i can't help it

I’m super predictable, but how can I not think of that one adorable romcom where Jeremy is the guy who uses the sign outside his business in a small town to torment passersby with terrible puns?

He’s actually used the soda pressing one in a video!

(Just like.This idiot out there changing the sign and someone - Ryan, or Gavin, maybe both - are like, fuck. Fuck no, why. :(((((()

They’re just passing through when they get  flat tire, right? No biggie, just put the spare tire on, but wait!

There was a flat a while back and they’ve put off replacing their spare tire for ages.

The mechanic has to put in an order for a new tire because - conveniently - they don’t have the right one for their car. But hey, head down to the motel and tell Dooley the mechanic sent them, and he’ll give them a discount.

So they do, not realizing what horrors await them.

When they get to the motel and see The Sign and realize they have somehow entered hell, which is the only explanation for the terrible jokes, okay.

And now they’re stuck at this little roadside motel with this this asshole and his shitty jokes and everything is terrible. :((((((((((((((((


“This feeling that had long been buried shook loose… And the boy looked out his window at the girl-next-door, as if for the very first time.”


Spacelatinxs Week ✫  
Day One :: Favorite Character

“Does he look like a killer?”
She was watching Cassian and Bodhi descend into the mud when she heard Chirrut’s voice. She turned to look and saw he was speaking to Baze.
“No,” Baze said, after a moment of thought. “He has the face of a friend.”
“Who are you talking about?” she asked.
Baze eyed her appraisingly. “Captain Andor,” he said, flat. 
– Alexander Freed, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization


Can I just give a shout out to the animators, script writers, whoever decided to switch Scrooge’s phone between scenes?  I’m not being sarcastic; I mean it.

Obviously the flip phone is a cellphone, but the other phone looks like a satphone.  Given Scrooge in the second image is on a sub with no cell towers around, it makes sense he’d switch to a satellite phone.  This little detail is so small and so unnecessary that I love it to pieces because someone took the time to say “hey, his cellphone won’t work in the middle of the ocean” and that was accounted for.

Harry and Guitars

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of Harry learning to play the guitar and the thought that maybe after all these years of looking like he’s been learning, perhaps he actually has and we’ll get a taste of it on his solo album! Well, a girl can dream. 

In 2011 Harry tweeted this in response to being asked if he played any musical instruments:

So…look at this 16-year old frizzy-haired muppet with his lil pink guitar pretending he knows how to play it. I love him! Don’t give up hope, Harreh!

Hmmm. Louis sure looks cute playing that guitar. Watch closely Harry…

See? Louis showed him a few chords, and let Harry take over. 

He might look like a wax figure, but he also looks pretty good holding that guitar! Bonus points for those Keds!

Um….holy shit. Indie band hotness for realz. 

Tattoos out, guitar in hand, writing songs by the lake. What more could you ask for?

What a total goober. Channeling his inner rock god. 

Here, have a few gifs so you can see how hard he’s been working!

Er…or still acting like a goober. 

Taking the guitar on the road. 

Nice to see Niall helping out his brudder, giving Hazza some guitar lessons. 

So serious. 

Well goddamn, he looks good with a bass guitar and a fedora. We even almost got a bit of nip slip there. 

I know this is a terrible photo…but come on. Harry in a snap back with a bass guitar. It’s good stuff! 

Ah…a favorite of mine. Down on the farm. Kickin it, barefoot. Playing some Kentucky Bluegrass. Or something like that. 

Same to you, H. Who’s getting that autographed guitar? How many do you actually have?

These two photos crack me up. For some reason he looks to me like he’s in a Mariachi band. On a boat. With a high ponytail. Classic. 

70′s folk musician Harry. 

Harry’s album is about to drop. April 7th is around the corner. His SNL appearance not far behind. Will he tour? Will we see him with a guitar on stage? Maybe a slow ballad? Rocking out like David Bowie? I don’t know, but goddamn it, I can’t wait. Solo artist Harry, dramatic hoe music video Harry, 1D reunited Harry, any Harry at all…I hope he’s been composing on his guitar and that we’ll get a peek of guitar playing Harry very, very soon!

Now that presales of Harry’s album have gone up, we got at least one more guitar playing Harry photo, so I’m adding it to my master post!

1980s Duran Duran bass player John Taylor vibe here (albeit with a haircut and less makeup). And if you need further proof of the connection to John Taylor, look here.

Nagisa: Your stupid french fries is a jerk.
Yamaguchi: Tsukki is not a jerk! He’s just a bit salty! You don’t know his past!!
Takao: PFFFT–I can stay up all night watching these two fighting like a girl.