i do so love this show

I literally do not even care how I look. This is raw, unfiltered, unedited, and yet the most beautiful picture I’ve ever taken, personally. To me that is.. I can rarely get the girls to take a picture together much less one of me with them and so this picture means more to me than any picture possible because it shows my two beautiful and smart little girls and a mom who doesn’t care what she looks like because at the end of the day, my girls will love me just as I am…
Motherhood has taught me so much about self love, that I never thought would be possible.. But it has. Sure, I’ve got a little extra weight that I could definitely lose. Sure my hair is a complete fried mess and absolutely sure that I have dark circles and a few splotches on my face but at the end of the day, I love this me. I love the mom I have become. I’m still learning, they’re still teaching me, I’m teaching them, were learning together but no matter what… This mama knows she’s doing right by her girls because I will NEVER make them feel anything less of smart and beautiful for who they are.

(Excuse my jumble-ness, lol)


i know i said i found someone else
but yesterday, you asked me to meet her
i couldn’t do it
i couldn’t watch you love her
so i came up with an excuse
you said it was fine
i could tell it wasn’t
you wanted to show me your world
a world i’m not a part of
i feel like the moon
and she’s the sun
you need her to live
i’m only there in the dark
i’m always in the backseat
i don’t want to be in the backseat
i’d rather jump out of a moving car
so maybe i will
maybe someday i’ll fall in love for real
and i’ll forget these poems
i’ll forget how much pain you caused me

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Honestly I agree so much about what you said about the show!! I also love the theme of friendship throughout the show and how much stronger they were when they worked as a team. I think it's so cool how different the characters are but how they were able to bond together and kick ass! What did you think of Terra? And who was your favorite villain on the show?

So do I!! And the fact that when characters went off on their own you STILL got to see that? And you got to see how their thinking shifted because they had been around the other Titans for so long! I love it so much

Ah Terra, Terra Terra Terra Terra. I have a lot of feelings about her and I actually *conveniently enough cause I’m rewatching the series* just watched her first episode and it brought all these feelings back. On one hand I understand her situation so much and can see how she got manipulated and how her fears overcame any chance of rationalizing, how she saw Slade as her only option and I understand all of this very much. But I still get so. Mad. At her. Like I can’t even give rational explanations as to why I’m mad at her other than she put the Titans through so much pain. Not to mention she got purposely close to them to find out their weaknesses against them which is honestly something that I’m afraid of. But at the same time I understand why she felt like she had to do these things and she was hesitant to do it at first too and she pulled through in the end which makes me happy but I’m still just. In the end I think my opinion on her is neutral, but leaning on distrusting.

And favorite villain, you ask the hardest questions Anon! I feel bad cause I keep giving you ties anytime you ask for favorites but it’s honestly a tie between The Brain and Slade.

For Slade he was extremely manipulative sometimes to the point where as a viewer I questioned if maybe he was correct or if we should just let him be. Which honestly is amazing to me cause I’ve never seen a character that manipulative (and have yet to see another) to the point of where knowing they were evil didn’t really help? But it also made me dislike him and want to take him down that much more.

With The Brain he was a classic example of a villain that is a lot smarter than the good guys and honestly had a devastating plan. And he got the closest to defeating everyone. But when we got all of the Titans out? Ohohohoo that was AMAZING to watch! Because we saw all the villains in one place AND all the heroes in one place and we got to see Jinx be a hero! Which is just amazing cause Jinx is also among my favorite characters

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are you sure that the jjp picture on your blog (jy's in white and jb's in blue) isn't photoshopped? it looks so DOMESTIC???? my parents who barely show their love but overdo it when they do???

I don’t even remember where I got the photo from but I always assumed it was real?? but because of you anon I did some digging and it turns out…IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED

Apparently they were taken and used as photo cards for Fly in Osaka

But that’s exactly why I love that photo they look so domestic and like a real couple and I’m weak for domestic jjp 😩

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Sexual Sunday Headcanons
✿: Does your muse find any value in sex? What value if any do they 
find in it?

{ @hhemeraa }

yeah? i mean, he ain’t gonna fuck you for the hell of it lmao. henry finds comfort in sex. it shows his absolute trust in you if he happens to let you have sex with him. he does need emotional attachment to the person first so you have to go thru that barrier and even then, he won’t let you see him in his most vulnerable, his most intimate self until he has a significant amount of love and trust for you

I feel like the reason retrogrades get such a bad wrap is because it’s a time of inner reflection, you need to figure things out for yourself by yourself pretty much, and I feel like a lot of people don’t want to do that.

Whether it’s cause they are afraid of what they find, or if it’s cause they think they already have things figured out and don’t think they need it. Retrogrades should be used to be introspective and find what you need to do to change, to get rid of the old that bothers you, keep what you love, and move into a new part of your life.

I think it can also be a very turbulent time, it can bring up what was hidden or repressed, it can show you things you don’t want to see so you can look at the hard truth. I do feel that it is a time of bettering yourself in anyway you can, even if that means cutting ties to toxic people or finally letting yourself do what you love. It will always be different for each person, and each retrograde affect is changed by which planet is going retrograde, as well as which planets are more prominent for you and how they react to the retrogrades.

Anyway, I just really feel like everyone thinks doom and gloom when they hear a planet is going into retrograde, and I think we should try to change that attitude, cause reality is only so much as you make it. We should let ourselves embrace what retrogrades represent and better ourselves in anyway we can.

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, then send it to 10 of your followers!!

Oooh, thank you!

Hmm, let’s see… Well I like the fact that I’m creative, it helps me out sometimes in life lmao. I like that I feel emotions very strongly, so for example if I’m in love I am hella in love and ready to do anything for the person I love and if I’m angry I am The Angriest ™ and I will show it. I like that I am a peculiar being that often stand up for myself and find no shame in being different. I like that I have a strong sense of compassion and empathy. And this is something I would have never said when I was younger, but I really like my nose ^^

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For the ask thingy: 4 (Do you regret getting involved in any fandoms?), 32 (Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?) & 44 (What ship do you feel needs more attention?). Also, I love seeing you in my dash everyday ♥

4. Do you regret getting involved in any fandoms? 
I don’t! If a fandom ever becomes too wank filled I just remove myself from it, but I usually don’t stop liking the show/book/comic/movie. I still have some great friends from fandoms that I’ve left behind, so I could never regret getting involved in them. 

32. Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?
It depends on my mood, what I’m writing, and the ship that I’m writing. 

If I’m writing something fluffy I usually have my regular playlist on in the background and if I get involved enough with the story I stop hearing the music at all. 

If I’m writing original fiction I need either classical music or no music because lyrics distract me. I tried listening to instrumental covers of some songs and I just ended up singing instead of writing so that was a no go. 

And there there are certain pairings that I have playlists for and I usually listen to when I write. If I’m writing anything from The Raven Cycle I usually put on my and @ti-re-elintes Pynch or Gangsey playlists. 

If I’m writing for certain characters I’ll put on music that helps me get into their head.

44. What ship do you feel needs more attention?
Stanny! I’m a big fan of Stanny and I wish there was more content out there. They have a lot of potential in my opinion. 

Thanks for asking Des! :D

Fanfiction Questions

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Power Rangers Question: How powerful do you see Gia and Emma's friendship as?

Hmm. Well in terms of the show they are deemed to be best friends, are very close and protective of each other, and broke through a spell designed to make them hate each other. So probably pretty powerful I’d say.


… *ahem*

I hope that somewhat answers your question then friend.

also highly amused that Megaforce is the season on Twitch as I type this lol

and i loved you… boy did i love you… this was the first time you had said it back in 2 months and that’s how you chose to say it? really? little fucker. thanks. It’s the little things you do that make me realize i’ll never be able to hold you again, or look into the chocolate of your eyes and melt in your fingertips. because every move you make, every gesture you create, shows us staying none other than friends. i want you back so bad. the hug you gave me on friday made me ever want to let you go, it was the first time we had physical contact in three months. and i wanted it to last forever. i wanted you to last forever. but all good things must come to an end eventually, thats the cruel part about it. that we could’ve lasted until forever, but you made us come to an end. i always say how i’d never get back with a cheater, but there’s a voice in my head telling me it wasn’t cheating because we weren’t dating. we were only holding hands and fucking and kissing and giving each other hickies and saying we loved each other and so, so much more. but we “weren’t dating.” ya know? and that was the end of it. missing you doesn’t come in waves. it stays constant.

I saw JOHNNYSWIM again last night and I don’t know how, but they got so much better. I don’t know if it’s the new songs or just them developing as artist or if it was the crowd or what, but it was the best concert I’ve been to. They truly are what defines a musician and I hope one day I will understand the power of music like they do. I can’t get enough of these two and I can wait to meet them one day and see them grow in music and love more and more. Thanks so much for the show, JS.

that,, outburst I had a few days ago went over surprisingly well. i still hate those girls with a burning passion but he didnt mind, he actually joked about how i should show them the tentacle thing. but honestly id do the same thing in his position. man I love my moonie, hes my sugar cookie sushi waffle and my favorite boy ever, I’m so glad we’re friends


Top 25 Favorite Female Characters
21. Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale)
Idek fully know why I love this character so much. But I just do. She’s amazing. She can be a royal cunt, but she’s able to show she cares at the same time. She’s a great character and I hope we get to see more of her development in the rest of the season/season 2.

i’m so fucking stressed right now, why is everything important happening at the same time? I can’t even take time to evaluate the options before me and evaluate and make the good decision.

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who are your top five favorite characters?

thanks for asking!! this is no particular order :)

  1. hannah
  2. seth
  3. tom
  4. chuck
  5. kimble 

but peter gets an honorable mention! (if he was still alive he’d probably be on the list instead of kimble rip) also i have to mention alex. i really like her (even more than peter and kimble probably) but some of her facials recently have been a bit yikes, so idk what she’s going to do. i’m not going to claim her as a fave until i see how it plays out haha

So I’m trash so doing this as well. I felt like doing some of these casual ships people have been into lately with some characters I love but never get to show so much. I’m sorry there is mostly girls here except poor Khamsin, I might do another one with some more boys if this one makes a fun experience!

So, first of all, some rules:

♥ This will be casual ships, they won’t necessarily be canon unless it really works excellent. So no pressure into these!

♥ Mutuals and friends definitely have the priority, but I’m open to anything. 

♥ I reserve the right to accept or not a ship. 

//Important note: Ships are not necessarily romantical ! It can also be about friendships, even why not family ties, and I’m also down for rivalry or whatever else there could be.//

And welp yeah I guess. I don’t want to add a long part to describe the babes it would be annoying for you all, but if you’re interested feel free to ask questions ! <3 So yeah, i hope you guys like them, feel free to shoot me a message. 

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HA I literally save everything to my camera roll so this should be fun! Love the Tara gif, btw 😜

I look forward to seeing it. :)

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Ah you have our conversation on here brilliant

I don’t have too many cool things on my laptop that would work for an aesthetic but that is one of them and it’s awesome so yes, yes I do.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer [I think, I may be wrong; if I am wrong please let me know if this is your GIF].)

Yesterday picture, showing me and Tita working with Tamasyeah’ new mate -Nadia as a Content Promoter. Welcome on board Nad! Hope you enjoy the trip :)

Ps: this pic was taken from Mba Ayu’s Instastory who accidentally met us at Sleepyhead Coffee. Reason why I decided to post this pic because I love how we look here, so serious & focus on what we’re doing which is developing our own dream :)