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The twins hang out with Pietro-for a few days- cause both Tony and Bucky are on a mission, only proving how difficult it is to keep up with them and how much they both rely on each of their favourite uncles.

Admins Note: A small series I am starting where yourself and Steve have twin girls, who are very much like Steve in every way possible. I’ve also given the girls names but you are welcome to change them to what you want.
If you have any ideas for this mini-series of Steve being a dad, please suggest them, I am planning on making it so they grow up and have he has to deal with Teen drama’s so please send in your ideas for this!

NOTE: I have a difficult telling apart Mary-Kate and Ashley, so if I use gifs please just go with it, I have no clue despite the fact I love them… I can tell them apart as adults but under seventeen? People seem to love Spencer, so what I ask is if you have ANY ideas involving his character with Becky in a relationship, or whilst he is still annoying her please send them in for me.

Masterlist of Becky and Peggy

“How are we meant to go shopping now?” Becky asked, following her dad through the Avengers tower, he let out a deep sigh as Peggy trailed behind them both texting Tom.

“I don’t know, maybe ask one of the others to take you both?” he asked, it became silent and he turned to see both of his daughters looking up at him, blinking rapidly “yes, there are other Avengers living here, amazing, isn’t it?”

“But… the others aren’t Bucky or Tony!” Becky clarified and Steve sighed “when are they back?” she asked once more.

“In two days, depending on if things run smoothly,” Steve crosses his arms and looks down at them both “this is a good time to spend quality time with some of the others.” He smiled.

“Quality time?” Becky asked

“With others?” Peggy frowned and cringed looking at her sister “why did you send them both away? You done this on purpose” she accused her father.

“Okay, so maybe I did!” Steve chuckled “just you both spend too much time with those two, the others miss having you around, go and spend time with the other family members. That’s an order.”

Both girls sulk away towards the common room where the other Avengers, who didn’t go on the mission, are sat just lounging with one another. Becky sighs loudly and glances at their options; Pietro, Scott, Bruce and Vision.

“Pietro!” Peggy already walked over to the speedster, Becky trailing behind, already knowing this is a bad idea, Pietro glanced up from the television to the small girl “My dad said you have to take us to the mall!” Becky looked at her twin, who was smiling.

“Uh, what?” he asked slightly confused by Peggy.

“Steve said that since Bucky and Tony aren’t here we should ask you to take us, please?” she added with a small smile, fluttering her lashes, he sighed and nodded once making both girls high-five one another.


“My day planner is missing! My whole life is in there” Becky cried helplessly, both yourself and Pietro watching the scene of Becky throwing stuff around her room.

“Where did you last see it?” Pietro asked casually, you sighed knowing exactly what she is going to say to him.

“If I knew that then it wouldn’t be lost, Maximoff!” she yelled, Peggy stood beside you and chuckled at her sister “this is why we have Bucky, he knows, he just always knows where it is!”

“She really relies on Bucky.” Peggy confirmed eating an apple, sitting on one of Becky’s fluffy chairs.

“Like you rely on Tony, she got mad cause I couldn’t help her with homework and told her to do it herself, considering that’s how you learn.” Pietro chuckled at Peggy.

“Tony helps because he wants to, not because I ask.” Peggy glares slightly at Pietro, who holds his hands up in defence.

“Next time, tell your husband not to send both of those on a mission together, both his daughters have a mental breakdown” Pietro tapped your shoulder; you snicker and nod in agreement.

Becky sat on the floor of her room, looking slightly defeated and worn down, you chuckled and sat beside her.

“Hey, Tony and Bucky are back” Steve yelled walking into Becky’s room and frowned at the mess that had formed from her searching “what the hell happened in here?” he asked.

“Becky happened.” Peggy chuckled.

(you can still send in ideas for this by the way. - Rosalee)

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So I'm one of your latest/not really followers on dA. Maybe you can tell from having the exact same name. Anyway, your interpretation of the Unovan dragons has kind of overwritten any other, so I often have trouble telling it apart from canon. And because I like crossovers and overthinking things, I've been imagining the Fire Emblem Fates versions as associated with them. Like, Reshiram is the Dawn dragon, Zekron the Dusk one, and Corrin in Revelation is Kyuurem.

I….can get down with this! And thank you ;;;w;; <3

But I get to rewrite the entire story arcs so Corrin isn’t dumb af

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I'm watching the episode where Javi is deploying, and he tells Isaac that he promises he will come back. And all I can hear in the back of my mind is Aubree saying "you can never break a promise". And well we know how that turned out :/ I feel so bad for Isaac. And even Javi. They love each other so much :(

Luckily, it appears Isaac has been able to see Javi quite a few times since he’s been back. I’m sure it’s really hard on both of them not being around each other and living together like before, but at least they’re still apart of each other’s lives. It’s really mature of Kailyn to allow Isaac and Javi to keep that relationship. I hope it continues! 

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how can i call out a friend who always flirt with guys i tell her i am interested in,i'm tired of her rejecting them later and complaining about how they chase her when she is the one who acts all interested in them in the first place.Apart from that I hope you are having a great day :)

Hi hi!

Woah, that seems like such a terrible thing to happen… if this continues to occur repeatedly, then I’m afraid that perhaps your friend is not the best person for you to be with!

I mean, we can’t control our feelings, so if one day it would happen that both of you ended up liking the same person, then you should simply accept it and not let it get in the way of your friendship! However, this is not the case… your friend deliberately flirts with the people who you are interested in, after you told her so, just to reject them, in the end. This kind of behaviour is neither good for you or the people she gets envolved with.

Now, we can’t be sure whether she does this on purpose or not. If it is not the case, then I apologize for any wrong judgement I made. But, if she does indeed make this on purpose, then, please, do not let yourself hang around such a person anymore!

If you would like to be sure about this situation, you can always try to confront her about it and see how things develop from that point. However, she might end up getting offended with your words, resulting in some possible conflict (this will only depend on how your friend deals with this issue, though).

Besides, next time you are interested in someone, you could also try not telling her and see whether she will behave the same way as well.

Just make sure you only befriend people who truly care and respect you, no matter what, okay, dear?

Sending you all of my love ♥ 

Send me questions about anything and everything! Let’s all get to know each other better ~

Paris Apartment Parlor Daybed

by Jon Gary Steele

This is the Jamie & Claire Paris Apartment daybed. As you can tell I like doing built-in beds and daybeds. We have had them in black Jack Randall’s sleeping quarters, Inn’s and assorted other sets. The reason is they really did use them a lot in the 18th century and I like the way it looks and it is an elegant piece of built in furniture that can add a lot to the set.  I can see the way Actors and crew respond to them. This one was built so that Claire could be sitting in the daybed at parties in their apartment and look out toward her guest. The back had a wide panel that swung out so that a camera could be placed there to shoot over claire to the rest of the apartment.

This photo shows the beginning of the Paris Apartment  daybed. The plaster men are adding the crown moldings. They already have one layer of paint and will be glazed and aged later. In the next several photos I will show you the progress of the daybed.

This is a close up photo of the finished daybed.  I wanted to show you the back wall which is covered with golden bronze silk,blue mirror squares and gold moldings.  I wanted the mirrors to be blue because I knew that Gina and I were using several blue velvets and silks. I also wanted it to be different than the silver mirror pocket doors on the daybed. We were try to make it very sexy, I think it worked out pretty well. I will try to find a photo of the mirrored doors closed.

This photo shows the outer part of the daybed almost finished.  The mirrored pocket doors will be added next. The interior walls were made in the construction shop and then carried down to Stage A  to be installed,  moldings added and then painted. The floors were finished and will be aged later.

This is the only photo I can find of the mirrored daybed pocket doors.  Each mirrored door slides into the pocket in the wall. The mirrors are made to pivot so the Director of photography and their lighting team can pivot them to not see cameras or lights. I love using mirrors on sets but some DP’s do….some don’t.

This beautiful photo was a Starz photo shoot of Sam and Cait in the Paris daybed. The back wall was removed and a window was added to have light fall on the Actors faces. Gina Cromwell our brilliant Set Decorator did a great job with all the draperies and furniture in the Paris apartment as always. The Actors, Costumes and Sets look pretty good together. 


jack harkness is not just a flirt | 1/? | 1.12 - child soldier

“so, what do i do? tell them, i saw a young boy get shot in the eyes mid-flight?”

“i understand.”

“do you? did you hear him on the radio shouting for his Mom while the Messerschmitts pumped him full of holes and blew his plane apart? all i can hear on the radio…”

“is screams…”

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What if Paul and Pat ever get engaged Pay buys a ring to match Pats so Paul can never tell them apart. ever.

Pay is so goddamn desperat e for some love i te l l yo u

I just had an epiphany

INTP is disorganized, sporadic, etc. and INTJ is organized, focused, bla bla bla, but everyone get them confused. So think about it this way, INTP is Van Gogh and INTJ is da Vinci. INTP sees the world through a interesting lenses, they have a heart the size of the ocean but you would never know it with how they talk and all. They are genius and have a appreciation for art. They can become depressed by not being able to connect with people well. INTJ is smart person, they love plans, organization, science, everything da Vinci stood for. I wouldn’t be surprised if INTJ’s write upsidedown and backwards, their that smart. So that is how you tell them apart. They are both geniuses but in a different way.

Such Strong, Similar Emotions

Me: *sees a hurt meme* oh that’s a good idea.

Didn’t use any of the prompts on the list (just the general idea of pain and angst) but I think you’ll like it @duckiesteasmiles. This is what I write after no inspiration for three weeks? Why brain.

~ ~ ~

She hates this.

She hates that they haven’t seen each other for ten years.

She hates that even after so long, he can still look at her as if she were the only person in the world.

She hates that they have to start petty, meaningless arguments because of everything left unsaid between them.

She hates that after a decade apart she can still tell what he’s thinking.

She hates how happy she is whenever she gets to visit.

She hates that she has to control herself around him. He’s not your’s anymore, she reminds herself, every single damn time she wants to lean into him. Every time she’s tempted to just grab his hand and squeeze it in comfort.

She hates that she understands why he left.

She really hates that she still loves him.

~ ~ ~

But usually you can’t have hate without love somewhere, can you? After all, they’re much too alike to be separated.

~ ~ ~

She loves the way he smiles at her (she can only bring herself to feel guilty later- hours later -after she stops basking in the glow of it).

She loves that they can still understand each other, even without speaking.

She loves that she can still argue with him and ignore the rest of the world for a few minutes.

She loves that, ten years past and he greets her as if it had only been ten minutes.

She loves how happy he still makes her feel.

She loves the look on his face when she visits. Like she’s a pleasant surprise he doesn’t think he deserves and will always cherish.

She loves that while everything else has changed, he hasn’t. Not really.

She loves that she can- and will always -respect and trust him.

She loves him.

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zenyatta being enamoured with anyone speaking in their first language; likes hearing stories from other countries, he just needs to find someone with enough time on their hands to talk with him. reinhardt chatting with him for hours about german folklore or World of Warcraft games he used to play, lucio talking about concerts he's been to with musicians he loves, satya telling him the jungle book is excruciatingly inaccurate. (mowgli? whats a mowgli?!) storytime with zenyatta.

i’ve sat here with one hand clamped over my mouth and just hissing through my fingers to avoid waking up my apartment building with how loudly i want to scream about how utterly perfect and wonderful this is


Thoughts on Mindful Education

Okay so I don’t know if anyone else is picking up on it but, the gems are viewing Steven completely differently. 

Let me elaborate. Steven has come home after several missions/mishaps, having to tell of another gems ‘poofing’

after this episode we can clearly see how it has been effecting him, but I still don’t think the gems can see it.

Garnet told Steven and Connie how to stay together and calm down, and she ended up helping connie, but she didn’t predict them falling apart a second time. 

In other words, she didn’t know how Steven has been feeling.

Ever since Steven has become so capable, the gems are seeing more and more of his mother in him. Basically they don’t really believe that his recent battles had *that* big of an effect on him.

He learned how to let things go, because Connie taught him. Not because Garnet did. Connie was the one to tell him how to move on.  One human to another.

Conclusion: The gems really don’t know Steven as well as they used to. He doesn’t tell them if he needs help. He’s trying to be as ‘strong’ as Rose. And it’s hurting him.

(please correct me if I’m jumping to conclusions) 

Are you ASHAMED of me?

A/N:  This is for @purpleetou who asked  Can you do an Alec x reader where she is a human and there dating and he would visit at night and one day she wasn’t home and Alec gets all crazy worried but she just went to buy some food and he’s all “always tell me where you are” and just protective Alec. Sorry it took so long to get this to you. 

I would also like to thank @jessiedangerous for looking this over for me. Your are the BEST!

Summary: The reader had to work a double shift at the hos[ital and when the reader gets home Alec is there waiting for them all worried witch leads to a fight. 


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Turning the key to my apartment, I can’t hear the lock click, telling me that the door was unlocked. I push the door open while trying to juggle the Mexican take-out in my hands. I knew my boyfriend Alec was going to be coming over or was already here, and I wanted to have something to eat for the both of us. The Mexican place was on the way home and it’s one of our favorite places to eat.
I had met Alec at a coffee shop that was near the hospital about six months ago. Alec had walked into me and spilled his coffee on me. At first, I was pissed off. I had just worked a twelve hour shift at the hospital and just wanted a coffee and sleep. I was about to yell at him when I looked up at him and stopped in my tracks. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes that I had ever seen. Before I could say anything, he was apologizing to me say that he would pay to have my shirt clean and would buy me another coffee.
His face had turned a wonderful shade of pink that just made him even better looking. For some reason, after he quit talking, I had told him that it was fine, but if he wanted to make it up to me he could buy me dinner. He had stuttered out a yes and the rest is history.
Normally, I would have been home by now, but I got caught up working another shift today when someone called in sick today. Now, all I want to do is eat dinner, cuddle with Alec, and sleep for the next year. Stepping foot in the apartment, I notice that my living room light is on, telling me that Alec is here and waiting for me. I smile knowing that Alec is here waiting for me. I’m happy that he is now comfortable enough to use the key that I had given him three weeks before.
I remove my shoes and jacket before I pick up the take-out I set on the side table that I have placed near the door. I set my keys in the dish. Walking down the small hallway that leads to the living room, it’s then that I notice the sound of footsteps, almost as if someone is pacing back and forth. I can hear a voice, but it’s muffled. I could make out the tone of Alec’s voice, which eases my anxiety.  
When I finally get to the doorway that leads to the living room, I find Alec with his back to me and I catch what seems to be the tail end of a conversation he is having on his cell phone.
“-ace I know, but she is normally home by now I’m worried.” Not wanting to eavesdrop on his conversation, I clear my throat. Alec whips around and looks at me for a moment with big eyes and shock on his face. When the shock dissipates from his face, he realizes that whoever he is talking to on his cell is now yelling trying to get his attention. I still can’t make out what the person on the cell phone is saying, but it is loud enough that I can hear him talking to Alec.
“Jace, it’s fine, she’s home.” Alec eventually relays through the phone. There is a brief pause as I assume that Jace is saying something back. I have only met Jace a couple of times. I sometimes worry that that Alec does not want me to meet the people in his life. That maybe he’s ashamed of me. I don’t know how to bring it up to him.
“I know Jace, and I will when the time is right. I gotta go, brother.” Alec says before he hangs up the cell phone. With his conversation over, I walk further into the room and set the food down on the coffee table and turning back to Alec.
In two long strides, Alec is in front of me and taking me into his arms, pulling me into his chest. His hug borders on painful with how tight he is squeezing. Still, I wrap my arms around him and hug him too. I missed the feeling of his arms around me. When I’m in his arms, it’s like coming home. I feel safe and loved. It’s comforting after a long day working and being on my feet.
“What’s wrong, Alec?”
“You weren’t home when I got here. I didn’t know where you were or when you would be getting home. I tried to call you, but you cell phone went right to voice mail.” Alec says as he lays his head down on top of mine, reminding me of how much shorter than Alec that I am.
“I had to work a double shift today, so my cell phone died around six today. Then I stopped to get us some food, didn’t feel like cooking today.”
“Always tell me where you are” Alec says to me after a heartbeat.
“Excuse me!” I yell pulling out of his hug so I could look him in the face. Alec seems shocked at my outburst. “I do NOT have to tell you where I am. You are NOT my keeper. You ARE my boyfriend. I am not a child. I can take care of myself.” I can feel my face flush with anger at the thought that Alec is treating me like a child. “I have lived almost my entire life taking care of myself. I don’t need you to tell me how to take care of myself. I am not a child.” By the end of my rant, I am breathing deeply, trying to calm my anger that could turn into full blown rage if I’m not careful.
“That is not how I meant it!” Alec yells right back at me. “ I meant… I just… if you’re going to be late, let me know so I don’t worry about you. Or if your cell phone is going to die send me a quick text so I know. I was just so worried when you weren’t home at the normal time. I know that you can take care of yourself, Y/N.”
“Well, you could’ve just said that and not made it sound like you were telling me what to do. We are in a relationship. That does not make you my boss.”
“I know that I’m not your boss! But I love you and I don’t know what I would do if something were to happen to you.” His voice laced with fear.
“You say you love me, but I have never had the chance to get to know your family or your friends. Are you ashamed of me?” I whisper to him not really wanting to know the answer.
“I could never be ashamed of you, Y/N. You are the best thing that has happened to me. But my life and job are dangerous and I don’t want something to happen to you because of me.” His words pleading with me.
“I… Yeah… Okay. Maybe I overreacted, it’s just that I love you so much and I want to be part of your life. And I hate being treated like a child that people need to take care of.” My hand is grasped in his larger one.
“If that’s an apology for yelling at me, it kind of sucked.”
“Maybe I was going to show you how much I suck later.” As I say the word “suck,” Alec’s face turns a nice shade of pink and a blush creeps over his cheeks and down his neck. I want to spend the rest of my life seeing that pink color on his cheeks “But, if you want, I guess I could just tell you how sorry I am for yelling at you.  Alec, I really am sorry for yelling at you and for saying that you’re ashamed of me.” I put on my best puppy dog face. I let my eyes tear up and I look at him from under my lashes.
“You don’t fight fair, you know that right? I am sorry for trying to tell you what to do. I know you can take care of yourself.” Alec mumbles as he pulls me to him and into another hug. This hug is not so tight; not so painful as the first one from when I got home.
“Fighting fair is never any fun Alec.” I say to him with a smile on my face. “You know the Mexican food that I got us is probably cold by now.” At the mention of food Alec’s face lights up; the way to a man’s heart is definitely through the stomach. Sometimes, I think that he forgets to eat during the day.
“Mexican food? You know me so well.” Alec says to me as he pulls out from the hug.
“Well, I worked late and didn’t feel like cooking and the Mexican place was on the way home.” I walk over to the couch and take a seat. Alec walks to the kitchen and grabs us some plates and forks. We pull out the containers and spit the dishes like we always do. It also feels like such a couple thing to do. We both also like a lot of the same foods. It makes going out on dates easier. We don’t have to fight over what we want to eat that night.
We eat in silence not needing to talk to be comfortable with each other. I was right, our dinner had gotten cold, but not too bad that we would have to reheat it. After we finished eating, Alec, always the gentleman, takes the plates to the kitchen along with the containers to throw them away. With Alec not taking up the other half of the couch, I stretch out on it and get comfortable. When Alec doesn’t come back right away, I know that he’s doing the dishes, unable to leave them for the next day. I couldn’t care less if the dishes get done the same day.
When Alec gets back from doing the dishes, he manages to get in behind me on the couch and pulls my back against his chest. I sigh in content, happy just to be in his arms. I can feel the heat radiate from his body onto mine. Alec is like a furnace. He’s always so warm.
“So, why did you have to work so late?”
“Someone called in sick, so they asked me to cover their shift for them.” I mumbled.
“That sucks. So, I was thinking, if you still want, you could meet my family tomorrow?”
“I would love that Alec!” My face showing my excitement. We both doze for about an hour, happy just to be with each other. I finally look over to the clock and see that it is almost one in the morning. I shake Alec and turn, so we are chest to chest.
“Alec, want to go take a shower with me? I could so you how much I suck.” I say as I stand up from the couch and saunter towards the bathroom. I turn into the room and hear his heavy footsteps approaching me. I laugh as he lifts me onto the counter and presses his lips to mine.

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Becky and Bucky are at the mall, waiting for Peggy to buy her new sports stuff with Tommy, only they run into Spencer and his friends. 
(I apologise for the Seb gif I used, Lance Tucker has me loving him all over again! I have a thing for gymnastics, like… that movie wrecked me)

Admins Note: A small series I am starting where yourself and Steve have twin girls, who are very much like Steve in every way possible. I’ve also given the girls names but you are welcome to change them to what you want.
If you have any ideas for this mini-series of Steve being a dad, please suggest them, I am planning on making it so they grow up and have he has to deal with Teen drama’s so please send in your ideas for this!

NOTE: I have a difficult telling apart Mary-Kate and Ashley, so if I use gifs please just go with it, I have no clue despite the fact I love them… I can tell them apart as adults but under seventeen? People seem to love Spencer, so what I ask is if you have ANY ideas involving his character with Becky in a relationship, or whilst he is still annoying her please send them in for me.

Masterlist of Becky and Peggy

“How long does it take to buy sports clothes?” Becky asked impatiently, both herself and Bucky sat on a bench in the mall beside the food court, Becky looking behind them to the sports shop that her twin and Tommy had disappeared into only twenty minutes ago.

“You take longer just buying shoes” Bucky mutters, arms crossed and eyes dragging across the mall, bored couldn’t even explain how he felt right now; having to drive around three teenagers wasn’t exactly how Bucky pictured his Wednesday afternoon.

“Don’t talk to me ever again cause of that” Becky glares, Bucky chuckles at her, she glances up and catches glance of Spencer and widens her eyes “Dammit!” she mutters, Bucky glances at her with a small frown and follows her eyes, landing on Spencer; recognising him instantly. He’s with three of his friends, all smoking and laughing with one another, talking about whatever she couldn’t hear.

“You gonna say hello?” Bucky questioned, Becky scoffed and kept her head down, praying Spencer doesn’t spot her cause she doesn’t need Bucky or Spencer embarrassing her “Maybe, I should go say hello” Bucky stands up, Becky rushes to stand up, grabbing his arm and stopping him with a stern glare.

“What is it with chick, does she have beer flavoured nipples?” you knew that voice, Spencer, you sighed and Bucky grimaced looking at the group of boys walking behind him “Becky?” Spencer almost yelled, she sighed loudly and mustered a smile at Spencer, waving slightly; giving a warning glare to Bucky, who shrugged with a smug look on his face.

“Hey, Spencer” his friends hang back, thank god “Peggy is in that store with Tommy” hoping he’d get the hint to leave; only Spencer never takes hints and just nods “you haven’t been at school, you been expelled?” Becky tried to joke, fully knowing Bucky was only a few steps back and most likely listening in.

“Naa, not yet” he amused “actually, Annabelle has been sick and with my mum working, I had to hang back and look after her” he shrugged, Becky nodded feeling slightly guilty for assuming it was cause he was kicked out.

“Well, tell Annabelle I hope she gets better, you’re an oddly good brother” she crinkled her nose and before Spencer could respond, Bucky walked up.

“C’mon, the other you is done” Bucky nudged her, Becky glanced seeing Peggy and Tommy leaving the store to them, bickering back and forth with one another “James Barnes” was what snapped her back, watching as Bucky interacted with Spencer.

Spencer chuckles slightly “Yeah, I know, Becky has mentioned her family to me” he smiles lightly at Becky, who was frowning and ready to pull Barnes away.

“Good, then you’ll know that if it came to it, I can hide –“ Becky interjected “OKAY! Let’s go, Bucky” pushing him towards Peggy, Spencer had raised eyebrows but waved bye to Becky, who nodded feeling slightly mortified that Bucky was subtly threatening him.

“I can’t believe you just did that” Becky sighed, Bucky tried not to laugh at her mild embarrassment.

“Hey, I’m just behaving how your dad told me and Sam to” she groaned “any guy that shows interest, we have to show them what they are getting into… plus, I haven’t threatened anyone in a long time” he shrugged, smiling as Tommy pushes Peggy, and Peggy hits him her bags.

Now we don’t want to go out
When we could spend the night at home with the cotillion
Invite the neighbors around
Start the boss a nova beat and limbo from the living to the kitchen

Enjoy the state of the art
The magic swing piano really is astounding
Now we can’t tell them apart
But these amazing simulations end up sounding even better than the real thing

Been listening to Gotye again and had to draw adult Creeps, but as a robot. I haven’t had the most free time in a while so sorry if I might had over effect it. 

Full body commissions are [ OPEN ]

Malec Week Day 2: Into the Future Day- ‘Oh Boys’

Day 1: Family Day:  http://themalecprincess.tumblr.com/post/148897474818/malec-week-day-1-family-day-becoming-family

Summery:  Max and Rafael keep arguing and fighting. When Alec Takes Rafael’s side Max thinks it’s because he’s a Shadowhunter. How can Alec prove him wrong?

Alec Pov- I walked down the street leading to my apartment beyond happy to be able to come home early from demon hunting. There weren’t a lot of demons out tonight and since I was the only one in our group with children, I was allowed to go home early so I can spend some time with them before they had to go to bed. I didn’t tell Magnus I was heading home since I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. As far as they knew, I would be out all night long.

I stopped in front of the apartment, using my key to get inside before taking the steps two at a time. Once I got to the second door I used my key again before swinging it open announcing “I’m home!”

There was no one there. The living room and kitchen were completely empty but all the lights were on so they had to be home. They wouldn’t have anywhere to go this late anyway. “Hello, where is everyone” I asked setting down my arrows.

“Is that you Alexander” Magnus’s voice asked from our room. “Yeah there weren’t many demons out tonight so they let me come home early. Where are the boys?” Magnus walked out of our bedroom coming up to me and kissing me on the cheek “they are in their room playing a video game.”

I raised an eyebrow at that “and just when did they get a video game console?” Magnus smiled sheepishly at this. “Well, Max was practicing conjuring stuff today and he happened to make the console appear.” “So our eight-year-old used magic to steal video games? Magnus I told you that randomly conjuring stuff was a bad influence on him.” 

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Do you have any suggestions for plus size shopping? I saw your response to sundress anon and omg those are so pretty but so far from my size I felt actual tears. I'm tired of shopping at places where "plus size" means "animal print and ugly ass beads and slightly under size circus tents with no shape."

I’m a size 0 so I can’t give a personal recommendation as far as quality, but I can tell you the a few websites that have cute plus sized dresses that I’ve seen. 

One is Lane Bryant. Their designs are beautiful and very classic looking, with just enough trendy items on it that you can find something like that if you’re interested. I know for a fact that their clothing isn’t poor quality, either, because my friend loves to shop there and I don’t recall her ever having a problem with them falling apart. 

Torrid has some fun casual t-shirt dresses, some basic staples (LBD and LWD) and a few cute cocktail dresses. It also has a bunch of Hot Topic level crap, so I did hesitate to even suggest it but I trust you’re going to be fully capable of sifting through those.

Once again, check Ebay and Goodwill/thrift stores too because you can find them much cheaper that way (I see Lane Bryant on the racks all the time, here.)