i cant believe hes so cringe

the new phil video has left me with so many more questions than answers..oh my god imagine the cringe/cute things that dan and phil send each other on a daily basis. how embarassing is phil irl? pls say hes as extra as his ‘snowdude’ personality

my brother had like 15 people over last night and its the next morning and theres all these hungover randoms walking around so pwned in my house and dads awkwardly in my room because he doesnt know people downstairs and he feels rude just standing around witht hem and im like dAD this is literally ur house just tell them to leave and hes like no i feel awkward

another fun fact about dad yesterday he was painting and he slipped over and got paint all over him and on his journey to the shower he managed to get paint all over the walls and carpet and stairs and everything and he fuckign rupped metho all over his skin to get the paint off adn im like DAD WTF and he got paint all over his EYE and EYE LID AND STUFF so he rubbed METHO all over his EYELID AND EYE like he closed his eye and scrubbed all over it and he was telling me and my friend and we were both cringing and i just cant believe dad made it to the age he is at now like how can someone constantly keep doing stupid shit and just be ALIVE still wtf

also his eye is all red and bloodshot and it looks like he has mascara on bc the paint is still there adn like literally all over his body still omg

but his eye is so red omg