Fated Instinct Chapter 10: The Unexpected

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Author’s Note: I am sincerely sorry that these updates are always few and far between, but Fated Instinct is MAH BABY, and I always want to take my time. BUT I do want to at least make these updates a bit more consistent don’t you worry. Anyways, who says nice guys finish last? *SMUT WARNING*

Summary: Sequel to Cabin in the Snow. Akari finds herself in a predicament after an accidental overnight stay in a cabin grants her the title of fiance to the chieftain-to-be M’Baku himself. 

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M’Baku x Akari (OC)

“Akari, you don’t have to my lo-”

Akari silenced M’Baku as his words were substituted for a groan the instant she lowered herself to his length and licked him slowly from hilt to head. M’Baku gulped as he looked at Akari, who rose from her lowered position between his thighs and locked eyes with him. 

He took in the dark sultry silhouette, aglow with the light that peeked through his dark curtains. M’Baku had never once felt truly immobilized much less in the bedroom. But under the gaze of his one and only, his beautiful seductress above him, he felt powerless. He was vulnerable. He was defenseless. He was hers. That much was clear from the look in her eyes, that he swore were glowing in the dark from pure lust mixed and heightened by their bond.

Yes, Akari was inexperienced. Yes, this was the first time Akari had ever gone this far with anyone. But M’Baku had foolishly assumed that he was the only one who was afflicted with want, with need, with pure unadulterated lust because of their bond. Akari’s whole body tingled with that same urge that compelled her to please her mate. To pleasure her betrothed, to feel him write underneath her touch. She liked her lips in anticipation. He had underestimated her.

While Akari would never admit it, her body, her sighs, and her movements would always betray the fact that she wanted to be taken by M’Baku. To be dominated by the beast of a man. But even in amongst the desire, Akari was piece by piece entrusting M’Baku with her body, her soul, and her heart. And beyond all of Akari’s expectations M’Baku had stood by her, never once failed her, had always been there for her.

Even though Akari was not yet ready to confess this with her voice how much he meant to her, how much she was grateful to him… she hoped that maybe she could reward him if not in word… then in deed.

Slowly she took his member in his hands, rolled her neck, before flipping her hair onto her face, and dragged her palms forward up M’Baku’s torso as Akari lowered herself to take M’Baku’s cock in her mouth, almost in heathen idolatry.

Hanuman was her god, but M’Baku was her lord.

Akari slowly took his cock in her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around every crevice, brushing every nerve in M’Baku’s body, making him grip the sheets and groan. Pleased with her betrothed’s response Akari took him all the way down to the hilt, enveloping him in the warmth of her mouth. She then started an agonizingly slow pace, which M’Baku understood was her way of getting used to the feeling, but he could have sworn Akari was doing it just to torture him. With the pleasure. With the pain. As Akari made sure to swerve her tongue this way and that around his member, learning every sensitive place that made him buck against her, or lean into her hands that still lay on his chest.

M’Baku felt Akari’s fingertips grip his skin as she lowered her head even further than before, earning profanities curdled in between moanings of Akari’s name. He couldn’t stop himself from uttering sweet nothings into the silence, the raging desire creeping up on him. M’Baku had never been with someone who handled him so expertly, his perfect match felt unlike anything he had done before. Nothing could compare.

Akari on the other hand never let up, never stopped. Her ministrations only intensified with every groan from M’Baku’s lips until finally with a roar of her name he wrapped her long soft curls in his hands and emptied his seed into her waiting mouth. Recovering from his heightened orgasm, he expected Akari to maybe run to the bathroom, or to look at him with frantic unsure eyes. Instead, he watched as Akari slowly took every last drop of cum from his dick, slowly threw her head back and let it drain down her throat, M’Baku groaning at the erotic sight before him that almost aroused him enough to bring the blood back into his spent member.

“Come here.” M’Baku dragged Akari down on top of her before turning to the side, wrapping her in his embrace, earning a small chuckle from Akari’s lips, as she voluntarily let herself be surrounded in the warmth of her fiancé. “Seems like you are full of surprises.”

“Did I do good for a first time?” Akari asked coyly, knowing full well his roar was a good sign.

M’Baku raised his eyebrows. “Good doesn’t even cover it Kari.”

“Well I’m glad.” Akari chuckled then smiled, closing her eyes and taking in the scent of her bedmate, biting her lip in content. M’Baku simply watched her at ease in his arms, before letting three, weighted words spill from his lips.

“I love you.”

Akari’s big beautiful eyes snapped open and stared at M’Baku, her mouth slightly parted. M’Baku himself at a loss, not even realising the words had left his mouth. But before he could try and explain for fear of Akari jumping out of the bed and running, Akari’s tentative lips met his before her wavering voice spoke.

“I love you too.”


“Someone must’ve had a good morning.” Runi nudged Akari’s arm with a smirk that was returned by her blushing best friend, looking thoroughly flushed yet sated. Both Runi and Akari were returning from the market with groceries, which pleasantly ended up being half the normal price considering Akari’s ‘future chieftess’ status.

“Well it was definitely interesting.” Akari couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of the gentle giant, who had almost bear hugged her to death after they both said those three fated words. Akari knew that they both had meant it, and she was glad she had the courage to say what she felt. They spent a while longer in each other’s embrace, talking about their relationship, their weeks, neither one having a chance of forgetting what had been confessed. It also had taken over half an hour, multiple kisses, and endless promises of more ‘quality time’ to convince M’Baku to let her leave his bed. Which he had now deemed “our bed”, the sneaky little-

“Hey Runi,” Akari suddenly realised, turning around. “You never did tell me about how you managed to distract Zahkele that other night I snuck out.”

“Oh I didnt?” Runi mentally cursed Akari’s great memory, while Akari peered at her best friend’s back, curious that her voice was all of a sudden two octaves higher. “No you didnt…”

“Well let’s just say I pulled an oldie but a goodie, and that you owe me for covering your ass.” Runi said dismissively, trying to forget the night of sins past….


The night of sins past….

Runi had to think fast. She had entered the room expecting to see a sleeping Akari that she would most definitely jump, but instead all she saw was an empty bed and an open window. Having no time to figure out where her best friend had snuck out to she could hear Zahkele’s footsteps coming down the hallway, and whatever was going on Runi knew she couldn’t risk Akari getting caught. That girl owes me big time for this.

Zahkele made his way up the stairs to make sure Akari was taking care of her loud-ass friend so he wouldn’t have to end up cooking for two. “Kari get up and make sure that Runi has something to ea-”


Zahkele’s eyes widened when he opened the door only to see a dark silhouette of Runi in nothing but a thin silken black bra and matching underwear in the middle of the room before he quickly shut it.

“Shit shit shit I’m SORRY RUNI!”


Zahkele shot back with a yell. “You just got here why are you almost NAKED?!”

“Uhm, I’m getting changed since I’m sleeping over you PERVERT!”

“I said I was SORRY! Damn.” Zahkele grunted, scratching the back of his head before retreating. Runi herself exhaled as she heard the footsteps stop with a slam of Zahkele’s own door. Nice work Runi… crisis averted.

Unfortunately for Zahkele his crisis had just begun, as he slammed his own door behind him in frustration, begrudgingly trying hard to ignore the semi-hardon growing beneath his pants.


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