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Hellooo! I saw the art of your background and i would really like to know who the artist is. Your blog is really great btw ;)))

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! I’m having my thesis as of now. *bows*

Anyways, the artist is Junseo (check out their weibo, huaban and tumblr too)

Here’s the whole artwork!

And his other Kingsman works!

They also have works for Marvel


and even The Man from Uncle!

Anyways, this artist is just too good to be true so make sure to follow them! Junseo is one of my favorites.

Anon: So I’m new to this whole yuzuvier otp/brotp thing and I was wondering what the highlights of their friendship are and if they are still as close and playful with each other in 2017 and now 2018? 

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Hello! First of all, welcome! So get ready for some fluffy things ahead ;)

Their friendship started when Yuzuru moved to Canada to train under Brian Orser, with his training mate Javier (and they got close lol who’s language barrier??? they don’t know her???

They got even more close


So adorable and respectful towards each other

Quality hug

This is why  medal ceremonies are iMPORTANT :’) much cute

And then Worlds 2015 came 

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REQUESTED: The Marauders as Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gifs

James Potter:

Sirius Black:

Remus Lupin:

Peter Pettigrew:

Lily Evans:

James (with wingman Sirius) @ Snape:

Sirius & James:

James & Lily: 

Lily @ James:

James in response:

Sirius @ Remus:

BONUS - Probably Lucius Malfoy at some point:

((ADMIN: Well that was lots of fun to make. I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately- I’ve been taking care of college junk and trying to make money, BUT… 


if you are watching a show with a cast the size of voltron’s purely for the interaction/relationship between two characters and aren’t prepared for other characters to exist in the narrative you are setting yourself up for disappointment, pure and simple.

Marauders at Disney
  • James and Sirius, upon entering the park, make a beeline to secure fast passes for their favorite rides (the ones like Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.)
  • At this point, Remus is really regretting not investing in a pair of those child-leashes that a good third of the parents at the theme park are sporting.
  • Peter tries running after Sirius and James, but gives up (not being fast enough) and hangs back alongside Remus, getting distracted by the array of gift/candy shops lining Main Street USA
  • Remus has to get a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle upon entering. He just has to. 
  • James and Sirius are really smug when they get to cut in front of everyone with their fast passes. Remus just gives apologetic looks, and Peter has to shovel down the pretzel he bought before they get on the ride. 
  • Ok, so considering the average temperature for Scotland during the summer time is around fifty seven degrees, and for southern California (L.A.) it’s around eighty one- they’re dying.
  • James and Sirius are wearing the bare minimum, and Remus has to rent a locker to stuff his sweater into
  • Sirius is rocking a man bun
  • James buys a Wizard Mickey hat and absolutely refuses to take it off
  • Peter may or may not be on his fifth churro by the time lunch rolls around
  • Remus really enjoys the small corners and alleys of the park where the crowd thins 
  • Peter gets a coonskin hat from frontierland
  • Lots of shameless flirting with princesses coming from Sirius that result in autographs with the occasional phone number attached. 
  • James seeing the Ariel and automatically missing Lily
  • Peter getting sick on the teacups ride after James decides to spin theirs as fast as he fucking can.
  • Lots of “JAMES NO!” 
  • Sirius and James, after hearing about the two hundred feral cats that prowl the park at night, decide to go on a hunt for them
  • They legit smuggle cat nip inside the park and search the bushes for cats
  • Remus is so done with everyone’s shit
  • He just wants to have a normal visit at Disneyland is that so hard to ask?
  • Peter really wants to watch the parades, but Remus sees this as an opportune time to beat the crowds (now gathered along the street) to the rides
  • Remus is honestly ride or die. He doesn’t fuck with these slow ass tourists who have no idea where they’re going. He knows where to go and everyone is getting in his way.
  • Sirius getting picked on by characters (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale tugging on his man bun and snickering at it) 
  • James in a flexing contest with Gaston
  • Remus only taking pictures the Mickey and Friends characters
  • And he’s all embarrassed to walk up to them at first 
  • James taking the mic from the tour guide on Jungle Cruise because he thinks his jokes are lame, so he starts dishing out puns like its nothing and does a mic drop
  • Peter screaming a little too shrilly when the Yeti pops out on the Matterhorn
  • Sirius and James trying to find the entrance to the secret basketball court on the matterhorn
  • Also using alohomora to get into restricted areas of the park
  • Sirius singing Small World on repeat
  • James trying to harmonize
  • Remus really likes walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (James and Sirius are hardly impressed)
  • But his favorite ride is the Disneyland Rail Road
  • Peter’s favorite ride is Star Tours and he convinces the others to ride it at least four times throughout the day.
  • James’ favorite ride is Indiana Jones. When he sees the snake statues in the ride, he mutters “Snivellus?”
  • Sirius prefers Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Remus getting really insecure because he notices little kids looking at the scars on his face with mild confusion- some are even scared
  • But then Peter Pan comes over and he does his thing. He tells Remus (making a big show of it so that others can hear) that he must’ve put up a good fight against the “pirate” that did that, and comments on how brave he is
  • Remus is just smiling the entire time and plays along with Peter Pan, and the kids gathered around are awestruck
  • Sirius and James posing for the camera on Splash Mountain 
  • Having to restrain Sirius and James from jumping into the Rivers of America to get to the island

Both of you… – Hunger Pangs by Joy Demorra.

 Vlathula, the ship where “till death us do part” is for quitters.