i could have actually avoided this whole part i'm gonna be honest


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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anonymous asked:

Erin, I can relate to you so badly when it comes to dating, I'm also chronically single and I'm really, just really, scared to date :/. Which is why I come to you for advice. When people (men) flirt with you or ask for your number or just ask you out, what do you know? I'm bi so men arent the problem per se, just the fear of date, I struggle with anxiety a lot. Hope i'm not bothering you with this question

Honestly, I am the last person you should come to for dating advice :/ And why do you think men/people flirt with me? I can honestly say, I have only had 2 men ask for my number. One was freshman year of college. I told the story I think on here or on my Periscope before, well, lets just say I did give him my number and we started talking and I was like, “do i like him? or is it just because this is the first person to ever show interest dating me?” and it was the latter. and like he showed up at my house on my birthday (after not talking to him for like 1 month) driving 250 miles or something. I had plans with my grandparents all days so i was like…”thanks? gotta go.” Then we ended up being in the same dorm hall the next year so there was awkward run-ins and yeah…. I did see him on my graduation day and there wasn’t anything “weird” though, so that was nice. 

The second time a guy ask for my number or wanted to talk with me was last month when I was at a library and the guy was REAL creepy. He asked if he could sit across from me at the table and I said, “sure”. And he kept on asking me incessant questions, not reading the body language I am giving which is “leave me tf alone”. I got to the point where I deadpan asked, “why are you asking me so many questions?” and his response was “When I see something I want, I go after it. I was going to ask for your number.” and again, my deadpan response was, “Well, that’s not gonna happen.” Like, what the fuck type of predatory shit is that?!? Bye. 

So, yeah, those are my only two stories. As you can tell, I don’t really have any experience with people flirting or coming onto me. And I’m in your same boat too of not knowing what to do or how to act. I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or lead them on. That awkwardness is another reason why I don’t really date. Also, to avoid any exposure to those awkward situations, I don’t tend to put myself in the situations where people would hit on me (aka. I’m a homebody). I don’t go to bars, coffee shops, gyms, malls, etc. where people are more inclined to flirt with you are ask for your number. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.  

Now, I’m about to get extremely personal and to think I am about to share this with almost 14k of you is terrifying, but here I go, maybe it will help you and others if you are dealing or dealt with the same things as me. This is actually a big part of who I am as a person…

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kherabek  asked:

I'm quite curious as to if camp pining hearts is foreshadowing (the boy is wearing obvious yellow diamonds while Paulette is wearing blue, teardrop shape symbols on her scarf as well as a blue object shape on her hat.) if so what do you think it is foreshadowing?

neonpunch said: Hi! Do you think Camp Pining Hearts has some hidden foreshadowing? I spend more time analysing it than I’m ready to admit, and I’m curious about your thoughts on this.

I’ve heard people suggest the allusion to someone retrieving a friendship bracelet from the bottom of a lake might mean something about Peridot’s enhancers, and I’ve also heard people suggest the whole Percy and Paulette thing might imply Peridot is going to develop a (unrequited) crush on Lapis, which, not sure how I feel about, especially since almost the entirety of Peridot’s griping about Percy and Paulette is that Percy focusing on Paulette trips him up and gets him into trouble, and her preferring Percy and Pierre is the justification that they work well together and actually get things done, and that would suggest, if Peridot was going to inadvertently follow in Percy’s footsteps, that it would result in an uncharacteristic amount of romantic dithering/will-they-or-won’t-they that SU generally avoids, because, as pointed out by Peridot, it’s something of an obnoxious trope.

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