i do this stuff


I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b

And heres a doodle page that i’ve been doing everything on

With @doodledrawsthings Bendy
And @everestcresent Bendy

And my oc Nyat

I was looking through my doodles and found a cute one I decided to finish.

guess who is doing shet over here :’> yeah I remember someone ask me about more Afterdeath so here have a little sneaky peek!! 

Pls don’t ask me what am I doing bleh! Be patience while I finish this thingy 

Because three sentences are not enough..

Here is a fanfiction for @7goodangel for the ask meme;

Every step felt like miles, the hours weighing heavily on your shoulders. Time flowed like malasis, mocking your struggle. Your knees feel as though they could collapse at any moment, morphing into jello beneath you. The road appeared endless, however your drive to reach the end burned ever brighter with every milestone. You knew.. You knew she would be at the end of this journey. Nothing else mattered but the divine presence you longed to find. It did not matter the struggle, it did not matter the obstacles; all that mattered was discovering her at the end of the road.

Two more hours. Four more hours. Seven more hours. Closer, closer, not quite there. Almost.

Glorious spectacles of color spill into view just on the horizon now. There. There is where you must be. A garden adorned with every color imaginable, accented with pond after pond. No bugs buzzed in your face within the divine garden for all was at peace. Your feet navigate the path of flowers with ease, their delicate scent gracing your presence. Though their beauty proved vast, you knew it paled in comparison to the one you longed to find. You trespass ground untouched by mortal hands, eyes scanning over the horizon till finally.. Finally.

You see her.

The angelic creature before you steals your breath away with her undying beauty. Fiery auburn hair cascades down her delicate shoulders. It’s soft color accents the purest, snowy wings that extend from her back.

She turns.

Her eyes catch you off guard, their crystal-like hue catching your heart at a standstill. Her surprised expression mirrors yours only briefly before a smile dances across her lips. All noise had ceased in that moment, time at a standstill in her majesty. A voice gentler than summer rain breaks your trance, stealing your heart away with a few simple words.

“You’re here.”

I’m back at my house and my mom is nowhere in sight, but I really don’t want to be here. How do I go about running away / finding a different place to stay? I have a driver’s license, a borrowed car, a bank account, and a little bit of money (not a lot) just in case something like this happened.

I was hoping I could do this after graduation but maybe not.

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(Then fuck it.) Mad Sweeney shows up to have a little chat with Shadow about throwing away gifts so carelessly.

Haha, whoops? Looks like I fell on my keyboard and madmoon character study porn came out. Weird

Game: here is a good, well marked path which leads to your goal!!
Me, ignoring that: *climbs three mountains, flees highlevel enemies I’m not ready to take on yet, gets completely lost*