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history meme (french edition)  →  4 families/dynasties/houses (¾) the ruling House of Bourbon.

“The Bourbons ruled their homeland for over two centuries, making it the greatest power in Europe, and taming and uniting a people who are arguably the most individualist and ungovernable in the world. They were the personification of both this grandeur and this seduction; let it be known that Louis XVI became a figure of compelling interest, with his refusal to save himself by shedding his people’s blood, creating a martyrdom in which he was soon joined by his beautiful Queen.Desmond Seward, The Bourbon Kings of France


much to your dismay, you realize that Jameson cannot speak, so getting anything out of him will be rather difficult. you decide to try anyway, seeing as though Marvin wouldn’t point you in this direction for no good reason. he must be of some help, right?

although, when you ask him if he knows anything, he motions that he does not. for some reason this infuriates you, and you’re not one to get very angry very easily. you lash out at the poor man, probably confusing the life out of him. you quickly apologize for your rudeness

before he has time to acknowledge your apology, there’s a familiar shift of atmosphere. a chill runs up your spine as your vision distorts. this vision is not like the others. you can vaguely make out a figure, smiling at you as Jameson panics. who is that? and why does his face make your blood run cold?

before it ends you bolt out of his house and spend a few minutes in your car, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles. every fiber of your being wants to stop, give up, and resume with life before this whole thing but you can’t. you physically can’t. it gnaws at you constantly like some sick obsession.

you’re not doing this for you, or for his friends. you’re not doing it for his family. you’re doing it because you HAVE to find out what happened. it’s a physical need. it’s all you can think about, now. almost as if…someone - or something - is pulling the strings.

Pt. I
Pt. II

We need a Garnet and Amethyst episode, no Pearl.

We need another Sugilite episode, preferably with a different VA so we’re more likely to get her again. There needs to be a marked improvement in their control over their fusion. Maybe a rap scene.

We need another Opal episode where she gets a real speaking part, plus a song (bc she’s Aimee Mann).

We need an Amethyst origin episode with prominent focus on her relationship with Rose.

We need a Pearlrose episode with prominent focus on Rose’s feelings for Pearl.

We need a Greg origin episode, where we can hate on his shitty parents. Greg wasn’t that lucky in the “adults who are supposed to support you” department, with his parents and Marty.

We need a toddler/little kid Steven episode, featuring the little cutie from the extended theme song. I wanna learn about that shy baby who’s also a musical prodigy. Lol good luck voicing that, Zack.

We need another Peridot and Garnet episode.

We need a Ruby and Sapphire episode with Amethyst, Pearl, and Peridot interacting with them.

We need an episode where Lars and Lion hang out together while the off colors chill on the beach. Beach Party part 2, anyone?


taekook as a representation of our friendship, for @vangtae

Happy birthday Bianca, I love you with all my heart. ♡