i could literally stare at him forever

“I can’t stop smiling. My face is literally incapable of not smiling right now.”

 Magnus chuckled as he rolled over on his side to look at Alec, who was on his back and staring at the ceiling, eyes wide and smile unusually bright, as if he hadn’t ever smiled like that in his whole life. His cheeks were flushed and his hair was messy and he was bundled up in the covers and he looked like an absolute vision. Magnus could watch him like this forever, the runes on his skin so exquisite and itching to be traced, the rise and fall of his chest with coarse hair and soft skin, the glow that seemed to illuminate from the Shadowhunter lying besides him. He took Alec in like fine wine, slow and savoring every single taste.

“Is this a side effect? Not being able to stop smiling? Wait, no, scratch that. ‘Side effect’ sounds like something related to a disease and that’s, you know, bad, and what just happened was not bad at all and I just-” Alec lolled his head to one side to gaze at Magnus and Magnus felt like he was looking at the moon, the glistening, gorgeous moon.

Wow.” Alec breathed and he was smiling like the face time they met, one corner of his lips turned up and his teeth flashing a lovely white, unguarded and unashamed and almost wonder struck as if it snuck up on him. Magnus laughed, feeling free and light, tucking his legs closer to his body and reaching out to run his fingers down Alec’s arm.

“‘Wow’ indeed,” He hummed, giggles between his words, fingers making circular motions on a particular rune on Alec’s bicep. “I haven’t felt like this in a long time.” he murmured, more to himself than to Alec, so he was surprised when the other man nodded in agreement.

“I haven’t felt like this ever,” Alec mused, shifting onto his side to face Magnus, their faces so close Magnus forgot how to breathe. “I can’t even really put into words how I’m feeling right now. all I can think is-”

“Wow?” Magnus asked with a soft smile and Alec laughed, scrunching up his nose, pulling Magnus by the waist closer so that they were flush against each other. the heat and happiness radiating from Alec’s body combined with the light sheen of sweat made Magnus’ heart skip a beat.

“Yeah, wow,” Alec replied quietly, lifting his head a bit and accidentally brushing Magnus’ nose. He was quiet for a second, the close proximity causing his eyelashes to occasionally flutter across Magnus’ cheek. “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course.” 

“You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” 

Magnus smiled, laughing while his heart and mind raced. “But there are so many beautiful men in this world.” He replied jokingly, seeing if Alec would chuckle as well or agree.

Alec only stared at him with an intense, fixed gaze. “I’m serious. You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Magnus blinked, not knowing what to say. A few seconds of silence passed before he rolled over on his back to stare at the ceiling. “I, um, thank you,” He said, overcome with emotion and cringing internally at his word choice. “You are, too.”

“Really?” Magnus looked back at Alec who was still on his side, an expression of surprise and a tiny smile on his face.

“Why are you so surprised?”

Alec shrugged, rolling his shoulders a bit. “I don’t know. I guess I’ve never thought about myself in that way before.”

Magnus studied him, the way Alec radiated a roughness accompanied by a tender aura, how his eyes seemed to contain galaxies yet how he still had so much to learn, how he had a mole at the base of his neck that shouldn’t be as adorable as Magnus found it. He reached over and stroked Alec’s hair and his heart soared when the other man leaned into his touch.

“But you are,” Magnus said softly, bringing their faces closer to kiss Alec’s forehead. “You’re beautiful, Alexander Lightwood.”

The blush on Alec’s face deepened as did the width of his smile. 

“You have a way with words, Magnus Bane.” He replied turning his head to kiss the inside of Magnus’ palm. “Is it okay if I stay the night?”

“More than.” Magnus beamed at him and Alec made a happy noise, shifting so his back was to Magnus and allowing him to pull him into his arms.

“Night, Magnus.” Alec said groggily, squeezing the hand resting on his stomach.

“Goodnight, Alexander.” Magnus pressed a kiss to Alec’s shoulder blades, almost missing the soft giggle that escaped from Alec when he did so.


Hey guys!! So this is my first imagine so be gentle to my fragile heart.lol I’m just playing go awf! I am in no way a writer so all feedback, good or bad is welcome. Also literally no one asked for this I just have a weird imagination and needed it down in writing for my own selfish reasons but I hope you guys like it. And if you want a part 2 I’m down. Just let a sis know. Kk love you bye. Oh and this stories kinda inspired by the song Ivy by Frank Ocean, so if you wanna take a listen be my guest.

Summary: Y/N has been friends with the twins for nearly 5 years but for the last two you’ve realized that you are head over heels in love with Ethan. It has become increasingly harder for you to hide it from the boys any longer. However, there’s a problem… Ethan has a girlfriend. Y/N now has to decide if you should confess your feelings for him despite his relationship or walk away from the only love you’ve ever known.

Warnings: None really. Cursing, mentions of sex and maybe questionable writing.lol

Words: About 2.7K

Part 2

Part 3

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Where the absolute hell were you?

You had gone to bed at your house in Texas, just as always, but now you were on some beach not in your messy ass room.

‘Looks like someone is awake.’

You immediately swing in the direction of the voice, your hand being caught by a larger rougher hand.

Its a guy.

You kicked as hard as you could aiming between the legs.

‘Woah! Watch it tiger.’ the guy said as he caught your leg, now you were in this weird ass position.

‘I’ll chill if you let go of my damn leg and tell me where the hell I am!’ you yelled.

The guy finally let go of you and you gained balance, taking a moment to actually look at the guy.  

Average height, light brown hair, green eyes, cute little nose, and nice lips. If you had been in a better situation you would be flirting with this guy, but this is not a better situation.

‘Where am I?’ you asked again.

‘We’re in Neverland.’

‘Neverland? Yeah right, then who are you supposed to be, Peter Pan?’ you scoffed.

‘So you have heard of me?’ he smiled.

No way.

‘Seriously? OK fine, why am I here then, to be the Mom of Lost Boys, did Wendy quit or something.’ you joked.

‘Actually that is partially why you are here, the boys are rowdy and I cant be around all the time.’

‘Hell no, absolutely not, I don’t care if your Mickey Mouse. Take me home right now.’ you demanded.

‘Hey, playing mother has perks; freedom to roam the island, an army ready to kill and die for you.’ Peter Pan said.

‘Yeah that has literally never been on my wishlist.’you deadpanned.

‘How about a husband?’

‘Excuse me?’ you gasped.

‘The other reason you are here; I miss a woman’s touch.’ he said as he looked you up and down.

Only then did you realize you were wearing nothing but one of your dad’s old shirts and some panties.

 You quickly cover your chest from his intense gaze.

‘Hey eyes up here you pervert!’ you yelled as you blushed.

‘I could stare into you eyes forever.’ he smirked.

‘Oh God.’ you groaned as you turned away from him.

‘No offense but I like this view even more.’ Peter said as he placed his hands on your waist.

You spun ready to slap his accent back to England only for him to catch your hand.

‘You know what you have…its not the usual fire I like. Its…hotter, like lava.’ he whispered into your ear.

‘The thing about lava, is that it burns like hell.’ you said before swinging your hand back, finally managing to hit him in the nuts.

‘Argh!’ he grunted as he held himself, letting go of you long enough for you to run away.

You ran through the jungle, as fast as your bare feet would allow. Peter was cute, but you are not looking for marriage at sixteen.

You ran until you bumped into something, more specifically someone.

You look up at yet another attractive boy, this one had a jagged scar by his eye and a really cool earring that went well with the club he was carrying. 

‘Hello mother.’ he smirked.

Of course its a damn Lost Boy.

You turned away to run only to be face to face with Peter Pan, and he seemed very pissed.

‘Oh shit.’

Jack Maynard Imagine - Fallen for you.

You were not always sure whether you could take Jack seriously or not. The way he talked to you and behaved around you, sometimes had you confused. You thought it was obvious that you liked him as more than a friend, you were so sure. So everytime he got a little too cute, or a little too close, you wondered whether it might be you, who either didn’t notice he was dying for you, or were making a whole love story up.

“Hello again, guys” you heard Jack say as he held his vlogging camera up “So now I’m here with Y/N because everyone else dumped me” he put his strong arm around your shoulders as you got into the shot and waved.

“I’ll dump you as well if we don’t leave to get some food right now” you warned him, making him laugh.

“So” he continued “As I was saying, I’m here with this loser because I was bloody bored out of my mind and she has no friends, so she’s available” he joked, pointing the camera at you to get your reaction. You gave him the middle finger as you put your pink cap on.

He then took it off your head “I’m pretty sure this is mine” he laughed, putting the cap on. It wasn’t uncommon for you to steal Jack’s clothes. Anything from a loose t-shirt to an oversized jacket could appear on your wardrobe without you even noticing. 

You blushed, as it was the third day in a row he had caught you wearing something his. He chuckled, putting the cap back on your head “It’s fine, you can keep that” he said “Looks cuter on you anyway”

“Of course it does” whenever Jack complimmented you on camera, you never knew what to do. The fact that you had millions of people watching you, people who in fact dreamed of you getting together - you even had a ship name, for calling out loud - didn’t help at all. It might sound ridiculous, a YouTuber being camera shy; but there was something about Jack that never let you relax completely.

Eventually, he put the camera down and you headed towards the nearest mall. It was already fairly late. The sky was dark, filled with heavy clouds. You didn’t dare to venture London center in case the weather decided to play you.

As you walked besides each other, your sides touching, it hit you that maybe you were making it all up on your head. That maybe you were seeing things. That maybe he saw you as another sister, even though you definetly didn’t think of him as the brother you never had. 

“Hey” he spoke, waking you up from your day-thinking “You’re so quiet, everything alright?”

You looked up at him, and even though his sunglasses didn’t let you see his eyes, you thought they looked as comforting as always “Yeah, I just zoned out for a sec” you said, which was indeed kind of true. He put an arm around you and kissed your cheek. He didn’t say a word until you arrived at the mall, and neither did you.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I’m being dragged into Homebase” Jack spoke to the camera, a while after you left the coldness of the street behind and met the festive looks of the mall.

You turned your head “I just want to smell the candles” you laughed, as he pointed the camera at you while you held a cotton candy candle “Jeez, this is nasty” you said, making Jack laugh.

He then pointed at another candle behind you. This was gingerbread house scented “Totally smells like Christmas” you said as you sniffed it “I totally had these ones growing up” you said to the camera, inhaling the homey scent “Crap, now I want ten”

Jack laughed, still recording you “When did we become candle bloggers?” he asked, as your eyes lit up. Jack knew your passion for candles. He would often surprise you with a random one because ‘it reminded me of you and I couldn’t help myself’, usually followed by a weird look from Conor. Since when did his little brother stop by the candle aisle?

“Give this video a thumbs up if you want Jack and I to make a side channel for candle blogging” you joked.

“Jack! Y/N!” you heard someone calling your names loudly. You followed the direction of the voice as your eyes met three young girls, probably around fifteen, holding their phones in their hands and smiling widely “Can we take a quick picture with you guys?” a girl with long braided hair asked.

“No need to ask” you smiled back at them.

“Sure” Jack said, as he put his camera down. The girl gave him her phone and you took a few selfies.

“Thank you” the girl said once Jack gave her her phone back “Were you guys vlogging?” she asked.

“Yeah” Jack said, smiling at how excited the girls seemed to be “We are candle bloggers now” you said, holding the gingerbread candle up. The girls laughed.

“You’re so cute together” a short girl with blonde girl said, making you blush and Jack chuckle. 

The girl with braided hair spoke again “I know it’s none of our business and you probably wouldn’t admit it anyway” she said, and you were surprised at how casually she was talking to you when she had just freaked out a few moments earlier “But tell us, please, that you’re dating or something”

You both laughed, not knowing what to say. The answer was no, yet none of you made it clear “Or something” Jack said, and he laughed again. 

The girls left shortly. After having Jack drag you out of Homebase, you decided to grab some Chinese takeaway and take it to your apartment. When you went outside, it was pouring rain. 

Jack took out his vlogging camera again “Look at the daily vlogger” you said before he could say anything else. He pushed you aside, a cheeky grin on his face “You’re such a pain in the ass” he joked, and you pushed him back. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a hug.

“You’re a fucking idiot” you said, laughing as you adjusted your cap, only to have Jack pushing it back against your forehead. You whined.

“You love me” he smiled, as he earned a death stare from you.

“You wish, Maynard”


Before you could get any more wet, you arrived at your place. Jack took off his jacket and threw it at you “You just can’t stop, can you?” you rolled your eyes, as you left him behind, laughing, to change into your stay-at-home clothes.

When you went back to the living room, he was already waiting for you on the couch, your dinner spread on the table next to two beers. You plopped down next to him “So” you spoke, taking your chopsticks out of the bag “Have you found any place to move in yet?”

Jack opened his can of beer, and all you could do was to stare at his hands, suddenly longing his touch “Nope” he said, popping the P “And I literally need to leave my place in three days” he took a long sip.

“You can stay here if you want” you offered “I mean, until you find somewhere else”

He grinned “Can’t I stay with you forever?” he turned his head to look at you.

You moved your eyes away from his to avoid blushing “Forever is a really long time” you almost whispered.

“I know” you heard him say, while your eyes focused on the black TV screen “Do you think you could stand me forever?” he asked after a pause. Your heart sank. You didn’t dare to look at him just yet.

You took a long sip of your beer “Well” you started “I don’t think I could stand a girl in your room every day of the week” you said without thinking. When you heard the words that left your mouth, you gulped, and your heart started to race.

Jack, however, chuckled slightly “I meant being with you, forever” he corrected, but it didn’t make your heartbeat go any slower.

Your eyes finally met his, the blue in them burning your pupils “Are you being serious right now?”

He looked down, and left his can on the table. His fingers went through his hair, and that’s when you knew he was indeed, being serious “Why wouldn’t I be?” the grin on his face vanished. Yours was long gone.You were at ease.

“What do you mean, Jack?” you asked, leaving your beer on the table as well.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked at you. You looked vulnerable, afraid. You were afraid of him hurting you, because it was the last thing you needed, and the last thing he wanted.

“I mean, you’re probably gonna punch me in the face for this” he laughed, his hand scratching his neck “But I’ve kind of…well, yeah… I didn’t intend to, I just-”

“Spit it out, Jack” you interrumpted him abruptly.

He sighed “I’ve kinda fallen for you…yeah” he admitted, his eyes still not meeting yours. Your heart finally slowed down, causing your features to turn softer. You let out a small laugh, making he turn his head “Why are you laughing?” he asked, but before he could get any offended, you closed the heavy gap between you and pressed your lips against his.

His hand instintively went to your waist, like it usually did, just this time his grip was a little tighter. You cupped his face on your hands, slowly working your way towards his lap. He happily lifted you up so now your legs were around his hips, kissing him more passionately than before.

When your lungs ached for air, you pulled apart slightly, as your foreheads were still connected “I repeat, you’re an idiot” you smiled as his finger brushed the corner of your lips. He kissed you again, holding you close to his warm body.

And you realized it was true what they said, that you can miss places you’ve never been to, and people whose touch you never felt. But now, inside Jack’s arms, you closed your eyes as you let love rub your back. 

Is This Love (That I’m Feelin’?)

Summary: @mellmichael suggested boyf riends asking each other to prom, so that’s what this is. Christine, Brooke, and Chloe help them plan their promposals, and the boys take it from there. Pure fluff.  

Word Count: 3,822

AN: Slight spoiler – a mixtape is involved and that playlist actually exists and can be found here. Special thanks to @mariesghostsart​ for phoning a friend to help my only-listens-to-musicals ass come up with some songs. Jeremy unabashedly loves Owl City and you can fight me on that.

Jeremy stared hard at the list in front of him, clicking the end of his pen against the table. Sighing, he flipped it around and crossed out what he’d just written.

“Whatcha doing, Jeremy?”

Oh no. No, no, he’d specifically chosen a spot in the corner of the library so that no one could read over his shoulder. Well, as long as Brooke stayed on the other side of the table–

“He’s probably writing Naruto erotica,” came Chloe’s voice, and oh, great, they were sliding into seats on either side of him.

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I Thought I Lost You Forever

Imagine: Imagine being supernatural gifted and because of your gift, you can come back from death and confessing your feelings for Elijah, when he thinks he has lost you forever and Klaus giving you his blessing with his brother.

Notes// CREDITS TO AUTHOR. Whoever emailed this in, didn’t write their account. I do not take credit for this.


I could see him. He was standing next to the tree I fell from, when we first met. I literally fell at his feet and instead of bursting out in laughter, he remained a gentleman and asked me if I was fine. At this moment I couldn’t say anything, I just stared into his warm brown eyes.

Later, I learned he was one of the Original Vampires, whom the supernatural community was afraid of. Elijah saved my life that day I fell from the tree, and since then, I have not been afraid of him or his siblings.

Witches wanted to sacrifice me, to get more power and because of my ability to walk between two worlds, as I liked to call it, I was the perfect choice.

I was always able to sense the presence of ghosts and the people I have met in my earlier life. I do believe in reincarnation and the fact that I could sense Elijah’s Presence when he was around, was proof to me, that I indeed had known him from a previous life of mine.
The witches had taken me from one of my days off from college and from the moment everything blacked out, I couldn’t remember anything, not even how I died.

Elijah’s Brother Niklaus came closer and didn’t said anything, they just stood next to each other in Silence. I always called him Klaus, unless he was in Trouble, then his girlfriend would yell his full name. Every time when that happened and I happened to be in the room, he would turn to me and say “I’m in trouble” with his Devil Smirk as I called it, because he was never really bothered when one of his siblings or his girlfriend called him by his full name.

“We will avenge y/n.” he promised Elijah, it seemed like that Elijah didn’t care for avenging me.

“It won’t bring her back” he replied.

Revenge would not bring me back, but I could see him. So dying the witch I was, I should be able to get through the barrier that made it impossible for Ghosts to make physical contact or been seen by people who aren’t like me supernatural gifted.

But when I see him, what would I tell him? That I love him? That I was too scared he wouldn’t feel the same way? Because I knew he had Feelings for Hayley a long time ago.

Before the witches took me, I overheard a conversation he had with Rebekah, where he told her that he had feelings for someone, but it wasn’t Hayley. I was so scared of the answer that I didn’t wait, I just took off. Now maybe, I have the chsnce to tell him how I feel but I am not sure if I am strong enough to enter the real world again.

“Elijah” I spoke his name gently and it seemed like he had heard me, because he looked straight into my eyes.

My hand reached out to him, and he looked at my hand and within seconds, I felt his warm Arms around me, his lips on my ear whispering, “I thought I lost you forever Y/N”.

My heart seemed to explode, my Face in his hand, his Lips on my mine. The feelings racing through my body were undescribable.

When he released me from his firm grip, I took all my courage and whispered “I love you Elijah”. The smile what broke through on his face by my words was truly heartwarming.

“I love you too my little angel” he replied and his words brought me back completely in the world I had shared with him before my death.

“I know you two would like to be alone now but I’m happy you’re back Y/N and make my brother happy” Klaus gave us his blessing before disappearing and leaving me with my love.

“How is this even possible?” Elijah asked me while he hold me close and searched my face for answers as if he couldn’t believe that I was back.

“I don’t know, I’m just glad that I could see you and I won’t leave” I replied and kissed him quick.

Elijah smiled, “I won’t ever let you out of my sight again Y/N” he made clear and I smiled at his words. Since the day I fell at his feet, I had always thought he was special, now I know how special he was indeed. He was my soulmate no matter how awfully romantic it may sound. He was my one true love.

panda-duuu  asked:

Hi there! How are you? :) so I saw the Christmas prompt list and wanted to request #1 and #4 with Jason if that's okay ? #4 said by the reader (and with an actual kiss so it is somehow fluffy - I love reading fluff) Thank you! have a nice day ❤

Title: Jealousy

Request: @panda-duuu: Hi there! How are you? :) so I saw the Christmas prompt list and wanted to request #1 and #4 with Jason if that’s okay ? #4 said by the reader (and with an actual kiss so it is somehow fluffy - I love reading fluff) Thank you! have a nice day ❤

Summary: You get jealous when you see girls flirting with Jason.

Prompt(s) used: 1. “You do realize that there’s a mistletoe above us, right?” & 4. “Screw the tradition! If you dare kiss me just because there’s a mistletoe above us, I will punch your face.”

Word count: 503.

Warning(s): none.

A/N: I hope you enjoy!

You walked around the large room filled with people, occasionally greeting some familiar faces. You were invited to Bruce Wayne’s Christmas party by Jason, yet he was nowhere in sight.

Finally, you spotted him, but he was surrounded by women. Women touching him and flirting with him.

You frowned, eyes narrowing at the sight. You felt an ache in your chest, and your grip tightening around your clutch.

Of course you were jealous. You and Jason had been friends for years, and you had eventually developed a crush on him. A stupid, one-sided crush.

Right as you made eye contact with him, you quickly walked away, despite him calling your name for you to stop.

You went to the balcony outside, the cold air against your skin making you shiver. It helped you calm down, nonetheless.

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harry is so gorgeous??? he has this intriguing thing about him and it’s so beautiful?? he literally glows and shines brighter than any star out there?? like have you ever looked at someone and thought.. wow i could stare at them forever and never get bored?? bich im in love

alxhmora  asked:

Congrats !! *throws around confetti* M sorry I couldn't decide which one of these sentences I should send so here- "you're in my inappropriate thoughts" "Some ppl search their whole lives to find what I found in you" and "M doing a thing called what I want" also "don't make me laugh, m trying to be mad at you" I know these are too many but I couldn't decide which so you could just choose anyone you like Thank you in advance !! 😀😙

SO i finally decided to do this 😂😂 sorry it took me literally forever but i ended up doing all the ones you asked, and i combined the last two!!! They’re all drarry woops, hope you enjoy!!!!


~ “You’re in my inappropriate thoughts.” Draco said, staring at himself in the mirror. It wasn’t convincing enough, not at all. He had to try to change how he was going to tell Potter that all in all… He wanted to kiss him. But it’d have to be something better.

~ “Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.” Harry whispered, leaning forward with the smallest graze against Draco’s cheek, his own eyes filling with a watery glaze. Draco stared right back at him, his once dull, grey, orbs now bright and promising. “And what’d you find in me?” Draco asked, voice wavering a bit as he felt his heart start to swell. “A home.”

~ “I’m doing a thing called ‘What I Want.” Draco countered, grabbing the protesting Harry by the waist and tossing him over his shoulder, like they did in those movies. This was the only way he could get Harry to go anywhere, especially since he’d been bickering with Draco for the past twenty minutes. “Merlin, Draco! Put me down!!! I’m not playing games!” Harry screeched, fists pounding at the boy’s back as he was hoisted off. Draco chuckled, finally releasing the boy to sit him on a bench, leaning down with his palms pressed to thighs to see Harry fully, “I am,” He taunted, smirking gently before he leaned forward and attacked Harry with tickles. “Don’t make me laugh, I’m trying to be mad at you!” He protested, feeling the weight of Draco’s slender fingers tickle around his rib cage and his sides, causing Harry to double over in a fit of giggles. Nothing would stop Draco, as long as he could see the pretty smile on Harry’s face, he’d do whatever he could to help out. It’d been so long that Harry had gone without smiling, without being happy.. After the war and all? But now.. This is what true happiness felt like to him. And Draco was the reasoning behind it.


“I knew this guy [Begbie] so well. He’s become like a friend, really. Literally, everywhere I go, every country that I go to, people know this character. He’s just psychotic, but they kind of love him in this strange kind of way.”

T2 Trainspotting - Begbie Featurette - Starring Robert Carlyle - At Cinemas January 27

Morning Shower

Original Imagine: Imagine having morning sex with Damon in the shower

Author: anon

Word Count: 877

Warnings: Sexual content. And english is not my first language, so I hope I didn’t do a lot of grammar mistakes… apologies if there’s any.

You woke up and got out of the bed, carefully not to wake Damon, and walked into the bathroom.
Looking at yourself in the mirror, you saw that your hair was all over the place, with some pieces attached your skin to the sweat covering your body, making you feel dirty. Last night was definitely a heated night… you thought to yourself as the images of the previous night flashed through your mind, making you smile. But you hated feeling dirty, so to take care of that, you turned on the shower and quickly stripped down. When the water was warm enough to relax your muscles, you jumped in, a sigh of relief escaping your lips.
You closed your eyes and took in the feeling of the hot water falling onto your skin, slowly relaxing every muscle of your body. The sweet scent of lavender surrounded you. Hands started gently massaging your scalp clean, every so often across your shoulders… a finger traced down your neck and you moaned softly.

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"I Love You, I Always Will” Theo Raeken

Request: 9,8,18 with theo raeken

8. “Without you, I feel like, there’s no air and I can’t breathe.”

9. “You said you would love me forever, but I guess forever wasn’t as long as we’d expected.”

18. “If you can say it to my face, than I’ll leave you alone. For good, this time.”

Prompt List: x

A/N: tbh this is probably one of my favourites that I’ve ever written, so I put a lot of effort into this!!


Theo Raeken was without a doubt the person you’d do anything for, and someone you really loved dearly, and there were times where you couldn’t believe that you were with him.

But still, despite all the good, came the bad. He tried, he tried his damn hardest to protect you, but still he wanted his power, and sometimes you felt like he would choose that over you. Theo always treated you right, there was no doubt about that, but when it came to the supernatural, he got way, way too involved.

Scott had made you break things off with Theo before you got hurt, because being involved with the bad guy was never a good sign, nor would it benefit you in the end. All this time, you realized that, even if you loved him immensely, you were never going to be safe being around him.

And as hard as it was to let him go, you had to.

And you did.

That didn’t mean Theo gave up without a fight, and since that day you guys had ended it all, he tried his best to get you back. Today was the day you couldn’t handle it anymore, you couldn’t handle the constant feeling of the rejecting you had to do. You couldn’t handle seeing him nearly breaking into tears, and promising he was going to fight for you.

Today, that was the day you finally broke down because you loved him so, so much that it physically, and emotionally hurt just being around him in such a small space.

“Theo, you can’t keep doing this!” You tried to shout, but you couldn’t, you knew if you did, your voice would crack and you would just have tears spilling from your eyes in no time.

“We can’t just end things like this!” Theo protested, trying not to raise his voice too much.

He knew it scared you sometimes, and the last thing, the last thing Theo would ever want to do is scare you.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t. We can’t, and we won’t. You have to stop. You can’t keep coming here, and begging me to take you back, because we can’t be together!” You insisted, desperate to push him away.

It’s not like you wanted to. You would never want to give up everything you had with Theo, because God, you couldn’t even explain how numb you felt, and the fact that every time you saw him without you, you could literally feel your heart breaking. You just wanted to be with him, so badly, but you knew it wasn’t right. The timing, the stupid timing just wasn’t right for you two.

You said you would love me forever, but I guess forever wasn’t as long as we’d expected.” He murmured, not realizing that you had heard him completely.

You looked up from your gaze at the hardwood flooring and stared at him, staring into his sad eyes that made you feel extremely guilty, so guilty that you had to turn away again, just briefly so you wouldn’t crumble and fall back into his arms.

“I do love you Theo.” You exclaim. “I still love you! I meant what I said when I would love you, forever, but we can’t be together. You know that.”

You managed to raise your voice a little, but still it was heartbreaking for Theo to see you so visibly upset and not able to yell at him because he knew you were going to cry if you even tried to scream a little. You were growing frustrated because you loved him, so much, and it was frustrating not being able to express that to him.

“So why, why are we doing this? Why are we spending so much time apart, and staying broken up?” He persists questionably, as his voice broke.

“You know why.” You breathed out. “I don’t think I should explain it again.”

“Okay fine, but if you can do this one thing for me, I won’t bother you anymore.” Theo insisted.

“What is it?” You ask quietly.

If you can say it to my face, than I’ll leave you alone. For good this time,” Theo uttered. “Tell me that you don’t love me, that you never want to see me again, that you don’t care about me anymore. That every moment we spent together was a lie, and that what we had wasn’t special and it was completely meaningless. That our whole relationship was based off of nothing but infatuation. Tell me that we didn’t, really love each other. I’ll leave you alone if you can tell me all of that.”

“Theo, you know I can’t do that.” Your voice breaks, and you don’t want to say any more because your throat is aching and all you want to do is just go home and cry.

“Say it, because than I know you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. It’ll make it easier for me to turn my back and never think of you again. So please Y/N, just say it.” Theo’s voice was low, quiet, pleading almost.

“I-I can’t.” You stammered, your eyes giving out as it refused to keep your tears in. “Theo you know it’s not true, I can’t say it. Don’t, please don’t make me say it.”

Your heart was beating, so fast you felt uncomfortable. You felt tired and irritable, your makeup staining your now reddened cheeks as you stared at the boy in front of you. The boy that you really loved, and you couldn’t explain why you did.

“Theo, you don’t know how hard it is for me to stop seeing you, because I would never make this decision willingly. You don’t understand how hard it is to see you in class and not be able to go up to you and touch you, or not being able to go out with you, and having to pretend like I hate you when I don’t, and you don’t understand, how it fucking feels not being with you at all. Without you, it feels like there’s no air, and I can’t breathe.” You explain, completely and utterly out of breath, as you finished with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N,” Theo began, but you cut him short with a choked sob as he wrapped you in his arms and embraced you so comfortingly that you closed your eyes and inhaled his scent as you nuzzled your face deeper into his chest.

“I’m sorry,” You murmur, beginning to pull away.

“Don’t be.” Theo says in a hushed voice. “Y/N, please, I would do anything for you, just for you to take me back.”

“You don’t mean that,” You voiced. “You, you can’t give up the thing I want you to, and I don’t ever expect you to do that.”

“I know what you want me to give up, and I will,” Theo exclaimed. “It’s my pride for power, how invested I get with it. That’s it isn’t it? Because I’m putting our lives in danger, and you’re scared that someone’s going to get hurt, and that’s why. I know that’s why you’re pushing me away, why you broke up with me.”

“Theo,” You want to say something, but you don’t know even know what you’re supposed to think right now. Fortunately, Theo interrupted you, continuing to speak.

“I will give that up. I will stop fighting for power, I’ll fix the bad things I’ve done, I’ll do what ever the hell it takes to redeem myself, to others, and most especially you. I will tire myself to no end if it means I get you back, because you don’t understand how badly I need you. Y/N, I fucking promise you, I will go to my wits ends just to make sure I can be with you, and make sure you’re safe and protected, and I’ll stop doing all the things that you want me to.”

Theo rambled on and on, blubbering all these words that, clearly overwhelmed you, but for all the right reasons.

You knew he meant it, because when it came to power, that’s all he wanted, but because he loved you, he was willing to give it all up.

You looked at him, and saw all the sincerity written across his face, as his eyes were filled with such hope and a small smile danced across his face and he looked at you with such faith, that your heart melted seeing how hopeful he was.

You just couldn’t help but nod, pressing a kiss to his reddened lips as he sighed heavily, nuzzling his face into your neck as your hands rubbed comforting circles on his back. His lips brushed against your neck as he gently kissed your skin.

He pulled away and looked at you, trying to find the right words to say, because, you had just taken him back, and he couldn’t describe how happy that had made him because he was going to change this time. He was going to change because he knew it was the right thing to do, and the bonus fact that he could actually be with you, if he did just that. And he couldn’t even explain how much he loved you, and the feelings that surrounded him as a grin formed on his face, and your smile that made his heart burst.

“I love you.” He finally decided to say.

And he said those three words, because as the saying goes ‘it was simple, but effective.’ He chose those words because he knew they had so much meaning, and seeing how your smile widened and your cheeks blushed a rosy pink.

“I love you, I always will.” You say in a whisper.

And you knew that you wouldn’t regret your decision because this was the happiest you had been since you had been separated from Theo. And you couldn’t possible regret taking back the person that was going to be a better person, the person that you loved endlessly.

Because as you promised, you were going to love this boy. You were going to love Theo, no matter what happened, wether you two were together or not, there was no way you could ever lose your feelings for him, and as scary as that was, you had so much hope that your relationship was going to patch itself up and remain a constant this time. You promised that you were going to love him, and that’s what you were intent on doing.



*Based on @babycalofficial ‘s blurb*

Calum hated himself sometimes. It’s hard to hide a secret such as being a werewolf. He knew how he’d need to keep control or he’d get into his wolf self and he’d scare everyone away from him. Even his girlfriend Emily. He didn’t even loved her anymore, being together became an usual thing: waking up and sending his girlfriend a morning text. The same routine every day.
But in the afternoon he’d go in the woods in his wolf self and run around staring at the nature, how pretty it was in autumn or in spring. He loved to drink in the river and try to catch fish, the typical wolf life, basically.

Until one day.
He saw someone sitting  on one of the rocks beside the river, he stared at her from afar. It was a familiar face but he couldn’t recognize her. She was writing on a black book and looked cute when biting the end of the pen she was using.

The next day at school he was still thinking at that girl he saw in the woods. He was walking past a group of girls when he saw her.
“that’s where I saw her!” he thought to himself smiling winningly at himself, the only problem was that he didn’t know her name.

From that day, Calum’s routine changed. He’d started waking up thinking about the ‘girl of the woods’ ever since he woke up thinking “Today I’m going up to her” but he’d always chickened out.
Months went on ‘till the day he was laying peacefully in the water, refreshing his paws when she arrived.
He didn’t expect her to go in the woods on a Sunday morning but she did and he smelled sadness in the air.
She was crying.

He froze in the water. If she saw him she’d freak out. Ad as thought, she saw him in the middle of the water, staring at her. A black wolf in the middle of the river was staring at her.
She was scared and he could feel it. Neither of them moved.
Calum didn’t want to scare her so he just turned around and kept bathing and she sighed relieved that the wolf didn’t eat her, seeing him turn around made her somewhat feel safe so she sat on her rock and started writing on her diary: ‘Dear diary, I’m crying, again. I can’t stop thinking about him. He looks so  day, he’s literally flawless, but he has a girlfriend and they’ve been dating since forever tf. Beth told me she saw him staring during lunch and she heard that him and her are having rough times keeping the relationship cool. Idk what to think. Gotta go. y/n’  she smiled thinking about him, she really liked him that’s why she was crying. She’d been in love with him since the first day of freshman year, they had a small chat the typical ‘are you new too?’ ‘yeah’ ‘good luck with your first day’ ‘you too’. Yep that was their first and last chat. She remembered it like it was happened a few hours before, but in reality it has been four years. She was lost in her  thoughts when Calum/wolf sat beside her. he stared at her and then laid down by her side, it was a simple gesture that made her feel better.
“you’re a cute wolf” her giggle was the prettiest sound Calum ever heard. “it’s so hard to love someone that’s already in love” she sighed and the werewolf rested his head on her lap, he loved when people rubbed his head.
“aw you’re so cute” she rubbed his head and kept talking to him about how in love she was with a guy that didn’t even remembered her.
“he has a girlfriend since freshman year and ugh they’re relationship goal! But I want to be at her place, that should be me.”
“how stupid am I? I’m talking about my problems to a wolf that doesn’t understand what I’m telling him. He makes me an idiot. Fucking Hood” she muttered the last two words, but he heard them. She was in love with him ‘wtf’ he thought.

Calum couldn’t sleep that night all he thought was about girl of the woods she was in love with him and he didn’t know if the feeling in his chest was happiness or what.

They’ve been meeting up in the woods for almost two months, and Calum wanted to show her who he was, he wanted to show her that the wolf she played with in the woods, was Calum, the boy she was in love with. But he was so scared of her leaving him.
All he knew was that he was so in love with the girl of the woods that he even broke up with Emily (and she was okay with breaking up, they were still friend tho).

That afternoon she was smiling more than usual, she had a small box in her hands as she approached him.
“I got you something” she said excited “I bought those two wristbands, they’re matching ones. So if one day we won’t see each other for I don’t know what kind of reason, you can have something mine and I have something yours” she took his paw and slid a light blue elastic on his paw. Calum’s heart was exploding in happiness. He curled up on her lap and enjoyed her hands stroking his back. One of the best days of their lives. y/n had a friend that wouldn’t judge her in everything she did and Calum felt happy with someone accepting him as a wolf.

When Calum and Y/N woke up that day, they didn’t know it would change their lives.
In the school corridors, y/n was talking to her friends about some band coming in town when Calum walked past them, she was staring at him when noticed something familiar on him.
The elastic wristband she gave to her wolf.
She walked to him and held his wrist to analyze it better.
“How did you got this? What did you do him?” she was talking so fast that Calum almost couldn’t understand what she was talking about. She was staring at the wristband hoping that her wolf was fine, that he didn’t do anything to him to get the wristband.
He was now panicking.
“I-I’ts mine. A friend of mine gave it to me” hell he was so scared.
When they made eye contact, she saw those two eyes that she’d been seeing every day, the eyes of the wolf.
How could that be possible?! Calum and the wolf had the same eyes.
“what the fuck” she said.
“I swear I can explain”
She did need explanations.

That was the day Calum would explain everything to y/n.
About his werewolf  self.
About his love for her.

Luke coming over the night before your family leaves for vacation and he’d watch intently as you fold all your clothes before rolling over onto his stomach and sighing, whining out an “I don’t want you to leave” and you’d push him off the bed and laugh at his pout before Luke would stand back up and literally sit inside your suitcase, his long legs dangling over the side as he just smirks at you. you’d just shrug before piling all of your clothes on top of him at once, causing Luke to burst out in laughter as he finds once of your bras and jokingly puts it on, striking a pose before you hit him on the shoulder with a shoe and tell him to get out. Luke’s face would light up as his eyes widen and he stares at you, causing you to raise your eyebrows before “hey y/n, do you think we could go sledding down your stairs in this?”


I could stare at his profile, and the full length of his body, and the way that suit fits him, and that smile, and those long legs forever. Also that tweet by Darby is pretty cute. I had the same thought when she said that the podium was sticky during the S4 bloopers 😂