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If your still taking requests then can you please give jack and Gabe a wedding like after the war and after the Talon thing like in there old age finally tying the knot?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please if not then thanks for the lovely artwork you make :3

I imagine them just going off somewhere quiet and having it. Ahhh,Thank you for kind words anon ❤️

and a probably more realistic version of scruffy old man Jack with his wraith husband <3

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Hehe we’ll take this all with a pinch of salt as dates can change but this insider has come through with reliable facts so * they’ll be a Japanese release either next month or December * jjong is part of the new sm unit it’s either a new improved version of sm the ballad with new members or a whole new unit named the winter he is filming the mv next month * jjong is releasing a mini album and the concerts are possible teasers * sub unit’s have been discussed and so has a key solo


I knew about Jjong’s upcoming concerts and album, but another SM the Ballad? YES! YES YES!It’s about damn time, it’s been so long since he did one, it’s way overdue. And I was only wishing for a pretty Japanese winter release. AM SO HAPPY to hear the may be a distinct possibility! And SUB UNITS?  and omg omg ommmg! A KEY SOLO??? Is this heaven?

So glad to hear that there are plans for some of the guys enlisting together. That will make it all go faster, and perhaps they can be together so,  it’s not so lonely  .:(  I’m guessing you meant Key and Minho would go together, and Taemin would continue solo activities.

And what is this. POSSIBLY… FINALLY..a solo from Jinki. Please god, let it be true!

I can see 2018 being a HUGE year for SHINee. SM would be stupid to let their 10th year go by without TONS of awesome events and celebrations, so yes, I can see all of this being true.


Thank you sweet anon…you have made my day, my month, heck, you have salvaged this crappy year. Thank you!

i’m weak for the way jon says, “has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information?” bc it’s a gentle tease and he feels so at ease teasing her by that point, but there were a handful of water-testing moments that led to this ease. she never discouraged him (on the contrary, she told him she’d grown used to him in one of jon’s most crucial “tests”), so he was emboldened to call her dany, to discuss her family, to plan a mf-ing sex cruise in a room full of ppl bc he was confident dany would be up for it. 

it was a steady, meticulous progression starting from a super uncertain “do you belive me, then?” and ohmygod i’m still obsessively thinking about it. IT’S BEEN WEEKS.

                “Mercy is a human luxury,

                                                          and responsibility.” 

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  • ana: is called "grandma" or "nana"
  • jack & gabe: are called "daddy" and/or "papí"
  • ana: is an actual mother and refers to herself as such
  • jack & gabe: not fathers
  • ana: is literally MAYBE less than 5 years older than them
  • jack & gabe: like are probably qualified to be senior citizens

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a03 wouldnt let me comment on chp4 of qpq so. This is amazing omg i love it so so so so so much ash i just he seems such a good lover and person to talk to and he is just amazing in this oh i love how you wrote everything its so so real so real the feelings everything and ash head tilt thing and ooh the food sounds lovely but where did he learn to be a masues? and the love was just awww it was perfect for the h/c i loved the olympian/greek nod as well and how in love but not in love these two

I’m so so glad you enjoyed the chapter. *bounces*

(Ash doing the head tilt thing gives me life, like I kind of love that he’s always calling Gwyn puppy when he is, himself, the biggest puppy, and is happy to admit it).

but  where did he learn to be a masues? 

Ash has spent a lot of time in the human world. He is both a stock-market whiz, has invested in all kinds of gems and a lot of gold bullion, and has gone to like thousands of courses over the years. Thousands. Which is how he became a masseuse.

He enrols himself in free day courses at universities around the world (he is multi-lingual after all), he’s sat in on lectures and he’s done whole semesters. I mean he lives in the human realm, and when he’s not fucking (which he generally saves for weekends) he’s actually kind of a universal student.

Ash not only knows massage, he knows like 60 different kinds. That’s one of the reasons he talks about being rusty sometimes, because he doesn’t have the time to chase a lot of those things up.

Ash is kind of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ Except by human standards, he’d be a master of a lot of things. Though Ash is most interested in psychology since that started trending upwards, and philosophy before that. I mean Ash knows how to repair and drive cars and he doesn’t even own one. Ash is that dude who could hotwire a 4WD and then drive one pretty damn well while Gwyn and Augus just watched with their mouths half open like ‘what the hell.’ He even has his own microbreweries and distilleries.

I mean Ash has had 3,000 years in the human realm. He’s lacking in a lot of knowledge of fae world politics, but if he had any desire for real power, he could be controlling the human world right about now, lol.

I’ve low-key wanted a binder since like jr. high but kind of resigned myself to not having one because i was way too embarrassed to like order it and explain to people and stuff but now that i actually made the decision and ordered it I’m sooooo fucking excited and i hate not having it yet when will it come ?????

un-healthy artist habits

going into a bubble and forgetting the world around me exist, totally ignoring every need i have as a human being until i realize i haven’t moved in 6 hours and need to pee, also my body hurts.

New Blogs!

hi guys! so i recently started 2 new fan blogs for BNHA! One is @everyshototodoroki and the other is @everytomurashigaraki ! Both are inspired by my friend’s blog @everyshinsouhitoshi ! On both blogs I plan to snipe and find every single picture of todoroki/shigaraki i can find in the anime and manga, and will make/reblog fanart too! Also go check out everyshinsouhitoshi, they’re amazing!!

so I showed my group some of my plots (data comparison/processing type stuff) because they looked p good, and the postdoc (a super chill and generally rad dude) got hyped and said something along the lines of “I’m telling you, NASA’s gonna be knocking at your office door in a couple of years”

so I guess you could say my research is going p well