i can't stop....

i can’t stop thinking about how theo chose to be a child psychologist which on its own is a very emotionally taxing job, trying to help children who have experienced trauma. but add onto that the fact that she uses her psychic abilities to help these kids and that when using these abilities she experiences* the child’s trauma (*im unclear on exactly how the psychic stuff works but it’s evident that whatever she sees/feels is Vivid). and just the fact that she’s willing to literally feel these kids’ pain in order to help them and she does help them but at the same time clearly feels like she’s never doing enough and that she carries with her this huge burden of worry and responsibility…..anyway im very sad and i love her a lot

anonymous asked:

Do your designs have any rules attached?

Are you asking about my adoptables?

If you buy an adoptable, you can do whatever you like to it, the character is yours! I’ve seen people change names, genders, etc. and the colors aren’t set in stone either.

ok idk abt u but there’s just something intensely powerful abt this one image of tom hardy dressed like a hobo, drenched in sweat and water while sitting in a lobster tank while manically looking around for some kind of answer

like it evokes some kind of gut emotion from me but i can’t identify it and it’s driving me up a wall


can we talk for a second about how surreal it is that Professor Willow a realistically designed character is talking to Professor Oak who looks like a chicken nugget??? Just seeing them together is really jarring.

I absolutely cannot stop thinking about whether Fallout 76 should have dogs or not… because look… every game could be improved by adding dogs but also if BongLord420 kills my dog we’re absolutely going to have a John Wick situation on our hands, except Keanu didn’t have the nuclear launch codes.


You can bet that I wasted time sketching Bakugou angrily screaming while doing some poses that I referenced from High School Musical 2 “Bet on It”