Slytherin: Ravenclaw, why do you sleep with so many pillows?

Ravenclaw: Oh, so at night I can pretend I’m in a loving relationship with someone I can cuddle up to.

Slytherin: That’s kinda sad.

Ravenclaw: Yeah, I know.

i have never been stuck on classifying someone’s hogwarts house before but chidi anagonye is a hatstall from hell

initially his personality type is very compassionate which makes you think hufflepuff but he values learning and information which makes you think no he’s more ravenclaw but he literally devoted his life to learning about ethics which leans more hufflepuff but again it circles back to learning about ethics which is very ravenclaw but it’s also about the practical application of ethics which could really be either house 

so this is frustrating

which is annoying because i’m usually really good at this