i can so tell them apart

I had a mom come in with her son asking for a game and she was wearing a pride shirt with the Star of David on it and I wasn’t really talking to her but I wanted to say i loved her shirt but I got self conscious. Anyway, she was about to pay when HER FUCKING WIFE CAME IN AND THEY STARTED ACTING ADORABLE AND I COULDNT STOP STARING BECAUSE MY STUPID BI ASS HEART WAS SWELLING WITH SUCH PRIDE AND HAPPINESS AND ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS HUG THEM AND TELL THEM IM SO FUCKING HAPPY THEY CAME IN TODAY!!

I can’t celebrate pride this year cause of work but I feel like I still got to be apart of my community in celebration of us. As small as it was. My stupid self consciousness got in the way and I didn’t say anything but I really hope they have a happy pride.

I hope everyone in the lgbtq+ community has a really fucking great pride!!

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Name: shannon

Nickname: lmao i dont actually have one

Height: 5′6:(((

Ethnicity: white a f 

Favorite fruit: strawberries are cute

Favorite season: all of them apart from summer summer can suck my dick

Favorite Books: tbh there’s too many to choose from i read too muc h

Favorite Flower: i really like roses idk they’re reeeeeally pretty 

Favorite Animal: C O W S OM  FG they’re so cu  t  e lemme tell u

Favorite beverage: cream soda maaan that shit is niiice

Favorite fictional character: oh fuck these questions are so h a  rd i literally dont have one

Number of blankets: only 1 jesu s britain is actually boiling rn whats going on 

Blog created: pretty sure it was in 2014??

Number of followers: 301

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New Mod!!

Hey everyone! Because I’m getting so many requests, I’m adding a mod who is a friend of mine with a similar style. I’ll be going by Mod Yve now, and you can call them Mod Robbie, that way you can tell us apart! I will be continuing to do all the fashion aesthetics, and they will be helping me with moodboards and beginning to offer stimboards! I’ll be updating the blog to reflect that. Hopefully this will allow us to get some things out a little quicker. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient!

-Mod Yve

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If both Ciels started to dress exactly the same and wear eyepatches, normal people would certainly have trouble telling them apart. So, is Soma going to submit to negative emotions like depression, despair, and rage, like Ciel seems to have a long time ago? It's gotten dark and grim in BB, this magna seems to count as a supernatural horror genre.

Yep, apparently even some members of their own family weren’t able to tell them apart. They are identical twins so aside from the eye that in our Ciel’s case has the mark of the contract they basically look alike.

About Soma, right now it seems like he wishes to take revenge. 

I mean, I can understand that he feels that way now. But I hope he won’t follow the same path as Ciel since it obviously doesn’t bring happiness. :/ At the moment he can’t think clearly, he’s overtaken by grief and anger. So he might see things differently later, maybe. Agni wouldn’t want him to submit to revenge. So I hope he’ll reconsider.

And yeah, things have gotten a lot darker again in Kuro. And even though our characters have to go through a difficult time and the next chapters will probably be quite distressing for some of them (especially our Ciel) I’m more excited for new chapters than I’ve been for a long time. So I’m looking forward to how things will develop now. I like it when Kuro turns dark. ;^^

here goes the Catkin Squad, about to take all the carrots and abandon them in the tall grass so I can’t find them

yeah I got those 4 tabby slimes and named them all Catkin after one of my main cat OCs. partly because I love Catkin so much, partly because I can’t really tell them apart (and they all need to be wearing shades so giving them other stuff is not an option). also the Catkin Squad just sounds cool. I love them. 

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In the most recent pics of you, what are those gauges? They look real cool, but from the angle I can't tell what they're supposed to be -- roots, maybe? Anyway, hope you have a good time!

They’re antlers! They’re fake and come apart in the middle so you can put them in easily. Thank you!

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DANA WHY HAVE U HURT ME WITH THIS CHAPTER??? I was so excited for them to be opening up slightly more to each other and then this happens :( ugh I'm so sad for them! I hope the fact that harry saw her cry when he said the part about being in love will cause him to talk to her again...I can't bear for them to be so sad and apart from each other :((( thank u for writing tho! Can't wait for the next chapter!

aww haha im sorry!!!! yeah but unfortunately it was a little bit of a long time coming :( i will tell you that they don’t completely ignore each other afterwards, and that it is hard to stay away. hope that isn’t too much of a spoiler lol. thank u so much for reading!! x

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How do you feel about exo's cbbeing ot8

It saddens me, cause I miss seeing them all together and it sucks that his schedule isn’t fee or flexible enough for him to be apart of the comeback. But it’s probably heartbreaking for Yixing to not be able to join in on things with them. Like he’s already had to sacrifice so much as an idol in general and it’s like he has to sacrifice comebacks,concerts,fanmeets etc with his brothers to have activities in China, then vice versa to spend more time with Exo he’d have to sacrifice most if not all of his activities in China to do so. And you can tell he is so attached his home and I respect that so much as an American especially an African-American I will never have the love for my country that  he does for his and I know for him to make that sacrifice would be so difficult. So as much as I would love to see him with Exo, performing, laughing and having a good time. I understand that there’s nothing that can be done without him having to make a huge sacrifice either way and I respect what he does and I have so much admiration for him, he is hardworking and loyal to all that he loves.  However I really hope he can be there the next time. 

What I love most about Moana is not just the plot and literally everything about it, but the animation ? ??? Is so good ?? ? All the characters look different and you can tell them apart  ?? ? im crying

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Lmao so after all the Klaus/Hope this season you're telling me that they're gonna force them apart again like in season 3, basically copying themselves and making Hope grow up without a father? I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING, when you think TO can't be more dumb. BYE MITCH, BYE.

Lord knows I won’t miss him.

Hey, I figured I’d write a little about my main original story projects!

-The Phoenix King:
This is the one I’m the most serious about, and I’m currently working on a very extensive outline and starting chapter work. Here’s the Summary so far: The world is falling apart outside of the Tribes, but tragedy has finally hit them with all it has as well. The Spirits have given a prophecy telling Chief, leader of the Wolf Tribe, to find the Flickering Ember, a mysterious entity who can supposedly end the ongoing crises if prodded in the right direction. Join Chief and his brother-in-arms Hakon as they assimilate a ragtag group of stragglers who just want to make the world a better place.
The summary could use some work, but that’s the gist of it. It revolves majorly around humor and the character’s emotions, and there is a lot of fighting going on- political, economic, spiritual, emotional, physical levels of struggle are all going to happen at some point. It’s also a fantasy/high fantasy, so I’ve devised my own laws for magic and am enjoying creating tons of odd mythical creatures.

-When the Sun Sets
I’m struggling with this one, mainly because it deviated so far from what I wanted it to be. It was originally going to deal with anxiety, something I struggle with, but now it also has a major romantic plot. It’s all about acceptance and healing and finding yourself even after bad things happen. The main character is never magically fixed because of the romance, the romance merely acts as incentive for her to look deeper into herself as her girlfriend makes her directly focus on the problems she has.. Join my two beautiful girls as they struggle to overcome themselves and fall in love.
This one is on a bit of a backburner, but I think I’ll post the first chapter here and on AO3- be warned that I wrote it mostly like how my anxiety attacks feel, so it’s somewhat disjointed and has not gone through extensive editing phases. Also that the chapter is liable to change at any moment, due to the aforementioned deviations.
Also keep in mind that this is undergoing VERY HEAVY revisions due to the rambling nature of the narrative- I came up with the idea for this at the end of 8th grade, and my writing style has changed exponentially since that time.

Jaziz is a Jewish writer who struggles with anxiety (I put too much of myself into this character, to be honest. I don’t know why I made her Jewish, it just felt right.). But she’s also been struggling with something else: emotional synesthesia; this means that when she sees people, she sees an aura of color around them. However, this emotional synesthesia is not what she believes it to be, but rather, it’s a gateway to another world. She has seen this other world before, but she believes it to be part of her dissociative spells. The truth is forcefully thrust upon her as she finds out that people like her are being killed, and that they are the key to saving the world. Jaziz must choose between the world ending because of some mutated monstrosity that hungers for revenge and world domination and her own happiness as she is given the choice to have one wish granted at her behest. Will she make be able to obtain her goal, or will the world crumble before she reaches the wish?
This falls under the genre of Supernatural the closest, I believe. The world itself appears normal, but it’s really that humans can’t see all the oddities surrounding them.

If you can’t tell, those summaries where things I just came up with, so they might not be the best ;p

I have a bunch more that I’m writing if anyone’s interested in hearing about them, but I’m trying to focus more on these three and one other.
Also, if anyone has any stories they’d want to share, please do! I love chatting with other authors, and I frequently do with one of my author friends, but the more the merrier!
If anyone is interested in any of these, please say so! I’d be happy to talk more about it/make stupid posts about some of the less intense scenes in the story.

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okay so apart from them having OH DES- Jimang in them, I found them through looking into Jimang, and I love?? I need to listen to them more, but their Elysion album is so great? (Also, look up Jimang UN Owen)

heheh Jimang is honestly so great I love how hammy he is and I always look forward to hearing his performances. idk how many of their albums you’ve gotten around to yet, but as you can tell I’m on a bit of an Elysion kick atm–though personally my two current favorites are Moira and Marchen! Marchen has fewer songs on it so it may be a bit easier to ease yourself into–if you like revenge tales and fairy tales and also the seven deadly sins you’ve got yourself quite the treat. Moira is more like an actual rock opera and was gonna be longer but their label was like UH….NO….THIS SHIT’S LONG ENOUGH AS IS, but i love the greek mythology inspired theme and sound going on it’s just so good and every song flows into each other bc it’s supposed to be like One Big Epic and gahhh very good very good



The other day my husband told me that I was a good adult. Because I called and paid his 2 medical bills that were affecting his credit.

Tonight I cleaned out our bottom kitchen cupboards and wiped them down with bleach water. Then got a dish washing system with a tote Because I needed more room than what the sink has. That cupboard had all sorts of bugs. Dead and alive. It had mouse shit. It had urine..? I still dealt with it. (our apartment fucking sucks. Can you tell?) This has been my night. This isn’t what I wanna do. But I want to move soon. So it’s what I will do.

We went to the bank about discussing a mortgage because I called them. We went house hunting today because I called the realtor.

When we got our cat fixed he never tried to figure out where to get it done. Or prices.

He gets mad at me for not cleaning the house daily. When I’m constantly fighting my depression to just stay awake. Yeah I let the house get messy. I have a pile of laundry I sort through for my clothes. But when push comes to fucking shove. I am the adult.

And now here I sit on the verge of a breakdown because tomorrow is my brothers suprise party that I had to call and plan, despite being his idea… And the house isn’t clean..I wouldnt care if it were just my brother. But we’re playing dungeons and dragons.. all the people.. all the anxiety. Halp.

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I’M NOT A DOM I’M A BRATTY SUB AF(but for minhyuk, i switch bc he’s such a baby boy like a;lsdg)

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hi!! i know you said you were answering witchy asks so heres what ive got. im a really new witch, ive been interested in it for a few months now and have veeery slowly started trying to figure out what types of magic i can do / enjoy. i know research is the way to become more aware of magic and how to do it, but im never sure what good sources are or what are good articles to read for baby witches. if you have any, id be really thankful! thanks for considering even if you say no <3

Okay, so, instead of recommending you articles and stuff, I’m gonna talk a bit about critical thinking in magic, and using our discernment, because I don’t think it gets talked about a lot.

So the thing is, first off, there are a lot of sources out there, as we know. Some are awesome, some are hit and miss, and some are just…bad. But how can we tell them apart, and how can I know as a beginner what to avoid?

Well, the first thing you want to do is find your source of information. Pick an article. Read it all the way through. Now, how do you feel about what you read? Did it make sense, or were you left confused on a lot of points? Did it *seem* reasonable? Was there anything that didn’t sit right, or made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of yourself?

As magic users, we are taught our instincts are very important, and generally good to follow in regards to magic; I’d say the same can be said for researching magic as well. Of course, it’s not to be totally relied on every time, but it can definitely give you an idea of things you may want to stay away from if it doesn’t sit right with you. Not only is the information accuracy important, but whether you are comfortable utilizing it too! our boundaries in magic are just as important.

Paying attention to any sort of comments or reviews on sources is great too. There are some problematic sources out there, and we do talk about that sort of thing on Tumblr. There can still be useful things found in bad resources, however; you just need to know the problem areas to avoid so you can sift through it to find anything that may be useful to you.

Problem areas:

  • using the terms witchcraft / Wicca / pagan interchangeably
  • religious exclusion (saying one religion is better than another)
  • elitism (“real witches only do *this*” ; “you are only a real witch if you are *this*” ; etc.)
  • cultural appropriation
    • chakras
    • smudging
    • spirit animals
    • animal totems
    • Voodoo / voudou
  • racism
  • anti-LGBT
  • use of slurs
    • g*psy is a big one
  • claiming Wicca as an ancient religion / oldest religion
  • outdated information (can be a problem to some)

This is just what I can think of right now, and is by no means a complete list. If you find something that you wonder if that’s really okay, or gives you a bad gut feeling, stay away from it, or try to look into it a bit more and see what you can find.

[List of Closed Cultures]

Some find that a lack of sources can be a problem, and that is definitely the case with published authors. Online, however, you are more than likely going to find personal experiences, and we can’t really source our own experiences and methods besides to ourselves. Not everyone references the posts they used for herb correspondences, or what method they used for their sigils. Generally you will want to know sources for more about the information of the practice (its history and usage over time, magic users in the past, etc.), because that area is really fuzzy and there’s lots of misinformation on that.

In regards to telling information accuracy - this can be a bit harder nowadays, since we know that magic is unique to each that practices it, and so you may even sometimes see conflicting information on the same topics! Definitely very confusing from the start. I think it is important to keep in mind different views and methods are possible as you research. However, I still recommend that you cross reference.

If you are reading through something, and you wish to check its accuracy, Google it. For example, if someone mentions the properties of rue, and you want to see if that’s really how it’s used commonly, search it up. (This isn’t just applicable to Google, but any other reference materials you may have, Google is just the easiest for accessibility.) Check a few other resources, see what they have to say on the topic. Do they line up for the most part? Where are the differences? Do you have any personal feelings on the topic yet?

Sometimes just experience is enough to tell whether something is legit or bogus. Say you find a spell, and it looks kinda meh, but you don’t really know for sure if it’s any good for you - give it a test run. Learning and discovering for yourself can be just as important and have as big an impact on your craft as anything else. This may have a higher level of risk to it than other methods of research, but sometimes we gotta…

I think that’s really what witchcraft is all about - because all the research in the world isn’t really helpful if you don’t do anything about it. Your experiences may vary based on what you read, and that’s fine, but you’ll never know how it may really work for you unless you try it out for yourself. And I mean, of course you should be doing it in a safe way, but hopefully you know the importance of performing your actions safely in magic and the benefits of protective methods.

Honestly, discernment is something that is experienced and learned that way - trial and error do really help a lot for each of us to find out if this particular thing is any good for us - and just because it may be legit for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. That is why it’s great to do the research, but you also need to back it up with the physical actions of trying it out too. 

Now, this is by not means extensive or complete, it’s just what I can think of at this time. 

I’m gonna give you some resources as well, just to be sure.

All of the posts I would recommend would be from Tumblr, since that is where my main arch of experience comes from. However, you can definitely Google your own articles and take a look-see through them, see what sounds feasible to you, if anything makes you feel weird, and cross reference it to a couple other references.

If you can do books, here are some that other have recommended.

I hope this helps you! If I can think of anything else to add in the future, I may do that, but off the top of my head, this is what I’ve got. I have a huge post on how to do witchy research in my drafts, but it is still gonna stay there for a bit, particularly because I have no time and energy for it right now, lol. But I hope this gives you some ideas! :D

Help!! Looking for housing

Hey everyone, so I need some advice or something, whatever you can tell me to help me out with this.

So my girlfriend is moving, for work. She’s an au pair so basically she takes care of kids and “lives” with the family (i put that in quotes, because she does technically live with them, and that is intended to be her house while she works for them. But if the family allows it, she can stay overnight at my place whenever she wants, too). Okay. Well she just got matched with a new family, in Massachusetts. Which is GREAT because we’re in Connecticut now so it’s really close by, we’ll kind of know the area, at least more than if we were to go to somewhere across the country or something, and my family will be less than half the distance away that they are now, so in an emergency, that’s really comforting.

Here’s the problem. Finding an apartment or even room share for myself is turning out to be kind of difficult. I’ve only been looking for a few days, but here’s the deal. She’ll be in a town about 30 minutes from Boston.. But the town she’ll be in doesn’t have many apartments around. Most things that are for rent are.. Actually in Boston. I can’t afford an apartment by myself, especially not there where apartments can really tend to be $3,000+ a month. It’s an expensive ass city. So I need roommates.

The other issue is, I don’t want to be that far away. The entire point of me moving is to be with her, and her having to drive half an hour each way every single night, or at 7 in the morning before she has to go to work, is not really ideal if we can work around it.

So I guess, if you know of anywhere around Walpole, Norwood, Canton, that sort of area, or if you live around there and need a roommate, let me know!! I need to figure it out sooner than later. My current sublet is over August 25th, and my gf is moving August 29th so I’d really need to move somewhere between that time. Also I’m having surgery August 4th so REALLY the sooner I figure it out, the better, so I’m not stressing it while I’m recovering. Help me out y'all 👌👌😬

It's 3 in the morning

Nights like this I just wanna cry. I haven’t been able to sleep none of my friends are up and I don’t have anyone here to cuddle with and I’m complaining to this not really knowing what to expect but I’m just so tired of always feeling alone. I want to be with someone, I want to be able to show my love for someone. I don’t know how I can put what I’m feeling into words because this doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel. I know most of the people here probably won’t bat an eye lash at what I have to say but that’s okay because I don’t think I could ever come close to knowing what my real emotions are. They’ve been buried for so long now that I can hardly tell them apart. Sometimes I don’t even feel at all… I’m worried I’m broken… I think I’m going insane… if anyone sees this and thinks they need to help me… it’s okay…
it’s June 22 at 3:10 A.M.
I let someone the wrong person in… and they broke me to a point where I almost ended it.
Please… don’t become broken…. you’re all too beautiful to let something like that happen to you.
I’m sorry…

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This is random but a few years ago Lovelyz Jisoo said that the purity members (somins old group) used to bully her.

I know what you’re talking about. In that group chat for all of Jisoo’s ex girlfriends who were telling abt how she sexually assaulted them? Yeah I was thinking about that when oh nana came out. I’m really surprised that I’m not the only one who remembered it 😲. Jisoo said she was bullied by the Purity members but she never said if it was all of the members or just a few, so we don’t know of Somin was apart of that. I can’t imagine Somin being a bully though tbh.

last I heard the scandal was fake anyway but I don’t know if that’s true or not. If so, then somin was definitley not a bully

People are stretching so far to make discourse on Brendon urie. I’m not saying he’s a perfect person because there can’t be a perfect person like that’s not how life works, but everyone needs to chill. Everyone on here wants to pick apart everything and sift through someone’s life just to find something to call them “problematic” and it’s really getting on my nerves. I mean if someone did harm then sure tell others about it, but if you spend your life just literally searching for new discourse you’re going to have nothing left to enjoy.