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  • Okay I'm actually excited my box set came today (wow that was fast shipping) and I can't wait to watch the last series because I've been dying to watch the last series ever since they took it off Youtube. I used to watch it on tv and then they stopped putting it on (as far as I'm concerned) anyway YAY.

can’t decide if i should keep drinking rum, go further down the fucking spiral or stop drinking rn, chill, watch shows i enjoy and chill with some hot drink or soup and then sleep

Also does anybody else see women debut on the main roster, Raw especially, and feel happy but also like “cool, we’ll see each individual woman even less now” because like hell they’re gonna sudden give the women more than like 20 minutes out of 3 hours.

Question to my followers: What should I do with this blog? Should I keep it gmw/rilaya? Should I change it? Delete it? Is anyone left at this point? I just don’t want to keep this blog going if there are no active followers. Please let me know your thoughts 😊


Hey guys, remember when I made that akumatized Painty? Well I wanted to expand the idea bit more. With Firey and Leafy as Ladybug and Chat Noir. THAT’S RIGHT! THIS IS THE 4TH AU I MADE NOW! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, I really hope you like the concept. The story takes place with both bfdi and inanimate insanity characters. Let me know in the askbox if you wanna see anymore akumatized objects or maybe some other kwami holders!! :)

Top 10 Bias Tag

I was tagged by @jinjins-freckles MY CHICKEN TEND FRIEND, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?  :’( but thank you for the tag nonetheless……

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today i talked to someone i only kinda know about kroll show & jenny & chelsea & mulaney and i got so excited my whole face got hot

i had this long ass post typed up about this boy but you know what fuck him and fuck all men!!!

Voltron is great, it’s the fans who are demons 


i’d like to thank not only god, but–!!

Seriously, my dreams, especially when they’re B99-related, are becoming weirder and weirder. This time I was watching a new episode, where the whole squad + the families of Jake and Amy were having a huge “before-the-wedding” party, with games and all. It was fun and cute. Until at some point a criminal made his way into the party, and threatened to kill everyone. So Jake made a deal with him, saying that he could kill him if he let all the other ones go. Of course they all complained, especially Amy, who didn’t want to become a widow without even getting married yet. But it was too late, the criminal was there, with his gun on Jake’s head, and the TENSION there was omg it was horrible. There was no music, nothing, just silence as we were waiting for something to happen, because it’s B99, a comedy show – no one can die like this. But then everything turned to black, and we heard a gunshot, and I was so afraid this was the end of the episode, that we would have to wait another week to know what happened. But then there was a flashforward of a few minutes (hours?) to Amy, alone, cleaning the room, devastated. And then we were shown blood, so much blood. Still no music, a super heavy atmosphere. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible they killed Jake, I started to wonder because EVERYTHING was screaming he’s dead, all clues were telling that story. But finally we saw someone washing themselves in a tub that had curtains so that we couldn’t see who was inside, and then Amy opened the curtains and… Jake was there, trying to take the blood off his hair. So Amy took the shampoo and started to wash his hair herself (thank you Charles for this image, I suppose haha). And then it was the end – I suppose someone managed to kill the guy and free Jake?

So yeah, that was super weird, and I’m still shocked xD


Little Moments of Jisbon [4/???]

The Mentalist Season 1, Episode 15

- “I do hate it when people say thank you”

- ”why?”


So basically my mom wants to take me to a flipping modeling school and I’m all like “I’m not really into that kind of stuff… so can I go into an art school instead?” And then she goes on a tangent on how I’m 13 and “it would be a waste to not show of something that God gave you.”

And I’m kind of disgusted by the fact that she thinks people will only like me if I show off my body and that “boys won’t love a girl who doesn’t have big boobs but you do so why not show it off?”

warcrowned  asked:

meta on why gilgamesh loves humanity so much? where did this love begin, what started it? are there times where it falters?

let me write meta posts

At his most fundamental, he loves human beings…

The king who awaits humanity’s future, even as he laughs at its deeds.
In anticipation of humanity’s course one day forming a beautiful pattern,
he holds the throne of the adjudicator.
Crossing paths with none, taking none as vassal.

From the end of the world,
the King of Heroes gazes upon time spanning eternity with a cold smile.

There is no question that Gil’s love for humanity is as complex as his core personality, a part of him that is so invariably profound and quintessential to understanding him as a person despite it rarely—if ever—revealing itself in complete honesty. It’s hard to truly pinpoint where this love began, but if we’re to understand anything about Ko-Gil then it’s safe to assume that he loved humanity from the very beginning. Being born as both god and man, having parts of both ends of the spectrum while standing as the perfect adjudicator and observer of the greatest and ugliest sides of man and god, it’s easy for him to assess a species’ empirical worth and decide if they’re worth protecting or not. I think a lot of this comes from the fact that he knows that he’s a superior being compared to humanity, even by Mesopotamian standards, and it’s because of this that he felt obligated to watch over them—perhaps even pitied and sympathized with them. I say sympathized because Gilgamesh was originally created as a last-ditch effort by the gods to maintain their dying age, and they made him without once considering the repercussions of creating something with even a shred of humanity ( he was, quite literally, a designer baby, and while he was raised lovingly by Uruk and Ninsun, the fact that he knew he was a construction is likely part of the reason why he hates himself ). He knew that he was meant to be a tool, and while he respected the gods that didn’t necessarily mean that he obeyed them, thus leading to his ultimate decision to support humanity and bidding farewell to the Age of Gods for good.

Going back to how he was raised, I think the fact that a lot of his upbringing was founded on nothing but adoration and love by both Ninsun and humanity made him favorable towards mankind. While he is more god than man, it’s the fact that he was raised as a boy-king with all of Uruk praising him and adoring him while becoming one of the most advanced civilizations that instilled an appreciation for mankind’s potential. A lot of his opinion on humanity really did develop from what he saw in Uruk and he likely saw in the future that mankind had the potential to achieve what the Sumerians did and more ( because the Sumerians were forced to live in the Age of Gods, forced to endure and tolerate all of their capriciousness and shrugging off adversity in favor of innovation and progress ). In contrast, the gods are portrayed as these incredibly old-fashioned and contradictory beings by virtue of representing so many things. They’re old hat, people who refuse to accept that their time is up, and I firmly believe that out of all the gods in the Sumerian pantheon, only Ninsun and Utu understood that which is why they’re so prominent in Gil’s legend as his most vocal advocates—Utu especially given that Gilgamesh is one of his descendants and he’s the symbol of justice and truth. And if Ninsun’s presence in Gil’s adult life is anything to go by, she’s a driving force behind his upbringing and sense of morals ( because that shit doesn’t pop up all of a sudden, even if you’re Gilgamesh ). As his personal interpreter of dreams I’m a firm believer that she’s one of the reasons why he becomes so defiant against the gods despite being a goddess herself.

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Sorry I’ve been dead…