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So something that I see everywhere with superbat (and honestly any picture of a ship with Bruce Wayne), he has the same -_- expression. No matter what they’re doing.

Kissing: -_-

Sex: -_-

Dating: -_-

Domestic shit: -_-

Like, Bruce has emotions! Just because his main expression he has is -_-, doesn’t means it’s not there.

Bruce can be stern

Bruce can be scared

Bruce can be flustered

Bruce can be happy

Bruce can cry

Bruce can be exhausted

Bruce can be shocked

Bruce can be out smarted by his own damn kid

Brucd can show emotions! It’s very much there! So please stop acting like Bruce hates kissing where it looks like he’s aggressive. Stop acting like Bruce is angry while having sex when he looks like he should be having a noice time. Stop acting like he hates it when any one you ship him with shows affection.

He enjoys things. He hates things. He shouldn’t hate loving someone. Please give the man a break and let him f e e l

This has been a PSA.


fallout week 2017:  Amber or green?… without radiation there wont be these cool ghouls n mutants

….I wanted to draw just Harold but ended up doing this stupid thing… I always loved how is Lenny excited about meeting the Vault dweller and how he regretted not going with them..that he wasnt part of that big adventure…Also Harold must have been really….great…mayor. 

Tfw your boyfriend’s lap is way better than any pillow in the whole world


You know, when I first met you, you were Johnny Jaqobis. Lover of ponies. Sunshine optimist. You weren’t a murderer. And I won’t watch you turn into me.

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ur so talented omg can u write a loki x short!reader where she’s gotta kiss him on the shoulder/collar bone/neck cause she can’t reach his face and he’s gotta kiss her on the top of her head and all the avengers get mega heart eyes everytime

Okay, this is so sweet – both your kindness and the request. I know it took a while to get around to writing, but I hope you enjoy it!

“I don’t think many things are cute,” Nat mutters to Clint, “and I’m the last person to ever fawn over Loki, but that… that’s something.”

Clint looks over to where Loki is standing with you, near the door of the room. Loki’s about to leave with Thor and head back to Asgard for a few weeks and you’re saying your final goodbye’s before you leave. Clint hates himself for it, but he can’t help but smile a little at the sight.

Loki leans down and presses his lips to the top of your head. “It’s only two weeks, love. I’ll be back before you even realise I’m gone,” he says, hand cupping your cheek. “I’m sure you’ll be fine without me, although a little bored, I’m sure.”

Your eyes twinkle. “Bored?”

“Yes, well, you’ve got to spend your time with this lot and, well… not all of us can be as entertaining as I can be, if you see what I mean,” Loki explains, his lips quirking up to the side as he glances over at the other Avengers, all of whom are trying not to stare at the two of you.

You grin up at him and reach down for one of his hands, giving it a quick squeeze. “Not to hurt your feelings or anything, but some of them can actually be pretty entertaining sometimes,” you smirk. “I wouldn’t say they’re as good as you, but you know… average.”

Loki laughs softly, sending butterflies through your stomach as usual. You’d been with him for almost a year at this point and his laugh still gave you butterflies. You’d grown to love them.

“Loki,” Thor says from behind you. He nods toward the door, meaning it’s time to go.

You scrunch up your nose. It’s too soon. It feels like you only just got Loki back, and now he’s being pulled away again. Loki notices the look on your face and nods once at his brother before looking back down at you.

“Next time,” Loki begins, stroking a finger across your cheek. “I’ll bring you with me.”

That brings up your spirits considerably and you instantly look up, meeting his gaze, eyes full of excitement for the future. “It’s only taken you eleven months,” you grin up at him.

Loki smiles again. “Careful, or I’ll retract the offer.”

“You would never.”

He pauses for a second, eyes sparkling in amusement, before nodding. “I suppose you’re right.”

Behind you, Thor clears his throat again. Across the room, Nat rolls her eyes. “You’ve never heard of giving people a second alone, have you, Thor?” She calls, raising her eyebrows at him.

“He hasn’t,” Loki confirms, before turning back to you. “Two weeks. I’ll see you then.”

You nod and lean up, pressing your lips to his neck – the only place you can reach. He chuckles softly, kissing the top of your head once more before obliging himself and bending down to properly kiss you.

Neither of you really take notice of the other Avengers in the room. Even Thor, who is ready to head back to Asgard and ten seconds ago just wanted to leave, smiles a little at the sight of Loki being affectionate with someone he clearly cares so much about. Clint, despite himself, finds himself smiling to himself again.

Loki pulls away and strokes your cheek again. “Two weeks, love.”

You step away from him and watch as he walks over to join Thor. Before they leave the room, you call out to him one last time with a quick and simple “I love you.” You’d shared the words before, but only between the two of you, never in front of anyone else, but you knew you’d regret not telling him if you didn’t say it.

Loki smiles and pauses at the door. “And I you,” he replies, voice soft.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of you as he leaves the room, but as soon as he’s out of sight, you sigh and turn back to the other Avengers. Nat meets you eyes straight away.

“I feel like I just watched the sappiest romance movie in the history of film…” Nat begins. “But, I can’t lie, I loved every second of it.”

Sometimes I forget how young Stray Kids’ members actually are just because they have done (and underwent) SO MUCH already. They look like an already established group with years of experience in the industry. For example, it completely lost on me for a minute until someone mentioned how Han. Freaking. Jisung is not even 18. Yes, he is not even 18.

So at my very worst period of mental illness things were pretty freaking awful. I was dealing with psychosis, near constant panic attacks, what they called “severe bipolar 1” plus some sort of unidentified personality disorder. Basically, things were really really bad and had been for a long time. But here are some of the things that helped me when I was dealing with a 2 month psych hospitalization that summer 

  • Noticing the color of the sky 
  • Nice scented lotion 
  • Taking long showers 
  • Making sure that I was hydrated & well nourished
  • Taking deep breaths 
  • Playing guitar 
  • Keeping my living space neat
  • Putting on nicer clothes & doing my hair 
  • Journaling 
  • Exercise 

Honestly I was able to recover precisely because I started paying attention to moments like these. At the time I was still pretty miserable, but it was a major break through to realize I could appreciate the colors of the sky & grass, or the sound of rain, or the cozy feeling of a bookshop. It’s hard to articulate how much it changed things for me. 

Of course, I had a lot of other support too, and I’m not trying to say this alone cured me. I also know that stuff that worked for me in recovery didn’t work for my peers in treatment and vice versa. But I do beg you not to dismiss stuff like this that’s offered without judgement, like in self care posts. For one - you don’t know what the OP has been through & there is no reason to invalidate them or mentally people who do stuff like this –  You just can’t correlate the severity of symptoms to what kind of things help. 

And two - it’s not good to spread the idea that enjoying little moments, or doing common self care this is only for non mentally ill people. In fact, we are often the ones who can benefit the most. And it’s a shame to spread the idea that none of these things can work for any mentally ill person when that’s just not true & could prevent someone from doing something that could help. Treating severe mental illness is a big problem, but it’s often made up of lots of little changes


I think happiness is enjoying the small things in life. The raindrops, lighting a candle. It’s a different thing for every human being out there. And it’s every time I’m with one of my friends and sharing a moment with them that I am happy. Or those moments where I’m seeing someone after a long time and we are both so happy to see each other. That is one moment where I realise how much someone means to me and how important they are. That is a moment of true happiness.

- @blueheart7777

For the Bakery AU

Eugene grumbled as he walked over to the bakery. Of course they would ask HIM to go and pick up their pastries. (It was partly his fault for agreeing to pick it up, but c'mon, how could he say no to that face?) Still, Eugene would rather sit at his tattoo shop and drink black coffee as he waits for his next customer.

He reaches the bakery and looks up at the sign, reading “Fleur Pastries” and walks in. He immediately smells a light, subtle sweetness in the air, along with the smell of flowers and other various plants. Eugene looks around the bakery, and all he sees is vines draped across the room. The bakery has this warm and comforting vibe, and it makes Eugene feel at peace; at home. It lives up to its name, “Fleur Pastries”, with all the vines and flowers and plants placed randomly throughout the parlor.

After staring for quite a long time, he walks up to the counter and only then does Eugene actually look at the baker’s face.

And shit, he’s really cute. He looks at Eugene with a big, bright smile, and it almost blinds him. Eugene can only handle so many feelings at once, okay? So how the fuck-

“Nice to meet you! My name’s Zach, how can I help you?”

-how the fuck is Eugene supposed to handle talking to this ray of sunshine without fucking everything up?

So I was watching the entire series over again while I was working on some Voltron art and I came across this little interaction I had to share. Besides a million more small things I’m enjoying rooting out as I watch again, watch this as Team Voltron wins the day for the first time and Shiro decides to give Keith a good solid smack on the back.

I took a screenshot of the frames because dammit if they’re going to draw them, let’s look at them, and honestly they are wonderful. Seriously, look at Shiro’s face and Keith’s surprise. He nearly topples the poor guy over!

And then look at his dumb smug face:

But of course it ends even sweeter:

And another favourite I’m finding. When close, what draws one of their eyes is sure to draw the other’s:

This is affection and connection. And this sort of stuff makes me really happy <3

A Crossroad Deal (1)

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Summary: After getting out of a long term relationship, you try to move on with your life. However, having spent the last three years unavailable, you are not sure you know how to get back out there again, let alone if you even want to. That is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook, the barista at your college coffee shop. He is more than happy to help you wet your toes in the dating scene again, but at what cost?

Next Chapter 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: A little of everything

Word Count: 7k

College!Jungkook, somewhat FuckBoy!Jungkook

Warning: language

A/N: The genre is for the whole story over all and not just this chapter. There will be fluff scenes scattered within chapters though. The story starts off slow but picks up with the more chapters added! I hope you enjoy =)

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When I was a young weeb, I thought the tankobon size was the actual size artists use to draw manga, so I also drew in very small sizes