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Thinking about that whole monster thing, it'd be pr cute if people would do one of those posts where you add on your own monster character onto a picture to have like all of them doing cute poses with eachother

cool i can’t draw

Hey fandom I need Pixal and Zane references from aus that you own or like! I’m doing a project and need these pictures and references so please help me out! I working the hitman au, I will be doing the demon au I have and my own au as will as the evil, please send me any au that you know have Pixal and or Zane in them please do I can do this project!

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I don't think you received any question about Adelaide yet so 7, 15 and 20! >: )

7: Describe your OC’s fashion sense.

Laidy hated living in Tevinter but she loved the clothes so much. The fabric was amazing, the style, the looks, oh she misses those and little else.

She prefers a more simple look nowadays and accessorizes with a cute little scarf around her neck. She favors earthy colors to wear, with a little hint of red here and there. She isn’t fussy about what she wears, but she makes an effort to present herself in a neat way.

15: Your OC is given the chance to go back in time. Where do they go and what do they do? 

Her immediate thought would be that Templar she ended up killing. There’s a lot of guilt there.

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20: Post a picture or gif that describes your OC.

She’s pretty much her own obstacle to finding happiness and I hope she finds the inner strength to move past the feelings that weigh her down!!

Thanks for asking about Laidy ;v;

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No clay i do not own an xbox same degrees as a full circle; my brother did and he sold it because he had no concept of money. And everyone knows the playstation is superior

hrm, well my profile picture is a gamer picture from the xbox sum of all angles in a quadrilateral. and yeah, youre right, playstation is superior, but does it have cat anime avatar?

[Vittorio] Ciao ciao! Massimo said Angie and I can have our own blog! Sure was nice of him!

[Angelica] We’re the Narcotics Team of Passione! If you have any questions for us, please ask away!

[Massimo] Just don’t make me regret doing this… Vladimir is already as pissed off about this as can be.

[Vittorio/Angelica] We won’t!

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Here’s today’s inktober picture sorry I got the dates wrong as well as some errors in colour, but I hope you like it. It’s an illustration comprising 3 of some of my favourite cartoons/game characters. And the are have pumpkin spice pie and butterscotch & cinnamon pie with hot cocoa, celebrating a typical Autumn day. I would recommend this song to be played whilst maybe try to picture what they are doing. https://youtu.be/Xr53S9vIbCE

im not saying “dont vote”, im saying “dont expect voting to save us”. 

if hillary had won we would be in a better position now, comparatively, but would still be killing masses of ppl overseas, still deporting ppl and putting children in cages, still allowing corporations to ruin this planet, because the people benefitting from those policies are the same ppl funding the Democrats’ campaigns. and most liberals would be telling leftists talking about it to shut up and wait until after the next election, because the priority would be on making sure the Democrats win, cause of course the Republican candidate would still be way worse. voting is damage control, and im doing it, and i think you all should do it, but it’s not the only or even the main thing “the resistance” should be doing. it’s the only thing liberals tweet about because it’s the thing that directly benefits large portions of the ruling class, who also control most of the media and school systems where ppl get their info about politics. it’s playing a rigged game and acting like ppl who say they dont want to put all their faith in said rigged game are just utopian idiots who don’t see the big picture because they only want to vote for “morally pure” candidates🙄

we gotta vote and do direct action. we gotta join unions and organize strikes. we gotta create mutual aid networks. we gotta mobilize and start trying to produce the commodities necessary for life in our own communities (community gardens/permaculture lots for those lucky enough to own some land are a good place to start, as is learning about how to sew and make clothes, maybe some ideas on how to make bootleg medications and accommodations for our disabled comrades, etc). we gotta come up with more creative ways to protest that meaningfully shut down portions of society until our demands are met. we gotta make this country hostile to imperialist, racist Democrats as well as imperialist, racist Republicans.