i can so tell them apart

Did anyone actually see the minion movie? If so, I have a few QUESTIONS. 

  1. How did the dialogue work out? From what I know, they speak in a fake language that is unintelligible to anyone capable of hearing. Was it like watching a Youtube video of Sims speaking to each other? 
  2. What the hell kind of plot did this movie have? Was it just the yellow turds rolling around yelling? 
  3. How can you tell the minions apart? Aren’t there like… a million of them? Did they all have a role? How was this movie possible to follow? 
  4. Why did you watch it? Why don’t you love yourself?
Sorting Hat Song: Sorcerer’s Stone

Oh, you may not think I’m pretty,
But don’t judge on what you see,
I’ll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I’m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There’s nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can’t see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends.
So put me on! Don’t be afraid!
And don’t get in a flap!
You’re in safe hands (though I have none)
For I’m a Thinking Cap!

Find more sorting hat songs on MuggleNet

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I usually can spot the differences between each boarder (not that it's a bad thing though, I realy like the dynamic within each board team, I even kinda wish zuke and lamar would stay together longer but she works with hilary nicely too), but one I can't tell apart is the style of joe vs jeff. Would you point out some quirks in each's style to tell them apart?

Joe & Jeff are pretty hard to tell apart, their styles work really well together overall so their episodes almost look like they were boarded by one person sometimes. Sometimes I can spot their scenes but other times I get thrown. Like, I can spot differences but I attribute it to the wrong person.

Jeff’s Stevens are really squishy looking, I know that. Which I know isn’t, like, a very scientific measure but yea, there’s a particular squishy quality of Jeff’s Stevens that make them easier to spot. Both Joe & Jeff draw very rounded in general, though, so the characters look ‘softer’ in their style than others. Jeff’s style is easiest to spot when the characters distort, like in the second half of “Say Uncle” and the end of “Marble Madness” - if a character has sharp teeth, its probably Jeff’s board.

For Joe, I usually look at Pearl, he tends to draw her head a bit more round than Jeff does. That’s what I’m looking at in the sneak peek that makes me think “Friend Ship” is a Joe & Jeff episode. Because these

look like they were drawn by the same person to me and I’m pretty sure Joe boarded that bit in the opening since its similar to that drawing he did for the gallery

the whole “maybe you’re just aesthetically attracted to women” thing makes me so fucking mad because it’s that same exact line of thinking that kept me in denial my entire life.

“i can’t be gay because i don’t think of women in a sexual way”

“i can’t see myself dating a woman, so i can’t really be attracted to them”

the whole time i was dealing with some serious internalized homophobia and the pressures of compulsory heterosexuality. i had no clue what attraction looked like or felt like so i continued to force myself into unhealthy relationships at the expense of my self worth and wellbeing.

stop telling confused young women that they might just be “biromantic.” you are devaluing the nature of woman-woman relationships by picking them apart, as if us dirty monosexual queers only think about sex and don’t have complex romantic relationships with our partners.

I find my head up in the clouds a lot. I like to dream about the future and how I would like my life to be.

I love planning future vacations and how I’ll decorate my apartment or even what pets I’ll have. I love imagining the baby cactuses freshly planted by the window in the kitchen my partner and I will share. I like to dream about cooking dinner, his arms wrapping themselves around my waist and him kissing my head telling me everything smells delicious.

I even like to dream about my future children, dressing them up as superheroes on Halloween and going trick or treating. I like to imagine my partner and I telling the kids certain candies aren’t safe just so we can sneak them to our room and eat them haha.

I like imagining the last time my partner flies in, a one way ticket that leads him home to me. How we’ll cry and laugh with relief. How weird it’ll feel to not be counting down anymore. How we will literally live the rest of our lives together, ‘til death do us part.

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(I'm on mobile so idk how to view FAQ so sorry if this is in there) I was wondering if there's a way you can tell Loki an Luka apart physically (it looks like one might be smaller in the walking side by side but that would depend on ages) were they litter mates or just from the same mom? Loki sometimes looks like his eyes aren't as blue and lean more towards grey, but it could be lighting cuz others they look blue. Do you have more pictures of them next to each other?

They look completely different to me! I have this as FAQ #4 (http://6woofs.tumblr.com/faq). They’re from different litters but have the same mom and dad. Luka’s about a year older, give or take a few months.



§  Pink nose with black edging (though their noses do vary with seasons!)

§  Very triangular ears (straight sides)

§  Fluffy cheeks/head/neck/shoulders, dense undercoat

§  Almond-shaped eyes (“sharper” looking eyes)

§  Tail curves more like a sickle shape when up (more to breed standard than curly tails)

§  Wolfy look


§  Black nose with slight pink edging (though their noses do vary with seasons!), slightly pinkish/reddish on chin

§  Ears not as triangular/straight on the edges, they have a bit of a curve

§  Fur is shorter in length but very plush, not much undercoat on head/cheek/neck

§  Rounder eyes that often droop, and if wide open you can sometimes see white around the iris

§  Holds his tail in a tighter curl when it’s up

Here’s a photo of them side-by-side

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I just suddenly got an urge for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith hartwin au where they're both spies (or assassins) and have day job covers and are married and neither knows about the other JUST IMAGINE IT


Like can you imagine them actually loving one another very much and so not telling the truth to keep the other safe, and one misunderstanding leading to another and them becoming angry at each other because “you want to kill me??” And suddenly boom they’re supposed to kill each other and they’re like ????

But then they try and Harry’s like I can’t kill you. I love you too much - cut to a toe curling kiss that ends up with them sleeping together on a torn up apartment, just needing to be near each other again.

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stackson + 12

stackson + things you said when you thought i was asleep

“You deserve better.”

Stiles turns in Jackson’s arms so that he’s facing him, looking at him in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

Jackson startles when Stiles moves, then says “Nothing, go to sleep.”

“Uh-uh, you don’t get to do that. What do you mean, I deserve better?”

Jackson sighs. They’re face to face, just inches apart, and Stiles can tell Jackson would rather be anywhere but here, but neither of them move away.

“I mean, I’m an asshole with abandonment issues, and I can’t even say ‘I love you,’ and sooner or later I’m gonna fuck this up like I do everything else. It’s a miracle you haven’t already left, honestly.”

And, okay. Stiles had always known Jackson had self-esteem issues underneath his superior act, but god.

“Alright, I’ve got a newsflash for you, honey bunny,” Stiles says gently. “I’m pretty much Beacon Hills’ second biggest asshole, right after you. And I’m just as fucked up as you are, too, so I’m not going anywhere. Anyone normal would run screaming from me.”

He’s trying for a laugh, but he doesn’t get one, so he gets more serious.

“We’re good together, babe. We make sense. I knew all your shitty qualities when I signed up for this, and I did it anyway. And like I said, they’re not even really that shitty to me, because I’m the same way. So I don’t want you to worry about it, okay?”

“Fine, whatever,” Jackson grumbles, and Stiles chuckles.

“Besides, considering how hot you are, I can live without an ‘I love you,’” Stiles jokes. 

Jackson shoves him, but then immediately pulls him back toward him and holds him close. 

“Thanks,” he whispers, and the smile on Stiles’ face doesn’t fade until he’s fast asleep.

If You (Kim Jongin Scenario)

Anon: Exo kai/jongin scenario pls where his gf is kinda insecure of seeing him being with pretty idols and celebrities all time and to find out a him in a scandal with an idol, he then convinced his gf that it was a publicity, and so on, angsty pls, happy or sad end up to you! Thanks a lot^^


Of course I can!!! I love angst like a lot…so expect a lot of it!!! And no problem~~ 
Should also tell you that non of these scandal events are not even close to true…I just came up with them whoops lol


The sound of a loud bang bounced off the walls of the apartment, soon being followed by loud footsteps, stopping at the kitchen. “Y/N?!” He asked in a panicked tone before rushing over to me as I fell to my knees. This isn’t real? I thought to myself while looking at my phone. A photo of my boyfriend, Kim Jongin, with Chrystal Soo Jung, or better known as Krystal Jung from the other SM group, f(x), stayed on the screen with the article reading,

Are EXO’s, Kai and f(x)’s, Krystal finally going to tell the public about their relationship, or leave it for SM to confirm like they did with Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s? At eleven thirty-five pm last night, the two were spotted leaving a cafe near their companies’ headquarters laughing and talking pretty openly with each other. There have been a few sights of them being very close. One of them was in the SMTOWN concert a few weeks ago in Tokyo. Even though a lot of fans are outraged by this, there is a small amount that seem to like the pair.

I didn’t even want to continue reading it. When I had seen it was when I dropped the saucepan and Jongin had come running in. He had knelt beside me when I had fallen to my knees and put his hands on my shoulder. “G-Get off of me!” I demanded, shifting away and whacking his hands off of me.

I knew this would happen…It was going to happen sooner or later, the thought just kept playing in my head, making me want to burst into tears. It’s tearing me to shreds, just like paper. Each emotion, mainly sadness and anger, was just slowly ripping me and throwing each piece away, as if it was nothing but trash.

As I just sat there, refusing to look at him because I have a feeling that if I do even cast a glance at him, I’ll slap him…and I don’t want to. I could never hurt him.


“Do you love me, Jongin?” I asked him, looking down at the ground. I could feel his gaze intensify once I spoke those words and I did almost look up, but I didn’t…with a struggle.

“Of course I do, Y/N. Why would you ask that? You know that I love…” As he spoke, he reached out to touch my cheek but I only flinched away, a frown appearing on my face.

He could tell something was most definitely wrong and it made me feel bad. I shouldn’t be though. He’s the one who’s gone behind my back and cheated on me with her. 

I hated her.

“Explain you and Chrystal then…” I muttered underneath my breath, squeezing my phone in my hand in pure anger. Then, I finally looked up at him, biting my lip and tears threatening to fall. I felt my eyebrows furrow. “If you’re going to cheat of me, at least have the decency to break up with me and not let me find out through a scandal!” I snapped at him.

His eyes widen and jaw dropped slightly. Shock washed over him as I could tell he had a hard time, comprehending what I was saying. Well, he could’ve just been doing that to make him seem more ‘confused’. 

That’s what pissed me off even more. Why can’t he just own up to it?!

Rolling my eyes, I just stood up quickly, completely ignoring him now. His gaze followed me as I just stormed out of the room and into our bedroom…Well his bedroom now. There is no way I’m staying in the same house with a liar and cheater, let alone share a room with him. I heard him quickly jog to walk behind me.

“Wh…What are you talking about?” I didn’t answer him. “Y/N?” Still didn’t answer him but now I was grabbing clothes from the wardrobe.

Don’t need that. Need that. Won’t be taking that.

I turned with a bunch of clothes in my arms, to see him standing there, frowning. So is he finally going to confess? Walking past him, I grabbed my suitcase and shoved everything in there.

“Y/N.” He said sternly but I still refused to say anything. I went to grab a few of my important shoes but he grabbed my wrist and kept a tight hold. Glaring at him, I tried to shake my hand away but failed. 

“Let go!”

“Not until you tell me what you mean by me cheating on you and what scandal?”

“Are you serious?! Are you for fucking real?!” You lashed out at him. “Why aren’t you just telling me the truth?!”

“What truth?!”

Anger kept boiling at the pit of my stomach and was slowly rising up into my chest and throat. Then it started to mix with sadness and fear. Why fear? Well I feared if it was me who made him not love me anymore. Was I too bossy? Too stubborn? Not good enough for him? My hands clenched into fists, knuckles turning white. “The truth about you obviously not loving me anymore! I saw the article about you and Chrystal! I know that you’re dating her! It’s all over social media…” I bit my bottom lip, holding back tears so I didn’t look like the weak one. The tears were blurring my vision though, making it hard for me to see his expression. He went silent though, that’s all I know.

“Y/N…” He said quietly. His grip loosened which I was going to take my chance to grab my shoes but he just grabbed the sides of my face, pulling me in for a sweet kiss. Those are the ones he would give me on special events like Valentine’s Day, my birthday or our Anniversary. I would give them to him as well on his own birthday but usually, he was the one who initiated it and I would return.

I didn’t this time though. Instead, I started crying, much to my dismay. My first tear slid down my cheek and on to his thumb while he pulled away. Jongin kept his face close to my own by learning his forehead against mine. Now that I was crying, I could see him a bit better. His eyes were glassy and washed over with confusion (still), hurt and…Well love. I could see it. I saw it when I first kissed him but now was different. We’ve been dating for two years now and the both of us have matured…in a way. When I think about it…he has been my first everything.

First boyfriend.

First kiss.

First time.

Those certain memories flooded my thoughts, even if I did try to push them away. They weren’t necessary right now. I had to think about the present not the past.

“First of all, where on earth did you see this article?” He asked me, still holding my face and wiping away any tears that fell.

I stayed silent for a moment. “I saw it online…I was about to start cooking dinner when…I saw it on my twitter.” I answered truthfully.

He just nodded which did kind of tick me off. “Alright….Second of all, why did you believe it?”

“….” His brown eyes bored into my E/C ones, making me want to shrink back and cry some more. They weren’t intimidating. God, they were far from being that. They were, as said before, full of love. They just looked so warm and caring. “I fear that…you’ll soon get bored of me.” I admitted with a shaky breath. “I fear that you will run off with some other idol and just forget about me….”Then I let out a chuckle. “Look at me. I’m pathetic…”

Jongin’s eyebrows furrowed deeper. “You’re not pathetic Y/N. To me, you are the most perfect girl I have ever seen. To me, you are my other half and that I was destined to be with you. Fate is what bought you and I together and I would never, ever even think to cheat on you.” He paused to wipe away the constant tears that were flowing down my face as I let out a small and held back sob. “This whole scandal thing is just the media wanting to start something among the fans. You don’t have to worry about it.”

I did trust him. Publicity did always happen among famous people and I have to accept it, but there will always be that gut feeling of him not ever loving me anymore. It’ll always be there and I will not be able to get rid of it unless it actually happens, which hopefully it never will. I nodded very subtly, causing him to smile slightly. He leant in again and pressed his lips on to mine, with just a little bit more passion and force.

One of his hands slid to the back of my neck and the other one traced down my shoulder, to my waist. Then, I found myself kissing back. With him being very subtle about it, he led me to the bed and when my knees hit the edge, I fell back, bringing him with me. Once my back hit the mattress, Jongin pulled away from the kiss first and smiled sweetly, even though I could see a glint of mischief behind it. He moved his leg slightly and pushed my suitcase off of the bed before swooping in and kissing me again. His hands now slid down the side of my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Soon enough, he kissed the corner of my mouth and slowly moved to my jaw and up to my ear. When he was at my ear, he kissed under it slightly before whispering,

“Tonight, I’ll show you how much you mean to me Y/N…I promise..”

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ok I’ll just answer the ones I can see and then if you see this post tell me what those two are so I can answer them

the top fives’ll be a little hard and I feel like apart from the top 2 the order isn’t necessarily exact

🎤 - Top 5 favorite bands?

5. The Ramones
4. Yes
3. Oingo Boingo
2. The Beatles
1. Queen

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

5. Fine
4. Twilight
3. Roundabout
2. Seven Seas of Rhye
1. 99 Red Balloons

📝 - Story from your childhood.

this is less of a story from my childhood and more of one from before I existed but my dad actually wanted to name me Jor-El. Like Superman’s dad. But my mom objected and named me Jaden. Can you imagine though

🍇 - Favorite fruits?

I actually really love grapes, I think they’re probably my favorite. The purple ones more than the green ones

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Lol tbh I'm starting to think all white models look alike, you're not alone

I really just want to rant about this. You know how they say people of a certain race can’t tell other races apart? Apparently it’s scientifically proven I guess. But I AM white and I can’t tell them apart. They look almost the same, their personalities are basically the same (hipsiter lite/feminist lite (or “light”) and take goofy instagram pictures), they dress pretty much the same… 1) I really honestly can’t tell them apart anymore and 2) THEY ARE SO BORING. Plus, a lot of these girls grew up super crazy rich, and while part of me hopes the fashion industry is poaching from poorer countries less, but I know that isn’t true. They’re just giving the less glamorous jobs to those girls! AT LEAST back in the day….AT LEAST a poor girl had some tiny sliver of a chance of making it big-Look at Natalia Vodianova as an example. Now the big campaigns are swallowed up by these girls who are famous for being rich because they have more instagram followers than say the girl from a 3rd world country who is more talented, more beautiful, and more interesting, but less known, and because their parents are friends with Karl Lagerfeld. 

And I’m not saying they aren’t pretty or have some talent, but they’re just so boring and generic…AND THEY LOOK SO SIMILAR. 

If they all had the same hair color I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart guaranteed.

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Realistically, what would the husband of a Prince/King be called?

After much debate (and messaging/calling everyone I know to get their opinion and way too much research into royal blood lines), I’m going to go ahead and say that the husband of a Prince or King would likely be called a Prince or Duke. Queen Elizabeth’s husband is considered both a Prince and a Duke, not the King; the same is true for Prince William; his wife, Kate, is considered a Princess but also a Duchess. In some royal cultures, the introduction of new royal blood (that is, by marriage and not someone who grew up in the royal family) would be considered an Archduke. It is possible depending on where the kingdom is for both parties to simply be called by their names, the way there is Prince William and Prince Harry; both hold the same title but we can tell them apart by their name. However, because “King” holds so much power as a title, I think it is unlikely that their spouse would be given the same title unless the original King were to die and therefore the spouse took over the role. 

To read more on royal titles, this site is incredibly helpful. 

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Can you tell the woofs apart by the sound of them walking? I saw a post somewhere that that's a thing people with multiple dogs can sometimes do :)

Uhm we have carpet so their pitter pats are pretty quiet, but generally I can tell by how fast, spastic, or clunky they are lol.

can we please talk about scott trusting theo like my poor baby you really have no idea how evil that boy is. and i can just imagine if stiles keeps trying to convince scott that his former 4th grade friend is evil he’s just gonna shake his head at stiles and I just really feel theo is breaking apart scott and stiles and hell basically everyone in the pack but they don’t even realize it. lydia even has theo’s number, which suggests she at least to some point trusts him. and the thing that makes this the most ironic is scott telling theo that he doesn’t think he can trust kira anymore. like dude, the guy sitting next to you is wayyyy worse than kira, i can promise you that. he probably just told scott the ‘i am the messenger of death’ nonsense to get him and kira farther apart. if i must say so myself, theo is a good actor, so I can understand them accepting him, however stiles is also never wrong.

Practical advice for reducing the ache of distance and keeping the relationship alive.

So many people have asked me questions about this so I thought I’d just post it like this! Feel free to add anything else

• Communicate – This isn’t really being closer, but just not being less close. If you’re upset or having a bad day, tell them so they know you may snap easier. If they did something that upsets you, tell them and you can work it out: don’t let things boil.

• Trust your partner – Let them have friends and do stuff apart from spending 24 hours a day skyping you. Trust them to stay faithful. It can put a strain on the relationship when you don’t. Obviously this works within reason and you should make sure they are worth trusting. But if they haven’t given you a reason not to, trust them.

• Get to know each other – like properly. Google “random questions to ask people” and get to know their favourite sandwich and if they’ve ever broken a bone, how many pets they’ve had in their lifetime… Things like that that can make you feel closer to someone.

• Ask about their day – seems obvious but I think a lot of people just answer “How was your day” as “fine” which doesn’t really mean much. Find out what they had for breakfast, what annoyed them, what made them laugh, if they beat that level that they were trying for weeks to pass… Just things like that.

• Get to know their friends and family

• Play apps and games together. Taylor and I do this a lot and it’s really fun. We play some multiplayer games and some games that we both download and compete in levels like:
> Two Dots and Jellies
> Bloons TD Battles – my fave and it’s multiplayer :3
> Trivia Crack & QuizUp (general knowledge)
> Words with Friends (scrabble)
> 94% (guessing answers based on clues and pictures)
> Four in a Row, Draughts/Chequers, stuff like that
> Draw Something (one person draws, the other guesses)

• Watch movies and TV together – we do this quite a lot.

• Talk about world issues and things that are important to you (sounds boring but it lets you get to know each other better)

• Make Skype dates. Make popcorn and watch a movie together (rabb.it and synaptop are supposed to be a good websites for this). Make dinner together and get dressed up all nice. Little things like that. Just make time for each other, even if you’re not doing anything apart from just talking in Skype.

Good luck and have an amazing day :)

The New Horse

It’s not a Quarter clone. From my short time watching them, they are very different. Their hind legs seem further apart when they stand. They walk different. Their gallop looks smoother. Their face also looks smoother, more elegant. Even when they graze, it looks like their front legs are spread out more, which puts me to mind of a giraffe.

Horses in general look pretty similar. I, for one, can’t tell the difference between most. The bodies previously all look so different because of the breeds used. Fjord, Tinker, Arabian, and Andalusian/Frisian are very obviously different. Morgan and Quarter? Far as I see, the Quarter has a bigger body and shorter legs? Not as elegant. The SSO Morgan looks elegant.

If someone on Night Star has one, I’d love to compare it with a Quarter body to try and put this debate to rest.

So a long long time ago, back when I was still a child (I’m referring to four months ago) I did an ask box meme with character asks!  I immediately drew all the answers, and didn’t finish any of them, and posted next to zero replies.

But then there was this drawing of Ebony and Linen, which I loved so much. So this last week I’ve been working on it as a way to how do I put this… Heal? It’s been very nice, and now I’m done and happy with it.

The question, by the way, was from this meme and was asked by zekkenflash. They asked “Do you have any twin OCs”

The answer is Yes!  Ebony and Linen are twins!  :)  I like to think of them as identical twins. However, that is not how words work, they clearly are not identical.  (J sometimes pretends he can’t tell them apart though, just to tease them.)