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Hollywood's Ghost In The Shell Cast Photos Apparently Leaked
We’ve already gotten glimpses of Scarlett Johansson as The Major and Pilou Asbæk as Batou. If these leaked photos are to be believed, here is our first look at the other members of Public Security Section 9.
By Brian Ashcraft

Long time without a post, but this came up at Kotaku and just…ugh. Setting aside the whitewashing just for a second here - because I think we’ve all said about as much on that as needs be said, it’s stupid, it’s bad, it shouldn’t happen - did they get anyone right? The comments setcion is full of people pointing out how they look nothing like their comic book counterparts, especially Togusa, who is about two decades too old, and Batou, who has somehow lost his signature artificial eyes.

All of this screams “we just didnt care,” so I think their claims that they are merely recontextualizing the story and it’s not really whitewashing have been completely debunked at this point. This movie is being created by people who don’t care about the manga or its fans, in Japan and out. They’re not getting my money, I hope this film bombs.

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Oh dear, hi lol. So I noticed you've been redirecting people asking about Overgrowth to my videos, and I wanted to say thanks! This was a completely unintended side-effect of reading the entire story, but if that's what the author wishes I suppose it can't be helped. I did obtain permission in advance to do the reading, so rest assured I had no part in what lead to it being taken down. Anyway, thanks again ❤️ And I could have sworn I was following you before. Fixed that now lol.

i actually wanted to thank you for doing it in the first place- but i’m a nervous soul when it comes to sending asks or messages lol. i had no worries you got the permission, i do remember the ask. but again, thank you for still having it up! it gives me a place to point people to so it’s not completely lost for those that want to enjoy it. plus, i also never had it saved and it’s kind of important for LR. o|-<

expect a lot of odd humor and really bad memes if you’re gonna follow! :’}

The flooding in Louisiana is supposed to continue today with the rivers cresting. Some parts of Baton Rouge have lost cell service and I think the national guard is on high alert and already in the area. LSU campus is completely flooded. Areas north like Fordoche/Livonia are real bad. Especially Fordoche, last I heard they’re completely cut off. As of last night, Watson had helicopters coming in and Zachary was being evacuated. Pointe Coupee is getting high waters, enough so that the cities surrounding New Roads are getting hit badly so please keep an eye out and be careful.

For Northern Louisiana, I think Shreveport is seeing flooding but I don’t know how Natchitoches is faring. Lafayette is flooding pretty badly but I don’t think they’ve had to evacuate. Also last night, they opened up some parts of 110 and airline to get ppl out and home. Please stay indoors and if you need to be evacuated call 911.

I haven’t heard anything about Morganza and the spillway, so if anyone knows anything about that pls hit me up.

Also, just a general note, please keep in mind that even if you don’t live in a flood zone or an area that usually floods, the flooding is unprecedented. Places that never flood have been completely over run. So please stay alert!

update(8/14): Lake Arthur might crest at 11 ft when the levees are only 7.5 or 8 ft high by Tuesday. so they’re evacuating that area. Also there’s no cell service in Baton Rouge at all

New Roads has high waters along False River but they don’t expect it to rise anymore.

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I gave up trying to understand what happened anon, It’s useless at this point :/

 But I guess the only good thing about the final chapter is that it was so terrible in every way possible that is just so easy to disregarding it, like more that I thought it would be.

But don’t be sad!! Here some good fics if you want to forget that ending ( x x)

Like I’m not being funny but I knew I was bisexual from a very early stage in my teen years and I had my first girlfriend at the age of like, 13/14 on and off for about a year and kept it secret. My brother even found texts on my phone to her and I lied and said my pal used my phone and that she was their gf lmfao. And I kept it secret until I was about 17, cause I was in a super toxic relationship with a guy and as soon as we broke up I felt like I had completely lost my identity so I wanted to just be truthful and be myself for once?? But then my sister came out as bisexual when she was like mid teens (shes much more like straight to point than I am and tells it how it is kinda thing) and she was in a long relationship with a girl so my mom and fam got used to it and understood it and fuck how jealous did that make me feel cause I was too much of a pussy hiding away so I came out to my sister. I’ve never had a proper long/serious relationship with girl so sometimes my family members still refer to me as straight, and its like coming out all over again 😂 it was sorta like I was scared about coming out but was also like I know people will be fine with it, but I just couldnt find the words or the right time to do it idk. but I wasted literal years pretending to be straight and hiding how I felt n it sucked dick lmao but as soon as I was out, I felt so fuckin confident about it was unreal, and literally flaunted my bisexuality in people’s faces LIKE BITCH I LOVE THAT IM BI
back when I realised I wasnt straight, there wasn’t as many people about that were honest or opened minded or out as there is today so it was so difficult to like understand who I was?? And I was so worried about how my mom would feel so I obv told my sister first and then she basically told my mom for me hahaha, it was casual and chill and cause she was fine with my sister I knew she had to be okay with me And now its so cool because my relatives usually ask questions trying to understand it, even my 80 yr old grandma cause she has two guys who are her gay best friends and she feels like she relates to me now lmfao. Plus when I first came out like when my brother would make jokes about it or take the piss my sister would always stick up for me, so no matter what if anyone said anything negative about it, we’d both just be like um excuse me and put them right 😂 I mean I’m now 20 and I’m very happy with who I am. I’m glad I didn’t come out straight away and took some time to figure it all out (maybe longer than wanted but still), some times I would feel like I was fully gay then other times I’d feel like I was straight, and it would confuse me but um hello I’m bisexual, thats a thing, makes sense yeah, but 14 year old Emily didnt know a thing about herself so I took so long figuring out who I was until one day I felt so confident about it that I just wanted the world to know yep but jeez people call being bisexual greedy but nah I see it as like yes m8 I’m glad I can fancy who I want thats so cool??? humans are peng???? u cant help how u feel???? I love kissing (and doin other stuff ygm) w people?? cool story x

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YOu were named after the two gayest men I know Spock Bones Kirk -Kirk to his kids at some point

Mate, I completely lost this in the recess that is my inbox! I love it tho, not enough Trek/HP crossover in my life, my two loves.

Bones would murder Jim for that tho, it’d be glorious

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What happened to your computer? Sorry they couldn't get your stuff :(

I don’t know exactly. It was working just fine (some occasional freezes while playing games - didn’t think much of it since my video card is kind of bad) until few days ago windows updated something. I saw a glimpse of blue screen about disc error, and then things went pretty rapidly downhill. Within 24 hours it got to the point where it would try to repair itself, crash, and get to the screen demanding recovery disc. The repairman didn’t have more luck getting past this point than I did. Meaning my stuff should still be in there, but the whole hard drive is so screwed up somehow that there’s no way to access those files. I’ve had computers die on me before, but this time I had so few warning signs that the whole thing caught me completely off guard.
So, I lost most of my work related writing, university work (including my thesis that is supposed to be finished in, like, a couple of months), my artwork (both fullsized versions of finished work and ALL work-in-progress files which I haven’t posted anywhere), both work and personal photos, and all personal art resources, among many other things. Not to sound overly dramatic, but just now, in this moment, I’d rather welcome a lightning bolt from the sky.

I like streaming and don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun hobby no matter if it’s 6 people watching or 20-something, but along the way it just got too stressful. It was supposed to be like.. a little time I made to cool off, calm down, chill out, bla bla bla that sorta thing and instead it became just another stress-inducing thing. There were a lot of times where I contemplated just not looking at the chat as ridiculous as that was - almost the whole point of doing this was having it be like.. a social interaction, but I don’t know. It just became too much. A lot of people seemed like they weren’t having fun and I certainly wasn’t, at the least. I lost some friends outright and drifted apart from others during all this and it’s just.. I dunno. I’m not gonna stop completely, but I don’t see myself booting up OBS and streaming some nonsense anytime soon. I don’t know what I’m getting at here and this is only going to make the slightest bit of sense to a few people but whatever. Peace

If I were to write a book, I would name it ‘And then I lost you’. And it would be about us, how I lost you and you lost me, and everything that happened in between. And my point of views, my chapters, would be about everything I still want to tell you. They would be about how it completely and utterly destroyed me when I lost you. They would be about how hard it is to let go if this grief that just goes with you, becomes a part of you. And then your chapters would be about where you are, now. And if you can hear me, see me, talk to me. Because sometimes I feel like I can hear your voice and it feels like I am going insane. 
The entire book would be about love. And about how even though you have lost the person that meant the most to you, the love doesn’t end.

Akira is like……a great character especially beyond his role as a funny character like….we know that his crimes as a shadow totaled up to “i made it rain once and that made some kids sad” which is barely anything compared to any standard motw but he felt fucking awful about doing it and that’s what’s important. 

he felt so truly awful about just being a shadow that he exiled himself, dragged himself to “the enemy” and asked them to let him atone for his sins, ie atone for being a shadow. like i know he’s a goofy parody of an edgy troubled character but he still is a troubled guy. he has no self-esteem, no self worth, he was completely unable to even comprehend why the kids went to such lengths to get him back after he made his deal with the devil. 

and like he’s so loyal to these kids man he watched over them for YEARS even when they lost the ability to see him. i forgot my ultimate point in this post but im in too deep to delete it

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Hi! Two things: Firstly, is there anywhere I can read your thoughts on the ASoIaF end game?? Secondly, why did Tywin march to King's Landing (even under the pretence of protecting Aerys), then sack the city whilst Aerys still had Jaime "hostage". Up until that point, we know that Aerys made Jaime a KG and kept him close in order to gain loyalty from Tywin. Why would Tywin, a man who places so much importance on family, take a risk with his sons life? Did Jaime have prior knowledge of the sack?

Here’s the most complete one.

I believe at that point, Tywin knew the battle was lost, and that Jaime stood a better chance of cutting his way free through any retaliation of Aerys than standing between Robert Baratheon and King Aerys. So it’s not him taking a risk, it’s him picking the least risky path.

Thanks for the questions, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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Here I was thinking there's no way Zigi can get any more extra/childish and straight out ridiculous then the daily mail points that they are wearing matching swim suits lmao I'm loosing brain cells just thinking that some people actually believe this is real? Who wears matching bathing suits with there significant other?

Ugh, of course they are! That’s what every real couple does, nonnie. If you’re not constantly coordinating with your SO, it ain’t rayl! Thank god the Daily Fail is there to point these important details out cuz my eyes were too busy rolling to the back of my head to notice. I think the entire fandom has collectively lost several IQ points thanks to Zugith’s juvenile stunts. They’re completely deluded if they think anyone honestly believes their sad little circus act. It’s downright pathetic and embarrassing and they absolutely should’ve pulled the plug ages ago. Alas, it seems they’re pulling out the “big guns” by dragging the families to join in on the act. Zugith RN👇

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for the meme: cyclonus? and tailgate and swerve, if you are intend to do more? pleeeease :D


First impression: The only thing I knew about Cyclonus going into MTMTE because I had only been passively familiar with the IDW comics before that point was that in Armada he was a completely different character and a Decepticon. So that was it, that was all I knew lol
Impression now: Perfectly honest: I ADORE Cyclonus. Talk about character arcs. And not only that but he’s in one of the most compelling, well written romances I’ve seen in any comics and it’s just. So frustrating and moving at the same time. I also really value his perspective as an outsider to the war and current conflicts of the fractions. Especially on the Lost Light which is overwhelmingly Autobot heavy by default.
Favorite moment: Serious answer: Cyclonus shielding Tailgate with his body, I just can’t even with the emotions of that moment. Hilarious answer: Tailgate saying his version of the psychic weapon attack was him hearing Cyclonus screaming and Cyclonus protecting his cool guy image by interrupting and going “Just so we’re clear that’s a sound he’s never actually heard”
Unpopular opinion: I don’t think I have one!
Favorite relationship: TAILGATE because it’s just so well done. It’s so well done that I am rooting for it, that’s how well done. And after that, his frienemy thing going on with Whirl. I love it
Favorite headcanon: Don’t have one right now!


First impression: What a cute little robot! 
Impression now: What a cute little robot who is a compulsive liar hiding deep seated insecurities brought upon by having lived in a caste system which placed him in a disposable and replaceable level of citizenship where he literally fell into a hole and wasn’t found for over six million years because no one bothered to look for him. He’s also in above said relationship that has captured my cold heart.  
Favorite moment: Saving half of Cybertron’s population by remembering a semicolon. Like a badass.
Idea for a story: I may have one soon!
Unpopular opinion: One of the things I love most about Tailgate is that yeah it’d be easy to make him just the perfect little cinnamon roll, but instead we get this really complicated but in-universe believable explanation for his naivety as well as flaws like lies and so on. They’re a combination of how he both is young mentally from not aging/having experiences for nearly 4 million years of his life, and from being part of a corrupted and abusive system. I think it’s very neat and subtle and am not really a fan of it getting overlooked and erased.
Favorite relationship: Cyclonus, absolutely Cyclonus.
Favorite headcanon: He still has his hoverboard.


First impression: My only impression at first was “this guy has his Autobot badge on his crotch what”
Impression now: A super deep and introspective “comic relief” character who doesn’t leave the depth at simply “I joke to cover my insecurities”??? One that actually grows and changes and has an arc and gets angry and has problems with affection and I just, man. I really like Swerve and never realized it until right aboutnow 
Favorite moment: Swerve taking care of a drunk Ultra Magnus like. Everything about that issue is great for Swerve, but the spark-to-spark with Magnus is the Best.
Idea for a story: None at the moment!
Unpopular opinion: I guess that while I can see shipping him with Skids and don’t mind it (it’s pretty cute) I never really saw it on my own. I love their friendship, but yeah.
Favorite relationship: Friendship with Skids, but I also REALLY enjoy his repertoire with Rewind. I think their friendship is underrated, honestly.
Favorite headcanon: None at the moment!


Yet And Still 

Anwar goes on to tell Titan that when his brother didn’t show for his sister’s funeral, he went looking for him and eventually located him in Dragon Valley.  And it was there he’d lost his left eye. Anwar doesn’t tell Titan that the injury is a supernatural one, because for one he hardly believes it himself and for the other he’s not completely sure he’ll be able to win Titan back again and there’s no point in telling him the entire story if he doesn’t want to be with him.

Titan gets up and walks toward the arch and Anwar joins him. Anwar moves in closer to touching Titan’s lips with a finger.

Anwar: I’m still in love with you Habibi.

Titan: Don’t call me that.  You don’t get to call me that anymore.

Titan would never admit it even to himself  but he’s still affected by Anwar and his nearness brings back many a vivid memory of them together.  

Anwar: You will always be my Habibi.  You still mean everything to me and I was a fool to let so much time go by before seeing you again.  It won’t happen again but I want you to know that  I still love you, even more that I did before and I’m positive you still love me too.

Titan: You’re very confident about that aren’t you?

Anwar: In truth I’m not, but I can only hope that’ll you’ll love me again. In fact I plan on spending the majority of my time begging for your forgiveness.

Titan: (snort) Yeah I bet. Has it even occurred to you that I’m with someone else? I mean it’s been over three years and I’m not a monk by any means.

And with that parting statement, Titan walks away from Anwar who takes hold of him in an attempt to stop him from leaving and asks him if he really has someone else but Titan is insistent that Anwar let him go so Anwar releases him and watches him walk away.

so I just came out to my parents

everything went ok??? I’m pretty floored by this. I’ve been stressing about whether to do this or how they’d take it forever and then i was just over there doing some small necessary thing  and I’ve been having trouble keeping my emotions in check, especially when doing something like trying to present as male for them… so I went outside on some thin excuse to have a little cry.

Shortly after my mom came out and before I knew what I was doing I was explaining that I was trans? It kinda felt like I had detached from my body and lost control and just had to keep going? As if I had no say in the matter? I don’t know it was a strange dreamlike experience.

But that’s not really the point. The point is she just accepted it and explained she didn’t really completely understand but wanted to support me in finding myself and finding a way to live my life and be happy. Just like that?!? And we talked a little and she gave me some time to collect my thoughts before I did it again with my dad… which went just as well if not slightly better? Holy shit this was so much stress over what turned out to be nothing at all.

Right now I feel like I just might make it through everything ok for the first time in a while.

So it seems that my computer is completely fucked over. Windows needs to be reinstalled, and my brother said he´d be coming over tomorrow to do that. I can´t seem to copy anything from my D drive to an external hard-drive, so in the worst case I´ll lose everything. All of my SFM stuff and my art.

Edit: I managed to save my usermod folders but all of my art and music will be forever lost. Welp, that’s what I get for not keeping back-up files… Thing is my computer has gone to the point where it doesn’t start up anymore. I thought I’d have time to make a list of all the software I had installed, but I guess not.

“Opening the safe was fun.. Sorry for destroying it completely - I was kind of obsessed because.. uhm … well.. the point is..  You know I am going to do everything for you. But your requests accumulate. Yesterday you lost the keys to your steeled fence door. The week before the forklift was defect. And hell.. How often did you want me to lift the back of your SUV because you had to change the flat tire..  

I can not help but think you have a intense older man and strength fetish.. and all I wanted today was to prove the theory.. That is the reason why I came in my gym outfit. And that is also the reason why I transformed your safe in a formless piece of steel. And it is also the reason why I now flex my biceps for you..  

And according to the bulge and the enlarged wet spot in your trousers I am so damn right.“

Honestly, I am so tired. The discourse has really been rough lately. Both sides are doing horrible things and the original point of this whole debacle has been completely lost. The pro-ace side has for the most part been getting more homophobic and vitriolic, especially towards minors. The anti-ace side has largely stopped acting like they actually care about aro/ace people, and are even starting to turn the general ride of the discourse towards nonbinary people.

And I’m tired. Tired of the amount of hatred perpetuating itself on this godforsaken website. Tired of how something that started out as trying to give ace/aro people a safe space has turned into the exact opposite. Tired of how genuinely caring people have become a minority in favor of hurting the other side as much as possible. Just…tired.

with my ex(?) fp its like……..we just stopped talking……….i dont know. we still do occasionally but its like. she just gradually lost interest in me until she replies to me like…….maybe once in two months. idk idk im glad her life is more interesting now irl but im sad about losing my best friend, and like ik she sees my msgs and its rlly sad that my texts wouldve accumulated by then to like, 30 and she’d reply with 5 up to 10 if im lucky. i want to like just straight up say that i dont want to be friends anymore like end it before she stops replying completely just so i wouldnt experience it reaching that point