that familiar burning
  • Suddenly you heard the front door open and Zen’s voice telling you he was home early
  • You scrambled to find something to wipe the blood away with, and ended up just messily wiping it away with a paper towel before pulling on a pair of his sweatpants and going out to greet him
  • He smiled when he saw you, then frowned
  • “Princess, I feel rude to ask, but are you on your period? You’ve got blood on your pants”
  • Shocked, you looked down and saw that the cuts appearantely were too deep for your messy wiping, so there was quickly growing blood spots on your legs
  • Zen was no stranger to people with bad mental health around him as he was a public figure, so he quickly suspected what you had done
  • When he saw that the spots got bigger his fears were confirmed, and you saw his entire face fall
  • “I-I can explain…”
  • He cupped your face and looked straight into your eyes with the saddest look you had ever seen 
  • “Listen here… I know a lot of my fans don’t treat you right, is that it?”
  • His worried stare was too intense, so you looked down with tears in your eyes and just nodded
  • He sighed and pulled you close to him, kissing your head
  • “I love you so much, it hurts me too… But harming yourself won’t do anything good, you understand that? Can I see..?”
  • Hesitantely, you nodded again and pulled down the pants so he could see, and he got down on his knees and started kissing your thighs, not caring that they were bloody
  • “I love every single part of you, you understand that? Let’s go clean and wrap this up, I will protect you. Even if it’s from yourself”


  • He convinced you to cook with him
  • You were supposed to make cookies, but the only thing you managed to make was a total mess
  • By the time you finally got them into the oven, you both had dough and flour all over from the food war you had
  • He offered to clean some up from you, and when you agreed he blushed and kissed you
  • When you smiled into the kiss because he tasted like cookie dough, he gained confidence and slowly pushed you back to the wall, where he pinned your wrists over your head
  • You moaned softly in suprise as he wasn’t usually this dominant and it was really hot I’m always a slut for dominant Yoosung
  • Wanting to see what effect he had on you he pulled away for just a second, when his eyes were pulled to where he was holding your wrists
  • The sleeves you usually made sure were always covering your scars had rolled down to your elbows, revealing all of them
  • You saw his eyes go from filled with lust to filled with worry, and you looked away from him in shame
  • “They’re all old… Right?”
  • You nodded and he sighed relieved, before he hugged you tight
  • “You mean so much for me, I don’t want you to ever feel like that again. Please talk to me if you feel bad, okay? Can you promise me that?”
  • You agreed and he kissed your head
  • “I think it’s time for cookies and cuddles”


  • You had such a crush on her, but she was either really oblivious or just didn’t like you back
  • No matter what the reason was, it really hurt and you couldn’t help but feel insecure when all of your flirting got turned down
  • You really didn’t want to stoop so low as to go back to your old self harm habits, but it was so hard
  • In addition to the fact that you lived with her, the stress of running a café and your parents not accepting that you had a crush on a girl, it all got too much for you
  • One day when she was grocery shopping, you couldn’t help but find a small knife in the kitchen, locking your bedroom door and resume your old habit
  • You tried to keep them relatively shallow so they would heal quicker and lower your risk of getting caught, but once you started you found it hard to stop
  • You sobbed softly but because of that you didn’t hear Jaehee return from the store
  • Not finding you in the couch where she left you, she wandered around the appartment untill she heard you and stopped in front of your room
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • When you didn’t answer she got worried, found a spare key and unlocked the door with a warning
  • You didn’t even bother trying to hide what you were doing, you just hung your head in shame as she gasped in shock
  • “W-what do you think you’re doing? Give me that knife!”
  • She quickly took it from you, ran to the bathroom to get a first aid kit and found you full on crying on the bed
  • Putting bandages on your wrists she softly said “Shh… I don’t know why you did this and you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to, but please know that this isn’t going to make anything better”
  • When this just made you cry harder, she kissed your newly bandaged wrist
  • “I… I care way too much about you to see you like this, you should know that. Please come to me if you ever feel like this, okay? I can’t ever lose my reason for happiness”


  • Whenever the two of you made out, you would always stop him when his hands started roaming under your shirt
  • Which he thought was fair, considering that your relationship was still new and you probably just weren’t comfortable enough with him yet
  • A few weeks after you started dating he offered to take you on a vacation, figuring you needed it after the stress of the party and hacker and all that
  • With Elizabeth the 3rd safely at V’s house and a mansion by a private beach rented for the weekend, he wanted to spend some time alone with you
  • He was suprisingly fond of the beach and wanted you to take you swimming there, but you kept declining
  • Kind of upset, he asked if there was any spesific reason why
  • You shrugged it off and said that you just weren’t in the mood, that you were tired and wanted to nap instead
  • He encouraged you to do as you pleased, not showing how hurt he was that you declined his offer
  • An hour or so after you had fallen asleep, he got bored and went to check on you and saw you sleeping, your shirt riled up revealing dozens of scars on your belly
  • His heart broke when he realized that was probably why you were so insecure about intimacy and going swimming
  • Careful not to wake you up, he hovered over you on bed and kissed your stomach
  • Despite his efforts you still woke up, and squeeled suprised when you saw him practially praising your biggest insecurity
  • “Kitten, I don’t ever want to see you do this again, but please understand that I love everything about you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re like a tiger, these stripes show that you are strong. Promise to not hide yourself from me anymore, okay?”


  • Yet again he was doubting your love and pushing you away
  • He yelled when you tried to hug him, not knowing that the reason why you were clingy was that you were feeling like shit and needed to be comforted
  • You knew you were overreacting when you stopped by the bathroom to get a razor before returning to your shared bed (that he rarely used), but it just hurt so much that he didn’t trust you even after months of living together
  • Taking a deep breath, you pulled the leg of your pants and traced the outline if your old scars on your shin with the razor blade
  • Seven did realize how much he had hurt you, and just to be sure he checked the security camera he had installed in your room
  • When he saw that you were hurting himself he rose from his chair and ran to the bedroom, desperate to stop you
  • “Stop what you’re doing right now!”
  • You looked at him with tears in your eyes and yelled “so now you care?!”
  • With a firm look he pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie, showing his own scars and cuts
  • Taken back, you looked confused at him
  • He just smiled sad
  • “I know life is hard, okay? I know I am a shitty boyfriend, a shitty brother, a shitty person. But that doesn’t mean you are, do you understand that? It might not seem like it right now, but I really do love you. Like, I really love you. Can we make a deal? If you try to never do it again, so will I”
  • You nodded and hugged him, both of you apologizing for not being there for each other


  • Being practically blind, he depened a lot on his touch
  • Because of this, he had really sensitive finger tips
  • As weeks passed and you got closer to the handsome photographer, you let him touch and explore more and more of you
  • His new favorite hobby was to just run his hands over your smooth skin, trying to picture exactly what you looked like
  • During a particularly steamy makeout session you were on his lap, his hand travelling up your thighs where he could feel raised lines on your otherwise close to perfect skin
  • Pulling away from the kiss and raising an eyebrow questioningly, he kept tracing the lines
  • You hesitated before you admitted that you had self harmed, and he asked you if you had any other scars
  • Nodding despite his lack of sight, you took his hand and placed it on your wrist so he could feel them
  • He smiled sad and kissed your wrist
  • “You don’t have any fresh, do you?”
  • When you confirmed that you didn’t, he held you closer and kissed your nose
  • “I like everything about you, you know? You’re human, bad things are bound to happen sometimes. You got through it though, and I’m proud of you for that. Please remember that”


  • He didn’t like to admit it, but something about you pulled him towards you
  • The way you always put up with his bursts of anger and sadness and comforted him, made him care for you more and more as time passed
  • So when he saw you sleeping on the couch, his first reacting was to smile as you looked cute and carefree
  • And as he did find you quite attractive (not that he would ever admit that), he couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over your sleeping body
  • When he saw the scars and cuts on your wrist where your shirt had riled up your arms, he got mad
  • ?? Who had dared to hurt someone as nice as you??
  • He woke you up suprisingly gently, wanting to know who he needed to kill
  • Disoriented from sleeping, you said that he didn’t need to worry but he refused to give up, so he asked his brother
  • He admitted that he had seen you harm yourself but hadn’t really figured a way to confront you about it yet
  • Saeran got even more mad and walked back to the couch where you had gotten up and was now lazily stretching
  • “Why the fuck are you hurting yourself? Explain!” he growled and pushed you against the wall
  • Stuttering and ashamed you explained that it was a way to deal with sadness, but he didn’t get it at all
  • “Giving yourself another type of pain will just make you more sad, you idiot! God, what’s wrong with you?”
  • Hearing the guy you were crushing on saying this to you and literally growling made you tear up, and you saw his expression change to one of sorrow
  • “I-I’m sorry, okay? It’s just… You’ve helped me so much and I want to return the favor, but I have no idea how to. You… You are special, I don’t want you to be sad”
  • You met his eyes and saw how sincere he was, and was suprised when he hugged you tight
  • “Please don’t ever do it again, MC”



Request: Hello! First - I love the blog! Your writing is so nice and it’s adorable! Second - may I request a S/O who wanders into the Lost Woods without thinking and gets lost somehow? Maybe BOTW!Link has to go find her in hopes that nothing bad happens? Thank you! <3

For: @briqhtskye

Word count: 3325

Fr tho what’s with me and knocking S/O out? Also I had way too much fun writing this, rip my wrists.

The pale light of the morning sun woke you up, cascading over your slumbering form that had been leaning against your goods for the night, underneath a rock to shelter from the rain. Your fire had dwindled down to ash, and your skin had a gentle coating of dew. The air felt warm, heat emanating from the volcano active behind you. The day was beginning, and you were off to travel to sell your wares once again.

You had actually just gotten back from a stable, where the Legendary hero Link had sold you out of all your wares. Luckily, you were able to collect more materials to make arrows as well as ingredients; it helped that he sold you his own materials. A smile danced across your lips as you thought of the handsome young man, smiling at you as he paid for his supplies. You couldn’t help but blush at the thought that he always came to you, rather than Beedle or any of the other traveling merchants. You scratched the back of your head laughing, before standing up and pulling your stuff on your back.

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I really cannot stress enough that while it is important you don’t feel ashamed of having a mental illness or disability, it’s even more urgent you get proper treatment. Please. Stop this anti-recovery shit. I can’t speak for everyone but while my medication did have setbacks, it definitely helped me manage my ADHD and therapy made things even better by helping with me with my depression symptoms. There’s a lot of people like me that feel this way. Talk to someone. Find a program or therapist that’s right for you. Get on the right medication if it’s needed. Support mental health recovery and don’t let your illness control your life.


Description: You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about Harry being on tour/Being kept private. 

Word Count: 564 

Warning: fluff/angst and a bit of possessive Harry. 

“Harry,” the female starts, not knowing how to began the conversation. “Is it a bad time?” 

The call wasn’t as clear, voices in the background along with load noises. Harry must’ve been busy, it had been a couple hours before his next show. She couldn’t imagine being on the road, going city to city. She wondered if she should even mention her thoughts. Harry had a lot to deal with, the last thing he needed was a clingy girlfriend. That’s exactly what Y/N felt like. While her sweet boy was away on tour, it was an experience for her. 

“No, love. What is it?” His deep voice booming through the line. 

Her heart felt heavy as she thought of what to say next. She cleared her throat, sighing before she started up again. “This is all a little overwhelming for me…” she admits. 

Before tour began, her and Harry spent most of the day together. Now that was months ago and she missed it more than ever. She went to his first show, being the supportive girlfriend she was. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to every one. Harry wanted her to be his, only his. Their relationship was private, only a couple friends and family knew. His privacy was important to Harry and she wanted to stay private for the most part. Only recently her thoughts began to change. She wanted to act like a normal couple with Harry. It was beginning to feel like that was impossible with Harry. 

But after many restlessly nights, she needed to talk to him about the situation.

“Babygirl, i’m sorry that I can’t be there right now…” All Harry wanted was to hold her in his arms. He understood that this was overwhelming for her. He demanded to keep their relationship private. After countless questions and explaining that it was best for them, she agreed. Now, he wondered if he made the wrong decision. 

“What’s overwhelming you? You miss me too much?” Harry did his best to make a small tease out of the conversation. He wanted to show he cared but also wanted to hear some lightheartedness in her voice. 

“It’s just.. I like that we are private but I hate not being able to see you… “ 

“What are you talking about? You can come see me whenever.” 

“No. I mean, we can’t go out together and.. “ 

“You don’t just want to be with me? I rather have you to myself,” A double meaning to his words. “You know how I feel about going public… I like … Keeping you private.” Back in his earlier days, he felt like everything was known about him. Each and every time he spent time with a girl, it was another scandal. He didn’t want her to deal with any of that. He didn’t want her to witness the disgusting hate or hurt that comes with the business. 

She understood his reasoning but couldn’t help feeling like he was hiding her for a reason. 

“You aren’t… You aren’t ashamed of me or something?” 

“For fucks sake, Stop asking me that. I am not ashamed of you. I don’t know why you keep saying that.” It was easy to get frustrated while talking through the phone. 

“I’m sorry, Harry” 

“Please… Don’t apologize to me.” He said with a big sigh, “I have to go, I will talk to you soon angel.” 

“Okay. I love you.” 

“I love you more.”  


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If it weren't for your art I would have unfollowed you a while back because the way you answer asks are honestly super annoying

I am not sure what you wanted me to get from this message?
Did you want me to feel grateful that you still follow me? Ashamed of how I answer asks?
Because neither of those is happening
I’ll be frank with you
I tag all my asks, you don’t want to see them, feel free to block the tag
I’m not gonna stop answering asks, because I am delighted that people enjoy the things I do and I want to acknowledge them, and let them know I am invested in not just my art, but them as well.


Kindly fuck on off please?
Unfollow me
You’ll never have to deal with my asks again

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Hey! Can I get Sombra, McCree, and this Hanzo attempting to flirt with reader, but they respond negatively to it because people would only jokingly ask them out because they are not conventionally attractive. (Because that was me all throughout highschool) PS I adore your writing ❤

Honestly that was me too and still is occasionally. Also PS I adore you! you’re such a sweetheart!!!


She had been flirting with you all day. You weren’t blind to it, you just really didn’t appreciate being messed with like that at all. 

“Hey beautiful.” She said draping her arm over your shoulder playfully. you wriggled away from her not acknowledging her at all 

“Oh come on! don’t be like that.” She had that stupid grin on her face when you spun around to confront her.

“Could you please stop!” you were being loud, almost shouting at her. Sombra raised an eyebrow and looked remotely amused, but mostly confused at your outburst. “I don’t appreciate you making fun of me like this!”

“I’m not making fun of you!” she said quickly “I’m being serious.”

“Yeah right.” You scoffed “I’m not stupid. I know someone like you would never be interested in someone like me.” You were mumbling a little now feeling hurt and ashamed. 

“Someone like me is interested in someone like you.” She stated firmly, but you only rolled your eyes

“Just stop.” you could feel tears welling up in your eyes, when she lifted your chin and pressed a firm kiss to your lips. all you could do was stand there blinking in awe once she had pulled away. Maybe she was being serious after all.


“Are you from Tennessee?” He asked from behind you as you were trying to enjoy a nice meal by yourself. 

Jesse McCree had been flirting with you non-stop all day and you were getting a little tired of it. You knew he couldn’t be serious and you didn’t think he was being cute or funny. And this was no doubt one of his next attempts to piss you off.

“What?” you snapped not understanding the question

“Are you from Tennessee?” He repeated looking down on you with a shit eating grin on his face 

“No?” you were still confused 

“Really? Because you’re the only ten I see.” His smile only broadened as you rolled your eyes

“Knock it off McCree. It’s not funny.” you spat at him. He was taken aback by your sudden aggression

“I know its lame, darlin, but you don’t have to be mean.” he said pretending to be hurt by your harsh words

“I’m being mean?” You could not believe him right now “You’re the one who’s been pretending to flirt with me all day!” you shot at him really surprising him now 

“I ain’t pretending, darlin-” he started to explain himself, but you didn’t want to hear it

“Just leave me alone.” you got up to walk away, but he grabbed your wrist and spun you around so quickly you couldn’t stop him from pressing his lips against yours. 

maybe he wasn’t pretending.


Someone had been leaving you flowers all over the place all day. At first you were surprised and confused, but as the day progressed you became sure that someone was playing a nasty trick on you. 

Every flower you saw made your heart sink and anger boil up in you as you threw each and every one in the garbage.

Well every one until the last one. And the only reason it didn’t go straight into the trash was because it was attached to another person.

“So it’s you?” You asked him looking up at the older Shimada “You’re the ass that keeps leaving me flowers everywhere I go?” you asked viciously anger boiling up inside you yet again.

Hanzo was undoubtedly confused by your outburst and was unsure how to respond

“Yes?” he asked more than answered 

“So you think it’s funny, do you? Making me think someone likes me, but really no one does.” you were livid at this point and Hanzo was still confused 

“No!” he said quickly “I really do like you!” he tried, but you only waved him off

“Save it. I’m not buying it.” You told him firmly putting your foot down. trying to shove him out of your way, but he only grabbed your wrist and stood there motionless like a wall.

“Truly, I am not tricking you. I truly do care for you.” he told you desperately looking into your eyes trying too convince you, but you only rolled your eyes and tried to pull away.

That’s when he pulled you closer and pressed his lips gently to yours for only a second before pulling away, leaving you red and flustered 

“Convinced?” he asked cheekily seeing the look on your face change. 


“Hey, Jon. It’s me.”
She’s slurring her words again, Jon notices. Sansa has taken a lot of leads from Cersei - most of which have made her into the successful and adored fashion icon she is now. Jon just wishes she hadn’t also adapted the Lannister matriarch’s habit of drowning her sorrows in too much alcohol.
It doesn’t take too much for him to picture her - and somewhere deep down part of him is ashamed at how easy it is to conjure her image - lying on her bed, still clad in an obscenely expensive cocktail dress, her bare feet propped up against the mahogany headboard and her hair a fiery halo on white, pristine bedsheets.
“I miss you”, she sounds like she’s about to cry and already Jon is feeling that goddamn ache even 2,600 miles haven’t been able to soothe. “Please come home.”

Modern “Dynasty” AU - because y'all terrible enablers and not helping my obsession with this ship (looking at you, @kylorenvevo )

can we go back a minute? an hour? a day? a week? a year?
take me back to eight years old, bruised knees and strawberry stained lips,
daydreaming about the girl with brown hair and muddy freckles,
watching movies all day to keep the loneliness away, pretending i am the boys that kiss all the pretty girls.
can i start over?
let’s pretend i never got sick. i do not try to starve myself away,
never throw my head down in shame, never try to drown myself in
my own blood.
take me back to when i was too young to want to die (but this time the thought of dying never crosses my mind), and instead we are sitting side by side with our knees
touching and our tongues colored blue from too many lollipops and cartoons all day
and we put flowers in our hair
and please let me have a redo of the worst days in high school, where all
i wanted to do was hide, where lunch was my favorite place to practice
i should have talked to my favorite teachers, should have told them kids were calling me names, should have stopped talking to
the ones who made me feel ashamed, should have let go of the people that
never deserved me.
can i miss the exit?
drive slower, stay a little longer, you are my favorite passenger. play all our favorite songs like it’s the summer after freshman year and all we can think about is how we made it, we made it, we made it.
we survived. 

SF9: When you get scared of them during an argument

Request: Hello, I really like your blog and your work, can you do the “You getting scared of them during a fight” but for SF9? Thank you very much

Warning: Abusive parent

A/N: I’m sorry for the size of some GIFs…


Screams and shouts could be heard from your apartment. At this point you were wondering how long would it take until the neighbors would knock on your door and ask you kindly to quiet down a bit.

This is by far the worst fight you had with your boyfriend. It escalated way to quickly and for what reason? You don’t even remember. It was one of those days were you were both irritated and would snap at the littlest things. Usually you would give in and put an end to this fight but this time you were way too stubborn to do that.

The thing is, you despised fights and all the screaming that came with it. This is because you grown up in an enviroment were fights and arguments were a normal thing. Especially when it came to your parents. Your dad was really abusive. Of course, he never laid a hand on you but you still have a trauma from watching your mother getting beaten every time he came drunk home.

So saying that you are sensitive to the screaming and yelling was an understatement. But in this situation you were too angry to realize this.

“Why are you so stupid? Can’t you understand what I’m trying to say?” you yelled at him gripping your hair out of frustration.

“Well how am I supposed to when you bring up poorly chosen arguments?” he screamed back at you, eyes hard and filled with anger.

“Poorly chosen? Are you hearing yourself right now? If it wasn’t foe you, being moody and grumpy as hell we wou-” in your fit, you didn’t realize that he was approaching you, so you weren’t prepared at all for what was to come.

“ENOUGH!” he screamed so loud you swore the whole neighborhood could hear it and during his scream he flailed his arms emphatizing that he wanted this fight to end.

Unbeknownst to him, his actions triggered something in you. You let out a soundless whimper and hide behind your arms trembling in fear.


When he saw you flinching he stopped screaming. Tears poured out of your eyes and Inseong couldn’t help but panic.

“No,no,no. Please don’t cry. I didn’t mean what I said. Please just- Don’t be scared of me.”

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As soon as he saw how scared you are he approached you slowly and pulled you to his chest hugging you tightly.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered against your head.

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He felt bad as soon as he realized that he scared you. Jaeyoon would kiss you on the forehead and mumble dozens of apologies against your skin.

“(Y/N) I’m sorry for scaring you. I would never hurt you like that. Forgive me, my love.”

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He got really sad knowing that you thought he would ever hurt you but he couldn’t stand the sight of you crying, so Dawon being himself he tried to make you laugh by being a dork. Let’s just say that he certainly succeeded.

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He would be so angry at himself because he made you cry and scared. He would slightly punch his head and mumble how stupid he is.

“Gosh what the heck is wrong with me? Babe… please don’t be scared. I could never do something like that.”

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Like Zuho, Rowoon would be so angry at himself and he promises to never make gestures with his hands when you do have an argument. He would try to make you forgive him by kissing your tears away and by promising to go and buy you your favorite cake.

“Hey, stop crying, please. How about I go buy you that cake you like? And then we could watch a movie and forget about this fight.”

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Taeyang would be so ashamed for making his girlfriend feel scared of him. The person who he loved the most and swore to never hurt her in any way. He would apologize and after the argument he would be afraid to touch you in any way because he dind’t want you to be scared of him anymore. In the end you’ll have to convince him that everything is alright and you aren’t afraid of him.

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When he saw the tears flowing down your cheeks, his eyes would well up and he would start crying himself because he was really sad that he scared you. You would hear his sobs and you would calm him down and assure him that you forgive him.

“*sob* I would never hurt you, (Y/N). I’m- *sob* I’m really sorry for making you cry.”

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Chani is still young so he doesn’t have that much experience. Therefore he would know what to do. After being frozen for quiet some time he would realize that you are still crying , hence he would give you a bear hug and rock you lightly from side to side showing his love for you.

“Stop crying, please. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

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  • Miles: Can I ask you if you won all the money, what would you do with it?
  • Rick: Bunch of hookers and cocaine.
  • Miles: Oh, okay, that's not right. We were hoping for a different answer.

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228.  “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Magnus was lying at the door frame, looking at his boyfriend, who was deeply involved with a book he was reading. He looked up, concerned.

“What? No,” Alec answered, but he wasn’t looking like he was clueless, Magnus could perfectly see it. That’s why he didn’t drop the subject, even though it wasn’t that important. He was just curious. “Something happened?”

“No, it’s just that I can’t find my eyeliner,” he answered. “Do you know anything about this, Alexander?”

There, he thought, when Alec closed his book. He was looking like he had seen a ghost or something even scarier. Magnus could tell that he’s fighting with his thoughts and he can’t really say what he wants to say, so he gave him time.

“So…” he began. “There’s a possibility, that… I used it? And forgot to put it in right place? Or… Or something like that.”

Warlock suspected it, to be honest. He knew how Alec was looking at him when he was applying his makeup. He suggested once or twice that his boyfriend could try it too, but he refused every time, so Magnus decided to not push on him. It wasn’t necessary.

“Don’t be mad at me, please. I should ask or something, I know, but…”

“No, darling, stop,” Magnus said, walking to the bed. He sat next to Alec, smiling softly. “There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s mine it’s yours and it’s even not about that you took that without asking me first. I don’t want you to feel ashamed of what you want.”

For a minute Alec was looking like he was about to explode because of his embarrassment, but now he was calmer. He put his book away, his eyes only for Magnus.

“I know, but… Well, it doesn’t matter, anyway. I suck at it.” he laughed, but Magnus wasn’t laughing with him. He really wanted his boyfriend to feel comfortable, not like he was not supposed to do something because he wasn’t perfect at it.

“No, of course, it matters, Alexander,” he answered. “Look, I can teach you some tricks if you want? If you won’t feel good, we can stop, but I think it can be fun, what do you say?”

“Uh, why not?” Alec smiled.

Magnus smiled too and then kissed his beautiful, giant dork.

Mike came that day to Will’s house. Asking, begging, desesperated. He wanted to know if Will was okay.

He got into his house. He went to his bedroom and he found him sleeping as Joyce said.

“How much time he’s been sleeping?” Mike asked breatheless.

“Just a couple of hours, he keeps waking up for his nightmares…” Joyce answered.

“Are you okay?” Joyce asked.

“Yeah, I’m just a little worried”.

Two hours later, Will opened his eyes and he saw a blurry image of his best friend Mike.

“Mike?” he asked.

“Yeah,” he said softly. “How did you sleep?” he said sitting on Will’s bed.

“Good, I guess”

“You’re not sure?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know, everytime I wake up I feel more tired than I felt when I went to sleep… Everyday I add one more hour but nothing’s changes… Like…” Will sighed.

Mike looked at him with a deep sadness.

“Look! I brought a lot of things to spend the day with! Wanna play with me?” Mike asked with a big smile.

“Sure!” Will answered.

Mike tried to distract Will all day. He did everything in his power to make him forget, for at least a couple of hours, how strange, scared, sad, and abussed he felt. Will helped not mentioning his problem not even for a second. Mike wanted to make him feel like the good old days, like they were safe and sound and being friends, not afraid of losing each other every minute. God knows Will missed those good old days with his entire self being.

“Do you think I can stay tonight?” Mike asked suddenly.

“Sure, I’ll ask mom to get you a place to sleep” Will answered.

“Umm, okay. I’ll call mom to tell her I’m staying.”

Will was tired of sleeping but he knew he needed it. He sighed when Mike got under his own sheets.

“Thank you for coming and staying…” Will said with a really soft voice.

“Like every weekend!” Mike smiled. “I enjoy my time with you, this isn’t different!”

“I don’t think I could ever feel like every past weekend…” Mike was about to say something to erase Will’s words of his mind but Will kept talking. “Lately I feel like everyone is here because they think I’m weak, like I needed more affection or attention. People that never talked to me before send me flowers or letters wishing me ‘get well soon’. None of their gifts make me feel better. Like, yeah, right I’m weak but-”

“You’re not weak!” Mike said serious.

Will looked at him.

“You’re the strongest kid I know. And I’m not here because you’re having a bad time, I’m here because I like you. Didn’t you realise after all these years of friendship?” Mike laughed and Will did it too.

“Hey!” Mike said when Will’s smiled disappeared. “You’re not alone, remember? Promise.”

“Promise.” Will said with a shy smile.

Mike rested his head on the pillow and he looked at the sealing, Will was moving between his sheets and he seemed uncomfortable.

“Is everything alright?” Mike asked.

“…yeah” Will sighed and stopped moving.

A couple of minutes passed until Will talked again.



“Can I sleep close to you?” He asked, but three seconds later, he groaned and said: “You know? Lately I’ve been sleeping with mom because… Feeling someone close to me… It’s like an anchor.. It keeps me here, in this world… It reminds me it’s just a nightmare…” Will was so ashamed and upset for asking this to Mike, but he knew he couldn’t sleep if he wouldn’t do that.

“Will,” Mike whispered. “Please, calm down. I’m doing it. It’s okay.”

When Mike got under his friend’s sheets, Will calmed down. A deep silence ruled the bedroom for a couple of minutes and then, Will broke the damn silence.


“Don’t be, your mom told me you’ve been saying that word a little too much without a reason…”

Will sighed.

“I hate this… If I could just be normal… Like other kids…”

“Will, this is not your fault-”

“With or without this! I’m always the freak, the weird one. That kid that everyone makes fun of… No matter what… I’m always a problem.”

“You’re not a problem, okay?” Mike said getting up, trying to face Will while he was talking. “You’re my best friend, my first best friend, alright?” Mike was crying this time and Will’s whole world fell apart with Mike’s tears. “You are important to me. I will never let you be that hard on yourself. I will never, okay? You made me feel like I was worth it, do you remember? You said 'yes’ when I asked you if you wanted to be my friend. I had no one. No one. I’m not gonna let you think in that way about yourself, did you hear me? You are not a problem!”

“…then why am I making you cry?” Will got up and answered with tears in his eyes.

Mike dried away his tears and cleared his throat. He smiled a little bit.

“Because I really appreciate you and I’m very greatful for meeting you.” Mike cried. “Because I want you to be okay, and I’m scared and because you are crying.”

Will didn’t know why that last sentence made him laugh but he really needed to laugh so he did it and it felt amazing.

“I wont cry if you don’t cry” Will said. Mike smile.


When Will felt Mike arms around him, he got a little bit uncomfortable. Mike wasn’t his mother, but he knew he asked and he knew it would help him to sleep better, so he just left him do it. Mike was breathing in his ear and that reminded him how close they were and how he used to pay more attention to the boys than the girls, and he find himself touching Mike’s hand. Will stopped touching him quickly and he turned around to check him out.

“It’s okay, Will” Mike said with his eyes closed.

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Ok so you know how you did the mc avoiding any form of physical intimacy because she thinks she's too heavy? Well, what if she actually was heavy and it wasn't just her feeling or thinking that she was heavy? Mc is actually 190 pounds+ heavy and incredibly insecure about it because she is fat and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it and how would they treat her? Please?

Awww anonny I truly hope that you don’t feel this way! Everyone is beautiful, no matter what their weight is! Please always remember that no matter how heavy you are, what really counts is on the inside! I also only did the RFA members since theses did turn out longer but if you wanted anyone else, please don’t hesitate to ask! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Even though Yoosung was expecting you to be a mirror image of Rika, you turned out to look a lot different
  • Of course, Yoosung didn’t mind but you did, especially one night when you and Yoosung were having a lazy date night at home watching movies
  • He ordered a pizza and was scarfing down slice after slice but you didn’t dare touch the greasy food since you knew eating it would make you even bigger
  • Yoosung noticed you looking upset and sat next to you, taking a hold of your hands and asking what was wrong
  • Once you told him that you were ashamed of your weight, Yoosung immediately pulled you in for a hug
  • “Please MC, please don’t ever think that you’re less then perfect! I don’t care if your heavier, I care about your heart and it’s the kindest! I want you to know that you’re the greatest person to ever enter my life, I love every part of you MC!”
  • You couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks as you hugged Yoosung back, incredibly grateful to have a boyfriend like him in your life
  • Yoosung started cuddling you more, especially when you were feeling down, and told you all of the great things about you and how no matter what weight you were, he’d always love you


  • Dating Zen was an amazing experience since he’s such an amazing person
  • But Zen had the body of a god, an extreme amount of fangirls, and a personality as sweet as honey
  • When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you felt utterly disgusting because of how heavy you were, thinking that Zen didn’t truly love you
  • The more you stared at yourself in the mirror, the more you hated yourself as tears welled up in your eyes
  • You didn’t even hear the door opening or Zen’s surprised gasp as you felt his arms envelope you into a strong embrace
  • He asked what was wrong and you told him that you were ashamed by your weight, Zen cupped your cheeks as he wiped away your tears with his thumbs
  • “Why would you think that princess? You’re the only person to ever see me as more then a narcissist, as a person who needed your love. I don’t mind at all if you’re a bit heavier because you’re the definition of perfection to me MC!”
  • Zen began constantly telling you how much he loved your body, even starting to ask you while at rehearsals to send photos of yourself because he needed to see your beauty because to him, you truly are the most beautiful person in the world


  • Jaeheee never seemed like the type of person to judge others, making you feel a sense of security around her
  • But you couldn’t help waking up every morning, wishing to have a beautiful body like hers since you felt shame when it came to your weight
  • As Jaehee was preparing coffee for you one morning, you couldn’t help but admire her seemingly flawless figure
  • You thought that she deserved someone better, someone skinnier in her life, the idea brining tears to your eyes
  • Jaehee noticed and went to your side, soothingly rubbing your shoulders as she asked what was wrong
  • And when you told her that you were ashamed of being so heavy, her eyes widened for a moment
  • “I know that it can be easy to compare one’s own body to others, but you shouldn’t MC. I think that you’re amazing, no matter how much you weigh. You’ve helped me gather courage that I never thought was possible, so do you really think that I kind of you’re a bit heavier?”
  • After your heartfelt conversation, she started giving you advice on clothing that would accent your figure
  • Jaehee truly thought that your outer beauty, and more importantly your inner beauty, was something that any person would be envious of, a fact that she reminded you daily


  • Never in your life did you think you’d be able to date someone as loving and caring as Jumin
  • The only thing about dating Jumin was the amount of fancy dinner parties you had to go to with him
  • While the dinner parties themselves were nice, it was your own self that you hated since Jumin wanted you to wear elegant dresses when going to these events
  • The dresses were breathtaking, however in your mind, they pointed out your weight more than what you wanted
  • As you stared at yourself in the mirror, you felt that someone as heavy as you didn’t deserve someone as handsome as Jumin
  • Jumin walked into the bedroom asking if he looked alright but stopped in his tracks when he saw you crying your eyes out
  • He immediately brought you to the bed and wrapped his arms around you as you explained that you were too overweight to be with him
  • “MC, please listen to me, you’re flawless to me. Your weight doesn’t define you and I don’t like seeing you this sad. You’ve helped me through so much, how could I not be completely in love with you? I adore you MC, your weight is absolutely fine with me.”
  • Jumin started coming home from work early so that he could spend more time with you, he loved laying in bed with you and holding you close to him as he’d tell you how beautiful you are, your weight making no difference on how much he loved you


  • Not once did Seven believe that your weight defined who you were as a person, he just wished that you’d realize it yourself
  • He knew since the first day he met you that you were extremely insecure about your weight and even though he’d tell you that you were beautiful, it was tough for you to believe
  • Whenever the two of you would go out whether it be grocery shopping or out to dinner, Seven would always have random girls and on occasions guys tell him how handsome he was
  • One night when Seven finished a long day of work, he dragged you into bed with him for some late night cuddles
  • But as soon as Seven put his arms around you, you cried as all of your negative thoughts spilled out as tears
  • Seven immediately sat up and pulled you in for a hug as you choked out how you felt disgusting because of your weight which made Seven give you a confused look
  • “Do you truly think that MC? Please don’t, I think that your weight is fine! I’ve never met a person as sincere and kind before, your weight doesn’t define who you are. So please, no more negative thoughts, do it for me, okay?“
  • He attacked you with tons of cuddles that night with you falling asleep in his arms as he serenaded you with sweet words of love
  • Seven started hugging and cuddling you more, hoping that you’d understand that to him, you were the most perfect star in the galaxy that deserved all kinds of love, no matter what your weight was
Perfect as You Are

Pairing - Lafayette x Reader

Word Count - 2568

Summary - Reader feels bad about how she looks and hates her body. Laf is there to help.

Warnings - Negative talk, body hatred, a few swears

Tags - @futureauthor45, @small-stars, @smol-consulting-one (Ask to be tagged in any future fics!)

A/N - Okay, so this one is extremely personal to me. I’ve strugged with body image issues for all of my adolescent and adult life. So I decided to get them out. Everything the reader says is something I have said to myself.

You stood there, staring at your reflection in your full-length mirror with a deep frown on your face as you poked and prodded at your midsection and examined your arms. Today was not a good day. You’d been to the gym, which normally didn’t bother you, but today, you’d ended up beside the fittest woman you’d ever seen in your life, and it had gotten to you. Flat abs, toned arms and legs, the whole nine yards. You’d struggled with image issues for most of your adolescent and adult years, but you’d come a long way in your recovery. You’d learned to accept your body and its flaws and realized that the people in magazines were heavily Photoshopped and that nobody actually looked like that. But today, comparing her body to yours had really bothered you.

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Hey beautiful any chance you can write prompt #9&#7 for nick robinson

A/N: Here you go! Prompt #7 “Tell me how i can make this better” and prompt #9 “Please stop crying.” 

Last night Nick had confessed that he loved you. You got butterflies when he told you, but your happiness didn’t last for long. For a while now you felt like you couldn’t fully love someone. A part of you knew it was because you couldn’t let someone have control over your heart like that. Trusting someone that much seemed terrifying. 

So, when Nick told you he loved you and his eyes widened with hope waiting to hear what you had to say, you clammed up.  You nodded then went to bed. It was a shitty thing to do but you couldn’t let yourself say it back. 

What you didn’t know was that your silence was heartbreaking to Nick. He could’ve handle it if you said thank you or admitted that you weren’t ready to say, ‘I love you’ back. But total silence? That was hurtful to him, so much so that after a week of almost complete silence between the two of you, he broke down. 

You looked at Nick shocked when he started crying out of nowhere. Pausing the TV show you were watching, you scooted closer to him.

“Nick, are you okay?” 

“Don’t.” He replies trying to wipe his tears as they fell quickly down his cheeks.

“Did I…Did I do something?” You ask tentatively.

“You didn’t say anything, I told you I loved you and you were silent.” He sniffles. “Do you have any idea how much that hurt?” He continues before starting to sob, letting all his feelings come out. 

“I’m so sorry Nick, I didn’t know what to say.” You reply slightly ashamed. 

“That’s all?” He replies harshly through his tears. Your heart breaks seeing how hurt he was. 

“Please stop crying” You plead. “Tell me how I can make this better.” You continue, desperate to make him feel better. 

“Just tell me why.” 

 “I can’t let myself feel like that.” You confess to him. He looks at you with confusion.

 “Like what?” 

“Like I’m not in control of my feelings. Putting my heart into someone else’s hands.” You inhale sharply. “I don’t want to get hurt.” Nick sighs and sits closer to you. You hug each other tightly, feeling a little lighter with all your feelings out in the open. 

“You could’ve told me that.” 

“I know. But, I was scared.” You admit. 

It’s okay. I mean, that’s why love is scary, because you just have to trust that the other person won’t break you.” Nick says while gently combing his fingers through your hair. “I still love you, you know.

“I do too. I just-”

“You can’t say it out loud, right now.” He finishes.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t apologize, you can take all the time you need. I’m not going anywhere.” He smiles and kisses you softly. 

 How you got so lucky to get a boyfriend as understanding and caring like Nick was something you’d ask yourself every night.

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Signs* can antis stop with “ you should cope in private”
I mean if they want to cope in private sure whatever works for them.
BUT not every survivor copes that way. People cope differently and not my business or others survivor telling you to do this or that. Speak to your therapist if you want a green light from them not an anti. Coping in private doesn’t work for some, others yes people have their own methods. Tbh cope shipping is way better and healthier then say cutting or other forms of self-harm
If you don’t like it tag correctly and blacklist as such just stop with that bs.
[ I should crop the name but just block them and please if you talk to them don’t be nasty or rude] Edit: also note that telling survivors to cope in private reminds them of their abuser and how they feel ashamed of theirself.@reysistantis anything you want to add here