i can so tell them apart

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all of the "other stuff" ones for the space asks?

Wow this is a lot, thank you!!

Comet: What’s your big dream? - I wanna write a book or a movie maybe.

Asteroid: What does your dream life look like? - I’m successful and not so lonely anymore. I have my own apartment in the city and maybe a couple cats and a gf. I’d love to be in a successful band but I can’t play anything

Meteor: What’s something you wish you could tell, but can’t? - Nothing really? I guess I wish I wasn’t so scared to open up about my depression and stuff to my grandparents so I can actually get treatment or something but I don’t want them to worry so *shrugs*

Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be? - Not dating my ex for one thing, that made my social anxiety a whole lot worse. But most of all I wish I could undo being so scares to admit to being gay to myself for so long

Shooting Star: If you could bring back one thing, what would it be? - I’d bring david bowie back from the dead tbh

Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years? - Actually make it through uni, wrote a book and get published or get a job working for a magazine. Learn to play guitar.

Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die? - Road trip through Europe. I’d want to visit Venice especially

Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be? - God I don’t know. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend that long with me tbh

Wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t? - Being in a band, my friends an I talk about it hypothetically all the time but I can’t see us actually doing it

Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see? - I love the sight of a full moon and when the sky is clear and you can see all the stars really well so if I was gonna die I’d wanna die looking at that

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ah, no, that multiship asking anon wasnt me, and sorry for the spam with this last ask! i look forward to seeing your cute muses more and you're one of my faves. c: and have yourself a good night.

its hard to tell anon’s apart but, either way i love you both!

its not a spam. I love receiving asks. Even if its on anon. Its just so much fun answering them! I look forward to showing my cute muses more as well. As you can tell, some of them don’t get the attention they deserve but, thats cause I have so many. If you want to thread or anything. Please don’t hesitate to come off anon and talk to me. It will all stay private. 

Also, its morning now but, i had a wonderful night. Thank you. I hope you had one as well.

I was in a car accident on Sunday, and have been fighting with insurance companies since. I had several serious preexisting conditions, which were aggravated by the recent accident. All of the progress I made in pain management and physical therapy is destroyed. 

Handling that is hard enough, and overwhelming. My older sister took this time to tell me that “ignoring” her is immature and pathetic–without even considering that maybe I’m just busy. She has done a lot of hurtful things recently, including comparing me to abusers and saying that I am worse than them. 

It’s more than I can handle right now. My car is not exactly safe to drive, and my pain makes it hard for me to socialize, so I’m just hiding out in my apartment. But that doesn’t leave a lot for me to do except binge Netflix and sleep. In theory, I love it, but in practice I just get bored and start overthinking. 

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Well this shit sucks, I was just learning to tell them apart and now they're all the same size 😖 I still love them, I'm just mad because it's so hard to tell them apart! I can only put names to faces and they have the same damn faces! 😖😖😖

Give it a little time, you’ll be able to tell them apart.


You look weird in pictures because cameras distort everything even slightly and people are really good at telling slight differences in faces. There’s only so many combinations of people. Too many girls all looking the same. We can only tell them apart by the little things. Their smell, the way heir cheeks hold dimples, the way her face lights up when she smiles. How she walked with confidence, but in reality it probably wasn’t all that confident. But she tried to be someone better than who she was but all she was doing was pretending. She didn’t need to pretend. But I fell for the pretend her so maybe who she really is is the person who dumped me on Facebook first


You look weird in pictures because cameras distort everything even slightly and people are really good at telling slight differences in faces. There’s only so many combinations of people. Too many girls all looking the same. We can only tell them apart by the little things. Their smell, the way heir cheeks hold dimples, the way her face lights up when she smiles. How she walked with confidence, but in reality it probably wasn’t all that confident. But she tried to be someone better than who she was but all she was doing was pretending. She didn’t need to pretend. But I fell for the pretend her so maybe who she really is is the person who dumped me on Facebook first

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Hey how are you? I hope you're still doing tarot readings, what do I need to do to be able to visit my boyfriend (he lives in another country) ?? Like to make sure it happens. Thank you so much 💚

Of course!!🖤

This reading turned out to be a bit vague so I apologise for that.

I drew the lovers which represents two people coming back together after being apart so I definitely think this is going to happen. This card just doesn’t tell me HOW.

I drew a clarification card which was the hanged man. It seems that the choice may not be yours but someone else’s. This card indicates that you may just have to wait around until the decision is made……Maybe this person is deciding to come to you rather than you coming to them?

Good luck! Sorry again for the lack of clarity…The cared can be that way some times. Feel free to ask again a bit later and we will see what else comes up.🔮♉

I can’t wait to see Cosima stare so intently at Delphine, watching her every move as if she could slip away again at any moment. When they’re in bed Cosima finds herself tracing the scar on Delphine’s tummy, occasionally trailing kisses down to that spot. Being both saddened and mesmerized by the story this wound will tell, that this beautiful woman was willing to risk it all for her. Delphine constantly reassuring Cos that she will never leave, that nothing, not even death, could keep them apart. I can’t wait to see them finally loving each other wholeheartedly, fighting for and with each other through what ever storm is coming. They’ve been to hell and back, but all this has just made their love even stronger.

I don’t understand why people are so FUCKING RUDE to other people who are nice and try to help them.
You also shouldn’t be telling people what to do in their own apartment. It is not your apartment.
I didn’t have to apologize, but I said sorry anyways. I said why it took me a few mins to open the door, I was putting on clothes. But you had the fucking nerve to say, “you should’ve opened it the first time” IN A ROOM THAT ISN’T YOURS. I asked you what you left in the room so I can help you find that item, and you fucking got in my face to ask me an irrelevant question and tried to start a fight with me.
If you know you’re aggressive when you’re drunk, THEN DON’T FUCKING DRINK. You’re seriously putting everyone’s mood down and putting your life at risk. It’s so simple to avoid drama.

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I've heard if twins are born male and female they can't be identical and idk, I'm not saying taako can't be trans but I kinda hope more people design Lup so she stands out instead of being taako with different hair.

Honestly I really like the art where you can’t even tell them apart, and I’ve headcannoned Taako as trans for basically as long as I’ve been in the fandom but to each their own!

My understanding of it is that identical twins, since they split from one fertilized egg, have the same genetics barring mutations and so are nearly always born the same sex. Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are from different eggs so they look about as similar as regular siblings who have the same parents do.

I’m neither trans nor a biologist so if I got anything about this wrong please let me know, followers!

あやめ Translation


At least in the fantastic dream of beyond
Just stay by my side for now
Don’t let me go

Lamps flicker in the town, At the mercy of time
The sound of the wake-up bell, Nobody knows it yet

Ah, even if the rain drowns out your singing voice
Going around innocently, Make a gentle face

At least in the fantastic dream of beyond
Just kiss me for now
The world demands a map of the light
That’s why I’m living on

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More selfies! The lighting in TJ Maxx dressing rooms is choooooice. I bought this shirt and these shorts because I had a gift card! I love the shorts and I can’t wait until my bones stop hurting so I can run in them when it’s warm!☀ 

It’s weird,my first memory of trying on clothes was from in a TJ Maxx (or maybe a Marshal’s, I can never tell them apart). I was 10 or 11 and I was just sobbing because I felt like everything I tried on looked horrible on me. Baby steps, while I’ve come a long way toward feeling comfortable with myself, i still have a long way to go. But I was feelin’ myself in this dressing room!💞 

I can’t help myself but since the first time I saw this picture I can’t but think JI is calling/talking with Ksoo. You know those phonecalls you make to your lover when you’are apart/away from each other, talking about everything and nothing at the same time, laughing and telling each other how was their day, smiling at nowhere like totally fools just for the happiness of hearing one another at the phone and JI looking at the sky/stars while listening to Ksoo speak and can’t stop thinking to himself: “I’m so damn in love with this man.”

I’m falling apart. I hate this campus so much. I hate that you can’t find one goddamn fucking drop of privacy anywhere. I hate all these people everywhere. And everyone I don’t even know calling my name and asking to help and telling me they care about me. They don’t care about me. They don’t know me. They care about the girl they see with clothes that don’t fit anymore crying in the corner because she can’t get someone to take her height and weight today. They’re trying. And I hate them for it. I hate everything for anything right now. How did this all go down hill so fast. I was doing okay, wasn’t I? God I’m falling apart. I hate everything. I hate everything. I hate everything. I hate everything.

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Hey Blue! Hope you are okay! :) I was thinking last night and I realized that most of you anons might come from the same persons, so I was wondering, can you tell them apart? When they are not "signed", do you sometime see an anon and think "oh that mist be the same that said..." does that make sense? I am just curious ahah. Have a good day!

Hello! I’m good, thank you! Hope you’re fine, too x 

Yes, sometimes I can tell (the wording usually helps) and sometimes I check who visited my blog (only when I get nasty messages) so I can see from where the asks came (and don’t worry guys, I can’t see who it was it, just the place and time). 

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I'm faceblind (can't recognise faces without a lot of effort and being really familiar with them) so I still can't the boys apart. I get hate and called a fake fan a lot for it so do you know any guides to getting to tell them apart. I know names, birthdays, hobbies etc and yet for the life of me I can only recognise JinJin and thats only half the time help.

Okay it took me way too long to get around to doing this, but I hope you don’t mind!

I went ahead and made a basic guide showing all of their facial features, so hopefully this alone can be of some help!  But, I will continue and go more in depth.

MJ has very straight brows, and hooded eyes.  His eyelids have a bump in them below his brows and the shadow is usually stark enough that you can see it (like in the photo above).  He has more of a “square” upper eyelid line.

Jinjin’s eyes are more “droopy”, and his aegyo sal is really only noticeable near the inner corners of his eyes.  His eyebrows are also rather straight, but they curve all together?  I hope that makes sense.

Eunwoo has a slight double eyelid, and he has the most prominent aegyo sal.  Eunwoo’s eyebrows are very “feathery” I guess you could call it?  They are uneven on the bottom side.

Moonbin’s aegyo sal is the second most prominent.  His eyes are rather round and follow the sterotypical “almond” shape.  He has pretty thick lashes on top and bottom, and sometimes it can be mistaken for being eyeliner.

Rocky has the smallest eyes among ASTRO (when their faces are relaxed).  His eyes are more elongated, and he has a double eyelid.  His brows are the fullest, and they arch upward.  The arch is thicker than the start and end of his brows.

Sanha has the roundest eyes in ASTRO, and has very long upper lashes.  We don’t see his eyebrows much (I couldn’t find a front facing photo where his eyebrows were showing), but his eyebrows are more arched than the other member’s.

MJ has a “flat” nose when it comes to height of his nostrils.  They’re also very defined. The bridge of his nose is thin between his eyes and gets wider closer to the tip of his nose.  His lips have a wide cupid’s bow, and the upward points of his cupid’s bow actually looks like they’re legitimate points.  His lips are one of the fullest in ASTRO.

Jinjin’s nose looks almost all like one triangle shape, as his nostrils don’t have very much definition.  His nose is rather flat in reference to the ends of his nostrils being pretty much equal in line with his septum.  His top and bottom lip are about the same thickness, and he has a small mole/freckle under his lip that you can spot if he isn’t wearing makeup (or minimal makeup).

Eunwoo’s nose has a very round tip that sticks out from his nostrils.  While most nostrils have a line that goes inward towards the middle, the line of Eunwoo’s nostril’s goes outward and up.  He has heart shaped lips, with a thicker lower lip and a smaller upper lip.  He also doesn’t have a prominent dip in the bottom of his upper lip, giving him a straight line between his upper and bottom lip.

The septum of Moonbin’s nose dips down, which is probably the most notable part of his nose.  His nose also has an almost straight line from the bridge down to his nostrils in the shape of a triangle.  Moonbin has “M” shaped lips, and they are rather thin.  (His upper lip “disappears” almost entirely when he smiles).  The corners of his lips are further down than the middle.

Rocky has a very strong nose that turns up at the tip, making his septum slightly higher than the ends of his nostrils.  His nose bridge is also rather straight.  His lips are also fuller than most other member’s, and the corners tilt upwards more than the others (even when he isn’t smiling).

Sanha has large nostrils.  His nostrils end lower down than the middle of his nose, and his nose is turned upward.  He has a straight bridge.  Sanha’s lips are very round, and the bottom middle part of his upper lip dips down quite significantly, giving him quite full looking lips.

I went ahead and made diagrams of my explanations, to try and accentuate the shapes a little more.  They’re under the cut.  I hope this helped!


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Drama blogs Part of me is slightly curious but mostly to make sure my name doesn’t come up. Right now I feel like tumblr is getting less safe and it’s so frustrating. Why can’t people take a chill pill and relax. Nobody needs you to make a comment on their life. It’s their life. I doubt people would love if they had their whole life picked apart. If you feed of drama I feel like you need to check your heart. How can it be good for you to feed off of negativity? Also I hate gossip. I try my best to not be a part of it and I know it’s hard not to gossip, but if you are clear with people and tell them it’s not okay, eventually they’ll leave or stop. Gossip does no good for anybody. I don’t care if it’s about something nice. It’s not your story to tell.

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A clock has always struck me as something ridiculous, a thoroughly mendacious object, perhaps because I have always resisted the power of time out of some internal compulsion which I myself have never understood, keeping myself apart from so-called current events in the hope, said Austerlitz, that time will not pass away, has not passed away, that I can turn back and go behind it, and there I shall find everything as it once was, or more precisely I shall find that all moments of time have co-existed simultaneously, in which case none of what history tells us would be true, past events have not yet occurred but are waiting to do so at the moment when we think of them, although that, of course, opens up the bleak prospect of everlasting misery and neverending anguish.
—  WG Sebald, Austerlitz