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pls i need headcanons about ppl mistaking the twins for each other pls

  • ok so we know the twins have tricked ppl into mistaking them for each other in the past
  • the night with andrew and tilda in the car was only possible bc aaron had agreed to stand in for andrew at a school thing
  • and they were all shocked when neil was able to tell them apart so they can’t fool him
  • but sometimes they still make deals with each other for favors like this
  • but mostly andrew bc he Hates Doing Things
  • dentist appointment: aaron agrees to go in andrew’s place if andrew agrees to go out with the team + katelyn AND BE CIVIL
  • just about everybody that the twins actually “care” about is able to tell them apart but strangers/fans: nope. minyards 1& 2 could be either just gotta guess and pray
  • if aaron is out with just nicky fans will come up and ask for autographs and at first aaron is like “ok i’ll be polite” until one of them says “you’re my favorite goalie of all time omg” and aaron just stares at them with dead eyes and nicky is cackling rip
  • usually if aaron is with katelyn ppl know that it’s him
  • usually if andrew is with neil ppl know that it’s him
  • but one time neil is with aaron maybe they had errands to run or they’re both searching for a present for the other minyard and it is difficult so they help each other
  • but someone comes up and asks for a picture and neil & aaron thought the fan meant they wanted a pic with them but the fan meant of them. together. like a couple.
  • aaron is mortified
  • neil is 90% embarrassed 10% amused and you bet your ass he’s going to tell this story every chance he gets for the rest of time sorry aaron you’ll never live this down
  • neil sets the fan straight about which minyard is with him and the fan apologizes profusely but neil assures them it’s more than ok lol
  •  i swear there is a post out there about this exact thing but for the life of me i cannot find it so im writing what i rmr from it??? basically future minyard twins not hating each other?? if anyone knows this post pls give me the link im begging
  • ok but aaron is a doctor (he’s a pediatrician fight me!!!)&  andrew visits his office and a small tiny child sees him and goes “doctor minyard!!” and runs at andrew and hugs his legs and andrew is frozen
  • aaron comes out of a room and is like “hi” and kid is super confused and andrew is super uncomfortable and neil and katelyn are standing nearby super entertained
  • don’t get me started on this video aka aaron and andrew with aaron’s future child rip 

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Living w/ Hoseok please?

sure thing kiddo!! here you go, hope you enjoy!

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  • me crying
  • if you listen closely you can hear me sobbing so grossly
  • living with hoseok would be the most perfect thing in the entire world and I’m gonna tell you why okay okay
  • I wanna start with his living situation to start off the image the mental image
  • he lives in an apartment okay and he lives really close to yoongi and jimin is also p close too but he’s not like in the same neighbourhood or anything but probably within walking distance from each of them??
  • he lives on the top floor of a like four story apartment building and it’s such a long climb up there
  • the apartment itself is really nice though it has a balcony view and hoseok has a garden or something and like seventeen bird feeders for all the cute baby birds
  • there’s two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms
  • but he has the larger of the bedrooms (the master) renovated to create a dance room and it’s not anything large or spacious but it gives him a place to practice from home a little bit!!
  • there’s a kitchen and living room as well
  • he paints the entire place all pretty and he has lots of photography (courtesy of yoongi) up and framed on the walls and he has lots of cute little things that make the place feel like a home rather than just a house
  • despite being really touchy and clingy and smiley and sunny like I think he would take some time to ask his lover to come and move in with him
  • like you don’t even spend the night that much and you probably aren’t someone who like practically lives there like you’re over there for a few hours at a time at most? like it’s very slow and old-fashioned
  • he’s a little insecure about letting someone in that intimately and he just wants to make sure you’re the one before he lives with you he’s very old school in that sense of dating
  • and so he talks with seokjin mostly about it cause he’s the oldest and he also seems like someone who would also wanna take it very slow so he understands where hoseok is coming from
  • and jin ultimately tells him “hey it’s your decision, and nobody is pushing you to do one thing or another. do what makes you happiest hoseok!”
  • and hobi decides yah he might be a little scared and a little insecure about himself but he ultimately loves you more than he loves himself and he wants to keep you with him at all times of the day and night
  • he probably wouldn’t be too extravagant with asking
  • like while his personality is really big and over the top a lot of the time this is something he would want to keep more serious and formal to show you how important this is to him and how he’s mature and ready for this move to happen
  • but he still wants to make it special and he wants to show you how important it is to him like he doesn’t want to act like it’s no big deal to him because it’s definitely not that insignificant
  • and at first he’s struggling for a while in attempt to figure out how to ask you and find that balance??
  • but then it hits him
  • and he decides to do a take on the twelve days of christmas
  • like obviously not christmas but hear me out
  • so like he kinda gets all these gifts for houses set up for you and they progressively get more and more obvious
  • like day one he gets you like cute bunny slippers?? and he doesn’t explain why and he just hands them to you and you’re okay hobi??
  • and day two is like a bathrobe that matches his own, day three is a coffee mug that says “you are my sunshine”
  • and it’s really tiny things like that and you kinda “hoseok what are you even doing?? i already have a pillow you know??”
  • and you’re kinda getting more and more suspicious about what he’s planning but this boy will not spill and none of the other boys will either
  • jeongguk gets dangerously close one day and he kinda “well wait till you get your gift for day twelve, i can’t believe he’s as-”
  • and jimin just tackles him in a hug and he just “ah ah ah kookie we don’t spoil surprises!”
  • and jeongguk just !! oh shIT
  • and you try to question them all but they’re keeping their mouth shut
  • but day twelve hits you and he ends up taking you out to your favorite restaurant and you’re definitely confused because what was all this set up for a dinner date? that doesn’t make sense at all?
  • but then he pulls at this little box and it’s so tiny you immediately assume it’s jewelry or something
  • which confuses you more cause why would he get you expensive jewelry??
  • it’s not your anniversary or you birthday or Valentine’s Day or anything like that
  • but he’s smiling so widely and you swear you’re staring into the sun he’s smiling that bright
  • and he pushes the box across the table and he can’t contain his excitement at this point he’s giggling behind his hands and he’s waited so long for this moment that he just wants you to rip the pretty snowflake wrapping paper apart (and you wonder why snowflakes but??)
  • and you smile and you’re kinda shaking cause what could this be??
  • and you open it up and it’s a key
  • and you’re??
  • and he’s smiling SO SO SO wide now and his face is all red and he ends up whispering “I want you to move in with me”
  • and ofc you say yes how could you say no to this ray of sunshine??
  • okay okay now that we have that lets talk about cute things!!
  • he wakes up every single morning with kisses all over your face and he just flops down on top of you and it’s almost painful but hey his kisses make it all better
  • and sometimes he’ll make you breakfast in bed too!!
  • like he has these sandwich cutters for like little kids and there are some flowers and hearts and some holiday themed ones too!!
  • and so when he makes you breakfast he’ll make dippy eggs and he’ll make the toast in the cutter shapes and he tries sometimes with the eggs too and he’ll always include some sort of fruit and some morning tea!!
  • he’s always up before you like he likes to wake up and roll over and stare at you so lovingly and he’ll stroke the hair from your face and also also will probably take like seven million pictures of you
  • but like bed time he’s the one probably asleep first
  • he can’t sleep unless you play with his hair before bed
  • like usually he’ll like rest his head in your lap and stare up at you expectantly and if you ignore him for the first few minutes he’ll start whining and kicking his legs around
  • and you have to apologize but he honestly can’t stay upset with you for more than half a second
  • and if he had an especially long and tiring day as soon as you start running your fingers through his hair he’s out cold
  • he probably sleep talks all about you and how cute you are and how much he loves you
  • okay but in your community there’s a little pond at the end of the development and hoseok always takes you to go and feed the ducks
  • and he names them after all the other members and one after you and he likes to waddle around the pond and try to get the ducklings to follow him
  • you two have your little garden on the porch / balcony thing and he makes sure you’re very out there every day so you can get your daily recommended vitamin d
  • he gets you cute matching clothes all the time !!
  • y’all have matching overalls okay that idea just came to me and there’s no reason why but you have them
  • you guys do all the chores together
  • and I don’t mean split fifty fifty no you do them together
  • like he’ll wash the dishes and then you’ll dry
  • or you sit down in front of the tv and watch some documentary about voice actors or something and fold all the laundry together
  • he’ll always hold up your underpants and smirk “wow look what I have babe”
  • and you’ll grab his underpants and throw them at his face “you’re about to have a black eye of you keep it up”
  • also here’s something to picture
  • like he gets really excited about the idea of Halloween idk or if that’s not your thing at least handing candy out to the cute kids!!
  • like all the apartments get together outside the building and set up a table and hand out candy as a group if that makes sense
  • but he puts some decorations up in the house like a spooky lantern in the hall and like (idek we don’t decorate at either of my parents house help me) BUT WHATEVER IT MAY BE you guys guess what you guys never bother taking it down
  • same with Christmas and Valentine’s Day decorations
  • and it’s never excessive but like there’s mistletoe permanently hanging above the bathroom doorway
  • hoseok is super good at be distracting
  • like you’re trying to cook dinner well he’s gonna come up and kiss the back of your neck and kiss your shoulders and your face until you pay some attention to him
  • he doesn’t like not giving you attention in the same sense
  • like he would die if he knew he ever made you feel lonely or underappreciated or not paid attention to
  • he dedicates at least an hour a day if not more to be snuggled up to your side so you two can both physically be close
  • he loves reading together
  • sometimes it’ll be you two, curled up on the opposite ends of the couch and your feet are brushed up against each other’s and you’re both silently reading
  • sometimes you’ll be snuggled up, shoulder to shoulder, sharing the same book
  • he grunts whenever you turn the page too fast
  • sometimes he has his head in your lap and he has you read aloud to him and he’ll always get all sheepish and he’ll ask you to do different voices for the different characters
  • headcanon tho when you’re pregnant with baby number one he’ll be the one to read and he’ll do different voices and he’ll read to the baby
  • wow okay that’s too much for me right now I’m gonna have to go slow down and light myself on fire
  • anyway
  • you guys eat all meals of the day together and if he’s not home he’ll send you pictures of what he’s eating so you guys can kinda try to eat at the same time
  • he’s cute like that idk
  • there’s probably always music on in the house
  • like a lot of electronic dance music that would make you go insane if you locked yourself in a room and listened to it on repeat
  • but like hoseok says it inspires him
  • and he’s never walking anywhere he’s dancing and sometimes it’s like actual dancing
  • but half the times he’s imitating namjoon and he’s goofing off
  • your house is also always filled with laughter
  • you guys like to play video hakes together !!!
  • obviously just dance is among a favorite
  • he always plays really poorly so you can win but always denies he’s not trying
  • Mario kart is another family favorite
  • he’s actually not that good at this one though he always gets distracted by the things on the courses
  • “oh my god jagiya look at that mushroom boy isn’t he cu- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING”
  • he ends up shoving you in an attempt to trip you up and if that doesn’t work he’ll tackle you to the couch and tickle your sides
  • yo if you’re too tired tho this boy is gonna clean the whole house your place shines
  • if any of the boys come over and they so much as get a crumb on the couch hoseok will have their head
  • but like if you make a mess he coos and talks about how cute you are and cleans it all up for you he’s funny like that
  • your house is so neat and tidy and the blinds are always up and it’s always sunny and bright and smells so fresh and it’s like a fairy palace
  • you guys would dance at like two in the morning in your pajamas and he would sing to you and I’ve mentioned this but I wanna bring it up again
  • it would just be super cute and fluffy and perfect and wonderful thank you

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H putting his hand in between Y/N's legs (from behind) and telling her to grind on his hand till she cums like I need this omg

Oh boy, you’re in for it. Because he can see you, on the balcony, in your panties and his shirt. And holy shit if he doesn’t nut right there…
So he approaches and presses his back into yours, his hand running down your back over the swell of you ass, other hand snaking around your neck and then he’s got his hand in-between your legs, pushing them slightly apart and fiddling with your clit between your panties…

“Gonna get yourself caught gettin’ off out here” he mumbles into your neck. His fingers press hard and still right on your clit and you shudder, rolling your hips for more friction.

“Tha’s it… Fuck my fingers… Fuck ‘em till you’re screamin’” ….

I want an apartment with you. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, it just has to be filled with you and me. I want us to argue about what color to paint the walls and where to put the sofa. I want us to dance around the kitchen when we cook Friday night dinners. When you’re tired after a long day at work, I want to open a bottle of your favorite wine and cuddle up against you on our couch. I want to run around our apartment wearing your shirt because I want to make you late for work. I want to hang up our pictures on every wall. When we invite our friends over, I want you to pull me into a corner and give me a kiss so I can hear them all say “god you guys are so gross.” I want to yell so loud that even the neighbors know we were arguing about how you forgot my half birthday. I want to sing dumb songs to you and have you get so annoyed that you tell me you regret marrying a lunatic. I want to be successful with you and have enough money to travel to every country we promised we would see together. I want to sit on the rooftop and tell you about why I think we should buy an elephant, and I want you to roll your eyes at me and tell me, ‘Babe you’re drunk, shutup.’ Every morning I want to wake up your sleepy head voice. When I’m mad at you and make you sleep on the couch, I’ll make you come back to bed with me because I’m too scared to sleep alone. And years later, I want our daughter to grow up in our first apartment together. I want to see her curly hair bounce up and down when she runs into your arms everytime you come home. I want us to grow together. I want us to not agree on anything but still be so madly in love. I want it with you because you’re my human forever.

- A.D// excerpts from a book I’ll never write

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OH MY GOD. You know what? I need a poly dmmd thing were the kid has like nine parents AND THEY'RE ALL SASSY PTA MOMS I SWEAR I NEED THIS SO BAD

whERE DID U EVEN GET NINE BOIS (I’m guessing +Mizu, ViTri)

Noiz is the wORST PTA mom, we’re talking “has to be dragged out by Mink while he continues to yell about Beckie’s brownies being so dry he couldn’t tell them apart from her vagina” kind of worst

While Aoba follows behind and can’t stop apologizing to everyone in the meeting but when he hears one of the moms say something about “now I know the freak thing runs in the family.” hE ROLLS UP HIS SLEEVES AND HOLD MY BAG KOUJAKU IM GONNA DO SOME STUFF TO MARTHA, and YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE COOKIES CLEAR MADE FOR YOU

Ren is the one who actually ends up apologizing but doesn’t say anything when he sees Virus and Trip slip a little something into the cookie mix next time— not poison, no no, laxatives.

Mizuki is the passive aggressive one bordering on rly aggressive and meets them all like “what happened? Satan couldn’t make it so he sent you Betty?” And those really scary smiles he gives as he hands them the plate of special cookies.

Classic Leiji Matsumoto cosplay at SDCC 1980! Pretty sure it’s Harlock and Emeraldas, but there are so many variations on their outfits and he used the Star System, so everyone looks the same in all his stuff. In honor of Throwback Thursday!

EDIT TO ADD: The guy is actually dressed as Tadashi Daiba. Thanks to those who messaged me to let me know! (So many of Matsumoto’s costumes have the same themes, I admit my old lady brain can’t tell them all apart!)

do you think Shiro sees Matt in Pidge sometimes?

like, their hairstyles are practically identical. not to mention Pidge has Matt’s glasses and wears them when they’re not wearing their helmet. when I first started watching the series, I couldn’t tell them apart. even the other Paladins thought that Pidge was Matt in the picture which they assumed was them and their girlfriend, when it was really just them and Matt.

does Pidge give Shiro hope? do they make him think, “Matt’s still out there, so is his father, and we’re gonna find them soon”? does the same thing happen vice versa with Pidge? they think, well, if Shiro is still alive, Matt and my dad must still be, too?

I love the strong bond these two have, so I can’t help but think where their minds go when they see each other.

Even though I’ll probably never be lucky enough to tell them in person, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis (and of course Zayn at the start) have changed my life. By them coming together, we have been able to come together, as friends and as a family. We have made and lost friends, and despite all the drama, there are no regrets. Music changes lives, these 5 and then 4 boys changed so many lives. No one can tell you different. For 6 years, we have been a family and I have those 5 boys to thank for allowing me to be apart of your lives and I have them to thank for giving me people to look up to. Without them, I would not have met my best friend, and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for myself, and all of us. Happy 6 years xx
Hetalia being dragged to a concert they didn't want to go to
  • America:This beats poppin'. Who's that? Is that a boy or girl? Why are we so far in the back
  • Romano:It's hot, the band is mediocre at best, when can I go home?
  • Italy:Ohh, this is catchy! What's the name of the band again? Why is everyone running into each other? SAVE THEM!
  • Canada:They sure are loud, aren't they. Now they are screaming. Please tell them not to "tear this venue apart"
  • Spain:Woah, listen to that guitar! This is a crazy concert! Why haven't you taken me to a concert sooner?

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I can't remember if you did this one or not. Reactions to trifecta when you tell them ur pregnant (with their kid of course)

Tears. There are only tears from Frederick. He’d sob like a baby, holding you so tight to his chest as he felt like he might burst apart at the seems with happiness. A sense of disbelief would come later, and you’d no doubt have to console him during some long nights filled with restless thoughts about whether he’s going to be a good dad or not, but in that moment, only tears. He’d brag about it to absolutely everyone he knew, the entire hospital would know you were pregnant and be updated each step of the way. And Frederick would attend absolutely every single appointment and baby class. 

Rafael’s tears would be lighter, just barely visible as he coughs back the lump in his throat and spins you around in laughter. He’d start stressing right away though, worrying over only buying the safest crib and the highest rated baby bottles and diapers. He’d read every single baby book published and he’d sleep even less than normal trying to absorb all the information on child-rearing possible. He’d also tell the squad, but his would be done in a more humble way, as if he really cannot believe he’s finally going to have a family and doesn’t want to jinx his luck. But the squad would be so overjoyed and Amanda and Olivia would flood him with more information on surviving those first couple months which would only increase his stress as they gave him advice he hadn’t found yet in the baby books. 

Nevada would chuckle and give a poorly timed joke, all “Are you sure it’s mine?” Which would earn him a slap on the arm. But he’s only kidding and he’s just not very good at showing his emotions. He’d get in the habit of whispering all the things he couldn’t say directly to the growing baby bump late in the night, after he comes tiptoeing in from another late night working. He’d hide it, but he’d start coming up with new security measures and making sure that he was only surrounded by people he could 100% trust now that he had a child on the way. His pride would be more subtle, but you’d see it in the way he demands his henchmen to provide you with every single craving and to never let you out of their sight. 

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Opinions on the new Pokémon Go team leaders?

None of them are white and none of them are cis dudes, though I can’t actually tell if Spark is a soft butch trans girl, or a very trendy trans guy. Like, I’m not sure it’s possible to tell those two groups apart visually, so I’m waiting to hear what pronouns Spark uses because unfortunately I don’t remember shit from the team picking section of the game nor whether there are pronouns involved in any way because I feel like the descriptions were all given in first person?

I thought I was gay for Blanche but it turns out Candela is beautiful and she is going to kill me. I’m dead now.

And anyway, everyone is gay for Blanche because Blanche is very pretty and wholly disconnected from the gender binary and as we all know that makes Blanche a Quantum Gay: all attractions involving Blanche are simultaneously gay and straight until a formal agreement is reached between the attracted and Blanche regarding the similarity or difference between their genders.

[Image Description] The More You Know gif, with the rainbow star. [End Description]

I wish I could run away and live in the woods, I want to sleep under the stars every night, I want to wake up and walk barefoot in streams, I want to listen to the trees tell their secrets to one another and listen to birds gossip in the tree tops, I want to kiss the moon every night and listen to it tell me how much it loves the sun and is willing to chase after her until the end of time because she is the only thing that makes him shine so brightly and how on special days gravity stops forcing them so far apart and they can sit in the blue sky together and I want her to tell me about how much she wishes she could stay with him but she knows that she’ll destroy him if they get too close so they stay long distance lovers and no matter what others say they shine the brightest in eachothers company so they refuse to move on into a different gravitational pull. I want to run away and listen to the secrets that we so seldom take the time to listen to anymore, I want to be free

sometimes i forget that 5996  (  gokudera  /  chrome  )  is such a beautiful pairing,  and then jade reappears and i stub my toe on the fact and trip onto my face and then go rolling off a nearby mountaintop bc 5996 is such a beautiful pairing,  oh my god.  

I can’t believe how far I’ve Come with ghost Just six months ago I barely knew them or any of their music I couldn’t tell the ghouls apart all I knew was papa now people ask me which ghoul is which and now I can tell them and I’ve heard a few times that I’m a big in the ghost fandom after just six months?.

I love them so much they are beyond adorable and amazing and beautiful and precious I love this band and you ghost fans forever ❤❤

Hi, i just wanna to throw up all this shit I’m feeling. Could I..?

I am feeling a trash. I know my parents would never accept me as genderfluid, neither my family, but I really feel guilty on not saying it? I was planning to confess but today on fb my dad posted something like “you’re the gender you had born with and I am: okay dad, but I am not female???? I don’t feel entirely as female, daddy? You are realizing it hurt so many people, dad? Are you noticing you’re spreading the hate, father? I don’t know how to feel. I can’t tell. I can’t hide. My parents know I am not normal.
I don’t wanna to be a shame to my family. I don’t wanna be apart of them, be pulled away just because I’m "wrong”. I know they love me, but… I know they think it will be good to me be just a gender and not more than it

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Hello! I really love your witches art! Can I ask what inspired you to create such designs? I've been struggling with writing my own witches but I can never find a design for them. Obviously I would never use yours without permission! But I just need help with inspiration, so if you could give some tips that be great. Have a nice day!

idk what inspired me but i knew i wanted to do something that was out of the box for me and as an artist and let me tell you it helped me grow in every-way, there is many ways to get inspiration so collect pictures make a tag for yourself if you ever see something that makes you think or feel something SAVE IT , hell use my drawing to inspire you and break them apart and see if you can make something that is completely different!!!! artist/writers grow and learn from each other and the best thing you can do is just to do it even if its weird or funny looking !! good luck 

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YES Tell me your (if ya have any of course) headcanons about badd and garou being dads plz

I didn’t want to post these too close together, but given his answer on the last one, I have to share.

Me: -already laughing- “I can’t wait to hear what you say for this one… ‘tell me your headcanons about Badd and Garou being dads. If you have any, of course.’” -giggling-

Hubs: -also starts laughing- “I didn’t before but I do now!“

Me: “What are they?”

Hubs: “Well obviously Badd and Garou have kindergartners that are going into the same class, and they look exactly like their dads and have similar personalities, so they’re always clashing and the teacher is always trying to keep them apart, so the dads keep getting called in to the principle’s office but secretly they’re hooking up while the kids are at school!“

Me: “WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT.” -so much laughing- “WHAT.”

Hubs: “Because they’re supposed to be gay lovers, right?!“

Me: -nearly falling out of my desk chair- “WELL. YES, BUT…WAIT, SO THEY EACH HAVE THEIR OWN KIDS SEPARATELY?“

Hubs: “Yeah!”

And we’re both laughing so hard we’re almost crying, and Hubs goes on to pitch his idea for a show where all the characters from OPM have their own kids and they go to school and have adventures and stuff (”SO IT’S LIKE ONE PUNCH KIDS?!” “YEAH!”)

Moral of the story: Hubs’s ships have holes in them. Don’t get on board.