i dont make the rules alright

dai characters as things teachers have said to me

cassandra: oh sorry. i was into this new romance novel i got over the weekend and spaced out what was your question

varric: i have a retirement plan in place and it’s going to be rad. i’m not telling any of you because it’s super cool and all of you will steal it but it’s cool i’ll be famous 

solas: im kinda of like the school gypsy. im here for one year and boom then im gone

iron bull: the june on the board is a reminder for when i have to arm wrestle this kid in my algebra class. if he wins they get 10 extra points on their finals but if i win i get satisfaction of winning and my pride 

dorian: i think it’s important that you all learn to be yourselves and not like your peers or your parents. like me for example. my father was a mean bastard. me? im a sarcastic bastard. be yourself kids

cole:i think sophia’s right, not all ghosts have to be mean. if i was a ghost i’d be a helpful ghost. i’d do taxes or something

vivienne: and this is… wait, wait a second. let’s take a moment to take in what he is wearing, those shoes do not that match that outfit 

blackwall: hey guys just a side note in this contest between teachers dont vote for me. if i win not only will i be decorated but they’ll make me and mr chasse shave our beards and if my beard goes i go

sera: i hate the no cursing rule. as long as im not cursing at anyone i should be already. if i say ‘hey student fuck you’ then im screwed but if i go to this crap tv and say ‘come on you piece of shit turn on’ i should be alright, right?

cullen: cough drops? that’s drugs you cant have drugs here. I’m kidding i’ll take anything to numb the pain of living. 

leliana: if a bad guy were to walk into this room i could kill him in eight different ways so there’s no need to worry about anything like that

josephine: why did everything in history have to end in a fight im sure if they all just got into a room and talked it out they could have gotten to some sort of agreement

Shrek: An Icon

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Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fic about Ethan and the reader? Thank you!

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan are chillin’ watching Shrek when disagreements occur about the iconic movie.

A/N: Henlo, this took me forever because I may or may not have decided to binge watch the shrek movies while writing this oops sorry not sorry. Gif is supposed to be Ethan’s face when he and reader and Mark all disagree hahaha. Thanks for the request! This was fun to write!

Wordcount: 521, good size, full of meme references

Warnings: I swore once and I also talk about a lot of controversial issues; for example, what the most iconic line in shrek is. Read at your own risk.

Please request some more! This is my last request and now my inbox is empty so pls,,,,,, I beg you,, r e q u e s t s o m e t h i n g

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Tamaki would totally go on spontaneous coffee runs for his friends no joke. Like, Haruhi is beyond stressed over her finals? Bam she has a freshly brewed cappuccino. Kyouya is bombarded with last minute deadlines? Boom, a super strong black coffee with two sugars is in front of him and he as no clue where it came from. Hikaru had a horrible day? Babam, extra cream, extra sugar, and a Starbucks cup with “Hikari” writing in sloppy handwriting. No one is allowed to be stressed with Tamaki around unless he’s the cause of it.

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do you know any films that evoke the same feeling as melodrama by lorde ?

i thought i was just gonna make a list but i got so carried away thank you for this i did not know this was something i could not shut the fuck up about. these are the films that make me unashamed to feel and love too much, which is the biggest mood i get from melodrama: experiencing life more vividly in heartbreak and self-discovery. 

  • Green Light- In The Mood For Love (2000) Dir. Wong Kar Wai

For me this song is about being unable to move on. knowing that you need to move on, but that fantasy of love and “what if” pains you. This is why I feel like this song could be sung by either of the main characters in wong kar wai’s in the mood for love. theyre lonely, finding codependence and company when they find out their spouses are cheating on them with each other. they act out a fantasy where they play each other’s spouses, acting out scenes and trying to figure out where it went wrong. and unknowingly, they fall in love. but what is real and what is theater? Its one of my favorite films of all time. and the amazing cinematography and vivid colors feel incredibly Melodrama. They can only speak in code. It’s sultry and missed connections and unrequited love. its the definition of this album i think.

  • Sober- The Doom Generation (1995) Dir. Gregg Araki 

Jack and Jill got fucked up and possessive/ When they get dark… All the gun fights/ And the lime lights/ And the holy sick divine nights/ They’ll talk about us, all the lovers/ How we kiss and kill each other… alright gregg araki is a strange shock value experience and this is definitely his most heterosexual film but who does teenage wasteland better than him honestly. sex, violence, whatever. three teenagers. theyre driving. they keep accidentally killing people. they make out. people die. but its not your average transgressive film i dont think. (disclaimer i dont watch a ton of them so i could be wrong) 

  • Homemade Dynamite- American Honey (2016) Dir. Andrea Arnold 

Our rules, our dreams, we’re blind/ Blowing shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite/ Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired… If you haven’t seen this already, its about a group of young people with nowhere to go and their camaraderie, and their survival despite people who have hurt them. living unapologetically despite (something) is what i think this song is.

  • The Louvre- Heartbeats (2010) Dir. Xavier Dolan 

I am your sweetheart psychopathic crush/ Drink up your movements, still I can’t get enough/Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you… these are stories about desire and longing for someone unattainable. and being unable to stop wanting because its addictive. its about a two friends who fall for the same guy and both pursue him to the detriment of their friendship. xavier dolan does the pop music slow-motion painfully alone mood well. Its also about being unashamed of how much love you feel i think. 

  • Liability- Moonlight (2016) Dir. Barry Jenkins

They say, “You’re a little much for me/ You’re a liability/ You’re a little much for me”… Moonlight is so many things but a big part of Chiron’s character and life is how his past has made him who he is, and how he becomes reserved to the people around him as a result. i guess thats how he copes with coming of age, retreating inside himself with quiet strength. that movie wrecked me ive only seen it once and im scared to see it again. its perfect. 

  • Hard Feelings/Loveless- 35 Shots of Rum (2008) Dir. Claire Denis

I’m at Jungle City, it’s late and this song is for you.. God, I wish I believed you when you told me this was my home… I’ll start letting go of little things ‘til I’m so far away from you.. So this film is about people just living their lives. its quietly brilliant and very claire denis. paris at night. people dealing with any and all kinds of loss and living their lives so close to each other. The sounds especially at the end of this song remind me of train tunnels, turns, braking. shes a widowed conductor. the idea is that shes always moving and running away but not quite. but life quietly goes on. 

  • Writer In The Dark- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Dir. Michel Gondry

I am my mother’s child, I’ll love you ‘til my breathing stops/ I’ll love you 'til you call the cops on me/ But in our darkest hours, I stumbled on a secret power/ I’ll find a way to be without you, babe… so in this film, theyre forced to be without each other. not only that but to wipe their minds of their lover completely, afraid of how much love affects them. i think once this film is done with you and youve cried your eyes out you get that same resolution: that this thing or person that you once thought you needed in order to live, you can find some way to continue without it. and if its fading, to enjoy it in the present, or, whatever feels like the present. 

  • Supercut- Lady Bird (2017) Dir. Greta Gerwig

Cause in my head, in my head, I do everything right/ When you call I’ll forgive and not fight/ All the moments I play in the dark/ Wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart… lady bird is told like a dream, the way the scenes blend together like memory. the whole thing feels like its fleeting. in lady bird’s head, this is right. no matter what happens or who she accidentally hurts or what her future is, its going to be okay. This is a song about homecoming i think. not to a place or a person but to yourself and the memories of a love once had- and to cherish those memories, come home to my heart

Perfect Places- Daisies (1966) Dir. Vera Chytilova

All the nights spent off our faces/ Trying to find these perfect places/ What the fuck are perfect places anyway?.. This is a film simply about two teenage girls who desire and consume, unashamed. Its wild and sporadic and playful in style and makes very little sense but its so fun. I think its the movie playing in the head of the speaker of the song. shes ashamed but she doesnt want to be. the perfect place is one where she will be unashamed. 


notes to everyone

  • It’s a big deal for them, and it means they trust you. don’t let them regret telling you
  • don’t ask intrusive questions! it’s okay to be curious or confused, but don’t ask things about their body or sexual history or anything you wouldn’t ask a cishet.
  • don’t try to correct them or act like you know more about them than they do. if that’s how they identify, believe them, and if you don’t believe in what they’re claiming to be, don’t tell them that! its okay to talk to them with ‘I didn’t know that was a thing’, but it’s not alright to say ‘that isn’t a thing’, or purposefully invalidate them.
  • if they ask you to use a different name or pronoun, don’t question them about why they chose that. just respect it, and don’t expect a reward for your efforts. just know it really does make them happy, don’t do it do get paid in cookies later on.
  • understand not everyone really is sure who they are! someone might change their mind, and if someone decides to switch back to their original pronouns or changes their mind multiple times, let them have time and always try to respect them. they’re not doing it for attention, and if you dont support their cinfuion it will only make things worse. identity is confusing, bu that should be okay! jut wait and don’t question them.
  • if you want to know something, but a question seems intrusive, google it! there’s information on the internet about everything, so avoid offending or embarrassing a person who just opened up to you, and hold out to ask the internet.
  • don’t turn it into an interview and ask a million things. they didn’t come out to educate you, and although one or two questions aer okay, plpease leave it without learning every single detail about them, their life story, their identity and definetely not their body. thi k about it this way: if you wouldn’t like people asking those questons to you, don’t ask them to the person.
  • it’s okay to be surprised, but don’t make an enormous deal out of it. agnoledge it, ask one or two polite questions if you like. these can be questions about who else knows or how long they’ve known, but not questions about their body and preferably tons of questions about ‘why, why, why??’. you can definitely ask if they want you to call them by something different.
  • this is big for them! they’re sharing a big part of themself and perhaps risking their safety. understand that! don’t tell other people, or talk about them behind their back. they’re still just like you, and thats important.
  • if you can be there for someone, let them know that even if you’re not an expert on what they’re going through, you’re there to provide help or support when they want it.

And that’s about it! coming out can be a big deal to someone, so understand that and make sure they know you understand that, but dont treat them that way. it’s alright if you make mistankes. the number one rule is just to BE SUPPORTIVE! if you try and make mistakes thats fine! 


I have to clear out a few things here. And its about the crimson Eye clan.

Here are my rules. And i will make a FAQ page on it.

1. Dont add your character to the clan cause you wanted them in it. ASK ME FIRST DAMN IT.


3. not everyone can be in the clan.

4. Being in the clan may be a novelty but just like the curse its a serious thing.

Alright thats all for now. I will work on the page soon. Just remember to follow the rules. I dont wanna get stressed again cause of you all. Im sorry for the brutal honesty but i was stressing out for like 2 days cause of the Curse and was even contemplating on removing from existence. So please dont over do it and follow my rules.

Haikyuu!! Rule 63 fic rec masterlist

ALRIGHT YALL it is about time to admit that this fandom has nowhere near as many genderbent fics as it needs so here’s a whole shitload of my personal favorites, sorted by pairing

(all links are from ao3 because i dont fux with ffnet) 





  • glossy by astroturfwars: daikuro oneshot, NSFW
  • made me give in to you by astroturfwars: 4.5k, incredibly sweet college AU about kuroo falling for daichi


  • Day 20 by readbetweenthelions: kurotsukki, 6k, NSFW - deeply hot fic with toys & bdsm undertones
  • Day 10 by readbetweenthelions: kurotsukki, 1.5k NSFW  


  • try a little harder by centricexit: cute kagehina drabble
  • Girl Trouble by PhoenixGFawkes: probably the longest genderbent HQ fic, about 40k
  • Mirror mirror on the wall by veto-power-over-clocks: kagehina, 4k, really sweet fic about kags having a huge crush crisis over hinata using makeup



alright that’s about it!!! lemme know if any links are busted and i’ll patch em 

(& always remember to kudos and comment if you like a fic!)


Having a crush on the Tacoma Killer was shunned. Your mother always told you to stay away from him. You of course didnt listen. Every chance you got you were with him.
“Hap I need to go before my mom gets up”. You tried to get your clothes on.
“No, stay here tonight and I can take you home tomorrow”. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back to bed.
“If I even talk about you she flips, what do you think will happen if you show up at my house”?
“She’d probably have a heart attack, seeing her sweet baby daughter riding with the big bad biker”. He laughed.
“Not funny Lowman”. You said getting aggravated
“Alright go home to mommy”. He said as he pushed you out of the bed.
“Fine asshole”. You threw a bottle at him.
You walked out madder than hell.
You slammed your door of your bedroom. Making a loud noise that your mother got up.
“Y/N Y/M/N what are you doing coming in so late”?
“Go away”! You yelled
“Dont take that tone with me”. “You know the rules in by 11 on a week day”.
“You know what, I lost a great guy because of your fucking rules”. “He loved me and took care of me”. “You shit all over him and he takes it”.

“Are you talking about that criminal”?
“Yeah thats the one”.
“You know the rules about him”. “Your father would be embarrassed of you”.
“Well you know what”. “I dont give a flying fuck what you or that dead beat dick head thinks”.
“I love Happy and I’m going to be with him, you cant stop me”. You said as you started packing.
“You go with that  criminal and you’d be pregnant by the end of the month”. She yelled
“Thats not going to happen, we use condoms”.
She was shooked. “How could you be so stupid”?
“People say I’m like my mother”. She slapped you.
You threw your backpack on and head for the door. “Fuck you”.

You drove to TM. You just wanted to crawl in a hole and cry.
While inside
“Hey Hap Brother, isnt that Y/N”?
Happy looked at the cameras tv and got angry. He ran outside to see you sobbing beside your car.
“Hey hey its ok, I’m here”. He said as he scooped you up carrying you to his dorm.
“You want to tell me what happen”? He rubbed your back as you laid on him
“Mom, rules, you.  It was going to happen eventually”. You said as you wiped away a tear.
“Shes your mom, she cares about you to much”.
“Hap she called you a criminal”.
“Thats what I am”.
“Not to me your not”. “I love you Happy.
"I love you too Y/N
That night you cried and laughed. Happy was there for you. Everything was going to be alright… Until..
The next day.

"Fuck Hap harder harder”. “Oh God”. You gasped out as Happy pounded in to you from behind.
Happy gripped your hips as you gripped the sheets. “Shit Little Girl, you so fucking wet”. “Who made you this wet huh”? He asked slapping your ass.
“You Daddy”. “Fuck”. You screamed
Meanwhile out in the bar your mother showed up.
“Excuse me, I’m looknig for Y/N Y/L/N”.
“Um shes in the dorm on the left its the second one”. “You cant miss it”. Tig smiled
“Dude thats Y/N’s mom”. “Their fucking right now”. Ratboy said laughing
“I know get the pretzels and beer”. Tig hurryed behind wait for the action.
Your mother didnt even knock as she barged in.
“OH Daddy I’m goin…” “Oh shit Mom.
You and Happy tried to cover up as best as you could. She stood there like she saw a ghost.
"Mom please go wait outside and I’ll be there”.
She walked out and you heard Tig laughing.
“You go talk to your mother and I’m going to kill Trager”. Happy said kissing you.
Walk past Tig you punched him. You looked around and didnt see your mom.
Tig pointed to the door.
“Mom wait please”.
“I was coming to talk and then that”. “You called him Daddy. gross”. She shook her head
“You could have knocked or ask someone to come get me”. “What I do, what we do is none of you business”. “By the way hes a fucking sex god”.
“I just wanted to say that I understand that you love him but he will hurt you”. “I think its wrong and disgusting”. “He could be your father , hes his age”. “Oh god”
“Is this your way of apologizing or something”. “Mom I dont care about the age, I love him”.
“Maybe, you know your welcomed but he will not be”. “He should be thrown back in prison ”. She said pointing to Happy as he slung Tig in the ring.
“If I go so does he”. You said as you put your hands on your hips. “If he goes to prison so will I for killing a rat”. You looked her up and down
“"Then dont come by, I dont want you coming to me when your broken hearted over him”. She huffed and slammed her car door.
“You know what I wont cause he wont do that, thats your job”. You said as you walked away.
You walked up to Happy as he got off the ring. “Come on lets finish what we started”.
“In a mintue, I’m kicking Tragers face in”.
“Aww foreplay”. You said as Happy got in the ring throwing punches.
You new life with Happy had its problems with the law. Not one with your mom walking in on you as your boyfriend  is fucking your brains out.

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I’m currently stuck between “treat yo self” and “just wait until it’s cheaper” (ie black Friday) when it comes to buying Assassin’s Creed Odyssey….


-victor, kevin and void used in the “special style” example are @illogicalvoid‘s characters. also void had helped me with the pose of chase’s pose-


I’ve got some more commissions up~!!!

Explanation why I’m doing Commissions again:
you dont HAVE to read through this part. 
you may skip it if you don’t feel the want to read

So as some of you know I am going on a trip to go to Anime Expo this year which is soon. plus I’m going to be able to meet and spend a lot of time with @illogicalvoid Which is SOOOO EXCITING!! 

Though I have already gotten my anime expo pass. which thankfully my birthday is gonna be during it so my sister paid for the pass so it was an early birthday gift~! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!! I need to make the rest of the money to be able to not only travel down to LA but also pay for my part of the hotel. And maybe some extra money for buying things. So I have been working on filling surveys (which is failing terribly because apparently since im worthless to most surveys) and i’ve also been trying to get a job (I sadly have been failing to sign applications…so anxiety is kicking in over it)

so COMMISSIONS!! Which i understand that i wont get many people asking for commissions, but it doesn’t hurt to try ouo I honestly wish i had more variety of choices cause it would be fun to make more stuff. 

Now for the commission Info!!


Thank to tumblr, we now can do IM’s (instant messages) so things will be a little easier with communication. If you would like to commission me you can go right ahead and send me a message through that and we can chat there which will make things quite easy. 


I’ve always had it to where you pay first and i’ll get to working on the commission as soon as i can. it takes me quite some time to work on commissions so try not to rush me alright? As for how you pay? well i have this thing called paypal.me and it’s pretty easy too. 


There isn’t too much for rules. But as of now, I dont really plan on doing nsfw commissions only because it’s kinda difficult to get to drawing nsfw. Since i’m not only still learning, but dicks are hard to draw (pun intended)

Though if you would like to you can commission:

OC’s of yours (as long as you have a ref)
Characters from shows that you like (any fandom you can think of!! i need the series name though and character name)
Any Shipping/Crack Shippings/Cannon Shippings 

So ask away~!

As for the prices..

*My Usual Style:
Sketch - $10
Sketch with color - $15
Line Art - $20
Flat-Color- $25
Full-Color- $30

*Chibi Style:
Sketch - $5
Line Art - $15
Flat-Color - $25
Full Color - $35

*Special Style:
Chibi or Normal - $50
(eyes not included XD though do tell me if you want chibi or the normal body)

Additional Characters:
*this applies to any of these styles. though do tell me the relationship of the characters or how you would like it portrayed

If you are unable to pay for a commission but wish to help out, it would be greatly appreciated if you reblogged this and shared it around!! that will help this get spread and possibly seen more.

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What is your guys take on the last scene with shaw ? Like I know shaw is happy she fulfilled roots legacy and in the end TM survived... But like I can't see anything making her smile that way other than TM telling her root actual location or something... Like first guess was that TM send her a number so she can continue this but like I don't think shaw would really be that happy about new numbers ... Maybe that TM survived and she could hear roots voice and root gave her a stupid innuendo like

You know called up to tell her her ass looks real good in those pants or something like that but than she wouldn’t have waited so long to smile … Idk I really love the idea and I’m sticking with it 100% that you know she told her roots somewhere in Russia with Vasili and you know go get your girl because I don’t see anything making her smile so much … Also when she went to fusco she seemed kind of …Content … Alright.. Maybe she got to move on cuz she finished what root started? Thoughts?

honestly i dont buy shaw smiling in the finale if root is really dead?


  1. root faked her death and that phone call is tm telling shaw root’s location
  2. root faked her death and that was really her on the phone
  3. everything after 509 is a dream and our canon is the real canon.