i can so tell them apart

Before Everyone Freaks Out

I don’t believe for one second that Emma is going to die. I don’t believe A&E would build this show around hope and Emma giving people their own happy endings, just to have her meet such an end. Either there is more at play here: Emma being manipulated to believe this or there really is a way for her to change her fate. 

 She is trying to protect Killian and her family by not telling them. It’s not the right choice, but I don’t think she wants them to worry about her fate. And Killian just came back to her. She’s his happy ending, his true love. She knows this would tear him apart and he would never accept that there isn’t anything that can be done. I don’t think Emma will just give up and accept this. I think she will try to change her fate and will eventually let Killian help her. So just take deep breaths. Everything will be okay!

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Think about it, the world is a big place right? If its so big, why do they tell me its so small? They tell me that the world is a big place, you will find love, peace and hope. “But its so small!”, I think, or is it?
You see, it doesn’t matter if the world is a germ, or an elephant, there are so many people out there. Some you want, but they are no good. You know you need to let them go, but you just can’t. And then, you find the one. He is perfect. Tall, handsome, sweet, kind and a gentleman. He tells you he is not in it for the sex, or money, he just wants someone he can hold at night, lean on when he needs support, and know that if he falls apart, you won’t judge him. You will pick him up and put him back together. Those are the ones you want. Just be careful who you trust.

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6,21 and 48😉

6. Piercings?
Apart from my earlobe no ☺ but I had those pierced since I was baptised so yeah

21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
Uhm…Idk 😅 I don’t really tell anyone that I love them

48. What is the one thing you want to confess
Feelings…but I just can’t. I really can’t 😕

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haha "crying for good reasons" love it. what do you reckon hes crying about?

I mean I HOPE it’s because he’s talking it out with Connor - as you kno they still live together so maybe they’re discussing their relationship/where Connor’s gonna go/Ollie’s new job/smth like that?? Or Oliver’s got one of the other k5 (hopefully Michaela or Laurel) at his apartment and he’s telling them all about it. And they’re comforting him, and he starts crying - that’s what seems most likely to me ?

I can’t really think of any other scenario that would explain Oliver crying in his apartment (with someone else there from the looks of it).

Has anyone else got any more theories??

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(im so sorry this is late!! i havent been on my computer all day until now) @flowerjom tell me how accurate this is lmao

falls asleep on the couch

i can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, so id say me, but also id probably make arin cuddle with me on the couch and then we’d both fall asleep~

makes friends with the neighbors

We’re both not too great at socializing so i feel like we’d just stay bunkered down in our house/apartment/whatever and not go outside too often lol. if they talked to me first, then i could probably make awkward small talk and eventually warm up to them

is the adventurous eater

arin eats dish soap and nail polish and ill eat anything weird looking on my bed and anything that fell on the floor so id say both of us

hogs the covers at night

im notorious for doing this lol i move a lot in my sleep so even if arin tried to get them, id probably just steal em right back

forgets to do the dishes

i feel like they’d pile up because we’d both forget lol i have a gut instinct that id probably forget way more often tho

tries to surprise their partner more often

honestly id probably get so much random little gifts and try to do tiny surprises all the time that it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore haha i feel like arin would really pull through with her gay tsun ass and would do really really wonderful things for me <3 <3

leaves dirty laundry on the floor

there’s dirty laundry on my floor right now actually id try to pick it up though so my dirty underwear and stuff isnt all over the place ;;

stays up til 2 AM reading

arin goes to sleep pretty early compared to me, so id have to say me! i always do this! i actually stayed up until 3 am yesterday reading K-On! College haha

sings in the shower

i feel like arin’s more the type to do this!! i actually don’t like singing in the shower much because i cant hear myself, but i feel like arin would like doing it for that exact reason~

takes the selfies

i kinda suck at taking selfies imo and arin’s amazing at them, so she’d be the one to do it!! she’d probably sneak attack me with pics and vids lol

plans date night

m e i want that job!!! id probably have a ton of ideas, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but arin would come up with stuff more rarely but they’d be really good times!!

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i suppose my question stems from, if you want to watch good, entertaining hockey, then that come from every country sending their best players and those players doing the best they can? which makes for great games being played? but idk you seem to be referring to something other than the game itself, and you’re entitled to that opinion. wasn’t trying to pick a fight bruh.

@lionstigersandqueersohmy We have different ideas on entertaining so that’s the end of this. i do find it boring. it’s less i find them boring and more i find they make everything they are apart of boring. There is no parody. and i don’t fault them for it. but i don’t like it. 

You can’t come at someone ypu don’t know and tell them they’re just being salty  and say you’re not trying to pick a fight. if you weren’t word it a little bit differently maybe? for future reference. 

have a good day.

please try to be kind to boys with mental health disorders, especially depression
if you’re mad at males in general, please try to make an exception in how you treat them
they already feel disgusting enough about themselves, they don’t need any more reassurance that they’re bad people
with how shitty male culture is, a lot of them have no support system or even friends to talk to about their emotions and almost nobody to tell them anything positive about themselves. they do not fall into the category of people who can look at themselves in the morning and feel confident.
if this post sounds whiny or whatever so be it, it’s just been really tough lately and i just need to remind you that any even joke stuff that’s making fun of men as a whole can reeeeeally fuck up any positivity males with depression have going in their day. i know this can be picked apart and misconstrued as “not all men lmao” but just
please think twice sometimes fuck

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any ideas on little owls? i'm pretty happy with my patronus, they look super cute :^)


When I first saw this I wasn’t sure it was a breed of owl more so a description. I didn’t really know what to tell you. However thankfully google is there to help!

These little owls are usually watching from afar trying to spot their next meal. They are territorial, and males tend to stay in the same spot for life. They are partly diurnal, active during the day, and if they are used to humans they can perch in full view of them. In history, the little owl is associated with the greek goddess Athena and  the Roman goddess Minerva, representing wisdom. They’ve also been pictured on greek coins in history.

You definitely stand apart from the crowd and somehow manage to have energy all throughout the day. You love to sit and observe from afar, but aren’t afraid to jump in when you’re ready for a new adventure. You’re incredibly smart and always looking for information be it fun facts or picking up a new subject.

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Take a deep breath and relax. I know it seems rude that your roommate didn't contact you (and it is) but as someone who has shared a dorm with three people and then a tiny apartment with four followed by a house with two people, I can tell you that that is completely normal. In fact out of all the people I moved in w/ none of them felt the need to say when they would move in (I'm in the U.S. btw). Will you have your own bedroom? If so things should go smooth. No one wants drama :) You can do it!

I have my own bedroom :D and I feel a little bit more positive now thanks to your words. I hate confrontation and I try to avoid it at any costs, but doing something like that won’t help me in the long run…
Thank you once again dear American anon, you helped me a lot :)

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☺♫ ( from preston cos when was the last time .... we got them together ..... )

[ @prestoncollins ]

for a happy voicemail
     “Hey, y’know it’s really rude to ignore someone’s call? I know this is like my fifth phone call, but I’ve got something really important to tell you. And because you’re so damn stubborn and I’m talking right now I might as well tell you! Anyway, I just found this really great apartment downtown! It’s so nice and defiantly my favorite one yet. I think I can get the people to bring their price down! Wish me luck, asshole! Call me as soon as you can! 

for a vague voicemail
     “Hi, um, y’know that movie you told me not to watch… Well I may have watched it… Alone… And in the dark… I know I’m a major idiot; you can flaunt it in my face later. But, um, it’d mean a lot if you’d, um, come over maybe? It’s, um, it’s fine if you can’t… I just thought you’d enjoy watching me suffer… Haha.. Well, yeah, come over soon! Bye! 

I’m so sad there are like 3 different families of stray kittens living in the street outside my dad’s apartment and they have food because people feed them near the dumpster but they’re just kittens they can’t live on their own and my dad keeps telling me that they’ll probably get hit by cars because they’re tiny and a few are black and they have to cross the street to get from where they sleep to where they eat and the animal shelters near me don’t take in street cats

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1. I love your blog and please keep up the amazing work! 2. I can tell the members of GG apart except for two: Yuri & Yoona. How do you tell them apart?

thank you so much!!! that makes me really happy to hear! 

The #1 thing for me when I was first learning the girls’ faces was just watching as much stuff as I can. Like all the MVs and interviews and variety shows you can find. Yuri and Yoona both have individuals projects they’ve done, so watching those knowing which girl it is might help (They both have dramas and Yuri’s also done things like Law of the Jungle and Maps). Reality shows help a lot too– and do two drastically different ones like MTV and Channel SNSD, so you can get used to their early and current looks. When I got into GG and was watching all their early stuff, I had a really hard time telling apart Seohyun and Yuri. What also helped at first was watching their MVs that SONEs made with names included, like this. Also in MVs, Yoona is the visual so she’s usually the one “doing the action” in the beginning when there’s only one person, if that makes sense. 

As for shapes, Yoona has a v-shaped face and a very thin body. Yuri has a more full oval and while still being really thin, her body is more curvy and full. 

Also probably googling Yoona Yuri or YoonYul might help, so you can see them together and see their differences. 

And don’t worry if it takes a while, we’ve all been there! You’ll learn them eventually and then you’ll be like “how could i ever NOT tell them apart??”

I’ve put some pictures of them together under the cut to try and help! 

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are you going to read the bios, like to accept them? also how long does the bios have to be?

no. your bio is your bio, i just want you to have some sort of history. the bio’s do not have to be painfully long. i just want more than to know that your muse is a asshole and that they slick gay. you don’t need to have them coming out the womb or anything. a little family history goes a long way and so does the aspects of the now. in my bio it tells you a bit about his family which leads into how he ended up at the apartments. it’s simple and in bulletin points. i don’t need a written novel, just a short story so people can actually know your muse.

Tell Me Why

Can’t you tell me why?
Why you meant so much to me
Why I was filled with hopes and dreams

Can’t you tell me why?
Why all this time was wasted
Why I looked at my fears and faced them

Can’t you tell me why?
Why I tore myself apart
Why the world seemed so dark

Can’t you tell me why?
Why you put a smile on my face
Why you turned my day around
Why with you I could not frown

Tell my why I put so much effort
Left my comfort zone and ended up
Feeling lesser

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Sorry if this is nosy. But how did you get together with them? From what I can tell, don't you guys live pretty far apart? Just curious how that works. Also, congrats. Happy your happy :)

So this took me several hours to answer because it literally engendered a one to two hour discussion between the three of us and basically we have no idea how or when it happened. We are long distance and that introduces a note of… ambiguity. 
Essentially, Sarah and I became friends, talked ALL THE TIME (I used to stay up all night to get to talk to her when she got up in the morning and the boyfriend asked me the other night what my reasoning for doing that was, and my only response was “… I never thought about it.”), and we got really close. Kept discussing poly “in theory” and then ignoring everything until one day after literally months of avoiding talking about the subject the boyfriend pointed out to Sarah that we were dating and yeah that happened. 
Then the boyfriend and I started talking because we were with the same person so it felt kind of important and then whoops we were like “hey so I really like you too…” 
So anyway yeah we are pretty far away but we have some nice long visits planned that we’re reeeaaally looking forward to. Until then, lots of video chatting! 

i’m just dropping in to tell y’all that i’m on HIATUS until october 1st plus the time it takes to get the internet set up since i’m moving into my new apartment and i’m getting the keys tomorrow. i’ll try to get online as much as possible & i’ll miss you all. xoxo.

Entry #153

We were not able to contact him about it, but I did leave a voicemail so he can talk to us later. I can tell that this whole ordeal is stressing Nagisa out and it is not like he can take a walk by himself to clear his head. He would take his crutches out but even they press against his bruises when he uses them.

I felt bad for Nagisa, as it seemed being in our apartment was part of what was causing him stress, so I decided that we were going to go for a walk anyway. Instead of him walking, however, I carried him on my back. Sure we got a couple of looks, but we both got some fresh air and we got to return to our favourite park again. He was very sweet, finding flowers close to where we were sat and making tiny bunches for me to tuck into my shirt pocket. I hope I helped take his mind off of the stress for a little while. I do not like seeing him upset.

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How's the Sam/Jared crisis so far hun? You alright? If You ever get over whelmed and need a little Dean/Jensen in your life, you know where to find me 😉😙

Honestly? I’m enjoying myself immensely. I’ve gone from Dean!girl to bi-chester. Who knew???

I’ve also discovered I have a major thing for hands. Both the boys’ hands are great, and I have actually gotten to the point that I know them so well I can usually tell them apart.

But yes, I am doing well. Very well hehehe.

Syn. 1- Trying to Explain

I start to untangle that ratted colored yarn in my head.

Separate the blues from the yellows and the greens from the pinks.

Pulling them gently apart, figuring out what made it so tangled in the first place.

I tie the frayed ends together hoping it will be strong enough to last awhile longer. Just until I can make sense of the colors inside me.

Each string is a memory I carefully piece together.

Hoping to create something beautiful out of it.

Each pattern is an emotion I once felt.

I finish braiding the tattered yarn.

It came out wonderful.

Colors twist together telling the story of me. Patterns baring my soul.

Colors only I can see.

I tried to paint them- capture them on paper.

Translate what was going on inside me.

Explain how the blues and yellows stretched through my body like nerves. How the reds and greens pumped through my veins. How purples sit on my tongue, an unsaid whisper. The oranges float into me as I surround myself with people that hold so many beautiful colors inside of them.

But the shades aren’t right and the hues are off. They’re too brown.

Too much teal.

My painting is ruined but I tried so hard to make it worthy of you. To explain how the colors are the yarn and and yarn is me. How everything connects and is present and constant.

How you have your own color and it shines. An aura.

I haven’t been able to transcribe how loud everything is. I haven’t found a way to explain how bright you are. But I’ll try.