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Mattex - “I lost the baby.”

Alex is sitting alone in hair and makeup waiting for the women to get back from their breaks; while she waits, she shoots off a quick text to a friend, smiling at her own little joke as she presses send. When she locks her phone and sets it on the counter, Matt tentatively opens the door to hair and makeup. Alex turns her head to the door and smiles warmly at him in greeting when she sees him.

He pushes his head inside and looks around, as though scanning the room for eavesdroppers. It’s then that Alex notices how harried he looks – his eyes are wide, his hair is mussed, and when he steps fully into the room after finding it empty save for Alex, his clothes are rumpled. He steps closer to her, closing the door gently behind him and as he gets closer, Alex can clearly see the panic in his eyes.

“Kingston,” He whispers, his eyes somehow even wider, “I lost the baby.”

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I drew phil but

it needs improvements


imagine dragons, the killers, owl city: cool friend you don’t talk to much but you both still love each other

fall out boy, panic! at the disco: passionate friend that will fight anyone at anytime for you

coldplay, snow patrol: soft friend that has fallen asleep on you at least once

gorillaz, blur: weird friend you’ve seen trying to eat a soda can

radiohead, the smashing pumpkins: abstract friend who has probably cried in a denny’s before

beyonce, nicki minaj, rihanna: mom friend that teaches you how to get away with murder

cobra starship, the academy is…, gym class heroes: distant friend you see sometimes and when you do they still kick ass

It’s 1am and I don’t know why I did this

As a person I understand the appeal of drinking out of a whole skull but as an archaeologist I don’t approve of the way people think it’s done (when it’s actually done)

Also. When you put a skull on a shelf. That jaw. It’s gon fall. You better take it off or glue it or smth bc it’s going to fall

Historically speaking, when we find trophy skulls, the jaw is usually missing, or it has been especially taken care of to help it stay in place. When it’s missing, sometimes it’s been snatched off the head while the skin and meat was still there, sometimes it’s because it fell after the skin decomposed

Either way my friends told me to stop telling stories like that at parties

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.