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My favourite show right now is probably American Horror Story my favourite character is probably (don't know if you meant from gmw or my favourite show so I'll do both) Zoe (from coven) and Farkle. In girl meets world I would like for Rilaya to become canon and Smarkle to stay happy forever

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The other thing that’s quite key, I think, and is a real achievement of love is when most of us, after a while, start to see our partners as idiots. They just are a bit of an idiot. This is part of the reason why comedy and humor is so important in a relationship. You have to find a way to access the comedic part of you. Now the interesting thing about comedy is that many comic heroes are total idiots, but when we’re watching the shows we kind of do this amazing thing, which is we know they’re idiots, but we kind of like them. We do this amazing metamorphosis where we start to see them as lovable idiots. And that is such a piece of ethical imagination. To see someone turn from an idiot into a lovable idiot in your imagination is a major piece of maturity and if we’re able to achieve that even sometimes in love, we will have learned very much how to temper a more punitive interpretation of who we’ve gotten together with.
—  Alain de Botton, On Love

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Hey, I asked you about the enneagram while back. You said that it explains your personality. But I thought about it and I think healthy levels of your type are your personality. And unhealthy levels are your ego. What do you think about that?

I feel that they are all your personality, one is healthy and one is unhealthy, but both your personality. I think that if you are stressed or not treating yourself like you need to it is simply other aspects of the personality that show up and the ego is separate from that. The personality is from the real self and the ego is a false mask that the real self puts in to get what it lacks and needs: love. I do feel that the ego will show up more if you are unhealthy and so I think you are in the right track, but not fully there.


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- Last show you saw:

Mh… Nightmare Before Christmas! ^^

-  Last song you listened to:

I’m listening G Come Giungla (Luciano Ligabue) :3

-  Last book you read:

The Danish Girl. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH 😍😍😍

-  Where would you time travel to:

Japan, America, England and Italy (because I don’t know my country at all 😂😂😥) ☺❤

- The first thing you would do with lottery money:

I really don’t know… I think I would donate them.

-  What fictional character would you hang out with:

Shin-Ah from Akatsuki No Yona. I’m in love with him ❤❤❤

-  Ten facts about yourself:

1 I am shy, introverte and really ANXIOUS!!!

2 My favorite color is the black because the black is the union of all the colors. The only color that I don’t like is the gray :)

3 I like the rain and the night 🌙☔❤

4 My favorite italian singers are Ligabue, MICHELE BRAVI (!!!), Max Gazzè, Jovanotti, Marco Mengoni and Elisa. My favourite singer ( not italian) are George Ezra, Sia, Halsey, Hozier, Alvaro Soler, Edith Piaf. I also like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pani! At The Disco 😄🎼

5 I’m not very social and I have only 2 accounts: Tumblr and Facebook (/ ° . °)/

6 I like anime and manga. I like Shoujo, Shounen, Reverse-Harem and YAOI! I’m a Fujoshi and I like it :D I also like videogames a lot LOL

7 My favorite animals are pandas, cats, squirrels and horses but I like every animals B)

8 I live with my dad, my sister and my grandma. My mom is dead a year ago :(

9 My favorite youtubers are Daniele Doesn’t Matter, AliceLikeAudrey, Michele Bravi, The Show, Hmatt and iPantellas ❤💚💜💙💛 

10 I hate myself and my body very much :/ …

-  Favorite Animangas:

I have a lot of favourite anime and manga… 

(some Anime)

- Akatsuki No Yona

- Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

- Akagami No Shirayukihime

- Durarara

-  Tight Rope

- Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

-FullMetal Alchemist

- Naruto

- Kamigami No Asobi

- Kuroko No Basket

- Amnesia

- Haikyuu!!

- Kamisama Hajimemashita

- Shingeki No Kyojin

- Death Note

- Dramatical Murder

(a lot of Manga) 

- Kuroorihime To Kawaki No Ou (Mizuho Kusanagi Sensei’s)

- Ao Haru Ride

- Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji

- Last Game

- Love So Life

- Strange Dragon

- Seishun Otome Banchou!

- Nishiki-kun No Nasugamama

- Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet

- Namaikizakari

- Kuro Hakushaku Wa Hoshi Wo Mederu

(((((YAOI *coff coff*)))))

-  19 Days

- Ten Count

- Gokudou Darling

- Honto Yajuu

- Kuroneko Kareshi

- Hidoku Shinaide

- Escape Journey

- Shinobeba Koi

- Nirameba Koi

- Konya Mo Nemurenai & Kimi To Kore Kara

- Super Lovers

- Hua Hua You Long

- Mother’s Spirit

- Neon Sign Amber 

- Koi Ni Nare

-Rutta To Kodama


-  Favorite Games:

Legend Of Zelda and Pokémon! My favorite Pokémon is Umbreon ❤❤❤

-  Favorite TV Shows:

The Big Bang Thery and Doctor Who :3

-  Favorite Songs:

(Italian Singer)

- Say My Name, The Days, Sweet Suicide, Un Mondo Più Vero, Sometimes - Just Let Go-, La Vita e La Felicità, A Passi Piccoli, Serendipity and Amarti Da Qui (Michele Bravi)

- L’taliano (Totò Cotugno), Tu Vò Fa’ L’Americano (Renato Carosone) and Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Domenico Modugno) are three of typical songs of the past and I like them really much! 👍👍👍

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Thank you sooo much and have the day you deserve!

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your blog makes me really happy because while you criticize the ships and characters and stuff (which is important and necessary for pretty much everything we consume) you still show so much love for this series. i've unfollowed other bloggers who, while i agree with their commentary and notes, just don't have any enthusiasm for omgcp at all. it's just complaining about /everything/. so thank you for addressing issues with omgcp, but still maintaining support and having a [generally] happy blog.

duuuuuuuuuuuuuude omg this is so nice. thanks so much. i really do love this series but parts of the fandom have shown themselves to be pretty problematic. like i saw a post calling anti-zimbits people homophobes?? but as a queer person of color, i really don’t relate to how this white, gay ship is written and no one is obligated to support anything. you are so nice and i really dig you cool person. rock on, viva la revolucion. 


To Tyson Wenning

I couldn’t hold It In any longer. My heart was pumping. I couldn’t. I met you In 7th grade, ever since I had a crush on you. It’s kind of embarrassing… But I love you. I’m so glad you weren’t annoyed or angry or mad with me when I gave you a kiss. But I’m gladder that you showed me that you like me or love me too. I really do love you for your personality and your humor and your handsomeness. I love you Tyson.

From Courtney Lorane Gibbs

To Courtney Lorane Gibbs

I couldn’t too. What a thought I never knew that the most prettiest hottest girl could’ve had a crush on me all those years. As a man I should show you more respect. I have suffered many betrays from kisses. Seeing that a very hott girl kissed me, that has showed me a lot. I love you Courtney. I honestly want you as my girlfriend, Courtney. 

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i love all of your posts/tags on black sails!!! i was wondering since i don't think you post much of him, what are you thoughts on vane?

awh thank you so very much, anon! :’D that makes me so happy <33

I just went, to myself, “……do I have any vane posts on my blog?” and I checked and…NOPE. I DO NOT. fjdsaklfjasdklfjldsf. I mean, that PROBABLY speaks for itself 🙈

I think I’ve casually mentioned it once or twice in passing but yeah, I’m not a fan of his. I mean, to say “he’s done a lot of horrible things” is like…a really shaky reason on a show like this and I get that *snorts* but in addition to finding some of the things he’s done particularly deplorable and having a very different view than many on his feelings toward/behavior toward eleanor, I also just…was never really emotionally compelled by him. *shrugs* HE JUST DOESN’T INTEREST ME THE WAY THE OTHERS DO. I recognize his growth and his positive moments during season 3 but even then I was just like [vaguely] “that’s pretty nice!!! that was a cool thing for a human to do!!!” but I wasn’t moved by him in the specific, by what makes vane his very special vane self, you know? his narrative, his beliefs, his worldview, his desires, just don’t especially interest me much in any way other than like…”oh, well that’s fascinating to compare to the way flint sees things!!!”

I’m genuinely compelled by most of the characters on this show; he is just not one of those characters for me. I don’t especially like him, don’t especially care about him. I know lots of other people do which is fine, but he’s never been ~the heart~ of this show for me. he’s just kinda there, somewhere around the spleen maybe. fjslkafjsdlfasdlf. I acknowledge the role he plays in the narrative and objectively see that it’s important; it’s just not important to me personally. THAT’S ALL O:)

Inner Witch Challenge is BACK!!! Show off your Witch and Pagan Pride starting October 1st! 🎃

Challenge is created by my soul sister @ethony and I to help you EMBRACE your INNER WITCH and connect with others in the community 👭 👫 👬

Last year there was close to 3000 posts!

Are ya in??? Nod, YES 😆

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1. Post a photo daily using the prompt … let your imagination run wild & let your wickedness shine 😄
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Please share to show love for Witch and Pagan Pride, so others in the community can join the challenge 💜

The challenge is inclusive…anyone can participate that resonates with the prompts! You can do all 31 days or only a few, no rules 😊

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Yeah, exactly. I don't know. It just seems weird that it's announced now, especially since the show will be back in a few months? I do know of themed coloring books. But like...with some of the subject matter of her books(I never read them), it should be made clear they aren't for kids or something. I'd much rather have a coloring book for the show, anyway. I'm just always suspicious of CC.


She’s just realising so much extra content like a new Magnus trilogy, Malec’s first time and oh look a colouring book. 

Tbh a colouring book for the show would be so much better, could you imagine all the costumes

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As awesome as it was meeting Alycia, I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the event as a whole, it was badly organised. They had absolutely no idea what they were getting into by having Alycia there. They didn't have enough people working there for all the fans that arrived, it's probably one of the most badly organised events that I have been to.

I do have to agree with that. The event seemed completely unprepared for the event, particularly to deal with the legion of fans who were there for Alycia. I think they subestimated the fans of Alycia. Basically that was AlyciaCon 16. Because wow, I am happy the kru showed up and showered her with so much love and appreciation.

But yeah, even the panel was pretty messy cos the guy didn’t do a good job moderating (particularly day 1). I hope that if there is another con they are more than ready and prepared to tend the fans and give enough time for the guests to take more lengthy rests between signings and photo ops cos it was clear that Alycia was utterly exhausted, still she gave her best to each person. That’s what I perceived tho.

im sitting in the car next to him and I say off handedly that I was roofied and be asks hesitantly “did he. do anything.” and I look ahead at the road that he is so angry that im making him drive and I say I don’t know with tears in my eyes because i love him too much to have him stay up at night imagining it. I say it was rediculous and over with and he turns up the radio show and slams his hands on the wheel cursing traffic and cursing me for not choosing a breakfast place and I think to the scar on my hip where a word is carved like I am the kitchen table out of How To Eat Fried Worms. every interaction feels like swallowing dirt and filling my mind with mud until I am buried alive and rotting. he is mad and I am zoned out and we are driving down the high way both crying because of eachother but I know this highway will never end and I will go through life with him saying everything I can’t and me keeping an eye for danger and holding his hand while he is brave. he says he only dates crazy girls and I only date sadists and we hate the same people but I apologize for everything I say and he pulls me close and pats my head like I am a creature and I am safe. I am safe.

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What is your gender?:  Girl In Amber.

Describe yourself?:  Babe, I’m On Fire.

How do you feel?:  Bring It On.

If you could go anywhere?:  Gates To The Garden.

Favourite mode of transportation?: Straight To You.

Your best friend?: I Do Love Her So.

Favourite time of day?: Slowly Goes The Night.

If your life was a TV show?:  Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere.

Relationship status?:  Nobody’s Baby Now.

Your fear?:  Grief Came Riding.

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Past Memory and Present Dreams

Holding hands with a past crush
My boyfriend nowhere to be seen
I am terrified by the memory being brought back as such
Where is my heart living
When I am devoted to him
But dreaming of another
Even if it was all on a whim
I don’t want anyone, no other
So I am struck with an arrow of guilt
And it pains me to see
That my heart won’t let the past wilt
When I love another entirely
Where am I? Where will I go?
I do love you and I hope it shows
But this past haunts me for reasons that no one knows

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Go the HoTummy! May Big Hit dress them all in giant oversized pyjama shirts and make them all jump around and show us all the Bangtan tummies!! MORE TUMMIES!!!!!!! Oh god. They're finally doing the sexy concept aren't they? I don't know if I'm gonna make it out alive...




I’m gonna need an oxygen mask and a defibrillator at hand if I wanna survive this comeback ;_;

TV shows with sucky starts

This is us (A woman loses one of her triplets and I think it has more to do with the fact that her delivery doctor was Castle’s last big baddie and also, WRITERS SUCK ASS!!!!!)

Haven (I had a drought of hearing “Love will keep us together” and Audrey got greedy; also had a sucky end because Audrey didn’t redeem herself as Audrey and that’s just fucking stupid as fuck)

The Librarians technically would count in this category because LAMIA KILLED EXCALIBUR, so it gets an honorary mention.

Eleven’s time on DW gets an honorary mention too for how they ended Ten’s time.

She gave me some birthday love look at that ass thick ass had🍆rock hard my nigga couldn’t hit it right so I had to show her wat this young 21year old dick do 😉😋she a lil freak too

Good Times"

Your heart is my love always has me smiling and thinking this love is amazing. You can not be replaced you my world my everyday.

Good Times because of you priceless words I love you how can I show you how I feel? And how amazing you make me feel? The only way I know this Poems for you and only you.

I remember my world was upside down twisted and bruised, I felt all alone my world was all gloomy and blue, it was a cracked broken reflection I held the mirror so many questions didn’t know what to do.

My life was tainted that cloudy picture badly painted, memory’s I want lost to be thrown away hidden in the dark, but if I could if I really could I wouldn’t go back and change the past.

They all still look at me and see an old nail covered in rust, when you look at me your eyes whisper love from your sweet heart.

I lost the plot decided to stop forgot what life was all about, I was always sad very mad I suppose I was angry at the life I had I had given up I closed my heart cause I could smell and feel it rot.

You came my way and told me it’s okay, you gave me life you gave me a reason to want to stay you saved me from the madness that I was feeling everyday.

Good Times because if you and I’ll end thus poem by telling you i love you.

JidosReality 26.6.15

A Põem for My little Girl The strenth she hás given me.