i dunno if this happens in any of the endings but

Okay, but listen, I’ve been thinking about this and I’m pretty sure that only a small part of the Justice League knows that Bruce is Batman and obviously, most of the rogues gallery is in the dark as well–but Selina is another story. Like, she has a record, compared to Bruce LOTS more people KNOW she’s Catwoman.

So basically, if she agrees to marry Bruce, any romantic relationship she has with Batman is out the window when they’re out and about. Like, strictly professional when they’re around other people.

I can see the hilarity that would come out of it.

Like, imagine 99% of the Rogues gallery tracking him down after “The Future Mrs. Wayne?” gets slapped all across the tabloids. And at first, Bruce is like, shit…wtf? Because night after night he’s got Harvey and Jervis and Fries hunting him down.

But instead of trying to kill him they’re all, “We’re really sorry about this whole Bruce Wayne thing. We were really rooting for you and Selina.” 

The only ones that don’t come to congratulate him are Ivy and Harley (and possibly Eddie since last I checked he DID know Bruce’s identity), because they’re busy tracking Selina down and being all, “Well, good for you. You finally ditched the Bat. He was never any good for you anyways.” 

(She laughs so hard when she finally gets away from them, she can barely breathe, let alone talk, and Bruce spends like ten minutes convinced that Harley dosed her with Joker gas before she can finally get the whole story out.)

And then there’s the Justice League and, of course, the members that know Bruce congratulate him (though most of them are confused as to how this happened). 

But there are the ones that only know Batman and they’re whispering behind his back about how sad it is, because they know Batman has a thing for Catwoman, but he’s too emotionally constipated to act on those feelings.

 And then, she comes in for a mission (because they need her to steal something obs) and there’s no denying (even though they do a remarkable job of toning it down) that there’s still something between them. And, Bruce, being Bruce, does something stupidly heroic and almost gets himself killed, which naturally gets a reaction from Selina. 

So you end up with, I dunno, Hal (I have no idea who in the JLA actually knows Bruce’s secret identity and who doesn’t rn) approaching him later–probably as he’s ripping out IVs–and being all, “Listen, I know I’m the last person who should be giving anyone advice on romance…Hell, I don’t know why I’m even bothering it’s not like you’ll listen to me…or at all, but you know, I think Catwoman still has feelings for you and you should act on that before she gets married to that Wayne dude. I mean, I’d prefer Wayne over you, even if he is a flake, but I think she might only be with him because she’s given up on you.” 

I mean, they could even go as far as to have, someone not in the know catch them having a private moment and being all, “OMG, Selina does Bruce know you spend your nights making out with Batman?” and at this point, Bruce is like five minutes away from deciding that keeping his identity secret is NOT worth this headache. 

But Selina just looks whoever it is in the eye and calmly says, “Sometimes he joins us.” 

And Bruce has to excuse himself, because Batman does NOT laugh, but oh boy, does he love his wife. 

(Even better, if it’s someone who’s friend with Nightwing, so the next time they see him, they ask if he knew that his mentor is part of a threesome with Bruce Wayne and Catwoman. You KNOW, Dick would piss himself laughing.)

poedamerom  asked:

"I work as a florist and every day you walk in , buy one flower and give it to me" AU because yesterday I realised you were one of my favorite stucky writers!

Steve meets Bucky Barnes on Valentine’s Day, because God has a particularly cruel sense of humor.

— —

“You’re charging /how much/ for roses?” the man — later revealed as Bucky Barnes — asks.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Steve says as an explanation, then sighs as he rings the man up on the cash register. “Don’t worry, your sweetheart will like them anyway.”

The man snorts.

“What?” Steve asks.

“Not for my sweetheart, for my sister. She’s in high school, and this asshole guy’d been leading her on for months, and all we could do was watch while she pined after this little fuck. Meanwhile, this guy’s having her edit his essays, drive him places… You know, the shit that asshole high school guys do when they’re going on a power trip. Anyhow, yesterday he asks out this girl right in front of my sister, asks her if she’s happy for him, which of course she’s not. She gets home, my mom calls me, and we hang out and watch rom coms together, and that’s when we come up with the plan.”

“The plan?” Steve asks, leaning in a little closer.

The guy smiles, almost sheepishly. “Her math teacher is a friend of mine from undergrad, so I call him up. These flowers, a few cards, and a big ol’ box of chocolates are gonna be on her desk.”

“Lemme guess, the asshole sits next to her?”

He grins. “Indeed, he does.”

“She’s in on it, right?”

He nods. “‘Course, it’d be weird if she wasn’t. She’s gonna tell everyone that they’re from her overnight camp boyfriend or something, who has been begging to get back together with her. I dunno, she’s got the whole thing set up, but she promises me that it’s gonna make this jack ass jealous, and that’s the important thing.”

Steve laughs. “Yeah, it is,” he says. “Bet your girlfriend is jealous, too,” Steve asks, and okay. He’s fishing a bit.

The guy raises an eyebrow. “Actually, I’m single right now,” he says. “I’ve got all these grand romantic gestures stored up with no outlet. It’s a real problem.”

“What a problem to have,” Steve says. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers on Valentine’s Day, in any context. And that’ll be $42.88.”

“Ouch,” the guy says as he inserts his debit card into the chip reader. “I’m Bucky, by the way.”

“Steve,” Steve says, then adds, “but you probably could’ve gathered that from the name tag.”

Bucky chuckles. “Thanks Steve,” he says as he takes his card out and puts it in his wallet.

“No problem,” Steve says, handing the flowers over to Bucky. “And good luck with your grand gesture.”

“Thanks,” he says, taking the flowers. He pauses, and pulls a rose out of the bunch. “Here,” he says, handing it to Steve.

“What?” Steve asks.

Bucky moves it a little closer to Steve. “A flower. Happy Valentine’s Day, Steve.”

“Oh, uh…” Steve says, taking it. “Thanks,” he says, a little lost for words.

“You’re welcome,” Bucky says. “Though it’s not quite a grand romantic gesture.”

Steve shrugs, trying not to blush. “It’s sweet,” he says.

Bucky just smiles and leaves the store.

— —

He comes back in the next day. “One tulip,” he says, bringing a yellow tulip up to the counter.

“Sure thing,” Steve says, then asks, “How’d the gesture go?”

“Perfectly,” Bucky says. “By the end of the day, he was telling her that he regretted everything, and she was telling him that she’s too good for him.”

Steve can’t help but smile. “Good to know, and that’s $4.21.”

Bucky pays with his debit card. “Yeah, gotta focus my energies elsewhere now,” he says.

“Good luck with that,” Steve says, handing him the flower.

“Thanks,” Bucky says, then hands the tulip back to Steve. “Enjoy the flower!” he says, before leaving the store.

Steve stands there, eyebrows furrowed, looking at the flower in his hand. “What?” he mutters to himself.

— —

It keeps happening.

Bucky comes in, he buys a flower — a different one every day — and hands it to Steve. If he doesn’t come in, he orders one online with the direction “give to Steve, please.”

“This is ridiculous,” Steve says after a month.

“I’m supporting a local, independently-run business,” Bucky responds as he hands Steve an amaryllis. “It’s the right thing to do.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Steve amends, but he takes the flower anyway.

— —

He’s started keeping them in his apartment as a mismatched, ever-changing arrangement. When a flower starts to wilt, he presses one of the petals and keeps it in a little book.

He sort of loves it.

He also sort of loves Bucky, but that’s a different story.

— —

They get to know each other, even though they just talk for a few minutes a day. Bucky is an architect who lives a few blocks away and passes by the flower shop on the way to work. He spends a lot of time with his mom and his sister (his dad isn’t in the picture), and he likes cheesy movies but not cheese — he’s lactose intolerant.

“We have that in common,” Steve says.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’m giving you flowers and not chocolates,” Bucky says as he hands him a peony.

Steve takes it and gives it a sniff. He really does like the smell of peonies. “What’s your endgame here?” Steve asks. “It’s been four months.”

Bucky shrugs, smiling. “Dunno,” he says. “I honestly don’t. I just wanted you to have fun.” He pauses and shoves his hands in his pockets. “If it gets annoying—“

“It’s not,” Steve says, too quickly. “It’s not annoying,” he says.

Bucky looks up, smiling. “Alright then,” he says.

“See you tomorrow?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods. “See you tomorrow.”

— —

When Bucky walks into the shop on Valentine’s Day, his face lights up.

“Steve?” he asks, looking at the flower arrangement in the middle of the shop and the accompanying valentine, made from the dried petals of 365 flowers.

“I thought you could use a gesture,” Steve says. “And a date for tonight?” he adds on, hopeful.

“Are these…?” Bucky asks.

“The flowers, I saved a petal from each one.”

“Oh my God,” Bucky says, looking down and biting his bottom lip. “I’m gonna have to step up my game if we’re gonna start going out,” he says.

“So that’s a yes?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods. “Yeah,” he says. “That’s a yes.”

Why I'm the Bard

Context: The role I tend to veer towards when I’m in a DnD game is the bard. I’m not sure how that started, but some inside jokes among the people I first did it with decided that class fit with me, so I went with it.

In the present day, with a different group of friends (and I’m the only girl here), we decided to have a day off playing DnD and just streamed TV stuff together over shared screens. For reference that becomes relevant at the end of this post, just know that Player 2 and Player 3 are behind the computer together.

Anyway, this happened:

Player 1: What do you guys wanna watch next?

Player 2: Anything that isn’t ecchi, we got kids here.

Me: I literally just became legal age in my country. But yeah, no bullshit, please.

Player 3: You guys want Elfen Lied?

Player 1: There’s nudity.

Player 3: But it’s good!

Me: Why do they call it Elfen Lied, though? It’s got nothing about elves.

DM: Because it’s anime and titles mean nothing?

Me: Death Note means something. So does One Punch Man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, Pretty Cure–

Player 3: Okay, we get it.

Player 2: You talkin’ shit about anime, [DM’s name]? (cracks knuckles into mic)

Me: …Question, since I brought Pretty Cure up. How come we have magical girls but we don’t have magical boys? There’s, like, only one anime I’ve heard of that even has the latter?

Everyone falls quiet for a few moments.

Player 2: …I’m pretty sure there’s some out there? We probably just don’t know any.

DM: I’d argue lots of shounen is magical boy territory. Is Goku not a magical boy to an extent? Eren from Attack on Titan.

We have a brief moment of losing our shit.

Me: Some of them don’t call out attacks or wear cute clothes, though. When you say “magical girl”, there’s a specific image that pops into your head, cutesy girls with magical powers that only work if you call out the attack names or however that works. But when you say “magical boy”, it’s either you can’t think of anything, or you think too broadly and there’s far too many images, not just a specific kind.

This is when I started wailing with exaggeration like the child I am.

Me: It ain’t fair, the creative industry’s always got this weird male VS female divide! AGH!

DM: Goku calls out attacks.

Me: His clothes aren’t cute.

DM: But he does have an outfit that is distinct.

Player 1: I feel like “magical” requires a transformation. And Goku doesn’t really transform into a new person, he just powers up.

DM: That’s a good argument.

Me: And how many times does he even have to level up, like… the numbers are insane.

Player 1: He does go super saiyan but that’s not the same as Sailor Moon having an alter ego.

Me: Also, Goku’s too muscular. What I find entertaining about magical girls is how scrawny they are but they beat the absolute shit out of bigger things.

DM: But that’s a choice of taste. I wouldn’t say magical girl has to be scrawny. That might be the norm but is more of a trope than a part of the actual genre.

Me: Yeah, point taken. Muscular girls are fun too, though it seems the media has a bit of a tough time portraying them.

Player 1: It’s harder to sexualize muscular women or something, I dunno. Everything has to be sexualized. It’s dumb.

Me: Ugh, yeah… The logic behind female armor in video games, seriously…

And this is where my volume went up several notches.

Me: The hell is wrong with EVERYTHING on TV these days?! “You must put males in hard lighting and females in soft lighting.” FUCK NO! WE LADIES AIN’T SOFT! WE! ARE! BITCHES!

Everyone else is dying of laughter at this point.

DM: (struggling to breathe) So. This is the power of the bard.

Player 3: All hail the child bard!

Player 2: She can’t see your salute, you fucking dolt. We’re not using a webcam.

Inspired by this absolutely angsty masterpiece by @jackalopes-vld

This is really angsty and references intrusive thoughts, so please keep yourself safe.

WC: 1574


He’s not annoying. People like being around him. He’s not annoying.

Good for nothing.

He’s their sharpshooter. He has a purpose.


He’s worth something.

Seventh wheel.

He’s… He is the seventh wheel. There isn’t a doubt about that.

Can’t handle the stress.

He can’t. It gnaws at him every waking moment.

Can’t deal with criticism.

Fuck. It hurts, okay? Not everyone is graceful with that shit.

Useless weight brought along out of pity.




Just fucking leave.

Please. Please, just stop. Please.

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Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

Originally posted by zorpeezi-squeezy

Tiefling Boyfriend (Odd Part One)

A commission for @wizard-caleb that turned into a new favorite of mine. Everything just came to life so easily. So I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I did.

You feel sick. The last thing you remember was that you were in a strange shop. You had gone because your friend had told you they sold some really interesting things. While you were there, you kept getting this feeling you were being watched. When you looked into a mirror, you saw something standing behind you. It was massive and sheet white, staring at you with many eyes. The owner of the shop was this girl with bubblegum pink hair and she tried to calm you down when you told her what you saw. The next thing you knew, the white creature grabbed you and threw you into the mirror.

Maybe it was a dream, you tell yourself. You sit up, feeling something crunch under you. You lift up a handful of leaves and dirt. You look around, realizing you’re in a cave.

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Based off this video because I cannot stop laughing

It had started out as a simple enough dare, Dean and Cas would each get a total of 3 tries per person to try and “kill” the other by telling the other that “the floor is lava.” They would then have five seconds before they had to find a way to get off the ground and scream that the floor was lava to any unsuspecting passerby if there were anyway. There was no prize, not really. Dean just really wanted to beat Cas at something, and Cas didn’t mind if he got bragging rights.

Cas had been first, during a walk in the park between their two college classes on campus. “The floor is lava,” he’d casually said. Dean had not understood until he did, and at which point he only had 3 seconds left and nothing that he could use to get off the ground. Nothing, except, for a trashcan just up the trail. He’d made it with one second to spare.

“The floor is lava!” Dean screamed triumphantly, balancing precariously on the poor trashcan below him. He had managed to get into a crouch before the inevitable happened––when Dean went to get down back onto the ground and rejoin Cas he slipped and wound up wedging his butt straight into the trashcan. Castiel wouldn’t let him forget it for a week.

The next turn had been Dean’s, choosing to wait until Cas and he were on a grocery run to enact his plan.

“Hey, Cas,” he called the other’s attention while they were in the toilet paper aisle. 


“The floor is lava.” 

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The Pain You Feel

Fandom: Marvel

Words: 1,206

Summary: Y/N can feel the pain Bucky is enduring, and vice versa. She feels the immense pain, he feels the soft touch of her fingers along his arm after particularly painful days. (Soulmate AU the two can feel pain, touches, etc.)   

Warnings: I don’t know? Kinda unfinished, mentions of stabbing and pain, ya know. 


I think this is kind of like eh, but I also like it? I dunno, I hope you like it. xxx Bambi

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon of dating Jason pretty pleaseeee

Here you go! Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoy this~

Dating Jason means accepting not only his wonderful assets but also his imperfect flaws. Jason always tell you that he comes with a whole lot of baggage and earlier in the relationship, he’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Fights over the tiniest little things happen quite frequently and sometimes, it’s also your fault for provoking Jason especially when he doesn’t want to talk about his nightmares or even any of his problems.

Despite all of that, you are what keeps Jason grounded. Jason knows that you care about him a lot and love him more than anyone in the world can offer. When he’s plagued by his nightmares, you are always there beside him, hugging him to your chest and whispering sweet nothings as you try to reassure him that you are there and not somewhere else.

Sometimes comfort comes in the form of sex. Sex with Jason can come in different forms – Jason likes it fast and rough but at times, he likes taking it slow too especially when he’s very stressed. He likes to build up the tension for the both of you and the orgasm he would get is often mind-blowing and leaves him feeling very lethargic.

Cuddling is another thing Jason loves to do too. He just loves feeling you pressed against him and having you in his arms so you’re often subjected to random cuddling sessions.

Be prepared for random trips in the early mornings. No matter how many times Jason denies this, he is a romantic at heart and during these early morning drives, Jason takes you to see the sunrise at least thrice a month and even more if he sees that you may need it.

Jason’s ideal type of date is eating burgers and going on a drive to nowhere in particular. Often the two of you would end up somewhere where you can see the entire city. You don’t really mind as much because you also enjoy moments you share with Jason. So getting burgers for your date nights is no problem for you!

The nights when you find it hard to sleep, you would trace figures on Jason’s back and watch him sleeping. Jason likes to sleep with his head on your shoulder, nose buried in the junction where your neck and shoulders meet.
Jason’s random thoughts of ‘you deserve better than me’, ‘I’ve done far much worse than anything you can imagine’ but you never minded any of those. You always reassured him by showing him just how much you love him, body and soul.

Jason is very protective of you and has quite the jealousy streak on him. He doesn’t like it when other guys are looking at you like you’re a plaything. So he would often throw his arm around your shoulders and pull you close to him. You’re no longer surprised at this and always wrap your arms around his waist in return. Besides being in Jason’s arms is where you love to be.

Jason loves seeing you in his clothes. He knows you’re already hot and beautiful in your daily / normal activities but there’s just something about seeing you in his shirt or jacket or sweatshirt that just gets to him all the time. So much so, sometimes Jason just hides your shirts.

“Hey, Jay?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Have you seen my shirt?”

“Dunno which one you’re talking about, babe.”

“Sure, you don’t, Jay. I bet you just want me to wear something of yours again.”

“Well, you’re not wrong.”


Poly-relationship, vkookxreader, AU

Taehyung x reader x Jungkook 

Word count: 1,497

Genre: Fluff, tiny bit angst

( I’m new to this, sorry if you don’t like it, please don’t hate :,) )


 It was cold, rainy and windy. Even better, you were told that you were a disappointment to the shop by your boss, because one costumer had to nag. Also, being snappy isn’t the smartest thing to do which consequently lead to you getting fired.

 You let out a deep sigh, twisting the key and quietly pushed the door open. You gazed down at the peachy digital clock that was sat on the commode, the clock Jungkook just had to buy, because it resembled you.

 11:43am, you could’ve been home for about 2 hours ago, but you were stuck on a bench near the shop you used to work at, with thoughts that ended up making you feel discouraged about everything. Your fingers were stone cold which was the reason for you managing to drop your phone in a puddle.

 The small prickling sensation in your fingertips made you clench your hands into small fists. Your hair was drenched, water dripping against the floor tiles of your fair to middling shared apartment with your beloved boyfriends.

 All you needed for the devastated feeling to pass on for a while right now was a hug from them, a warm big embrace from both. You roamed into the living room, the lights were slightly dimmed making it a bit difficult for your eyes to adjust before they finally settled on the two boys. They were both facing you. Staring to be exact.

You greeted them softly and shuffled towards Taehyung who turned to you with a small smile. Jungkook on the other hand, didn’t even spare you a glance. You were about to return the cute gesture, but Taehyung had already wrapped his arms around your quivering form before you could even blink as if you had been absent for long. His hands grasped onto your cold sweater, rubbing your back affectionately. You wanted to press your head against the heat of Taehyung’s chest, but his embrace didn’t last for long. He took a small step back and contemplated your face with a faint smile, nodding towards Jungkook. The room was awfully quiet, no one said a word as you peeked over Taehyung’s shoulder. Something was wrong, which left you staring intently at them.

The distressed feelings came pouring back at you once again, the looks on their faces, everything screamed that you probably had wronged them. But you couldn’t remember what you did so wrong to make them this senseless towards you. The living room was awfully silent, everyone kept their mouth shut and you couldn’t bear it anymore.

“What’s wrong?” you questioned faintly earning a half-hearted chuckle from Jungkook, making your stomach churn. He turned to you, finally showing off his features. But they were nothing near his usual smiley appearance. His brows were furrowed, creating tiny crinkles between them. Jungkook glared at you nonchalantly his eyes slowly trailing down to your wet clothes.

“What’s wrong?” He muttered, there was a hint of mockery in his voice. Jungkook pressed his lips to a thin line and glanced over at Taehyung. “The first thing she asks is, what’s wrong Tae” Jungkook seethed, it wasn’t Jungkook talking anymore, it was his frustration which left you somehow speechless. You stared, not knowing why they or more specific, why Jungkook acted like this. You breathed out, crossing your arms having a sick feeling to your stomach.

“Why are you so angry with me?” You questioned out loud directed to Jungkook, whilst fighting back angry tears. “What’s the reason for you looking at me like this?” Taehyung flinched as you shifted your gaze back to him. The last thing you wanted right now was to start crying and fight with the ones that were supposed to be comforting. You turned around abruptly about to storm off when you heard Taehyung’s soft voice, making you come to a halt. “Today, me and Jungkook had to eat alone, celebrating his promotion” (A/N: let’s pretend he promoted at his job okay and it was a very big thing for him) You inhaled loudly as it hit you, Jungkook promoted today at his work, all three of you were supposed to eat together and you forgot. Your eyes were shut as you turned around, not really wanting to look at them with an apologize at the tip of your tongue.

“Don’t apologize” Jungkook said sternly, standing up, making you feel even smaller.

“Jungko-” he cut you off again, “I’m not even mad for you forgetting, but you didn’t even call Y/N and the worst part, you didn’t pick up your phone!” he said raising his voice a bit, reasoning for his frustration as he dropped his hands to his sides. “We were worried” Taehyung mumbled, peering at you. Taehyung had always been the forgiving one, he was never fully mad, even when others wronged him a lot. He was just a too nice of a guy, wearing his heart at his sleeves.

Jungkook brushed past you, almost touching you. You glanced over at Taehyung with a look that made him avert his eyes from your gaze. You were feeling lost and didn’t know what to do, you wanted to reach out for Taehyung to ask him to help, you wanted to tell them how horrible your day was. But what you did to them must be even worse.

“It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll go talk to him” He murmured softly, moving towards you and gently pulled you against him. “Don’t be sad” He soothed as tears started falling from your eyes, dripping onto his shirt, Taehyung wasn’t aware of your crying before your body jerked slightly as you sniffed. He pulled away slightly, looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“Y/N, hey” He trailed off, brushing your hair behind your shoulders, bringing his hand under your chin tilting it upward. “Hey, why are you crying, don’t cry” His stuttered in a low voice, wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb. “Baby” He mumbled, knowing you love the nickname and pulled you in for another hug, placing his chin over your head as he pressed your cheek against his chest. Taehyung frowned at Jungkook who were still standing by the door, staring at them hugging. Taehyung pouted at Jungkook, trying to signalize him that he didn’t know was really going on

“I- they, they told me” You choked back tears and pulled away slightly, staring at Taehyung’s almost wet shirt. “I’m a disappointment for my boss” you started, sniffing a bit before looking up at him already staring at you with concern. “I got fired” you faintly explained, dropping your head, almost as if you were ashamed of it. All you heard from Taehyung was just him loudly inhaling, before bringing you closer to him. “Hey, you’ll find a new job, don’t be sad, your boss is a jerk anyways” Taehyung mumbled with a slight hint of envy in his voice, your boss was indeed a douchebag or a jerk as he described him, always throwing fits over nothing. Taehyung’s hand surprised you by carefully tilting your chin upwards and placed a loving kiss on your chilled lips. “Your lips aren’t warm” he grimaced, pressing his index finger against your bottom lip, pulling it down slightly, making you curve your lips into a small smile at the dainty gesture.

Jungkook on the other hand stood behind you, listening to every word you said, before reaching out for your arm, hissing at the cold fabric, pulling you towards him. “You’re going to catch a cold, go change or take a shower” he murmured, his face still showing some anger, you thought he was going to give you at least a hug or a kiss, but instead you nodded, quickly hurrying past him. Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung who stood with his arm crossed and eyebrow raising threateningly. Jungkook inhaled loudly, quickly turning around and went silently behind you, grabbing you by the waist and swirled you around, startling you, pressing a small kiss against your forehead then a giving your lips a small peck.

“Jungkook, I’m so sorry, congratulations on your promotion, I managed to forgot, seriously I-” Jungkook groaned out loud, pulling you into a similar hug as Taehyung did. “It’s fine babe, go shower, you’re cold. Next time something like that happens, you call and tell us who to beat-” Jungkook was suddenly cut off by Tae’s ringing voice, “No violence, Kookie” earning a small chuckle from you. “Yeah, yeah talk for your own possessive ass” you shot back, as Jungkook looked at you with slightly widened eyes. “I’ll show you possessive” Taehyung yelled out, laughing as Jungkook grabbed onto your hand and escorted you to the bathroom quickly locking the door. “Let’s shower” he beamed catching your confused gaze and raised his eyebrows questioningly, “You two better let me join or you won’t get any of me for the next 2 weeks” Taehyung complained from the outside, leaving you and Jungkook in snickering messes.


Haha, god this is my first one shot or whatever it’s called, I dunno hope you liked it. i rushed a bit in the end, aha. 

soften the blow. 12x13 coda. deancas. (ao3)

Cas picks up the phone halfway through the second ring. “Dean?” he says. “Is everything all right?”

“I love you,” Dean says. Cas inhales sharply on the other end of the line. “And I don’t have any bad news to follow that up with.”

“I–” Cas says. “What?”

“Getting real tired of people telling me that just to soften the blow,” Dean says. He hangs up, heart racing.

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Mystic Messenger : Prologue ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

Like, reblog, or do nothing, but please don’t copy/paste it and claim it as your own… I am on my own and spent a lot of time to do this.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Archie Andrews Soulmate!AU


Request: aa can you do a soulmate au with archie wherein all you see is black and white until you touch your soulmate? like he bumps into you in the hallway or something and color just blooms before your eyes?? i dunno of that makes sense or not but your writing it great!! <3

Summary: (a Soulmate!AU) [In a black and white world where you find your soulmate when you touch for the first time. After your skin touches theirs, the two people can see each other in color, later on expanding into seeing the whole world in color.] Y/n has just moved to Riverdale and is starting her first day at Riverdale High. Will today be the day where she’ll find the one she’s been looking for?

Word Count: 1804

a/n: First of all lmao the summary I just wrote for this was so cheesy I apologize. I had fun writing this so I hope you have fun reading it but if not sorry I suck. I’m posting it without editing it so if you see any mistakes I promise I’ll fix them tomorrow I’m just currently being lazy. Don’t forget to request!


You heard it happened to another girl from your old school last week. She’d been visiting family in another town when it happened. You heard it happened like some sort of rom-com. Apparently, she’d dropped her wallet and he’d tapped on her shoulder to return it to her. She turned and saw him, like actually saw him, in color. You’d heard it a billion times. When you touch the right person for the first time, you finally start to see in color. At first, it’s just them you see in color, everything else stays black and white, but after a while you can see everything. Something in you goes right with something in them and the rest is history.

It was hard to even conceptualize. You’d lived your whole life seeing black and white, what did it even mean to see in color. They compared it to The Wizard of Oz, like seeing in Technicolor. Before you touch them is like Dorothy in Kansas, but after was like when she went over the rainbow to Munchkinland. People who could see it had tried to explain it to you many times before, but they always ended up saying it was impossible to explain to someone who couldn’t see it; you’d see one day. But what if you didn’t? There were people who lived their whole lives and dies still seeing black and white. Maybe you would be one of those people.

You felt stupid even thinking about it. You were only in high school after all. There were people who didn’t see their person until they were 30, people who didn’t see their person until they were 60! Why were you so anxious?

You knew you didn’t need another person to survive or anything, you could take care of yourself. It’s just the thought of spending your whole life by yourself sounded pretty unappetizing. Even though so many people hadn’t found their person yet you couldn’t help the feeling like you were late. You knew a couple that had seen each other since second grade. You were patient, but you just wanted to know what you were missing.

Your first day at a new school. You’d moved into your new house in Riverdale a couple days ago, and it seemed like a nice town. All the people you’d met seemed welcoming enough and your room was bigger than in your old house. You hadn’t moved here to find your person or anything, your mom’s job had a great opportunity here for her, but you thought maybe this would be that place where it would happen. You didn’t want to get your hopes up… but what if?

You pulled up into a spot on the far side of the parking lot at Riverdale High. You took a deep breath before ripping the band-aid off and opening the car door, making you way toward the entrance. Various other students were laughing and talking with their friends. To say you were nervous would be to say that Mount Everest was a bit of a hike: a huge understatement. It was the first day back from summer, but you’d never been the new kid before. You didn’t know a soul.

You’d been to the office once before over the weekend to register for classes so you found your way there relatively easily once you got inside. You walked into the bustling office and tried to avoid getting hit by a receptionist who at that speed could have easily passed for a linebacker. You hesitantly approached a woman behind a desk who looked busy, but at least noticeably less busy than everyone else. She was typing up something with a level of ferocity that had to be breaking some sort of record. You waited uncomfortably for her to finish what she was doing and notice you standing in front of her. Was she going to finish?

After half a minute and a few final loud smacks on her keyboard, she pushed up her glasses and looked up at you with a weary but genuine smile. “Can I help you with something, honey?”

“Oh, yeah,” you said fumbling through the front pocket of your backpack for the right paper. “Here it is.” You slid the paper to her with your name and information they had given you when you’d registered. “I’m new.”

Her eyes scanned the paper and she turned to grab something from behind the desk. She turned back to you and passed a piece of paper to you. “So, this is your schedule. The school is a bit of a maze so let me see if I can find someone…” She looked around the office and her eyes landed on someone. “Aha!” You followed her line of sight and saw a boy with his arms full of books walking toward the door. You strained your neck to see his face but he was turned away.  “Mr. Andrews?!” The boy stopped in his tracks and swiveled around in search for the source of his name. Whoa. The receptionist waved him over and he made his way over to you.

You had tried your whole life not to think about the boys you met too much so you wouldn’t get too attached to them only for them to see someone else. But boy, oh boy, he was kind of a babe.

“Mr. Andrews, she doesn’t know her way around the school yet; Could you show her to her to her first class?”

He glanced quickly at you then back to the receptionist, “Oh, yeah. No problem!”

You smiled graciously at the receptionist and she turned back to her work.

“So we’re going to…” He looked over the schedule and mumbled to himself. “Ah, cool.” He looked up at you and smiled. “That’s not far at all.” You could feel your heart flutter. He started walking down the hall way and you stayed by his side, a couple inches away. “I would shake your hand but I don’t really have a free one at the moment,” he said nodding down to the comically large pile of books he was carrying. “I’m not trying to be rude, I promise.”

“No, don’t even worry about it.” You replied. Secretly though, you were kind of upset you couldn’t shake his hand. You wanted to touch him for a second, just to rule him out as your person. Now you were going to be thinking about him all day.

“So, are you a freshman? Or just new?” he asked while maneuvering through the populated hallway.

“Just new. My mom got a promotion so we moved to Riverdale last week. I’m actually a sophomore.” You explained. You had a feeling you would have to be telling this story pretty frequently in the near future.

“Oh, hey, cool! I’m a sophomore too! Maybe we’ll have classed together and stuff.” He said with a hint of excitement. You didn’t even know why you were getting your hopes up. For all you know he had already seen his person.

“I hope so. So far you’re the only person I’ve met at this school. It would be nice to have a familiar face in a class or two.” You tried to keep the sound of desperation in your voice to a minimum.

He stopped in front of a classroom on the right side of the hallway, “Well, here we are.”

You didn’t want to leave yet, but you knew you had to. “Thank you so much for helping me out, by the way.

He smiled and turned to face you, backing away in the opposite direction “Yeah, maybe I’ll see you around later?” It only hit you then that you didn’t know his first name. And he didn’t know your name either. You opened your mouth to speak, some guy rammed into him, knocking down all his books and making him fall right onto you.

The guy looked at the pile up he’d caused, “Oh, sorry dude,” and walked away.

“I’m so sorry,” he said lifting himself off you and turning to pick up his books without looking at you.

You looked down at your backpack and fixed everything that was misplaced. “It wasn’t your fault,” you comforted without looking up. “It was that stupid guy, he came out of nowhere.”

It was then that you looked up at him, and it happened. You could see him. You, quite literally, could not believe your eyes. You could see the way he really looked, with all the colors that belonged to him. He looked even more beautiful that you had thought. His hair was bright – you didn’t know what everyone else’s hair looked like, or what color to call his, but you knew it was special. You could see the blush in his cheeks as he fumbled with his books, you hadn’t known what blushing really looked like. You could see him, and for now, only him.

He still hadn’t looked up from the books. An overwhelming feeling of fear washed over you. What if he didn’t see you in color back? That happened sometimes. What if it happened to you? You looked at him and you wanted to say something, to ask him, but nothing could come out.

“Hey,” he said, “I just realized that I never got to ask you–” He glanced up and you and back down before he knew what he had seen. He froze, calculating in his head. He slowly turned his head up to face you. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at you and for a while, you just looked back.

You broke the silence, “Can, can you see me? In color?”

He nodded his head yes but remained silent. You could see his eyes scanning all over you, looking like it was the first time he had his eyes, because it kind of was.

With wide eyes he darted his to yours, realizing, “What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t,” you laughed lightly.

“Well can you? Please?” He laughed back.

“It’s Y/n.”

“Y/n,” he said more to himself than to you, like he was feeling how it felt on him. “I’m Archie.”

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you Archie.”

“So… we’re…?”

“I guess so,” You were in as much shock as he was. This was definitely not how you had expected your first day at Riverdale High to start, but you certainly weren’t complaining.

“Do you want to get out of here? We can talk and stuff,” he asked standing up.

“There is nothing more I want in the world.” You reached out your hand and he pulled you up. You walked right out the school and onto the street abandoning all the papers and books. You had more important things to do. You were finally seeing in Technicolor.

Uncertainty IV.

Sorry, it took so long. I was actually done with the chapter and just editing when it got deleted from my drafts and I had to start again. I made it longer to make up for it. Enjoy!

I also realised that Jeff Atkins must have known about the Clubhouse since he was on the baseball team, so I’m questioning whether there is actually any decent human being in this world. 

Words: 6k+


Warning: Language. Mentions of abuse, nothing graphic, just mentions.

Warning: Language. Mentions of abuse, nothing graphic, just mentions.

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Help Wanted, Alternate Ending

In a world where Ford’s interview took place a little later…

“Did you think we wouldn’t notice?” Holster scoffs, crossing his arms tightly against his chest and tapping his foot impatiently. “Did you think that just ‘cos we’re graduating soon that we wouldn’t care? Or that we’d be too distracted to pay attention to what was going on between you two?”

Dex and Nursey share a worried glance, sat on the Haus couch, pressed unnecessarily close. Dex swallows. They were doing so well at hiding it, too. And it was still new. He didn’t want pressure from the team potentially ruining the good thing they had going. Especially not their captains, who had a penchant for being… intrusive… even if they had good intentions.  

Ransom sighs, standing next to Holster, playing the disappointed father to Holster’s angry one. “We thought… you were better than this,” he chastises, shaking his head.

Dex furrows his brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asks.

“It means that we saw what happened at breakfast,” Holster admonishes.

Dex and Nursey glance at each other, confused. Breakfast?

“And the flyers. The ones strewn across the pathway next to river quad,” Ransom adds. “Don’t think we didn’t put the pieces together.”

“Yo, I don’t really know what you guys are talking about,” Nursey explains, “but I think you might have misinterpre—”

“You’re fighting again,” Holster concludes, sighing. “I thought you’d gotten past this, you know. You guys were getting so much better. What happened?”

Dex has to cover his mouth with his fist to stop himself from laughing, and he can tell from the glint in Nursey’s eye that Nursey feels the exact same way. Fighting? No, they’re doing quite the opposite. Hell, they’re literally sitting so that their hands are touching – on a three-person couch no less.

“D-men stick together,” Ransom raptures. “And I understand that the closeness that Holster and I have going might seem a little hard to live up to—” Nursey raises an incredulous eyebrow at Dex, “—but that’s not what we want. You guys don’t have to be best friends, we just want you to at least tolerate each other. The team needs it.”

“What happened at breakfast, guys?” Holster asks. “We can work through this.”

“Uhh… nothing?” Dex tries. “What do you mean?”

“You normally sit next to Chowder at breakfast,” Ransom states, “but you didn’t. Because Nursey was there.” He raises an accusing eyebrow at the two of them.

“No…” Dex says slowly. “I didn’t sit next to Chowder because Tango needed help with his CS homework, so I sat next to him. And also because me, you and Whiskey needed to be in the same comic panel so we could do the whole ‘soft same’ bit—you know what, never mind.”

Holster huffs, clearly disbelieving. “Sure. And the flyers? You just dropped them by accident? Or did you throw them in frustration because you two were fighting?” he accuses.

Dex squints. “Well, you’re not totally wrong, but…”

“Look,” Ransom says, “we get it. You guys are different people with different outlooks on life. And maybe, I dunno, Dex feels like Nursey doesn’t really respect that.”

“Um, not really?” Dex says.

“Yeah, and maybe Nursey feels like Dex doesn’t respect his perspective,” Holster adds, glancing at Ransom.

“That’s not—” Nursey tries to interject.

“Well maybe Dex feels like Nursey doesn’t really know him as well as he thinks he does,” Ransom huffs, stepping closer.

“Maybe Nursey just wants what’s best for Dex,” Holster scoffs, crossing his arms and looking away. “Maybe Nursey thinks that Dex doesn’t believe in himself enough and that he gives up without even trying—”

“Maybe Dex thinks that this isn’t any of Nursey’s business!” Ransom yells. “Maybe Dex can make his own decisions about his future!”

“Maybe Nursey knows that Dex is better than this!” Holster spits. “Maybe he knows that Dex can be anything he wants if he tried!”

“Well maybe Dex doesn’t know what he wants!” Ransom shouts, desperately. “Maybe the only thing he knows he wants is that he wants to spend more time with his best bro while he figures it all out!”

Holster swallows. “Yeah?” he says, softly.

Ransom nods, holding back tears. “Yeah. Nursey and Dex… they’re bros, bro.”

Holster sniffs. “Dude…”

A door slams closed. Ransom and Holster turn to find the couch empty. Outside, through the window, Dex and Nursey sprint away from the Haus as fast as humanly possible, their hands tightly clasped.

“Rude,” Ransom huffs. “We were in a middle of a d-man sesh.”

“I know, right.”

anonymous asked:

Can I have some headcanons for Zen, Jumin, and Saeyoung where them and MC never actually got romantically involved in their routes and just became good friends. But then they had a certain moment where they start realizing they kinda have a crush? Or maybe realize they're super in love with her? I dunno if make sense. Love your blog😍

Cute! Hope you like them:)  Spoilers for all the routes a little.


(Let’s say you never ended up dating, and you visited him as a friend and supported him)

  • You guys became really good friends after the whole ordeal with Echo Girl
  • He really appreciated your support through it all
  • You guys go out for coffee a lot since your breaks always align
  • He always sends you his selfies first to ask which is the best
  • You always mess with him and add strange filters
  • One day, you don’t respond to any of his texts
  • He even tried to call a few times
  • He first thought you were mad at him, but you didn’t log into the chatroom all day either
  • He was getting really worried, and couldn’t stop thinking of different scary scenarios
  • At one point, he realized he really didn’t want to lose you
  • When he got a call saying you had been hospitalized after a car accident, he dropped everything to go see you
  • You were thankfully okay
  • He brought you flowers every day until you were released
  • Nothing changed in your friendship, but he was so much more aware of his feelings


(Let’s pretend the whole three day apartment thing never happened)

  • You’re the only one who didn’t make fun of him when he was going through a tough time with the whole “arranged marriage” thing
  • After the whole ordeal and the party is over, you have lunch with him frequently 
  • He finds he can talk to you about anything
  • He finds it easier to open up to you as time goes on
  • After weeks of getting to know each other, you got really comfortable around him
  • You didn’t realize it, but you became a bit more affectionate about it
  • You gave him hugs when you greeted him, tugged on his sleeve to get his attention, sitting close to him so your shoulders were touching
  • After so long, he started feeling strange around you–not in a bad way
  • He didn’t exactly know what was going on with him
  • He’s watching you play with Elizabeth the 3rd one day
  • Not only does he notice how comfortable she is with you
  • But also that his heart is racing now
  • He is cautious in his advances towards you, but slowly becomes bolder in your friendship


(Let’s say you never tried to make any advances romantically in the apartment. You help him find Saeran as a friend…and stay friends after)

  • He lives closest to the apartment, so you see him around town frequently
  • You always make sure he’s not overworking himself
  • And he always makes sure you’re not lonely by stopping by every once in awhile
  • There always seemed to be an unspoken connection between you, but now it was developing with time
  • It’s on one of the days where Saeyoung is crashing at the apartment that he watches you making something in the kitchen
  • He starts noticing all your little habits and quirks
  • He’s smiling involuntarily
  • His heart is beating weirdly now
  • Low-key panics because he doesn’t know how to compute these feelings
  • He doesn’t act on them
  • But, he does act a lot more awkward around you sometimes
  • In his bolder moments, he texts you cheesy pick up lines 
Why canon ships suck

So! You like a ship, right?

You want that ship to become canon, but it hasn’t yet, or never will.

So what do you do?

You read fanfiction, of course!

In many people’s opinions, fanfiction can often be better than canon. It allows us to explore ships, characters, alternate universes… and sometimes we encounter authors who do it way better than the canon writers do. It’s pretty spectacular, to be honest.

Fanfiction and fandom allows us to explore the what-ifs. The ‘what would happen if this event didn’t happen, or this character didn’t die, or these two characters met who never did in canon’. It provides us an avenue to ‘fix’ what canon screwed up – well, in some people’s minds. In an age where we are only just starting to get LGBT+ representation on the screen, or in books (but only really just now, in any fair way), fanfiction gives slash/femslash/polyamory shippers a place to explore the ships that they wish were on screen – but aren’t yet, unfortunately. I know that fandom is a bastion for me in that regard.

But… have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your ship became canon?

In my opinion…

…and in the minds of a few people whom I have spoken to at length on this topic… canon makes the ships less fun.

They’re together. The people we shipped, the people we wrote fics about… they’re together. What more is there to write or read about? Yeah sure, you could still write some fics, especially legacy and alternate universes. But there will be far less interest in it after the fact. Fanfiction is more often than not a place to explore the ‘getting together’ part of a relationship, and once they’re together, besides wrapping up the plot… what fun is there?

Not much, honestly.

Yeah, there’s the whole fandom attitude of ‘winning’ over another ship. And maybe the canon ship breaks up and ends with someone else. That is entirely possible. But I’m talking about those ships that become canon and end the series/movies/books that way. Yep, we can be gleeful that we ‘won’. We can dance and say nananabooboo! and be all happy and whatnot. ‘Winning’ a ship war can be fun.

But do you know what those shippers have that we don’t, after everything is said and done?

… they get to keep writing/reading fanfic, and it’s interesting for them, exciting, and they can ignore the scene/episode/movie/book/epilogue (I’m looking at you, J.K. Rowling) at their leisure. When we get our canon ship… it sort of, I dunno, ends there for a lot of people.

It kinda sucks.

Actually, it really sucks.

So, you know what? I don’t want my ships to become canon. Or, at the very least, I would love evidence that they’re moving in that direction, at the end of whatever it is, TV/movie/book, that I’m watching or reading. That way I’ve got this pretty strong feeling that they’re going to end up together… but, like… they aren’t actually together.

So then I can write whatever I want, whatever I see as possible for them getting together.

I just don’t want to be spoon-fed.

So… I’m looking at you, Johnlock. I’m looking at you, Hannigram. I’m looking at you, Reylo. I’m looking at you, SSHG. I’m looking at you, Stucky/Stony. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is… that I really enjoy it when my ship becomes canon… but then I lose the fandom love for it. Then it just becomes another aspect of the show/movie/book, and not a way of life, in a way. Because fandom/fanfiction… shipping… it thrives on the unknown. Thrives on the fix-its. Thrives on the getting-together.

Once we have all that. Once we have the known, the fixes, the getting together, the wrapping up… it’s not fun anymore.

But I’m not saying I don’t enjoy when things are pointing in my ship’s favor. :)

So, let’s take a look at a few stats.

I’m not diving deep here, because there are a lot of facts that don’t get taken into account with the numbers. You have to have been part of the fandom to understand the ins and outs, when a fandom was popular, and what effect the decade it was popular in had on a ship or fandom, or the decline of a ship over a certain amount of time, or after it becomes canon (because a ship can still be at the top of the charts, but its fic contributions rapidly declined after it became canon), or if a fandom moved to another website, or was/is more prevalent on another site or whatever, etc. But the numbers are still interesting.

So yeah, this isn’t thoroughly researched empirical data, but… it’s a start.

Red = non-canon, blue = canon (I’m not outlining all of them, just a couple here and there.)

(Edit 9/10/17: Since some people have insinuated some rude things about me, I would like to clarify my stance. I went into it briefly above, but obviously I should have delved more. 

Because writers of books/tv/movies these days are still less likely to write in an LGBT+ romance, the statement that canon ships suck still holds true. As a bisexual and polyamorous woman, I know that it’s very unlikely that I will see the latter, and that it is not something common to see the former, either.

So fanfiction has become something of a safe haven for myself and others in that regard.

HOWEVER, I would be beyond ecstatic if there was a poly relationship, for example, but as long as it was done with respect. I would be beyond ecstatic for a gay or lesbian relationship, that was treated well and respectfully and not fetishized. Not there for shock value. Which is starting to happen more, I’m pleased to note (the ships happening, not the fetishizing).

Take one of my favorite ships: Hannigram. I love it. I ship it on and off screen. On the show and in fanfiction. I mean it practically is canon. I would very likely still read fanfiction even if/when they continue the series and it becomes a reality. Because I’m pretty damn sure that they would show the good and the bad of the relationship and keep it interesting.

And oh my goodness I would be beyond ecstatic if Marvel would follow through on Stucky. I think we all would be. Gah!

And like… if Star Wars would finally give me a polyamorous relationship as part of its main, or near-to, characters… it would warm my soul to feel a part of me recognized in mainstream culture. And you’d be damn sure I’d still be shipping it.

(Game of Thrones had a really good opportunity to make Rhaegar and Elia and Lyanna married, all three of them, but instead they stomped all over poor Elia and her children… my heart!)

As some people have pointed out, a lot of writers don’t know how to write a relationship after they’ve gotten together. This feels true to me. Good examples of the opposite, though, are Bones and Castle and Outlander, and even Shadowhunters with Malec, and Buffy. Usually, though, writers don’t quite know what to do with characters once they’ve gotten them to this point.

This is what I am referencing when I say I have bad experience liking ships after they become canon.

But I am SO here for writers getting better at it. Especially as they start to explore LGBT+ and minority representation. 

(And maybe part of why I don’t like canon ships… is because I am also bored with the het white ships that keep popping up… just a thought that came to me reading comments and reblogs. It’s worth considering.)

I don’t check out if the ship becomes canon. Not at all. I cheer alongside the rest of people.

All I am referencing is that the fanfiction about these canon relationships (something I typically love more than canon) seems to suffer and peter out afterwards.

And here is my response ^ that will now be viewed as “the lady doth protest too much”. But whatever.

Enjoy. xoxo)

Crutchie and the Top Bunk

I keep seeing posts with people saying stuff like “If Crutchie couldn’t even come to the window, how was he on the top bunk Jack??????”

I dunno about you guys, but I imagine the reason might have something to do with the fact that Snyder is an abusive asshole who enjoys treating kids like crap.

I mean, think about it. Crutchie is practically dragged to the Refuge by his bad leg, where he gets roughed around some more by Snyder who keeps asking for information on the strike. Crutchie, of course, says nothing until Snyder decides to give his interrogation a rest for now. Crutchie is then stripped of any personal belongings and is told that he’ll be escorted to his bunk. He’s practically carried there by Snyder and another boy, he can hardly move after all. They get to the room, and looking around, there aren’t a lot of bunks open. There’s already at least three boys piled into each bed, and most of them don’t look eager to add another into their already crowded sleeping arrangements.

So Snyder decides to be a bit more horrible to the already suffering boy in hopes of making him give up the newsies plans and tells him he’ll be sleeping on one of the top bunks, to keep him “away from the vermin”.

And Crutchie’s face just goes really white as he realizes what’s actually happening, that he’s being punished further, but he doesn’t say anything because god knows Snyder doesn’t like “back talk”. So without a word, he limps over to the bunk and braces himself. Another boy, a bit taller than him, comes by to help. He doesn’t say a word, but he looks at Crutchie like he wishes he could do something. But instead, the boy boosts him up as quickly as he can so as to get it over with.

Crutchie nearly blacks out after he’s hoisted onto the top. His ribs and leg are screaming, his vision is blurry, and he wants to cry because Jack promised he’d never end up in a place as terrible as this and he doesn’t know how long he’s going to last. He hears Snyder over the ringing in his ears sneer something about being back to question him later, and how if anyone decides to take pity on the crippled boy and switch bunks with him they’ll find themselves sleeping in the cellar for a few weeks.

Crutchie sleeps fitfully after that, quick bouts of rest interrupted every time he shifts the wrong way and feels like he’s about to pass out from the pain. A day goes by, and the next evening he finds himself writing to Jack, though he has no idea how he’d even manage to deliver a letter from inside the Refuge. When he finishes, it’s back to trying his best to ignore the emptiness of his stomach and the aches from his wounds.

He cries out when somebody shakes his shoulder a few hours later, but stops when he’s told there’s a Jack Kelly at the window for him. In his excitement, Crutchie makes to climb down off the bunk and immediately regrets it when he suddenly can’t breathe. His vision tunnels, but amidst the pain he does catch a glimpse of a familiar face staring at him, horrified, through the metal bars of the window.

When he can manage to catch his breath and the intense throbbing in his leg dulls to an ache, Crutchie shakily retrieves his letter from the folds of his shirt, handing it off to the boy who’d helped him up during his first night. He watches Jack’s face as he’s told why Crutchie can’t come to the window, and feels a weight lift from his shoulders when the letter is pressed into Jack’s shaking hands. There’s a brief moment where Crutchie thinks Jack is going to read the letter right then and there, but thankfully he doesn’t, tucking it instead into his shirt pocket with care.

They make eye contact from across the room, both wishing they could be just a bit closer to the other. But in the end, there’s nothing either of them can do. Jack mouths “I’ll be back for ya’”, the tear tracks on his face glinting silver in the moonlight, and Crutchie smiles back as convincingly as he can and pretends just for a second that Jack really will be able to rescue him.

Then Jack drops out of sight from the window, and Crutchie breaks.

Klance stans, don’t lose hope

Okay so first of all, I know season 7 was entirely what we expected. it was still pretty awesome, we got loads of Lance scenes, Hunk FINALLY got the arc he deserved and loads of other fantastic scenes.

But I think a lot of you will agree with me that one thing got me pretty confused, if not a little angry:

I’m not entirely sure why the writers put this is after all the development they showed with Keith and Lance and how Allura was worried that Lance had feelings for her. 

I know a lot of Klance fans will be worried right now, but please, don’t lose hope yet.

After I had finished watching the season, I thought up something that could provide some hope:

When S7 ended with the Garrison finding out that robot was powered by an Altean, it felt like there was going to be a lull on action. All threats for now are gone. Zethrid and Ezor are off being pirates, Lotor is in the quintessence field (for now), Haggar is god knows where (I feel like she would be trying to get Lotor back or something, I dunno) and then Zarkon and Sendak are dead. There aren’t any threats now.

This would leave the paladins time to bond with each other whilst the garrison and Allura figure out where and how this robot with the Altean came to be.

So without further ado, heres my prediction for S8:

Don’t kill me, but judging from this scene and all the other scenes where Allura jumped in to help Lance and Allura giggling when she saw Red, its likely Allura and Lance will get together. It obvious Lance has liked Allura from the start, but Allura has never reciprocated his feelings until now. 

If they got together, it probably start of sweet, Lance would be stunned that he was with Allura, probably brag about it until either pidge and hunk made fun of him, Keith got mad at him, or Allura politely told him to stop- because lance is lance. After a while maybe, their relationship may begin to deteriorate, why? Because of Allura.

Two reasons for this, the first being the arrival of the Altean. Allura is very proud of her Altean heritage and she does anything to protect it. If anything happens to do with that Altean heritage, she gets anxious. When Voltron started working with the blade of marmora, and they found out Keith was galra, she grew very anxious and refused to speak to Keith because all she had known was that the galra were evil. when she found out about Romelle and the Altean colony, she grew anxious again. When Sendak stated that Altea fought against them to avoid imprisonment thus causing the galra to blow up Altea, she had to take a break. With the arrival of the Altean, Allura would want to spend a lot of time figuring out how they got to earth.

Another point is Lotors betrayal. Allura obviously had feelings for Lotor, she was willing to defend him whilst Lance pointed his blaster at him and she even kissed him before that. After Lotor betrayed Voltron, its most likely she’s going to feel pretty lonely and hurt. And because of this, its likely she’ll go to Lance just so she can feel some sort of love after Lotor betrayed her.

Lance has always loved Allura, since the first episode he’s tried to get with her. Lance has wanted to be with Allura for a very long time. But he may soon realise after getting together with her that maybe their relationship wasn’t what he had really hoped for. Maybe he thought it would be one thing, but instead it turned out completely differently. furthermore, Lance has always had a little bit of self doubt, he doubted if he could be with Allura stating that he had “nothing to offer”, and again, that self doubt might damage their relationship.

Being the space dad of the group, Shiro would probably notice the relationship breaking down first and would go to Lance to help. Josh has stated that Shiro sees a lot of himself in Lance, and because Shiro has had to go through breaking up and then loosing Adam, he may be able to offer Lance some advice.

Eventually, the pair would break up, it’d be no point staying in a relationship that wasn’t working out. Plus, if someone does decided to attack earth, it might put more pressure on them both to break up. Lance, of course, would be deverstated and blame himself, and Shiro would be the one to support him- or maybe even Keith? He did support Lance when he was worried about the lion swaps, so maybe Keith could help Lance too, who knows?

Eventually, Lance might start realising some things with his sexuality, the creators have told them that Voltron is set in a time where sexuality is pretty fluid, society won’t judge you for loving either a guy or a girl or somebody else, but Lance may still feel insecure if he started developing feelings for a guy (possibly Keith, again, who knows) and he might turn to Shiro for advice. 

If klance were to become cannon, it most likely be very subtle. There would be a build up to it, maybe with scenes like we saw in season 3 to maybe either Lance or Keith confessing their feelings to the other- probably in the middle of a battle. Then there may be a scene with the two of them together at the end or something cute like that.

Lance’s arc has been reliant on him losing his self doubt, and Shiro would be the one to help with that. it also relies on Lance not necessarily getting what he wants, but what he needs.

Jeremy has said that Lance will be someones first choice, and not just a backup. Allura wanted to be with Lotor, but now she’s turned to Lance. Plus, its been kind of confirmed that Allura doesn’t have a romantic endgame, but Lance does. Also, who picked to save Lance in the gameshow; Keith. who gave Lance the responsibility of looking after the team while Keith rescued Axca; Keith. 

Jeremy has said that romance in Voltron is slow burn, so why make the relationship one thats had no development for ages but then suddenly give it tons of development in the penultimate season? Once again, Allura has never reciprocated feelings for Lance.

Finally, one last bit of hope;

Im pretty sure all of you know about this theory but I’ll quickly explain it anyway;

Keith and Hunk are holding the race sign; Keith is galra and hunk helped him through that in the weblum episode.

Allura and Pidge are both holding the gender sign; Pidge had to hide the fact she was a girl from the others so she could get into the garrison, and Allura helped persuade her to come out to the group.

Shiro and Lance are holding the LGBT sign; its been confirmed that Shiro is gay, but what about Lance? He looks nervous in the picture and is barely holding the sign, whereas Shiro looks fine, plus, he has his hand on his shoulder.

Allurance may become cannon, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be upset if it did. But there is still hope for our ship guys.

Oh, and one more point. Please don’t attack the creators and actors. I know we didn’t get exactly what we hoped for, but this season was still amazing as always, and I was not let down by the quality of the animation or the writing or the acting; it was faultless.

But please, if you’re angry at the creators, don’t take your anger out on them.

Have hope.

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