i do so love this show

Missing her so fiercely
Seeing her in everything
Every time I get some peace
I find another beautiful person who reminds me
Of what I can’t do again:
Get close or show love too early
I can’t sleep because I’m dreaming of her
I’m feeling deep and I’m pulled further in.
Every time I hear that laugh
Or see those boots
Or look at her walking towards me
I think back to when I heard a similar laugh
With the same style of dress
And a long walk away from me
I’m so stuck in love with people I can’t touch

idk if any of u r watching pretty little liars right now, but it feels like they are ending the series to set up a continuation with new characters and i will be so angry if they do that because i have this addiction 2 this show & i need to know answers & i was so happy it was finally fucking OVER so if they continue it i will bE SO ANGRY LIKE PLS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP THIS TERRIBLE SHOW FOREVER


Considering that the theme of it was the twilight zone, which is basically a show that’s only aired on one channel anymore and it’s from the like 1960′s, it makes sense that Disney thought it was outdated. On top of that GOTG is doing really well at the box office and I guess they just thought was more popular.

Personally I agree with you and think it was a mistake. I LOVE the twilight zone more than life itself. I’ve seen almost every episode at least 3 times so that ride was like a candy store for me. I adored being able to pick out all my favorite references that were wonderfully blended into the hotel and really made it feel like you were trapped in the show’s twilight zone (the girl and dog trapped behind the wall in the other dimension in the basement, the flying saucer in the landing room, I think there were a few mannequins from the department store episode as well as the very obvious opening of the show you ride through when you get to the top of the elevator and let’s not forget Rod Sterling on the old TV like recounting the story, I get shivers every time I love it so much). So let me be clear that I don’t like this change at all and I personally don’t think it needed a revamp cause it always had a long line.

Possibly they may have also thought that because of the haunted mansion (in Cali NOT in Florida where Tower of Terror still remains) there were now two haunted theme rides and maybe they thought they only needed one? Personally Epcot is suffering a lot worse than Tower of Terror so I think they should be focusing their money and time there, especially when it comes to Imagination Pavilion (or something like that) and fixing up the damn Journey into Imagination ride they botched (for real watch a video of the original ride, it was hella cool and now it’s lame af). Also maybe getting a less lame theme for Animal Kingdom than Avatar. Like maybe Zootopia which is actually Disney and was 20x more popular and actually belongs there.

I don’t even know what the Disney parks people are doing anymore. Especially considering most of the popular Marvel movies they can’t even build rides featuring considering Marvel in the parks belongs to Universal (spiderman, the hulk, the X-Men) honestly i’m surprised that there’s a Disney Captain America seeing as that’s featured in Universal.

Recorded lines for the Princess Marco action figure

I’m trying to think of some Marco Diaz quotes from the show that should totally be programmed into the Princess Marco action figures.

“It’s not criminal to be an individual!”

“Get ON with your bad self, my wayward sister!”

“You have mother issues!”

“I’m a misunderstood bad boy!”

“It’s ya girl, Marco!”

“Man, I’d love to be queen. You never have to think about what to wear; you have somebody do that for you. People would just love you because they have to, no matter how weird you are. You never have to bathe alone.”

“Janna, get outta town!”

“Let’s hug, so when they find our charred skeletons, they’ll know we were friends.”

“Wha-ha-ha-at?! Like, we DIE?!”

“Dr. Marco Ph.D!”

“Stop smelling me!”

“Never go with a predator to a second location.”

“Psychology is like karate for your mind. I’m gonna dig deep in your brain to see what makes you tick.”

“NO! My hot bod! Where did it go?!”

“Hey! This whistle’s gonna save your life. Put it in your mouth! Do it! Blow it!”

“I’d watch that talk if you ever wanna see your parents again.”

“You wear a helmet in the gym shower ONE TIME and you’re labelled for life!”

“Good. I never liked that guy. Scrape the sides, buddy!”

“Keep your sacrilege off my taco!”

“Wet socks are a form of torture in some countries.”

“Busted! I knew you weren’t a guidance counselor!”

“It’s supposed to be ironic.”

“You can’t feed babies cake!”

“You kidnapped me.”

“No no no, wait wait wait. Those guys are going to jail.”

“I’m on an invisible goat!”

“The sweat is gushing down Marco’s back like a waterfall. Now it’s crossing the border, into Marco’s undies.”

“We just stole this thing! I have to get rid of the evidence!”

“I don’t want the computer to watch me shower.”

“I’ll just be here ruining things. Breaking skateboards, ripping shirts, and traumatizing families of ducks.”

“The thing is, Star and I have recently become smooch buddies… on the lips.”

Just imagine a doll playing recordings of any of these lines when little children play with them.

metryingtobeme  asked:

OK Prince wave around like this please * she shows him how to wave his hands to dry them and while he does that she closes the red and opens the gold*. Ok time for gold. You gonna look so good. Big brother will love it. Maybe when big brother head no hurt I can do his *she starts painting the gold*. - Shine (JM)

I’m sure he’ll love that.

*He does as she’s shown him.*

r-e-a-l-m-a-t-h  asked:

Hi! I have some SH ideas I'd like to pick yr brain on. What do you think about the difference between Izzy in the books vs tv show, and Mayrse as well. In then books she is so cruel about the affair and crushes Iz, this is an absolute opposite, telling her to fight for love. Like ?? But also in the books Sizzy doesn't make any sense until much later bc Iz changes so much Basically I feel like tv Iz is SO different I have trouble reconciling any of her relationships as they happen in the books.

Honestly, I don’t actually remember all that much about Izzy in the 4th through 6th books, which is where all the stuff about the affair and Sizzy comes into play. I think by then I was mostly skimming for Malec content.

It’s very hard to reconcile the books versus show in general, I think, at least in terms of who the characters are. That’s why perhaps the relationships aren’t working, chemistry-wise, on the show (except in the books I don’t think I felt much chemistry with Clace, either, it was mostly just your cookie-cutter “white girl who’s not-like-other-girls falls for the  Super Cool Aloof Snarky Bad Boy” YA story.) 

The show characters are so different that the chemistry developing between them is entirely different. Hence Climon works much better than it did in the books, Clace and Sizzy have totally fizzled so far, and Rizzy and Jaia actually have some life in them that is never, ever going to be allowed to get off the ground, much to my dismay.

Overall, I look to the books to see where plot points are going because there’s a lot of stuff I know they won’t abandon because the fans expect to see it too much, but mostly I try to let the characters stand on their own. They’re just not the same characters. They’re not. Unfortunately they’re being made to do the same things as the book characters and largely it’s Not. Working (the exception being Malec, and that’s working precisely BECAUSE they’re not the same characters, they’ve been handled much more carefully and mindfully.)

I think overall the changes to Izzy versus the books have been largely positive, with the exception of the drug addiction, obviously. She felt very shallow and callous in the books. I like her far better on the show. I don’t really remember much about Maryse in the books, so I can’t exactly compare her. I remember her being more maternal, I guess? Overall I’d say she’s much closer to her book-self than Izzy, though.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m answering this publicly. If you do, let me know and I’ll delete it.


Guys…I’m trying to fall back in love with writing again… so can someone send me a prompt or scenario (ANY) they’d like to see. It can be fluffy or angsty or funny (no smut..Not very good at it!)..I can do one from any of the following


Kdramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Emergency Couple, Suspicious Partner

TV Shows: Supernatural, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Sons of Anarchy

I just want to get back into it, but have no inspiration. I would like to get back into writing so I can finish my series I have started on this blog. So someone..please?! :)

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Not that I like seeing Magnus and Alec go through a rough patch, but yours is realistic and it fits with the circumstances (i.e. new parents, Alec's insecurities, etc). Is that something you're going to expand on in ALDNT?

Basically, I certainly want to, but at this point I don’t have an exact plan for it. It’s a story line that I’ve had thought out for quite a while now, but I haven’t been able to figure out how I want to work it into a chapter. I do think it’s incredibly important to the overall ALDNT arc, and for more than just how it affects malec. I really want to show that Alec - who has literally always wanted to be a parent and jumps at the chance to be a stay-at-home dad - has serious difficulties adjusting to the new life, even though it’s something he’s always wanted and assumed he would love.

So for now, I’m still incredibly hopeful that I’ll eventually figure out the right way to work it into the story. I just haven’t been able to figure out a good way to bring up such a jarring, long-term concept in one story or chapter. It’ll definitely happen, I have full confidence in that.

I’m just not sure when! 💜💜💜

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Lmao I have cried because I have laughed so hard. So 1 ship upset because they didn't get their permanent pic and another ship got so damn shook they analyzing leashes in the wind & NYC bridges. What I tell ya Karma is a MF. Both they groups were coming at you strong like they riding V dick or living up Z cat and know everything. I swear all ya have to do is let time show it's truth. Watch people be so emotionally attached they be reaching for anything to be validated as being right.

And this is why shipping isn’t for the dumb but makes it more fun. I died when they was analyzing the leash/string part. Signs of a dead ship. I love their friendship tho. I’m sitting back and let time prove itself. Then what ship will they hop on?😂


I love you all so much!!! Go our show for making it this long!!!

Also i am planning on posting something this/next week! I have my college orientation this week so I’m crazy busy! But i promise I’ll actually do something!!!

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15- Which element best represents you? water I think 

26- What is your star sign? I don’t understand this stuff and I’m not interested really 

30-How do you show someone you love them? by offering them help,trying to spend time with them and buying them stuff cause I’m not very expressive lol

43- What is one thing you want to overcome/conquer? I want to overcome my bad social skills 

50- Invent your own word. What does it mean?

a word that would mean my brain is frozen rn and I can’t human so leave me alone 

PLL Finale

So the PLL series finale is just about to start here on the east coast and even though I’ve bashed some of the storylines and characters over the years, (particularly since the five year time jump) I’m still not emotionally prepared for the end. Though I know it’s time for it to come to the end. To a lot of people this might be “just a show” but to me it’s been so much more than that. This is the show that inspired me to create both “Secret Truths” and “Crash into Me” approximately six and five years ago, respectively. I never dreamed that they would go on for this long, but I’m so glad they have. They’ve become a part of my life that I’ve really come to love. I’ve enjoyed writing those stories and will continue to do so even after the series end, I hope that all of you other authors plan to do the same. We don’t have to let the these characters die just because the show is coming to end.

It’s because of this show and my stories that I’ve gained so many friends over the years and for that I am immensely grateful. Thank you guys all so much for your support and reaching out to me. And for making both “Crash” and “ST” two of the most followed and favorited stories in the PLL fandom on Fanfiction.net. You’ll never know how much you guys all mean to me. I hope you guys will still continue to follow the stories because I have a lot more planned for both of them.

Lots of love,


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Hey! I really want to thank you for all this time that you've invested in making this show a little more bearable. When things got really out of control and I had to pause the episode for like 20 times I always looked forward to your recaps and your posts. Really, thank you 💞

this is so sweet and why i do it, love to you!!!!!!

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So I finally managed to track down where my package went (university mail is always a pain) and i have to say that pictures do not do your rainbow crystal dice justice, holy crap

Oh wow! Well I’m glad you finally got them!! And I know!! lol aren’t they so much fun in person!? That’s why I love to do shows every now and then so I can show people in person what they look like ^_^

I hope they roll well for you!!

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Let's see... random fact..... the thing that made me want to pursue my career in hair was when a friend of mine showed me kpop music. I wanted to do hairstyles like they had. So my love of cosmetology and kpop are intertwined. Br my studyblr account @hairmentorstudies please!

url: don’t get it | alright | goody | so cute :’) |  | I LOV ? TREMENDOUSLY UNIQUE

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+ comments: That’s suh a cute story to tell to people who ask you about your studies! Furthermore I wanted to say, thank you for existing because people need to be reminded that it is possible to pursue hair/make up studies!!!

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hop tea, turkish tea, butter tea, and kombucha!

9. Hop tea: Do you have a favourite tea? Which one?

I’m not really a tea aficionado so for tea i always go citrus green tea for hot and iced tea mixed with lemonade for cold 

19. Turkish tea: What is your favourite cake?

TIRAMISU. I made it for a high school project and i’ve been in love since

23. Butter tea: Show / Tell me about one thing i your room you find awesome.

I still have the millenium ring I made back in like freshman sophomore year. 

27. Kombucha: What do you order on a pizza?

pepperoni, chicken, and spinach!