i do NOT have a very extensive knowledge of memes

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Let's talk about some of the gangseys fave meme???


ok so firstable ronan and henry are on the cutting edge of memes at all times and are most adept at using them? like they both always know exactly the right meme for the occasion. henry’s memes are more topical and ronan’s are more absurdist. ronan also overuses memes so much (murdersquash, anyone?) and likes to use some less popular memes that he kind of claims as his own memes. henry carefully uses a meme so that its impact is preserved.

(sometimes ronan will overuse a meme purely so that henry can’t pull it out for maximum impact. this is a major point of contention.)

noah is only really accustomed to the types of memes that were around in the mid-2000s especially old school youtube. his favorite is probably dramatic chipmunk. however, noah will laugh at like. any of ronan’s memes

adam has a very dry humor but he finds himself unconsciously repeating ronan’s most used memes and making himself laugh at weird times.

gansey is TERRIBLE at memes like actually terrible. he doesn’t know what any of them are and he uses them wrong and late. gansey, last week: “ronan, what’s dabbing? please stop laughing at me when you’re sitting on the floor in your boxers trying to feed your bird.” (ronan spends a week dabbing every time he catches gansey’s eye. everyone except gansey is amused by this.) @cabeswaterlovesthem pointed out that gansey probably only recently discovered the doge meme, which he probably likes. oh he’s probably really into socially awkward penguin

blue likes the 1960s spiderman memes and rick rolling

i want to say that henry, blue, and ronan are all really into vines too. adam and gansey not so much (though they both have a few they like)