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Survived this day without any sleep. Kinda missed this sabog feeling TBH HAHAHAH. Buuut really really REALLY pissed that my efforts was a waste. My oh so lovely International Law prof decided to not show up again. ON THE LAST FREAKIN DAY. Finals na po anuna ?!?!?!

Spanish class was sabog also then my prof decided to have our Finals exam on MONDAY. Do you understand what I’m saying?? Exams should be over then ‘cause professors should be encoding already!! My gosh super stressful last week of this semester. AAAND I have two huge ass pimples on my face to prove it. Super annoying!!! :(( Just want this week and Monday next week to be freakin over already :(

++++++ really really sad that McDonald’s phased out the shake shake fries :(

didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to my garlic butter baby… :( :( :(

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MERRY 7TH DAY OF CHRISTMAS xxx Do you have any favorite hobbies? I like to write but I never show anyone... I also just love to take walks; I live in a city so there are always things to look at and explore 😊 Is there anything interesting or fun around where you live? I hope you get to do something that makes you happy today, take time to take care of yourself! -Your Secret Santa 🎅

I’m a city girl too, I love the city, there’s always something to do/somewhere to go/something to see. And as far as hobbies go I love to read, music is life - I’m learning how to play the keyboards - but I’m too shy to play for people, and I also do a bit of colouring now and then to de stress. Rapid fire answers for these - favourite colour? Movie? Song/artist? Book? Xx

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The s4 trailer is going to be released soon. I think we should come up with a trend for when that happens and spread the word before so that everyone is prepared. What do you guys think?

Prepared…? To watch the trailer of the TV show that made people have panic attacks and think about suicide? I’m sorry, I may have misunderstood what you want, but just to make it clear: I love clexa, Lexa, Clarke and even the other characters, but not the loo, and anything written by Jason or made my these writers after what they did to fans and how they treat minorities. The only thing I’m preparing is to ignore anything related to s4

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i loved ur aesthetic man it was lovelyyyy - and ahhh the quotes!!!!!! <33 (u should start a quotes blog) (i'd follow it haha) i have a quotes obsession and i love writing them on my window in liquid chalk so i might nab a few of those - i loved the jack london one .. also (i feel that man)(about the what do u want to be question) that's so cools that u want to be a lawyer though and haha good life choices my friend!!... (i'm gonna answer ur questions in another ask cause i'm running outta room)

ohhh questions that is exciting (and yes yenna is fab!!) umm my tv shows include htgawm (ahhh a little mad about the mid season finale), stranger things <33, orange is the new black, the 100, orphan black (i nede to catch up tbh), sometimes american horror story, adn then stuff like parks and rec <3 and b99 (also needa catch up on that) and some random comedy shows from my country that i loveee (okay this is going to be a three part message cause i talk too much)

hello… (again) - what do i want to do in the future? - um immediate future: i need to help my sister clean the house, broad future ideas: i wanna make a difference (i told someone once ‘i wanna help people and make art’) slightly more specific career things: counselling?, ministry?, there’s a business i have an idea for? free lance artist? random activity i wanna do: swim with dolphins -that is a vague summary of my desired future haha -i hope u have a wonderful day amy lotsa luv -ur p.s.s

thank you darling!!! sorry about the late reply, yesterday my lil cold degenerated into a massive beast (feeling slightly better but !! had to study for 3 tests tomorrow w a splitting headache…just lol @ the universe tbh) and i’ve just now gotten around to doin’ some business on tumblr :) 

i’m glad you liked my quotes!! i would gladly become your local quote supplier :) the liquid chalk sounds so aesthetic-y and amazing. also omg i actually have a htgawm blog! i know what happened but i’ve not gotten around to watching it yet lol…tbh i kinda miss season 1 when everything was exciting and nobody deserved to go to jail (ish). i’ve heard really good things about stranger things, i should check it out! i’m just really not good w scary stuff LOL. i need to catch up w orphan black too! it’s so intense that i sorta have to take breaks between watching episodes lol. YES FINISH PARKS AND REC AND B99 i adore both shows so much. what country are you from (wait i think i’m allowed to ask that right)?

your vague and certain future plans sound lovely! i am so un-artsy haha i have massive respect for anyone who can art. i’m more a writing/speaking person tbh. let’s go dolphin swimming together! how’s your week thus far? too many exams like me (i hope not)? have a lovely day ~

xxx amy 

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nsfw ask; 1-5, 11, 15, 19, 22, 27

nsfw ask; 1-5, 11, 15, 19, 22, 27NSFW ASKS
1: When did you lose your virginity? I technically havent yet depending how you look at it? ive done stuff astrally n via text and stuff so yea. as far as that goes, last november.

2: Rough sex or soft sex? depends on the person and my mood, both can be amazing

3: Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes? hand fetish tbh. i love hands so much. also as yall know cgl as a coping mechanism.

4: Weirdest place you’ve had sex? ive sexted from a mythbusters show before

5: Favourite sex position? not sure yet

11: What does your favourite sexy underwear look like? I JUST GOT A CUTE ASS NEW THONG FROM TARGET ITS LIGHT BLUE AND LACEY AND I LOVE IT

15: Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex? time my partner was like overcome by how nice i looked and started hyperventilating (it was so cute but also lowkey worrying. its one of my fave memories). there was also the time in my canon that enj walked in on me and courf, turned around, and threw the book he was planning on returning against the door.

19: Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower? they both have merits and demerits but shower if its one of those fancy showers and we would be able to make sure we didnt fall

22: Do you/would you use sex toys? i would if i could

27: Early morning sex or late night sex? soft sleepy morning sex


(Yes, I borrowed the title from a song in the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid. Yes it’s a terrible song, I’m not a huge fan of the stage show, but that’s off topic.) If the OUAT/CS Fandom is getting you down, as it seems to be a lot of people (for reasons unknown to me)…feel free to hang around my blog! I do my best to stay drama free, to spread the love for our dear Pirate and his Princess, love for Colin and Jen, occasionally a fic when my muse wants to work, and I’m always open for new friends. So if you too feel this way, drop me a message, an ask…whatever. I’m happy to gush with you or discuss whatever you want, as long as it’s positive or at least constructive. Come on by! My ask box is always open!

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Hey can I ask for a ship?:3 I have long blonde hair, pale skin with blue eyes (plus a tiny bit of yellow xD) and I'm 5'5. I'm quite confident thanks to the years of doing drama and dancing. I can be very sarcastic which a dark sense of humour at times, but I love to laugh and enjoy silly jokes and fun. Play video games and draw in my spare time On another note I love your blog:)

Hi there! I would ship you with…Jerome!

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Jerome adored your confidence, the way in which you were unafraid to stand out from the crowd and put on a show really mirrored his own showmanship. In addition, you shared Jerome’s sense of humour and always laughed at his jokes, so of course the two of you were always able to have fun with one another! Frankly, you were the only girl for Jerome; gorgeous, quirky and a talented artist, he never wanted to let you go.

I hope you liked it, my lovely! ❤

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Would you be willing to do a follow forever as some point? Not something with like huge graphics or anything cause I know how busy you are, but just something to show your favorite blogs that you follow that could use some love?

Here’s one i did a while ago! http://bpdrotten.tumblr.com/post/145463769151/i-just-hit-3000-followers-so-here-is-my-follow it’s pretty out of date (ive made new awesome mutuals since, and my followers have more than doubled since) but these blogs are amazing!!

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Do you like/love DC Super Hero Girls?

Hi Thomas! I’ve seen only a clip some time ago, but I really like the concept! The character design is rather nice, and from what I understood Wonder Woman is kind of the main protagonist, right? I should watch some more shorts of it :3

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Even Starfire is here!! Yeah I should totally watch this show, it looks really good :D

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What exactly did Amber want Farrah to say to her face..........?????? And what was her plan after she did?? To just be like "ok?" Amber was physically abusive to someone she loved while high on pills so it makes me think her getting physical again means she's using again.

I guess she wanted her to call Matt a pedophile to her face. I am not sure what exactly she was planning to do after that. And the way she has been acting again makes me wonder if she is back on drugs of some kind also. I really hope not, but the way she was acting in the 100 things video, and her getting violent with Farrah at the show, and the way she has been acting on twitter lately, its really beginning to make me think she is back on something. I really hope not.

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I love your work! You are so talented! I had to do a double take and was like: "Is she following me too? Wow! I'm so excited!" Man, you have nice art. I'm so honored! Woo!

Thank you! You know, words of encouragement are so much important for anyone and even more for those who are creating art :)
I always notice all the feedback on my works, every like and every repost makes me a bit happier, as for they show that so many people like the things that I do and they want to share them with others. So what I can do in response for them: to keep on working and to let them know: “Yes, I do see your feedback, I really appreciate it, thank you!” - and that’s why I try to follow all of you who liked and/or reposted my works. And when I scroll through the tumblr or twitter feed I often see that there are so many interesting and talented people following and liking my posts! That’s an incredible wonderful feeling!
Thanks to everyone here! And thank you, Howlingmoonkitty, for writing me this message <3

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SS here. Hey, nothing wrong with being passionate about something! Your long answer is nice, it feels like you really do enjoy the series. It's cool that even with this 7 year old show, you feel so strongly about it. I'm glad it could have helped you get through whatever it was. I agree that Mugi is a beacon of light on this dim world, and it's nice that Nodoka is getting love even without being such a huge character. Running out of space for this ask so to be concise: Why the "Mugi/¿?"

Aha, ^-^ I really do like the series. It has given me a lot, still does. As for Nodoka, yeah, she’s definitely my favourite after Mugi; but I do get why she’d be less popular.

To answer your question the ¿ symbol gives balance to questions, as a child I was raised in a country that didn’t use starting markers for questions and I found it difficult, at the time, to start a sentence/question with the right intonation. I later found myself in a country that DID use them, which I found to be rather helpful, it also brings BALANCE to a question and I like it aesthetically too. BALANCE and (subjectively) aesthetically pleasing things are things I value.

And to get to the core of your question, why did I not assign a romantic partner to Mugi. Well, though I do believe she is very likely to prefer a person who physically would be identified as female on the streets (meaning that I doubt she’d care if the person is on the trans spectrum, maybe even if they were male but looked female, who knows, it’s Mugi, I’m confident she’d be open-minded, and since we do lack any knowledge concerning her sexual preferences we can only rely on her aesthetic and romantic ones). That being said, both she and her circumstances are rather complex.

I expect the person who will make her heart go doki-doki is likely someone she would meet at university. Ideally, probably someone mature, confident, but adventurous, who takes initiative but is still respectful of boundaries, chivalrous but not in an alienating way, with romantic tendencies. They’d be likely to be middle class and possible aesthetically alternative though not in an extreme way, slightly tomboyish?
Maybe it could be an exchange student, (at least) someone who does not have/feel socio-cultural pressures for traditional and normative lifestyles (which include relationships) (which are more common in Japan).

It comes down to a person that will be able to help her experience new things, something exciting but not too much so that they still seem suitable as a long-term monogamous (which I think Mugi would be, not sure about the partner, but they’d have to talk that out :P) partner.

There’s no one in the series that quite fits this profile. Ritsu comes close at times but she’s too self-conscious, shy/embarrassed when it comes to matters of the heart; and is also maybe a bit too “childish” still. And well, I’m not entirely convinced Ritsu would enter (in simple words) in a same sex relationship, at the very least she has a long way to go from where the show left off. Maki (from Love Crisis) has the right vibes, but we don’t know enough about the character.

Then again, she will likely be faced with an arranged marriage which, she’ll refuse but it’d probably prompt her to consider a marriage of convenience with another rainbow (I don’t like to use the acronym, or variations of, lgbtqa+, so I use the word rainbow to identify the people who consider themselves to be on the spectrum, it’s a very broad term but I prefer not to box anyone in too tight a corner), male, person. I’m uncertain if she’d go through with it.

AND THAT is why I wrote Mugi/¿? :P  Too much?

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“I want to be your savior, dammit stop being so independent I’M the one who’s supposed to rescue you. Now listen to me and do what I want you to” OMG YES! I love talk about it! Different of you, I always saw Finn with this definition. I sensed this the first time he appears when they were landing, I don't know why. He was always trying to impress Clarke and it bothered me so much that I couldn't stand him. He acted like she was his and only his. And what he did to Raven? I mean? I can't.

You saw through the trope that I did not. Because I thought I was watching that regular old teen show and didn’t figure out that it wasn’t that until Earth Kills. 

Because the thing is, there IS a romantic trope of the boy who comes in and saves you from yourself. He pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you to enjoy life. He’s bold and daring and he has *great* hair.  And if you’re telling a different kind of story, that trope ends up happy ever after. 

But this is the kind of story that goes, “oh do you like that fairy tale do you? Well guess what, fairy tales are dark as hell and everyone suffers, and they are all symbolic of our worst real life horrors anyway. So here have your fairy tale. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Finn wants to be the dashing prince. He saved Raven up on the Ark. Now he’s found him a new princess and he wants to be the hero again. But…this is her story. And SHE’S the hero. People keep trying to take her story away from her. They keep trying to define her by their heroism. They keep trying to make her their princess, often captive, trying to take her power and turn it to their own ends. Finn, Anya, Dante, Abby, Lxa, Titus. They try to remake her in their own image, to be her hero, to be her teacher, to be her center. And she keeps rejecting their domination. Sorta. She does take lessons from each of them. She internalizes essential elements of them. And then she goes on to tell her own story. 

something about twigs’ upper register makes me think of karaoke basements… when I was young I used to ask my mother why all of the female vocals in Chinese songs were pitched so high, make a big show of covering my ears whenever an ayi started singing. later I consciously adopted a lower speaking voice; it seemed like what a modern girl should do.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful, generous and funniest weirdo on this planet. I can’t believe I’ll be miss.Good in only a few days .. We’ve had a long road that wasn’t always easy .. But dude, we made it .. I love you so fucking much Jonathan Good and I can’t wait to continue showing how much I do for the rest of our lifes .. To us weirdos. 💜💜💜


Need to Believe

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shownu x reader


892 words

anon wished – JUst found this blog and it’s giving me life! Could you do a drunken confessions drabble for shownu please!? (Preferably he confesses to you)

Hi love! Thank you so much for your wish! And I’m so glad you like my blog ^^ I hope you like you gift!! 


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HOW DARE YOU THROW THE KEYS TO THE S3 SKAM KINGDOM WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm currently balled up on the floor, rocking myself back and forth.

LISTEN!!! I haven’t been myself ever since last episode aired. And after almost a decade of “shipping” i should REALLY know better. I thought i was so done with having these kinds of emotions over fictional characters, when all my fave TV shows in the past did nothing but treat my babies badly and bring me pain. And then SKAM happened…and Isak&Even and gentle forehead bumps and eskimo kisses and stupid soft boys in hoodies being in love…How was i supposed to resist? It was a lost battle from the start. 

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And now i constantly catch myself thinking about my two sons being in pain…how are they? What are they doing? Are they cared for? Wich seriously…i’m an adult, that adults adult things the whole day long…WTF?!! 

So i am really really sorry for aparently dragging you in but…deep down you know it was bound to happen one way or another!

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If it’s any consolation…The first time, in maybe even ever, i have true faith in the skam writers to do this right and give them the ending they deserve. We really deserve things to end well just this once after years and years of tv show writers fucking our otp’s up due to bad writing. But the writing of this shows is so amazing so far. They have handled all kinds of topics so incredibly well…

So yes, i have faith!

xx Soul