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Recognizing Group Authorship

Technically, I’m mostly talking about stories / media coming from people roleplaying various characters.  I’ve read a few epistolary novels where the various segments are written by different authors (or novels were character viewpoints are written by that author.)

You can also see some of the traits I’m talking about popping up in stories about pen and paper games.

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Even in my kindness towards you, it was all selfish. It was never really what you needed. It was just an attempt to get what I wanted. Which is exactly how I lost you. I’ve said it before but I’m still so regretful.

I was talking about you to TCD the other day and her faced changed when I mentioned how it will be when you have a new girlfriend. It’s stuck in my mind ever since. Have you met someone? I can’t stand it.

Do you know I can see you viewing each of my stories? I don’t know how I feel about it. You’re just checking in and it doesn’t mean anything so it’s frustrating but it’s also the only communication I have with you so I search for your name every time.

I found ticket stubs and various -you- related miscellany when sorting my new space, it was hard. It feels like I’m allergic to anything you’ve touched.

Just caught up on Kermode and Mayo and I would love to know which films you’ve seen of late and what you thought of them. Sometimes Kermode reminds me of you and how you talk with others.

This time last year doesn’t feel so long ago but it was. It really was. I want it back but I think I’d already lost you mostly at that point. The first time you were almost out of body, someone else, during. I miss what it’s like on the night when we’re seeing each other for the first time in a while, when you’re fully present and engaged and emotive. I guess I’ll never feel that from you again.

It’s been 14 and a half weeks sine I saw you last I think. I’m changing and so much is happening and I just manage to keep going and you feel like a ghost. Lining everything, true to your name.

Your memory is always reminding me to be the best I can be. I love you. Thank you.

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Mechanic!Sam smut?? Please?? I haven't been able to find it anywhere else omg

Hi anon, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, my requests are closed so please feel free to ask any of the authors with open requests. That said, you’re right that there is a lack of Mechanic!Sam… hmmm, let me see if I can at least make a Mechanic!Sam aesthetic for one of my Kink Bingo squares. 

Also, if anybody knows of any Mechanic!Sam fics, please tag me!

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Dumb idea but bros meet Aku's s/o, tries to tell them he's no good but they just laugh like "you must have the wrong guy, Kuma isn't like that" & Aku all blushy bc they're being so sweet (yes his nickname is Kuma bc it's in his name plus he's cute)

Oh yeah, I can see this.

I can also see them freaking out when they see Aku’s s/o, wrapping them in bubble wrap, putting a helmet on them, you know, just being way too cautious about Aku’s s/o’s safety. They’re doing it out of the good that’s left in their hearts, but when Aku’s s/o takes off the bubble wrap and padding and all that, and the brothers hear them laugh and say “Kuma isn’t all that bad, he’s a total sweetie pie”, they just stand there and wonder what spell you’re put under.

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HELLO AMAZING ARTIST. (^w^) Do you ever do art trades?? I'm too broke to buy commissions so I always just ask. If yes I'll come out of anon so you can see my art to better consider it!

oh ♥ hm yes i do art trades! but why do you ask on anon first???? how can i find you now? i literally saw this just now and god knows when you sent this?? idk if you will see it now?? am i sending the Voyager with a video of potatoes that cannot be played by any possible alien technology??

hi queen, my name is abby. you are my favorite author, and i have read all of your stories on wattpad! i am a huge fan of yours. your stories inspired me.. it makes me laugh, cry, and smile. i really felt like i am connected with the characters from your stories. it really allowed me to feel the character’s emotions and dive deep into the story. and lastly, i could’t believe that i saw you last saturday.. you are a drop dead gorgeous! i can’t wait to see you again, ilysm ❤️✨ #mibf2016 #jonaxx (at SMX Convention Center)

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°u° (Shun of course:3)

Meme :: ACCEPTING || @what-liesxwithin-us

      DON’T ASK her why she’s trying : she knows full well someone as tiny as her has very little chance of picking up someone as tall as Shun. Still she’s going to try. Crouching down and wrapping her arms around and under his bum ( save the embarrassment for later ), she takes a deep breath. Then, when she’s sure she’s got a good hold on him, she straightens her legs and -  he’s up !

      WITH A grin on her face, she starts spinning, slightly giddy that she actually succeeded. She slows to a stop soon enough, now giddy and dizzy, though she won’t put him down just yet.

               ❝ ——— SEE ! MIZUNUMA can be wrong ! I did it, I did it !

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Whats Up, I ran across your tumblr page while searching Hip-Hop content online. I feel as if you would be the PERFECT person to give me some feedback on my work. I'm an up and coming Hip-Hop music video director and I just recently created my tumblr. I would really appreciate you watching a video or two and giving me your opinion. I followed you and would LOVE a follow back.HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

Hey man I saw your work sorry I’ve been busy with college lately but may I say your work is impressive! Really talented work there my guy. Keep this shit up man I can see it now. People recognize talent and you have it.

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sorry to bother you...but i tried to message your friend siru after she posted an ominous ask once again and it says theres no blog anymore..whats happening?

i have no idea, i was barely online today so i only just saw she deactivated. i’ve neen whatsapping her for half an hour but have not gotten a reply yet. could you tell me what she said in her post? i can’t see it since she deactivated…

The called the black panthers terrorist. But then and now we can clearly see who the terrorist are. I bet u are wishing we had black panthers now, but all the ones that are suppose to be black panthers today ain’t got no heart

The thing is I can see Mick Rory/Amaya Jiwe kinda... working?

This is… not really a spoiler, just based on other people’s speculation that the CW may make that a thing based on a couple of throwaway maybe-allusions to Mick finding love and the two of them having some type of dynamic in recent interviews. A lot of people, still traumatized by the numerous contrived romances from last season, were all THIS SHIT AGAIN???? at that speculation - and trust me, I was one of those people, but the more I think about it - hear me out here, y’all. It could actually be kinda cool.

Yes, he’s twice her age(ish). But isn’t he a guy who’s been sort of alone and wild for a really really long time, living entirely under the shadow of a much stronger and more controlling personality for most of his adult life (Chronos years included)? You can see how having this relatively insular existence has made Mick emotionally stunted, inarticulate, insecure and lonely. There’s an almost childlike naivete to his simplistic hedonism in “Star City 2046.” He shows interest in people, but he doesn’t know how to get close without putting off the people he’s attracted to (”YOU SMELL NICE”). He’s horribly scarred - both inside and out - and defensively self-conscious and self-loathing about that. 

Mick’s new to healthy, egalitarian, mutually respectful relationships. He’s pushing 50 and he’s literally only ever had one friend his whole life, and that friend was his everything, and now he’s gone. If the plot is going to move him forward, it’s going to have to push him out of his comfort zone to figure out who Mick is without Len, and I agree with Phil Klemmer that a genuine romance would be an actual organic narrative growth for the character.

And Amaya is gorgeous, and brilliant, and strong and fundamentally heroic and good. She also doesn’t know his whole ugly damaged history. He’s a blank slate to her, and she’s from an era where people took each other at face value much more readily. And if she sees something good and redeemable and even desirable in a big ooky mess like Mick Rory, well, why wouldn’t he fall for her? 

Did You Watch the Debate Last Night?

Did You Watch the #Debate Last Night? #politics #clinton #suits #fashion

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Did you watch the debate last night? Hillary Clinton wore a fire-red pant suit as per her usual and threw jabs with Trump last night. Her pant suits are a little boring but work well for her political persona. Pant suits can be very comfortable, I hardly ever see Hillary in a dress. Anyway, are you registered to vote? It’s National Voter Registration Day. Make sure you’re ready for November 8th,…

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