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MY WHOLE HEART - HUGH SINGING THE GREATEST SHOW - the first time live publicly in the U.S. since the release of the movie. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH, I CAN’T.

Not to mention that he is the guest speaker at the DoTERRA convention today where the theme is all about following your dreams. HE IS THE GREATEST HUMAN OKAY, believe it, because it’s true.

What do you mean Bakugou and Kirishima didn’t share a bed??

(tbh I didn’t even need to photoshop much besides cut out Bakugou and place him next to Kirishima- their hands fit over each other and can intertwine perfectly…I just added a few shadows, but everything else is the genius of the anime staff lol)

The dub’s version of Kirishima’s room scene has some golden lines LOL. The dub is so hilarious.

Kirishima: Not that I care, but you might not get what I’m going for…a DEN OF MANLINESS.
Hagakure: If I found out my boyfriend had a room like this, I’d dump him. Ochako: SO BOLD! Makes me wanna work out!
Kirishima: YOU GET IT!!!

Is This The End, Or Just The Beginning?

Death has a certain fragrance
Fear has a bitter taste
Could we rise above, escape this?
There must be another way

Crashing with the thunder in the sky
Falling to our knees, but can we rise?

- “Is This The End” by Hidden Citizens feat. Young Summer & Sam Tinnesz

Did season 7 give me even more feels about sheith? Yes. Did it help me get over “The Black Paladins”? No. No, it didn’t.

Also, did anybody say sheith angst week?? I haven’t been able to contribute anything, but like…take this instead? I wanna join the party.


Should have known better than to tell ‘Don’t do the thing’ to Jimmy. :_D
x(sequel) sorta

First meeting, for @spirkonbaby‘s Valentine challenge. <3

I can’t get enough of first meeting kid fics with them and there’s simply not enough of those (not like it could ever be enough)lol.